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The Miracle of Fatima

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On this date in history, May 13, 1917, three shepherd children from Fatima, Portugal have their first vision of Mother Mary, beginning the Miracle of Fatima.

These visions continued over some five months, leading to “the Miracle of the Sun” involving some kind of odd solar event.

This phenomenon seems particularly noteworthy because I can’t understand it. The Catholic church has long since accepted the Fatima visitations as actual miracles. Not being religious (as the term is usually understood), I have no convenient pat explanation.

I’d like to discredit these children, and dismiss it as fantasy. That doesn’t really work, however, in that successive parts of this phenomenon were viewed by thousands of people. There were as many as maybe 70,000 folks gathered for the Miracle of the Sun. It stretches credulity to try to convince myself that they were ALL hallucinating.

I’m sure there are rational scientific explanations for all of the Fatima phenomena, perfectly good explanations that don’t involve ghosts and gods and such. Right?

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  • It’s one thing you suggesting an `unexplainable phenomenon’ may have occured. But the young girl had said before it happened that the Lady in White promised her there was going to be a Miracle. How would she know that??

  • Yes, it’s a significantly mysterious phenomenon. It COULD be that it was a miracle from God, or some kind of naturally occuring psychic power of the girls, or lord knows what.

    My main point here, though, is that even as a religious skeptic I can’t dismiss strongly documented phenomena simply because they don’t conveniently fit into my worldview.

  • Eric Olsen

    Good for you: skeptical even of skepticism. Everything in moderaion, even moderation, which means you can binge from time to time.

  • What would be pertinent to know is if this phenomenon was visible to others outside of the area. I realize that 70,000 people witnessed it, but I’m assuming they were in the immediate area. I only ask this out of curiosity, because there is simply no way that many people could hallucinate the same thing. Were they hallucinating, they’d all have seen different things – cats dancing with mice, flying Cheez Nips, Police made of hamburgers, leiderhosen-wearing ducks, for example. What did people 20 miles away see? I’m assuming nothing, in which case the people gathered had a shared vision and nothing physically happened in the real world. Yes, pointing out the obvious, but it’s in order to show how very odd this is, indeed.

  • Jack

    If you are an atheist or merely a rational person, then you have to reject the “miracle” theory. If you reject the miracle theory, then some other theory, regardless of how unlikey, must be true. Even though it’s hard to believe 70,000 people could have had similar hallucinations, this is the least improable rational explanation. We know from the historical record that many in the crowd were staring at the sun. Getting your retinas burned can explain why the sun seemed to move and dance in the sky. If you combine this mass hallucination with the power of suggestion (such as lots of people saying they see the sun move), then it’s possible that everyone would come to agree that that is what happend. I don’t believe there are any credible reports of anyone seeing the sun move who wasn’t in the crowd that day. People in nearby towns weren’t staring at the sun and weren’t susceptable to the power of suggestion like the people in the crowd were. Also the people in the crowd were hoping to see something, and had strong religious faith. All this adds to the power of suggestion. So it’s conceivable 70,000 faihful believers could have all had a similar self induced experience. I realize this explanation is not perfect. Does anyone have a better one?

  • Edward

    On Jack’s theory..
    The Sun miracle was indeed observed in nearby towns. This is a text from an anti-clerical and masonic newspaper reporter.

    Being a natural scientist and physician myself, I can’t imagine any materialist theory to explain the sun-phenomena of October 13th 1917.
    It is ridiculous to deny these occurences just because you can’t explain them in a scientific fashion. Remember: a theory can never be proven, only be dismissed if it violates the facts.

    You can’t prove the validity of atheism or rationalism, so you don’t have to reject that a miracle took place. Otherwise, you would base your verdict on materialist dogmatism.

    I am not a Roman Catholic, not a Christian, not a Mason, rather a Pagan. But I do take the Fatima Apparitions seriously.

  • Nancy

    I’ve always been intrigued by this one. And as the old saw says, ‘for those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible, for those who do, no explanation is necessary’.

  • I share Mr Barger’s skepticism, but even if this event actually happened, and there is no reliable evidence of that, to put any spiritual significance to it is surely wishful thinking.

    Jack’s explanation in Comment # 5 is plausible

  • Edward

    You should not put a spiritual significance to the Fatima sun miracle, but rather consider the possibility. To believe that a miracle happened is a strictly personal conviction, an internal feeling that may be hard to explain to others.
    From a scientific point of view, we are dealing with an observation (localized to about 600 square miles) that cannot be repeated or studied again. As such, namely as “single event”, it cannot be a subject of modern scientific study. Attempts to “explain” such singular phenomena afterwards – as “sceptics” usually try to do – belong to the realm of pseudoscience if the basic requirements of scientific research can no longer be met.
    Wishful thinking is very common, even in academic circles, leading to a virtual world in accordance with preconceived ideas. Realizing at least that the real world may be somewhat distinct, would be a major step forward.
    Again, there is no valid reason not to consider the possibility that the Fatima Apparitions and the sun miracle were genuine manifestations of “spiritual order”. I don not say you should believe them to be.

  • Dek Nasty

    Fatima. What a joke.
    I suppose that the next thing your gonna tell me is that you need to pray to Mary…..who was JUST a woman who DIED…just like the rest of us. Blessed woman-yes, very much so. Diety that should be prayed to? – not unless you want to end up in hell for praying to a false God (those are HIS words, not mine).
    Ever take the time to examine the Catholic faith? I did. Extensively. Frankly, because I WAS a catholic and had questions. So, I did a bunch of research, and found out that I spent the first 26 years of my life living a lie, being decieved. The catholic is a HUGE bunch of CRAP that must just infuriate God. How do I know this? I know this because I KNOW the heart of GOD, because I took the time to read His BOOK! If ALL catholics would READ the freaking book, not the “catholic Bible”, but a regular King James bible, NONE of them would BE catholics! Trust me, I was one, then I read the book TWICE for myself, cover to cover, and came up with the conclusion for myself: that the church is a fraud and that (probably) most catholics, as sincere as some of them are, are NOT saved according to HIS word.
    Want a little proof?
    Try this on for size;
    Acts 2:38 states that, among a couple of other things, you must be baptised in Jesus name to be saved. If you use a concordance, you will find that the word “babtize” means “to submurse in water”. When I was baptised in the catholic church, they “sprinkled” water on my head and said “in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit….” What the HELL is THAT?? As you can see in the book of Genesis, God is a stickler for doing things CORRECTLY, and does not give any room for leeway. I was never submerged at my catholic baptism, nor was the words “in Jesus name” used. So, according to GOD (the only one that matters) I WAS NOT baptised!! Thus, according to his word, NOT SAVED!!!
    Think I’m an idiot?? READ THE FREAKING BOOK!!! FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF! The bible says “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”. Don’t rely on some child molesting preist!!
    PLEASE, if you sincerely love God, and want to be saved, DO SOME RESEARCH AND GET INTO A BIBLE BELEIVING CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward

    The pity of it ! The Orthodox Catholic Church baptizes by total submersion. Which is, by the way, only the beginning of salvation.
    Although pagan, but very well informed about the book and the various Christian creeds, I don’t like to offend them. Yes, there are differences and sometimes polemics, but that is not a reason to insult each other.

  • Dek Nasty

    It really wasn’t my intent to offend anyone. I’m just a zealot now that I learned that I was deceived for so long by the catholic church. It pains me, really, that soo many people are taking for granted their salvation because of a church leadership that is misleading and misinforming them. It’s just so sad, that it makes me very angry.
    ps. quit being a pagan and get on the bandwagon. Time’s a runnin out, and you obviously know that.

  • Dek Nasty

    It’s a bunch of crap.
    It was a vision/shadow of a tall, slender white woman with western features. Any idiot knows that Mary WAS NOT a white, western, slender woman. She was dark, short, with chubby facial features, as are ALL Jewish women of that time. Just like the catholic church has statues of “Jesus” in every church, portrayed as a tall, slender, white male, with feminine features andlong, stringy hair like a chick. Any idiot KNOWS Jesus DID NOT look like that, either. He was probably DARK skinned, short, and Jewish-looking.
    Please see my previous postings re: the catholic church.

  • Alienboy, there IS significant evidence of some very unusual, inexplicable phenomenon. This wasn’t some alien seen by one lone drunk cracker in the piney woods. There were THOUSANDS of witnesses.

    Dek, you got no room to knock the witnesses of Fatima. It may or may not have been the virgin, but again thousands of people actually witnessed something with their own eyes.

    This would be as opposed to you believing in the Bible, which events you certainly did NOT witness. And why would the King James version be presumed right, and the Cat Licker version wrong?

    Something happened there, some really freaky stuff that we don’t have any explanation for. I’m not presuming to offer one. Nor is this going to make me believe in Jesus. It would take a LOT more than this story to cause me to believe in ghosts and goblins and miracles.

  • Al, I’m sure you’re as familiar with the phenomenon of mass hysteria as I am.

    Until I see a way more reliable form of evidence than personal testimony, I’m going to rank it with such other fables as the parting of the Red Sea or whatever.

    If you want to believe that something happened there, you go ahead and make that choice, but I’m still siding with the skeptics on this one.

  • Edward

    Dek, I appreciate your reaction.
    However, to suggest that the Catholic Church has deliberately deceived you with the intention to prevent your salvation goes much too far. The Catholic creed is not based on the Gospels alone, there is much more to consider, like tradition, the writings of the so-called churchfathers and philosophical studies about interpretation. The same applies to Judaism and Islam as well, not to mention many, many other religions not originating from Judaism.
    The King James Bible is just a translation of the Septuaginta and so is the Catholic Canisius version; neither of them can be considered to be perfect because translations can’t be, especially not if the sources are of remote date and the idiom is not fully understood anymore. It is not only a matter of symbolism or realism, we often simply don’t understand what they intended to say.

    Most interesting about the Fatima Apparition is that the description given by the children is that of Our Lady of Roses, The Joyous, completely in white (as confirmed by the Apparition in october 1917). Her skirt, full of golden embroidery, was very short, to the knees. She was wearing a golden necklace and tiny golden earrings, but instead of shoes white socks. Needless to say this is quite contrary to the religious pictures and even very indecent in 1917. Regarding the serious messages, the Church would expect Mater Dolorosa, The Sorrowful(blue cloak), or even Our Lady of Carmel, The Glorious (in carmine robe). Our Lady of Roses, in a white cloak, is really paradoxical in this context.
    In spite of this obvious deviation of established doctrine, the Catholic Church declared the Apparition to be “worth of credence” (i.e. not at variance with the creed). Most apparitions are not recognized thus.

  • i wouldn’t be so quick to say that 70,000 seeing the same thing makes it real or that 70,000 people couldn’t have hallucinated (or believed they saw) the same thing…

    what magician was it that made the statue of liberty disappear? and how many thousands of people saw it disappear even though it didn’t?

    i’m not saying fatima was the work of a magician necessarily but the idea that so many people saw the same thing is no reason to dismiss the distinct possiblity that what they saw wasn’t real…

  • EZ

    So God says to himself, Ok about 70,000 is a good number, let’s break out the miracle! You like that? Who wants to sign up for this religion now! Best recruitment trick ever.

    All in all, it doesn’t really matter if it was a real miracle or a mass hallicination, maybe it got a couple thousand people to stop being jerks for a while…

  • All in all, it doesn’t really matter if it was a real miracle or a mass hallicination, maybe it got a couple thousand people to stop being jerks for a while…

    for a while? that’s no way to run a religion…might as well break out a bunch of kilos of pot and a vat of oreos — same effect and just as temporary…

  • Edward

    The message of Fatima has nothing to do with conversion to the Catholic faith, with alleged condemnation of political systems other than liberal democracy.
    The Apparition demanded from the Roman Church:
    “The consecration of Russia (Russian Soul) to My Immaculate Heart – as free of sins – in order to save the world” What does that actually mean ?
    It implies that all the bishops (including the Pope) should in fact declare the Orthodox as the true Catholic Church. The Apparition demanded that the West should denounce itself. This message outraged the Vatican and the Western allies of the World War. They tried to keep the message secret, to corrupt it and to play it down – they still do.
    The three so-called Secrets are all dealing with Russia, both in a prophetical and spiritual sense and unmistakingly condemn the West.
    Whether you like it or not.

  • Believe it or not, Dek Nasty, having once been a Catholic and no longer being one does NOT give you carte blanche to belittle the intelligence and judgement of the millions of people who do still follow that faith. Implying that the Catholic Church is not a Bible-believing church is just silly, and having studied the KJV and several other versions of the Bible (there is, btw, no ONE Catholic Bible), I can say that the King James is no more precise or sacrosanct than the other versions. (Why would the best version of a 5,000-year-old text in ancient Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek be a 400-year-old English translation?)

  • Having said ALL of that, I’m also a former Catholic (now a Unitarian Universalist). I’m not sure what to think about Fatima either. (And I even went to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church when I was a kid.)

    Jack in Comment 5 has an interesting theory, but I have one big argument to it: out of all those 70,000 people under the influence of burnt retinas and power of suggestion, you’d think there’d be ONE witness to eventually shake it off and say, “It was just hysteria. Nobody saw what we thought we saw.” To the best of my knowledge, nobody ever did.

    Even the hardest scientists accept the idea that some things have no apparent explanation. I think the rest of us can, too….

  • Edward

    Nobody knew in advance what kind of miracle would be shown. One of the children, Lucia, pointed to the southern sky, that’s all. The sun’s altitude was about 45 degrees, but there was a heavy overcast. How could they know the perception of the sun would be altered ?
    I’m almost sure all those faithful Catholics expected to see the Lord in Heaven (Revelation, countless pictures in religious books)….
    But it was a humble, almost extinguished sun in distress, wildly swept around and even thrown down for a moment. Disappointing for the faithful, but very frightening for the Masons present (unless you know about Freemasonry and their fear for the “Widow”, the Queen of Heaven, you won’t understand this). And all the masonic-liberal newspapers in Portugal therefore honestly reported what ominous phenomenon they had seen.
    The Church was much more reluctant, because they are always afraid for “satanic tricks”. The sun miracle had no specific meaning for them, but they soon understood what was shown.
    Consequently, neither the Church, nor the anti-clerics, dared to ignore and ridiculize what happened in Fatima.

  • Reena

    What I am wondering about is where are the 70,000 personal testimonies about this miracle. How do we know there were that many people there? How do we learn about Fatima in the first place?

    How do we know there weren’t people there who did not see a miracle?

    And what about the visions the children saw, did anyone else see them? When were the prophecies of Fatima disclosed? Were they disclosed BEFORE the events they supposedly predicted? (A significant length of time before when it could not have been reasonably predicted that the said events would take place?)

    I am inclined to believe that there was no miracle at Fatima, I think if something as big as that was witnessed by such a large number of people, it would have been more noticed by the rest of the world.

  • Bruno

    If a miralce WERE to happen, what would it have to be? As to making the STatue of Liberty disappear, is that not what the people were led to believe would happen? Apparently no one at Fatima had a clue what would happen. // I would, howver, be curious to know “how we know 70,000 people saw this”, “what records were made” etc. Who controlled all that?

  • Edward

    Only the children saw the Lady hovering above and standing on top of the tree. People in the vicinity saw the tree moving and some haze around it. The Lady was flying like a bird but had no wings. She did not look at all like the religious pictures of the Holy Virgin Mary, but rather as a pagan Goddess like Freya, wearing the remarkable golden necklace. Her very short skirt also points in a “pagan” direction.

    On the contrary, the children did not see the sun miracle in the same way as the public reported. There was an estimated number of 70.000 persons present but at least some thousand confirmed to have seen the miracle. The description is mainly due to reports from educated people like journalists and scientists. The Catholic church also investigated the matter in a quite professional way (these reports can be found on the Internet).
    We are dealing here with exceptional perceptions, not strictly material phenomena. Apart from this there is the content of the prophecies: even the best informed of that time could not have predicted these events.

    At that time the illiteracy in Portugal was very high. In rural areas almost 100 %. Moreover, there was great political instability: the main players were either freemasons or clericals. Thus, the apparition was not suitable for the political ambitions of either side.

    Two predictions were – in retrospect – indeed correct but publicly misinterpretated to suit the Catholic Church of Rome and to meet political pressure from the Western allies. For the prophecies concern the history of 20th century Russia. The so-called third secret is the most revealing and was also the most guarded: it became true exactly one year later (and confirms the Orthodox Catholic version of the massacre). The Lady then also said that the war was over, which was practically true for Russia, but not for the West (July 1917).

    Anyway, it seems that the demands of the Lady were finally met in 2000 (Consecration of Russia during Pres. Putin’s inauguration), sothat the “world will be saved”. Although, as yet, it is hardly conceivable how.

  • Bruno

    If there is always the possibility that what we see is a delusion, I do not know how a critic would ever be convinced of a miracle even if one were to occur. (Don’t most events happen before our eyes? Is this tuna sandwich before me really real?) That the Catholic Church regognized this one says a lot becasue they generally shy away from this stuff (it is not necessary for Catholics to put faith in it). The accounts I read taken at Fatima are all pretty amazing, and in answer to an earlier commnet, I do believe the miracle was seen from far away as well. I would like to NOT believe in Fatima, but it’s just kind of mindboggling.

  • Edward

    On ontology: it has been an “extremist” standpoint in philosophy that reality does not exist without the observer. This view leads to unsurmountable difficulties if more, independent, observers are involved. However, I experienced non-material visions myself. A striking example:

    Together with my son I was walking in the dunes when a pretty lady, wearing a short brown cape, and accompanied by a dog, passed us. Being divorced, I at once decided to follow her at close distance… After a steep climb along a path in the sand she reached the top of a dune and disappeared from sight. When we reached the top she was nowhere to see. There was no place to hide. My son suggested let’s follow her trace…
    I looked to the sand and felt frozen. My son was also amazed and said: “must have been a dune-nymph”. All along the path, neither she, nor her dog, had left any traces in the sand, while ours were plainly visible. Beyond the top of the dune the sand was undisturbed everywhere.
    As a stubborn scientist, I nevertheless searched the area, but in vain. On our way back, we met an older couple that also confirmed to have seen her when we first spotted her and their description of the lady was quite the same.
    Needless to say, I have no explanation. But she appeared to be pretty real.

  • I am the Fatima Prophecy writing to you now. I was born speaking at birth. I answered that my name is Mary. While still in diapers, I told my mother that God had sent me back on a mission. I am the only one who has miraculous photos of my own collection as well as giving many out to others to prove this. I am the one born on the 13th as was foretold. I prayed for the Drew St. Miracle and the face in the sandwich that sold on Ebay is my own and I grilled the sandwich and was crying and where the tears fell, my face appeated.
    I was brutally attacked by Satanists and nearly killed for my faith. I barely survived. I kept praying in secret for miracles and I wrote the poem Footprints which Mary Stevenson stole from me. I had prayed to God that someone find it on Broadway Ave. in Dunedin, Florida for the glory of God. I have prayed for many photos to prove what I said about everything. A Tampa Baptist Preacher recalls me coming to him and telling him,
    I am Mary and God sent me back. I asked to come back. Jesus had suffered enough. Many thought I came back for revenge. I never said that but my heart does ache for justice yes. I am now 48 years old. I made many people rich with my songs, artwork, business savvy, and even was seen talking to UFOs in the rapture of the seventies.
    No, believers, it is not hallucinations and you know the prophecy that a cult tried to portray on the movie, The Fatima Prophecy. I am not the cause of chaos and I asked the Video Rental to stop renting the video or I would ask God to curse them. I have prayed for many amazing things right before people and I am not trying to be someone I am not. I am a strong believer of God
    still even after all that has happened to me.
    I ask you to refrain from selling miracles that we are to show the world that God exists. Please, God does not sell them to you.

  • Aaman

    Can I sell this comment on eBay?

  • Fatima is one of dozens of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. Along with Michael J. West, I am a former Roman Catholic, now Unitarian Universalist. Whatever happened in Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe and in that remote monastery in Poland belongs to those who were there. The experience they shared was very real. How it manifested itself isn’t as important to me as the ultimate message of peace, healing and reconciliation.

  • Nancy

    What monastery in Poland is this? Haven’t heard of that one yet.

  • EZ

    Maybe miracles like these are Faith Vitamins for whoever needs them at the time, mostly poor folk. Why doesn’t Mary appear in the middle of New York, DC, or Hollywood with film crews at hand? Maybe the occurence of miracles (and UFOs?) are just perks for the poor and the remote; the wealthy are too busy and just aren’t paying attention.

  • Nancy

    That’s a thought: it does say in the NT that a camel passes thru the eye of a needle more easily than a rich person gets to heaven.

    I sure wouldn’t mind some sort of religious apparition appearing to the powerful, wealthy, & arrogant & scaring the bejesus out of them all with visions of hellfire & damnation, tho.

  • Edward

    Silas Kain is quite right in his comment.

    Moreover, the apparitions of the Lady are not as rare as usually supposed and also not restricted to Catholics: I know of a great number of cases that have not become public because the people involved insisted on secrecy. They are usually convinced the Lady appeared to them for a very specific, personal, reason.

    Seeking publicity may be a bad sign, for why should a Divinity – anything metaphysical if you wish – need unreliable human beings to propagate an important message to mankind ?
    Why chosen three illiterate and powerless children in Fatima to convey such geopolitical issues ? Probably it was the best option and foreseen to be effective. Who else could have been trusted – certainly not the various authorities, politicians and clerics ! Not to mention the millions set on and murdering each other on the battlefields of the worldwar, incited by carefully programmed hatred in order to make big profits from the destruction of three imperial countries. And hatred kept propagating itself over the entire world. Who was not affected; still is ?
    Mankind as a whole is undoubtedly the most evil of all species on earth and we should be glad that at least this Lady is anxious about our fate, for free.

  • Edward

    Dear EZ, it was Karl Marx who said “religion is opium of the poor” (not: for the poor). Namely, religion as an institution. The apparitions do not belong to this class, are actually not at all appreciated by the religious institutions.

    New York, Washington or Hollywood may appear to be the most important places for you. But be honest, would it make any difference ? Should the Lady humiliate herself, begging for recognition by the U.S. authorities or the U.N. ?
    People might even think it’s a cheap American propaganda trick.

  • MARY! [re: comment 29] Welcome to Blogcritics. Me casa es su casa.

    Glad you could drop by. Being the mother of our Lord and Savior has to be a full time job, so I appreciate you taking time out to visit.

    Come back anytime- and bring the Boy with you.

  • EZ

    Why would appearing in a more populated, documentable place be humiliating? The faithful, presumably are everywhere. Humiliation is a human aspect.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    A long time ago, a fellow named Benedict Spinoza penned a book about miracles – pointing out that G-d brings his message to those in a way that they will understand.

    What’s the problem here? I read from at least three former Catholics here. One of whom rejects the Fatima event out of hand – and the other two who accept it.

    The visions were brought to a young peasant girl in a fashion that she would understand. The “miracle of the sun” was witnessed by 70,000 people. It wasn’t a hat trick, nor a message for conversion – the vast majority of Portuguese are Catholic.

    The point of the miracle of the sun was to emphasize to doubting souls that “yes, there IS a G-d.” The purpose of the Torah Code is precisely the same thing. “Yes, there is a G-d. See and behold! This is his watermark!”

    As to the messages and the prophecies, I cannot speak – I do not know.

    For Dek, Alienboy and the like-minded.

    If something doesn’t purport with your version of reality, maybe your version of reality is distorted. Dismissing the Fatima event is refusing to admit reality because it doesn’t purport with your version.

  • What monastery in Poland is this? Haven’t heard of that one yet.

    This is the story of Our Lady of Czestochowa or Our Lady of Jasna Gora. Most people will recognize her icon as “The Black Madonna”. I won’t get into the entire legend; but, I have provided a hyperlink to a great site that explains who She is.

    Now, where do I fall on this one? I have to say that I strongly believe that the image of the Black Madonna had a profound impact on the Poles in Jasna Gora. The Polish people were people of strong faith. Like the Jews, their country has been robbed, pillaged, removed from maps, etc. My family were victims of the cruelties imposed by Russians and Germans. Our Lady of Czestochowa has been a very important part of the life of native Poles for centuries. The fact that her image serves as a source of strength for millions proves that miracles can happen. Metaphysical or not, She has been the glue that has held Poland together and for that I will always be grateful.

    Again, can’t you see that the strength and resolve provided by the numerous incarnations of the Blessed Virgin are, in and of themselves, a miracle?

  • EZ

    Personally, i wasn’t dismissing it, just questioning it.

    My “version of reality” is so undistorted, that i don’t need miracles or proof to make me believe in God, i just do. Systems are for suckers…

  • RUVY: “If something doesn’t purport with your version of reality, maybe your version of reality is distorted. Dismissing the Fatima event is refusing to admit reality because it doesn’t purport with your version.”

    Maybe, but not so. Reality is what it is, not what we want it to be. Any other approach is wrongheaded at best and deranged at worst.

    If there is a god, and personally I hope there is or, preferably are; the more the merrier! My point is, HELLO? Where are you, god-dude? Your pets need feeding and cleaning. Get on down here! NOW!!

    See, nothing.

    Furthermore, if human knowledge and understanding are growing all the time (they are, 90% of everything we know is less than 100 years old), what’s the big deal about some “how to” manuals written x, y, or z years ago?

  • Edward

    (on comment 38 by EZ)
    Giving a “performance” in such densely populated cities would be nothing more than a publicity stunt and unveil an all too human nature. Thus,it would be humiliating for a Divinity of supposed supranatural powers to campaign for human support.

    I do not need miracles either, but it may be helpful for some of the great majority to start thinking for themselves about more important issues than money making and sex exploitation.

  • I guess the megachurches are not putting Jesus first. CNN reports that pastors of several of these churches are cutting back the number of services on Christmas Day because it falls on a Sunday and Christmas is a “family day”. Gee, where better for a religious family to go but to church? Among the churches curtailing access to worship or having no worship at all include:

    • Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, Illinois
    • Southland Christian Church in Nicholasville, Kentucky, near Lexington
    • Fellowship Church, Grapevine, Texas, outside Dallas
    • North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia

    So much for keeping Christ in Christmas. So when these evangelicals start screaming for money or chastising politicians for their lack of Christianity, remember that they closed the churches. And don’t give me that crap about it’s the financially prudent thing to do. These money changers have sucked plenty of cash out of believers.

  • I don’t believe in the apparitions myself, since the children described a white European woman as Mary (as someone else here already said), but I know something interesting that no one here has posted about yet.

    I’m writing a novel, and some of my research is about the 1918 flu. Francisco and Jacinta died from influenza. I think part of the prophesy included their deaths, but I still thought it was interesting that two of the children had died during the influenza pandemic.

  • Many children related to apparitions of Mary died young, in ‘glorious’ circumstances. I’ve stopped questioning the apparitions and look beyond to see what good has come of them. If they are a source of comfort to those faithful who need it, nobody gets hurt. Unless, of course, the followers start imposing their beliefs upon others.

  • TO #37, The 666 man on Oprah Winfrey came to me as a teenager and said to me,”I am your son but you will deny me.” There are many horrible things going on. I am suffering in the end times with you all. Yes, my own sister saw me fly across the room in her opinion once. I did it, she fell to the floor trying to do what I had done. Yes, people have been right in my presence to see things with their very own eyes, even professionals. I have prayed for the Drew Street miracle. I once lived in the Tampa Bay area folks.
    The church did not pray for that. It was my answered prayer. I have a witness named Deanne Shere who attended kindergarten with me who heard me say that in my mid thirties, God would show the world signs and wonders. I was exactly 35 years old when I prayed for the Drew Street sign.
    To make this more real for you,a Tampa Baptist preacher heard me at 3 years old, tell him I was Mary sent back. He said I could prove it by the color blue and I did that and more. I do not appreciate rude remarks and DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO either.

  • I suppose some of you are spoiled by me. I have given out many songs that made many rich. I gave away artwork all around the world. I have helped the poor, the needy, and even asked God for this emailing miracle of which Al Gore came to my house for and I GAVE it to the government. I have arts and science honors. I am not out of my mind.
    Further more;it was already proven that I am the Fatima Prophecy long ago and held in secret. I prayed for the miraculous photos and I even have my own. The reason being so you could see them come to you and could not explain them so you can’t say I am faking it. I am not a fake. I now have three living children as I promised my new birth mother that I would give her a life as her daughter but I told her that my birth was no accident and God would prove it later in my adult life. People, it is not what you believe, it is what it is. There is a God and the prophecy has been fulfilled.

  • I speak to God and I proved it. God is not a joke.
    I am amazing. That is why they sing songs about me on the radio. “Her colors are blue and gray,
    everyone laughs at her, doesn’t anyone know how to pray?” Listen, not everyone laughs and all the ones exploiting me, you had better watch out. God will get you. The truth lies within my birth about the prophecy. I am the one who called down the fire from Heaven when angry too. I am the one who was tortured in this lifetime for my faith.
    I have passed a lie detector test as well as tests the churches asked of me. I am trying to live a normal life, DO YOU MIND?

  • EZ

    MRL has changed my mind completely on this whole issue. Where do i sign up?

  • God sent apparitions? What do you think about a baby being born and proves herself over and over?
    And furthermore; I know the sinful world is trying to stay one step ahead of me. They lie, play games, and gather together. They think in numbers they are safe. Well folks, you are not.
    God can get you. All of you. At one time. God is still with me. I still get prayers answered and being me is not fun or easy either. I am in a show me world. You want to read poetry by me?
    Go to poets.com it is a workshop for poets. Every time I try to do something, someone messes with me. I am sick of this world. Hear me? Sick of it.
    And I almost left with five UFOS in the 70’s because I did not want to stay here with the lots of you.

  • So cast your lots folks. For I am one of you now.
    NO matter what. It does not explain why I am able to ask for miracles and healings and also prove that I am a seer. While you figure out why God used a southern girl to come back and show the world a thing or two, I will continue where God wants me to go and what he wants me to do. It does not change my birth one iota. This baby was born speaking answering that her name is Mary at birth. It is my life, I ought to know. I also told many about the miraculous photos before they came out. So people, don’t mess with me. I am really sick of it.

  • MRL: this is some kind of post-modern comedy thing, right?

  • Do you pray? Or are you just one big time iffer?

  • I pray. I pray to prove that God speaks to me and hears me as well. I have prayed for healings, miracles, insight, UFOS to come for me, and many other things. It is not funny to me.

  • Ok world, God sent his only begotten son ONCE and once was enough. In his suffering, he proved there is a Heaven, and in my birth, I prove something else. God is awesome.

  • Oh yes, Jessica Simpson sings my love song I sang called You Take My Breath Away and many sing my song I Am Every Woman but you would have to ask Michael Turner about that.

  • Tell you what, get this god person to pop round to explain it…

  • Lee Ann Womack stole my song I Hope You Dance that I sang to her cousins sitting on a beach blnaket at Dunedin Causeway. People are evil these days. They have little respect for anyone else except themselves. They lie like a rug and steal anything they can get their hands on and in my case, their ears on.

  • You don’t tell me, I tell you.

  • When Pope John Paul lay dying, I prayed to God and him. Do you wonder why he put an M on his casket?

  • The fact is, I was born with black hair and at birth, the doctor asked my mother, what are you going to name your red haired daughter? I saw it under my head when it fell out. Pitch black folks.
    She wanted a red haired daughter and God gave me red hair even if they both had black hair. Do you not know there is more to making babies than DNA
    and two? God is in on it.

  • go on…

  • My whole life proves there is a God. No more debates. IT is finished. Times are evil again and I am still praying. I will swear on my deathbed that I am Mary reborn and to God, all the miracles I pray for, to his name be the glory.
    No, it is not joking. I am not mentally ill. I was born reincarnated, how would you like to be born like this? It is very hard. I can tell you
    that. Oh and the part about God coming down?
    You know, you might make me say something you don’t like. I am a mother and I will not forgive again for what happened the first time.

  • EZ

    MRL is onto something here.

  • Who ever you are reading this, I was two years old knocking on doors in Tampa, Florida asking people, Do you know who Jesus was/is? He was the son of God and he loves us. Anyone from Tampa who remembers me, please answer.

  • I made the first cabbage patch doll for Alice Klett who heard my prayers to God for some decent clothing. I was called cabbage patch because I had a big round head. Thus, now you know why the cabbage patch dolls are called that.

  • I also qualify for my outstanding charity and business ideas GIVEN away for zero dollars folks.
    Around the world people were made rich by me.

  • I have already asked for some of the most amazing signs the world shall ever see. Beleve it or not.

  • I guess you had to be there folks.

  • 13 is the letter M in the English alphabet and also when God told me I must be born to Elaine Reynolds.

  • EZ

    i remember you from Tampa! You’re that redheaded two year old telling me about Jesus. It really affected me. It must be quite difficult to be reborn as the Virgin Mary in this day and age. Your appearances around the world change a lot of peoples lives, you know. I’m glad you’re doing some good.

  • Is this what you wanted folks? Why? Why do you want me here?

  • Where did we live? #52 if it is really you who knows about this red haired girl. The church I went to tell the people I was reincarnated was the color pink.

  • I am looking for the Tampa Baptist Preacher who recalls a woman taking a little girl in private to hear what she had to say again to the preacher of a pink Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. Yes, this is me. I walked there by myself, remember?

  • I have a gold seal on my forehead that God himself showed to me if that helps you to decide if I am really her or not. Why would I lie about something so personal and to me so important as this? I am the one who prayed to God, show them how sad I am, and statues of “Mary” wept, even tears of blood. Yes, my head was bashed in and you should have seen the blood come from my eyes.
    I know what it is to suffer folks.

  • EZ

    Tell us why do you think your head was bashed in? How could someone DO that?

  • Some one remembers a little girl in Tampa, come on believers, it is time to tell the world, you know that. Tampa hey Tampa, people living near Hillsborough park and Busch Gardens, do I get a witness?

  • Who do you think you are right now asking me?

  • Why should the world listen to you?

  • God loves me folks, I was out praying as a child
    and I do not pray to the devil. God answers prayers and I do start out, Dear God, and I end them with Amen.

  • Perhaps when you come around without your pride and prejudices, I can relate to this world but until then, you are babes in Christ.

  • I was in a Catholic church in New Milford, Pa.
    (Off Main St.) I am a believer folks. I told the priest I am Mary born again, does that sound strange to you? He said no, we know who you are.
    You are glad your mother at least gave you the middle name of Marie, a form of Mary. Right on.
    That is correct.

  • And folks, Richard Burns of Wilkes Barre, Pa was in the car with me while God’s angel scratched on the window next to his head right when I said God is going to show you something and it will scare you but I will explain. People saw that with their own eyes. He broke my windshield and the guys who fixed the windshield asked me about the window, I said, no, don’t fix that, God did that.

  • “And can I pray to find water” I most certainly can. Ask Ralph Estabrook of Kingsley/ New Milford area of Pa if I did not tell him where God told me to dig for water and he dug next to it and got nothing. I shouted no, not there, here, and even though it was less than a foot away, he complained there was no water. I cried, God does not lie. He told me right here. I begged the man to dig again and water ran from there for years without any problems.

  • So you have just read the truth behind the miracles.
    Good day and remember,
    God wants your heart and obedience.

  • Oh, P.S. I did not authorize the book being mentioned. I will not buy it either. The truth is sitting here with me.

  • P.S. Folks when are you going to leave me alone?
    When are you going to stop harming this lady that God loves very much? I won’t stop praying but I could stop living the way you are harming me.

  • My color was blue in my last lifetime. One of the best photos was stolen by Warner Brothers in Burbank, Ca. I even included the negatives with those. So when the world stops messing with the truth, maybe Satan will go down to hell and say, oh, that woman!

  • Oh and Naomi Judd, you know me too. I taught you the song, Love Can Build A Bridge.

  • The Jessica Simpson song of which MRL speaks actually a cover of the Berlin song of the same name. I would expect the original author of the song to know who stole it first — if that author was, you know, old enough to remember the Berlin version taking over the airwaves for a while.

    As it happens, the song was written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock, or, I guess, stolen from Mary by them. 🙂

  • I lived my songs. Others stole them because they could and did. Too easy to steal music.

  • I am who I say I am, and God does avenge the enemy
    so all of you playing your little games, you have been forewarned.

  • If this woman swears to God on something, it is fact. I first of all, do know when and where it was first sung and who cares? The world? The stingy, selfish, lying corrupt world? No they don’t.

  • Anyone that knew me can tell you how much I sang.
    I sang any where, any time, any place. I sang about things going on, I made songs up, I even sang the Oscar Meyer song to my Mamma to get some weiners. I sang the Meow Mix song. I even made a joke in the store which started cuckoo for cocoa puffs commercial. Oh yes, I am the unsung heroine of America. Bring me your poor and oppressed and they don’t do much back for me, including telling you who drew Barney the purple TV dinosaur and friends. I did. My drawings were also taken from me. I probably belong in the book of records as being the most stolen from person in the world.

  • You know, even if I was a faithist, I couldn’t accept your silly stories and claims to be whoever when you link back to your own website…

  • Shhh, Chris! I was hoping she’d explain some more about songs that were stolen from her before she claims to have been “reborn.” 🙂

  • You are not funny. That is what the prophecy is all about. To hell with you.

  • Tell me more about these songs of yours…

  • gypsyrose

    You guys out there don’t know who your messing with. I know her well and God has shown me proof that the baby born speaking is real and alive and would make damn sense that Satan would attack her in her youth. Children are vunerable and now she is an adult watch out world. The Wrath of God you fear not the Mother?
    Well she is close to him and given the power of prayer. Without it she would not be alive. What did Jesus say?
    Do you know. The people said how do I talk to God?
    It starts with Our Father. She just wants you to know the Father. Something wrong with that mission? NO!!!

  • gypsyrose

    So no one has a reply to my last comment?

  • gypsyrose

    Where is the respect for a woman who does not lie. What is to gain? Saving some one from hell.

  • Edward

    Can’t somebody stop this ?
    Look for professional help in the yellow pages…

  • Sorry, GR/MRL/Catherine Rose, not all of us are preternaturally awake around the clock, and I went to see a movie.

    This is all fun and stuff, but I’ll play along long enough to say that the ends do not justify the means. Assuming one were un-crazy and honestly trying to promote Christianity, or whatever it is you’re doing, then one would not be justified in doing whatever it took to carry out that mission.

    So lying, for example, in order to get people to believe in Christianity, would be foolish.

  • gypsyrose

    My Grandfather was at the Miracle of the Sun in 1917. I am a direct decendant of a family who have no doubt that it happened he was just 17 years old at the time. My mother God rest her soul was named Maria after the holy Vrigin. I have been to Portugal and been to that shrine also. Yes I was sceptical at first that she could be re-incarnated. Don’t some of you know that all things are possible with God. The Birth of Christ? God is the only explanation and still you do not believe. Stop what faith, hope. and LOVE. Go some where where there is no love and get off this blog. Mary is back and take your doubts like Thomas in the bible to some one who cares.
    Rev 12 in part is true. Chaos is caused by evil. Not by the Holy Mother. When this earth is split in three pieces will you see the light then? For you it may be to late. Time to wake up and smell the roses now. Do the Satues Cry? Why? Sorrow for the lost souls who will go to hell? Dummies. Sorrow for the Cruel Death of and innocent Child of God named Jesus. Sorrow for the ones who steal, torture the Living Mary in this time from 1956 till today. Miracles are from God only. His work only and he performs those such miracles for his own believers. Heals the sick, saves the dying and protects us from Satan. If you cannot repent and change you shall see the wrath of God and be baptisted by fire not water. He promised not to flood the earth. Fire was not on the list of promises. Get it. Asteriod? God only knows
    He promised everlasting life if you believe in Jesus.
    I shall take the hard road of persecution for his Glory and my soul belongs to the Lord. NOT YOU.

  • gypsyrose

    I am not promoting anything but Faith in God. If you don’t want to read it there are a million other blogs out there. I just want to talk with like minded Christians. I will talk with anyone as long as I am not attacked for my faith. God is watching what I say and do every breath I take is because he made me and he can take me at any time. I thank him every day for the sunshine and for the hard times too. It is called a struggle for a reason. It is not meant to be an easy road to travel ask all the marters why? Only John in the bible was the only apostle that died of old age and a natural death. All the othere 11 died marters for there work for God. So what are your chances without God. Slim. We will be marked by the 666. God can change that mark. Money is the root of the problem. Making sense now? Yes we must have it to survive but that is because of Satan. So therefore God will provide our needs. My rule of thumb.
    God first, family second, work 3rd, and the rest of the world is last. Get your priorities in the right place and see how things can change for a christian in this world.
    The harder you work for God the meaner people get.
    Imorality, murder, incest, child abuse, famine, plagues, fire, earthquakes, floods, cancer, family against family.

  • gypsyrose

    Hi Friends of the blog that understand the Miracle of the Sun. Do you really know what that means? Miracle of the _______?
    I do.
    My Grandpa Leal was Portugese Royalty and wealthy blessed by God for his belief in the Mother of God. My Mother Born American so was I. My origins are portugese vast fruitful lands of grapes, olives, cork trees and riches. What is that message. You all don’t get it? Someone tell me and I will verify it. Then it will make sense. What was Fatima in 1917 trying to tell the masses of people? To this day people don’t understand that answer because of the darkness of evil and lucifer does not want you to know. Would He? I know. Ask me nice and I will tell you!!!

  • gypsyrose

    #103 Call me and God will answer. Whoa. Wow See you will. HA HA.

  • gypsyrose

    Mary reborn literally won’t talk to you all no more. I feel sorry for you. Pitty. MRL is gone and won’t tell you about her songs. Celine Dion Sings a song of hers called the Beauty and The Beast, The Power of LOVE.
    Given the gift of music and poetry the basis of all music.

  • gypsyrose

    #104 Thanks for your view on this. Got more to say happy to reply. God speed.

  • I don’t feel the need to deny that this miracle took place. In fact, let’s concede that it did happen. The two main questions I have are:

    1) Why does god do these kinds of things? He could show himself in a way that could make his existence undeniable. I’ve been told that he doesn’t do that because he wants us to believe in him based on blind faith. (By the way, whoever first thought up that argument is the equivalent to the inventor of the wheel in terms of tautological bullshit.) If he’s hiding himself to promote faith then why does he occasionally show himself like an itinerant UFO to three people in Utah or on the side of a taco in passaic, NJ? Which is it? Is he just playing games with us like the aliens or is it possible that he’s not as powerful as advertised and this is actually the best he can do?

    2) My second question is: whatever happened to monotheism? Do Christians really believe in one god or not? The concept of the trinity already splits god into three parts all of which are really one guy. Is this virgin mary a fourth divisible manifestation of the indivisible god or something else? If she’s something else, what exactly is she? Is she a ghost or an angel? Does christianity acknowledge the existence of ghosts? How many different types of supernatural beings are there? If she’s an angel, was she always an angel or did she somehow become one? Why the “one god” requirement in the first place? It seems like a lot of tortured reasoning is required to maintain it in coexistence with all of these sub-gods? Why not just ditch the “one god” idea and go with a hindu-style cast of thousands?

    My point in asking these questions is not to ridicule anyone’s beliefs. Rather, it is to ask: since god is constantly giving us new empirical data by doing things like Fatima and other miracles, why are the religions that recognize these miracles so set in stone and unchanging? No matter what god does, it merely confirms the doctrine they already profess. Is it ever possible god means to signal that we’ve gotten some commandment of his wrong or that he wishes to change the rules regarding something?

  • gypsyrose

    #111 Good My Grandfather was there and they all thought the end of the world was now. Like a comet to earth you think you are going to die. So many were leaning toward Communisim at the time and many were changed because of the Miracle of The Sun. Did that suit God’s purpose yes I think so and to the Virgin is a lightworker and angel I do believe. The Archangel Michael made war with Lucifer and won by casting him out of heaven. God knows we are visual people all to well. It clearly says there are angels, ghosts in the bible.
    It also says we do not know what form an angel can be in. Therefore who’s to say human’s can’t be angels? The Apostles were working for God. God can use us as messengers and does all the time. We are here for a reason and Christ came when that happened so the Trinity. Who will be the Bride of God? If Jesus was human and also the Son OF GOD. Then what of Woman? I am sure God is not Gay. He said he will come back and all will see him, all. That is judgement day don’t you think he is busy preparing a place for us?
    Yes I do and part of that work is Miracles. Bonified ones. The parting of the RED SEA truth. The significance of his Crucifixion many are so impervious to it. Can it happen to you? YES. Why? Because we are free to choose our path. He gave us freewill and wants us to see he is all powerful and GOOD, Merciful, JUST, and PERFECT. We are liken to his image, duh. Man and Woman both. So his bride confides in him and you know what he is the only Man that will listen to a woman. Intercession? Real? Saints? Well if they are of no help to us why even mention them at all in the Bible.
    Many believe they are re-incarnated. I am not so sure I am, but I do believe it happens. Why would it not be possible for the Mother of God to come back and as a human. Wow. Then again Revelations is real and coming to pass. Be warned.

