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The Mini-Listen #2

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“Lupra” – Steve Tibbetts (Man About A Horse)

Ya know, I might even dig Yanni if he added tablas to his music.

Ok, that’s going too far. But one of the most interesting elements of this recording is the cool interplay between the percussion and Steve Tibbetts’ guitar. Tibbetts as a guitar player is pretty tough to categorize. He likes to take samples and guitar music…and toss ’em in a blender. What comes out is pretty much unlike anything you’ve heard before. I heard an interview with him once where he described his approach to music and how he enjoys tweeking sound samples until the original source is mostly “gone”. That’s what’s fun about his music. All these fresh sounds wrapping themselves around & between the acoustic and electric guitars.

Let me use a high falutin’ music critic adjective here: eclectic.

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  • cripes…and i used the wrong ‘there’

    …need more coffee

  • their was some weirdness going on last night…i would attempt to post comments and get some kind of nasty looking moveable type errors…the comment link would show up on the right…but was dead

  • And there’s your reply at the #2. I haven’t been on this computer since last night, so it’s not a cache issue. So, uh, nevermind.

  • Okay, here’s weird: your post says “2 comments” but when I click on the link, only mine shows. But your reply to my post shows up in the “recent comments” column at left. WEIRD.

    Will this one show? Who knows? Only the Shadow knows . . .

  • exactly. i have a bunch of Torn also: Cloud About Mercury being my favorite.

    and yes, there definitely is something about the textural style of play: Steve Tibbetts, David Torn, Bill Frissell, even the early Andy Summers releases.

  • I’ve got to check this guy out. The sound clips sound a lot like David Torn in his less-aggressive mode. I’m amazed there aren’t more guitarists expressing themselves in this mode – aside from a very few, the guitar hero is played out, but these textural guys will never grow tiring to hear.