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“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” –Samuel Adams

Thus begins the web site for the “The Minuteman Project.” Apparently, this is a group of volunteers that plan to “guard” the southwestern U.S. border from illegal immigrants. They propose to do this by spending up to 30 days along the Arizona-Mexican border assisting U.S. Immigration Service with spotting and turning back illegal immigrants from our southern neighbor country. The “mission” will start April 1, gathering in Tombstone, AZ.

The Project quotes these statistics:

“Currently, about 5,000 “unapprehended” illegal aliens trespass the Arizona/Mexico border DAILY. Another 5,000 invade the U.S. from the Texas, California and New Mexico borders…DAILY. That’s 10,000 per day -300,000 per month. Over 3,000,000 (three million) per year!”

The stated objective is:

“Our objective will be to spot these intruders with the aid of binoculars – telescopes – night vision scopes, and inform the U.S. Border Patrol of the location of the trespassers so that border patrol agents can intercept and detain them. Generally, we will not be confronting the illegal aliens. [my emphasis] The tentative area of observation will be a 20-mile stretch of lowlands across the San Pedro Valley.”

Now, hopefully, this is a publicity stunt that will draw attention to the growing problem of illegal immigration. Worse case scenario: The U.S. Immigration and Customs officials will have even more wanderers in the southern Arizona desert to identify. Really Worse Case Scenario: Someone ends up getting killed. I hope it ends up simply being the first.

But, I have a deep suspicion that there will be a few far-right wingnuts toting firearms around in the desert shouting “Halt! Who goes there?” If so, there is going to be a real mess in the desert.

In the “FAQ” section of the web site, the leader describes their proposed activities in this way:

“By legal means we will surprise ILLEGAL immigrants on trails heading north. By legal means we will suggest that people sit and wait for USBP to come and pick them up. We will follow illegal aliens from a distance and continue spotting them until authorities answer our cell phone and/or back-pack radio calls.”

I can only imagine the chaos and the threat of danger both sides will feel as they face off among the cactus and the sagebrush. Will there be gun fire? I certainly hope not, but the web site is vague about that stating only that:

“The Minuteman Project is neutral on this issue [on whether participants will carry firearms]. It neither encourages nor discourages the “open carry” laws of the state of Arizona.”

The Project states very clearly on the web site (and previously on Hannity/Colmes) that they are there to only observe and report – never to detain, confront, or display any outwardly hostile behavior. It seems to be simply a goal of bringing attention to the unobserved border crossings that are missed by the Border Patrol. They are clear on their web site about this.

I only hope that the people being “observed and reported” take this in the “spirit” in which it appears to be meant. But I do have serious reservations.

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  • Yah, racist, armed, dipshit, redneck vigilantes, that always turns out well.

  • Anyone carrying a handycam? Good film-making opportunities here

  • dietdoc

    Jim writes:

    “Yah, racist, armed, dipshit, redneck vigilantes, that always turns out well.”

    Reply: You think?

    Aaman writes:

    “Anyone carrying a handycam? Good film-making opportunities here”

    Reply: Where’s Michael Moore when you need him? Would he not have a field day with this?

  • Would have thought it might be too dangerous to be carrying a Handycam that close to a bunch of racist, armed, dipshit, redneck vigilantes.

  • dietdoc

    Tim writes:

    “Would have thought it might be too dangerous to be carrying a Handycam that close to a bunch of racist, armed, dipshit, redneck vigilantes.”

    Reply: Actually, they usually flock to them. It’s a scientifically proven fact that they are always the first to make their way to the TV videocamera in a disaster area. Especially in a tornado.

  • Good setting for a video game – call it “Redneck Rampage” – a bunch of “…,…,…” scouring the desert for a bunch of “…,…,…” – you can play any role you choose.

  • Does Arizona have gang laws? Because these weekend warrior dipshits seem no different from Bloods or Crips. Armed gangs patrolling their turf.

