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The Most Popular Remote Viewing Technique: Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)

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Remote viewing can connect you to the non-physical world and help you to develop exceptional mind power.

Remote viewing is a very powerful technique. It is similar to telepathy and can help you to develop extraordinary mind power. Like meditation, it helps you to quiet your mind. While practicing remote viewing you begin to feel as though your mind is finally awakening. There are various techniques that can help you tap into this dormant mind power. 

Coordinated or Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)

Coordinated or Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is a psychic method of remote viewing and is also the most widely practiced and best-known method. Earlier, CRV was known as “Coordinated Remote Viewing” because it involved searching for an object or person, known as a “target,” with the help of geographic coordinates. The technique was later renamed “Controlled Remote Viewing” when remote viewing became a popular and widely-practiced skill in 1995. Controlled remote viewing is based on the idea that humans can be trained to broaden the parameters of their perception in order to see future events, people, and distant locations. 

The method was first developed in the mid-1970s. The Stanford Research Institute first identified remote viewing as a skill that could be trained, transferred, and taught. Remote viewing was used widely by the government of the United States to train military personnel for higher security purposes. These trainees succeeded in saving lives, finding hostages, and maintaining complex security. 

In CRV, information, known as the signal line, is transferred to the viewer in a coded form which the subconscious mind detects. This information is then transferred to waking consciousness and decoded in a form which can be expressed. People trained in CRV are taught to control or limit the mental noise that they encounter in remote viewing sessions. 

To execute the process of controlled remote viewing there are several steps that one must take. CRV is a structured set of formal stages. Through these stages the viewer develops a stronger connection to the signal line. These stages are as follows:

Stage 1: Insight as to the fundamental nature or location of the target. This is also known as a major gestalt.

Stage 2: Insight as to the object’s basic appearance, including aesthetics such as texture, color, temperature, sound, taste, etc.

Stage 3: Insight as to the target’s dimensional measurements.

Stage 4: Insight as to any complex or abstract meanings that the target object or site may be connected to. 

Stage 5: Full exploration of the holistic details of the object or site.

Stage 6: Final sketching of all aspects of the site or object. Qualitative information still enters consciousness at this time. 

Controlled or coordinated remote viewing is just one of the psychic methodologies that enable remote viewing. However, it is the easiest and most widely used remote viewing technique around the globe. As such, it can be used effectively to enable a person to see things remotely. 

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  • gerdy

    Can a remote viewer smell perfumes, aromas, etc during the session that is not theirs? Is it related to what your seeing? Sorry oh so new but have found myself doin this similar thing off and on for years but now am applying myself to do this. The whole scent thing threw me off. Anyone?

  • jaden

    why when all they have to do is pussh a button somewhere and change the channel

  • Just recently I realised I was accidentally doing some remote viewing for a friend. Now I realise that I have probably been doing this for years, though just put it down to being psychic, whilst reading tarot cards for friends, family and clients. It can be scary.