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The Miami Hurricanes And The Florida International Panthers Disgrace College Football

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The Miami Hurricanes have been punks of legendary proportions for years, so it should come as no surprise that they were involved in a bench clearing brawl with the lowly Panthers of Florida International University on Saturday night.

To give a quick recap, Miami player James Bryant caught a touchdown pass halfway through the third quarter and promptly earned an unsportsmanlike conduct flag for bowing to the crowd after the score. Of course Bryant had a reason to celebrate since Miami stinks this year and looked awful again against the winless Panthers.

But rather than go into how far Miami has fallen – they have gotten to the point where they get hammered by good teams and struggle against bad teams – let’s go back to the fight.

After the ensuing extra-point try, an FIU player takes a cheap shot at a Miami player – goodness knows Miami has never taken cheap shots or taunted anyone – and as a result all hell broke loose. An FIU player can be seen kicking a Miami player who is on the ground and engaged with another FIU player as both teams spilled out onto the field, throwing punches.

Miami’s Anthony Reddick – in what can be described as a criminal and cowardly act – can be seen swinging his helmet at opposing players during this riot.

Cops streamed onto the field to try and restore order and after about a 10 minute delay 13 players were ejected – 8 from FIU and 5 from Miami.

In a situation like this both teams – coaching staffs included – must be blamed and punished equally.

This much is for sure: Larry Coker must go. He not only can’t coach, but he can't control the guys on his team. Lost in the tumult of the moment is the fact that Miami was up only 7-0 at this point in the game and was struggling to beat one of the worst teams in Division 1-A. The Miami offense was hardly a juggernaut against the winless Panthers despite the fact that they scored 35 points; the score was only 21-0 after 3 quarters.

The way last season finished and the way this season has begun for the Hurricanes, Coker needs to be fired. The behavior of his players during the brawl shows that he has absolutely no control over his team.

Hurricane starting quarterback Kyle Wright had this to say about the incident, "It's something they started and our guys finished it. … They're going home with a 35-0 loss and they're 0-7."

Apparently Wright was feeling good after his performance in which he accounted for 117 yards passing and 3 touchdowns against one of the worst teams in the vaunted Sun Belt Conference. Since Wright hasn’t done too much this season, this kind of performance must really make him feel good. Too bad for Wright that Miami can’t play Florida A&M and FIU every week.

Here’s what Coker had to say about the brawl: "This won't be a big negative on the University of Miami," Coker said. "I'll put it that way."

Really Larry? Why don’t you watch the tape of the brouhaha and then get back to us, okay?

Reddick should be thrown off of the team – but you know that he won’t – and others should be suspended for the remainder of the season – but you know that they won’t.

On the FIU side Head Coach Don Strock – former backup quarterback for the Miami Dolphins – has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do as well. The FIU player who started the brawl and the player that is seen kicking the Miami player – Marshall McDuffie, Jr – both need to be thrown off of the team, and the other clowns that were involved need to be suspended for at least a couple of games.

Here’s what Coach Strock had to say: "Whatever penalty is handed down, especially from us, we're going to make it the most severe. We don't condone that. It's embarrassing."

Let’s hope Strock isn’t just paying lip service to the idea of meting out the appropriate punishment for this kind of behavior.

Officials from both the ACC and the Sun Belt conferences – as well as officials at both schools – will review the tape of this embarrassing display of poor sportsmanship and criminal activity; we can only hope that the penalties really are “most severe.”

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    Ok for this whole brawl thing (IM a die hard UM FAN) who gives a damn coker is gone we got shannon and guess what hes doin hes cleaning up the damn program with all his rules they are not punks either how bout you try and play in one of the toughest cities in America and look at all the other teams that have brawled i dont see blogs dissin their teams…

  • Jeff

    Don, I believe you mean “Monday Morning Quarterbacking?” If you want to try to impress someone, at least TRY to get things right the first time.

  • sal m

    the dartmouth and holy cross players should be thrown off of their teams as well…the video from the fight wasn’t as clear as the miami-fiu confrontation so it might be harder to mete out the appropriate punishments.

    it’s funny how people complain about bias in the face of the criticism launched as a result of the miami-fiu fight. these people have responded in a manner to make you think that miami is being picked on because they are predominantly black and the team that they faced off against isn’t.

    and critics of this incident – myself included – have made it perfectly clear that both teams are equally culpable.

    there were men of color on both sides of the fight, so are the dons and samanthas of the world saying that if men of color engage in unlawful and inappropriate action there should be no repercussions?

    the dartmouth and holy cross incident won’t get the same amount of attention for the simple reason that the game wasn’t televised and no real footage of the fight exists.

    read for yourself

  • Samantha

    Darthmouth and Holy Cross! Where is the media outlash on the ivy leageue schools. Aren’t they suppose to be educators. Maybe “Don” had a point and some of you are a little bias. Just my thought a fair / balance reader.

  • This article was chosen as the sports editor’s pick of the week.

  • Y.G.