    I hope they run into the vatos who really run over the boarder, narcos and coyotes. That’ll teach ’em.

  • I’m just wondering if any of these pudwhackers accidentally cross the border, will they be held as terrorists as defined under the Patriot Act?

    Oh well, at least they’ll get the minimum guaranteed under the Geneva Conventions.

  • One question, one of quantity, not quality, how many people do these thugs need to murder, torture, rape and abuse before they are considered terrorists? Just want to know what is the line for hunting ‘murricans.

    After all, if you can do it in Arizona, I can do it in downtown Toronto.

  • Apparently all I have to do with suspected illegal USAian aliens in Canada, is bind them in duct tape, brand them with a unique marque, eh, and throw them in the lake. When they wash up in the States, I get my stumpage fee, and a nice, suitable for framing certificate from the Department of Homeland Security.

    Bet you wish you’d read that law now, don’tcha?

  • They’re apparently looking for people with military and law enforcement experience, and it’s being organized by people who live there. So, I’d imagine that they’ll be prepared for the desert.

    I have six categories about illegal immigration with hundreds of posts, in case anyone wants to learn about this issue from a Gramscian-free perspective.

  • Carruthers: Yah, racist, armed, dipshit, redneck vigilantes, that always turns out well.

    Sounds like most of our founding fathers, Jim.

    But in this case you might just be wrong, since you know absolutely nothing about anything.

    First off, people have been guarding the border like this for at least 30 years with impunity, though not as publicly as this. The practice has always been to ask no questions of the big ranchers.

    Second, they’re not doing it because they’re racists. A lot of them are of Mexican or Indian ancestry too, and their ranch hands who do the work certainly are.

    Third, their reasons for doing it – which I assume are on their website – are the mass polluting of water supplies, widespread theft, rape and murder on their property, random slaughter of cattle, and tearing down fences so herds get dispersed. They don’t feel safe, no one will patrol effectively on their private land, and in fact, Coyotes are now hiring snipers from the Mexican Army to shoot border patrol agents who try to do their job.

    So, Jim. How would you feel if a really huge number of folks from the US came over the border, most of whom were innocent and looking for jobs, but a few of whom were criminals. Then maybe some of these criminals raped and murdered your family, burnt down your house and business and then ran off to get jobs in Edmonton. How would it be if no one from the Canadian government bothered to do anything about it? How would you start to feel if it happened over and over to your friends and neighbors and the mounties just shrugged their shoulders?

    I guess you’d be a happy camper?


  • dietdoc

    Dave writes:

    “But in this case you might just be wrong, since you know absolutely nothing about anything.”

    Reply: Dave, you sure know how to shut down a thread. (grin) The Minuteman website goes into some detail about the garbage dump issue and have some photos of the environmental damage being caused.

  • Do they talk about the problem with human waste from groups of hundreds of illegals who relieve themselves in and around cattle ponds, thereby poisoning the water?


  • dietdoc

    Dave writes:

    “Do they talk about the problem with human waste from groups of hundreds of illegals who relieve themselves in and around cattle ponds, thereby poisoning the water?”

    Reply: Dave, I do remember seeing some pictures of the desert apparently being turned into dumpsters. I am not entirely sure about the water issue.

  • Eric Olsen

    this is an extremely thorny issue: you can’t expect people to not want to protect their property when the government won’t/can’t do it, but how far is too far in your private efforts to do so? Ultimately the answer is to relieve the pressure by improving the Mexican economy, which is part of why NAFTA is so important beyond the purely economic aspects. But this will, of course, take time

  • John Browning

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Our national government has abdicated it’s duty and responsibility regarding our borders. It is a porous as a sieve. It is up to our citizens to preserve the Republic because the government is tearing it down. Handycam huh. They should be carrying M-14’s and 1911’s. If attacked they have the right to defend themselves. It’s up to the “vatos” themselves to determine if this is to escalate. How come anytime anone wants to pick up the slack they are castigated as racist, armed, dipshit, redneck vigilantes? The last bastion of the ignorant is to insult. The Minuteman Project is doing what needs to be done.