  • Oh, well that explains everything. Thank you. I retract my questions.

  • gypsyrose

    No need to retract a question. We all question God. Why do so many make it so darn complicated. A child will just believe in a heartbeat. Adults become cinical.
    Keep your heart like a child and believe what you cannot see. The world is in your eyes and Satan is of the world. God is in your heart that gives Satan no room to play. God is not of this world at the moment. The final battles are ahead.
    He shall carry you like Footprints in the Sand. Where 10,000 may fall ye shall not be touched.
    Sir Lanka Tsunami 2004 a perfect example of that.
    The City of Bamm in Iran Christmas Day 2003 fell from an earthquake. Do you need a larger sign?
    OK. Hurricane Katrina,
    Recent earthquake in Afghanistan.
    The Space Shuttle Explosion in 2003.
    World Trade Center 2001.
    The Statue of the Virgin Mary Crying Blood in CA Nov, Dec 2005.

  • why are these signs? And of what? And why? There is much in what you write that I don’t understand.

  • GoHah

    Get thee behind me, Celine Dion!

  • gypsyrose

    First of all the book at the top of the page has not been authorized by MRL. Did not Jesus say if you have faith of a mustard seed and you ask for a mountian to move it will? You would call that what? A miracle? Maybe he meant prayer. Still you question.
    One big human problem that makes me sad. I have two teenage boys want to talk about hell. Well what is sad is Man is putting himself first not God. Think about it.
    It breaks one of the Ten Commandments. Thou Shalt have no other Gods before me. Yes that will make him angry and I sure wish Man would figure that out. That commandment meant do not put anything first.
    The Miracle of the -_______?

  • gypsyrose

    Al Barger. What do you know of the truth? In that book you are selling where are the Authors getting the info?
    The Church? Dreams? God?
    My Mother was made as a child to walk on her knees at the shrine of the Fatima in Portugal by her father. It is not about 1917 anymore it is about today and what is going on now. The latest Miracle was on headline news the other week. The Statue of the Virgin Mary is crying tears of blood. This is not a hoax. It is Gods work. What is he trying to tell us? I know the answer to that.

  • #77 The head injury almost killed me. It left me brain damaged and fragile. Five bricks fell atop my head off a high fence. I lived against the odds of my brain emerging from my skull and my skull being cracked open like an egg. I lived.

  • Satanists are always stirring up the mud. The world in the Bible means sinners and ones marked by the beast. When scripture talks about those of the world…you see? The second coming? Folks, do not confuse what Christ’s holy ghost did for those who saw it. We see that the earth is still evil, do we not? The end of the world or world without end game being played. Still, even professionals cannot figure me out. They say nothing in their books defines me. I have already been analyzed but for when I was homeless and sad
    and talked about WHY I became homeless and so sad.
    The truth is I told them I was reincarnated, that IS not a lie. I told them I can talk to God, that is not a lie. I told them I can pray for miracles, that is not a lie. SO folks, I really don’t need your remarks when you are not the experts on me or my life. Get a clue.

  • On the subject about song, You Take My Breath Away. As a teenager, I sang this love song to Michael Turner. He worked for Hewlett Packard.
    We tried to marry and run off together and my parents forbid it. Things did not work out. But he was there as I sang three songs to and for him
    and my neighbors were too and took all the songs I sang and marketed them without my persmission.

  • To those who are pretending that what they say is facr, let me clue you in. The government has already verified that I am this Mary returned. Get that? An apparition sent to Benjamin Franklin told of the Lady coming and things that must be done. When I was born, I told my mother while still in diapers, “You have named me Catherine but I am Mary sent back by God.” Now folks she is about to die now. She is the only one left who was present when I answered the OB doctor that my name is Mary twice. That is all I said. No middle name, no last name. Mary. And for those of you who were not present at the birth, shame on you.
    Because I know the consequences of lying about this. I am not lying. God sends the apparitions to prepare you is all. I have no control of that.
    I do have control of the prophecy however and I am alive to prove things that must come to pass.

  • 1. to be me, you must be able to prophecise
    2. to be me, you must be able to ask for miracles
    in front of people
    3. to be me, you must be born on the correct date
    4. to be me, you must have survived what may have
    killed non- believers
    5. to be me, you must endure endless lies told
    by those who are serving Satan
    6. to be me, you tell the world you will pray
    for miraculous photos and they came out

  • So if I am in a world that is brain washed not to accept Christianity because of the way it has been presented to us and others harmed for believing, you can well imagine how tough it is being Mary reincarnated, knowing there is a God
    and what I must do in the end times to stay alive
    and also do my mission. You try putting yourselves in my shoes where heathens are always attacking you or doing you wrong and you never know peace anywhere you go because of it. Ahh, selah, you would not like that. Trust me, it is horrible.

  • Sorry, Christianity sounds nice and all, but Satan offered me a free iPod.

  • Joseph is the yellow in one of the miraculous photos I saw. That symbolizes him. The blue is myself. I have photos I have given away around the globe that I asked God for to prove this.
    The Tampa preacher told me, if you are her, you can prove your color blue. So folks, if you want to run your mouths about prophecy, of which no one is an expert on because it is happening right now, you will only embarrass yourselves.

  • # 125
    Is God a healer?
    I have been poor for most of my life.
    God looks after the poor.
    When a gang attacked me, and I will get a fellow
    classmate to verify that for you,
    I was forced to smoke.
    I became gravely ill.
    I prayed to God to heal my lungs.
    Before one of my attackers,
    after saying a prayer, my lungs
    emptied onto the floor
    gobs of black goo after saying amen.
    Folks. God can do miracles.
    Can God not also love me despite
    what Satanists did to me in 1971?
    Yes, he can.
    In fact, the truth is I was trying to preach
    when the Satanists warned me to stop preaching or else.
    They out numbered me, tried to kill me,
    and one who is still on the loose is named
    Nicolas Crowder.
    So folks, you watch out if you believe and
    try to witness door to door because
    like the Bible says,
    Some of us shall be killed.

  • ipod…Satan did not offer you.
    I offered the world songs.
    Recorded now by other people.

  • The people loved them so much, they stole them.

  • God does exist and miracles come from God.
    People are lost, sinners, marked by the beast.
    The end times is where people have become their own God and make and break their own rules so much that a war breaks out and chaos ensues.

  • But Mary! It’s an iPod! Those things are like 400 bucks!

  • Mary reborn literally: where is this god of yours? I want to meet it.

  • #15 Nov. 3
    Kids who went to school with me know that I am certainly “different”. Eye witnesses and credible ones too, saw things you will never again see in this lifetime prayed at the time when it was called for. I do not show off for just anyone.
    God is the deciding factor anyhow. I am not doing the miracles, I just pray for them.

  • On an unrelated note, does anyone know a good test for determining if a mentally ill person is dangerous or merely harmless? No real reason for asking this.

  • Oh Christopher, doubting Thomas and Judas rolled into one. Jesus did not turn stones into bread for Satan either. God does things on his own time
    and trust me, I know more than anyone about that.
    I don’t take kindly to strangers as you can see,
    I have been nearly killed by strangers and I have little patience anymore. I get angry. I cuss a blue streak and watch out. I almost lost my soul
    to abusers. You don’t understand. This is Mary.
    But I was renamed Catherine.Prince Charles said,” Bloody people,” But it was the people that made bloody Mary how she is today. Statues crying tears of blood.

  • Everyone has the right to defend themselves.
    I am no different. I have more right than anyone else in the world. For over and over and over again I was nearly killed when I had not lifted a finger to hurt anyone. So refrain from statements that offend and slander. The deal is this, I was beaten by six people in sixth grade until I was barely able to stand up. I had done no one any wrong. Do not talk to me about what is right for me to do unto them when I pray to God about it.

  • Mary: I am not either a doubting thomas or a judas because I don’t believe in your cult.

  • # 131
    I can tell you what was behind all the songs I sang, when I sang them, where I sang them, and why I sang them. People heard me singing in my car, out in the yard, at rest stops, at parks,
    and even in my shower. A man downstairs stole about 20 songs from me I was singing out of meaness. That is why the sign is on Drew St.
    I made people rich. Filthy rich.

  • No you are stupid is what you are.

  • Miracles are real. God is real.
    My birth was a sign of the end times.
    I have been told I am too honest for my own good.
    But one thing is so,
    God is still with me
    no matter what the weirdos say or think.
    It is not what they think
    it is what I KNOW.

  • I too heard girls singing in the shower.

    And that’s when the restraining orders began…

  • #137
    I could understand if you don’t belive in the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny or being too rich or something worldly.

    BUT when you start to voice a stupid remark based on what?

    Then you get me angry.

    And if we can defend ourselves as a country
    I can defend myself from heathens and those
    who harm Christians to irk GOd.

  • I am here aren’t I? Discussing with stangers the story behind the miracles? What more do you want?
    It does not matter anyhow cause that is all you will get from me because coming on here is not the piece of cake you dream it might be. Being me is dangerous at best. The world is filled with all kinds of doubts, questions, and wonders. I did my best to ask God for miracles to make you stop guessing. That’s all I can tell you. God tires of us being idiots and asking for signs all the time. He is not one to take it. God gets angry too. Good is good, evil is evil. How plain can he make it to you? There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell and there are lots of things we have ordained not God. It is our faults earth turned out like it did.

  • Has anybody visited Cathy’s website? Nice place, you’d never guess…

  • So to me when you say you don’t believe, that is like saying I don’t believe the earth is round.
    We found out it is round. To me, hearing you say your DUMB remarks, is like making Bill Clinton and Al Gore confess how they got rich enough to run for presidency…why do you act like YOU DO is what I want to know?

  • #132

    MEET IT?
    You need to find yourself a life buddy
    and stop trying to get in on the action
    without computing what you say first.

  • Bryan Austin of Montrose, Pa was trying to be my husband after the one I had two sons with cheated on me, lied to me, neglected his family, and abused me to the point I had to leave for my safety. Bryan worked with me and fell in love with me. Remember folks, I was told by my mother never to tell but the churches knew I was born like this and told me to wait to tell. Bryan was with me one night when I decided it was not going to work out between us. I decided to tell Bryan I was reincarnated and see how he would react. Well folks, I could not sleep. I got up, woke up Bryan
    and said, I have something to tell you. I am not a normal woman. I am Mary reincarnated. God is going to show you my color blue and it is a miracle and he wants you to leave me alone. Folks, I lived without electricity and it was 12:30 am when the night turned as day and the room we were in was bright blue. This scared him so badly, he almost ran out the door. He said to me but I love you. I said, I am too ill. I am so sick I could die right now. I was finally put on disability. I was so close to death people, you cannot imagine how close it was. I almost did not pull through.

  • When you truly read my stories with comprehension,
    you will know that I have no reason to lie to you that I am this prophecy. Some parts of my life are horrifying, some parts are wonderful, some parts Satan himself would pat himself on the back for nearly scaring me to death. Oh yes, you are conversing with the woman who prays for miracles
    and it was so that God made sense to you not making cents for me. I am not getting paid for this.

  • And I am not in a cult either.I am my own person.
    There are those who do things behind my back and I have nothing to do with them or what they say.
    I did not even authorize this site in fact. I had told others to tell about the miracles but my life story, that belongs to me. ONLY me. I am no leader, no one trying to make a buck off religion, and my stories are testimonies. I am not on here for fun. My life is serious.

  • You never would have guessed what?

  • Yes, I write, I draw, I have given many people successful ideas and I live in poverty as my Methodist preacher guessed I would do. I was poor in my last lifetime and bore the savior, this one, I helped the poor even if I was poor. So what? What is it to you?

  • The dumbest thing to do is to say what I say is not true because it is true. People saw these things with their own eyes. Even a man who got his youth back in front of a Dallas, Pa corrections officer after I prayed for that.
    So folks, I am not a legend in my own mind.
    I am back and I am still alive. I was born different from you and I shall die the same way.
    Nothing changes the birth of a baby born 7/13/58
    saying her name is Mary and then all the marvelous things that happened afterwards.

  • For all the iffers out there, not praying if it makes them feel silly praying to so called “air”.
    Let me tell you one thing, God talks to me. I talk to God. Joseph still sends me signs to cheer me up. For the faithful, our prayers do not bounce off walls or are to be picked apart for their merits. Do all prayers get answered by God?
    Not everyone gets what they pray for. God is God.
    Why I got healings and miracles and some of you did not may disturb some of you. One reason why I shy away from people because some are disturbed and they irk me to no end with their rantings and ravings and what have yous. I know the world has crazy people in it. Look what goes on? You read the news. People are losing their minds and bad things happen when they snap. I don’t want to be around people when they snap. I have been around it so much that I am now disabled from abuse. Sorry folks, no public appearances. Give me a break.

  • I am always glad to share testimony with anyone.
    I am not glad to be teased for who or what I am.
    Being an omen in the end days is not for sissies.
    I am scarred, marred, and almost tarred and feathered by some. Evil does not shine, it darkens and our world is still a cruel, cold, dark world.

  • War in Iraq.
    Someone asked me, if you can pray for miracles,
    why don’t you ask God to stop the war?
    I said back, first of all, I did not start the war so I cannot end it.
    God gave us freewills and that is why we are in so much hock and woe right now.
    It starts out when the reading in between the lines gets into the wrong minds and before you know it, we got a world that is lying, cheating,deceiving, murdering, war mongering, and going sex crazy.
    To begin with, IT IS NOT MY FAULT.
    I am not the devil.
    Sin and chaos have been flaring throughout time.
    The prediction was that again sin would reach God’s nostrils and be a stench.
    And so it is.
    People through years of adverse teachings and mind control have given into the things the way they are and cope the best they can which of course is caused by poor government and poor examples running it.
    Oh yes, the real bad guys are sitting pretty behind a desk,
    almost afraid to peek out to a world they created
    at their beck and call.
    What we have now is from disobedience to God.
    Sorry, but what it is is what it is.

  • I still don’t get your story. One moment you’re going on about stolen pop songs, the next you’re going on about fatima, the next you’re raving about people who have attacked you. Do you need some help?

  • You really say things Christopher to appease yourself. No one has trouble with what I say.
    Why you? You got family in the business?
    Stop harassing me.
    I am not asking you for help.
    I don’t need it.
    I lived a normal life, I am who I say I am,
    and the miracles I prayed for.
    No need of your mouth or say here.

  • You don’t get it Christopher,
    doctors saw proof of what I say.
    I was let go because I proved everything I said.
    EVERYTHING Christopher
    so you go check yourself in.

  • I proved my color blue as the church knew I could.
    I passed a lie detector test as given to me.
    I not only predicted miraculous photos in front of a doctor and told him they would come out after I left and they did, I asked God to give them to many I did not know as well as to myself.
    This way, you cannot say I faked it. One thing is because I am not a fake. I am the prophecy woman.
    The sign of how bad things get in the end days.

  • Christopher, I happen to be the topic of discussion on here. You won’t get to know me unless I tell you about myself.
    Now, leave me be.

  • #15 and #44
    It saddens me to think the titles to churches really belong to men’s names and are more like club houses and money making propaganda. The truth is we all are still trying to cope and figure out what should be done. I suggested a new system and return to prayer. Don’t tell me about how come turnouts are few. We know why. Working under the system now, is not easy and people are tired and just want to stay home. Talking about God is not serving Him. Knowing all the facts and scripture quoting is not serving Him. We are still in a dangerous world. Property rights and all that jazz. Things are changing as slow as molasses and in some instances, some are getting so far away from God, who knows if they will ever believe? So it is, GOD is on debate continually and mankind is on the decline also continually.
    The miracles get scoffed at, someone always tries to throw a trump card and wants to call our bluffs. Shame it goes on like this for far too long.

  • Christopher, what is your problem? I mean it.
    What is wrong with you? I think really you want to talk to me more than you lead on. Read with comprehension. Don’t sit there and make a problem, I am NO PROBLEM remember? Satan makes problems where this is none. Strife. Is that what you want to be remembered as? A strife making person? Others have brains on here. What is your problem?

  • I am not handing out my life story to you all.
    You can forget it.
    You are lucky I am even conversing with you now.

  • I answered questions Christopher, I answered yours. Now stop being a tail end of a donkey
    and making trouble.

  • ipods $400.00

    Gee wiz, I do not get a paid a cent for my own music.

    How do you think I feel listening to it?
    My old love songs.
    Ones that I cannot sing to them because we did not last.
    We did not last for solid sane reasons.
    Oh, and I am also sung for by this one guy
    on the radio.
    He calls himself the killing four.
    He made up songs to get me to notice.
    We are no longer going to get married either.
    It is over.
    No time left for you,
    No time left for the killing four.
    I don’t care for men much these days.
    They are jerks for the most part.

  • That is my face in the sandwich that sold on EBAY for $28,000.00. I did not charge anyone any money.
    I gave it to my neighbor. I was crying and the tears fell on the sandwich, I quickly flipped it over and when I went to eat it, I noticed my face on the part where the tears fell. I did not ask for money, I shared this with the world. That too is a miracle and my face does match it.

  • Mary, I’m not making trouble, but it is very hard to understand you. From my point of view it is always difficult to understand faithists and your faith seems a little deeper than most. Try to stay away from the insults though. Round here, the Comments Editor rules all…

  • Chris, there’s a difference between rational faith and lunacy. This statement has nothing to do with the comments on this page, of course. 🙂

  • Phil sez: “there’s a difference between rational faith and lunacy.” I doubt that.

    There’s no such thing as “rational faith” anymore than there is “wet dryness.” They are by definition polar opposites. The whole point of the idea of “faith” is that you are believing in things for which you have no rational basis. If your beliefs were in fact rational, they would no longer be an expression of faith.

  • I am not ranting. Read plain English, that is all you need to do. Premise for being on here is to let you in on the truth behind the miracles and to even begin to understand that, you must understand how I was born, how I lived, and why the miracles were prayed for. How crazy is that?
    Since I am the one who prayed for them, I am the one born into prophecy, I am the one who has the truth behind the miracles.

  • #33 Why?
    I was there at my miracle sign for Drew St. I was there praying in the prayer circle and put the gift bow on the wooden cross and vinegar at the foot. I was where I was to go, where I chose to go.
    I am not the world’s little media toy and I am not going to be in New York. I sit and watch the snow fall here just fine.

  • Aaman

    How does Joe feel about that?

  • I do not want the world to see me like this. I have been maimed badly. A woman named Helen Decker maimed my face with a four inch long scar.
    She stole music also from me and hurt me very badly. Songs that were taken then were the wedding I Do song and another I sang for my beloved Joseph used on the movie Titanic. My neighbors are usually very horrible people and steal from me because it is so easy to do from a Christian but God knows who is quilty of sin.

  • This is for Christopher-
    One thing you must remember is you are online with a fake. This is the woman that the world speaks about returning in a prophecy. Being born like this was no picnic. I was not born to believers this time around. I gave many signs as I was growing up that I believe in God. You ask questions like you are totally in the dark about this subject, then why are you on here?

  • The fakes are the ones writing books only based on scriptures they have read. Only a selected group was given signs and for one thing, I know I meant to write you are not online with a fake.
    I had to put my glasses on. Sorry, I get side tracked some times. I am the little girl who preached door to door in Tampa, Florida. The little girl who sang such beautiful songs to the world for the Jay Cees and my neighbors at Christmas time, and any time. I am the little girl who called back Abraham Lincoln’s ghost to tell you if he went to Heaven or Hell even if he was a war monger. I am the little girl who promised her mother a normal life as her daughter but that God would prove her birth was no accident as she got older. I am the little girl who grew up and gave away millions of dollars of ideas. Partly because I was dying and partly because the rich make it impossible for the poor to succeed in this system. I am not a little girl anymore. I have grown up and I prayed for signs and wonders right on time as I prophecised I would at the tender age of four years old.

  • Do not try and trick me into handing you over my life story folks.
    Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen here now or ever.
    Only one person has the copy of all of my life story and she will keep it as promised.
    Dee Lanning who I chose to hold on to this historical birth and life will keep this with her
    until time is deemed to reveal just how horrible my life truly was.

  • I think it is smiling through tears faith. As I watch human vultures take what is mine and lie about it. As I pray and God awards me signs and wonders because of my suffering on earth. As I live without a home or car of my own but singers are out parading around in their limosines on songs I sang first they took from me. Oh yes, this is the land of opportunity all right but there are rules and I was duped and swindled.
    I was robbed in other words. And while the sign on Drew Street was about that robbery, why else would the sign show up on a financial institution
    and come when I said it would come, you folks are privy to truth about Americans and how ruthless they really are.

  • AL: Great #169. Interesting article as well. How long ago did you write that?

  • Christopher,
    what would make me a fake in your eyes?
    When so many saw me talking to UFOS in the 70’s
    and so many saw things you cannot explain away
    and I have Warner Brothers who stole evidence I sent them because they KNOW it is real. Oh yes,
    folks, I am not a fake. I am Mary but renamed Catherine. God sent me back and I have witnessed just how bad the world still is. It has not been nice to know you.

  • Christopher, you are there. What do you think about angels, demons, and good vs. evil? Do you not think God is a supreme being?

  • Christopher, are you staying a distance from me?
    Why? What are you afraid of?

  • I was told that Satan would attack ME, not the other way around folks. So, I know the task is hard to bear. I have scars to show it. I have many sorrows. There were times I too, was barely hanging on to life and I thought, man, this is bad. I can’t handle this but God told me to keep going. God showed me a dream and then visions which came out in miraculous photos. Things I prayed for, God was revealing. No one else but God.

  • So what is wrong with the world today? We have corrupted lawyers, doctors, presidents, people in general.
    They are serving a false KING…
    the king of money and cover their own asses.

  • It seems to me that someone claiming to be the reincarnation of the mother of God — an interesting mixture of religious ideas, to be sure — would have some familiarity with the Christian doctrine of “original sin,” especially given that half the Christians in the world believe that Mary (the first one) was born free of it.

    And of course, “sin” is the orthodox Christian answer to the question posed in #183. We have corrupt people from the top to the bottom due to sin.

    But I’m sure that the theokotos knows that, right?

  • # 172
    As a little girl when I tried to remain UNMARRIED,
    I told my mother, I was not supposed to get married in this lifetime. I held a yellow crayon in my hands and cried so hard. I was saying, I will always love you and I will not forget you ever. I sobbed so hard, that the yellow crayon went up my nose. My mother had to get it out of my nose. It is isn’t funny. When I cry, I really cry. My soul bleeds nearly. And my Joe, he still means more than the world to me. Having a demented mother who failed to see her child’s birth was a miracle, the fault will be hers not mine. Joe sends me letters in yellow in visions through God. There is only love, never good bye.

  • You would think that people would stop hurting the poor and oppressing them further and that Bibles in drawers at Motels were more read for content than to fall asleep by.

  • gypsyrose

    Finally a place where I can talk about God. Folks just know MRL is real and I have the proof. I am not about getting rich heck still out of work looking for a decent job. Would you help me out with my bills? Not likely.
    I spend my time helping others. I sent clothes to Katrina victims I had no money to give.
    Would you believe me if I said I dreampt of John Lennon’s death the morning he was shot? God does send us messages and warnings in our sleep and I am one of those people. Daniel was the same in the bible he knew his dreams were from God. I am a seer and over the years my family and freinds have said “God I hope you don’t dream about me” MRL I love you and respect you. You share the truth and the cinic’s still refuse to acnowledge it. Then a believer will come along and there will be hope for one more soul saved.
    Those so called books can burn and so can we. God is watching all of us. Faith is real. The unseen gift from the LORD.
    Is there a statistic here. At Calvary 2 out of three men. One a liar, one a thief. One said remember me the other did not repent. A message most don’t percieve.
    Then Jesus said to the Apostle Behold your Mother Mary. Yes he meant that for all of us not just one person. Now she is the Mother of Man all of us. A legacy. That is my view on the Virgin Mary and how we are to respect her and accept her.

  • #45 When I was being formed in my mother’s womb God asked me what I wanted to look like. This is the result and if you don’t like it, too bad.
    God told me to be born on Sunday, the 13th of July. I mean literally a voice told me, not today, I will tell you when. And I heard God say, Okay, this is the day. So while you can vouch for your stories, this is mine and I am sticking with it.

  • Get a clue folks,
    when I pray, I don’t say
    Satan, oh great Satan
    do me the trickery and deceit so that I will
    become all powerful.
    No, I hate Satan.
    I hate my life now.
    Because of Satan.
    Satan had me singled out and has done anything
    in his power to hurt me.
    Even as a little girl Satan was conjured to scare the daylights out of me.
    Folks, think again if you want to trade places with me,
    I would not wish my life on my worst enemy.

  • #187 Hi Dee, I asked Dee if she wanted to serve God because He is always hiring. Dee accepted even though she said she was not perfect. I laughed, does it say we all will be marked by the beast in the end times and must over come? World, this is your chance to stand up to Satan. Stand with me. I will help you overcome. Satan has tried to kill me but he has not been successful.
    The miracles came for all to see even though they were about my life. I will not let the world forget that God exists. Though I bear Satan’s curse, I will also bear God’s wisdom to get through this life. God will see US through this.
    We must be wise as serpents, gentle as doves and what else? Believe, the one true God loves us, always has.

  • So you can also remember my songs. They show you my heart but today with the almighty dollar grabbing souls left and right, you may not know Mary sang to the world like I have. That is why the pope talked about rock star because I was.
    I am not on record labels but I was a singer and it used to be fun-until the robbers came.

  • I’d like to be reborn literally as myself, only four inches taller, with a better paying job and x-ray vision. Oh yeah, and an infinitely filled fridge of fresh beer and cold pizza. Amen.

  • #192
    HA HA
    I am # 159
    God makes us in all shapes and sizes, colors,
    and tempraments.
    HA HA
    Some like kool-aid,
    some like booze.
    I drink beer too.
    It goes down good after mowing the lawn.

  • if anyone wants to see me with blonde hair
    and long, take a look.
    I wore this borrowed antique dress for pictures.
    I am not hiding or in hiding folks.
    I just don’t like to be around people I don’t care for.
    Talk about God, and I am as happy as a saint.
    Talk about Satan and I am as sad as Jesus.

  • Christopher,
    The first one was my hair color.
    It went from black to red, to gold.
    Weird. I was fair skinned and all that.
    The weird part is it changed over night.
    All two times. Once it mostly fell out
    and red grew in, the other, I prayed and over night it went from red to gold.
    My mother walks in and shouts,
    What happened to your red hair?
    She was shocked.
    I said I prayed for it to change colors.
    I guess you folks just don’t know me that well.
    I have been praying since a little tyke.

  • Signs…again Christopher asks, What signs and what were they for?

    Warts were all over my hands. I had 27 of them.
    Note how many books are in the New Testament.
    I told people that I was going to pray them away.
    I said in 7 days, on the third prayer, they would fall off like they were never there. And guess what Christopher? They did. Exactly in 7 days.
    It is okay Christopher, there are plenty of believers and we won’t stop praying.

  • I’m not avoiding you Mary, I’m just a bit busy keeping the place spick and span. I believe you were trying to explain this whiole thing. It would be nice to get a conventional narrative rather than all this jumping around…

    What’s the connection between the Fatima event and these songs you claim to have written all these years later?

  • What a shame that National Novel Writing Month was LAST month.

  • #28 Edward

    Now some men might have joked you were wishful thinking at the time of your divorce. But if you believe in God, you saw the lady, others did too.
    What was that? Well, this is what I say. Strange things DO happen and they are our experiences to recall and keep in mind. God knows I saw something once. I was praying. I was saying to him this is going to be hard, isn’t it? I don’t know if I can do this. Right then I looked up and saw one arm behind a palm metto bush. I saw a hole with blood trickling and I knew that God was showing me what suffering really was. Jesus knew that. I cringed, I don’t want to suffer like that.
    I ran behind the palm metto bush only to see no footprints at all. Yet, I know what God wanted me to see. So, this I share with you Edward. It is not crazy to be shown things. In time, you will find out that God works in strange ways.

  • #7 Nancy, I love your comment the best of all.
    If only the ones far and few inbetween could manage to stir the minds and souls around them more. Life is still the edge of a sword right now and the turn of a page. Right?

  • Christopher, the heart of THIS woman is loved by God. When told of Fair and Chosen One, you will see why she is so loved by God. Charity, suffering,and undying love. Even though I was nearly martyrd for my faith, I am still praising Jesus’ name today. So, Christopher, God is so awesome. Why the songs why the miracle on Drew St. and why am I destitute in a world that uses money? You will figure out why, Satanists lied
    and tricked ME and laughed it off is why.

  • So as a result, you folks who got away with taking my ideas because why? I ask you why you took them? Why?
    And meanwhile, you all need to sit in the corner for being so BAD.

  • Naomi Judd, tell them I am the 11 year old who taught you how to sing Love Can Build A Bridge
    and Barbara Streisand, your father heard me singing and begged me to let YOU sing my songs.
    Oh and The Beatles, sing MY song Ebony and Ivory.
    My song on the movie, Pocohantas, yes, stolen from me and I sang the words and melody to the dirty rotten Italian who vacationed in Invernness, Florida at the Chappel Lake Cottages.
    He took everything from me and gave me NO credit.

  • As the late great Graham Chapman said to the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “You’re a looney.”

  • KYS

    Wait….correct me if I’m wrong but the Beatles didn’t do Ebony & Ivory, that was Paul and Michael J (another grossly misunderstood individual).

  • Edward

    Comment 199:

    Dear MRL, it was just pragmatic thinking.
    As a matter of fact, it was she who left me and four children. I was glad to get rid of that cunning little female by divorce. Not for long, for it turned out she had embezzled almost all money, including business capital. It was never recovered.
    And this lady in the dunes also left no traces, no footprints…

    This is all I have to say you. I won’t respond anymore.

  • GoHah

    Mary–you were making complete, rational sense until comment #203: “Ebony and Ivory” was by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, not the Beatles. I’m not sure now about your credibility–I’ll have to see…

  • GoHah

    oops–sorry KYS #205–you beat me to the punch on the Ebony and Ivory thing.

  • First of all, I said The Beatles because I first sang the song at our piano in Asheville, NC while Kathy Buckner was sitting next to me. I sang it first. She jumped up and said I am sending that to the Beatles. So people watch your manners and what you say about me. Shame on you all to bad mouth me.

  • KYS

    It’s okay, GoHah, we can still live together in perfect harmony. 😉

  • #13
    It is not about praying TO Mary but WITH Mary.
    And I am not happy with Americans because they lie and are infidels.

  • People, I am the real Mary reborn or I would not dare write this. This is not a debate here. I am her. Got it? Get it.

  • KYS


    It’s not badmouthing. Just clarification. You’re ok with that, right?

    Any other Beatles songs you wrote? I’m a big fan.

  • Edward
    The lady being in brown and with a dog, let’s see, would you name the dog Boo? Who knows?
    All I can say is that visions are not evil.
    People who hear voices are not evil. Those who know what the ten commandments are and who God is are in a world that does not. Watch out. The world is filled with trickery for what else?
    MONEY, they live for it and cannot live without it. So folks, while you slander me and lie about me with your dim wit and senseless talk, I will be who I am no matter what you say. I will always have those close to me who are close to God. If you are not, leave me the hell alone and stop running your mouths. Don’t tell me, I will tell you.

  • Oh and for the know it all about what people looked like back then…
    like why do albinos get born?
    Like you know.
    Take a hike.

  • All your stupidity is giving me a headache.

    Seems like He should have thought about making people in the first place a lot longer than He did.

  • Christopher
    Trade places with me. Read your posts to me as if you are a smart ass without a smart reply. Then,
    try to cover up your snide remarks because you see an element of truth perhaps?

  • I am a modern day American southern woman.
    I talk like you.
    I act more than I should like you.
    I pray like it’s nobody’s business.

  • GoHah

    (cue the crickets)
    (tumbleweeds roll by)
    (quiet and darkness descends)

  • Christopher
    I did not know I was to take orders from YOU.

  • GoHah


  • Concept of GOOD vs. EVIL

    Let’s see here,
    validate for me:

    Persons want my music so they just take it.
    Is that good or evil?
    How do you think I feel about it?

    Good vs. Evil
    Rich people get richer. They always have the advantage and the poor can’t even borrow money
    because if you tell them what for they will take it and do it and laugh in your face.
    Let’s see Mr. President what I want to say about that right now is NOT POLITE.

    Good vs. Evil
    God says better to marry than to burn.
    Ha, I will take a hot fire any day of the week
    compared to some wife beater, skirt chaser,
    money louse, negligent father, domain clutter

  • I’m not being snide, Mary. I’ve been very honest with you. I don’t share your views but I find your story interesting, I’m just trying to get it clear in my limited mind.

  • #197 You folks are a hoot. You are stupid, impulsive thinkers and you do not listen to reason. Like I said, to hell with you.

  • Christopher
    Come out of your half baked shell.

    Your vision occupy others.

    Teaching the world about God, is like painting a barn purple and saying, I sware, it is still a barn.

    Mark Sahm
    The book has been written, it is called Do it my way or else by the general public.

    To all here, Christopher says one thing to me and another about me.

  • KYS


    After reading this thread more closely, I will no longer post comments, and I’d like to encourage others to do the same. I’ve made a mistake in baiting other posters, because it’s easy and entertaining. Bad form on my part.

    Peace to all.

  • Christopher

    Answer: Why was I born like this?
    Answer: How come as a little girl I knew the future?
    Answer: Did you ever live near me or know me?
    Answer: Does God make mistakes when it comes to
    praying omens?

  • But of course Christopher, the woman who grew up from being that baby knows why she was born like that.
    The woman predicted signs and wonders at four years old would come in her mid thirties.\
    The woman lived in a town of misfits, witches,
    murderers, theives, and rapists. Lucky she came out alive.
    The woman was praying to God about the life she has on earth and God started to do great and wonderous things for her.

    This is not a crazy woman here folks.

    This is a woman who tells it like it is in America.

  • So if prophecy is about the end days where people become waxed evil and won’t soften their hard hearts and evil is stench in God’s nostrils and end days are where Satan tries to deny miracles are from God…..WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE FOLKS.

  • So it is not about praying TO Mary.
    It is about praying WITH Mary.
    And while some of you are making me very angry at the moment with your stupid remarks without asking me more on the subject first,
    I will not waiver that I am praying for these miracles and that I was born like this.
    Why am I on this blog site?
    Fighting for my own honor.
    Everyone else has their own agendas.

  • Snide, you are Christopher.
    And I asked you, what are you afraid of?
    I have not gotten a reply on that.
    So you were straightening up, that is good.
    Snide still.
    I will tell you why
    because you said I was in a cult.
    You said you did not believe.
    Hey and then you snidely say where is YOUR God?
    Let me tell you off. I will in a heart beat.
    I am not afraid to tell anyone off.

  • My grandmothers attended Methodist and Baptist churches. My parents attended but they did not believe in God. They became public state ran school teachers. As smart as they would like to think they are, God still put me in their family.
    Why? God is wiser than I am. Just know that God knows why.

  • Right now I am thinking of the execution scheduled for Stanley Tookie Williams. He is in my prayers and I feel a deep sadness for his situation. Both before he got put in jail and after. I am thinking of his predicament. He asks for more time. Will it matter that I say give it to him? I don’t know that it will.

  • I can only say to people
    Have you ever gone hungry, dirty, or ailing some way?
    Have you ever been trying and nothing is working?
    Have you ever been up against a hard place?

    No, killing is not right but neither is slow death by neglect either.

  • Stanley Tookie Williams

    My brother in Christ,
    I too could have been you.
    Much as I did for others,
    they shunned me.
    Left me without money,
    without even a thank you.
    Took all and ran with it.
    Real classy people heh?
    You have class now.
    You made yourself take life under
    their guns,
    the ones they are in denial about
    and sometimes abuse.
    I pray for your soul in their demise.

  • People are exploiting me for their own agendas and benefits. I am not behind their books. I have not published any books, movies, or anything besides my poetry you can find on poets.com under Ucry2. I went on there to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.I spy on you too earthlings.
    I see what is wrong with US, if you want to put it that way. I spoke about what was wrong a long time ago, but no one was listening. It is just the way it is they would say.

  • My face is not on the money. I did not invent it.
    I neither am a gold digger or a bitch. I worked very hard growing hard and often times for free or next to nothing.I was trying to show people how to live. I spoke the valley girl talk in the 70’s and some took that as lazy. I am the Rose Marie of the song. Love grows where my Rose Marie goes. Perhaps, my colors are blue and gray but not everyone laughs at me.

  • Okay scratch that growing hard thing. I meant growing up.
    What is on my brain huh?
    HA HA

  • Monologues are best when someone takes control
    who should be in control of the conversation.

  • #156
    Christopher is slow I gather.
    I can talk all day about anything I want to talk about.
    It is not for you to decide.
    I don’t have to DO what you say either.
    I called down five UFOS.
    They were not even in the sky when I announced they are coming and then they came to where I was parked.
    Oh forget it people
    I am not trying to trick anyone.
    I am who I am.
    You are weird.
    You were not there when I was born,
    praying to God,
    or see the miracles.
    Too bad for you,
    you missed out.

  • The churches asked me to explain what the miracles are about. That is why I told you.

  • Oh and one more thing,
    Revelations does not tell about all the persons
    and it does not end there. Why would it end there?
    So, don’t let anyone fool you. Did you think that the Bible was limited and there would be no more to be read or said? FOOLS. You really think very little because it says DO NOT ADD but you got your journalists doing it every day. Why must they add anything? So you see folks, yes, that is why religion gets made fun of. Lunatics walking about for sure. But when people saw things I prayed about, there was no doubt, God was listening to me. And so I scoff at the nonsense
    that Satan has put before you because it makes NO sense. Therefore; I have the truth in my birth.
    That praying caused miracles and I don’t pray to Satan. I was attacked by Satan and I am really upset by Satanists. Watch out as the King James Bible sellers are really trying to make a buck.
    Same as you are.

  • gypsyrose

    Folks reading this thread it is not a joke a game and as adults the childish things are put away. Glad your imput and hope there is some food for thought. If you are not sure what to do or say next. Go to your knees and pray for the answers you need from God. If MRL gets the message and God wants you to know because your heart is in the right place then you will get your proof. Remember it is Gods will not ours, His time not mine.
    God Bless those in this thread. A sister in Christ thats me Gypsy Rose.
    Still no charity from you guys. It is Christmas time and I have saved $200.00 but my father is dying and my teenagers want cell phones, a laptop and clothes. I am depressed. The dollar tree is helpful.
    Well I am sad so I will go for today. Bye

  • Christopher
    I did not write that Bible. I am also educated.
    But one thing I will NOT tolerate is someone trying to steal my thunder. Got that? I am the baby born speaking, I am the little girl who went to a Tampa Baptist church and said at THREE YEARS OLD she is Mary sent back and was told I could prove it by the color blue.I did that plus lots more.Enough that they have written books, songs, and movies to make a buck off of ME. Christian Signs and Symbols , read it. I did not write it but heard a voice tell me to find it at the Montrose, Pa library. No, I am not joking on here.
    Things go on around me, they told me it was time to tell you why.

  • Random streams of HORSESHIT cascading though my MIND. Too lazy for grammar, SYNTAX, capitalization or even COHERENT thought. IT DOESN’T matter that I am stupid, uneducated, and possibly mentally ill. RATHER than listen to all the smart people out there, I’ll randomly string words together in a SPASM of VERBAL DIARRHEA. I’ll just keep talking and posting COMPLETELY unaware of the fact that I’m making no sense, that I’M SAYING NOTHING, THAT i’m completely batshit INSANE. Maybe if I intersperse my rantings with words like REVELATIONS and “HIS WORD” and NAMES of People WHO DON’t EXIST LIKE John Jacob Jingleheimer SCHMIDT I’ll will start to sound like a PROPHET instead of the FAECES-smeared wino that I really AM. NOW for SOME RANDOM SYLABLES: obladi oblada life goes on bra pompitous of love. Fahrfehrgnugen.

  • Oh there you are, and about Bible Believing churches thread on here. Jesus was the true church. He died unarmed to a heartless world.
    And whoever you are, stop with the put downs.
    This woman was put through extremes you may not have lived through. You do not KNOW me or anything about it. There are evil people in all churches, all nations, and of all colors. Evil does not single out. Evil hurts us all. This world is sinful. Read the papers. That does not need explanation. I was born into a sinful world.
    It is far from perfect. Not all priests have self control issues or are looking to be fed in jail.
    Not all church goers are honest hard working either. And to swear before God I have already done, this is just the way I am. I went through brutal attacks believing in God. For a time, in order to live, I had to cool it. You folks don’t know the half of it. Then, as I gained enough faith back to try again, I did. That is the true story of Revelations.

  • Buddy, I had two strokes, went nearly blind by drugs forced on me, and I have physical problems.
    This is not for you to decide. It has been decided. The evidence came out. God did it. I am tired of YOUR BULLSHIT.

  • One how can a woman live with sinners?
    How can a woman pray in peace?
    How can a woman be so visciously lied about
    and mistreated?

  • 5D, got a lot of love for you, brother. You always raise the quality of any of my article threads that you jump into.

    However, perhaps you should watch taking the name of John Jacob Jingleheimer SCHMIDT in vain.

  • The world is mentally ill.

  • I have eye witnesses, even doctors.
    You are one idiot.

  • The world disobeys the ten commandments left and right and leaders do a poor job all the way around.

  • I tried to find love and I got shafted. I tried to preach and I got attacked. I tried to help the world to believe in God by praying for miracles
    and now, now what?

  • Is there no way up or out of this God forsaken planet? Scotty, beam me up. Oh, he is gone now too, but maybe he can beam me up anyhow. Who knows? We got the filthy rich, we got the honest poor, we got the educated idiots, we got the simple but true, we got it all down here. HELP GOD, it is a mass of nitwits all in all and very few have the gold seal you show to believers.

  • Corrupt world, false church, and how do miracles fit in? How come Satan hates God?
    The laws of the jungle huh?
    Oh but miracles say it all people.
    They say it all.
    Miracles are from GOD
    and God was trying to show you
    a woman who was ripped off
    and teased for praying
    but she kept on praying
    and the miracles came.

  • “They liveth and loveth a lie”
    The Bible tells of how in the end days that people
    will gnash teeth. A generation of vipers. This is said of the future. I know what side of the fence I am on. I know that you can be smart but that does not make you nice. I know that in this world, standards of weak or strong do not correlate with God’s standards of right and wrong.
    Still you have ones on here saying horrible things and you know yourself, that I am not mentally ill when God proved it. Maybe some of you need to wisen up. A gold seal on my forehead, does not mean looney bin material. Someone who prayed for a miracle for a war veteran and the miracle comes to pass and doctors come to my apartment to ask how I did it and my answer? I am a woman who believes in God ought to tell you that indeed I do. People’s own accounts of miracles proves that God is still able. Why don’t you care about that? For God’s sake.

  • Stanley Tookie Williams has now passed. He refused his last meal. Killing is wrong, yes,
    and he is lucky they did not kill the same way he killed, if in fact, he did commit those crimes.
    He had a relatively painless death then. Though our country sometimes fails the needy, when we
    keep turning the needy away, they can die too.
    And isn’t that killing someone if you care about laws on killing? If we are subjected to neglect
    for too long? Anyhow,one less mouth to feed I guess and the threat and revenge done with.

  • On the subject of music theft…
    what are the reasons musicians steal other’s ideas and music? It is too easy. Does God allow it? It goes on doesn’t it? Sharing music is one thing. We all sing popular songs together but when songs are stolen, that means credits were not given to the proper person. And while you folks are not hearing me out about my own songs which I know without a doubt are mine, I question now even other songs on back in time to being legititmate claims. People heard me singing in Lofty Pines in Florida, or in Tampa, or in Clearwater too. But who cares? For all you who side with the wicked, you think you can win their friendship and it is worth it, right? Like I said, smart does not make you nice but at least I am not mean like they are to do something like that.

