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The Most Famous Stranger on Earth: Who is Barack Obama, Really?

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It goes without saying that we all know who Barack Obama is, but do any of us actually know who the man is?

Many have tried to figure out just exactly what makes him tick — after all, something has to drive his political and personal ideologies, his thoughts and actions, and his overall personality. Everyone, from respected psychiatrists such as Dr. Keith Albow to circus acts like Alex Jones, seems to have an opinion of their own on the matter, but I do not feel that the vast majority of them accurately describe the thing that makes Obama Obama.

What is my take on the Man Who Would Be President? Well, to be honest, it is rather complicated. I do not believe, as many of my right-leaning contemporaries do, that he is a Marxist, crypto-Islamist, or (I have no clue as to how people started believing this one)  a Maoist. Obama’s personal philosophy is, in my opinion, far too complex to adhere to one particular school of thought.

Dr. Leonard Peikoff, the highly esteemed former director of the Ayn Rand Institute, recently came to the conclusion that the President is, essentially, an “egalitarian nihilist” who has “no long-range guiding values or theory of society.” He elaborates on his views in his upcoming book, The DIM Hypothesis, which seeks to describe how different thought processes have affected our society. Of all the attempts made to figure out Obama, I must say that Peikoff’s appears to be by far the most rational, logical, and fruitful, as his findings are based on copious research and scientific analysis as opposed to partisan rhetoric and character assassination.

Regardless of exactly who our commander in chief is deep down on the inside, it is undeniable that he and his administration have had a catastrophically negative effect on the United States, from its economy to its national security and virtually everything else in between. Obama most certainly has the right to think and perceive the world around him in the manner which he does, but it would be in the best interest of the American public if he would not be sitting in the Oval Office while doing so.

Hopefully, in the 2012 presidential election, cooler heads, or ideologies, philosophies, worldviews — whatever — will prevail.

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  • What is your take on the man that is the president?

    Clearly, this article is designed to malign and make his presidency a failure so that you can get your power back…

    If Your party would stop all this wait, obstruct, and stalling, our economy would already be recovering and the American people (the ones that you expect to vote for your candidates) have had enough…don’t toot your horns yet.

    JD- This article is transparent.

  • I doubt, Jeannie, the economy would be recovering, the Republican obstructionism or not. The forces at work are bigger than any of that. First, we have to reign in on capitalism, make the big boys play our tune rather than their own. That’s the first order of business. You can’t expect the conservatives to be up to the task but Obama, “our” Obama, the self-proclaimed messiah of hope ‘n change.

    Now, that’s a different story.

    The BP incident, whereby 20 billion was appropriated for the future claims, well, I thought that would set the precedent for more of the same to come. Perhaps the man can still live up to expectations, two more years of the term left.

    Shall see.

  • Yes, Roger IMO, the economy would recover.

    Aren’t these ,unregulated entities, the ones holding everything up?

    😀 I’m fired up! So I’ll take a break…LOL

  • Please let me clear up your sound bite…

    Obama, never professed that, HE, was the messiah of hope and change.

    If you remember, he said that, WE, are the change that ,We, are waiting for.

    😀 See?

  • Point granted.

    As to “unregulated entities,” they’ll remain unregulated unless we the people take charge.

  • Zedd

    Let me help.

    He is the President of the United States.

    As to over analyzing this guy, it’s silly. We don’t know who anyone really is. Not sure how you would ever answer such a question.

    Before all of Strom Thurman’s dirty laundry came out, you would have written an article about his life assuming you understood who he was.

    When we are younger, even young adults, we assume that people are extremely complex and that there was a way to “be”. Your article suggests that you are still stuck believing that.

    Obama is a smart guy who was at the right place at the right time and now he is President. Mystery solved.

  • I do not buy your “undeniable” bit if, for no other reason, it is a gross, sweeping generality. That is just partisan poop.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Did anyone notice that Mr. Cotto’s oh-so-highly-qualified reference – a Dr. Peikoff – is the director of the Ayn Rand institute? That’s like taking the word of, say, Iran’s president Ahmedinejad concerning the personality of the Israeli prime minister.

  • Yes, Glenn, I did and I have a question for Joseph.

    Who is Jimmy Carter?