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The Mini-Listen #5A

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“Numb” (The Video) – Linkin Park (Meteora)

See, this is where record companies really miss MTV. This video (which came as an extra with my “Numb” promo cd single) is pretty damned cool. The storyline follows a teen girl (who’s an artist) trying to fit in with society…and having a hard time of it. Bits of video showing the band rocking out are interspersed with the ‘movie’ bits.

Back in MTV’s heyday they were a force to be reckoned with and had the cultural leverage to shove a band out into the spotlight. Too bad that music on television has mostly disappeared (there is M2, but who watches it?) While I didn’t particularly like the song “Numb” on its own, the video managed to bring it to life. And while these DVD giveaways might get kids buyin’ more CD’s (though I have my doubts), there’s no substitute for a video channel that’s always on and is always part of the music fan experience.

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