  • Did not Jessica say that is her and Nick’s song?
    I said it was Michael Turner’s and mine.
    But you folks were not there when I sang other songs and they suddenly end up being hits, were you? Again, this blog is about the truth behind the miracles and that is why I am on it.

  • The Fatima Prophecy
    For those who do not know what is going on, let me clue you in, people are still no good and God knows it. Miracles went on because a woman named Catherine Reynolds was not born like other babies and prophecised that signs and wonders would come in her later adult years to prove her birth and life and they came. This is the story of a baby
    who proved all she prophecised. The sign in Clearwater, I prayed for. It was my prayer to God
    to show me a bank that held money in it that really belonged to me. This sign appeared on a financial institution folks, that is close enough.

  • The covered woman praying hands image on the financial institution. It would pay for you to know that I also prayed openly and out loud even as a little girl. There is no face shown on the image but in my cheese sandwich that sold on EBAY there is, and when asked about that fact, I had a miracle come ONLINE to Dee’s sister’s picture and for some reason GOD did not line her face. I said to her, why did not God line your face here? Well, world, how come? I know that in this evil world, if my face appeared at that time, it could have been dangerous for me. That is why there is no face on the image at Drew Street in Clearwater where I am from. In Sunday school I said on Revelations the sea of glass is broken. All I prayed for in glass broke. So you can see the world is still evil and fears maybe even the signs from God that I asked for. Too bad, the world is going to hell in a hand basket some say
    and others say, the day of reckoning will come.

  • Christopher, this is not about my views, it is about the truth.

  • You can say you don’t believe in trees too Christopher but they exist. People say they don’t believe in miracles but they go on still, and I am living proof of that. Guess you would flip out to know I prayed for a cake not to bake in normal time and it did not and nothing was wrong with the oven. I asked for a sign from God if my then husband was a no count. Yep, he was. He took off the bar owner’s wife. So folks, you can say all kinds of things and you know what? It only makes YOU look crazy. To say you don’t believe in God?
    God, we are talking about God folks. God made me how I am supposed to be. So Satan be damned.

  • Madonna, the famous singer stole several songs from me. Oh she did. When she is dead and gone, she cannot lie about it anymore.

  • You people are mentally ill who go around acting like you know, you don’t know, so shut up.

  • Criminally insane live off others and crime.
    To them it pays and if you don’t get caught, it makes you feel like a God. However; God is watching them. Every dog has his day all right.
    I say there is a bull in my garden and some day I am going to eat steak.

  • My songs, my ideas, my life was stolen from me.
    It hurts people. It hurts to know this world has waxed evil meaning it is hard to break them out of their sinful mold. It is hard but I am trying.
    This is not about lies I am telling. It is the truth. Again, I passed a lie detector test and the one churches required of me. So you are not experts those in the mental health profession.
    You are trained to think like you do. Untrain yourselves because this woman is not mentally ill.

  • Mary, this is a warning: Personal attacks are not allowed at this site. If you want to talk about how songs were stolen from you and how you’re the reincarnation of a long-dead person, that’s fine. Carry on.

    If you continue to address people as “idiots,” or “mentally ill,” you will be banned from this site for repeated violations of the site comment policy.

    I’m sure you can work out the difference between rage at the machine and rage at specific individuals here at the site. Avoid the latter.


  • They have said this person may be possibly be mentally ill. Who are they talking about? ME?
    So you know what you can do with your site?
    This is my life you are addressing.

  • Who has permission to write about my life?

  • I am not a bug in jar or belong to any particular church either. I am a human being on a crazy planet. THAT IS SO!

  • And meanwhile I have the right to address their ignorance and stupidity anyhow I see fit.
    We are talking about an honest woman on here and who has been taken for a fool by her own fellow human beings. Liars they are.

  • Satanists, so you think you are clever. However rules broken by greedy humans for what purpose?

  • There are three blogs which insult my intelligence and my life which is not made up.
    What of those? Nothing?

  • #206
    Edward, I know that marriage vows are not sacred as they ought to be and many size up another for what they can get from them. I too, have been robbed legally. Never again. Never again.

  • Nancy

    I think MRL need some serious psychotropic drug treatment & perhaps a nice padded room, is what I think. Why is BC allowing this seriously disturbed person to highjack this thread?

  • man, i am officially creeped out.

    hey barger, pass the pitchfork.

  • So remove the blog on my life, for I am the reason behind the miracles.

  • Facts were presented and eye witnesses and miraculous photos came when I said they would.
    Satan lies, he is a professional liar and all his followers will go down with him to hell.

  • You people can rot.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    Too late, Mary. You see, I have stolen hundreds of your songs just by reading your posts here! Expect a bunch of huge pop hits in the next few years based on YOUR SONGS. And you won’t get a dime.
    Surprised you’d fall for that one.

  • Like I said, you people can rot.
    I know who lies and how they change dates to suit their needs and greed.
    I know who has assumed what the signs meant
    and decided to write on a subject based on
    assumptions ONLY.
    So meanwhile
    I am not doing anything wrong.
    GOOD AS SOLID GOLD music maker I am
    with a bunch of ears waiting on hell’s row.

  • Smart as hell you are and perfect specimens to behave like this. Go ahead, make your lot in life.Cast your lots, go ahead. Sweat it out.

  • You don’t know the meaning of mentally ill.

  • I make sense. I explain it all. Now leave me be.

  • No, I make sense.

    The government is trying to steal my toenails and that talking bowl of Rice Krispies is the second coming of Norman Fell!

  • Nancy

    You make sense only to yourself. As for leaving you be, no one’s forcing you to post to this thread. Now go take your Paxil.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    That’s three more songs! Thanks, reincarnated mom-of-god!

  • You know what a fair trial? Do you know what it means to swear in? I do. And I was not given my chance and with so many people afraid to talk about the REAL God these days due to some very bad people, it is hard to get them to talk about things that went on. I am not afraid however.
    The smart asses on here, you don’t know. Trust me.
    What the signs mean, you don’t know. I do.

  • Nancy, you are really off base.
    I am on here, to explain the signs.
    Now you can just stow it.
    I have been like this all of my natural life.
    No condition was formed.
    No problem here.
    The story about The Fatima is what I am concerned about.
    Miracles do happen.
    My own family and friends witnessed them when I said they would happen.
    I don’t need drugs.
    I need people of sound mind and character.
    I am around semi retarded people on here.
    Trying to act like big shots.
    They don’t even know
    the government cleared that I am the Fatima
    at nine years old.
    So stop. Hear me?

  • I do not make sense only to myself. God knows I speak the truth.
    I sincerely pity you people for being like you are.

  • Are you having fun at my expense?
    Do you think it is funny being targeted by
    evil doers and laughed at for praying?
    Do you?

  • I have my own collection of miraculous photos and have given many away. So you are slandering me right now I have you know.

  • My rights are violated and trickery is used by those to get more information unwarranted. The fact remains, I was already tested and passed folks. PASSED THE TEST…and who do you think you are? HUH?

  • Satan is master of lies but God helps those like myself. God gave me signs I prayed for. You can neither disprove it either. So you really are not as smart as you claim to be for making remarks when you were not there. That is the answer, you were not there.

  • Do you like being labeled and called names?
    Do you?
    Is that funny?
    HA HA
    So wisen up!

  • ClubhouseCancer

    Momma God, you are playing into my hands. I now have seventeen hit songs on my hands, and you can’t do anything about it.

    I’m taking them to space, where they will be intergalactic hits! Whoooo! 23 skiddooo!!!

    That lie-detector test you passed was actually a song-sucking device, as is your keyboard. Ha!

  • I am waiting, so you want to show off on here?
    Make yourselves comedians for a day?

  • Keep it up, keep bragging about your secular knowledge. Yeah right, cast your lots. Rot.
    Go ahead and rot.

  • So stealing music is cool huh? Is that what you are advocating? Or some mind bending done because of what? What do you hope to get out of me by saying anything to that?

  • I am not wearing foil on my head so the dumb dumbs
    can’t read my mind. Or so they love to do so because why? Because I have one is why. And my creativity level is so high, they drool over what I do next.

  • Oh go out and make a snow angel.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    What do I want from you? More songs, of course. Keep ’em coming! How about a nice love ballad, though, for a change? The uptempo numbers you’ve been mind-sharing with me are fine, but I’m in the mood for a little lovin’. Sloooow jam, you know.

  • EZ

    Did anybody read #119?? MY curiosity is satisfied.

  • I survived without medical attention given.
    I tied scarves around my head and face. NO ONE CARED if I lived or died. But that is par for course in a world such as ours. I was just a little girl looking for a friend. I did not deserve that.

  • That is the severe head wound I got from being over at the Blairs and Cantler’s homes.

  • Anyhow I am not a fake. I am an omen of the times.
    A prophecy has come to pass.

  • Aaman

    Are they casting for “Omen XXI: In Which Damien Gets Real”?

  • MRL has now posted over 120 comments in the last 24 hours. Truly remarkable. If it’s a put on, my hat’s off to you. You fooled me. If it’s real, get some help. I’ve known a few schizophrenics and manic-depressives and they made a hell of a lot more sense than you have been lately.

  • Aaman

    Jesus on steroids!

  • This site is why I am on here. I am not a schizophrenic. You know people make mistakes and you are making one right now. I don’t need help.
    I asked GOD to prove what I went through. There is a God. I prayed and all of this is not faked.
    Now, vandals attack a statue in Houston I think.
    You people are not wise. You cannot put facts together. You are not my judge. NO WAY.

  • Your rude comments…help? You cannot change how I was born, what is to be, and you cannot make my life any different. What is wrong with you? What do you think your ears are worth? Not my time.
    Only those who have half a brain can comprehend what I am saying. Do you go after others who claim to be reincarnated also? Why? Are you jealous? Are you? Are you some think you got the scope on every situation in life? Do you? You don’t. The deal is this, why so many books, movies, and songs about me? HUH? Why? You know they are writing about some woman. Well, who do you think fits her? I am not sick. I am an artist, a business inventor, poet, song writer,
    and many people got rich off of my ideas. I am not a waste of air or time to God or anyone.

  • Get off my case, back off all of you.

  • Wow, an entrepreneurial Mary; talk about women power:)

  • gypsyrose

    Get a grip and the truth stands above all. The stories have not changed in centurys. A sister in Chirst and if you want to talk to me say so. I guess the real miracles about MRL and her life is now said. If you decide to take it and run to publish it you are thieves. So warning dear don’t. God is watching this and he just wants you to honor her not belillte her. That can be a gravest mistake. She does not claim to be perfect in this life. This life is different than her protected life when Christ was alive for real good reasons.
    Love one another and accept what you read. Deny the truth staring you in the face can have reprucussions.
    Fear not me. I am a friend and a faithful one.
    Jesus is the reason I am so nice. Don’t back me in a corner ok.
    I care and I am on here because I do.

  • Do the two of you know each other?

  • Aaman

    Mary had a sister, I think

  • swingingpuss

    And a little lamb

  • I try to share the miracles God gave to me-
    you refuse to believe.

    I try to share my feelings with you about what is going on in the world- you act indifferent.

    I try to bestow to you faith- and you call me names for it.

    I have feelings you know.

    My stories are real I want you to know.

    My life, is not fabricated. A song is sung about me but my life is not about being unused by God.
    It is just the opposite.

    I wanted to have peace and no problems in my life.
    I ran across the same troubles you see go on in many lives today. Marriage is in trouble. The peace is laughable. And where is the love? Where is the understanding? Where can anyone go to find Utopia and if I find it, I am not telling you where it is.

  • How many times do I have to tell you that I was already seen by four doctors and the final one was Christian so he knew exactly what I was talking about and going through. He told off the other BAD doctors and said there is nothing wrong with her. There is a prophecy and a Satan and she has had many obstacles in her life is all. The doctor knew I had not made up my life, got all the facts straight and told me to go on with my education and try to stay out of trouble. HA,
    you who know what I mean about that. If you know people like I do, trouble finds you.

  • So how can a foreign doctor sit there and listen to you go on about life in general for a believer and understand you? He cannot. I found one who was christian and my world was right as rain again. I am a Christian. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have found out that evil still exists and trickery is great. They say every minute a “sucker” is born and you know every second someone to trick him is born. So be careful world because the world is filled with trickery. Some lessons I learned the hard way only because of obnoxious and vexing people around me. But when I tell you I prayed for something and you cannot believe it? Believe it.
    I would not be talking about God, if it did not happen and I am smart enough to know what a bonafide miracle is.

  • In vino veritas

  • I am not on here to promote the book. I have not read it to do so. I am on here to explain the truth behind the miracles because I am the truth behind them. So many people are just trying to get a story out, may not have enough facts presented, just want to write and get well known.
    For years, I was silenced about my birth. I was told to wait until the time was right to tell the world about how I was born and why I am back.
    I was passed around like a hat to people who oppressed me for their gain. It was not easy being me folks. In the end days, there shall be many who do not believe only because they have been brain washed not to believe or forced not to believe in God. I was nearly killed by satanists.
    We’re not talking namyb pamby torture here either.
    So horrible that I dare speak about it to strangers. I have a classmate I went to school with who may blog and tell you just what it was like attending Dunedin Public Schools. I was small and vunerable to the bullies. The ones who were not saved, barbarians, came after me. I was savagely beaten and mistreated, stolen from, bossed around for years. I lived in terror of these mean and lost kids I attended school with.
    I cannot tell you what being fragile feels like.
    You only know your own strengths. I am extremely fragile. Life for me was a gamble all the time.
    I did not think I would live past 7 years old for a time. When the bricks landed on my head, I thought it was over. It was like breathing sand.
    I was never well after that and feared for my life around deranged sorts who took advantage of me because I could not fight back. Oh yes, the laws of the jungle all right. But there are also laws of God, and prayers and finally I decided to pray and that is when the miracles really started
    to even amaze me. But I knew they would come as a young girl. I even told my attackers they would come. God is with me even if Satan tried to take my faith from me. It has been a long hard struggle.

  • #317
    I met Dee Lanning through a poets workshop. By stumbling onto each other’s profiles, we started to message one another concerning my answered prayer sign in Clearwater, Florida. Dee was very excited about seeing it with her own eyes and she even used virginmary as her user name because she wanted to talk about what she had seen and a prophecy of which her ancestors were part of. The ironic thing is before leaving Florida, I told my family, I will find someone who knows about the prophecy soon. I knew it. Things are going to go the way God wants them to go and there is nothing that the Satanists can do to stop it now. I will not let them for one thing. Dee and I conversed on the phone about the miracle she went to see.
    I told her, this is going to sound weird, but I am reincarnated. Dee who knew about the prophecy of the return of Mary through family ties, was just over whelmed with this news. She told me, I prayed to God, bring the Mother close to me after seeing the sign on Drew St. So you see folks, God does answer prayers. He answered mine to find someone who knew about the prophecy and she has made calls to my peers to find out how things were for me growing up. I am still looking for Deanne Shere Simpson who attended kindergarten with me and heard me say, I do not talk to air.
    God will show the world signs and wonders when I am in my mid thirties to prove I do not and who I am.” Oh yes, folks, I was born like this for God and to help the world. Then Satanists came after me and I was detained for a time. God is real.
    My main point in coming back is to make sure that believers who survive the end times, have their sign and prophecy to keep them strong. I have suffered greatly for being back. Some days I think to myself, this was not such a good idea.
    But the miracles are real, they were predicted,
    and foretold and scripture does back it up by the way. I am not trying to be someone I am not.
    I was born on the date of the prophecy, born speaking, telling churches and others that I am Mary sent back by God. Only to have been beaten,
    raped, robbed, silenced by Satanists or else die,
    and the list goes on. Truly horrifying that my freewill was taken FROM me. I am now 47 years old
    according to birthdays. If you count life from within my mother’s womb, may as well say 48.
    The truth is very sad behind the miracles. One I do not enjoy telling.

  • My family comes from Murree, in Pakistan, supposedly named after the resting place of Mary (version I)

  • Resting place, ah ha ha,
    you slay me.
    Resting place.
    I will not rest, trust me on that one
    until this prophecy is finished.
    And so it is and shall be,
    that while the world is losing a grip
    and madness ensues all around us,
    we cry out, Oh Lord, how long?
    When we have to DO something about it

  • I am known for praying out loud and in seconds some times after saying AMEN, a miracle happens.
    Even doctors came when I prayed over a war vet who did not want shrapnel to move in his body in surgery for removal of stones, to my apartment because after I prayed, he was miraculously healed. Xrays revealed all the stones were gone
    and no surgery had been performed. What do you say now? HUH? Don’t go on about the past. This is about the here and now folks. The woman who prays for miracles. I am talking to you now.

  • This is not about historical information, it is not about countries fighting over rights, or who I belong to, or books on the subject. I am the woman you are looking for, by birth, by right,
    and by now, I could write a book alone on the miracles I prayed for. The fact remains that miracles are my now middle name.

  • When growing up, my school chum asked me, what did Jesus look like? I kind of resented answering.
    For one thing, there are so many evil people I am trying to convert and they are taught by Satanists to NOT BELIEVE. So I kind of avoided answering. One day however; I was talking to God
    and I said, let’s show them. I took a picture inside of my purse. No men in there folks. An odd picture came out. Two men from my past. You want to know what Jesus looked like? Now you can see.
    I have shown this photo to many. Some call it the men in black photo. It is a bonafide miracle.
    Michael Sutlovich was there when I said, oops I just took a photo in my purse. The negatives are with me now.

  • If one thing good ever comes from being born like I was, it will be so the world believes again.

  • Jesus is in the Men-in-Black? That’s cool. Must be fun – all those aliens and stuff.

  • Get some help.

  • The fifth dentist, you are not a professional on prophecy because it is going on right now.
    So you need to be silent and read about what is going on so you know.
    Prophecy is to believers.
    Not for your opinions.

  • I remind you that I was already analyzed and it was finally decided that I had proved all that I said. No more speculation on your parts. This is not a mentally ill person writing. My life is real and factual and can be backed up by many credible persons.

  • Fact: Miracles came even when I was being analyzed, I said, I will pray for miraculous photos to prove all I have said. I will show them to you when I get out of here. I had insurance and they kept me in because of that reason and I had no where to go. But when I got out, the Catholic church handed me a card and said you have got to see these photos. I knew what they meant. I wrote to Veronica of the Cross and tried to explain it to her. I had asked God for proof of visions he showed me and of my life because it sounds unreal but it is real. To be me, there has always been an area of supernatural and nothing has changed. God still is an awesome God and can do great and marvelous things.

  • Clubhouse Cancer? Is that your user name?
    OK, now, what is the point of writing books about THE TRUTH BEHIND THE MIRACLES? This is feedback to the ones who created this blog. I am asking you now pertinent information. Though I know what I say, and why and what the miracles mean, I want to know if you ever had any contact with the truth which is sitting right here and now.

  • MRL, if you can, consider this from our perspective.

    Let’s say I show up one day and start posting comments as ‘Spirit of Xenu.’ I claim to be the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, and talk about all of the many miracles I have done in the name of Scientology. I claim to be “clear” and when asked, say that many people can testify to the truth of my statements. I claim that doctors around the world have been astounded at my healing abilities and have converted to Scientology after spending just a few minutes with me. I then attack those who dispute my claims and call them foolish for not believing… what? Doctors? Experts? Converts? No, ME.

    Everything I’ve said is only pixels on a screen. I could be Jenna Bush coming down off a long high and having some fun with the rubes. I could be a twelve-year-old doing a sociological science experiment. I could be an editor of this website, trying to attract traffic. I could be anyone at all!

    In an environment where it is nearly impossible to prove even ordinary claims, and given that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, you must understand that it will be impossible for anyone here to believe most of what you claim is true, just as impossible as it would be for you to accept that I’m the reincarnation of a 40,000 year old space alien that once founded a science fiction religion.

    And of course, stories of having bricks dropped on your head as a child don’t help much, since they provide a far more plausible explanation for odd ranting than anythign else I’ve read on this page.

    So carry on, but keep in mind that nobody here is likely to believe you, and have fun!

  • Fifth Dentist

    The cheese sandwich that sold on EBAY
    is a bonafide miracle.

    That is MY face in it.


    You think you know so much?

    Tell us why.

  • By the way, Satan’s iPod is FANTASTIC.

  • Too bad if you don’t believe me. Too bad and I will tell you why. I told my mother when I was still in diapers and teething, that she had named me Catherine but I am Mary and God sent me back.
    She did not take the news so well. But you see God does work in strange ways. A virgin gives birth to the son of God? HA, huh? You who know religion, know that God makes you wonder some times. But for God’s sake, I am on here. GOD, not realy yours because you decide if you believe or not. I am reincarnated, I waited a long time to be able to tell the world. I had to get away from my family first. My mother threatened to beat me to a pulp when I was a young girl. She screamed at me for talking about God all the time. My own mother did not know how to handle a baby born like I was. So you see folks, the prophecy is about the Return of Mary. The 13th as a significant day. I was born July 13, 1958 on a Sunday Dr.Brown attending physician to hear me say MARY, when he asked for a name. I said it twice. Mary, I said again. All heard me say it.
    This will never be changed. Prophecy had come to pass. 13 is also the letter m in the English alpahbet and a sign. As I grew older, I would meet people who knew about my birth. I was often
    sad because I did not understand the ways of the world and I did not like being here. I prayed to get off the planet and five UFOS came for me at the Gulf to Bay drive in theatre. PEOPLE saw this happen folks. I told the UFOS I am not ready, go back. The UFOS returned into space. This happened
    and I am not faking this. Kim Hamilton Thomas was in the car when they came. She lives in Palm Harbor,Florida. I had told her I was contacted.
    She laughed, saying I was watching too much sci-fi. But she is not laughing anymore.

  • Phillip Winn, Hello. I have a story even about the name Phillip. I tried to live a normal life.
    I tried to find love. I was so called “in love”
    with Scott. Oh I was his shadow. I wanted to marry him so badly. I loved the ground he walked on. But Scott was a womanizer and a cheat and mistreated me and I ran into another girl who had an engagement ring on the same as mine in the bathroom. We found out that Scott stole the rings from the store he worked at and handed them out to four different lady loves. No, it is not funny folks and we learned that Scott was a player. When I found out, I went to his home address. He lived on Prince Phillip Sreet. Well, I came up in my Pontiac Catalina angry as a nest of hornets.
    After handing back his stupid stolen ring, I shouted at him. You know that name Phillip? 1,2,3 ….It will be your downfall some day. I drove off.
    Years later, Scott had not learned his lesson.
    Scott was a spoiled rotten guy who thought women would give him anything he wanted. Ok, we all know there are lots of men like Scott. Pig headed and evil. So Scott finds out where I have moved, calls me up, and gives me this sad story. Oh, I don’t know why I did that to you, my parents said you were the one to marry. I was furious at Scott and I hung up on him. I said to God, get him out of circulation. That you know what. So Scott is out messing around, nothing has changed with his chauvenistic attitude and he gets into a car accident. The man name is Phillip. The officer who came to file the accident, his name was Phillip. Lastly, when we went to hire a lawyer, his name was also Phillip. Scott finds me, he calls me up, and says I remember you telling me that name Phillip would be my downfall. Tells me the story. Folks, some of us create our own fate.
    Scott had a broken pelvis in three places. I shouted 1.2.3. at him. I am a seer and a believer.
    God punished him for his womanizing ways. Did he learn? No, too bad. Do you also want to be ignorant of God? I hope not.

  • The ipod songs come from my life. What a crazy love life I had too. I met every worm that could be found under every rock. UGH. My love songs came to cheer me up when my real love life was raunchy terrible. Hope you like the music folks.
    To me, it only brings back bad memories.

  • So I know what it is to be human and in the end times and suffer and try to have a normal life.
    I have three grown children now. Even a grandson and one on the way. My life is not going to go away. All the things that happened were basis for the miracles I had to pray for. I can’t stand this world the way it is. That is why I pray for miracles. God is God, people, oh you don’t even want to know what I call them.

  • So God is lucky he does not have to live with the likes of you. I do and I don’t like it. I don’t like game players, weirdos, seducers, and most of all I hate violence. God is in a better place.
    One you can’t get to that easily folks. Let him be in peace. What he deserves!

  • And that is proof enough that we are in the end times. Marriage is in trouble. People are being killed in war and crimes. Even pregnant women are being murdered. Folks, wake up. The prophecy tells of the end times where once again evil has reared it’s ugly head and the people wax evil.
    They shall be marked either with the 666 or the gold seal. I have a gold seal. Though I have been forced by Satanists into things I did not want to do, I cried out to God. The over comers get a gold seal. Satan is a you know what. Yes, he is scary and he is crazy as hell too. I am not Satan folks. Everyone who knows me, knows that. I tell you about the miracles because God did them for me. I do not perform miracles. I pray for them.
    And furthermore; the ones who are really crazy,
    go around calling me crazy. Shame on you. God does not mark people with gold seals by accident.

  • You should listen to Roger Waters sometime – he had something to say on this topic – he was pretty amused to death by what God wants

  • In the realm of God, believers see things and hear things. We are not talking about crazy people. Satan goes around trying to trick the public that people who see things and hear voices are crazy. That is a lie. The trickery is when
    some people are trying to get you to believe that.
    NO WAY. I will stand up for God any day of the week. God is not evil. Satan is. The ones who believe in God know that life is not easy but we also strive to make the world a better place.
    So Satanists, your day will come. I will see to it. I will prove that God lives in spirit and we do accept him as savior. I will prove that I have prayed for the miracles. I will astound the world.

  • What made me sing love songs when my own love life was bonkers? Because music runs in my blood.
    My great grandmother played piano for silent films.She knew I had the gift of song. It was at her piano that I prayed for the Drew St.miracle
    and the statues crying also. Hey, I am sure what side of the fence I am on. God is my witness and I am his. It is just the way I am.

  • pwinn: so you’re not the reincarnation of l. ron hubbard?

    call me disappointed.

  • Again, be forewarned that the Bible made Jesus angry. Even the devil can quote scripture.
    Man is errant and Satan is clever. Ah ha, but so I have one goal and I will finish it. Oh yes, it is rough being me but God knows who I am. The real God does. Satan would not have done so much evil to me if not that I was born into this cursed doomed existence. Oh I know some of you poo poo praying and all that jazz. It just seems too abstract to you and you have reasoned it away.
    God is wonderful. It is Satan that has a problem
    like he needs to go back to hell where he belongs.
    I know you don’t have the right to say anything about me when you don’t even know me. To know me is to love me.

  • No, he said he might be the reincarnation of Xenu – fine distinction, there – was L Ron the creator of Xenu, or just the medium?

  • When I was pregnant with my son, Jesse. I picked up a book on reincarnation. As a teenager, I told my mom, I am going to have a son and name him Jesse. She turned to me and said not to name him that. I answered why not? That is his name. When I was pregnant, I kept seeing Elvish Presley in my mind. I even cut out pictures of Elvis. I am reading a book on reincarnation. My husband says
    why? When my son is born, he gets named Jesse.
    Pictures of Elvis Presley were very close to what Jesse looks like. Oddly enough,I did not know that Elvis had a twin who died at birth, named Jesse. Jesse has powerful spiritual gifts too. Most believers do. It scares Satanists. HA HA and I am glad. But Jesse is amazing. He can hear my voice towns away. He reads my thoughts and he is very senstive to my feelings. I told my mom I would have a son and name him Jesse.

  • So, I don’t try and find people who claim they are reincarnated. I don’t seek publishers out.
    I want to be left alone but because I am who I am, that is hard to do.

  • You people have no clue man. Try knowing me like others do and say, yeah, weird things go on around her. Michael Sutlovich saw a shoe lift off the floor and hit me in the ankle. Bryan Austin saw the room light up bright blue at 12:30 am
    and I lived without electricity. Richard Burns saw an angel scratch on a window next to his head in broad daylight. So if you want to trade places with me, you can’t. My life is real. I am just as mysterious as I am told of.

  • Ok, the truth behind the miracles is why I am on.
    I told the truth.

  • Shark


    “…I am a modern day American southern woman.”

    Why am I not surprised?

    …’Cause I’ve been reading your whacky monologue with an internal voice that sorta resembles Granny Clampett.

    As a matter of fact, I think you’re my friggin’ neighbor.


    PS: Get that crappy “sculpture” outta yer yard before I call the code enforcement people!

  • Elvis was Elvish?

  • Shark

    Yall remember when the internet was hailed as a gigantic leap in human cultural evolution — touted as “the democratization of information”?

    “The info highway to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

    Gotta run!
    Shark [leaving to load his mail-order Manlicher-Carcano and looking for a nice empty room above a busy street in some southern american town…]

  • Dusty1too

    As a first-time reader of this blog, I’m astonished that this blather has gone on for over EIGHT DAYS! Trust me, I won’t be back…

  • Shark


    the Blogcritics server hasn’t overloaded and burst into flames.

    Somebody, quick: call the Guinness people!

  • Dusty, because we should what? Block Catherine’s IP? Convince Catherine to go back on her meds? She’s harming nobody.

    Maybe if we let her go on for a bit longer she’s explain why Mary is believed (historically, at least, though not as much nowadays) to have remained a virgin her entire life, while Catherine has had — what is it? — three husbands and several kids?

  • Dusty, consider this: MRL’s first comment came on December 9. Today is December 14. So that’s only six days.

    Also, MRL took the weekend off. Apparently she’s posting these comments from work or school. So really, that’s only four days.

  • EZ

    #119 y’all. #119. Let it go.

  • Now I’m upset. Who is this “Dusty” to denigrate the quality of this discussion? Is it John Kenneth “Dusty” Galbraith? Is it Saul “Dusty” Bellow? Is it Robert Penn “Dusty” Warren? I think not, for no intellectual would ever accept the sobriquet “Dusty.” For your information “Dusty” many of the writers involved in this discussion are graduates of Ivy League institutions. Many of us have multiple advanced degrees. And if we choose to participate in a six day long rant by a person of dubious sanity well then “Dusty” you’ll just have to accept that we have our reasons for doing so. Peasant.

  • Bruno

    The Virgin Mary appears to the poor because she herself was poor, as was Jesus. That is a point of the Gospel. God uses the ignorant to shame the wise. And the poor are blessed because they understand their dependence more than the wealthy do. The ultimate poverty (death) is one we all share — but wealth tricks the powerful into a sense of security that the poor cannot afford. In other words, the poor are closer to God because they have no choice, and the rich are separated from God artifically and temporarily. The poverty of death will greet them as well, equally. That’s when the big-unknowns kick in for all of us, equally.

  • SonnyD

    Has anyone noticed that tomorrow night is the full moon. Maybe MRL will feel better in a couple of days.

  • Al,

    I have been to Fatima as a tourist, not as a pilgrim, but there is an undeniable sense of spirit there. Maybe it’s the pilgrims (which there are hundreds on any given day), or the glorious church built near the grotto, or maybe it’s the water (which people splash on themselves for cures).

    I don’t know. I do know that two of the children died early, soon after the visions. The last died an old woman and confirmed on her death bed that she saw Mary.

    I don’t know about this either. Today, people say they see her in windows, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the like. It’s really a mystery.

  • Ruvy in Jerusaslem

    Wait a minute guys. At comment #339 I read that someone bought a cheese sandwich on e-bay.

    What pit of shit has the race descended to when buying a cheese sandwich – any cheese sandwich – is a matter to be bid on at a website? The thing will go bad and stink by the time it gets to the buyer’s door!

  • If it’s a holy relic presumably it will miraculously preserve itself against spoilage.

  • Hello again. I guess I am the village idiot, right? Helping others to get by and being the caring soul that I am, made me the village idiot.

  • The cheese sandwich is a bonafide miracle. Soon the ones I sent the photo of my face to make a comparison will show you. I grilled that sandwich and gave it for nothing to my neighbor. I knew that someone would sell it. The fact is, it really does look like my face. I have a photo
    that nearly matches it.

  • I am one of a kind Christopher. There shall never be another like me. I think that my faith was tested too harshly is what I think. Anyone who is willing do just lay down and die from Satanists
    is bound to be a little bit upset by it. You asked me Christopher about the songs…and celebrities suck was the statement that brought that on. They are having a good time right now being stars with MY music. Nancy Redd was my neighbor in Dunedin, Fl. She was caught stealing food from our pantry as well. I believe she took my songs. A woman in North Carolina, a park ranger’s wife heard me singing and took for herself a mess of songs. Blacks in Tampa and Clearwater heard me singing and decided they deserved to take these songs. Oh yes, I am the unsung heroine of them all. Just watching people act like hateful birds like the Bible predicts.

  • Phillip Winn
    Is my sanity dubious?
    Isn’t that a nice way of putting me down?
    This is why I have a temper.

  • The term virgin Mary was only for when the savior was to be.
    I don’t NEED meds.
    Again, watch out world.
    It is not nice to know you.
    Back off.
    My life was proven.
    The prophecy was stated:
    If you do not listen to me,
    I must listen to you.
    BUT things have changed!
    The miracles are not fake.
    However; it scares some people?
    But the faithful love me.
    So I don’t care what the world
    has to say about ME.
    They don’t count.
    What matters is what I know.
    That I was praying to God
    and got what I asked for.
    Anyhow, if any of you had the smarts to do
    research better than your opinions,
    you might know that other sites that show
    miraculous photos indicate that indeed
    what I told a doctor about praying to God
    for miraculous photos came to pass.
    I guess if you had the intelligence to
    decipher where I had been for years,
    living in the woods and away from mainstream
    living would make me kind of physically
    removed from what was going on around me.
    I live a simple existence.
    There is NO reason for me to take meds.
    Being born reincarnated is not a crime.
    And furthermore; do not antagonize me.
    This will not stop what is to be.
    Drugs are not the answer.
    Prayer was.
    And when God showed me favor at last.
    That is when my tortured existence
    was at least not in vain.

  • MRL, ’twas 5thD who posted those words, not me. Still, I’ve poorly skirted the comment policy, as you have, and I’m sorry.

    As I mentioned above, consider all of this from the perspective of any one of us and ask yourself why people should believe you’re the reincarnation of the mother of God instead of believing that I’m the reincarnation of Xenu. In that case it’s not a sanity issue, it’s a credibility issue.

    Also consider that you’re certainly not going to convince anyone of anything here no matter how many more times you comment.

  • Scientists do not have the book of secrets.
    They do not have every formula, every fact, every theory tested.
    God knows that the world needs a wake up call.
    Good vs. evil is an ongoing battle.
    Noting about celebrities again,
    Lee Ann Womack STOLE my song,
    I Hope You Dance.
    Who cares? People seek out their money making idols.
    They don’t care.
    They want to rub elbows with famous, popular, beautiful people.
    What a world.

  • I know how stubborn some are too Phillip.
    The road to hell is wide.
    Selfishness on their part not to be objective
    and realize too, that I am defending my honor
    what is left of it.
    I read something in a poetry book once,
    Can I share it with you?
    The tree standing ahead of the forest, bent and gnarled, broken and uprooted,
    is by far stronger than the whole forest of perfect trees, why? Because it fought alone.
    When I read that, tears streamed down my face.
    All those times I was literally ALONE facing satanists by myself and how scared I was too.
    I recalled the beatings, the conjurings, the mind bending tactics they used on me. I was barely
    alive and I said to God, oh no, I am not letting them kill me off. So I just blended in while I gained some strength back.
    I am on my second wind now.
    Praying again, trying to get my life in order
    and make sense of the nonsense same as you.

  • I don’t understand THEIR questions.
    All the facts are stated.
    I was born speaking.
    Propehcised as a young child, even baby.
    All I said came true.
    Scripture did not tell you how horrible
    Satanists were to me,
    I filled you in.
    I too, realize that the world is still evil
    and that Jesus died a horrible unfair death
    for our sakes but that the world has not changed
    much since then.
    It is not in total agreement or saved yet
    that is for sure.

  • #366
    I did far more good for this world than most know of.
    It does not matter how many books they read on the subject, if they did not know that indeed a baby was born on the foretold date,
    and miracles did go on around her as was predicted
    they would,
    and that she is not perfect because the world is not pefect in this lifetime.

    I am not hiding out, I am not a bad person.

    I am not the devil.

    I am not the anti-christ.

    I am not mentally ill.

    I am seeking a better world to come.

  • Yes your sanity is dubious. Have you ever been on any medication. It appears from your website that you’ve had periods of lucidity. Were these before your head injury?

  • Ok buster I have enough of your nonsense.
    This is about FAITH
    faith that you evidently question.
    Not about you deem sane or insane.

  • This is about the prophecy and the prophecy being a return of Mary. The 13th being a significant day. Miracles to come.

    Stop harassing me.

  • This is not about a mentally ill prophecy.
    It is without question a prophecy.
    It is about miracles.
    Miracles confound and astound.

    This is not someone who is faking.

    I am the prophecy.

    At church, GOD spoke to us sitting at a table.

    Methodist Church
    Dunedin, Florida

    Saying I KNEW what revelations means.

    I do know.

    I am trying to tell you what it means.

    This is is for religious persons.

    Not for you to question.

    So get real yourself.

    This prophecy is real,
    the facts to the my life
    are real.

    ONE WOMAN knows the truth.

    That woman is me.

    I am a housewife, and living a normal life.

    YOU are the one who is paranoid and not educated enough on the matter.

    I have already been analyzed.

    What does this say about the medical profession
    if you even cannot agree in your circles of
    so called doctors?

    Get off here. YOU do not belong on here.

  • The miracles came after I said they would and when I said they would.

    Oh stop,
    you all are really pathetic.


  • Just remember, there is a prophecy, there was miracles surrounding ME and proof of it and eye witnesses SAW things you will never again see in this lifetime.

    That is all I am going to say because I am not SICK.

  • WOW!
    This has been – amazing.

    So, Mary/Catherine – Of course, you could be exactly who you say you are. Either way, may God bless you.

    I can’t help but notice that your comments just don’t seem ‘Mary-like’. Mary was human, so of course, she could have her level of frustration grow, especially in the light of the way the world is today. But to constantly claim that someone is ripping off you songs, is much more paranoid and petty than I would think Mary would behave.

    Also, your choice of clothing on your website looks SO much like a modern day witch costume. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just a costume. However, some who feverently believe in Christ as our almighty Savior, would definitely refrain from dressing in anything that could be seen as ‘occult’. Just seems to me to be a strange choice.

    But that’s just me.

  • gypsyrose

    Maybe the choice of clothing is like wearing black when you are sad someone you love has died. I wear black to funeral homes. That does not make me a witch. Ever notice it seems to rain a lot when there is a funeral. Is God sad? Maybe.
    God will show us all he exists one way or another. He is watching us all. Keep the faith and see what comes from that. Slow to anger but the world is generating much anger lately. Many world events are signs. War’s rumors of wars and taking Christ out of schools, public places and on and on. That is the work of the anti christ.
    Get God out of our hearts and minds to get your soul.
    Not me I will fight the christian fight whatever and where ever it may lead me. My heart and gut and dreams come true. There are lightworkers here on earth and we are the new messengers like the apostles were over 2000 years ago. God Bless all of you. The ones not having a heart of God I sorely pity you. You will see troubles it always comes around. Plant a good seed and see the fruit of it. Rotten apples are plenty here.

  • “Maybe the choice of clothing is like wearing black when you are sad someone you love has died. I wear black to funeral homes. That does not make me a witch.”

    OK, that’s true. But the pic on the site didn’t look like mourning to me.

    But keep in mind, that those who are not believeing this Mary person – does not make them non believers in God and/or miracles.
    It’s a mixed lot. Some are very skeptical, some are in the middle, and so on.

    Is it possible that Mary (or Catherine) is really Mary, the mother of Jesus? Yes.

    Is it likely? No.

    There are always going to be tests of ourselves, and of our faith. Mary/Catherine dosn’t seem to be having an easy time of it. It’d make a nice Hollywood movie if this were the story of a pious woman who had faith and a message – and was being met with obstacles over and over.

    I believe that Mary/Catherine belives in God and all the wonderful things that God represents, as do I.

    I just do not believe that she is the Virgin Mary, reborn. Her claims are far too bitter and resentful.

    However, perhaps unwittingly, she has brought a message from God – to continually seek Him out, and be compassionate to those who are less — rational — then us.

  • Paragon

    get help

  • Jesus knows who I am. And colors have nothing to do with religion. This dress I wore is beautiful.
    True religion is not the false churches and they make up rules for their own importance. Jesus knows how pious and fake THEY are. It has nothing to do with God what they say. And furthermore;
    you were blessed with my presence here on a site that is not authorized by me.

  • I do not claim it I am her.
    The government knows it as well as churches.
    They said I could prove it by the color blue
    and I did that plus the miracles and signs
    I asked for.

    Don’t bother me.

    Many false words have been uttered on here
    by stupid and mean people!

    Shame on you. I am her.

    No claim, I was sent back.


    To this crazy world.
    And it is crazy.

  • You ignorant shameful people.
    shame on you.
    The suffering omen suffers.
    I suffered.
    Liars, seduces, cheats, scum,
    corrpted fools.

    Shame on you all.
    This is not a site that will go over big
    and you know why?

    Cause the real believers know you all are
    stupid and causing trouble intentionally.

  • Oh by the way, Don’t tell me how I should act, feel, or talk.

    I hate that.

    I also have trouble typing because of a maimed hand.

    I have been up since early this morning too
    and I am in no mood for this crap.

  • Who cares, really? Mary, if she existed, was a simple Hebrew girl, there were millions of them, and millions since.

    Even the Jesus myth is not very unique. Why don’t we talk about Krishna’s mother Devaki? Or Maya, the Buddha’s mother?

    You should focus on leading a rich, fulfilling life, and your excellent art, as displayed on your website

  • I asked for miracles because I have faith.
    I do not make up stupid rules or act clanish.
    I am my own person and I will die that way.

  • You see my art every where and do not know it.
    You hear my songs every day and do not know it.
    You buy products this woman suggested all the time and do not know it.
    I am productive, creative, and useful.
    I am not a mental patient.
    I have worth and honor.

  • The color blue and yellow represent Joseph and Mary.
    Actually folks, I don’t find your intelligent enough to converse with.
    So too bad, I am off of here.
    I don’t need help.

    that’s right…..

    I do not take any shit from nobody.

  • I am not wearing my glasses and I am mad.
    Mad as hell.
    So there.
    I proved it.
    I lived it.
    I know.
    I was there, not you.
    So all of you are not privy to my life.
    Leave me alone.
    I am not a witch.
    God, you bastards.

  • Why do some of us see and hear things from God?
    Because God knows which ones of us to bless.
    Simple as that.
    Like my sister not hearing a voice but I did
    and guess what the voice said to me…
    Tell your sister something special is going to happen.
    That day the voice lead me to a stolen coin collection,
    and yes I heard it and she did not and I found it.
    That is what miracles are about and I am sick and tired of being needled and poked and probed
    and messed with.
    My life is real.

    so all you people stop being idiotic.

  • Bruno

    Mary Reborn — you artwork is kind of average, I think. Focus on it for improvement.

  • Ohh I know I shouldnt’ – but here goes.

    Mary – are you listening? Really listening?

    Stop and listen please.

    IF you were really Mary, you would be offering to pray for the rest of us – for one thing.

    Secondly – you keep asking everyone to leave you alone – but this is not your site. You may stay and comment, but don’t ask people to leave you alone.

    Next – You mentioned that you didn’t ‘sanction’ this site. All this is, is a general discussion, and a polite one at that – of the miracle of Fatima. Some of the aethiests and pagans have been more polite than you.

    Lastly – You must realize how outlandish your claims sound. If you really wanted credibility, don’t resort to telling everyone they can just ‘rot’.

    I have a feeling that you’re not going to listen anyway. : )

    People have used me like a welcome to my fortune mat.
    I have been lied to, about, and it is not looking up.
    The people are beyond hope. The rapture was back in the 70’s anyhow. The rest are left behind.
    Don’t tell me how I should feel or respond.
    This IS my life we are talking about here.
    People saw me get angry and call down the fire from Heaven.
    I have a temper so don’t provoke me.

  • The Bible tells you beware of an angry woman.
    People the old addage treat others the way you should be treated comes to mind.
    If I tell you something personal,
    do you run off with it?
    How do you know what is what?
    You are not God.
    What do you think I pray for?
    I know who God is.