  • al

    What is wrong with you people? some of our fellow americans are willing to sacrfice their time and money for our society’s cause (since the government isnt doing its job) and all you people can do is insult our people? thats really sick. im hispanic and i live in NYC, and im telling you from my knowledge in the hispanic community that there is a very serious border problem. I can tell you as an insider that there are a very large percentage of mexicans who wish to take over texas and cali through numbers. unfortunately too many people dont have a clue and dont have the ability to think long term!

  • border resident

    You people should live down here before espousing your views. I sleep with a 9mm and listen to the illegals as they pass every night. I hear the gunshots on a weekly basis. Jim – stay in Canada, we don’t want your kind down here.

  • This is the most reasonable discussion I’ve read lately of the MMP, and to find it on Blogcritics of all places!

    I’m a participant in the MMP and I’ll openly admit that I am going armed (sidearm) but only as an ultimate last resort. My first priority is to remove myself form a situation, last resort is to defend by force if need be. I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

    The reports of Border Patrol officers being assault by Mexican smuggler gunfire kind of worries me.

    We are prepared for the desert, we are composed of veterans and LE community people. Many applicants to the MMP have been denied by Jim Gilchrist because they exhibited opinions or statements that led him to believe they would be a liability.

    Our greatest fear is that someone does decide to go cowboy and start trouble. If that happens, our entire message fails.

    Thus we are all very heavily motivated to operate passively. This operation, if it succeeds, will bring massive media and government attention to the problem. We have 696 people currently attending with only one state not volunteering anyone (N. Dakota) and we even have 16 private aircraft signed up.

    This will be a lifetime experience for those of us attending, I hope it does some good in the long run, and I hope it wakes people up.

  • The sidearm is probably not all that necessary, but from what I’ve heard about federale snipers working for coyotes I’d recommend some body armor.


  • Quartermaster

    Body armor w/ trauma plate is coming with me, heh, I’m not taking any chances.

  • Eric Olsen

    “and to find it on Blogcritics of all places!”

    not sure how I feel about that statement, but I will choose to see the glass as half-full

  • Tom French

    Sounds good to me. If you are ok to illegal aliens coming over here, make it legal. If not, enforce the laws. If I wanted to go move into another country, I would have to go through the proper channels. I certainly wouldn’t expect to sneak in, then get a driver’s license and work like they do in CA.

  • David Vrooman

    I am also a volunteer for the Minuteman Project. Let’s get this straight. We will not be doing any detaining of illegal aliens. In fact, I will be bringing no less than 20 gallons of water and a jumbo first aid kit to help the illegals, if needed. The last thing we want is for anyone, on either side, to get hurt. After spotting any groups of illegals, their position will be reported to the Border Patrol with a GPS unit. This project is not so much “guarding” the border as it is a practice of free speech. Are we doing it for media attention? You bet. The more people around the rest of the country know about this problem, the better. I own acreage on the western side of Arizona near the border, and everything you have read is true: the litter, the theft, the calls at three in the morning from your neighbors because your cattle got out through a gate that got left open by border crossers, etc. Enough is enough. America deserves what it tolerates, so for us to tolerate this just sends a message to our lawmakers that we don’t care.

  • I live on the southern border of Mexico. Most Mexicans are normal people in a country that has made itself poor and they are hoping for some truth to the tired and lost old sign, “Give me your tired, your poor…” A few, like the would-be robber I tackled stupidly without my machete the other night who nearly killed me are not so nice. But better the desperate robber who I would have caught if I had thought a little (3:30 AM filled with cardiac meds and a pacemaker-sometimes I forget and think I am 20) than the rude, swaggering, obnoxious border patrol and customs people on the Texas border who threatened me with jail for my essential cardiac medications. They and the real low life of America, Bubba the Minuteman; need my constitutional reading list – if they can read.