    The reaction of the Miami fans and organization might be even more shameful than the actual brawl. You have the announcer claiming he wants to go down the elevator and join the brawl. Quotes from Miami message boards include “I LOVED IT that may be the start of the U returning this will be a HUGE boost for recruiting”, “we needed this in the worst way”, “The reason we dominated the second half was due to the fight. Finally the players let out the emotion that has been controlled by a reserved Coker”, and many more along the same lines. The fans in the Orange Bowl were cheering. The announcer wanted to leave the booth and join the brawl. Is this what Miami stands for? If so, the ACC should be redfaced that they were ever allowed to join the conference. Utterly ridiculous display by the Miami players, fans, staff and anyone associated with the program.

  • heh

    heh. Don pretending to be in the army.
    People blast Miami because the punishment they initially gave out to their players (1 game suspension vs Duke) was a joke compared to what FIU handed out. Plus this brawl is just a latest in a series of incidents at Miami.
    The only picture anyone needs of Miami football is them running around in army fatigues as compared to the suit and ties that Paterno, an actual father figure made his team wear.

  • Jeff M

    Don, clearly you need help. I am stunned by your comments and vulgarity. I hope you in no way shape or form deal with kids.

  • sal m

    a rant that’s befitting of someone who supports the goings on at the university of miami.

    thanks for providing us with the stream of conscious nonsense.

    your wide range of off-base assumptions are very funny. and your view of how white people viewed u of m in comparison to the other powerhouses of the day reveals your ignorance, while also pointing out that you know very little about college football. come to think of it i remember all of those great white only teams and players fielded by nebraska, usc, texas and oklahoma as well as all of the other major college teams of the day.

    guys like mike rozier, irving fryar, turner gill, johnny rodgers, earl campbell, mike garret, oj, rodney peete, marcus allen, anthony munoz, thomas lott, jc watts, charles white, tommy frazier…white as the driven snow.

    yep, miami was the only school to give the black kids a shot, jim kelly, bernie kozar, and all the other quarterbacks. actually, it’s kind of funny that miami really hasn’t had any black quarterbacks when all of these other teams have…oh well…miami still rocks!

    don, you should have kept this promise that you made above…
    “Well Sam, that’s about as much of a response you are going to get from me;”

    but i guess when a person is as confused as you seem to be, you forget what you’ve said.

  • Don

    Its amazing how you all grease each other nut sacks. “Whattaya lookin’ at? You’re all a bunch of (hypocrites; did anyone of you watch the whole game NO!!! Just the media release and we know the media isn’t bias). You know why? Cause you don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your finger and say,”thats the bad guy.” Those are the infamous words of Scarfaces Tony Montana, the worlds most notorious bad guy. Just like the bad boys of college football. Tony Montana never tried to clean up his image after pillaging the streets of Miami, so unlike the Miami Hurricanes he was never subjected to the hypocrisy UM si presently being bombarded with. The entire nation wants to portray these Hurricanes as a team of thugs, and while some of the things they did during Saturday’s brawl with FIU was thuggish, thugs they are not. Not even close. Are they guilty of charging the field to fight FIU’s players after seeing their holder and backup QB get body slammed? They are. Are they guilty of getting caught on video committing some offenses that would be considered heinous? They are. But are they the thugs and outlaws the national media and bone head followers such as yourselves who can’t think for yourself would like to portray UM to be? Not even close. Butch Davis, Larry Coker and Paul Dee have done so such a good job of cleaning up the program the past decade most of the typical Hurricane Bravado is no longer genuine. Facts are this is a team filled with more choir boys than trouble makers. But the old Miami image CAN’T be shaken, and as I have no idea why the school even tries with ignorant people who don’t even know that these thugs according to ESPN Athletic Graduation Rate is in the top 6 ahead of your darling colleges with such great tradition. I’ve always wondered why UM’s athletic dept was so overly conscious about the image it portrays, and now I’ve finally discovered the answer. It’s because an entire school now knows what it’s like to be a black man in America society, where people have a preconceived perception of U before they get a clue who you even are, and are threatened by U.
    The truth is there’s nothing UM can ever do that will change it, and Saturday’s Melee is proof of that considering how most of the nation didn’t take a look at all the facts before they showed some prejudice. “Come on, make way for the bad guy. There’s a bad guy coming through; you better get outta his way!” Oh yea Sal or Sam whatever your name is.. Miami came through the college football world and tore it up with a bunch of tough minded, physically gifted inner city kids that NO ONe wanted. Whitebread America was so used to seeing the Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Notre Dames of the world that when Miami punched all of them and took names it became a mirocosm (grab a webster) of how our society works. Miami is the black eye (pun intended) of College football because people have no answer on how to shut them down. No one can figure out how Miami does it. So they copy Miami and then they villify them. Lets hope Maurice Clarett misses a meeting with his probation officer; let’s hope Santonio Holmes beats his baby’s mama again; let’s hope Rhett Bomar take more $ at Sam Houston; let’s hope there were more benefits for Reggie Bush or Dwayne Jarrett; that might take some of the limelight off of Miami or even the “the great Duke Lacrosse Team (a bunch of choir boys who could have never raped a dancer). Get a Freaken grip! You see, I stand alone with a support of bone heads who can’t think for themselves. Resume, I am from the same South Florida area. I have an MBA, served as a Force Reconnaissance Marine (3 yrs) an Army Ranger (3 yrs) State Trooper (Highway Patrol 7.5 years) and Serve my Country in the mountains of Afganistan as Operator. I don’t eqivacate fighting with football; but listening to liberal media along with bone head people who sit in their lazy boy and criticize those who don’t understand the odds against you with lies is stupid. So before you judge look at baseball professionals who fight every week, hockey, basketball, Nascar etc. You people are bias, prejudice and shows why the term “Monday night Quarterback” exist. Next time watch the whole game before you judge. I must’ve struck a nerve!!!:-)