  • This is about ME, the miracles I prayed for,
    predicted as a child, and can tell you where I was, when it was, and why it was. I came on here out of the goodness of my heart and I get flack from every stupid person who knows nothing about it. Don’t even go there. Oh, and attacks were back in school folks. LONG LONG AGO…my life is more settled now, “thanks for asking” yeah right you so called righeous Christians. And furthermore; I am not on here to entertain you or sell you anything. Not one damn thing. I came on here to tell you the truth not be flogged for it. You people do not even know me. You have not been there as I collected charity funds for the March of Dimes or Cancer society or girl scouts or various other charities. You don’t know how I have helped homeless and needy persons or anything about me. So you need to be resolute
    and learn something. I was dog tired today and got on here anyhow. Do you have any idea of why miracles are going on today? No, you don’t, you would only be supposing so. I know why. People who knew me as a child knew I was not your average toddler. I talked about God before anyone ever breathed the word to me. I said I was back and I meant it. I tried to live a normal life but bad things happen to good people so excuse me for living. I don’t appreciate snide, rude, and comments directed at me for YOUR benefit either.
    I went back down to Florida prayed for the Drew St. miracle as I had said I would at four years old and I have a mission to complete. When I say leave me alone. I mean leave me alone. I am tired, my body is broken, and my spirit is crying for relief. Please, give this lady some respect.

  • What is wrong with you people? I want to know that. Your money hungry, slow to believe, and judgemental. Jesus knows me. I have my own collection of miraculous photos. So, and who are you to tell me how to handle evil doers who are not telling YOU everything? Don’t you want to know? The woman of revelations suffered like you cannot imagine. Who cares? I am a human being.

  • I do know how to spell, when I am angry, you are lucky I even try.
    You are money hungry.
    I am not.
    I helped thousands of people to survive.
    Carol Duvall knows me.
    She came to my house for ideas.
    I got a home economics award
    and created the Chex sauce mix.
    I also created many other recipes.
    This is not a dumb ass on here.
    This is a thoughtful person who was
    put through holy hell by so called
    No, watch out,
    the world is full of trickery
    but this one prays folks
    and prays for signs
    from God and I would not be inclined
    not to believe YOU if you don’t
    have a personal relationship with
    the real God.
    I was battered all my life by bullies
    and manipulated, then left destitute.
    I am trying to protect you from the false church.
    Good luck.

  • Why don’t you say earlier that you invented the “Chex sauce mix.” Indeed, you must be the mother of god.

  • People were constantly at my house to find out what I was doing, cooking, making, or up to next.
    You folks have some nerve talking bad about this woman. People have got to give me the true credits I deserve. You don’t get it, do you?
    The sign on a financial institution? Why would my sign be there? Think about it. I will tell you.
    I was swindled by so called believers. This is not a nation UNDER GOD if you look at it that way.
    This nation is going to get right or else. I am sick of the way things are going. If I become the next president, I would deserve it for all the jobs I gave out to people. My sign is my sign
    and my face in the sandwich is also a sign and others who met me got signs. How many fricking signs do you need? People are you retarded?

  • Oh and take your Satanic Bibles and burn them.
    This woman was attacked, a victim, and disabled.
    That means I was unable to fight back.
    Satan is a mother fucker.
    I helped out so many people it would blow your minds.
    I am mad.
    I have a right to be.
    Again, the world is lying about miracles.
    I am not.
    I swore to it and I will swear unto my deathbed.
    I am the one praying, what the hell are you doing?
    In revelations,

    What manner of beast is this?
    People were made rich by/from her.
    I am not lying.
    People need to confess.
    Or I am NOT praying for them.
    They will be lucky they get my forgiveness
    for what they have done to me.

  • Help?
    You all are the ones who are going to need it.
    For all the lies and games and deceitfulness
    this world possesses.
    You watch, statues crying is not a good sign.

  • And another thing,
    I did not ask God for proof for you to again
    bitch about.
    I am mad at the whole world now.
    You have reprobate minds and you fail to see
    a woman of honor.
    I don’t care what I talk like,
    the world gets rich off of me,
    leaves me destitute
    and you want to talk about fairness?
    What a laugh.

  • How did you get your face onto the sandwich? Did you put your face on the grill?

  • What does it mean to you to swear in?
    Again, I am SERIOUS.
    People were made rich by me.
    ME, folks,
    the strange fat headed little girl
    born speaking.
    And then prophecising
    and asking for miracles
    in plain sight of others.
    What do you think Mary would be like
    after forty some odd years or even depending
    on how long I have actually been alive
    to be on a nasty planet full of evil?
    I am not going to be peaches and creme
    I am irate.
    I have been done wrong
    and I have been shafted
    by some very clever evil people.
    God did not make me to die.
    and yet every where I went evil lurked.
    Jealousy, resentment, some sort of
    I am addressing the leaders tonight
    as revelations requests of me to do.
    All the corners of the world
    come together over me.
    Like the song the Beatles sang.
    Peace sign Mary,
    here I am.

  • I am not a fake.
    I am the prophecy woman.
    I have heard enough lies and bullshit
    to last me two lifetimes.
    I don’t know what this world is afraid of
    but I know I am sick of it.
    Truth is truth.
    I told you why the miracles are.
    You all lied.
    The truth is all tie right in with a my life.

  • I disliked cold cheese sandwiches. I had bad teeth
    and the cold hurt them. I told my mother, let me put this in the frying pan. Great grilled cheese sandwiches hot off the grill. Right. I start to cry because you all do not know what kind of hellhole town I lived in. I let go tears and they fell on the bread part. I flipped it over and went to eat it to see what appeared to be my face.
    I stopped eating it. I gave the sandwich to a neighbor and she will remember this unless she is senile. BUT the fact remains, it is only one of many many miracles that have taken place since I was born and I don’t care what you think about it anymore. I called down UFOS to take me off this hostile planet. Too bad I did not go.

  • Remember Jesus was ridiculed and even called Satan? What did he say? How could he be against himself then? That is what he said.
    And you have the nerve to bad mouth a woman of God who tried to preach and was attacked unfairly by four adult men to stop or else and brutally assaulted with a butcher knife and two people were murdered in order to keep me scared of them.
    You better get right with God
    because HE saw what happened.
    I begged to go home and they hated Christians
    and said they wanted everyone of them dead.
    How could I fight with a severe head injury
    and my arms pulled out of my sockets and a broken tailbone and distorted hips? You have no idea
    of how thin and fragile I was.
    21 inch waist and some said a 7 inch back
    and I was 99 pounds and 5’4″ tall.
    I was unable to fight them off.
    You want the truth?
    You cannot handle the truth.
    When I called down the fire, it was
    by God.
    But you know what?
    I can talk to God.
    God is angry with the way the world is now.
    why is there so much wickedness?
    It is not my fault.
    Should we be baptized with fire?
    That means we cannot be saved.
    The people are evil.
    They tried to make me lose my soul.
    Guess what?

  • Shame on the whole world.
    Shame on the whole world.
    Shame on the whole world.

    Three Hail Marys
    and I am out of here
    you stupid, obnoxious sinners.

  • Al, I assume you’ve got a filter set up

  • GoHah

    is it something someone said? Or something someone managed to get a word in edgewise about?

  • You heard it on Blogcritics first.

    “FUCK YOU ALL” – Jesus’ mom

    We soooooo need a new testament, and it has to include this line.

    That and the part about Satan giving me an iPod.

  • Suss, Mary has been known to use the F word before. Note her appearance in The Butcher Boy.

    Plus, being the mother of Jesus might drive you to cussin’ from time to time. I know he’s the savior of the world and all, but Lord have mercy if you had to raise a son with a martyr complex like she did.

    Plus, her boy seems to think that the whole world revolves around him. I don’t want to accuse him of being egotistical, but jumpin’ Jehosaphat. That’s got to be the worst case of narcissm EVER. Ew, look at me, I’m the savior. I can raise people from the dead.

  • GoHah

    “…and sayeth Mary unto the multitudes, fucketh thee and thine…”
    maybe something like that?

  • I want to thank the mother of Jesus for honoring my humble little column with her holy prophesy and analysis. Besides the holy nature of it, these comments are a pretty fair little literary souffle.

    Thank you, Mary Reborn Literally, your work is appreciated.

  • Maybe coming back to a sinful world that mistreats Christians and finds thrills in messing with them stands to reason that I just may spout off from time to time. Think about it.

  • A few choice words and I meant them too. When I get mad, watch out. Remember, I was seen calling down the fire from Heaven in 1971. And the black dress issue and the face in the sandwich issue
    is really dealt with like nitwits on your parts here. Did I put my face on the grill? Come now,
    and as far as the statues crying goes, I prayed to God to show the world how sad I am and statues wept, even pictures of Mona Lisa and I was reading the words to Mona Lisa at that time. Is it a couincidence? No. Sorry folks, but why I get miracles such as these is because of what I know and who I am. Sure, we call can pray for miracles
    but you don’t prophecise them like I do and tell you when they will come and they do come exactly when I say so. I am not causing them to happen either. I do not have that kind of power. Only God does. In this world I was reborn and I do not pretend to like it. I do tell people off in a heartbeat and I am not going to be so nice after the world was not nice to me.

  • Slice it, dice it, and serve it up warm.

    Good for you then.

    But not good for when death comes, and God judges
    and you hear his voice tell you that you ought not mess with mother nature. Mary is like the wind folks. Some times gentle and some times, run for your lives.

  • I found out that people are the same. You think they are nice, turn your back and they stab you.

  • It is not what you think I should act like. I am living in a world gone bad again. Why do you think God would send me back to it? Why do you think I am capable of praying for such amazing things? Eye witnessed in our times folks. No need to find a library. The people are still alive who
    saw incredible things. That is par for course for me. However; we have a bunch of money hungry fame seeking twits trying to make a living off of my life. That is wrong folks. This is MY life, not yours. However; as far as spreading the gospel goes about miracles, I DID authorize that. God still loves me. He would not be answering my prayers if he did not. OH, and I do pray.

  • I am not going to act like peaches and cream when my body is covered in scars from junkyard dogs battle scars and heathens who take what they want and not pray for what God deems them. I am not your average person who goes running to church to pray on it or asks anyone but God for help on it.
    While you go on and on about speculations on here,
    I tried to tell you. I was reborn. Of course it seems unreal, but that is what miracles are. They defy all logic. Certainly our logic isn’t that great to start with. You have my word that I am this prophecy reborn. Even God’s who spoke to a Methodist church when I was about ten years old.
    I know what happened, I was there, you were not.

  • Fifth Dentist

    Creating the mix sauce was true, that does
    not verify that I was born like I was and why.
    I have home economics awards. I also have the admiration of my peers of whom saw me baking, cooking, and creating constantly.
    No, I am not some warped mentally ill person.
    I do not need anyone’s flack here.
    The truth is, you go find a meal ticket elesewhere.

  • What you have are your human errors mixed with false teachings forced on you. Just like King Herod killed firstborns out of his hatred and fear of Jesus. You have the 666 who go after Mary/Me and make my life miserable. Jesus was not fake, and neither am I. Our lives are very similar in the fact that people witnessed miracles around us and yet slandered our names
    and made our very existence troubled.

  • MDE

    Greetings Mary:

    Why did G-d drop you into this mass market world and then leave you so seriously in need of a good PR firm? This experience appears to have left you bitter and self absorbed…almost the antitheses of the caricature that believers love and turn to in times of personal troubles seeking grace.

    Rather than rant you might pray for those sinners that love you.

  • uao

    A summary of Mary Reborn’s life:

    1) Mary, I only do this as a service to you and your conversation partners. It’s an attempt to get the facts of your mortal life in order (this, i am separating from your miraculous life, to avoid confusion). Please feel free to fix anything I’ve gotten wriong; as source material, I used your posts.

    2) I hope this might alleviate some speculations about you that are off the mark, and help bring things into charper relief.

    Mary was born as Catherine Reynolds, borne to Elaine on July 13, 1958 in the South, her great grandmother played piano for silent films.

    Sse may have also accompanied her mother as a proselytizer in the Tampa area. She attended a pink Baptist church in the vicinity of Hillsborough park and Busch Gardens.

    She also lived in Asheville, NC as a child.She may have suffered abuse as a child; “I was passed around like a hat to people who oppressed me for their gain.” and “My mother threatened to beat me to a pulp when I was a young girl.”

    She attended Dunedin Public Schools. As a child, she displayed both a musical talent at piano, and a religious fervor that has only deepened through the years.

    In the 1970’s she experienced visitations by UFO’s and resisted the temptation to leave with them.

    As an adult, she spent time in Pennsylvania; I she attended a Catholic church in New Milford, Pa. She was in an auto accident in Wilkes Barre.

    She’s known love; she once loved a man named Scott, with whom she’d ride in her Pontiac Catalina. She was married to one husband with whom she had two children; he was a cheater and left; she had a third child, but doesn’t mention the father.

    She suffered at least one traumatic head injury, possibly two; one, apparantly in PA “The head injury almost killed me. It left me brain damaged and fragile.” She also mentions an incident that may have happened in childhood: “I did not think I would live past 7 years old for a time. When the bricks landed on my head, I thought it was over. It was like breathing sand.”.

    Nontheless, she is an attractive woman with artistic ability. She participates in poetry.com, but other members there harass her. She is also an accomplished songwriter.

    I, for one, am happy she payed us a visit. I’m sorry to hear of all the difficulties and indignities she’s had to endure in this lifetime, and hope that she will find peace and happiness through her art.

    I would recommend to Mary, however, that she needs to be careful about how many details she posts in public. While nothing so far is too dangerous, it is enough to identify her, and she might want to remember her own words about the evil in the world, and double-think what else she wants to say.

    But I’m all for her praying for us sinners; I don’t know about anyone else, but I need all the help I can get.

  • Comment #425 has been chosen as Comment of the Day for Friday 16th December 2005.

  • A MIRACLE has just occurred today. I have scanned my necklace and the color blue is all around it.
    I do not have a blue background on my scanner, it is white.
    The facts are, people on here do not pay attention to the facts.
    I am not trying to be her, I am her.
    That is why the many miracles took place.
    For you doubters who continue not to hear me out,
    you provoke me to anger and that is a sin.
    For I am not on here to fool you.
    I love God very much.
    I love God so much that I asked God to send me
    back and not Jesus again for he had already paid the price for our sins.
    OUR SINS…get that?
    And oh by the way, JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED.
    And for the revelations
    of it all,
    the whole world shall be judged
    if you read it carefully.
    I am sorry for this world, really I am.
    Too bad that the most simplist of care
    given to us by God has been mismanaged.
    I did not grow up in a happy home or a saved one.
    It has been very depressing for me.
    You really don’t know what it was like for me.
    But I am not on here trying to win your
    just restore your faith.
    When I talk about serious miracles
    I have no reason to lie.
    For I have always been like this since day one.
    Talking about God.
    Praying out loud.
    Asking for signs and getting them too.
    My sincerity is on here.
    I put my heart on my sleeve
    and you try to yank it off.
    So it is I ask for you to apologize to ME.
    The miracles are real and so is the prophecy.
    To me, it is not a laughing matter.
    I ask you to refrain from your input which
    is rude and senseless.

  • uao

    Psst, Mary. 435 is where it’s at. Good luck. And I believe you.

  • This is not a blog to say things that you are not privy to say. Self absorbed? Screw you too. People ought to be ashamed of themselves. Your lies world will catch up with you. I will not cry at your lost souls either because I tried my best to help you.

  • Do not covet.
    Do not covet.
    Do not covet.

    Do not covet my music either.

  • Under God or of God?
    Under means hell, does it not?

  • My love life is none your business.
    I am like many others. Not directed at me
    but the times we live in.
    Look at the talk shows… filled with aching hearts and broken vows.
    I tried to find love in a crazy world.
    One that false leaders have ruined because
    they do not follow God’s commandments.
    So it is, we have demonic men who took over.
    Shame on it.
    And I have tried to be married many times.
    I do not and will not count them unless that man is with me until the day I die
    because I am religious.
    More religious than you will ever know.
    If I say I love you, I mean it.
    If I say I vow to take care of my husband and family, I mean it.
    But there are people who do not mean it
    and neither do they care about another’s well being.

  • uao

    Well, okay. But my point was, if it’s none of our business, you sure have posted a lot of details publicly. All of that is what you said.

    Or was Christopher Rose right all along?

  • FOOLS mortals be.

  • One woman is reborn as prophecy is foretold.
    The return of Mary.
    No further details of how or where.
    The apparition sent for preperation around the world by God.
    The baby born speaking her name is Mary
    is watched very carefully because some do
    know she is the one.
    I am that one.

  • It is not written that I shall not suffer.
    It is written
    So time passed by and I am forced to hear
    what the world says about end days
    and God and how to survive the horrors
    of it.
    I decide that praying for miracles is the route
    I chose to take.
    I do and you got them now leave me be.

  • You have been blessed with my presence here.
    Over and out.

  • Notice: The evil ones are marked 666.
    I have a gold seal.
    That means over comer.

  • Do not take me for granite.

  • Remember, I was nearly killed for my faith. I am not going to be what you expect after years of abuse. I am not going to take crap from anyone.
    Being me is not easy. Don’t tell me what to say, how to think, or what comes next. I know what life is really like on earth. Remember, I am here WITH you now. Seeing how daily life is for all of us.

  • If you think on it, how would you be after being attacked repeatedly and jeered at for praying?
    How would you feel if your heart was breaking for the world to stop sinning and they were taking you down with them? How would you be if your body was ailing and all you had left was your spunk?
    HUH? How would you be?

  • You do not have rights to my life story.
    You do not have the right to make a profit from it either.
    The truth is sworn by me.
    The truth is in scripture
    and also in history,
    This blog is not for you to make rude remarks.
    You have the woman on right now.
    I am not about Hollywood folks.
    I am not on talk shows.
    I am not about letting you lie about the truth
    behind the miracles either.
    I prayed for them ALL

  • MDE

    Greetings Mary:

    Why are you commenting here?

  • Bennett



  • where’s Slash?!!!!

  • I am the true inventor of the chex sauce mix. It was stolen from my kitchen seven years ago while I was in the lavatory.

  • MDE

    It’s a hard life. I’m sorry.

  • According to foodtimeline.org, Chex Mix is at least as old as 1955, if not older.

    One of the great American food company traditions is promoting one’s products through recipes. Period cookbooks and women’s magazine ads from the 1950s and 1960s confirm the idea of combining manufactured cereal with other products and toasting them with butter was popular. According to one source, Chex Mix (aka TV Mix, Chex Party Mix) was introduced in 1955 The Ralston Purina company was not the first to market the idea. The 1950 edition of Betty Crocker’s Cook Book [General Mills] has a recipe for “Buttered or Cheese Kix,” Kix being a General Mills brand cereal. Some notes on corporate recipe development here.

    “Traditional Chex Brand Party Mix. This crunchy nibble hit the party circuit in 1955. In St. Louis. There’s a good reason for this. The recipe was dreamed up by the savvy folks ar Ralston Purina–a St. Louis company–as a way to push its Chex Brand cereals (wheat, corn, and rice). Today, it’s a staple in millions of homes from Maine to Monterey. Some cooks fiddle with the classic recipe, loading it with a favorite nut, perhaps…”
    —The American Century Cookbook: The Most Popular Recipes of the 20th Century, Jean Anderson [Clarkson Potter:New York] 1997 (p. 36-7)

    Since MMJ was born in 1958, according to uao’s analysis (#438), her claim of inventing this mix is highly unlikely, unless we assume it was in a previous incarnation of the Mary persona.

  • Excellent job of research Aaman,QED, ipso facto, res ipsa loquitor: I am the real inventor of chex mix. When I first invented it, I was known as Lazarus. This mary character stole it out of my crypt after her boy raised me from the dead. Once they had me out of the way, they took the mix and gave it to Pontius Pilate. And the rest is, as they say history. Also, I wrote “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel. I’m not as proud of that one.

  • uao

    I’m going to take a charitable view one more time, but I’m not responsible for whatever Mary says or does, or how anyone reacts to her; feel free to treat her as you would any other goofy character on a forum.

    But here’s my postulation:

    Mary, who I do believe comes from a family that played piano for generations may very well have written Ebony and Ivory as she claims. It is a piano-based song that is very elementary in melody.

    10 years later, Paul McCartney, independently, sits down at a piano and plays that very same elementary melody.

    Mary, who you must remember, attests to having had a severe head injury and suffered abuse, hears the song and thinks “The Devil! There’s the song I wrote in my parlor when I was 11.”

    Keep in mind that she no longer has the ability to put two thoughts into chronological order -yet she can tell you the exact date and who was in the room with her- She is, obviously, very confused.

    As for the Chex treat. A good Southern household would of course have a homespun treat invovling Chex in the 1960’s. She was a kid then. They may well have had their own recipe, which they invented; most moms did different things with Chex.

    I’m sticking to the head injury theory, in which I do feel sorry for her. I admit I went a little overboard in my compassion yesterday, and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Christopher Rose; I shouldn’t have caused a ruckus in his thread; I don’t know what’s wrong with her any more than you guys do.

    But you’ll never be able to rationalize with her, which is what you’re trying to do. That’s the thing about head injury survivors, abuse survivors, and the intensely religious; they don’t do “rational”.

  • I have not read this book and I won’t. I know I am the prophecy. The mere fact that I am outraged is by rude remarks. I have put up with too much. I do not have patience for it anymore. I got forced against my will by some really horrible people who planned to see it happen. I am not happy with them. Seems like all my life I have been fighting to stay alive. There is no peace right now. Who are you kidding? The rich get richer, divorces are unfair, street violence,
    and such. This is not a time I wish to sing or smile about. Oh and the comment on my picture?
    That was uncalled for. Because I took another one
    that I clearly look mournful. Seems to me, people
    are not on the level with me is what it is. Anyone can show some teeth and pretend to smile.
    Smiling for the camera wouldn’t kill me if you call it smiling. I was actually laughing because the wind blew open that long dress. I grabbed it
    shut. So stop saying thing that you are gossiping on. What do you expect me to act like? The church
    lied to me, about me, and now I have to watch a mockery of my claim to be praying when in fact I have even prayed for more to others. I am not your hotline to miracles Lady. I want you to just realize that I do talk to God and it is not faked.
    So that I hear Satan’s ipod like it is nothing.
    Many of those songs I sang out loud first. Since I am poor, people took advantage of me. Thus you are not going to see a happy saint in times like these.

  • I have not read this book and I won’t. I know I am the prophecy. The mere fact that I am outraged is by rude remarks. I have put up with too much. I do not have patience for it anymore. I got forced against my will by some really horrible people who planned to see it happen. I am not happy with them. Seems like all my life I have been fighting to stay alive. There is no peace right now. Who are you kidding? The rich get richer, divorces are unfair, street violence,
    and such. This is not a time I wish to sing or smile about. Oh and the comment on my picture?
    That was uncalled for. Because I took another one
    that I clearly look mournful. Seems to me, people
    are not on the level with me is what it is. Anyone can show some teeth and pretend to smile.
    Smiling for the camera wouldn’t kill me if you call it smiling. I was actually laughing because the wind blew open that long dress. I grabbed it
    shut. So stop saying thing that you are gossiping on. What do you expect me to act like? The church
    lied to me, about me, and now I have to watch a mockery of my claim to be praying when in fact I have even prayed for more to others. I am not your hotline to miracles Lady. I want you to just realize that I do talk to God and it is not faked.
    So that I hear Satan’s ipod like it is nothing.
    Many of those songs I sang out loud first. Since I am poor, people took advantage of me. Thus you are not going to see a happy saint in times like these.That is why I prayed for signs folks. I don’t care for your attitudes. Kathy Buckner was sitting there at the piano when I first sang that song Ebony and Ivory. Rational, fuck you again
    you tormentors.

  • Too bad that Jesus said it best:


    Still applies today!

    I am not writing a book on here.

    I just came to tell you that the miracles are real
    and so is the prophecy and it came to pass.

    That is all.


  • Fight fight fight fight fight
    Oh yeah, heathens are good at that.
    I will cuss you a blue streak too.
    I am good at that.
    I am rational.
    Jesus pray for me,
    Jesus fight for me,
    From Jesus Christ Superstar, remember?
    But folks,
    God hears every word you say too
    and he will not be happy with liars
    and cheats and those who think they
    have gotten away with theft.
    Oh no.
    That sign did not appear on the financial institution because of any science. God did it
    and I predicted it at four years old. So take your irrantional remarks without doing some research first and ask forgiveness from me.

  • I was a little girl when I created the sauce that CHEX took from me. Oh yes, and don’t kid yourself,
    I was a busy little girl.

  • This is about the truth behind the miracles blog.
    That is why I am on here. Nothing else. I am on here because I prayed for the miracles. I am known for it. I am even sung about on the radio for it. Books have been written about me. I am her folks. It is not for you to hash out. The truth is being explained right now. DO NOT MAKE ME MAD. I mean it. I am not trying to get famous.
    I am her, simple as that. It has been a long, hard, life. Oh and the Bible says THEY WERE MADE RICH BY HER. Read it. Proof is all around us.

  • MDE

    Greetings Mary:

    Thanks for answering my question. Here’s another –

    How do you want readers here to respond to your writing?

  • Greetings. I can be nice when the situation calls for it. I can also get mad and fight if I have to.
    Reminder folks, much wrong has been done to me.
    Satan wanted it that way. Being tested like I was
    with extremes that might have made me very dead today was not a cup of tea, if you catch my drift.
    Not mine anyhow. I am a survivor. An over comer.
    The mark changed to a gold seal upon a prayer.
    I suggest you do the same because there is a hell and trust me, you will want out of it if you go there. So get saved and stop downing Christians.
    God is real. You want people to act rational about rude remarks? Then don’t say anything, just read. I am not getting paid to tell you the truth.
    The fact is the church did not know why the Drew Street Miracle appeared. They only assumed it was there for their own agendas. No, I am living.
    I am working, loving, and dying like the rest of you. The prophecy is about my return. I am born in Haines City, Florida and the beginning of a baby who says Mary twice at birth has taken place.
    I tell my mother that God will prove that my birth was no accident. I was really born like this. This is real folks. I grew up saying things out loud which came true. I am a seer. I am also the prophecy so I know. Ten people heard GOD tell us that I knew what Revelations means. I do know.
    So while you have your history in the making, as far as I am concerned, why write a book when the story isn’t over yet?

  • Miracles and saints belong to the church as a whole so I cannot dispute that believers are excited about what has come to pass. They are so enthralled and in awe of it. God awes me too.
    This is not for the heathens to participate in
    for as written, THEY LIVETH AND LOVETH A LIE.
    Shame on them.

  • Christopher,
    I am not in a cult.
    I resent that remark.
    You had said a few things that irked me.
    I first of all, travel fairly light.
    I have had no real home to call my own
    even though, yes, I did make many rich.
    I am not your average person either.
    My art is my own to the commentor.
    I do my own thing.
    What makes me happy, not you.
    There is plenty of art out there
    to chose from. Go for it.
    Books have been written when the Bible clearly says NOT TO ADD ON OR TAKE AWAY…
    and hypocrits will lie to get rich
    or the advantage or the angle on a story.
    We are living in evil times.
    People, gnashing of teeth, remember?

  • 1. I am on a blog, writing in causerie style.
    People, I some times write things poorly because of bad lighting, don’t have my glasses on, or I am too upset, can’t think straight when I have liars who have illwill against me from the start.

  • There are lots of lies told for money.
    I swore to God.
    I pray for miracles.
    I was the baby reborn.
    I know people came to my house
    in Dunedin, Florida
    for many ideas of mine.
    Shame on you, that is wrong.
    Many know that I thought up
    many many ideas.
    Cabbage Patch Dolls too.
    Oh yes, I know, you will side with the rich
    fools that God speaks of not going through the eye of a needle.
    They are big and fat and they love more and more fame and money.
    But you see, God’s own are well fed too
    and it is written.
    As for me, it applies.
    For I have made many rich.
    They just love to steal it and laugh in my face.
    Ahh, such is life.
    The rich lie. They invent ways to keep things.
    God said the road to hell is wide.
    He is not God because he does not know
    what he says.
    HA HA, I rest my faith in his hands.
    This world has gone bonkers.

  • I also drew ET in tenth grade and Natasha McGiver
    retrieved it out of the trash can and said to me that she was sending it to Hollywood. You people don’t know me. Shame on you. I don’t have a gold seal because I am lying to you. I have a gold seal because I am chosen.

  • I sent my scribbles of Barney and friends to CNN
    and they took it from me.
    We are living in evil times.

    Gnashing of teeth,
    self lovers,
    self righteous,
    self serving.


    and woe to the inhabitants of the earth WOE WOE WOE

  • Please stop claiming that you invented the chex sauce mix. I already proved that I created it. I also proved that I wrote “Ebony and Ivory” and the them song to “CHiPs.” Please also stop claiming that you invented the following:
    — the lefthanded spatula
    — the two-liter bottle
    — velcro
    I invented all of these. Also, please stop taking credit for the works of the following artists:
    — Meatloaf
    — Bachman Turner Overdrive
    — ELO
    It is well established that I developed the material for these artists and that it was stolen from me during a robbery in 1976.

  • The two witnesses can control the weather in Revelations. Sounds ludicrous to you I know.
    But there are stories folks about me saying it will not rain all summer and it did not and that it will snow or not and it did or not, even a letter I wrote to Dade City warning them, when you get this letter a tornado will come through your county. Oh yes, and it did, that very week.
    You are messing with the wrong person here. I would highly suggest you watch what you say to me.

  • The rich lie and they will rub elbows to maintain their wealth. I am all alone on this God forsaken planet just like Jesus was. Why I was chosen in my last lifetime to bring forth the savior. Read Revelations….carefully. The dragon goes after the woman who brought forth the savior. Well, I am not a legend in my own mind. I have come through the fire to help some of you. I know first hand what Satan is capable of.

  • My mother saw me ask God to strike a stump in the swamp with lightning on a clear blue day not a cloud in the sky. People saw me call the fire down from Heaven in plain sight. I screamed out FIRE and it came down. I am Mary reborn. I am the legend and I am not going to take any bullshit on here. Got that?

  • You folks watch the movie Ten Commandments every season and it just goes right over your heads doesn’t it? You see Bibles in Hotel Rooms and you never bother to read them. You hear accounts of miracles and you laugh them off. This is not funny. We are in a world that often fails God.
    Messengers get sent. Bad things happen some times to the saints but none the less, there is a God.
    So beware Satanists because this is the last days
    and Momma is mad.

  • So asking for miracles would par for course for the return of Mary and therefore; as I am sung about for praying on the radio, I suppose you can sort of start trusting you have the real McCoy
    conversing with you now. I have my own collection of miraculous photos by the way. It says it all.
    They are not making movies about a theoretical
    prophecy. The prophecy has come to pass. God is mighty and is able.

  • MDE

    Greetings once again:

    Thanks you for sharing your personal knowlege of the miracles.

    Just as you find some of the comments rude, I am offended by much of your dark jugemental tirade.

    I’ll take your advice and say no more to you.

  • Please, God did not answer my prayers so many times because I am irrational. The world knows little else besides money and prestige. The church knows it’s saints.

  • Ahh but the false church failed to love it’s first love as was written. Jesus Christ and Jesus is angry at the whole world. Needless to say that is why it is written in Revelations that the world gets punished. Evil has become a stench in God’s nostrils. Lies, games, power hungry leaders, and war. He hates war mongering. Who cares? You all will have your fates coming to you.

  • Explain judgemental tirade?

  • God’s having a beer in a dive with a dude on a Harley, hoping to go back to his Motel 6 room not alone. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll sprawl and watch HBO, before passing out. He knows tomorrow’s always there, and he’ll wait till eternity or a thousand Hail Marys to get it right

  • Not many are praying in earnest these days. They are under the gun so to speak. I am not happy with the situation myself.

  • Aaman, very funny. And so what’s in your wallet? HA HA

  • God and you need to talk right?

  • I was not going to get married in this lifetime
    due to many things. Then, even in my fragile condition, I thought maybe I could have children by c-section and indeed, I had to have three of them. I have a distorted pelvis and a very hard time in labor. That with a tailbone that forgot where it belongs after five accidents in one year.
    Having children was a blessing but it almost took my life. So, I am not like popping them out. I have to be careful. Motherhood and marriage was next to impossible but I did the impossible.

  • The killing four, if you ever get on here, tell them what you said to me in the first grade.
    “You are a Christian warrior but something horrible is going to happen to you.”

    Killing four, Rose Marie here.
    Tell them.

  • You heard our old love song…
    No time left for you.
    No time for the love we made,
    Seasons change and so did I
    you need not wonder why,
    There’s no time left for you…..

    My parents did not want us married.
    They forbid it.

    So folks, we were two kids crying at a sandbox
    and saying with such innocence,
    we won’t be like the others….
    we wills stay together no matter what.

    Guess what?

    Our parents ruined that plan.

  • I guess what I want you to see folks, is that I tried to live a normal life but there was always something wrong and someone fucking it up. Sorry but that is what was going on. It was like I did not have a chance to live my faith out. I got raped, robbed, tricked, manipulated by the false church, and then kidnapped by the mafia. Oh I wish life were perfect. Wishing won’t get me anything. I prayed for the miracles because our world does so sorely need God and it makes me sad to see others try to discredit the miracles. Don’t make God sad too. He tried to show us that he is still God.

  • Did she just rip off “the Guess Who” without appropriate citation?

  • It is not my judgements but God’s that shall befall any of you.
    Fare thee well if you can,
    do the best you can considering the times we are in.
    To the faithful, keep God’s name on your lips
    and a prayer in your hearts.

    The miracles are real.

  • You are nuts on here. All of you.
    You know that right?
    Well you are.
    My life is real.
    Not imagined.
    I have credible eye witnesses.
    So stow it.

  • The cheese sandwich with my face on it, God did that. Just like the miracle on Drew St. He did not put a face on that because my enemies might seek me out. But now I am stronger, bigger, tougher, and I am mad. Here I am. World, fighting back for what you owe me. Shut your lip and mind your manners. I might have ended up like Natalie Holloway and had an ordeal like Patty Hearst.
    There are victims too. Lots of criminally insane running around so be careful. You might be next.

  • uao

    Okay, Mary, you didn’t like my ‘rational’ comment. Sorry. I did stick my neck out defending you, at distinct peril of looking like a fool.

    So, since you want to talk rationally, I pose five rational questions.

    1. You call us tormenters, but you’re the one who showed up here and monopolized this blog for weeks, tormenting us. What is your purpose at Blogcritics? To teach us something? To punish us? To help us? To get help?

    2. You keep syaing “over and out” “goodbye” “I’m done”, and then you turn around and post 10 more posts. What would you need to satisfy your mission so that you can move on, and take your mission to the next group of sinners?

    3. If you don’t like your smiling picture, why did you post it?

    4. You keep making threats and warning us that you won’t take bullshit (incidentally, threats are against the comment policy of this site, but the editors have been very kind to you in permitting you all this space). Why would you threaten us, particularly when Mary has a reputation of being merciful?

    5. Do you have any family or friends now who look after you in this mortal world?

    No need to answer ’em all at once; just try to get to a few at your own pace…

    I mean none of this as an insult, but you must know that we don’t have a visitor such as yourself every day, and I’d like to understand what your ultimate goal here is…

  • Liars liars liars.

    Seek the Lord.

    Seek solace in what you think you know.

    I prayed for the signs.

    I am the truth behind the miracles.

  • No matter what, I passed a lie detector test,
    the church test of proving my color blue,
    and in front of many prayed for miracles.

    SO there, too bad, you lie, I feel sorry for you.

  • Done for the day knuckle head.
    And stop interfering with my blogs too.

  • If I decide to add something, so what?
    I read your blogs and you baited me.
    So if I tell you off, you deserve it.

  • You might be upset because I caught you at your own game.
    tit for tat.
    I am not sick.
    I am not crazy.
    I am not your little toy saint.

    When I pray, things happen.
    Many know that much.

  • uao

    Unless your name is Eric Olsen (and Eric, if it’s you, the joke is getting old), this isn’t your blog. You are interfering with our blog.

    What did you add? The same thing you’ve repeated 300 times, now.

    Here’s a great idea, though. How about starting your own blog. It’s free and easy: Blogger.com. You’d have a famous, popular one, I guarantee it.

    And you’d get all the credit you deserve.

    That’s Blogger.com

  • UAO –
    I fear it’s a losing battle. MRL hasn’t been very gracious in listening to rational points. Most of the rational, polite things directed to her have been met with scorn, sarcasm, and anger.

  • Nancy

    MRL is obviously a seriously sick person, badly needing to get back on their meds. While I support freedom of speech, et al, this is getting old, I agree. Eric (or some other of the eds) should be cutting this one-sided diatribe off by now. But then again, we don’t have to check out this particular thread, either, I suppose. It’s just annoying to keep seeing her crazed & disjointed ranting.

  • Nancy

    Frustrating & pathetic, too, I might add.

  • And if you get your own blog, you can even become a blogcritic – you might be an interesting, if tiresome addition to our sinister cabal

  • brats

  • People will see through the lies.
    The ones I grew up with will never forget the things they saw.
    You are stupid people on here.
    Advertising what?
    Fuck off.

  • Then why be here Mary?

  • If my prayer on the cheese sandwich was fake, why did it sell for thousands of dollars? Because it was not fake. It was given away right after it happened and I did not sell it. I have not sold my soul to Satan as ahem, some have on here. They will beg to differ with me I know. But I know that yesterday in fact, another miracle happened.
    I am not doing this. God is. So run your stupid mouths. The miracles are real. How many times do I have to tell you? No, I am not coming to see any of you. I wish I wasn’t even on this crazy planet.

  • I’m On Welfare

    I ate the cheese sandwich

  • Ok
    no one wants to get too serious on here, right?
    What are you afraid of?
    I am the one seen talking to five UFOs.
    I almost left with them.
    God hears my prayers, even to get off this fricking planet.
    people you are.
    Into your own self importance.
    That is written in the Bible folks.
    So don’t say I said it.
    Fuck off, I mean it.
    You are nuts folks.
    What I say is true
    and don’t tell me what to say,
    when to say it,
    or how to say it.

  • I’m On Welfare

    3 episodes of my favorite show.
    Mary I find you trully fascinating. I find insanity very sexy.

  • If you don’t like this planet, you can’t be truly Mary – our perception of Mary is quite different.

    Furthermore, what were you doing when the bombs fell? Why don’t you intercede to stop the violence, etc. I mean, you’re God’s chick. Doesn’t he listen to you, or is he off partying with the holy rollers?

    A long marriage tends to get boring after a while, I guess, especially when your son is off saving the world all the time.

  • Think on why the miracle is in Clearwater, Florida and not in some known Biblical City!

  • And you would expect the mother of sorrows to be angry, sorrowful, and what else? Mistreated.
    Again, so watch out. I am not as dumb as you think I am. You might be doing something illegal here. The signs were not prayed by anyone else but me. The Drew St. Miracle is where I lived.

  • Don’t you know? She was on official retreat

  • The book is unlawfully written and also not by the author it should be by. That being myself.
    The ones grabbing at my straws are really a riot.
    Read me my riot act won’t you? The churches only speculated why the miracle was in Clearwater, Florida. Why not all over the world? What was God doing in Clearwater, Florida? Well the one who knows the answer to that question is Deanne Shere Simpson, who attended kindergarten with me, the reborn Mary. I told her God would prove to our town that I was not praying to air and who I really am at four years old. I am the truth behind the miracles. So like I said, I belong on here. I know.

  • The Bible tells of the end times and they are not going to be a pretty picture. War will break out and right when they say there is peace, it shall get worse. Beware. I also prophecised at the Methodist Church in Dunedin and all my visions were 100% accurate. This is not about what you think, but what I know. I grew up with hostility
    and violence. I barely grew up in other words.
    I had a hard life. You wouldn’t know some of you.
    You were loved and wanted at birth. My Mother tried to kill me right off the bat. The later she said believing in God was crazy and people were nothing but predators. There is some truth to that. People are predators. They lie and scheme
    and murder. God calls them sinners.

  • The preacher who heard me say I am Mary sent back by GOd ran a pink Baptist Church in Tampa. What can you say to that? Nothing.I am not a fake. I am sorry if I get bent out of shape folks but you really don’t know who you are online with. The prophecy woman. The one who is really behind the miracles. Satan does not want you to believe in me, God, or the miracles. Ha, too bad, that is not going to stop God in the end times. The signs will keep coming.

  • Ebony and Ivory is MY song.
    I will say it until the day I die.
    Kathy Buckner use to have Teen magazine
    and she heard me play it and sing it
    and boldly shouted,”I am sending that to the Beatles!” You all don’t know.
    I do.
    And God is my witness and I am his.

  • I heard some so called miracle researcher said the tears of blood did not even make sense.
    Again, when my head was bashed in,
    blood ran out of my eyes.
    Doctors do not know every thing
    and they certainly cannot explain a baby
    born speaking answering her name.

  • This will be my last blog only because out of respect for others who wish to add something on here. I did not mean to “take it over” either.
    I never do anything maliciously. It is not my style. I only know that even if you balk and complain and try to get in on this true story,
    that things will go on that God ordained so and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Now, I am off of here and this is the very last one.
    Just remember, it all adds up and it is about me.

  • Miss Mary, your posts here are not taking anything away from anyone else. Everyone who wants to can and does jump in. Indeed, your comments have attracted much attention to this post and the comments of others on it. Please do feel free to continue commenting as much as you wish.

    If you figure you’ve said all you’ve got to say here, though, that’s cool too. Far be it from me to tell the mother of Jesus what she has to do.

    Either way, thanks again for your very interesting ongoing contribution to this discussion.

  • Can we compromise and say that we co-wrote Ebony and Ivory?

  • MDE

    Al – while I appreciate your sentiment, publicly displaying a fruit salad of obsessive ideation is part of no plan to cope with emotional/adjustment problems secondary to brain injury that I know of…its a sticky temptation

    But who the fuck am I? My sister’s keeper or some shit?

    Party On!

  • I wish I could meet this god of hers…

  • You mean the god of chex mix? He is a powerful god. And his name is Nabisco.

  • uao

    I missed Mary’s comment #492; sorry Mary, but Mary, your art really makes a nearsighted guy like me go crosseyed after a while.

    Quality over quantity wins every time.

    I missed this important little story (#492)

    I guess what I want you to see folks, is that I tried to live a normal life but there was always something wrong and someone fucking it up. Sorry but that is what was going on. It was like I did not have a chance to live my faith out. I got raped, robbed, tricked, manipulated by the false church, and then kidnapped by the mafia. Oh I wish life were perfect. Wishing won’t get me anything. I prayed for the miracles because our world does so sorely need God and it makes me sad to see others try to discredit the miracles. Don’t make God sad too. He tried to show us that he is still God.

    This is rational. I even bet there’s an explanation for the “mafia” thing. I’d also like to ask her about the Satanists she met in 1971 (there were many more then than now).

    Maybe her UFO visitations, in her teens, as the above was happening to her, and her “almost [leaving] with them” describes a suicide attempt? Morbid teenage imagination? Hallucination? I believe her when she tells this story; I believe she’s describing her perception of something that is very real.

    She’s got a sense of humor; a feral, angry, defensive sense of humor.

    What could it have been like for her growing up?

    I had a hard life. You wouldn’t know some of you. You were loved and wanted at birth. My Mother tried to kill me right off the bat. The later she said believing in God was crazy and people were nothing but predators. There is some truth to that. People are predators. They lie and scheme and murder. God calls them sinners.

    I believe all this, too. Every word.

    Some of her work has to be scrutinized a little:

    Again, when my head was bashed in,
    blood ran out of my eyes.
    Doctors do not know every thing
    and they certainly cannot explain a baby
    born speaking answering her name.

    What we have here is yet another reference to a head injury, morphed with her religious visions.

    There’s also rather intimate detail of her trevails in motherhood:

    I was not going to get married in this lifetime
    due to many things. Then, even in my fragile condition, I thought maybe I could have children by c-section and indeed, I had to have three of them. I have a distorted pelvis and a very hard time in labor. That with a tailbone that forgot where it belongs after five accidents in one year.