  • Are we doing it for media attention? You bet. The more people around the rest of the country know about this problem, the better.

    Thank you for your candor, David, and for not responding in kind to the ad hominem comments above.

  • Erik

    Ahh there always has to be one. francisco68 thinks that because people want to protect their country, they MUST be racist, ignorant rednecks. That remark in itself is a true testament to YOUR ignorance. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • JOhn Lasater

    Very Very simple…
    WE are the government, as stated by the founding documents of the United States. We cannot take the law “into our own hands”, because we ARE the law.
    America has been hijacked by the very people it elects to be caretakers of this trust…..

  • Bubba ??

    I too am a MMP participant. I live in AZ about 80 miles north of the border.
    There is a dirt road that runs north-south about 300 ft from my front door.
    It’s a major highway for illegals on the way to Phoenix. I’m always out picking up the refuse they leave behind. They are in my yard every few days asking for Water, Food, Phone, Money or a ride. I give them Water.
    They are breaking the laws of our State and Country. They don’t respect our laws.
    I’m NOT Bubba, I’m an average AMERICAN.

  • Why do you faggot-loving communists love the illegal invasion force so fucking much? If you hate Americans who want to defend America: GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE USA!

    What we really need is a group that will kidnap and kill the lying pinkos who call themselves “Liberal”.

  • SFC Ski

    The border problems aren’t a new phenomena, and the crime problems related to them have long been documented. Even back as far as 1984, Joe Wambaugh wrote a good book, non-fiction IIRC, caled “Lines and Shadows”. That, along with other articles I have read make me think that the boder needs to be better enforeced, and on the Mexican side as well.

  • gonzo marx

    Daniel Miller sez…
    *What we really need is a group that will kidnap and kill the lying pinkos who call themselves “Liberal”.*

    oh boy..folks, we have today’s winner of the Insidious Troglodyte award!!

    stand up, Daniel…take a bow…you have shown undeniable evidence that you possess less active cells in yer skull than are present in the average cup of yogurt

    thank you fer playing..now move along..

    as for the Topic at hand..the MMP and the Border issue..

    i fail to see any problems with their proposed Mission Statement…it falls under the same category as the Guardian Angels in NYC, neighborhood CrimeWatch in our suburbs and any other time the Citizenry bands together , within the confines of the Law, to do what it seems apparent our Government cannot do..

    it’s all about Self Defense, folks..

    in this case, the defense of our Border from the invasion of undocumented aliens

    if for no other reason than the blatant Security concerns, we should applaud ANY effort to stem this tide, as long as the Law of the Land is followed to the Letter, as well as the Spirit…

    Fact: Mexican citizens caught by the border patrol are detained and deported…ANY OTHER NATIONALITY are released with the admonition to report to the department of Immigration with, i believe, a 2 week period..

    that’s right kiddies…central americans, south americans, chinese…and those from the Mid-Eastern nations…all turned loose, on their own recognizance…

    that sounds pretty Secure, eh?


    ask yourself…ask your Congressman and Senator…ask our President…ask the Director of Homeland Security

    ask them WTF are they doing about it

    the Persecution rests…


  • Quartermaster

    Welcome to the first week of the Minuteman Project!

    The Great Hypocrite has posted 1000+ soldiers of his military along the border to watch us, because, you know, we’re just… so evil, and illegal, doing, nothing illegal, you know… right… yeah….

  • Fridge Raider

    It seems as if G.Bush and V.Fox have an agreement to ignore ameican law, and do as they want. Upon takeing office G.Bush swore an oath to protect the Constituion of the United States, and since that day it seems as if he has done everything in his power to destroy it. It may be too late to vote G.Bush out of office but not all those Congress Critters. Its time to clean house and elect a Government that understands that they work for us,we dont work for them, and we are the ones that give them rights,not the other way around. And while we are at it we need to throw out that bloated, corrupt,United Nations gang that works against the people of the U.S. Maybe we need to pay more attention to third party candidates and hold them to their promises if elected.