    This fleshes out some of the bio in #435 (hey, if it turns out she really is for real, we had better have written the history…), and doesn’t yet contradict anything. Except that she went to Dunedin in Tampa, not NC (I was confused on that detail)

    So I’m still leaning head injury/abuse survivor. I wonder about the ‘five’ accidents.

    Chronology is what’s really missing though. Imagine writing your life story, one sentence or paragraph at a time, tossing them in the air, and transcribing them wherever they landed; if this thread is evidence of Mary’s stream of consciousness, it is a very chaotic, but richly detailed consciousness, nonetheless.

    Mary’s visions are real in her universe, which must be a scary place to live.

    I’ll bet she’s bitter, she admits it forthrightly. She is scathing with her insults, boy.

    I don’t know why I even posted this (and I’ll stop with this one), except that I really was hoping Catherine might fill us in more person-to-person on the thread, and Mary could lighten up on all the brimstone; just so she won’t freak out a lot of people.

    I’m with Al, I hope she visits again; but I also hope she’ll have some pity on our poor souls and not slay us with barbs so willfully.

    Even sinners have feelings…


    (I’m really butting out now; I don’t want to get too attached)

  • Al Barger, The Fatima Prophecy is about the return of Mary to Earth. Not with Jesus. The 13th day was assumed to be a significant number.
    There was nothing else known about this return.
    The apparitions were seen around the world that God was preparing the world for.

    I have told NO lies on here.
    I am in the end times where evil grows rampant
    and the world is punished eventually.
    I took the sinner’s prayer too because growing up
    was about living with unbelievers and some were too violent for me to handle. I have suffered for my faith like some of you would not believe.
    Nancy is not a nice person. Neither does she acknowledge that there is A Fatima or will she admit to wrong doing on her part to suggest meds.
    I am who I say am Nancy. It was already proven
    and the miraculous photos I said would come out, did come out. I am neither mentally ill or deserving of such a cruel suggestion on your part.
    You do not want to get God or myself mad at you.
    I sware on that. Others can tell you. If you get the evil eye on you, watch out. You’ve had it.
    Do not harm God’s people Nancy, it will come back on you.

  • I knew she couldn’t stay away.

  • Nancy

    Perhaps her Son will give her a nice lobotomy for Christmas….

  • Ursula Rose

    Hi Mary – do you work? It seems we only get to hear from you during the week. What do you do at weekends …… Do you have a boring job …. I don´t know how you can spare all this time spreading your word. Ursula in Andalucia

  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all this. It certainly is a weird joke, or weirder still if it’s not a joke, but I think that it is some of both. The kind of thing that could only happen on the internet.

  • Oh, one answer to the is it fun with aliens?
    I think the most amazing thing is humans spends billions of dollars to be contacted by aliens
    and they reached ME without any special device other than a TV set is pretty funny in itself.
    Oddly enough, they reached me on chanel 13 folks.

  • I may have failed to answer some questions because it has nothing to do with the subject matter.

  • Do you have a job, Cathy?

    Welcome back, btw

  • Nancy loves dead meat and bile is her justice,
    if you don’t understand something, kill it,
    is that right Nancy?

  • I am doing what God asks me to do right now.
    Explaining the truth behind the miracles takes up a lot of my time. Oh and Christopher, we all will see God again at the time of our deaths.

  • I don’t see Nancy asking for a priest to comment.
    Seems Nancy would like to silence me forever but that won’t change things Nancy. Miracles took place around me and I was asked by churches to now explain them, that it was time so this is not your area of expertise.

  • So how did Nancy set herself up to be so knowledgable on a propecy of which she is blogging to? The book mentioned is based on miracles I prayed for. I am not a fake. I am on here because I am the woman they speak of. They write books about me, sing about me, and there are two movies out Nancy, based on the prophecy
    of which I was born into. I cannot help being me.
    God made me and I am not crazy. If I were crazy, first of all, I would not be sitting where I am.
    I am the woman whose colors are blue and gray.
    It is a song sung on the radio. Why? Because miracles people saw after I said they would come and they did come. God does not make trash. I am not trash. Apologize.

  • I have to say this at Christmas time folks.
    We all have our lessons to learn.
    We all need God.
    We all need truth and should seek it.

    But if I come on here swearing to God my story is true, that is a serious thing to say.

    I swear it.

  • Noah was laughed at for building an ark.
    Moses did not get the reception he wanted to deliver the tablets and the ten commandments.
    Jesus, if he was a God send, was sent back.
    And let’s top off the cake with
    Mary returns and prays for miracles that will astound the world.

    You cannot top that.

  • So you all keep laughing and speculating and making yourselves appear all knowing. But you are not all knowing. The prophecy is about miracles
    and a woman who returns in very evil times. No, I am not happy to be here. Men have become self lovers, self serving, and self righteous. I am not happy to be here at all.

  • Since you’re back, can I get the recipe for the chex sauce mix?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    In her comments about us all seeing G-d when we die (comment #540), MRL confirms what you can find on the Signs From Heaven Web Site. http://www.signsfromheaven.com.

    We all get judged. And in that judgment, we will be exposed directly to G-d.

    I will not argue with MRL’s miracles, of course. I learned a long time ago not to mock.

    But given that I live just a few miles from Bethlehem, I’m curious to know what a gilgúl neshamá (returned soul) might know of ancient Jerusalem, or ancient Bethlehem, or of a land in terrible turmoil under foreign occupation. This was the country that Jesus was born in, and that his mother had to cope with.

    I live in a country in terrible turmoil today and wonder if any of this knowledge of my ancient homeland survives in her that MRL can pass on.

  • First of all NANCY, open your eyes, a book has been published. Miracles are going on and people see them NOW. That means everyone Nancy. Open your damned eyes. Secondly, I did not write this book but I should have. Someone took the liberty to do so. Why? I don’t know, not one conferred with me on the book. Thirdly, I told my mother God would prove to her that my birth was no accident and kids I went to school with the miracles would come. I am this Mary predicted to return. I even have a Tampa Preacher who knows it and all has been verified by the government who claims Benjamin Franklin was given an apparition.
    I am not a fake. I am on here to tell off the world for being so snide to me first of all. I always have been like this since day one and I will die the same way. Take your own medicine Nancy because you have been deluding the public which can see with their own eyes the miracles I prayed for. So there.

  • I am not on here to divulge secrets. Don’t even ask. The ones who love God shall be told by Him.
    Not me. Until then, we shall wait. Fall on your knees, oh hear the angels’ voices.

  • Back On Welfare

    Mary, I believe in miracles. It is a miracle that the people at the hospital give you access to a computer.

  • Shame on you 550.

  • You have to have half a brain to even understand what I am saying to you all. Too bad for you that you are smug and upidity and think you know. You don’t know. People saw me ask for miracles in plain sight folks as was foretold. I am not making this up. Too bad for you who are such twits.

  • You still haven’t given me the recipe for the chex sauce mix. I’ve got company coming over at 5:00 and I really need the recipe before then.

  • Find the recipe in any magazine about this time of year. But I do have it on hand and yes I was a little girl when I made it in Dunedin, Fl. So don’t kid yourself. I was born speaking so I was advanced. I did not have to be taught the word name. I answered Mary, remember? So don’t even go there folks with your insinuations. You do not know. I know. There is only one woman who can be the prophecy. It is me. To be me, you would of had to be born like this, survive ordeal after ordeal, and then be able to prophecise and it come true. Oh, and the miracle was confirmed that I told you about. Bonafide miracle and I lost count of how many.

  • Chex Mix sauce (my idea taken from me)
    6 T butter/maragarine
    2 T Worcestshire sauce
    1 1/2 t seasoned salt
    3/4 t garlic powder
    3 c corn chex cereal
    3 c Rice chex cereal
    3 c wheat chex cereal
    1 c mixed nuts
    1 c pretzels
    and now you can add 1 c garlic flavored bagel chips if you like

  • 550 Many are on the wide road to hell.
    Many liveth and loveth a lie.
    Many do not know God as their personal savior.
    Many only give God lip service.
    Their hearts are still evil and do wrong.

    I really was born like this folks.
    People who knew me growing up were always snooping around my house stealing my ideas.
    OH YES, many ideas taken and nothing paid to me
    for them.

    Now, please be good bloggers and if you can ask an intelligent question, do so. If you can perceive of what the book means and make further comment, do so. If you just want to chat, you are on the wrong blog.

  • Again, I did not authorize the book and really am upset that it was written without my consent or even my input. This is par for course for greedy Americans to be ruthless. This is why they get hated so.

  • The Satanists were living in Dunedin, Florida.
    Some in my own neighborhood. Some were at school.
    Even my own family did not believe in God. I was always asking God for signs. I got them too but again, when people are not seeking God, they will not find him. I talked about God before anyone ever told me about God. I had told my mother while still in diapers that God sent me back.
    I began preaching at two years old. People came to our house afterwards and told my parents they never met a toddler like me. I was so adult like.
    I was preaching door to door asking people if they knew who Jesus was/is? I would often come right over if I heard them fighting or if I knew there was a problem. I have faith people, this is not a nut on here. What happened to me though would make the Pope run for cover. I was out numbered and beaten savagely by six of them. They told me in my neighborhood to stop preaching or else. They even conjured up a demon to scare me
    and thought that was funny. They asked me if I was scared the next day. There are witches people.
    The word was not invented for no reason. Anyhow,
    I did not know they were tricking me to come sleep over at a Satanist’s house. I walked into their house and I mentioned God to her brother and he went bizerk. He said he hated Christians and did not want them in their house. I said, fine, let me call my Mom to come pick me up. He said, NO, I want you dead. I want every Christian dead who comes into this house. He took a large butcher knife out and ran after me. He got four other adult men to keep me away from the phone
    and they were very evil and sick men. This same man caused what you read in Revelations…he is the prophet of which a frog comes out of his mouth. Prophet is a man, prophetess is a woman.
    He would not let me go home. What he and his men did to us girls over at that sleep over, you do not want to know. You can guess, he was evil.
    So anyhow, he then warned me not to tell or he would kill me but as soon as I could get away from him, I went to my junior high school counselor. He found out and killed her. Then he killed his sister who was watching me and laughing that her brother was going to kill me.
    He chopped her body up and told me if I did not meet him at my school and come with him, he would kill me. The police did absolutely NOTHING, even after paying them $100.00 to help protect me.
    Instead it became a money making adventure to them. Finally this evil man lied to his parents and said his sister ran away. The whole family moved away and we did not know where to. So you can see that I have been through quite an ordeal.
    I was barely 98 pounds combatting men twice my weight almost and I was severely injured. I could not fight back. So I know God will get these men some day by honest people if the corrupt police won’t take the initiative to do their jobs right.

  • 514 insanity is not sexy.

    Like do you people really live with yourselves on this planet?

    I mean go figure.

    The fact is you guys get on here without any background information running your mouths.
    Maybe you should buy the book if it is telling the truth. I just did. Maybe it will apark up
    interest on the book. I guess I actually did them a favor by showing up on here.

  • Folks,I prayed for the miracles. ALL OF THEM.
    I swear to God on that and my life.
    I have eye witnesses to this.
    Anyone that knew me knew I was quite about
    the super natural and unordinary things that went on.
    I am the truth behind the miracles.
    So, I don’t know what is in this book.

  • If the book does not mention me, it is not the truth. I am sure that being on here sparks up interest now. What you don’t know can hurt me.
    Like in the movie Dragonfly, ever see it? People
    are seeing and hearing things and finally it all makes sense what it meant. Well, now you are seeing miracles that I prayed for at four years old and up and those around me knew I said that signs and wonders would come. I had to pray, I cannot live in this world without God.

  • 369 That is my cheese sandwich that sold on EBAY.
    Did you think I was kidding about being the prophecy? No, I am not. I took a bite of the sandwich. I made it and gave it away. But you see you might see my face to compare it to somewhere but I am not trying to vow for this position here.
    I am this woman. So I know what the miracles are about.

  • wise man

    happy Christmas, the 2009-year-old anniversary of you son’s birth.

    May you spend it in the embrace of your lover.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I posted comment #369. I certainly will not question you if you say it was your face on a cheese sandwich, nor if you say you took a bite out of it. Questioning a miracle is never smart.

    But check out comment #547. There, I have asked you a question, if you’d be kind enough to consider it and answer.

  • Nothing will change the fact I was born speaking and answering that my name is Mary and later saying I was sent back. This is documented folks.
    No pills will erase history made. I am not mentally ill. The fact is I can and do pray for miracles and signs. This is also documented.
    You have no idea of how cruel people have been to me, for material wealth they stole from me.
    You have no idea of why now I have a short temper with people because they are ignorant and arrogant. Good bye and you never know, because I am this truth behind the miracles. You cannot disprove that I did not pray for them either.
    Shame on you for being so cruel to me.

  • RogerMDillon

    How are some of MRL’s comments not considered spam? This aisle could really use a clean-up.

  • Oh Roger, c’mon. In the first place, the mother of Jesus has license to say pretty much what she pleases. But even beyond that, there’s nothing even vaguely spamlike in her comments. Spam is dumb mindless advertisements for penis extension pills or gambling. MRL, on the other hand, is making extended oracular pronouncements and moral judgments.

    In short, that you don’t agree with her comments doesn’t make them “spam.”

  • RogerMDillon

    I haven’t read most of her comments to know if I agree with her or not, so spare me your misguided proclamations.

    Just because she claims to be Mary doesn’t make her ramblings any less off-topic, which is something Mr Rose chides commentors about on other threads.

    Are you worried that any deletion of her comments might impact your leaderboard rankings?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    MRL’s comments do not constitute spam. Mind you, I am not a Christian and never will be, but I know very well the difference between spam and someone who honestly believes she has something of importance to say.

    There is always the chance that this woman IS the returned soul of Miryam, the woman who birthed Jesus of Nazareth. That is why it is essential NOT to mock her.

  • RogerMDillon

    “I know very well the difference between spam and someone who honestly believes she has something of importance to say.”

    Really? What is the importance of her ChexMix receipe? Is that one of the prophecies of her return? Where in the Bible does it state, “And she will grant unto them snack treats, and God saw that it tasted good”?

    I have not mocked her, so please take your righteousness off the bridge before troll’s return.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Roger, read the comments in context. Was Fifth Dentist’s demand for a recipe harassment? Or was it the expression of honest opinion? Was it an appeal for help? Or was IT just speam? In any event, what did it have to do with the miracle of Fatima, the subject of Al Barger’s article.

    MRL’s first response to the request/demand for a Chex mix recipe was to tell him to look it up himself. Then she decided to post it. This is not spam, by any definition. Spam is when someone posts websites or tries to hustle goods in an attempt to advertise a product.

    If you don’t like what MRL has to say, and the fact that she spends hundreds of posts saying it, then just come right out and say so. You, just like everyone else who comments or writes here, has his right to express his opinion.

  • Roger, why you hatin all the time? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read.

    It’s my column, and she’s certainly welcome to post away. She has provided at least an interesting extended creative response to my original point in the column. Her answers are much longer and more intricate and involved than my original question, so I’m pretty much considering this HER post long ago.

    The Chex thing in particular was especially not spam. Spam is dumb ads being pushed off on people what don’t want them. This Chex recipe was a response to a specific and repeated request from 5D, her answer to his gentle mockery- and a pretty good answer from MRL at that. It shut him up on the topic.

    Rave on, MRL, I say.

  • I made the chex mix sauce and you’ll be glad to know that my dinner party was a smashing success. Thank you Mary mother of Jesus.

  • Lugheads, there is needed information to let you know WHY I prayed for the miracles. DUH figure it out. Do I have to upchuck all my life story?
    You won’t know it is me unless you know me first.
    To know me, is to know great suffering and many who take advantage of me, even writing this book.
    The reason the sign is on Drew St. is because people stole from me and I prayed to God, There is a bank that really has money in it that belongs to me, show me a sign. And then from the abuse I suffered, I prayed the same day,”Oh, and show the world how sad I am.” Statues of “Mary”
    wept and even the Mona Lisa of which I was reading the words to the song at our family piano.
    This is not a debate IF I am the truth behind the miracles. I am the truth behind the miracles. Plain and simple. You people really are DUMB.
    I am trying to smarten you up. I don’t want to be pestered, I do talk to God, even proved it to a trained psychologist. PROVED IT, understand? Now, I don’t have time to dilly daddle with you on the subject. The reason I am on here is because I prayed for these miracles and I was born speaking at birth saying my name is Mary. This is all documented. People saw things around me that you will never again see in this lifetime. I am known for praying out loud and miracles to follow. So, you who go on and on, you need to shut up. You need to get a clue. I am her. I outght to know!

  • Fifth Dentist, I got it on just in time for you then. Great. Yes, I was a very smart little girl.
    You can ask the folks who knew me. My mother was constantly yelling at me for getting into their stuff but later people thanked me for all the trouble I went to. Even the Bible says THEY WERE MADE RICH BY HER but THEY LEFT ME DESTITUTE.
    Shame on it.

  • I was on a poetry site writing about the miracles when I was asked about a book. I said I am not writing a book but the truth needs to be told about this because we have people guessing at it.
    Wonder no more folks. You are lucky that I even dare come on here to expose who I am to the world.
    I have lived a very dangerous life I have you to know. Miracles that one day will become like the movie Moses, I am sure.

  • So you know, I am her and I do pray for miracles.
    You can too. Just have faith. That is what praying is all about. Believing that God does watch over us and manages good and evil. He does avenge the enemy and he does salvage souls. I do not want to go into depth about my life because like I told Al Barger, the story is not over yet.
    Dee Lanning of Lexington, NC is the only person who has the whole story, complete with photos, names, dates and places of which amazing things occurred. Oh yes, they don’t sing about me and write books because SOMETHING is not happening folks. It is happening and right under your noses.

  • uao

    I need a woman ’bout twice my age
    A lady of nobility, gentility and rage
    Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw
    We’ll go right through the book and break each and every law.

    I got a feeling and it won’t go away, oh no
    Just one thing then I’ll be ok
    I need a miracle every day.

    I need a woman ’bout twice my height
    Statuesque, raven-dressed, a goddess of the night.
    Her secret incantations, a candle burning blue
    We’ll consult the spirits maybe they’ll know what to do.

    And it’s real and it won’t go away, oh no
    I can’t get around and I can’t run away
    I need a miracle every day.

    I need a woman ’bout twice my weight
    A ton of fun who packs a gun with all her freight
    Find her in a sideshow leave her in l.a.
    Ride her like a surfer running on a tidal wave.

    And it’s real, believe what I say, yeah
    Just one thing I got to say
    I need a miracle every day.

    It takes dynamite to get me up
    Too much of everything is just enough
    One more thing I just got to say
    I need a miracle every day,
    I need a miracle every day,
    I need a miracle every day, (got to be the only way)
    I need a miracle


  • I have already been analyzed by doctors and I proved EVERYTHING I SAID. No more need to try and get rich off of me or make me your meal ticket.
    Leave me alone.

  • Look at this, You can do miracles, with just a little love. I sang that song in my apartment and it was one of my songs stolen. Too hard to prove it other than swearing and praying to God and that is what the miracles are about. Too bad the DUMB ASS world around me is sunk to new lows in stealing.

  • uao

    I know what you mean, Mary.

    I once got really annoyed at a friend of mine when I was an adolescent. We fought all the time. I used to make up creative insults to put him down.

    Once, in a fit of 12-year-old inspiration, I told him “you oughta just shut up, penis-breath!!”

    That was in 1977. So you can imagine my horror when Drew Barrymore uttered the same exact insult that I had innocently invented on my very own in the 1982 movie E.T.

    Think how much money that movie made. It took Drew Barrymore about one second to utter that epithet. The movie is two hours long, or 7200 seconds long. So 1/7200 of the movie (conservatively, I’m including the dialog-less moments) is mine.

    How much did it make? Half a billion? A coupla hundred thou of that ought to be mine.

    Spielberg, I’m still waiting. E-mail me. It’s chump change for you, you know it.

    Don’t even get me started on that furshlugginer Close Encounters of the Third Kind alien melody. I sued to play that on my Fisher-Price xylophone when I was two.

    You’re right; it is a dumb ass world, more than it should be.

    You’re also right; with a little love you can do miracles.

  • You’re right, guys mistreat women for pity’s sake!We can’t even take a good walk without some jerks coming up harassing us. We can’t go anywhere unescorted, we can’t even trust our own fathers.
    We can’t trust presidents, we can’t trust officers, we can’t trust a damn one of you. Even the priests have gone sex crazy. I mean what is it? This world is nasty, naughty, and outright crude. Men have gone bonkers the way they treat women. Beating them for sex, kidnapping them too.
    Men are weak bastards. I fully agree.

  • So why would there be such miracles of today anyhow? Well my life backs it all up. I am one of a kind. This is not about spamming, it is about why I was ROBBED by the false church who misled me and gave me a false impression and of which I almost died on the streets. Watch out for the false church, they left their first love, Jesus Christ and traded in their souls to the devil.
    Oh yes, get to know them and Bibles are just a commodity to SELL. Damn bastards.

  • Since this is my life story we are discussing on here, I am not asking questions, I am telling you.

  • It seems to be a book frenzy even though the Bible should have been the only book needed. Now we have all sorts out there trying to USE the Bible to sell books. I am not selling my life story. It is not for sale. The facts are it IS my life story. I am living it. So it does not matter to me if you weren’t there to see some incredible things. Others were though. They will not so easily forget. No matter what idiots try to throw in a comment, they will be lies. I already swore to God on my statements. After all, I am his witness and he is mine. When I swear to God, I mean it.

  • uao

    Well, the past sucks, we all can agree on that. But next year will be better. Happy New Year Mary!

  • This is not about the past but what is going on now folks. What life is like for all of us now.
    Why are we calling these days the end days? Why are we panicking about the miracles? God will always do right by his believers. Not the ones arguing a blue streak if God exists or not and are so skeptical, they cannot trust what their eyes see. Oh yes, I know your hearts and minds.
    THEY SUCK oh yes, you people are thinking so cleverly to outsmart one another. Don’t worry, God is watching you and will beat you at your own game.

  • We have so many so called rules and laws and legalisms now for what? The mighty buckaroos?
    No wonder I cuss. I am mad as hell.

  • Take the ten commandments and add to them every oddball law you can muster, is that the name of politics? HUH? Man oh man. You people really are smart asses. Then the gays openly marrying. Like they need to. They are just gay or lesbian. Why try to imitate the norm out of feeling what?
    Left out? HA HA Let me clue you in Gays and Lesbians. You chickened out and gave into your own fears and lusts. That is not marriage.

  • Even selling people into marriage and divorce is stench in God’s nostrils. It is not supposed to be about MONEY if the world was right with God in the first place.

  • The fact is Jesus was God’s son, a MIRACLE of faith, and miracles are what they are…things you do not think possible. None the less, ones of today also amaze us. Likewise; I prayed for them so I know they are bonafide miracles. I said I prayed for them. That is right. I know who to pray to.

  • uao

    Yeah, I stopped doing that myself. Plus, the I.R.S.

  • For the preacher who knew me as a little girl and heard me tell him, I will do things beyond my control but I will prove I believe in God in the end.
    Well, what do you expect out of me? I am just human like you are. I talk like you do, live like you do, have the same crappy world to live in the same as you do.
    But the thing that sets me apart is my heart.
    And God sees my heart.
    My heart aches and cries out to God.
    Not to people, they will only let you down.
    God never does.

  • We got so many bogus people to live with that are full of it and you know what I mean. They are really sick pups. They will lie like a rug if they smell money. Yeah, too bad. There is a God
    and He has answered my prayers. So you all can think what you want but I was there praying and I know because he speaks to me. I proved that a long long time ago.

  • In front of a psychologist I proved God speaks to me so don’t joke about this folks. When finished analyzing me he said just this, There is nothing in our books that explains YOU and another doctor said of me, You are the most amazing case we have ever studied. Meaning a case of reincarnation folks. The other doctors were evil and I fired them for using me and lying to get my insurance money.

  • First of all, if they had of done research which would be fair treatment and fair trial to my case,
    they would have found out that there is a prophecy, I did call down the fire from heaven before many, and that my life was extraordinary so it made perfect sense that I had asked for these miracles. I even have an eye witness who attended kindergarten with me and heard me predict signs and wonders in my mid thirties.
    Oh yes, get a ordained priest to read this because I sware on it. I am not kidding on here.
    I have a home, I don’t need one at the institution. I don’t belong there. I am a firm believer of Christ only I was attacked by satanists in the 70’s who thought it funny to make me scream for my life once too many times.
    Listen, this is not child’s play on here. I am here to do a mission and it is not an easy task.

  • I think my comment on 574 pretty much covers the truth behind the miracles topic we are blogging over. Now if you did not know how I was born,
    what I was like growing up, and how many people got rich off of me, you would not understand why Mary would be on a financial institution or the statues wept tears of blood either and all the other signs along the way. Very little thanks do I ever get in this selfish,cruel world that sent Jesus back to Heaven and contiuned in sin.

  • The anti- Christ is not me. I have been praying out loud to God since my parents can remember.
    Singing Jesus loves me as a toddler in a rocker did not make me the ideal candidate. No, sorry folks, you know you have me on here. You KNOW it.
    So why drag me through this all over again? Why?

  • If you talk nicely to me, you may find that I am reasonable. Coming across like there is something wrong with me right off the bat, is morally wrong folks. I was born like this. You don’t know why.
    All you can do is watch as I live. All you can do is live as I watch too. If you made snide jokes and implications and then try to diagnose me ONLINE when obviously you don’t even know me or that I have already been examined only to prove all that I said. I said I can pray for miracles,
    I talk to God, and that I was born reincarnated.
    All three statements are absolutely 100% correct.
    I proved it over and over and over again and nothing was staged, faked, or anything sinister involved. I have been like this all of my life.
    Add seer to that list also. Being able to predict and see the future at times with startling accuracy. Even proving that to a trained doctor so pass off your judgemental attitude folks because you were not there either as God spoke to a church in Dunedin,Florida and told them I know what Revelations means of the Bible. I certainly do. I know this book because I am living it. I just wanted to tell you off if you neigh say that the miracles are not bonafide because they are miracles. If you were by my side all the times that one happened, you would know that again, I have prayed and a miracle has happened. NO, I am not sick. So anyone who tries to denote that is slandering me. I have eye witnesses and from all walks of life too. One such miracle I prayed for and the miracle took place in front of forty men at a corrections facility in Dallas,Pa. You were not there and folks, this is real. I am real and the prophecy is real.

  • 538 Dear Christopher
    Do I have a job? I presently am on disability.
    Upon several injuries and inability to thrive in my environment, I was given a special disability.
    Ironically, I made millions of people rich and successful and I worked minimum wage jobs to get by. Is that what you want to know? I drew many famous cartoons you now see and gave the ideas away when my hand got maimed in a terrible accident cutting off my knuckle and splitting my finger in two. I was attempting to carry on where Walt Disney left off. You now see my ideas taken by other artists. I am a songstress. I made many rich with my song ideas as well. I am a poet for The National Library of Poetry. I sew, do crafts,
    and do alot of charity work. I had taken a vow in church to help the poor which I upheld. I am not a gangster, I am not criminally insane, and I am only different. I do not have scitzophrenia becaue I did not say anything that did not happen or did not come true. I am in touch with reality.
    For the ones who did not believe in God before, after meeting me, they now do. I am not an evil sort. I don’t take kindly to put downs to defame my character. Be prepared to take it if you dish it out. I call a spade a spade.

  • The doctors in Kingsley, Pa will not forget the day I prayed for Richard Burns and he went in telling them he levitated after I prayed over him and I told him to get new xrays done. All the stones he had were vaniahed. He was told he needed an operation. One he was afraid to undergo as he was sprayed with shrapnel. I prayed for him with an annoited oil cross a priest offered to me and said you know what to do with this. So I prayed and now my daughter has this cross on her wall. I also prayed for her situtaion and she can tell you, when my Mommy prays God listens to her.
    I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is a God, and oversees our souls. I do not joke on this for this is far too serious to joke about.
    The book? I did not write it, and I was never interviewed. So what? Many people try to write books on this subject and many are way off base too. The ones who knew how I was born and me growing up, knew that I very well could have prayed for these miracles. Even my present husband heard me say outloud statues will cry tears of blood again and in California, one has.
    I see things and they are not from Satan either.
    I detest the slightest notion of that. I am well and I am not a Satanist. I have my own collection of miraculous photos I said I would pray for and I did. I know what they mean also. For one baby was born on the date, speaking at birth, would suffer severe persecution NOT IMAGINED either but proven, and yet still prays for miracles right in front of people. I am not on here to win you over.
    God already knows who I am.

  • If these facts help you in any way to take a stand on miracles and that God exists and loves you, I will feel glad for all that I have suffered. Let not my suffering be in vain.
    I kept asking for signs growing up too and I got them. The pure in heart do get them. I love God.
    I am not on here to trick you or mislead you.

  • I meant I just did in that I told the truth not that I bought the book. I don’t need the book.
    I am in the book of life and in a prophecy that I was born to fulfill. I was not joking about a preacher in Tampa who heard me say at three years old, I am this Mary. God sent me back. I was renamed Catherine. The preacher told me, if you are her, you can prove it. We are looking for the color blue. Folks, I just took off my medallion necklace with a cross added to it and scanned it.
    It came out bright blue with no background that color. As well as other pictures I have that when I said, God will prove my color blue, they came out blue. Why would I lie about this? I am not.
    You want truth? Can you handle it?

  • 563 A husband is with you, loves you, takes care of you until death do you part. I can only hope for the best in times like these. Too many talk shows are on about people who cheat and abuse.
    I am no fool when it comes to stark reality.
    Marriage needs attention in our country and people have got to come to their senses.

  • 585 a thousand Hail Marys?
    Seems like an endless battle, I know too.
    So many jerks and jerkettes out there
    and people who really are criminally insane.
    I have been in deep prayer of late.
    I know that things will go on as God predicts
    no matter the miracles or not.
    Satan has done a very good job at creating
    his hell on earth when in reality, many are
    going to HELL when they die. To begin healing
    of this nation and world is going to take
    a turn around. Miracles are the only way I know
    how to make you take notice that God is watching us.

  • I am the only rational on here and there is a fine line when I am not dealing with competent people. I can only take so much you know. Don’t push your luck. My lifestory is real, documented,
    witnessed, and even foretold in a prophecy. This is not comedy hour.

  • Someone made a rude remark about my love life.
    I did not have one. Sadly I was a statistic in the relationships that fail. I met unsavory men of which abused me, used me, and threw our love away. I met the same as is going around these days and me, the trusting naive soul that I am,
    gave it all I had only to be mistreated and unloved. So, it can happen to you too folks.
    And the way things are going, it might already have.

  • I know who needs help on here. You need to read with comprehension is what your problem is. You are skeptical from the start and therefore closed minded. Well don’t be. Miracles are from God.
    They always point to His glory not take away from it. If you are hard hearted and sure there is no God, you won’t be trying to see there is one.
    You formed your opinion and it may not be sound.
    Mine is more than an opinion folks. People of all kinds of nationalities, classes, education levels
    and beliefs, saw things they could not explain when I prayed or said something futuristic would come about. I am in the prophecy and not for gain.
    I am not getting paid folks. I did not sell miracles when I prayed for them to prove there is a God, I want you to see that. My pure heart is all about God.

  • Nancy needs a kick in the pants. Sick? You have some nerve.

  • OK Nancy, I am not on here to make a fool of myself. I can back up anything I ever said.
    So that makes you an incompetent person and also a liar.

  • Nancy who taught you to be so arrogant and smug?
    Who taught you to hate Christians?
    Who taught you to come across like you are the authority on prophecies?
    Who taught you to be so flamboyant?
    Who taught you to be so disrespectful?
    And lastly, I am telling you now
    that you are the one who needs help.

  • And so Nancy, I will be fine without your help.
    I pray to God, I understand what serving God means. I know what God is capable of. I know how life gets too. What I said about my life is true and so. All of it. Nothing you can dispute because as you can see, there is a book written
    and that is not the first either. There are two movies about the return of Mary. Just Mary when the world is coming to judgement. So what ever Nancy, the troubles we are seeing is because of our lack of faith.

  • I am not like you, that does not mean I am not okay.
    God made me this way.
    So don’t try and go there with insults to my intelligence.

  • Are there any Christians reading this blog?

  • Yes, MRL, I and others have read parts of this long series of comments. Do you believe that Christians are more likely to be gracious to you? I think you should know better.

    Most Christians hold the Bible as authoritative on matters related to their faith. You’ve suggested as much above, stating that it’s the only book people should need (when you weren’t swearing at it). I certainly would be more likely to rely on the Bible for matters of doctrine than on comments on a website. And yet the Bible makes it clear that you cannot be Mary reincarnated. Everyone, it says, dies only once and then faces judgment. No second chances, no reincarnation, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    So faced on the one hand with Biblical statements against reincarnation, and on the other hand by a person who acknowledges being hit on the head but claims to be Mary reincarnated, and by the way fits a bipolar or schizophrenic psychiatric profile remarkably well, I doubt most other Christians are going to respond much differently than I am.

    I hope you find the help you need and the peace you’re seeking.

  • Philip, the Bible, and other early Christian works DID allow for reincarnation, the Elijah/John is one example, and the writings of Origen (The soul has neither beginning nor end…) and of course the whole set of Nag Hammadi scrolls, e.g. the Gospel of Thomas.

    Life without end, end of life…

  • and that dude Jesus (allegedly) saved, Lazarus, right?

    MARY: Where are you exactly when you write to us on the computer you use?

  • There is nothing wrong with me. I am sorry but the world NEEDS HELP.
    I have seen enough and heard enough from this peanut gallery.
    You don’t pray like I do. I pray like it’s nobody’s business.

  • You all missed the point entirely.
    You dismissed the facts.
    so no wonder I cuss you out.
    People made dreadful mistakes before
    and Jesus was one of them.
    Killing an unarmed innocent man.
    Oh yes.
    And furthermore; you don’t know squat.
    People saw me pray and saw instant results.
    Shame on you.
    Leave me alone.
    The book is bogus. I told you the truth.

  • uao

    It is nobody’s business, peanut.

  • Maybe if you weren’t so interested in other matters besides prayer on here, you might be even worth my time. I am on here testifying FOR GOD.
    As if you who are full of crap, don’t know. I will tell you off in a heartbeat. I know there is a God. NOW FUCK OFF.

  • No you know the false church. Jesus was the true church. Jesus was a decent God fearing man. What are people today? Liars, idiots. fools. They want to throw their weight around. They go around acting like they have dibbs on any given subject matter. They lie like a rug. They play games and scheme. They are ruthless killers. They are not saved so don’t quote me anymore scripture that has been ignored now for how long?

  • uao

    Sorry, but other matters are more interesting than you. I tried to communicate with you, and even felt sorry for the hardships you’ve endured. And you tell me to fuck off.

    Listen, lady, I don’t think you even realize where you are; this isn’t god.com

    We’re mortal people in a mortal world with mortal concerns. Have some mercy, Mary.

  • What if you were born like this? I am not crazy.
    I may be more advanced than you are in fact.

  • 615
    I was born speaking Phillip.
    Answering the OB doctor my name is MARY.
    The bang on the head has nothing to do with that.
    Shame on you all assholes.

  • Not one of you counts on here. Number one,
    I lived where the Drew St. Miracle was given to me upon prayer. I predicted it at four years old.
    This goes in one ear and out the other. Do not act like you can tell me what you presume to be so. You do not know. You do not know me, you do not know period. No one has any brains on here.
    NOT ONE. Just as with Jesus in his day, THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO again, I am tired of you dirty rotten low down fools. That is what you are. I prayed for these miracles. I just got another one the other day. I am living proof. NO matter what you say or do or think. I will always be the Fatima and God loves me VERY VERY MUCH So if you go running your mouths and you were not there,
    YOU ARE FOOLS. Truly pathetic.

  • uao

    If I was born like that, I’d be very unhappy. However, if it were my mission to alert the world, I’d do so more effectively than spending hours a day on a discussion forum thread nobody reads anymore.

    You’re old news, Mary; you need a new gig.

  • uao

    By the way, “fuck” and “asshole” are not words Mary should be using. They could be considered “personal attacks”. Plus they’re filthy.

    How dare you claim to be the mother of god and speak with the devil’s tongue? Jesus himself would be ashamed to call you mother.

    Sinner, pray for thyself.

  • I am tired of people asking me for signs all the time. I have given enough. I am tired of this planet. I am sick of people like yourselves when you are not with a fake right now and the way you carry on. Shame on you. Shame. And I was not born yesterday. I have lived on this earth long enough to know what the end days mean. What people are really like and about. I have prayed prayers you did not even think were possible. God hears me.
    And furthermore; your unkind remarks about what you LIE about. I am not sick. Nope. Not me. I get mad but then again, the Bible says even God gets angry and when He does, Beware of his wrath.

  • God needs a new rap

  • Don’t tell me how to talk to a world that has lied and abused me almost as bad as the Christ himeself. I have no kind words to say to this world.

  • uao

    Sorry, I should’ve used f— and a——. The mouth on me…

  • And you think words give you class don’t you?
    You think words and power give you class.
    I am out there praying and being teased for it
    and you sit there in your sheltered environments while I am out there taking the brunt of it.
    I am out there and priests tell me, you know how to pray, so pray. I pray and still I am teased for it. Don’t tell me how to talk. I am a free spirit. I am not your robot.

  • Kiss my ass too false church. All of you.
    One day you shall be so sorry.
    SO SORRY….count on it.
    The real prayer warrior is sitting right here.
    The real truth behind the miracles.
    But NO, you put your faith based on opinions.
    So kiss my ass.

  • uao

    You are somebody’s robot, though.

  • Who do you think taught me these words?
    This present world did.
    That’s who and now I know why they use them.
    This world SUCKS
    and there is much injustice
    and many shall fall to the wayside
    because of the evils of it.
    My sister was in the room with me
    when God openly gave her a sign
    that he was with me in prayer.
    I do not pray to the Devil.
    But Heaven help me,
    I do not trust anyone anymore.
    I am tired of your bullshit world.
    Oh yes, this is Mary,
    Mary reborn into a hateful world.
    People lying and stealing
    and covering up their own asses.
    I do not live in paradise or Utopia
    and read Bibles filled with doom and gloom
    and it all is real too.
    I am par for course for the end times.
    Living in a world THAT KNOWS NOT WHAT THEY DO
    and if God had a slang back then, he would have used it.
    So shut up.

  • Jesus

    Give it a rest Mom. Don’t worry about these sinners. I’ll be there with sword and fire presently.

  • But again how confused are you? For if I was a satanist, I would not pray. And if I was a satanist, you would not be singing so many of my lovely songs. If I was a satanist, you would not have the miracles of today.

  • So what of this world? If God calls you hateful birds and I call you assholes, it still means basically the same thing. If God calls you a generation of vipers and people hate snakes,
    I would not be going around telling me what God would say or do. He is not happy with you either.

  • uao

    Yeah, you and what army, Jesus?


    If the world taught you to be evil, and to speak evil, you must rise above it.

    Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    Even Mary (the real one) was chaste. (Whether she and Joseph got it on after Jesus was born hasn’t been well documented)

    Your prurient language only shows that you haven’t been saved after all; you haven’t risen above the base and the foul.

    You are a false Mary, the worst kind of all.

    It’s time, I think, for you to re-enter the church and consult with your minister or priest. Or, try visiting a new church.

    Maybe you can stop your sinning ways, and get some healing for your wounded heart.

    Mary is full of grace, don’t forget.

  • Talk to the hand who ever you think YOU ARE.
    I had 27 warts and I prayed for them all to fall off in seven days on the third prayer. You do not know what I have seen with my own eyes and how I was mistreated. You do not know what evil bastards there are out there waiting to take advantage of Pollyannas deary. So get real.
    I am her. The prophecy goes like this.
    If you do not listen to me, I must listen to you.
    Oh yes, I fit the bill.

  • Jesus

    “Yeah, you and what army, Jesus?”

    Now that’s funny!

  • I don’t think you people even understand English.
    Really. The Bible talks about the false church.
    You don’t get it. That means I am praying and I have staying power. Oh yes, for if I was false,
    statues would not be crying when I say to God,

  • And what is the world? What is the world to me?
    Basards. They follow me around, steal, lie, beat me up, make up stuff about me, try to get rich off of me, and then you have the nerve to write a book which IS about me. Oh yes, for no other woman in the world can be me. NONE. For I know who I am. I have known it since day one. MARY MARY I said but no one listened. Then I said there shall be signs and wonders and you know what? You were brain washed by Satan to ignore them when you had better pay heed cause I can pray alive or dead and the wrath of God will be upon you.

  • uao

    No, I think I’ve finally come to the considered conclusion that you are a phony baloney Mary.

    And a contemptable sinner for defiling her sacred name.

    You are delirious devotional candle, why you… Why, the very nerve of you…you…foul-mouthed bogus virgin!!!

    I’ll pray for you to the real Mary.

    Sinner sinner sinner sinner! d:-d

    Thank you Jesus.

  • Oh and did I leave out raped too? The streets are not safe anymore and that is not my fault. So take all your callused and haughty remarks and you know what you can do with them? Go to your false churches who are making up rules for their own importance what always made Jesus mad anyhow and he was not always popular but he was always right and why? Cause God made him so. I will tell you all off right here and now. This world is not nice. Don’t expect me to be.

  • First of all, you are ONLY Christians if you are marked with the gold seals. I was marked with a gold seal and God did not make a mistake there.
    Shame on you all. Shame on you all. I do know what I am saying. And I am pissed.

  • You go around with your pride, GOD HATES PRIDE folks. You go around singing what a great nation this is. You are full of it. Why promote tourism like that under false pretenses? Do you tell the rest of the world what it’s like for the slaves you made here? Living day to day, barely getting by, the rich getting richer, the mean asses taking over the streets? No, you don’t. Liars.
    At least I am on the level of what’s really going on. The end days. If all chaos breaks loose, it will not be because of me because I prayed for miracles to HELP. I did what God asked me to do.

  • uao

    No, you didn’t leave out raped. Remember the biography I threw together on you? It’s in there…

    But you’re just a girl with a potty mouth and three kids and a bump on the noggin’.

    I’m going to shout from the hilltops, rant in the streets, yell from the rafters, and swing from the chandeliers words to the effect that:

    You are a fake, false, potty-mouthed Mary. Haughtily.

    The real Mary weeps tears for you.

    Phoney. Why don’t you look in the mirror and see what you’ve become?

    Life is hard, and it’s messed up. We can whine about it like you, or we can fix our life.

    God gives us that choice.


  • Jesus

    Mom! Dad’s going to be angry. Don’t you remember what he told you about those gold seals? Now cut it out!

  • I think you are not Christians and I am the last eye witness to Christ is what the GOOD BOOK says in so many words. Satanists have always been assholes and mean and nasty and cruel and think their kind will survive. I am out there praying for my lungs to heal to God, they heal. I am out there talking to God, I haven’t seen a rainbow in so long and one as big as a highway appears.
    Don’t tell me what you think God thinks of me.
    He loves me. Oh yes, The fait and chosen one in a world gone bad. The end days. So clean up your acts and maybe I can relax for a change.

  • Again, your two cents doesn’t go a long ways.
    Read the Bible, Who really is his bride?
    Someone that suffers?
    Someone that prays?
    Someone that knows?
    Someone that he chose before in another lifetime?

    You know what? I am still as mysterious as I ever was cause you don’t know how to pray like I do.

  • Oh protect me God right now from the false church.
    Oh yes, the ones who lie and corrupt and hold back evidence. Oh protect me now from the deceitful tongues on here acting as if they were
    so sure of anything at all much less you. Oh and another thing, I asked God to prove my color blue
    and trust me being in this world, that was a brave thing to do.

  • So the false church is going to be judged and you better get ready cause the signs are in. ONES I PRAYED FOR. No matter folks, the signs are in.
    Ones I predicted. No satanist am I. Angry yes,
    and I surely have a right to be.

  • Jesus

    There you go again telling me my two cents are worthless. It has always been this way since I was a kid. What if people knew that in those pictures of you what you were really thinking was “Oi vey, what a schmuck.”

  • I come back to a world that I can barely tolerate.
    I get beaten, raped, robbed constantly, lied to,
    tricked, and manipulated. Briefcase scenerios are the worst. God knows who the real Satanists are.
    While you are bargaining with your own sanity here and forgetting what made me angry with all of you convientently so, I suggest you think about why you like to provoke someone to anger which by the way is also a sin. And furthermore;
    when this world gets right with God, there won’t be tears falling from my eyes like rivers. I won’t have to be on alert constantly for witches who are in wait for me and like scaring me and laugh in my face about it. I won’t be around pesty idiots who should honestly go back to kindergarten. I won’t be around those who have nothing more to do with God than snooty assed opinions. If it surprises you that I am this Mary, GOOD, just the way I like it. I could use a break from this evil world. Go fly a kite for all I care but you are wrong, DEAD wrong that I am not this Mary if you surmise by slang that I don’t pray for miracles. What language do I speak?
    American and it’s everywhere. We all seem to be angry, heart broken, and sick at heart about something. Tell me I lie now?

  • uao

    blah blah blah


  • The miracles I prayed for. What are you stupid?
    That is why I am on here. Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, or care or not. That is why I am on here trying to tell you WHY I prayed for them.

  • Jesus

    Come on now, Mom. It’s not so bad. In fact, you are lucky. You have Haagen-Dazs ice cream this time.

  • Oh and let me add to you uao, that I am sitting here being smarted off to like did I put my face on the grill for the cheese sandwich miracle and obviously it is called the VIRGIN MARY miracle
    for obvious reasons beknown to me and now you.
    Fight fight fight, is that what your so called good book says to do? Never listen to reason?
    Never give mind to reason? Never pay attention that someone on here is telling the truth? And I get a handful of insults and false diagnosis
    and remedy this kind of people. I did not ask for your help or advice. You want to make me mad?
    Bingo, you got it.

  • Like signs or praying or swearing to God means anything to any of you. Just your daily balances and mindless woes. That’s all that concerns you right? My family saw miracles that I even predicted beforehand. People will not forget me for a long time to come. God rest assured of that.

  • uao
    People are dying in a war.
    Next year is not going to be a bonus year.
    UFOS came in the 70’s in what appears to be the rapture. Written in the Bible, Believers shall be captured in the air. Oh yes, it is written.
    I am sitting here today, only God knows how.
    I could have been in the meat locker many times.
    Next year? You say it like it is a big sale at Macy’s, you really kill me.

  • Jesus

    She was born mad. Ask Joe. In fact, because of her I often wondered if my voices and miracles were reflections of some hereditary insanity.

  • Now, if you want comedy hour, don’t talk to me about something as serious as miracles. If you want to talk about books, you will find me in the last chapter of one of the most debated books ever passed onto mankind, the Bible. But what I really am about is being nobody’s fool or robot.
    To think that I do not pray is what bothers me most. People always said I talk about GOD TOO MUCH. However; it is my life so I will do that.
    I guess you have a bunch of raving lunatics on here making snide remarks by the devil himself
    on their side or so they think. I did not put my face in my mother’s skillet when the miracle occured. It happened and never happened again.
    No, I am mad at you for the way you have talked to ME!

  • You know you got your fakes out there, the monsters that people later confessed were hoaxes,
    the false preachers who later proved that they really were just thinking of themselves all along,
    and you have fakes everywhere. But I am not a fake. I was born saying my name is Mary and I will die the same way. For what has been made is made. Out of respect for my birth mother, I let the name she gave me slide but I told her and the churches who I am, and that I was in prophecy.
    Is that funny? Is that funny to you? It is not funny. For I have a serious to me that you will never know because you don’t know how to reach ME.

  • This is not about your guessing games on here.
    This is not about your assumptions. This is not about IF I can pray for miracles or not. This is not about you, this is about me. This is not about what you tried to peice together to make sense because God did not tell you one iota of it.
    This is not about what you deem proper because we are not living in a proper world. This is not about what you think I should sound like, look like, act like, talk like. I am a product of the end days. If God came back to this, surely he might have destroyed it by fire like he mentioned.
    For the baptism of water did not work and now he should like to baptize you by fire. He did not sell miracles, food, or sermons. People try and make a business out of it. Oh MY GOD, really.
    I am out there praying like Jesus did, handing out miracles left and right, and getting USED for it. No, these days surely are the end times.

  • uao

    So when the rapture comes, come back here and tell me “ha ha, I told you so, uao”

    ’cause you’re just a potty-mouthed non-virgin who posts to internet sites. I found the other poor guy you tortured right here. You ruined his site, you kook.

    blah blah blah, that’s all you do. Try listening for a change; you’re life might miraculously improve. Fake, vulgar Maria.

    And that cheese sandwich looks like Peter Cushing, not Mary.

  • Before you think you all handed out the gold seals, let me tell you another thing….you surely did not make me and if God wanted me dead,
    I would have died by now. A head injury so severe that my brain emerged two inches out of my skull.
    Bitten twice by a rattlesnake and did not get sick or die. In childbirth, unable to deliver and slapped back together like a second rate person.
    When even the Bible says THEY WERE MADE RICH BY HER but you choose to down me. Don’t go there.

  • Jesus

    I’m gonna tell.

  • I am a seer. NO KOOK.
    I see that this blog is over taken by a bunch of dimwits.
    Occasionally someone sticks their necks out but not for long.
    Mere contemplation on my part?
    I think not.
    Next year uso, next year?
    Are you going to make the world stand to attention?
    Are you making a buck off me too?
    And likewise; revised and edited sinners
    YOU ARE TOO I remind you.
    For this is your ways to correct.
    Three wonders of Heaven folks:
    To see people you did not think should be there.
    To not see people you thought should be there
    and to be there yourself!
    HA HA

  • What do you think of Pretty Ricky and B5, Mary? There’s a discussion going on that you might like to comment on.

  • Always someone to fuck up your dreams.

    Ain’t no luck of the Irish.

    Someone has their hands in my pockets.

    And they have the nerve to tell me not to get mad about it.

    Not going to happen.
    I am mad.

    And even if the sun refused to shine…..
    I would still love you my valentine.
    A song I sang out loud in the sixth grade
    when I got NO valentines and I sang this out in the playground to make myself feel better.
    I forget that the world operates on credit, no credit, and some finatics say prayer.

  • uao

    Yeah but this guy had to close his site because you started spamming him about your furshlugginer cheese sandwich.

    Is that what’s going to happen here? You’ll keep spamming this thread until the site is dead?

    You wanna help this world? Volunteer your spare time to a homeless shelter. Feed the poor. Rescue stray animals.

    That’s a bigger help than shutting down internet sites, and it might make you feel better about your life too. Because you’re obviously too dumb or too ill to help yourself.

    Ya big fraud, ya phoney baloney garbanzo bean, you plastic statuette, you dimestore greeting card, you heffalump…

  • So don’t go handing me what you would like me to believe and what I know to be true. I know how evil this world really is. I know what reality is.
    I know that I prayed for the miracles too. I am in my body and consious mind. I have given many miraculous photos away. GAVE THEM AWAY and you people are swindling cash for it. Don’t bother to tithe to church, you are doing too well on the market these days, right, lose your shirt,
    you can buy another one. And the faithful say how long oh Lord?

  • uao
    You big time loser and chow hound like it your way Burger King.
    You overt smug pious no thick and thin self righteous bastard that God was right on the mark about.
    You twisted kind of fools.
    You knockwurst without the bun.
    You onion head.
    You stink.
    Are we having fun yet?

  • I like bun-less burgers – healthier

  • uao

    I bet your photo is at least 15 years old too, how do ya like them apples?

  • Hateful birds hateful birds
    generation of vipers
    gnashing of teeth crumb bums
    Gnaves of the dirt bashing
    Sumaris of the festive online fad?
    Bargain hunters without a clue
    The depraved ones looking for a life?
    The chosen idiots of smash hits for a song
    not sung by the original artist?
    The dare devils making a blog about something
    they have only guessed at?

  • Here is the noise I put up with growing up


    No honest business deals.

    Cheap Charlies got the blues.

    I got the time but no place.

    Day late, dollar short.
    Why is that?

    Because THE SAINT here was trying not to love money, help the poor, and be useful. OH the SAINT here was preyed upon not prayed for.

    Oh yes, truth be told world,
    you really are lucky I even prayed for miracles
    and not the miracle of the sun leaving your faces which to me DO NOT SHINE.

  • What I have on my hands are a bunch of spoiled rotten brats now.
    I spoiled you rotten.

  • My good works are not bogus claims.
    My good works are not filthy rags.

  • uao
  • Jesus

    You are like in so much trouble over the gold seals! And you really are embarrassing me, your first born.

  • Then I watch cribs or awards ceremonies and I don’t see people thanking me, I see they have used me and tricked me. Now I know that being a saint is not easy for you people. You don’t know why God chose me, no. But I do. I know why and God is not wrong. For in the end folks, when you see scripture come to life and in your face,
    you will see that I was not wrong about one thing.
    And if I had a good mind to tell you off, you most likely deserved it some how some way. First of all, I come on here and I read what you have to say. All theoretical poop. Nothing to back you up. Yet, I dare. Oh yes, I dare. Like the blue in my latest miraculous photograph I dare.

  • Religion has become second nature to sin.
    That is why it is called the end times.
    People are only going to chalk one up for God.
    He always knew.
    Those who love God, obey/
    those who don’t, watch out for them.
    They would sooner kill you than pray for you.
    And meanwhile back on sunnybrook farm…
    where life is all about death and taxes.
    Can we rile up the devil some more on here?
    Make it a showcase blog and find a buyer?
    Isn’t that the way of the advertising of a book?
    If it were so important, shouldn’t it be free?

  • Which is why you should submit to the will of Allah.

    That, and the virgins in heaven.

  • I gave it to you straight and free.
    May the real Mary be blessed as she really is in a world that often times mistakes goodness for badness and often times hides behind the cross instead of carrying it.

    Oh bullshit on you.

    I have God on my side or he would not be answering my prayers.

    People on the other hand, they have only their
    measely sides and oppositions.

    While the real Mary spoke up,
    you get what you pay for?

    For the real God would never have sold the truth
    or his soul.

  • The real Mary returned is hurt, wounded, mortified, abused, ridiculed, embodied in faith yet appears to be naked, asking with a pure heart for signs and nibbled on by the hungry of her talents.

    The real Mary returned acts like you do.
    Feels like you do.
    Cries like you do.
    Messes up from time to time like you do.
    The real Mary is flesh and bone.
    The real Mary carries a heavy heart.
    The real Mary came on here and exposed herself
    and her true feelings.

    Too bad you got your facts mixed up.
    Mine are like ducks in a row.

  • Oh God, I am so glad you know my heart.
    I am so glad you let me sing even with a broken jaw and fishbones in my throat.
    I am so glad I was a very creative child and ambitious to say the least for in the end times when greed and crime take over, I am disabled
    by the evil ones.
    Now social security finally kicks in for Mary
    of which God sent an apparition to Benjamin Franklin and told secrets of what must be so.

    And all you fakes writing books, those are not
    viable facts.

    The ones I wrote on this blog are.

    I live in a world that sold me out.

    I am horrified by the human beings of today.

  • I got all my ducks in a row and all you want to do is shoot them down.
    Again, shame on you.

  • I am not spamming on here.
    I did not sell you a thing.
    All I wanted was you to know the truth
    about what is going on.
    I am not writing a book.
    My life will be God’s tears and joy
    mingled with sorrow some day.
    That is good enough for me
    for when the world hates you for loving
    you must be doing something right.

  • I guess this was a Hallmark moment and I let go expletitives again.

    No, not sorry.

    Not sorry at all.

    For while the world gets rich and I live in
    poverty and hear lies all the time…
    I am not sorry at all.

  • Go sponge Bob yourself uao
    and Christopher,
    if there ever was a tooth fairy,
    don’t let him hand you too much change.
    Oh and Nancy,
    better folks battle it out in the south.
    And let’s do the wild thing
    and close with
    there shall be problems in the flesh
    and money is the root of all evii.

  • uao

    Spamming is the posting of repetitive and unwanted messages; they don’t have to be commercial, religious spam counts too.

    At 500+ messages, most of which say the same thing, you are now one of the primary non-commercial (well, I guess you do sell your art therapy) spammers on the internet.

    So: you are a filthy spammer, too.

    And a fake, bitter, self-absorbed, bogus Maria. And when are you gonna explain about that other site you were on, I’m tired of posting the url…

  • That’s rich. Oh yeah, and they called Jesus a devil by mistake too once. And then again, we got a big world filled with big doubt and we got big problems based on ignorance. Oh but you dream on duckie. For the world has yet to know that I am no martyr and yet the day shall come and my cries shall be heard by the Lord on High. My wall, my weeping and wailing shall be acknowledged by the Saints who kept watch over me during torture and beatings and robbings and lastly ridicule. Yep, it all adds up. Your shit stinks worse than mine.

  • Bite me and whoa Nellie.

  • Who keeps hearing it? ME, why me? Why not you?
    Why not all the confesions of sin against me?
    I will tell you why. Satan has you wrapped up in a dinner bell and your marriage is short lived.
    For my relationship with God has been an open book. My life has been extraordinary. In short,
    I have produced more music than you know of.
    I have had my prayers answered to be an artist.
    I have had children when told I should not.
    I have told the truth about my birth and life
    only to have some panel of so called experts
    sort it out for goulash. Hey, something smells like dead fish.
    Guess Jesus handed out too many.

  • Jesus was too kind to this world.
    Likewise; so was I.
    To be naive and trusting in a world that
    is reportedly in the Bible as being
    stench in God’s nostrils is like offering myself up to God to join him.
    Join him and his bride I be.

  • What we have is two forces at play.
    People with freewills.
    Idle hands and careless tongues.
    Souls for sale,
    if they can get their way,
    they will surely try.

  • Mister Jesus blogger

    Care to sing Sweet Chariot?

    Find the end of a rainbow?

    Greet the day like your life depended on it?

    Make a city on the map shine like a new penny?

    Or will you wear sack cloth and make the moon red?

    Send another bolt of fire with the cry of the Lady?

    Dance with the devil just long enough to step on his toes?

  • Jesus

    I love you, Mom. Dad says to call home tonight.

  • Meanwhile, I am still praying for miracles and justice to come. I neither want the false church misleading people anymore or others to suffer like I did in their hands. For my grandmother once said it pays to be more earthly. I am down to earth. Enough to warn you of the dangers of being too good for this world. I try to help feed the poor and am turned away for food stamps yet
    brough fresh fish to the poor for nothing. I tried to help a homeless man, he came back and robbed me. I tried to believe in love only to be abused so badly I cannot work now. So warning world, the false church may give you false security under the impression you will go to Heaven. I only warn you in advance that your life is in peril in days like these are.

  • Did the miracles really take place when I prayed?
    Yes, and I thank God for them.

  • Wolves in sheep clothing are the ones the Bible says appear to be angels of light but they liveth and loveth a lie oh yes. Good talkers but not good walkers of the faith. So while you balk about one thing, I make up where you SAY I lack.
    But my faith should not have to make me a target either and trap me like an animal for praying.
    Neither should miracles that happened right in front of people scare them. God is about love
    and not scaring.

  • Oh and for you who go around saying crazy or other subtle terminology for it, you are not right in the head or the heart. One thing is this,I helped far more than you probably did.
    Praying never hurt anyone. I let God answer.
    I am not trying to steal the show, I cannot steal God’s thunder. God to me stands for truth and Lord knows we all know that no one is totally crazy. Just a bunch of money hungry doctors who love to make a mountain out of a mole hill for their prosterity’s sake.

  • Fake? HA HA HA HA, self absorbed, HA HA HA HA
    I am out there praying for miracles right before your eyes for not just my benefit folks. HA HA
    you really are just back stabbers. Are we having fun on here exposing the wickedness of a so called saved world? Jive talkers. Let me hear from some of you if you ever experienced a true miracle. Don’t be afraid to share it either.

  • RogerMDillon

    Thanks for agreeing with me about MDL being spam, uao. I was surpsied it took about 150 comments to get someone else to agree, but to be fair most were hers.

    She’s now at 81 in the last 24 hours and she still hasn’t mentioned her favorite guitarist, although I’m guessing she will name herself.

  • Roger, I’m getting tired of YOUR hate spam.

    MRL is absolutely NOT spam, not on this story. She’s just not. Besides which, I am the author of the story, and I have specifically and repeatedly publicly given her my blessing to rant away, and I re-iterate that point. Rave on, MRL.

    On the other hand, YOU are not contributing anything but pure damned worthless spite. If you’re not interested in her comments, why do you keep coming back? Why are you so interesting in shitting on her?

    Your story has become tiresome.

  • Hi Al, it takes time to get to know someone, doesn’t it? First impressions are not always so.
    I am surrounded by some high volume input with little value on here. Al Barger, I guess my peeve is being on here. I come on to share things with the world. Share an incredible life filled with seemingly not so events but I too know that I did not sit around and make this stuff up. I too know that I wonder if you ever knew me personally. Maybe that is what aggravates me most. And yet it is that these people on here spout off most willingly if they can coax others into their beliefs and yet try to dispute mine. Mine are real and backed up, not only by witnesses but Biblical as well. I do not have bipolar disorder.
    I have a short temper being around rejects too long so I have to leave before I blow a fuse.
    HA. I don’t tend to be pretensious on here. I am only being myself. If someone even insinates that the cheese sandwich miracle is a hoax which it is not, then rumors fly. So they gossip and that it a sin. Speculation does not count if they were not there. Again, it was not a hoax and the people who knew me, knew that. I prayed all the time. I talked about God all the time. It was what triggered Satanists to come after me and see what God would do about it. God is long in mercy
    and deep in compassion. Lucky for the ones who attacked me but not lucky for me. I suffered.
    I suffered mentally and physically but numerous attacks and tricks and conjurings. If you are deeply religious, you know what I am saying. My life compares to the Exorcist in that Satanists were having a hey day with me. Jabbing scissors into my neck and asking me if I was afraid to die was not imagined persecution folks. I suffered.
    I don’t know where some of you get off acting like you know so much. But your lack of emotion hurts me. Your lack of destinction and reason upsets me. If Al Barger wants truth, I will supply it out of admiration for God. I only serve God but I live here with infidels and dangerous sorts and I have toughened myself up to them.
    Don’t expect me to float on air but there have been photos of me that were pretty alarming.
    Like seeing right through me and part of me missing in photos. Try explaining that when Warner Brothers stole the evidence I sent them.
    Oh yes, people are making money off of my life.
    No doubt about it. But God is not happy about that. I will write about the 7th sign and they will come out with a movie because that sounded cool to make one up about. Mine is not made up.
    The book almost gives me hope to talk about what really happened if in fact a believer wrote it.
    Asking for time on here is not wrong. When a bunch of you will only suppose and theorize and like to hear yourselves talk. Nothing will be gained by it. I am the facts supplied. You don’t get how important this is that I am on here now.
    When I say things are going to happen, they do.
    Ask Bryan Austin of Montrose, Pa. I said God is going to show you a sign and right then the dark room lit up bright blue. You folks could rant and rave about something you know nothing about only to gain some insight if you will only read how life really was for me. Again, only Dee Lanning has the complete story in safe keeping less something should happen to me. And my address is none of your business. I want privacy and peace.
    I deserve that after what I have been through.
    My sanity? After being away from a most unsavory town of Dunedin, much of my sanity was restored.
    I lived with the Heathens and they were downright awful. One reason I almost committed suicide. Get that one. They were that mean and evil. Yet the Bible talks about them trying to kill Christians and I was their primary target being one to openly pray. Oh I made them mad at me and they tried to drive me nuts. My stories are not made up. For the believers of the prophecy, they will always be glad that I still pray and still try to live even with all my injuries. They have given me hope when all hope was lost for a time. I guess the Heathens on here who just can’t for the life of them understand prayer or powers of it,
    may always say they need more proof. NO you don’t.
    And certainly you need to leave me alone. I have been giving signs readily as I lived. I would like one normal day if that is possible where someone doesn’t irk me for their mere curiosity.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Uao, I caught your link at comment #682. The internet is a pretty unforgiving place, ain’t it? You can’t get away from your past actions at all.

    I believe in the End of Days, though not necessarily the Christian narrative of it. If we’re to be able to truly start ith a clean slate, we’ll need the equivalent of an EMP to wipe out the computer memories of all our pathetic actions in the past that have been preserved on the internet or on other memory preserving media.

    So assuming that we are indeed living in the End of Days now, I would expect an EMP for that precise reason.

  • Praying for a war to end is useless. Mixing prophecy and prayer will not work on those guys.
    They are war mongers. You know that. The peace keepers are not out there dodging bullets.
    The end times are about seeing if God worked any wonders for the chosen few and rids of the unwanted ones. (In so many words.)

  • Revelations


    not might be
    not could be
    not should be

  • We live in the now and I appreciate you keeping it to the now. Because now is all that matters.
    The signs I prayed for were from FAITH to show you God is listening and I am not talking to air.

  • Filthy? I will show you who is filthy. Filthy law makers who do not uphold the law. Filthy rich who steal from the poor and never give them a break.
    Filthy liars trying to keep up with the rat race.
    I will show you filthy.

  • Is it likely that a meatball is horsemeat if the package says 100 percent beef?
    Is it unlikely that I am not the fair and chosen one if the Bible says SHE IS THE FAIR AND CHOSEN ONE? Think about it stunods.

  • I have my own personality,I don’t want to be like you.

  • First you have to believe in God to relate to me.
    Second of all you have to be holier than most to even understand me.
    Thirdly, you are not my judge.
    Fourthly, I don’t see any of you saying, do you swear to God on this?
    Lastly, and I have seen from your public display only an acute case of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong if you don’t know what the truth is and are just guessing at it.

  • uao

    Ruvy: I learned the hard way that if you act like a prick on the internet, even if it was years ago, someone can usually dig it up pretty easily and say: ‘what was up with this, dude?’

    I asked Mary 4 times to explain that one, but she’s not answering any questions.

    Which is why I came around to RogerMDillon’s view on this, after originally thinking otherwise.

    I’m sure Al likes this thread and its notoriety, which is why he accuses Roger of “hate”, which is silly.

    The fact is, the lady posts repetitive messages over and over, doesn’t actually “talk” to anyone, despite literally dozens of people trying to reach her. She posts these monologues in the service of furthering a religious message, which is not dissimilar to furthering a financial goal.

    That’s pretty much spam, in most people’s book.

    Worse, even, because real spammers will usually hit you once, and move on.

    If she actually answered people and engaged in a dialog, I’d not call it spam.

    She’s a deluded, self-righteous, repetitive, foul-mouthed, insulting, ignoring, psychotic internet kook, who is littering up the discussion board with trash.

    If you replaced every time she mentions “God” with “Hold ‘Em Poker”, you’d have a dyed in the wool spammer.

    I’m glad she’s on your thread Al, I wouldn’t want her on one of mine.

  • I was looking at that Seawana guestbook thing referenced in #682, and was not particularly put off. This guy kinda looks like a candy ass to me. Oh, he was FORCED to shut down his guestbook because of the “spam.” Really. There looks to have been a total of less than 200 comments. That’s not being “forced” to shut down, that’s just playing martyr.

    I might be less well disposed if MRL was carrying on like this scattered across utterly irrelevant postings over the whole site, carrying on with her prophesy on, say, a White Stripes Nation thread. But she’s not done that.

    My original story was a minor posting from a couple of years ago that no one was paying attention to. She has made herself at home in this post that is relevant to her outlook. At least in her mind, it’s a story about her- however much any of us don’t believe. [By the way RIGHT HERE I have a JFK assassination story, if JFK happens to have been re-incarnated and wants to talk about who shot him.]

    I don’t understand why some of you are so set on being hateful with her. I for one find some of what she says interesting. If you don’t, then ignore it. Why do you feel the need to harsh on ol’ girl?

    I would 10 times rather read her oracular pronouncements than Roger McDillon’s constant negativity. That’s not just here, but everywhere he shows up. He does little more EVER than say that people are bad, and shit on everything. He’s an “asshole” in the Team America definition of the word.

    If there’s unwanted and worthless “spam” on this thread, he’s the top spammer. For my part, he’s NOT welcome to be hatin’ on my threads. It’s a free country and an open website, so I tolerate his spiteful presence. But he doesn’t contribute anything interesting or fun or useful.

    Mary, on the other hand, is saying things. Perhaps you consider some of them repetitive. I just say she has themes.

    Also, how exactly WOULD Mary come back and communicate. The understated manner of commenting on a blog might be the way to do it. Makes more sense than the original Fatima story to me. Then again, I don’t know that there’s set protocols on such things.

    Roger and now UAO seem intent on accusing ME of some dishonesty or malfeasance, liking the “notoriety” of this thread. OK sure, I don’t mind that one of my stories has been receiving extra attention. I haven’t looked at the leaderboard to even know if this is up there yet. It’s not that important. I notice that Roger in particular seems to feel a need to show up and leave a turd log on nearly every post where I start getting lots of comments, such as the Pretty Ricky story. Maybe he’s just jealous.

    But I’d be defending Mary just about the same if it was someone else’s thread. If you think she’s crazy, then you’re just beating up on a poor crazy lady. Plus, because it is MY thread, I’m looking on her partly as a guest in my home. There was no room for her at the inn 2K years ago, but she’s welcome here.

    Even if you just think she’s crazy and delusional, she’s obviously had a rough life, and perhaps you could give her some slack- maybe even a little compassion. As the Son would say, what we do to the least of those among us, we’re doing to him.

  • Ain’t no doubt about it, the Senator is cool!

  • Ahem Drew Street miracle is one I prayed for.

  • I am sick of this pathetic group.

  • Yeah we are so pathetically addictive that Mary cant help but visit us again and again. We are truely blessed

  • uao

    Al: I might be less well disposed if MRL was carrying on like this scattered across utterly irrelevant postings over the whole site, carrying on with her prophesy on, say, a White Stripes Nation thread. But she’s not done that.

    Yes, she has. You just haven’t found the threads, yet.

  • You won’t have to worry about that, uao. Unlike the other site Mary reborn literally, er, blessed with her visits, BlogCritics can edit, delete or ban unwelcome comment action. In Mary’s case, the current thinking is the following compromise.

    MARY: You are welcome to do whatever you think it is that you are doing here on this article that Mr Barger has been so kind to provide you. However, if you are going to write on other posts, please stay on the author’s subject not yours or your remarks will simply be deleted.

  • RogerMDillon

    Al, get over your martyr complex because this isn’t about you. My first comment was only about the excessive, rambling nature of her comments. You are the one who claimed I was hatin’, which is complete and utter nonsense. I do think something isn’t right with her, and don’t think she should be exploited, which is why I spoke up. Its disingenious to ask for compassion now when you remained silent when people were mocking her.

    I’m not always negative. You just see it that way because I’m not down with you calling people Negroes or telling Indians what they should be offended by. I enjoyed your piece about blowing your dogs brains out and suggested you send it to other outlets. We also shared a laugh about your naked Prince poster. How soon they forget.

    Jealous of what? That I don’t manipulate people to get attention? “Imagine” had been out quite a while, yet you waitied until the 25th anniversary of Lennon’s before calling it the dumbest protest song ever, even though it’s not a protest song.

    Then, you taunt the Pretty Ricky kids by going into their thread and saying, “Hey look at me, I just called your favorite album the worst of the year and here’s the link.”

    By the way, it’s not YOUR thread. You just started it, so save your blowhard proclamations of tolerance because you have no say in the matter. Your opinion of my contributions are worth a bucket of spit.

  • John the Baptist the Sane and Sensible

    I sacrificed my head for you
    Now that head is reborn to clear your head
    Of pain and wrongness.
    Do I wash your feet or do you wash mine?
    Whose head is annointed with oil and whose with water?
    I walked in the path of God before God had walked it,
    But when we lie down in the Garden
    Our flesh gives the trees their knowledge of good and evil.

  • I will not be back on again. I have said all that needs to be said. Again, you are not wise people on here. You constantly aggravate a situation.
    Not ALL OF YOU DO, but some. You in third person meaning more than one or a third party. I was not trying to write a book and I am not interested in snide jokes. One person wrote remembering me in Tampa but did not add further comment when I asked where was it. You have some real jerks on here sorry to say. They are everywhere. I am not a mental patient. Do you understand? I am not delusional. Again, you people do not know that there is really a prophecy and I am really in it.
    Maybe you should buy the book and get read up first before you deny the existence of God and miracles, maybe you should open your eyes to what others are NOW seeing and become aware that indeed miracles are occuring and I tried to answer why. I can do no more and I will not be insulted again. I am not trying to be her, I am her. I came back and it is noted that I spoke as an adult and talked about God before anyone ever said GOD to me. There are facts to my birth and life that the chosen ones know are fulfilling scripture. I am not on here to joke about it.
    I am not against the book. I know that things going on perplex some and others are excited about them. I know, and I am in agreement, they are miracles. You shall see more I pray for on other sites that I may mail them to in time. They know me there and I am not someone they toy with because they know better than to behave in such a way. You don’t worry about me, I have my life in order compared to the days of old. I was around hostile and lost people. The whole point of the miracles are for us to find God is able to do them. For the foolish on here that run their mouths about me, God will deal with you later.

  • Bennett

    Roger is just as cool, and he remembers what he wrote where.

    And what Al wrote when.

    (say that last one five times fast, I dare ya)

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Well, uao, it looks like the decisive moment came in Chris’s comment #725 when he read MRL the riot act about keeping her comments in other threads relevant.

    However you choose to view the woman, that seems to have made her mind up that she needed another forum to preach on. We’ll see what happens.

    Al, I understand your desire to make her welcome on this thread, but she would not have beenm welcome on something that I had written unless she could have stuck to the topic in a general way and answer a few questions – not necessarily about her own doings this time around..

    On the other hand, Fatima or Mary related topics are not my cup of tea.

  • I don’t consider her comments irrelevant generally, and I particularly don’t see why she, of all visitors to Blogcritics, is demanded to respond to other commenters. She does some, sometimes in a round about way- but where is there a rule that she has to answer everybody else’s damned questions?

    I understand some concern for keeping on topic in other threads- though I see very little of such demands on everybody else.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Al, on THIS thread, her comments were not necessarily irrelevant. Fatima is about visions of Mary, after all.

    But if I held myself out as the redeemer, or a close relative, wouldn’t you have a question or two?

    And wouldn’t you expect me to attempt an answer?

    Last April, there was a message on an “End of Days” website here – “a personal message from the messiah.” Don’t you think there were thousands of people with questions for this guy in Israel? Don’t you think there still are?

    I’m just a regular joe. So are you. We toss in our comments and that’s that. You haven’t held yourself out as “Saint Al.” When you do, expect to have to answer questions – lots of them.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back, every performer needs an audience.

  • uao

    Well, I didn’t mean to run her outta Dodge City, although something tells me she won’t be able to contain herself much longer.

    I wasn’t demanding she answer questions, although I admit to getting peeved with her barrage of insults, which are against the Comments policy.

    But she was starting to infect other threads with this stuff, and something had to be done. So I voiced a concern, and plenty of other people did, too.

    And from a business standpoint, too. If you were a first time visitor to this site, and the “most discussed” threads were a 3 year old Fatima one, and three stale PR/B5 articles, and the “discussion” consisted of insults and rantings, you might not even bother to read the excellent article Al Barger or anyone else on this site has written. And you might not bother coming back.

    We all have a stake in this site and Mary, like the b5 kids, just wasn’t respecting that.

    At any rate, I don’t want this to look like “uao got pissed off and chased Mary away”. I didn’t. But why we should have to put up forever with embarassments at the top of the page (and yes it is an embarrassment, for us and for Mary)?

    I hope she gets whatever help she needs, and heals her bitter wounded heart. I think I made that part clear all along.

    Sorry Al. But if she’s gone, at least you’ll have a better shot at getting that first time visitor to notice one of your other articles. This one is pretty stale, after all.

  • uao

    And frankly, if Christopher Rose’s comment is what got her to give up, that just proves that she is conscious of what people say, and what she is doing.

    Which makes me wonder if maybe she was playing us all along.

  • UAO, this article is probably pretty stale to our regular readers. Most of them who are interested have read it by now. On the other hand, it’s still new to the other 99.99999% of internet users.

  • Modern day miracles do happen.
    I am not selling you the facts here folks.
    I was sharing my life, my little corner of the world.
    I have more integrity than given credits for.

  • Legal name is Catherine Reynolds.
    My mother named me that. I go by Cathie by the way.
    Ironically, you all go on and on about something you don’t have ANY firsthand information on.

    I am on here for YOUR benefit, not mine.

    There was only one cheese sandwich miracle.

    I am into faking miracles folks.

    I take religion far too seriously to do something like that.
    I just want you to stop with your accusations
    and first impressions of me.

    I was born speaking, I prophecised as a toddler
    and it does mean something all right.

    It is as true as my miracle that happened last week that I just submitted to your above site.
    I sent them that scanned miracle of my necklace and for NO reason it turned blue all around it.

    No, I am not faking.

    People saw things go on around me.

    Therefore; why is it happening?

    You don’t know.

    They even sing a song about me on the radio.

    “Her colors are blue and gray,
    everyone laughs at her,
    doesn’t anyone know how to pray?”

    I have a miraculous photo to prove that too.

    So don’t laugh, being me is not easy by any means.

    NO one ran me off.

    I was admitted to the emergency room Satrday night with a staff infected spider bite. I am very stressed over it. This is not paradise folks.
    Shit happens. I know what reality is.
    I deal with it every day.

  • uao

    Here we go again.

  • I meant I am not into faking miracles.
    I hate hackers.
    Anyhow, the truth will come out.
    What I saw on here as Mary Reborn Literally
    is that no one asked the paramount question
    NO ONE
    This disturbs me.
    The mention of God, and people are up in arms.
    I was a mere child grilling a sandwich
    and crying. I wasn’t thinking of making cheese sandwiches with my face on them as a market scheme.
    What I think is God did that to show you how I made them and people loved them.
    What I think is you are misled who God is and what God is capable of.
    What I think is you better not piss me off.
    I am on here with all of my scrupples.
    You were not there when I asked God to show the world how sad I am or for the sign on the bank in Clearwater either.
    Lots of people jump the gun and draw their own conclusions.
    I prayed for those signs
    and I am 100% sure of it.

  • But uao, you really wanted me to give a come back.
    So, have a go at it, go ahead and make my day.

  • As far as an audience comment goes,
    you are full of it.
    I am on here to tell you the truth behind the miracles.
    Trust me, I don’t like being around people much.

  • As far as apparitions go…
    Listen people Jesus will not come back to this planet when all around us, it is not on earth as it is in Heaven so don’t even guess at that.
    Our prayers tell you so.

  • Roger,
    Do you know me? Or are you just trying my patience?
    I have arts and science awards.
    So that shows you I do use my brain.
    I have proof I attended Sunday School.
    I still have my certificate if that means
    anything to anyone here.
    I use to sing in the choir at church.
    I once carried a Bible to school.
    You don’t know me.
    I do pray and people saw things
    that were astounding.
    All kinds of people.
    They say I am amazing.
    God is.
    I am just me.
    I do love God
    and I am not going to deny that.

  • uao

    I’m sure you don’t like people much, Catherine. I bet they run when they see you coming, too.

    No, I was hoping you’d pretend to have a little dignity and not come back here, perhaps try a different venue.

    I’m afraid I’ve lost all respect for you, now.


    Listen, there really are other, bigger websites that need to hear your message; this place is a small town in comparison.

    Why not try the forums at Time magazine, ABC.com, Fark, or something else?

    Everybody here has already head this stuff. ad nauseum.

  • So, I saw apparitions of ghosts too as a kid.
    Apparitions can be sent by God for meaning.
    God can do most anything God wants.
    People ask, well how come he does not end the war?
    He did not start it.
    It is not his doing.
    But predictions that we will once again be
    hard necked and stubborn and lose faith
    were given to us.
    I can vouch for that with my present life.
    The evil of today has gone rampant.
    Unchecked and we will surcome to punishment.
    I asked for signs and proof God exists.
    Nothing wrong in doing that.
    I think Al Barger said, so what if she is praying for us, that is a good thing.
    It is a good thing.
    I am not seeking glory for it.
    I sure as hell am not seeking ridicule either.

  • Oh no, you called it preaching some where else?
    Buddy you can stow that.
    I am on this blog because I know the truth.
    The miracle on Drew St. is in the town I lived in.
    Not the Holy Lands.
    You want the truth?
    Read it.
    I am not on here for you to get crazy about.
    Cool your jets.

  • Oh and you jerks on here, reincarnation of who ever, I am being serious while you are being ridiculous. I just sent proof to the above site.
    I am not making this stuff happen. God is.
    So while you talk about repetitive posts,
    why don’t you count your own that insult my intelligence? That’s quite enough no thanks to you.

  • Sensationalism sells, but that is not the truth.

  • You want logical answers and so do we. So do Christians for why the world is like it is.
    Why I could not attend public school without bullies for one thing so that college was impossible because the bullies ruined it for me.
    I am living with competitive and ruthless nitwits.
    Someone always trying to run the show! Oh yes.
    People are predators and mighty stupid. While you try to oust me uao, I am sure there are many who would tell you, out spoken one, that you ought to be more quiet and resolute.

  • I was dealing with nitwits on here, I did not want to come back. How can I be serious when there are pranksters and jokesters on here.
    OH I ate the cheese sandwich.
    What did he want with that remark?
    I mean get real.
    This site turned into laugh in.

  • Always one in every crowd unfortunately.
    And I may be one of those
    Jerusalem people for all you know.
    Where is the priest on here verifying
    All we have on here are the daily consumers
    of online blogs.
    That is not helping matters.
    I won’t end up like The Messenger folks.
    The movie about the Maiden of France!
    I will show this world a thing or two before
    I leave it all behind.

  • They don’t run when they see me coming.
    Grow up.
    Don’t you have someting better to do?
    The elders will look at your snide remarks
    and they will not like them.
    I am aware.
    More aware than you are.
    The opposite is true.
    I some times get over whelmed and they celebrated my birthday in Wilkes Barre, Pa and a big crowd
    showed up.
    I assure you, I am no monster or mental patient.
    What I am is something that life has been asking
    where is God?
    Cathie says, do you want proof?
    I will ask for it.

  • So don’t be so harsh and cruel and snide and you may find that I am relating to you rather well considering I had two strokes, maimed hand, and my eyesight is failing me. I am on here aren’t I?
    You asked, I told. I may be dying for all I know
    and it was time to tell the world how I was born,
    all the miracles that took place afterwards, and the lessons I learned along my journey. Oh yes, it was time.

  • Roger M Dillon

    I have scars all over my body from attacks.
    I did not self inflict them.

  • Christopher Rose

    Jesus did not turn stones into bread
    upon request either.

    Does that make him fake?


    I have my own personality.

    It is a product of my environment.

    Where is a good police man when you need one?

    I mean it, some cops are as good as teats on bulls.

  • uao

    Let me tell you something, you acted like you could find answers FOR me.
    I did not ask you to speak up.
    Lots of people think they know but they don’t know.
    It is already decided that I am the Fatima Prophecy by the church and state.

    They already came and found out what they wanted from me as a child.

    I passed the tests.

    So don’t go there.

    I am not asking you to find scripture.
    You won’t find it unless you have divination
    to know it.

    A prophecy has come to pass, that is all you need to say.

  • You all, I don’t need the blasting. I was born different, everyone knew that who knew me. I was warned that Satanists would persecute me worse than anyone alive and they did that. I almost died at their hands. I survived and I began to pray again. This is remarkable to the elders who were watching me as I grew up. Telling me to observe the world before I spoke. I respect my elders. They have come before me and were waiting on me too. They knew I could pray for miracles, it would just be a matter of time.

  • To the comment about my demons are real to me.
    You are mentally ill.
    I feel sorry for you.
    Now go get a job and stop searching for ones
    to prey upon.

  • uao
    You are not that gifted. You think you have a Bible and that makes you able to answer my life story. You are wrong buddy. God knows there was going to be tribulation for me. That my life was going to be hard and dangerous too. What I went through is incredible and I lived to tell it.
    No, I did not ask you to speak on my behalf.
    God did it to the Methodist Church in Dunedin,Fl
    or so we heard a voice. I am here to fight with all my faith now. I am not taking this crap from one single solitary person. The world will answer to God for it’s sins. Plain and simple.

  • uao

    It’s too late for you to try to make friends with me now, Cathie. I gave you your opportunity 2 weeks ago.

    I’ve moved on now, everyone else has moved on, and nobody’s listening.

    So call my name all you like; you’re just another in an endless string of lonely women whose lips form that forlorn sound…uao…uao…uao

    Plus, I don’t like my women too chatty.

  • This is as repost, Catherine – from a ways back.

    A comment and a question.
    In her comments about us all seeing G-d when we die (comment #540), MRL confirms what you can find on the Signs From Heaven Web Site. http://www.signsfromheaven.com.

    We all get judged. And in that judgment, we will be exposed directly to G-d.

    I will not argue with MRL’s miracles, of course. I learned a long time ago not to mock.

    But given that I live just a few miles from Bethlehem, I’m curious to know what a gilgúl neshamá (returned soul) might know of ancient Jerusalem, or ancient Bethlehem, or of a land in terrible turmoil under foreign occupation. This was the country that Jesus was born in, and that his mother had to cope with.

    I live in a country in terrible turmoil today and wonder if any of this knowledge of my ancient homeland survives in her that MRL can pass on.

  • Good topic last comment.
    I think we can all relate to translated Bibles/
    maybe some meaning lost in translation too.
    So many preachers try to take matters into their own hands and they speak without God telling them to. So many think because they are in prayer, that answers will always come. No, they don’t.
    Once I prayed before I ever started dating, I asked God for a sign and a vase flew off the TV set at me. I did not know what to make of that but the men I met were not to be for me. So much for signs. But what I found out was that love does not come with any guarantees and that we are in the end times and men are not of God. What I found out hurt me and cost me greatly. I trusted and was naive. So the scripture comes to mind, they liveth and loveth a lie. God is talking mankind in general. Jesus was the true church.
    I don’t care what you say. Jesus was the son of God sent to help us sort it all out. What we perceive of the end days is that the world is indeed full of trickery and we are wondering if Satan will ever leave us alone so we can patch ourselves and our deeds up. It seems that one thing after another is happening and the signs to some are not signs to others. But to me, when I prophecise and something happens just exactly the way I said it would, when I said it would, and make no mistake about it had to be a miracle, then you have evidence. Revelations is about a struggle of a woman. Read it seven times just for clarification. The fair and chosen one. The dragon is after her for bringing the savior into the world. She struggles and let me point out something about the Babylon part. Read afterwards and God says write not it down, meaning it was NOT her fault. Sin against your freewill is forced and sorry but there are victiims and even Jesus was made victim when he was unarmed and alone. Oh yes, I can tell you many secrets to the last chapter and as far as what parts of it mean.

  • An artist named Doris Britt was instructed by God to draw me. In it, she depicts me wearing a black cape. When my grandmother died, she gave me a black cape just as in the drawing which sold 35 copies when I asked in 1990. This was a picture I bought at my birthday celebration in Wilkes Barre, Pa. I often think about the Holy Land and I cry like a river over how men are being reduced there. I don’t know what God has planned right at the moment except that war is prophecised and it will be so. No prayers will end it until the leaders who are satisfied with the results do it.
    God is about our souls and decisions we make.
    God is a healer. God is about keeping sacraments.
    I am brain damaged now folks. I don’t know if you understand just how horrible life was for me. I almost ended my own life because of the evil around me. I could not find decent people or ones who truly believed in God. I was very distraught.
    It was only God that showed me a dream, an eagle flying into a serpent and the serpent lay dead
    that made me come alive again. That little eagle could destroy the great beast and in my heart I knew, it was time for me to stop being afraid of those terrible satanists who slashed me with scissors, stole from me, laughed at me for praying, and kept me back for so long. So within ourselves, God reaches us. All around the world,
    GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, HE SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. It is not just about the Holy Land anymore.

  • uao, as usual you like to draw attention to your blogs as if the world were held spellbound to them. Listen, you can talk about scripture but you were not there. What will it matter? When God wants things to happen, they will. NO matter what.
    Just let them happen.

  • I am still wondering at comment 605 and the thousand Hail Marys one. I think you need to meet someone named Leroy. Who met me in the first grade at Dunedin Elementary School. He called to me and said, come here little girl. I know who you are. God sent you and I am out to get you.
    You are a Christian warrior but something horrible is going to happen to you. So you see folks, something horrible did happen to me and
    it was predicted and predestined and THAT is why I don’t like people much. I met more than my fair share of really mean and dispicable sorts. I have no patience anymore because of them. Worse than pirates, worse than thugs, worse than a common theif. These satanists prided themselves in scaring me nearly to death.

  • Demons are real to everyone.
    So let’s not debate the issue.

  • Bottom line is we are in the end days. I say that with total knowledge just by living them. End days because I read the Bible and asked God to mark me with a gold seal and I saw it come upon my forehead. I am of God no matter what gossipers say. God marks his own. I am hurting and I am not in a very good disposition as of late so pardon me for that crankiness. My intentions are well meaning to explain the truth behind the miracles.

  • uao

    Well, does that answer your question, Ruvy?

  • uao, even if you found scripture on reincarnation or what you thought is intended for usage in my case, I tell you that I know myself better than anyone else does. I know how it is. No one else.
    Some knew of my birth and are seers and they know that I do have special gifts of the spirit but I also do not tolerate joking on my faith for long.
    Just because you were not there when I say amen
    and something amazing happens, does not mean it did not happen or it wasn’t amazing. Faith and seers go hand in hand. What is it about faith?
    How do I know God healed my lungs once? I do.
    I prayed before it happened and how it happened was TOO weird for words. Other things too, uao,
    ask Dr. William Hazlett how my c sections went.
    He never saw anyone not spill a drop of blood like I did and before the operation, oddly enough I said DO NOT BUTCHER ME. You explain to me then why he whispered to me, I saw angels close off your veins before I got to them. We had a discussion on this operation and decided angels were in the room with us. Get that one. But this is everywhere I go. Something weird happens.
    I have been like this my whole life.

  • uao

    I believe in miracles, Cathie. I really do. I believe God healed you. I really do. I believe you are telling the truth (for the most part), I said that right at the beginning.

    Let’s change the topic. What’s your favorite cartoon character of all time?

    Me? Rocky and Bullwinkle, hands down.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    uao, you ask, “well, does that answer your question, Ruvy?”

    I do not need Catherine Reynolds to tell me we are living in the End of Days. I know that already. I do not need anybody to convince me of the truth, or of the reality, or of the power of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. My wife senses Him all the time, and I sense Him occasionally now too.

    The “devil,” if you’ll pardon the expression, is in the details.

    For example, Bilaam, in Séfer B’Midbár, the book you know as Numbers, finally gets disgusted with Balak for hustling him for a curse he can’t give, and gives a prediction of what will happen in the End of Days. His predictions of a fleet coming from afar describe in a general way what has happened in Iraq. Your fleet has come from afar and attacked Babylon (and destroyed the city that Saddam Hussein was trying to build for himself where he would be remembered as the resurrected Nebuhhadnetzar). And Bilaan’s predictions go on from there. At some point, Basra (or the village of Botzra, here in Israel – the Hebrew text reads with a “tz”, not an “s”) will be destroyed. What we puzzle over and pull our beards over, is what those details actually mean. According to Rabbi Pinchas Winston, an authority I respect, the End of Days began in 1990, and were heralded by the Internet. The Iraqi conquest of Quwait was in 1990 – the Soviet Union also effectively collapsed in 1990. These were all signs that a new era had begun.

    I mention this because the Iraqi conflict is all “in the neighborhood.” Iraq is not that far a drive from where I live. Admittedly, there are no HoJo’s for your troops to stop in on the desert road from Baghdad to Amman, but they can get by on MRE’s. There are also a couple of big airbases in Jordan on the way. When (notice, I didn’t say if) American soldiers invade Israel, there is a huge base near Modi’in that they will probably use.

    Bethlehem is in the neighborhood, too. You do not realize just how close I live to there. So a gilgúl neshamá – a returned soul from a different era who happens to come from this neighborhood – might have some wisdom to impart about THIS neck of the woods based on her having lived here once and been involved in some rather dramatic and traumatic events.

    A trace of a past life, if you will. This would be excellent background information to help fill in a yet enigmatic picture.

    And THAT more than anything else, is what interests me.

    Cathie does refer me to the Book of Revelation. I’ll have to look up the last chapter on-line. This is a book I would not have in my home. But beyond that, I do not see any answers to MY question.

    Cathie, the ball is back in your court.

  • Rich

    Cathie is as normal as you or I in many ways. She was not really all that different and I knew her from first grade to graduation.She was and still is a very beautiful person.

  • Nancy

    Rich, does she talk like she writes: nonstop babble? She really, really needs serious psychiatric help. If you’re a friend, you’ll try to get her to get some.

  • Nancy Pay attention and I won’t have to repeat myself. No I do not need friends like you.

  • Learn how to ask questions and ask them of God if you want answers from God. But anyhow, I have not belittled anyone like they try to do me on here.
    Furthermore; you are not experts on prophecy.
    Angels of light can fool you. I told the truth.
    I am the one praying for the miracles. That is not babble. Nancy is a nosy contentious person.
    She thinks she can try to manuver me, she won’t.
    I already proved I pray for miracles and doctors were astounded by them. So Nancy is not practicing good medicine if other doctors decided nothing is wrong with me after all. I proved it.
    She is out of line.

  • Reread my comment 643

    Oh and Jesus was not popular by sinners either
    but only his redeemed. I am not babbling here.
    I know prophecy well. I know what earth is like
    despite all efforts of the saints. I know that very few will be spared in the end days. They carry the mark of the beast. 666. I was shown by God, a gold seal. Rich came on here and I can also find Deanne Shere who heard me say in KINDERGARTEN that signs and wonders would come to prove I do not talk to air in my mid thirties.
    THEY DID COME. So you all mind your manners cause
    you really are ignorant.

  • Nancy are you in the mental health business?
    If so, you should be fired.

  • My friends from school knew me as a poet, an artist, zany fun loving, into swimming and sports.
    I was not one to stand out only to the satanists who were lost and mean to everyone, not just me.
    I was the kind who sang Peace Will Come when we had racial tension, I was the one to invite a black to my home to prove I was not prejudiced.
    I was the one to give art to my friends that became famous by the way. I was and still am a nice person unless you mess with me and that is instinctual Nancy. Lay off with your nonsense.
    Love money that much Nancy to lie for it?

  • comment 578 is irrevelant to the book.

    I explained who I am already and gave some background information to let you get to know me.
    You who are trying to pry your way into my life
    shame on you. NO ONE IS ASKING YOU FOR HELP because I don’t need it. I am doing what God expects of me. Go after some real criminally insane people. Men who beat pregnant women.
    Insurance frauds. Do something constructive with yourselves besides harass a woman who prays to God.

  • [Ed: Personal attacks are not allowed]
    I know why I said what I did.

    The miracle on Drew St. was my answered prayer
    and it was because of what I went through that
    I had to pray for it.

    [Ed: violates comment policy]

  • Nancy

    MRL/Catherine, or whatever your name is today, you are one sick wacko. I don’t have any more time to waste on you; like the rest, I’m outta here, so enjoy your ranting by yourself.

  • The personal attacks were lies.
    I did not stick my face into a grill.
    I prayed openly for miracles.
    I was known in school fondly by decent people.
    I was not singled out for believing in God.
    Others were attacked too for faith.
    As we all know, saints are noted for their suffering by evil doers who made sad mistakes
    of judgement.
    I am not going to stand for any crap.
    I know which side of the fence I am on.
    Miracles DO come from God.
    I come from God.
    I do not take kindly to unwise remarks.
    Nancy is a shame to the mental health profession.
    When the laws that protect me from predators like herself clearly state not guilty until proven guilty and I proved that I DO pray for miracles.
    Hush your stupid mouth Nancy
    and pray for forgiveness.
    Shame on you.
    Doctors came to my apartment after I prayed
    for healing for Richard Burns.
    Nancy, I represent faith not quackery.

  • Nancy is guilty before God.
    Nancy is guilty before God.
    Nancy is guilty before God.

    Three Hail Marys
    the Lord God is with thee
    and He is.

    And forever shall be.

  • [Ed – personal attacks will not be tolerated – cut it out or face the wrath of Khan]

  • There is a ploy for a book which was written by the wrong people. However; I knew I was being baited to come on this blog. I am this Mary that was predicte to return. A Tampa preacher knows it,
    the Pope knew it before he died, and many who saw the miracles I openly prayed for knew it. I am the miracle of the face in the cheese sandwich that sold on EBAY, I am the one who has the courage to come on here and face you all.
    I am the one and the only one with a severe head wound, called the fire down from Heaven in front of many, and also suffered from non believers.
    I am this Mary. I had a right to be here.

  • Our personal walks with God are our own experiences. Jesus knew Judas would betray him.
    He was walking away from faith. I knew too, when I came onto this blog that there were going to be smart asses, wise cracks, more hateful persons,
    and skeptics. I really don’t care what you think because it is what I know to be so. You won’t find scripture that reads outright, Catherine Reynolds is literally born again but a voice spoke to the Methodist church and we all heard it
    and when prophecy starts, it is for believers.
    The prophecy has been fulfilled. It is happening as we sit. The miracles will keep coming no matter what. God is able and God will not let evil win in the end. The 666 vs. gold seals is not imagined. The signs given were prayed for.
    Foretelling of this day and the signs leading up to it are falling into place. The holy war? War is not holy. God says he will avenge our enemy anyhow. UFOs came in the mid seventies. People saw them lots of times back then. We haven’t heard much lately though. Funny it is written believers shall be captured in the air. I am not afraid of UFOs. I call them celestial beings not aliens. This world has many pitfalls and dangers.
    I think this war is more than just democracy issues msyelf and I think that the battle is far from over.

  • Like I said, as I was submitting to the blog, a miracle occured and I sent the picture to the above site. Be looking for it, see with your own eyes and I did not sell it. I know better than that. I am not trying to be famous, I am living the prophecy. I sent the most current miracle for reasons. I am not preaching. I am not a preacher.

  • The Queen of Peace Productions has the blue miracle scan of my necklace and folks, it was tested and it is a miracle.

    Calfornia has ones with the negatives.

    Again, confirmed MIRACLE

    You were not fooled by me.

    I am not Satan.

  • comment 493 I am not ripping off Guess Who
    I did not say that. Air heads on here, that was a love song between me and the killing four.

    Other love songs were ripped off from me though singing out loud.

    I would appreciate you letting me speak on my own behalf. You are not doing me justice here unless
    you just be a reader and try and take it all in
    what I am saying to you.

    Peace and remember John Lennon.

  • Phew!

  • UAO, She’d get eaten alive on a Fark thread.

    On second thought … you should go there and preach your story. It’ll be fun!

  • IgnatiusReilly

    Speaking of Lennon, Catherine, I’d be interested to her your opinion of “Imagine.”

  • John Lennon’s bitter sweet song about Imagine is what the song implies watching the days unfold.
    Seemingly we want peace, we extend good will but some times find the world unrelenting and cruel
    and savage like. John Lennon was expressing this through the song, Imagine There’s No Heaven. It was as though many were not caring about Heaven but more concnerned with getting by anyway they can on earth. I was very sad to know that John Lennon died. I did pray as he lay dying. He sang a song, Come Together and Let It Be and I told you, Kathy Buckner sent them my song Ebony and Ivory. Yes, it was my song. The Pope said a tribute when I prayed to him also dying. Please put in a good word for me here and I will carry on my mission while you can rest in peace. John Lennon doesn’t have to imagine there is no Heaven now. To his lovely wife, you are in my prayers.

  • I think you people who thought that questioning me would bring about something more did not expect my temper. Oh yes, I do have one. The daughter of Zion has a temper so be careful how you approach me. I told you the disturbing issue to me here is that none of you asked me if I swore to God on what I was saying. If you don’t believe in God, then why are you on this particular blog? I ask you that. I am not about trickery. Some say I am too honest. God knows I am only human like all of you are. The miracles were prayed for. I start out, Dear God or Heavenly Father and I end them with Amen. I am not a Satanist nor am I in any cult. I backed off from attending church until my innocence is proven and I am given the reception I deserve.
    You may ask yourselves, how did this baby know what the OB Doctor was asking her mother in ENGLISH for a name and answered Mary twice if she is not the Mary predicted to return. How is it that she prophecised at an early age and all she said came 100% true? How is it that she went back to Florida and asked for the signs she said would come at only four years old and they came when she said they would in her mid thirties? How did she know that? I am not on here to joke around.
    I am insulted by those who find religion a joke.
    Who ever said he ate the cheese sandwich is not funny. That sandwich was made a long time ago when I was preteen or adolescent. I would not eat it if I were you. The fact remains, that I neither faked the miracles or asked Satan for them. Prophecy indicates that I am able to do this and doing this has made the ones waiting for my return stronger in the faith. Those who saw me praying openly and teased me, they don’t tease me anymore. I proved I can indeed talk to God and if you provoke me to anger, that is a sin. I remind you to refrain from angering me.

  • “Ebony and Ivory” is Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, way after Beatles broke up. Also “The Doggone Girl Is Mine” in case you’re thinking of adding that to the mix.

  • Nancy sees that the blog is about the prophecy and yet she wants to attack me. Sometimes I reach humans on their own level. The prophecy movie says, If you do not listen to me, I must listen to you. I heard the noise of this world for far too long. It is time I made some noise, and I will not go quietly. For far too long, I was quiet. It was through prayer that I was told the time was now to tell the world how I was born, what I am doing back, and to contemplate end days together with you. When I was in church telling a priest how I was born, he said, that’s right and you were glad your mother at least gave you the middle name of Marie which is a form of Mary.
    That is exactly what I was thinking when she went ahead and named me.But what she did not know was that her baby was trying to tell the world she is back. Her baby was not just saying she wanted to be called Mary. For in diapers and teething, I place my hands on my mother’s shoulders and I tell her, “You have named me Catherine but I am Mary and God sent me back.” God, I said, before anyone ever said GOD to me. Therefore; is the proof that Christians have been waiting for on the Fatima Prophecy. A baby speaks of God before ever spoken to about God. The people in Tampa, Florida remember me well preaching door to door at two years old. TWO YEARS OLD is correct. I was not your average toddler. I have been born like this for a reason and Christians all around the world know what that reason is.

  • The Beatles made it famous but I sang it first at our piano in Asheville,North Carolina and Kathy Buckner who was sitting next to me said she was sending that song to the Beatles. I remind you she also did not tell me her brakes were gone on her bicycle and let me crash down a mountain side and LAUGHED ABOUT IT. People when are you going to get it? I have a gold seal, I am not lying.

  • Naomi Judd knows me as the eleven year old girl who hid her out and taught her the song, Love Can Build A Bridge. Michael Jackson knows me for singing, You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back. Barbara Streisand knows me for People Who Need People as her beginning song.
    I created music for the movie Pocohantas. Those are my words and melody…You think you own whatever land you land on. I sang it out loud at our lake cottage in Inverness, Florida. No, you don’t have a liar on here.I am a gold seal, God fearing Christian and proud of it.

  • Therefore you now know why the Pope talked about the rock star before he died and placed the letter M on his casket. I will sometimes sign my letters and art M 13. 13 being my date of birth and also a sign. God told me to be born on that date. There is a God folks, gold seals unite.

  • I invite any priest on here to confirm what I have stated because I don’t need a stack of Bibles to claim it is true. I only need to say
    I swear to God, on my honor, that I have not lied.

  • Ms Reynolds, I accept that you believe that you are not lying but I’m not so sure about the rest.

    I’d like to know where you are now and more about how you are living…

  • Spirit is in the heart. I have the spirit of God within me. That is what salvation is about.
    I did not come on the blog to endorse a book I have not read. I did not come on here to start trouble. I did not come on here to hear nonsense from people who should be quiet and learn. I did not come on here to be slaughtered either. I am a Christian. I said to the Satanists, you cannot have my soul and I meant it.

  • 634 the false church
    They manipulate others.
    They lie and steal.
    They do not love God.
    They have become a den of thieves.
    They do not protect the innocent.
    They have made a mockery of faith.
    They have misled leaders.
    They have left their first love,
    JESUS CHRIST our Lord.
    They have also almost killed me once too many times.

  • Christopher, why do you want to know?
    I live where I breathe.
    I own no car.
    I own no home.
    I am doing the will of God.
    I am on here as I do better online
    than in public.
    I have a broken jaw, fractured teeth,
    many physical ailments.
    I will not be on talk shows.
    You will never see me on a talk show.
    I prayed to God for this emailing technology
    that Al Gore came to my house for and of which won me science honors and that is why I am on
    here with the gift God gave to me and I gave to you.

  • I ask the authors of the book now, how many present day miracles did you include in this book?
    How many miraculous photos are in it and why did you not find out that I prayed for them? Why did you write the book when we have Bibles?

  • God put my image on the bank Christopher because it is a sign from GOD that I am not lying.
    Too bad for you who side with the enemy because you shall be judged.

  • Again I also have eye witnesses, I also could write a book on the miracles during my lifetime alone. I also have my own private collection of miraculous photos. They were already declared miracles.

  • Maybe you should find the priest off Main Street in New Milford, Pa. He is of God and I can tell.
    He will tell you. I was not in there talking about some cheating lying husband of mine alone.
    Oh yes, I am no stranger to the sinful world we live in. It happens to the best of us.

  • Christopher, I was very ill last week. I was cranky. I am feeling better now. PMS mixed with a broken back molar, and an outbreak of some blisters that I had to go to the emergency room about. I was bitten by a box queen spider and living in the woods at the time and it got infected as my poverty stricken life made it very hard to keep well. I am much better off now but I will have to live with this under guard and alert to impetigo and infection. So I was not feeling well at all. I will try and put up with nonsense better than I have.

  • So God does see me, God does hear me, God does love me.


    It is not funny to cross examine God.
    I assure you, he won’t be looking at what is in your wallet when you die and are judged.

  • I’m not in the USA, Ms Reynolds, so I don’t know much of the people and places you mention. I’m just trying to understand your situation and picture where you are, how you live, just simple stuff like that.

  • I live very simply. I usually donate to the needy and the poor. I have worked but did not ask for lots of money. I take what I need and leave the rest. I know that sometimes we have need of a physician but that God some times does miracles.
    I have several times where I was too poor to see a physician and God did amazing things for me under the circumstances. I am into health and I love to swim. In fact with my broken pelvis and leg that falls out of my socket, it relieves much pain I suffered at the hands of some very evil persons. I have an art site. I do not like weirdos and spam and business irritates me so I have it on for free kind of like a tax dollars return favor for the disabiity that I finally got that I finally deserved. I have a cat and a hamster. My three children are grown and out on their own. Miracles are still happening around me and I have an eye witness named Dee Lanning who will show you what transpired between us soon.
    I have sent some of the miracles to various sites and people who wrote to me online. I am not selling them. That is not the better world I wish to come ethics I practice. Others have sold miracles of mine. I did not sell any of them.
    Nor did I ask for tithes. Jesus gave sermons and healings and miracles for free and I am not trying to rake his precious soul over the coals.

  • KYS

    Previously I declined to remark on this thread. Mostly because I had nothing useful to offer (except for my sarcasm). But having been marked for death on another thread by another supposed prophet, I’d like to get a second opinion. So I bite….MRL. Who do we believe? Have any insight to my situation?

  • So you write for a living Christopher? You write with purpose? You write for the helluva it?
    I have Jpeg ready proof. I do not see your email address.

  • If I had of lived when Hitler lived, I assure you there would have been more of a fight. The faith is about how long oh Lord and a prophecy about sign of the times.

    And folks, I am not gaining off my life story.

    Only the false Christians are. They like to play games.

    This one, does not play games.

    This one prays like it is nobody’s business.

    BUSINESS because God was not about MONEY.

    People play games. My prayers proved all I said since day one.

  • The word prophet means MAN.

    If you need my help, say so.

    I am a woman.

    But I am also reborn and have relatives who
    were presidents.

    What do you need?

    I will listen.

  • No, I don’t write for a living, Ms Reynolds, although it would be nice if I did. I don’t really need to see any “proof” of your “miracles” as I don’t share your spiritual interpretation of the world but I do appreciate that it is helping you get through some difficult times.

    Whereabouts in the USA are you? I’m in Southern Spain.

  • Seer I am. I saw UFOs coming and they came before we could visually see them. I am a seer, and I pray to God. I am sent back to HELP THE WORLD.
    So, tell me what do you mean by who to believe?
    If I tell you God did a miracle for me, I have sense enough to know what one is. People who saw things like an angels scratching into a window in broad daylight or a room that lit up bright blue
    in the midnight hour or my sister who saw an ashtray fly off a table when I said God is here and will show you a sign…they are not lying about what they saw and the sign on Drew Street?
    You could have seen it before it was vandalized.
    Also something I said in Sunday School, that the sea of glass was broken. Satan hates the woman who brought the savior into the world. Well, I won’t forgive Satan for crucifying Jesus. I won’t and if it is the last thing I do, it will be to open the eyes of the world that God is real and loves us.

  • I want my private life private and I do not want people harassing me day in and day out.
    I am resting up and that is what must be.

    This so called shared philosophy?

    Let me tell you something Christopher,
    I am tired of fighting with others about
    if it is real.

    I am tired of it.

    I have been asking for signs all of my life

    That is enough.

    It is not about what YOU think you know.

    It is about the return and by the way,
    I did make many rich. VERY RICH.

  • 645 the only one full of baloney, is you.
    God did not give you scripture to quote.
    Who do you think you are?
    I don’t need you to speak on my behalf.
    I did not ask you.
    God has already said it,

  • Christopher, why call it alienboy?
    What’s up with you anyhow?

  • I think that rambling is a strong word.
    More like words fall into pig headed eyes.
    And they love to eat up but when can they stop?
    Why stop?
    The world loves dirty laundry.
    Everyone knows that.

  • I don’t think there’s anything up with me. As for Alienboy, I’ve used the name for a long time, you see, I’m a boy and an alien…

  • So is the vote you’ve had enough?
    Will the blog site die with only comments?
    Mine were far more than that.
    Mine were the real truth.

  • KYS

    Not sure if you were addressing me, but my question is, do you concur with torba that I am destined to be destroyed before 2007?

    Not trying to bait anybody, but if these two concur, maybe we should all rethink?

  • Christopher, I do not know how to take your post.
    Some rely on religion and it does get us through you know. I am not preaching on here. I am not a preacher. From perspective though, when summing it up what has happened and what will happen, I am what’s happening.

  • Some questions should not be asked today or even in the next month. I mean use your common sense on war matters. I did not start the war so I cannot end it. Wars erupt when negotiations are severed and trust is invalid. What caused the war?
    Bin Landen already said it, infidels. I agree with him.

  • As far as death goes, I was a flower child of the sixties. I also got my ass kicked by satanists.
    I, the passive one. I know this world is crazy.
    No doubt in my mind. Savages, advanced cavemen with better weapons. I know that. I am a species though that has gifts of the spirit. I am different. I proved it over and over and over again. Power of prayer works for me. Guess I won some favor with God for all my suffering and I sure am glad he came through for me.

  • Alienboy, what do you think? Tell me more about how life is your way? Do you have crime like we do here in the USA? It is not that great. Evil over shadows us here. Liberty takes a holiday some times.

  • troll

    #828 is a clear statement and wonderfully provocative…

    C – I appreciate your opinion more than your prophecy


  • I pray for miracles. That is the truth. People have seen me do it. Bin Laden, seems to me, he thought God is not working fast enough and he took matters into his own hands. I don’t know him personally. Never even heard of him until the news. Rage and anger can get the best of a person.
    When they talk about weapons of mass destruction,
    it makes me wonder if they picked a fight with the USA and were not ready? Sarcasm there folks.
    I mean, daring and brazen thing to do. Bin Laden
    popped his cork.

  • troll


  • I don’t pretend to be a master of the universe or perhaps as great as God either. What the miracles did for me was prove that God was hearing my prayers. What the miracles did for you is made you focus on something hard to explain ( to you anyway) and now books are popping out all over.
    How they eguate the miracles is another thing but pictures don’t lie and neither do I.

  • 826
    I am coping with the world the way it is too.
    My prayers were answered and the signs and miracles predicted by me long ago. I have seeing abilities. A visionary if you will call it that.
    Some heard me not long ago saying the statues will cry tears of blood again and it happened shortly afterwards. What I know is what I know.
    Or I would not be on here.

  • uao,
    sorry buddy, you may have had well meaning intentions to quote parts of the Bible but the fact is you were not there when I was born and you don’t understand Revelations, I do. I know what it means. God spoke to the Methodist church in Dunedin, Florida to a table of ten or so.
    The Sunday School teacher said to the class,
    Cathie is special to God and to us. Some day world you will find out that my birth was for a reason.

  • My childhood memory is still vivid. I mean this was my life. My head injury has nothing to do with my being and my faith. The head injury causes me to avoid movement or extreme temperatures but I remember well and in fact have even surprised my own mother with accounts of infancy. So the so called experts or ones running your mouths, listen, I do not need to hear it.
    Stay out of it. The truth is I did not forget myself or my faith in God.

  • #831 Troll

    It is not my prophecy.
    My prophecy was at four years old that signs and wonders would come in my mid thirties to show you I do not talk to air and who I am to God.
    That was my prophecy.

    Anything else is stated in the last chapter of the Bible but I suggest you be weary because Jesus knew Satan and Satan is still stealing souls today. The prophecy I mentioned about the war killing off the marks, that is not prophecy.
    That is saying that war mongers live and die by the sword. Common sense.

  • I do not harken to man anymore. I speak with God always about things. Man is full of deceit and lies. The proof came that I do pray long ago.
    The signs you are seeing now a days, are prayers of mine. The facts line up. It is not about a mental condition when others saw in plain sight me praying for miracles. I too have my witnesses.
    But I am not in any mood to be toyed with and I do not appreciate people trying to act like they know me when they do not.

  • The immaturity on here, caused my anger. Of course I resent being made into a spectacle. It is hard enough being me without added discomfort.
    I don’t know who bought my cheese sandwich miracle. I would like to meet that person. I gave it away to a neighbor. It only happened one time.
    I am not taking cheap shots at being famous folks
    because I am not that kind of person. I want peace and truth and that is what made me come on here to make sure you get the truth and then I can have peace.

  • Also, neither can you find in the Bible in scripture that there will be a sign come to the financial instituion on Drew St. Clearwater, Florida either. You won’t find that in the Bible.
    So why did the churches run to the miracle and claim it? Why? I told you why. Greed. And furthermore; I am the face of the miracle sandwich that sold on EBAY making proof that things do go on around me. So if you are going to play games with a believer, that is not smart.
    I do pray to God and have many who know that.
    The signs you are seeing are from myself. I just think that some of you really should use your brain and your heart because you say things that do not make sesne or apply to me at all. Even your logic is not on target. Why would a sign be in Clearwater?

  • Therefore; the false church is guilty. Guilty before God of a lie. For I prayed for that sign.
    I being told as a young child, I would be persecuted by Satan worse than anyone. You are guilty, mankind will face the truth or else.

  • and all along we thought gwb was to blame for all the bad shit happening around us!

  • Oh, Andy, what do you know about the Miracle of the sun prophecy or the modern day miracles?

  • So many divisions and opinions. How can this be?
    Man dealing with reality or HIS reality? Man making his way through the maze of life or entering the gates of hell at his leisure?
    How is it that I stand up and claim the modern day miracles? ME! I wrote to St. Pete Times and to Unsolved Mysteries too. Does it surprise you that I would find this blog also and make my claim valid once more?

  • Freewill and forcing us against our wills are the
    perils of living. Address my soul and it will answer. I have one.

  • Let us pray. Let us live. Let us show you
    what power God has on his throne in Heaven.

  • President Bush is who Andy is blaming our worldly ills upon? A representative who may not like his country as much as he leads on. Look at it, the USA has fallen to it’s shortfalls. So many drug over doses, so many hurting people not knowing how to make it in this world and those who do certainly break some of God’s laws. This world does not understand God. They just want to know how to make it in this world. I don’t like this world. So I pray to God to DO something about it.

  • Andy, you cannot pinpoint blame on one person alone. Things haven’t been quite right for many years. Like a pressure cooker, it built up and you just try to keep a lid on it. I don’t know how old you are, but in living day to day, we pick up a few things along the way.The tug of war and the so called church and state issues on each of us come clearer as we live and learn. Some of us are caught in this endless parade of foolishness. We lined up but we did not expect things to go like they have. Democracy started out with principles of faith intertwined. Honest men to deliver and honest citizens to maintain democracy might salvage what is left of it. Maybe not. Maybe we just have found out that there are no easy answers.

  • What amazes me is this blog is about a prophecy.
    There were groups of people who want to know where is this Mary? I know that. There are groups who know that I am not making up being born unusual. They saw me talking and walking very early and as I grew up, praying out loud to God.
    What can it mean that my prayers were answered?
    What does it mean to the world? I hate to belittle you but you seem to love to belittle me.
    Try as you might to find reason to what you deemed my so called madness, we are still talking about a prophecy and seeking answers, are we not?
    And if you kindly thought about WHY Mary would come back to earth and what the urgency is for it,
    and why all the apparitions and why the modern day miracles and why am I still on here not shying away from you or masking truth? WHY?
    Maybe you wonder at why so many peculiar things
    did happen around me. If you put your brain into gear, it may make sense. A good investigator asks all the right questions. Where, when, who, how, and why. What I got was instant flack. No one who knew me but just some sort of anti-climax comments. Still you were not there and did not know me growing up. So, I found an old classmate named Rich. He has known me since the first grade.
    He knew that I attended public school like many children. I was as normal as you, and he means that I was a student, dated, went to the prom, and wasn’t abnormal as such. I was your normal teenager. A little brash, a little daring, a little too sophisticated for my age some said.
    I grew up, and I was lucky to grow up in the hostile environment I grew up in. Rich was to add what our school was really like but he just wants to forget it. I don’t blame him. We try to recall the good times. Yet in my case, it matters because I was up against extremes I almost died from. Anyhow, I lift my voice to God these days.
    God has heard it and relieved my tension. I kept telling others God is real and I do not talk to air. If I can prove there is a God, it would complete my mission.

  • Like a song says,

    Maybe some day some of you will know
    what the meaning of a song is.

    All the things we used to know,
    have gone out the window…

    and a final reply,
    it never ends.

    Well you see, life or love never ends unless you
    want it to.

    Oh, don’t mind me, I can get too sentimental for
    some of you.

  • Has anyone read this book? Al Barger, can you sum this book up for me? No, I should not have to buy it. I lived it so I know. I know about KING’S prophets vs. God’s prophets too. I know about good vs. evil and everything in between. So let’s say, lately my scans are coming out strangely again. Why is it? I am not selecting any feature to do. History on my computer would prove I did not use an art program or greeting cards program to do them. They just come out after meditating or praying. Ask Dee Lanning to show you some of hers I sent her or happened between us online.
    Why? I told you why. I got tired of this life and I began asking God in prayer for many miracles.
    I do believe in God. And I ask again, did anyone read this book mentioned?

  • 719 Crazy how? I did not lie about being born speaking, I did not lie about a preacher telling me that I would be persecuted by Satan as a mere child, I did not lie that I was born to heathens who once attended church and sneered at me and disrespected me for believing in God, I was abused by a whole town for praying out loud, I was then attacked, brutally attacked repeatedly,
    barely holding onto life, I just blended in until I could get the hell out of there,I went up north,
    things got pretty dismal to say the least living in the woods on undeveloped land, I had almost died to an abusive husband and finally left him
    for my safety. I had remembered things I said to come about as a child and I went back down to Florida, prayed for the sign on Drew St. and other things happened, like statues crying and even the Mona Lisa portrait when in fact I had been at our family piano when I prayed looking at the song Mona Lisa. I started to heal from my ordeal with walking pneumonia and I was praying like I had never prayed before for things that were startling, even to me but the signs came.
    A priest had told me, “You know how to pray, so pray.” That was the turning point of my misery.
    God decided to help me through all of this mess.
    I swore under oath, I confessed, and even passed a lie detector test. So who is crazy after I did all that? NO ONE.

  • semiD

    Be strong, for all is meant to be! We are all pieces of his whole. Proof to one will not be proof to another. Someday, we will all have our rock solid proof. Have peace in your belief, for not all, can see your gift.

    Have a great day,


  • Fatima Is a Hoax

    Ridiculous. This stuff is a hoax. The Catholic Church has been full of hoaxes for years. Stigmata… always a young girl under the direct care of a Bishop or some madman in a country ruled or subverted by the Catholic Church. The best questions asked here is WHO SAID there were 70,000 people there? Where were their accounts of this recorded? These 70,000 if they were there were a self selecting group of people. There to see a “miracle” or witness something. They had a vested interest in witnessing and so they did. The only problem was to agree on what INCREDIBLE thing they witnessed and like a bad game of telephone they witnessed the sun bouncing around. Like Woodstock.. all those there and many NOT there claimed to to see this and I’m sure once gossip got around immediately after the fact it became an article of faith for Catholics everywhere.

    C’mon people… LIES abound. We have an administration in Washington that lies and distorts on a daily basis to our very faces despite reams of facts on the ground and documentation. Why WOULDN’T thousands of people in the midst of a catastrophic murderous war with a primitive belief system NOT have such be-ins as the Fatima hoax occur? Again… religous fundamentalists and true believers have a vested interest in claiming miracles happen or were witnessed because the blatant absurdity of their belief system needs to be guarded by such a tissue of lies. Living life as a priest or Bishop in a small rural town among 100% illiteracy is no doubt a boring way to live. Create a hoax for the good of all souls.. opportunity, motivation, ability to manipulate facts. you get the idea

  • Well I see you all are still going on about something you know nothing about. I suppose you can guess away the rest of your lives then. You can be sure of one thing and that is you don’t know for sure either way.

  • But sometimes there are easy answers too and you know what? The real issue here is not IF there is a Fatima, but WHY.

  • I tuned into the 700 club the other day and they were going on about someone’s knee is being healed by GOD. Folks, some times you have to watch out for FINATICS it IS true. Some people are a bit touched and get carried away. Now, I thought to myself, a real miracle is one like I asked God for…Richard Burns to get back his youth and it happened in front of forty people.
    Even the corrections officer saw it happen. The weight came off, his boyish face was astounding.
    I saw it myself. Now a real bonafide miracle defies logic. This is how GOD masters FAITH. HE can do the super natural.

  • I want to comment on President Bush right now. I was told he knew all along the terrorists were angry and going to make good their threats. Even so that the Bush family had caused the riff over some bad financial deal made in oil. Now you see?
    Again, the ruthless ruin ideals of this country and the rich? Do they have class or just money?
    None of this pertains to me and the Fatima right now. Some one asked me, if you can pray for miracles, why don’t you pray to stop the war? I said, that is stupid. I did not start the war so I cannot pray to stop it. Man has freewill and that is why he needs to come to God and pray over his sinful ways. A miracle of faith is to speak up on the atrocities of war and stay out of it on my part. I cannot do anything more about it. I asked God to show the world how sad I am and statues of “Mary” wept. If you knew how sad I get over the evil in this world, you might know I got depressed really bad in the late 80’s. I cannot help but be sad. The world has forgotten manners and commandments and just good decency. Oh yes we are living in precarious times all right. Right when you thought it cannot get any worse too. So here Bush seeks out the terrorists until there is no more threat. Death is his answer to their anger. Revenge will take many lives that had nothing to do with their bad feelings towards each other. This is why I don’t vote. I don’t trust mankind with my life.

  • troll

    *Folks, some times you have to watch out for FINATICS it IS true. Some people are a bit touched and get carried away.*


    *Revenge will take many lives that had nothing to do with their bad feelings towards each other.*

    both replayed for their valid content

    peace to the Woman


  • Hi, someone is still reading after all. Troll, interesting is our situation on earth. Peace is a dreamed of event. Still we are waivering and doomed in the present. Life is a bundle of stress.
    So many trying to rule the world, you know? In our realm, we are not sure where the road leads us. We are not even sure if there is another planet to go to should we need to get off this one. The aliens we call aliens? They might be angels in chariots of God for all we know. Glowing like silver lightning which is in the Bible by the way. Oh well, who cares? Do you?

  • Some people much to do with “religion” get a feeling that they are empowered by God so you have to watch out for some who love to offer advice under their own assumption. God is all knowing but people fall short so don’t listen to just anyone, man of the cloth or not. They are only human. Yes, some can really get going about this or that. They can be way off base too. Be careful in this world full of trickery and deceit.
    Even if they say they are of God or not. You will find out soon enough if that is true or not.

  • Bruno 366
    Yes, being oppressed causes poverty. Truth is you don’t always get paid what you are worth in a country of dishonest folks. I know, I know firsthand.

  • uao, are you still reading? I have been busy at artwork again. True, I am not up to par with some great names but I did not stop trying either. Maybe it is we are bound by our environments too.
    Some hidden talent to emerge if the conditions were right. I came back to read comments, not to get irate. I just had a baby born into my family tree. The birth was high risk. It was a girl folks. Mariela Oneida Cortes. I was very upset about hearing it might be stillborn. A c section and all is well.

  • Parting of the red sea fables? HA, well read the book I told you I am in. Christian Signs and Symbols. People have seen things comparable to the story and saga of Moses because of me. I hope you realize this. Prophecy can be proven and I have more miraculous photos that came out since last on.

  • Whoever put salt and pepper together, I thank.
    Whoever put good and evil together, oh…you wait. I just hope to get to the bottom of this mess some day.

  • Al Barger, can you sell what on EBAY? My comment?
    I think you should advise people not to exploit me further. Yes, that is my cheese sandwich that sold on Ebay. Diana Duyser I do not know. I gave the sandwich to Opal Crawford who is now dead from what I know. She had breast cancer. How Diana Duyser came of it, I have no idea. I wrote to Golden Palace which bought it. I showed them my face which matches the face GOD put on where tears fell as I was grilling it. Yes, I told the truth. Diana is a liar.

  • Being “in the world” is not nice. There are many dangers. I do not like being hurt and harmed and lied to and about. Oh yes, I have a mouth on me.
    You better watch out. I can pray like it is nobody’s business cause it is FAITH for me.

  • Where are the do gooders who will stick their necks out? Are you one? Do you take risks? Stay hot for God? Are you a weary traveler? You see folks, you do not realize that I was reincarnated and hence;satanists are still bothering me. They lie, Diana Duyser is ONE.

  • Semi D, you are on the right track.
    We all have a story to tell, even you some day.
    Keep living and loving and trying to see the way.


  • Al Barger dry ice?
    Plain and simple facts Al, what’s in your wallet?

    Tell us.

  • Faith is what? Belief that there is a supreme creator and GOD. When I pray, the prayers are answered. How do I know it? I know. I was born saying my name is Mary and God sent me back. I know. I prophecised at four years old about the signs and wonders you are now seeing and it was not from reading the Bible. I live it.

  • Welcome back Miss Catherine. Just yesterday I was looking at this page and wondering where you’d gone.

    Congratulations on the new child in the family. Would Mariela be considered a scion to Jesus, like the Dogma movie?

    I’m not sure what I have to do with Ebay or dry ice, though. Sometimes I have a bit of trouble deciphering your prophetic utterances. For the sake of co-operation though, I’ll note that there’s nothing particularly interesting in my wallet- certainly no money. Debit card, driver’s license, and my Kroger Plus card. Not much else.

  • I noted something you wrote above about lunacy, faith, wet dry kind of remark. Our world is not perfect or saved for that matter. Every day you must do what you can to get by. Wallets, it is a standard question, do you even carry one? If so, you are in the program or in the world so to speak. Yes, I left for a time and found this old email with the URL on it and decided to have a look and I always have my say. Gypsy Rose who added a mention on the blog was just some person on a poetry forum I met. She prayed over if I really was born like I say I am and I put my Mary necklace on the scanner for her and when a big blue background came out when it is normally gray, she asked if it was a miracle. Well, I said could be, she prays to God if the blue means anything and resends it to me showing me the picture changed before her eyes and even had a cross off to the right of it. You really ought to see that. I sent it to the President.

  • So Al, all in all, how can anyone argue with me?
    I was born speaking. Telling my mother God would show her when I was older that my birth was no accident and meant to be so. I tell Deanne Shere whom attended kindergarten with me that in my mid thirties signs and wonders would appear from my prayers to show I DO talk to God and who I am.
    You see folks, I have been born like this. I did not create an identity. I am just how God made me.
    Like you, I have worked, tried marriage, divorced because of sound reasons, and now I am having grand children. Like you, I wake up to the day, to the bad or good news, I react the way I react based on what I know to be right or wrong. I see the world teetering on insanity and madness and lots of pride about now. I don’t see GOD’s kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. I see strife and murder and envy and lots of theft. This is reality folks. Get used to it? Or do we want to change this scenerio? The miracles came when I was talking to a Catholic Priest and he told me that I do know how to pray, so pray. That is why you are seeing statues cry and the Drew St. Miracle. I will say it until I die. Truth be told.

  • Simple woman I am with a simple agenda Al. Don’t talk fancy because God is not about that. God likes me because I am not show offy and I am a basic person with basic needs and I pray nothing fancy when I pray. God understands me as I am.
    I have no need to keep up withe Jones or the ones trying to sound as IF they know. They don’t know.
    I swear on the truth of my birth, I know you don’t know. However; there was money to be made and those who wanted that jump on fame, went for it. Shame, for shame for I am the reason you are seeing miracles.

  • So what you don’t know is that I am not on here to FOOL anyone or make a joke out of the prophecy.
    This is my life we’re talking about. Nothing to joke about. I am not handing you a story to print either. You do not have rights to my life story.
    NO ONE DOES. So don’t even get funny about it.
    It is not about the add lib you say, it is about the truth that was not told.

  • Miracles are what they are folks. I am not David Blane or Criss Angel. I am the woman whose colors are blue and gray. Why the blue? Another past life. The gray, living in crazy times caused that.
    And lots of people run their mouths about things going on and they are lying. I am not lying. Too bad for you that you cannot just accept the truth and be done with it. Why hash over it with any kind of concept you think you have to find it out because I am who I say I am and prayed for what I said I did.

  • I happened across this thread because the Fatima miracle is one of those great mysteries that have always fascinated me. I also checked it out because I like the way Al Barger writes…he is a very funny man.

    But man I did not expect to find what I have found here. This thread is one of the most oddly fascinating things I’ve come across on BC in some time. Fascinating the same way as viewing a trainwreck in progress? Perhaps. But like that proverbial I simply can’t look away from it.

    After skimming through all 800 some odd posts though, I find one thing really fascinating. The thread just stops dead cold in January. BOOM. Then it picks right back up in April and Mary herself is right there with it. Then in stops again. And picks right back up…BOOM!…basically right now, and once again with Mary herself in tow.

    Does anyone but me find that just a little odd?


  • Okay, I just rechecked and there was only one post in April. The thread actually picks back up fairly full steam in June. I just find it really odd the way it completely stopped for a few months and then picked right back up again. Don’t ask me why…


  • Howdy Glen, glad you could join us.

    It shouldn’t particularly surprise you that the discussion ebbs and flows here based on Mary’s interest and availability (being Mother Mary and all). After all, it’s her world.

  • Al,

    This is some really wild shit you seem to have (unintentionally I’m sure) kicked off with your Fatima article. I had planned on chiming in with how some folks actually attribute the apparitions (particularly The Miracle of The Sun)to a mass UFO sighting. But then the thing just takes on this whole life of it’s own with a “Marian apparition” of it’s own.

    Just fascinating. I’ve always been drawn to truly strange stuff like this, so you can bet I’ll be sticking around just to keep an eye on things.

    I wonder what ol’ Rubberneck would make of this? LOL…

    You really know how to draw them in don’t ya Al?


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Hey Glen,

    I know a Catholic lady who first got me interested in the issues regarding the ‘End of Days’ about 23 years ago. She explained to me the Fatima occurence in Portugal (I’d seen the movie years ago, but hearing it all from a real live believing Catholic without the Hollywood garbage tossed in was really insightful).

    She keeps warning to watch out when the pope leaves Rome. She tried hard to make Jesus meaningful to me (she wanted me to marry a nice Catholic girl, too, to no success) – but hearing about just another Jew nailed to a cross by Roman savages doesn’t impress me very much when they had nailed thousands of Jews to crosses and had made the rivers or Judea run red with blood.

    It isn’t very classy to worship a person (a possible distant relative, yet!!) when the Almighty already commanded me saying “you shall have no other gods aside from Me for I am a jealous G-d.” I know which side of the pita the felafel go in.

    That doesn’t mean that what happened at Fatima is meaningless. A young Catholic peasant girl would not understand a message crafted for Jews, but a message crafted for a Catholic girl, using the epitome of Catholic womanhood, Mary, would make one hell of an impression.

    We see from what happened in G-d’s dealings with Bilaam the sorcerer (Numbers, Chapter 22), that G-d is interested in getting His message across – even if it takes making a jenny-ass talk.

    Anyway, getting back to my Catholic lady friend in Minnesota. She has warned of a number of events occurring in the near future, that when they occur, a huge change will be in the offing for all of us. One of these events will also involve the sun – an event where all of mankind will be able to see in the sun (or the light immediately around the sun) all of their sins, and will have an opportunity to repent.

    Will this happen? I have no idea. But I am not going to laugh at her. If she’s right, then my mockery will likely blind me to the event, and will condemn me in the process.

    Now let’s look at a very significant Jewish prophet, Ezekiel. He lived in Babylonia and was from a very sinful village of Jewish exiles on the river H’var – Tel Aviv. His second or third assignment from the Almighty was to build a small model of the city of Jerusalem and lay next to it eating feces! If that doesn’t look like a nut, an insane man, what does? But it is his predictions for a Third Temple that we follow, and his warnings for us about the End of Days that we pay the most attention to.

    That brings us finally to the young lady who has written the vast majoriy of the 880 comments on Al Barger’s brief article on Fatima. She writes in a paradigm familiar to most of you, the paradigm of Christianity. I refuse to laugh at her for the same reason that I refuse to laugh at my friend from Minnesota. I suggest we all take the same attitude.

  • Driving out today, you can blog away. I leave you with a thought, WHAT IF? What if you were in the delivery room and heard me speak and saw the miracles I prayed for and had witnesses to? What if you were born like this and had to live this out? What if?

  • araujoby

    Dear: spiritual brothers in Christ, Greetings .

    I will comment about my history and let be judge. I resided in the u.s for my youth and around 19 deported to my native country. I grew up in the jehova witness circle, attending almost against my desires. I could never really comprehend anything there even when reading from the scriptures , I couldn´t understand anything really ,until now!

    We had big problems in the family circle with a abusive step father and a mother who couldn´t reason because of a already abusive background by my original father… We had big problems because the apartment (rented was full of spirits of all sorts some where homo-
    sexual others manipulating and possesive and full of all type of dirty and filthieness you can imagine, believe me they had me sleeping under the blanket, it didn´t matter the weather.

    One day meditating I asked God , sincerely to let me understand his word ,I was around 9 or 10 I didn´t even understand what I was doing I just said it from with in. Here in Panama after I had already gotten new identity, the passport , ID and learned how easy it was to get narcotics into the U.S , but something inside me deep inside there was something struggling.

    I walked meditating and asked god that I was falling and this time for the worst , I also told him that I needed him to help me because my human nature was to weak, sincerly I said I was done with all the junk!

    One day , I don´t remember to good but I have it wrote down , I laid back to sleep and I entered in to a state of like extasis and started again seen the streets of Miami Florida but I was a pracher I saw two women and I almost begged them to receive the kingdom of God , I was so moved by a sensation that burned my hold chest in a circular form that I had a great need to look behind me and there I saw in the upper heavens a great brightness more brighter than the sun ,it was el señor de la gloria !

  • The last comment, it takes courage and a leap of faith to set yourself apart. I commend you. We know the world can lose sight of the will of God.
    I hope your journey and prayer life leads you to safer pastures and that your love of God spreads to those who may not realize the truth and may you keep your mind free from the life you know is wrong for you.

  • Ruvy,

    I’ve been very interested in end-time prophecy from the Christian prespective since I was a very young child. I’m not going to go into all of the details as to how or why that is here. One, because I’m not to proseltyze (hope I spelled that right and doubt very much I did). And even if I was given to that sort of thing, here is not the place for it and my life is not the best example to make it effective anyway.

    But to me, long story short, the most significant events that indicate we could be very close is the rebirth of the nation of Isreal in 1948. I also find the events surounding the European Union to be very interesting.

    Personally, for me, Jesus fulfills the messianic criteria as I see it. But I’m not here to convince you of that…like I said you’ll get no preaching here. I also part ways with the Religious Right on many issues, as you probably already know if you read a lot of what I write about here.

    I’m a smart guy and I’m not afraid to say that…but when it comes to matters of faith I generally go with what my heart says. I also try to search out intellectual backing for that where I can find it (which as you probably already know can be a tough proposition).

    But the whole endtimes thing is something I very fascinating.

    And like you, I won’t poke fun at our own Mary here. Won’t do it partially because of the reasons you state. But also because it’s not very “Christian”, if I do say so, to point fingers at those who may have suffered misfortune (and may still be suffering the same).

    That said, the whole deal with her is one I find fascinating, even if it is at least partially in that “trainwreck” sort of way.


  • Apologize for the typos above:

    Paragraph 1, line 3 should read: I’m not ONE to proseltyze…

    Paragraph 5 should read:

    But the whole endtimes thing is something I FIND very fascinating.

    Thanx for your indulgence…


  • Brother Boyd, here’s where you’re going off track: “when it comes to matters of faith I generally go with what my heart says.” In practice, what such a thing would mean is that you choose to indulge your arbitrary emotional urges over your best logical judgment. As Ayn Rand said, if there’s a conflict between your head and your heart, you should go with your head every time.

  • Off track or not Al, I can’t lie about what makes me tick. DNA and all that y’know?

    But while the conclusions I’ve drawn when it comes to faith do come primarily from a place of “gut feeling” (or what some would call a heart reaction), I can also tell you that I learned to trust intuitive feelings long ago. But to take it one step further, theres also a certain ammount of intellectual pursuit involved as well.

    And based on what I have read, my “intellectual conclusion” supports what my heart told me in the first place.

    That may not make sense to you. Maybe it even does. I don’t know. But the bottom line is, it is who I am. That DNA thing again ya know?

    At any rate, as I also said, I’m not one to preach so I’m just going to leave it that. Ruvy seemed to be “feeling me out” a bit about faith, and I simply answered in kind.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    A colleague of mine explained the whole End of Days concept this way. Let’s say you have a daycare center. The lady in charge reads a list of rules and lets the kids run and play and roll in the mud for so many hours with very little interference. They can decide to follow the rules or not. Then, at 4:00 in the afternoon, she blows a whistle and institutes a whole new routine – the kids have to line up, wash their faces and change into clean clothes – OR ELSE.

    In essence, explains my friend, we humans get some rules read off to us and get some time to do what we wish – roll in the mud of genocide, murder, rape, starvation inhumanity, etc. for a period of time – let’s pick a nice round number like 6,000 years – and then the Teacher blows His whistle, and we are expected to line up and BEHAVE OR ELSE. Our choices are gone. The Teacher is giving the orders.

    Our different religions all relate to the Teacher differently, and some attempt to deny the existence of the Teacher altogether. But when the Teacher blows His whistle, all this sink into irrelevance – a new era has come into being.

  • And I would add that the “evidence” (Al oughtta like this one) may suggest that the moment is near. Good analogy Ruvy.


  • Glen, I don’t necessarily mean to insist on my opinion about the religious issues here. I just don’t even claim to know how we got here or what happens when we die. As Lonesome Rhodes would say, shoot- I’m just a country boy.

    The epistemological question is what I’m concerned with- how we get to “know” something. I’m just saying that you should go with your best logical empirically based judgment rather than some truthy feeling down in your gut. If your best reasoned thought leads you to be believe in the resurrection, then that’s what you should believe.

    Of course I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, but your description sounds very much to me like Robert Anton Wilson’s “thinker and prover.” You’ve decided to think the Christian story is true, and you set about finding evidence to prove/justify what you’ve already decided to believe.

  • Being of sound mind and good conscience too might I add. My own prophecies all came true right down to the letter. First of all, you must see that this birth I tell you of is documented and recorded. Even the government came to my family home to investigate ME. Why? Good question. Why am I on here? A book was written I had nothing to do with yet I should have written it.

  • See, I am not trying to call your attention to my army or that. I am who I say I am. I told you to read the poem Beauty and the Beast. Did any of you do that? Oddly, my new name given to me is Catherine. Don’t you find that a little unnerving?
    I do. Yet, I told people there would be proof when I got older that my birth was no accident.
    God intended for me to be born this way. Oh yes.
    I have my own private collection of miraculous photos. One recently to prove what I say. I am on earth folks. Here, back with you all.

  • When people knew I was the Fatima in Tampa,Florida, they came to my parents and said that child is not normal. She must have come back.
    I was talking about God and Jesus before anyone ever said ONE WORD about God or Jesus to me and I was telling people that I am this Mary you are looking for to come back at less than a year old.
    You go figure cause it is true.

  • Was it a happy new year? Was it for you uao?
    I have a new grand daughter. I only lost 13 pounds of the weight I gained. I was hurt real bad falling off a step and was out of it for over nine weeks. UGH, told present hubby to fix the flooring to the kitchen or I would break my neck.
    I tell ya, what are you gonna do? Other than that,
    I wrote scads more poems on http://www.poetry.com under Catherine Reynolds my LEGAL name folks. The name I will not change ever again, married or not. I see no reason to do that. It won’t cost me to be in love again, ever. Shame on those liars who told me forever before.

  • Common people have always been God’s favorites. The ones least expected to be given favor. HA, again it happens. A poor Southern woman is blessed and cursed with the prophecy. Me, that is.
    Yet I made countless people rich and successful.
    Irony in my favor. Blessing those around me like that. I told you, I write as I think, causerie style. So deal with it. You got me on here, isn’t that enough for you? Do you want me to give you my life on a silver platter or my head? Just what do you think it means to be born like this and ABLE to pray for miracles right in front of others?

  • For those who tried to get close to me before, I will only let you get so close to me. I do not trust people in general. Why should I? They insight violence and neglect and I do not like people in general. Jesus knows why I am back on earth. I asked God to send me back. Yes, I heard there are relatives trying to present themselves with the miracles going on. I saw the article. I don’t know if I should contact them. One more iron in the fire so to speak. Yes, I am this Mary.
    Pity me sent back with non believers that almost killed me. No fun. So what did you think it would be like for me anyhow? Think on that.

  • Me being back is along the lines of come to life pictures you take. That is a miracle and yet something we take for granted these days. Photos of real life. Amazing huh? Well, a woman who prays and astounds the world with prayers. So what? The main thing is that I am genuine and the real thing. We are all special with special qualities. That is one of mine.

  • When you look at pictures, true to life color and amazing little reminders of where you have been, do you stop to wonder how remarkable that is? When I prayed for God to show you miracles with film, HE did. I know what every one of them mean.
    God is not some TV show. He is not a one time hit.
    You know people who were around me when things happened, were not expecting anything from me.
    They did not even know it was ME that is back at the time. After the miracles happened and it kind of made them wonder, I explained that I was born reincarnated and God loves me very much and that is why they saw what they did. I am not a freak show. I won’t go on your TV shows. I won’t allow you to ridicule me either. I had told a doctor pictures would come out so he could see the visions God showed me. He was a foreign doctor working at Clarks Summit State Hospital and before you say one more word, I DO pray for miracles and I am reincarnated. When I got out, I had doctors in amazement at things that were going on. They said I was the most amazing person they had ever met. Oh yes, maybe so. God thinks so anyhow.

  • Al Barger, a posting by Aaman #30 asks can he sell this comment on EBAY? Listen folks, you insult my intelligence and hurt my feelings exploiting me like that. Shame on you. WHY?
    Can’t you for one minute bask in your own blessings and stop taking mine?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesus

    i am reborn. i will lead you into the light. the light! look at it! can you not see? is it so blinding? or do you not wish to see?

    the end of days is truly here. the crazed walk the earth. people see what the wish to see, and some people see only their own sin reflected back upon them. do you lie to yourself? maybe you will see the sins of your lies.

    catherine reynolds… you are not my mother. my mother is beside my heavenly body. you will no longer have this fractured mind. if you believe, you will be cured. or, you will go to hell.

  • You do not realize the prophecy is about returning to you, do you? Read more about it then.
    Yes, I am this Mary, I prayed for proof and I got it. So you are the one going to hell for your stupid behyond stupid comment. A preacher told me I could prove it at three years old and I did that what was required of me. So be silent.

  • People failed me and God along my journey in this lifetime. My last resort was to pray for signs and miracles to show the world a thing or two. I will not retract this statement ever, don’t even think about it. I am Mary reborn, I was born answering my name is Mary and told my mother while still in diapers that God had sent me back.
    There is no other baby in the whole world like myself.I prophecised at four years old that the signs and wonders would come in my midthirties. I am the Fatima Prophecy and this task I bear is harder than maybe John the Baptist had to fulfill.
    Yes, there are hardships but I am saved and have a gold seal upon my forehead, DO YOU? And I will not harken to your LIES folks because I am who I say I am no matter what you say,think, or do. God has given me special powers of prayer right now to combat the evil that almost overtook me.

  • This is not a game here folks. This is not a joke.
    You are reading actual comments from the Lady of Fatima who was reborn in July 13, 1958 on a Sunday which was predicted by the way. 13 is the letter M in the alphabet and is why it is important. So you are not to come pester me or ask me to pray for you. I expect YOU now to pray for yourselves and to know this, GOD did not send me back to FOOL you, harm you, or to fail this mission. God told me the world is terrible, I don’t want you to go. I am back on earth and that is why you saw the one miraculous photo of me standing above the world in a photo the shrine now has. This is the photo I told a doctor would come out. I am not a fake.

  • See what I mean Al Barger? “I shall return unto you…” Yes, Catherine Reynolds is the Fatima.
    I know, you cannot believe your eyes but then hasn’t God surprised others before? Don’t mock me and do not think you are above me either. You are not. I know the cult that is trying to block this out of my birth. I know the people who God refers to as praying the loudest and being the showiest and yet they shall not be in his favor. You speak out of context, you like to think you are on top of it all, you also jump to conclusions. You liveth and loveth a lie. God knows the daughter of God. He knows the woman he allowed to come back and what she has been through. I prayed for the statues to cry, I prayed for the Drew St. miracle where I am from. I predicted it to Deanne Shere whom I attended kindergarten with. Now you all shut the hell up. JERKS>

  • If you do not know the correctness of the Bible that infers with my life or the prophecy, you have no right to utter anything on this blog. On the other hand, if you are against me, you shall suffer the consequences. I have proof that I attended church, took with me my certificates.
    I have proof I also took the sinner’s prayer. I had to. The Satanists tried to take my life. Yes, sad state of affairs this world is in. But you know, I am who I am. Do not tell me about God, I know God. Do not tell me how to talk, how to live,
    how to tell the truth behind the miracles. I am the truth behind the miracles. I have no time for this ongoing nonsense from FOOLS who make stupid comments and throw their input in without even thinking about what they are saying. They don’t even know what the prophecy was about!!!How dare you even comment then.No, the miraculous photos that the Catholic Church received after I prayed for them are real and bonafide miracles. I suffered in this lifetime just as a preacher said I would. His comment, Satan would come after me worse than anyone alive. So there you have it folks. I did not come out without a scratch. We live in horrible end days. Crime and death and the stench of it in God’s nostrils. I am not on here to LIE about my birth. I know the truth and I shared it. Be gone with yourselves that utter falsehoods. Be gone.

  • While you delude yourselves, miracles will keep going on because I ask God and honors me with them. You will simply avoid the obvious proof for lack of insight or some morbid fear? Speculation will never get you any where, don’t you know that?
    You don’t know, why don’t you just say you don’t know? Pride getting in the way? Meanwhile, even when there is much evil in the world right now, see the TV shows? Cold Case Files? Forensic Files? Any of the related crime shows including Unsolved Myseteries? You know the world is not saved yet or safe or right or even fair. So do I.
    However; it is written about the over comers with gold seals. I saw this come on my forehead when I asked God to keep me in his stead and his own. I do not like evil doers and yet they are all around me, every minute. Liars, game players, seducers, power hungry fools, etc…You can read book after book but what you read on here was the GOD HONEST TRUTH.

  • This is about the Fatima Prophecy and that concerns ME and since I am this baby born like this NO DOUBT, we shall have no talk about ROME or Popes or the like. The Fatima Prophecy lives.
    I am she. I survived hellacious ordeals, one after the other. As I had predicted as a child,
    signs and wonders would appear in my mid thirties.
    Thus I am not a false prophetess. Be forewarned.
    I know the lies being told. Better you make a friend than an enemy, don’t you know that much?
    The prophecy is about me. A woman who is reincarnated and able to prove it. As I aged, people take advantage of my goodness and kindness and became rich off of me. Only proving what God knew about the end days was correct. We shall become lovers of self. Lots of evil was done to me for gain and fame. I kept praying any way and many miracles did God grant me to help restore my health. Many miracles in front of even so called professionals eyes and ears astound them and the world. I am not out making a buck off of my life.
    I live my life according to God. However; someone got tipped on the http://www.poets.com workshop after I told them who I am and posted the men in black photo which one day will be my ultimate proof that I am back. I asked to show you what Jesus and Joseph looked like and it is a miracle. Clean faces so you can really see them and it was taken inside of my purse and I have the negatives too
    this time and am not handing them over to anyone.
    NO ONE, leave me alone. I mean it. This is not about you. It is about me.

  • Again, people jump to see the Drew St. Miracle which was vandalized. They do not know WHY it is on that one building. I do. Al Barger, are you here now? The 37th gathering of MUFON believers in Boulder, Co. Will you go there as well since this is also biblical prophecy coming true? Oh yes, by the way, Staton Friedman knows me and used my story in Reader’s Digest without my name as I requested. I called down UFOS to get me when people were abusing me and I almost died. I was seen talking to five UFOS and told them to go back since I am not ready yet. Oh yes, this is true. Kim Hamilton was in the front seat who is now T. Thomas living in Palm Harbor. I told her I prayed to get off this planet and they contacted me. So folks, you can start to get smart now please. The miracles in America are because of my prayers to God. Don’t make anything else up.

  • First of all readers, I am this woman that is sung about on the radio. Which first of all means people must have thought there was something different about me enough to sing about me, right?
    The government did not come to my house to investigate a baby being born speaking for NO reason. Preachers did not tell me I could prove I was her if I could not. There are some on here running their mouths and should be silent. I am this woman. The fact that you throw in your casual opinions or remarks does not change the fact. I promised my birth mother a life as her daughter, Catherine but told her God would prove my birth was no accident. God has done so. I do not appreciate your brain washing snide remarks
    that have no bearing on my birth or the mission either. So shame on you for trying to belittle me or how I was born. Shame on you. My life is not about you or what you think. It is what it is. What is the world coming to? Stick around and find out. Dr. Brown was my OB delivery doctor who is either very very old or dead by now. When he asked my mother for a name, I ANSWERED Mary. I said it twice. They all laughed, did you hear that? It sounded like this baby said Mary. I did say Mary and as I grew up, I spoke about God before anyone ever TOLD me about God. I am Mary reincarnated, I prayed for the miraculous photos the Catholic church recieved and I am back on earth. End of story.

  • Who are you people trying to write these books?
    I know. Again, beware because what goes around, comes around and you shall be tried for your obvious greed motives. Thus I make sense and I am only stating the facts. You did not ask God to show Bryan Austin of Montrose, Pa for a miracle and the whole room lit up bright blue past midnight. I can do this. I have done lots more.
    God is still with me, this life is not my own.
    I was attacked by serious mentally ill criminally insane people and still am surrounded by them.
    So are you all. The world is bonkers and even the Queen of England cannot keep a virgin married to her son Prince Charles. Well, well, what a fine kettle of fish we have here. P.U. And we all have a cross to carry and bear, don’t we? The world is not going to hell in a hand basket. What ever! We
    are all going to answer some day to GOD when we die. Get that? That is when we see him again. That is his function and purpose. My own “trinity” or trifecta I call mine. Yes, I was Mary in another lifetime. I am reborn literally to a family in turmoil who no longer believes in God in a town that is possessed by demon lovers, and married evil men beyond your belief that left me disabled. Shame on this world. Now, I am a shadow of the woman I could have been. Where do I get my will to live? I don’t know really because truthfully I am fed up with this evil world. That is why I prayed the prayers that the world had to take notice of. I always knew I would. Satan hates this that I can pray so remarkably. He has many believing that there is no God and prayer is worthless. It is not. Again, I am who I say I am and have many eyewitnesses to things comparable to Moses. So? That is my job. My mission and my reason why I am back. I can get pretty nasty mean about sadistic cusses on here who want to hurt me with their casual idiocacy. The gold seal on my forehead put there by God denotes a more serious tone than yours.

  • Kate

    Well Mary, all I can say is I will pray for you. I think you need prayer. I am sorry but I have a hard time believing that the Mary I know and love would constantly be going on about all the hardships you have had to endure, and use such profanity to boot. Using the “F” word..calling people bastards and assholes….I mean does this not offend God and Jesus..the very one whom you claim sent you back? I thought Jesus was about Love and forgivness. Look at the pain he endured right to his death. I can’t imagine someone like Jesus would be crying out to the world how unjustly and cruely he was treated. Not to mention I have a hard time believeing the Madonna would come back and marry and divorce and marry again. Sorry doesn’t sound like Mary to me. I was raised Catholic and taught that divorce is frowned upon. I don’t nessessarily agree with this but you do mention priests a lot. Are you of any religion? I’m sorry I just have a hard time imagining a woman so pure as to be chosen to bare the son of God would come back swearing, complaining and condeming those who were cruel to her. She endured enough hardships in her life on earth to last an eternity, which is why I beleive that she is where she deserves to be…in God’s kingdom. I don’t doubt you truly believe what you believe, I just can’t imagine the woman I have looked up to, strove to be more like, and prayed to is now on earth desperately wanting people to hear about the cruelty put upon her in this life. Sorry Mary. I BELIEVE in God..I BELIEVE in Jesus and I BELIEVE in miracles…and I put my faith and trust in God himself. I am not a practicing Catholic right now either. I have many doubts on how the leaders of this church handle things. That’s not to say all Catholic Churches are bad or anything like that. I just have a hard time with some of the things done by the Catholic Church in the past, but I am not here to explain how I feel about any particular religion. I just have a very strong Faith and belief in God that by living or at least striving to live a good life is what God truly wants of all of us. That he wants us to love one another and forgive those who do us wrong and harbor no hate. If I am wrong I will have to answer to that one day I guess…but If I am right..I have not given into a false prophet. God Bless and keep you safe from any more harm that you have already endured. Also, I think Mary would take comments from people a little more graciously and with more patience than I have witnessed in the blogs I have read on here. Take Care.

  • Kate

    Good vs. Evil
    God says better to marry than to burn.
    Ha, I will take a hot fire any day of the week
    compared to some wife beater, skirt chaser,
    money louse, negligent father, domain clutter
    ok Mary here is one that I read #223…this is what you said? you say “Ha” to what God says..and then say give me hot fire any day of the week etc, etc…….ok I’m am really having a hard time believing you are the Mary that gave birth to our Lord Jesus…sorry….I guess I shall see what response I get from you and go from there…. once again I will pray for you

  • Kate

    OK I have read more and I agree with Mary Williams on here…she sounds like a pretty smart cookie…MRL…you keep talking how holy you are and that money means nothing to you and yet you are really ticked off that all these people took your “songs” and stuff and made money off of you..sounds like envy to me…You are NOT MARY the mother of my Jesus no way…and if you are GOD HELP us all

  • Kate

    Holy Lord the more I read the worse it gets…..God is ok with you calling people assholes….and your doing what God asked you to do….Now I know your not for real….no way did he tell you to be acting this way…NO WAY

  • Kate

    One last comment after reading this whole sorry mess…..seems to me the real deal insn’t continually telling us to check with docotors, check with ministers, check, check, check….What happened to just plain faith…you keep defending yourself and whining thru this whole thing how terribly abused you are…guess what…so are millions of others…and the true heros here are the ones who suffer it..deal with it…help those they can in spite of it and still believe there is a God who loves us….You come across as but what about poor me? Look how awful the world has treated me and turn around and become hipacritacal and resort to name calling and accusations…God Bless those who suffer and survive another day …god bless those who turn thier suffering into helping others who suffer…God Bless those who can feel sorry for you and chalk this all up that you are definately someone in pain…God Bless you MRL or Catherine or whatever….you really need it

  • Miss Kate- What is it you’re trying to accomplish cracking on MRL? Do you get some feeling of superiority from this?

    But most of all, you seem most presumptuous in your knowledge of what God would or would not have Mary doing. How do you know that?

  • Kate

    Well Al……read the bible like she keeps telling us to do…..besides you guys are feeding into this crap…..I say this woman needs help and I feel for her…and besides it just erks me when people give an opinion and you get all uppetty…..she’s got her opnion one and has no problem telling us what God wants in her opinion and when I say what I feel I think God wants you come down on me and defend her…..and I still say Mary would NOT be using the “F” word or calling people assholes or bastards so CHILL…besides I wasn’t half as sarcastic as say oh I don’t know…JESUS was …..gimme a break

  • ToroL

    well I was just reading some of this stuff and I gotta say Al….where were you when the Fifth Dentist was going on about the cheese sandwich or the Chex Mix recipe? Or did those go over your head? Clear Sarcasim and not even constructive critisism…..although funnier than hell!! sounded to me like Kate just kept reading and realized Whoa…this woman is a true NUT CASE…and I didn’t find her comments mean in any way…Mary/Catherine/Madonna/NUT JOB can go on here and spew pure bullshit and it just amazes the hell out of me how many people buy into this crap….Oh poor Mary…this is the internet!! For all we know its some kid getting a real kick out of this…who knows? But for God’s sake let people have an opinion even if it isn’t YOURS!

  • Miss Kate- I don’t see how I’m being uppity. Rather I’m calling YOU out for being uppity. I don’t feel the love you claim to feel for her, or particularly any point of Christian charity.

    I don’t think I’m particularly “coming down” on you, but you could be nicer and give HER a break. If you really think she needs help, the best you could do would be to make nice instead of harshing on her for no needful or productive reason.

    Torol- I’ve done or said nothing indicating that I’m not willing to let other people have an opinion. I’m as skeptical of Christianity in general as I am of the claims of MRL. Then again, I don’t claim to know everything.

    Now of course MRL sounds like a nut job- but that’s what you would likely expect from a prophet or oracle. Jesus would certainly have sounded crazy and delusional Himself, wouldn’t he?

    “Funnier than hell” is a significant defense for The Fifth Dentist. I’ve called out a few people here for rudeness to MRL, but 5D was more gentle teasing. Plus, it wasn’t wrapped around a fake display of sympathy like some of the less entertaining comments.

  • ToroL

    WOW thats rich!! Boy Al …really!! I just read over “Miss Kate’s” remarks again…hmmm..I think she had every right to call MRL on her use of profanity and the way she called some of those people down…how can she claim to be the “blessed” mother and talk that way to others? and you have the odasity to call on “miss” Kate as you call her and defend that woman bashing other people …really calling them down…well Al I guess you DON’T understand the concept of Christianity….and oh by the way if Jesus stood before crowds and cussed out every person that questioned him,….I don’t think he would have gotten as far as he did. And you call those blatant SNIDE remarks by the Fifth Dentist “gentle teasing” OMG.. splitting a gut here!! What about Nancy saying “Maybe her son will give her a nice labotomy for Christmas”…where were you to defend Mary there? At any rate this whole thing is frickin’ ridiculous anyway…So Kate..to me you sound like a nice enough person..and NOT uppity like Al said…I agree that The REAL Mary would not be cussing a blue streak..just can’t see it…and I didn’t see anywhere where Kate said FUCK OFF as MRL did ….Mary, Mary…your Father is gonna wash your filthy mouth out with soap when you get home….

  • ToroL

    One more thing Al….what is wrong with this statement that Kate made ….”That he wants us to love one another and forgive those who do us wrong and harbor no hate.” don’t sound very “Uppity” to me man

  • Kate

    thanks ToroL ….nice to see not everyone saw that as an attack on poor Mary…. I DO feel sorry for her…but anyway no biggy…when I read statement after statement from her ranting on and on (sometimes making no sense) I thought my few statements I made were a drop in the bucket….Oh well I decided this whole thing is a waste of time…if you wish to continue….be careful you don’t offend Al…LOL

  • Oh poor Kate and ToroL, such tender feelings- particularly for folks harshing on either the mother of our savior, or worse yet a hurt and disturbed mortal woman.

    What I really object to isn’t so much the bashing though, as the transparently fake display of sympathy. I would not presume to speak for the mother of Jesus, but there’s few things you could say to make ME want to sock you in the mouth more than that you “feel sorry” for me. I’d ten times rather face honest hatred than fake condescending sympathy.

    I contend that this type of talk is not an actual display of empathy or concern, but a smelly fake and utterly transparent bid for an aura of moral superiority as you look down your nose- as if your nose was so much cleaner than hers.

    Speaking in the defense, perhaps Mary has sometimes been a bit hateful, but she’s not reputed to be perfect, for all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. Her son was the only one perfect- His mother would be but a fallen mortal like anyone else.

  • ToroL

    Oh My God……Al your so full of shit…this woman claiming to be Mary has NO patience or sympathy let alone empathy for anyone that questions her…..and you call us phony because we don’t blatantly come out and be cruel…well ok then ….your an IDIOT….and by the way I KNOW Kate personally…and she is a very giving, loving person and I happen to know first hand her generosity and kindess is genuine. So screw you….you really don’t know the meaning of Chrsitianity because you are defending a mean spritited IDIOT…I know Kate would never say this but I’m not quite as patient as she is when it comes to stupidity…..See Mary shows no Christianity as far as I can see…What is Christian about telling people to Fuck Off and that God loves her more than other people…yes she comes across that way in some of her lunatic ramblings…..so you wanna defend a mean mouthed bitch…I will defend a good decent woman I happen to KNOW…do you know Mary? Hey….maybe YOU ARE Mary…..you definately don’t know melicious put downs as in Jesus’s case and the 5th Dentist….teasing my ass…those guys were cutting her to the core…but I guess sarcasim is over your head too….So YOU back off Kate….She has done more charity work with troubled teens and spends hours with the elderly and countless other selfless acts of kindness. NO SHIT for real….and it isn’t fake…you don’t do crap like that if you don’t mean it….and this woman has suffered greatly in her life too….no whining and she doesn’t tell people to Fuck off because they aren’t all over her with sympathy…she doesn’t even talk about it..those of us close to her have seen the hard times in her life and believe me she doesn’t go around displaying or wanting a big pity party like MRL does ……your a Jerk

  • Kate

    Ok enough you two!….I apologize if I offended MRL or you Al…but I stand by the fact that I am CERTAIN that calling people down like she does is not Christian…you said Al you don’t claim to know a lot about Chritianity…well no where in Chritianity is there room for that kind of talk….Christian referes to Christ Like or actions that are Christ like…you said her son was the only one that was perfect? Well I challenge you to show me anywhere in any documentation of our Blessed Mother where it shows her to be a mean mouthed bitter woman…I stand by what I Said now because I am defending the REAL Mother of Jesus….I don’t care what you think of me…I think it is a sacralidge that someone would act like MRL and claim to be someone Holy…. Yes I DO feel for MRL and I stand by my promise to pray for her, but what she is doing with our Mother’s name is wrong…does that make me sound like I know it all…sorry…I don’t know it all for sure but I DO sure as hell know that I have a right to feel this way…you defend how she feels…but what I feel is phony and makes you want to sock me in the mouth? Whatever…Man’s solution to when they are angry eh…physical violence… TorL…don’t get so upset….this is really not something that should have gotten either of us riled to begin with…after all as you pointed out…its the Internet….your a good friend tho…and I luv ya….See ya Al….and I am OUTTA here….chow

  • Hello one and all. While I was gone, about six more miracles took place online with someone who had seen the Drew Street Miracle and prayed to God for me to be close to her. I told my family I am going to meet someone who knows about the prophecy. These miracles will be seen by the world. I shared the cheese sandwich miracle which is at Golden Palace. I share them as testimony.
    I sell nothing. I am the Mary John Lennon came to see in Dunedin,Florida. I whispered in his ear,
    “There is still a light that we may see, there will be an answer, let it be.” Yes, this is me.
    My mother died November 11, 2006. She may have been the last eye witness to a baby born speaking. I don’t care because a Tampa Baptist preacher remembers me. I wish I could find him now. He said if I was this Mary, I could prove it and I did. So maybe peace is on my mind all the time and yet to open my eyes to the reality we have no peace yet is like a knife to my heart.
    John Lennon, my dear friend. My dear, dear friend.
    Barbara Streisand, sings my songs her father begged me to let her sing. You will not forget me when I am dead and gone. I did strive for peace.

  • People, I was abused and mistreated in this lifetime. You are not going to see me very happy about it. I am Mary sent back. I lived in an area that was evil and I was attacked by Satanists and nearly killed. You people do not know these ones who are criminally insane. They think crime pays.
    None of you are experts on a prophecy that is happening NOW. None of you.

  • Jesus was sent back, why? To a sinful world to suffer. The world is still sinful and these comments are shameful.

  • None of you can say what I would be like or act like or makes me who I say I am except ordained men of God who are really in the know. Anyone else just supposes. I am not your toy and I am not letting you break me or throw me away either.
    Those of you who make a fuss are looking for attention is all. I pity you. Under ideal situations, I would still be serene but under these circumstances, I am furious and the Bible speaks of an angry woman, beware of an angry woman.

  • troll

    hi Catherine – how have you been – ?

  • How are we all? Fair to meddlin or middlin? Expressions we say. Seers say and know. Things that shall come to pass. I am reading over some comments. Much they don’t know, hasty remarks and utterances shall cost them their souls I am afraid. Miracles are still happening all around the world. When I left the blog, I went on the poets workshop and offered a selected group of poets a chance to see God work miracles online.
    All of them got a miracle that came offsite with me. How can I hit the nail on the head so many times? What law of averages makes a saint? Folks, they wanted to know for themselves and they were given proof. I am not on here for your amusement. I am this Mary John Lennon sang about. You don’t know not to speak if you are clueless. Get a clue man. I am really tired of endless spats.

  • Troll, and how has life treated you this past year?

  • One of the poets was Doreen Lanning of North Carolina who is very thankful that God let her get to know me one on one. She was given a wonderous sign and then photos mounted on her wall that are priceless. Should you want to see them, I am sure she will gladly share them with you. To know me is to love me but those who are stirring up trouble for me, you don’t want to know me and I don’t want to know you either.

  • To the ones who claim they know how to act. Trust me, you don’t.

  • troll

    I’m saddened by all of the killing and destruction…still waiting for a rebirth of wonder around the world

    but it’s another beautiful early winter and the smell of pinon and cedar is in the air…life is good

  • Even God gets angry and so those of you who speak on my behalf, I warn you.

  • Troll, yes. Remember the words, excuse me while I touch the sky? Don’t we have another group forming the Spaghetti Monster blog? Yes, I made my presence known there too. I told them I do not like spaghetti monsters atop Christmas trees. I mean people are already decorating trees with dogs and cars and other nonreligious momentos.
    Oh depressing me further. Star of wonder, star of light, star of royal beauty bright, westward leading, still proceding, guide us to thy perfect light. My faith is stil with me, I still pray and no one can take that away from me.

  • What’s this ping thing?

  • Don’t tell me what is Christian. I have people trying to take advantage of me left and right, those who lie through their teeth to get something for nothing from me, those who will pretend to be friends and turn out to be enemies, and worst of all told by ex lovers the sacred vows of which they did not keep. I am trying to live a normal life in a world gone mad and I am in no mood to be placated about how I chose to talk of it.

  • If I was crazy, I would be unable to prove what I say. So back at cha again because I am not crazy.

  • Last one for today, BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. I suppose you want to say the Pope was not the Pope either because who would want to shoot the Pope? Who would want Mary to shut up and stop preaching or else? Satanists, that’s who.

  • Welcome back, Woman Sung About. Always glad to hear from you, particularly of course during the Christmas season as we prepare to celebrate your boy’s birthday.

  • For right now, let us think about John Lennon whom I met in Dunedin, Florida. I am the one who walked up to him folks. What do you say about that whispering words of wisdom, LET IT BE.
    So if you want to bash someone, bash the devil WITH me and with God’s help, PLEASE, I am begging you now. That is why the miracles are happening. We all need God and we all have sinned. God sent his only begotten son to the world. The world sent him back. He suffered not for our sins but from our sins and we are suffering because of sin to this day. AMEN to that Al Barger. Spreading the good news is not ever wrong in our book. Sin is what it is and all sin hurts God and hurts us too.

  • It is indeed a joyous season, as you would know far better than me. If you wanted to playfully celebrate the holiday by breaking me off a little Christmas miracle, that’d be groovy. You seem to favor food apparitions, like the cheese sandwich. So for the holiday, it’d be pretty groovy if I pulled some gingerbread men out of the oven and one of them had your face.

    Then again, you probably have rather more important concerns than my minor entertainment and wonder. There’s probably some starving North Korean children needing such attentions more than any of US rich Americans.

  • Al, I don’t intend to be the world’s meal ticket.
    Though it has turned out that way! A bull in my garden so to speak. I should be eating steak kind of thing. Some God forsaken saint some think of me. Stupid, naive, too giving, a bleeding heart.
    There is much controversy over what it means to serve GOD in their books which they like to change the rules to convienently serve their purpose.

  • Troll, the world is filled with trickery. Do not be deceived. Jesus told us that the wicked shall wax worse. The gold seals are chosen of God. I am a gold seal. So it cracks me up to see these comments when God knows me better than they do.
    I read the Bible, I know what King James did with it. I am quite aware that many shall fall way to the Devil. I am only too aware of his presence.
    I meet up with some of the worst kinds. Not that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing but they are wearing MY clothing and would leave me naked.

  • I will live my life out as Catherine but anyone that remembers my birth will always wonder at why a baby said Mary when the doctor asked for a name.
    People who saw me openly pray for miracles will not question that the Drew St. miracle is also one of my answered prayers. I was the only child born reincarnated. Do not try to figure it out.
    God made me and that is that.

  • Al, many rich Americans troubled by what they see are taking care of those in need. I am not rich.
    I made others rich. The best gift at this time of year is still love.

  • The poem Footprints was written by me, not the other Mary Stevenson. The poem went annonymous for many years and since I did not claim it, she did. That is another lie from another yet evil human being. I deal with it all the time. I get stolen from so much, I ought to be in the book of records. Many songs and poems were stolen from me.
    I cannot stop you from your prime evil urges. But God will judge you later. The signs of the times indicate so.

  • While movie stars may help foreigners, because of their ample money, real estate has gone sky high.
    So think about it folks, how we relate to money so much. Money talks and bullshit walks but soon folks, you will be thinking about what if and what will I do without it and what God meant by the love of money…scripture. This is not a fake here. I will not talk to hear myself talk. God leads me and I follow.

  • Glenn Boyd, All I am doing right now is proving that I am reincarnated. My mom died and finally I am free from her grasp. She was afraid of my birth and did not know what to make of it. She saw powers I had in prayer with her own eyes and it petrified her. She told me not to show off like that again but I am a saint and powers of God go with the territory.

  • Don’t ask me what you will do with your lives. Let God speak to you as He speaks to me. Pray as I pray. Live each day the best that you can as I do. I am not on here for you to disect and tear apart. The proof was from day one when I was born.
    The prophecy was fullfilled and the reason I am on here is to verify that it has indeed been fulfilled. I am the Mary that the book Al Barger is based on. I do not know what his book is about other than some related facts and overtures to the miracles that I prayed for. I can only attest that I am this Mary and will not falter on this premise. I am the Mary of the prophecy.

  • Don’t pay attention to those who wish to appear as if they are in the know. The Pope heard my prayer to God and to Him before he died. If there are nonbelievers who are trying to tell answers to my life, they are going to hell.

  • About the miracles, that is WHY I am on here.

  • Al Barger, is the book written based on research on the miracles? Which by the way, I know for a fact are miracles because I not only predicted them but my timing is inpecable. I am not buying the book. I lived it. I would like a summary of what you included in text of the forementioned book.

  • If you would kindly reread #317 reference please.
    After the last unkind word that caused me to react, I just spent time with Dee Lanning, or Doreen her real name. I made predictions to her and told her God would show her miracles of which I spoke of. Dee wanted to be baptized after seeing them. I told her faith is more than a prayer and that she had best know what she is getting into in serving God or coming back to the fold as it is put. Lost sheep or human beings that forget they have a soul is what God is retrieving in the end days. Those who overcome the mark of the beast get a gold seal. When Dee however looked into the mirror, she saw a beating brow and later got into a fight with inlaws. I told her that God wanted her to take the issue to her pastor but that is not what took place fast enough.I later would place a Mary medallion on the scanner that had a blue background. OK, people said that was not a miracle but then what occurred next was, suddenly the picture changed before Dee’s eyes and a blue shadow came out with a blue cross next to the medallion that was not there. Stranger yet was the miracle photo that I took outside with a blue circle and a beam of light next to each other. I sent these miracles to the media and the Fatima site.You can inquire about them at the site of Fatima Network,Our Lady of Fatima and see other miraculous photos at The Medjugorje Web and see the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Now, I am not goofing off here. I am praying for miracles.
    I have my own personal set but have prayed for others to get them on cameras and even online. Three other poets were also interested in seeing for themeselves and when analyzing miraculous pictures, they tried to take segments only to have a whole new picture turn out. Some were very incredible by the way. I am not writing a book. The most important thing is that you know there is a God. You have to think first before just saying something. You don’t know me but God does.
    I will not back down from my claim. NEVER EVER NEVER.

  • The cheese sandwich Al Barger was made when I was but a girl and tears fell onto the bread as I was very sad. In their places, my face appeared. I have a photo that looks very similar to that face but I saw it change. I gave the sandwich to Opal Crawford who later died of breast cancer. I do not know how Diana Duyser obtained the sandwich but I know that some day I will confront her for lying.

  • For some odd reason I said Guadalupe while working at McDonalds over and over. I will say things and people listening in wonder what is going on with me. While traveling, I shouted TIRE DAD! Tire! and he thought I was mad until a few hours later, a tire fell off a truck in front of our car. I am different but I am not evil. Why can’t you all understand me on a more mature level?

  • I am not spamming about my cheese sandwich. It is also another miracle of mine. I am not getting money from movies, books, or that. Not even from songs, or artwork, or many marvelous inventions I thought up. So mind your manners above comment. I do not appreciate gossip. That is a sin. The fact is I am this Mary reborn. I looked at the book I did not authorize, Messages of Love. I like how it is written but I did not write it. Many will try me in patience. Even though Revelations says do not add or take away, they will. They will do what they want and remember I was here to warn you that Jesus was absolutely correct. They will become self lovers and hard necked, a generation of vipers, etc… Jesus knew what the world would evolve into…more of the same and worse. Those who love and obey his commandments shall he know.
    Some of us could not observe them by force or ignorance, we are forgiven. The overcomers shall receive a gold seal. Look into the mirror and ask God to show you what mark you have and when you see the mark, shout at the devil, it will go away and you shall see a gold seal. For it is written that the beast shall try to mark all of us. God is our savior. Always and forever I will keep reminding you of this.

  • Back to the book, some of you are not aware of the amazing events that took place. You just get on here and blab. You make erroneous errors of consciousness being so arrogant and ill informed.
    Do yourselves a favor then and read the book. I don’t know Al Barger’s slant on the topic of interest but I am sure he has done some background checks and homework and research which is not the case of some of you.

  • The heathen makes trouble, causes strife, misery, is unkind,even murderous.

    The Christian tries to be understanding, compasionate, thinks of others, devoted to God
    and loves peace and harmony.

    God is a loving God. While the world teeters on it’s own principles and there are many on the wide road to hell, the world is all but at peace, there is still God and God is the standard of holiness.

  • I await then Al Barger’s reply, Does he himself believe in the miracles? Alas, my daughter, Jaime is on her way to Mexico with her Cortes family.
    The Cortes family honoring my prayers once again.
    I am not a fake. So, Al, you write a book and what did it prove?

  • Come on readers, dare you speak up against me, the Holy Mother now or forever hold your peace.