  • I’ve always hated the University of Miami. I lived in South Florida for a couple of years about 15 years ago, and I can honestly tell you that the only thing more obnoxious than an FSU fan is a UM** fan. And the teams/coaches they have had over the years have always been corrupt, criminal, soulless scum. I really, truly HATE the University of Miami football team, and everyone associated with them.

    **The other UM, the University of Michigan, however, is a quality organization deserving of respect from all. And if you dare to disagree, please go to a frat party in Ann Arbor some Saturday night and be sure to tell everyone exactly how you feel…

  • sal m

    Oh he’s been fired alright…check it out here…
    espn thomas fired

    also it’s comforting to know that the president of u of miami – donna shalala – has said that this kind of incident won’t result in anyone losing their job.

    so apparently at the university of miami being responsible for a group of people who engage in an embarrassing criminal act on the football field won’t get you fired, but losing games will…great message ms. shalala.

    as an interesting side note, check out the name of the guy who is the spokesman for the cable company that fired thomas.

  • That Lamar Thomas has not been disciplined (preferably in the form of dismissal) already is very disappointing.

  • Jeff M

    Don, all your comments do is further embarrass the University of Miami (not to mention yourself)and further magnify teh problem the school has.

    If nothing else, as a High School Athletic Director and a father, Saturday’s brawl does nothing but make our jobs harder and provide a sad commentary for the state of college football…something I love.

    By teh way Don, it is called SPORTSMANSHIP. Cheap shot on your kicker…trust that the offiials will dole out the required penalty and move on. That’s also what being a man is about.

  • hairynipples

    There is a winner in all of this….Greg Schiano will have Miami and Rutgers throwing roses at him by year end. Miami couldn’t be any more desparate to get him now.

  • sal m

    here’s a link to the video of the fight along with the miami announcer’s commentary…he should be fired immediately.

    ncaafootball at aol

  • sal m

    i find it laughable when internet tough guys like don equate football with real war. if you played football you would know that for as tough as it is, it isn’t war. and if you served in the military or know anybody who has, and you equate what our fighting forces contend with to what goes on on the football field you disgrace everything that real soldiers have to face.

    this kind of phony macho posturing is precisely the mindset adopted by these idiots who attend thug schools like miami, and then go cruise strip bars with their hand guns and pick fights.

    however, i find the rantings of the dons out there amusing and insightful. while we can laugh at these guys for their neanderthal notions on what toughness is, we can also learn about the thought processes of the addled minds that these cretins possess.

  • “Well Sam,”

    *snortlaugh* This oughta be good. Go ahead, Ron.

    “that’s about as much of a response you are going to get from me;”

    But there’s so many more words left to read!

    “because you obviously have never been in any combative form of sports.”

    You mean a contact sport? And you do realize you were just talking to a football team strength coach there.

    “You probably play video games and live behind your low IQ of understanding football.”

    Heh. All right, enlighten us.

    “It doesn’t matter if it’s FIU, TCU FSU or whomever; you don’t let anyone just beat down your family.”

    Or in Kellen II’s case, “your battalion.”

    “I guess; if the cane players would have just sat on the sideline and watch their fellow mate get slammed; then you and the rest of the Love them or hate them fans would then been criticizing their non emotion and reaction to a fellow teammate.”

    By “retalliate” you mean helmet whip the opposing team? And after the fight, celebrate?

    “Either way; they can’t when in an atomosphere of bias, jealous and plane out ignorant people such as yourself.”

    Yes, THEY’RE the repressed ones. Poor college athletes. (And the correct spelling is “ig’nant.”)

    “Go learn brotherhood by fighing in Iraq and then give me some reason to respect your comments.”

    But why fight in Iraq when I can be a soldier alongside First Officer Winslow II?

    “Other than that; if it’s not your mother then would let me beat your brother; or would you just turn the other cheek.”

    When the schoolyard bully cries, “But he started it!” it’s just an excuse. And notice that we want BOTH teams to endure harsh penalties for this.

    “Whatever! Punks. That’s easy to talk shit behind a computer keyboard. People like you should continue to read your love novels and live in la la land.”

    As opposed to your comments, which are in no way simply talking shit behind a computer. No, man. That’s BROTHERHOOD.

  • Mark in Canada

    The Hurricanes were once a great team, now they are reduced to beating up a crap small college who never wins, and they have the gall to feel good about themselves. Why don’t they hire a real coach, with real values, recruit athletes, not convicts, and make people proud of the U of Miami once again. As a life long U of Michigan fan, I know the key to having a good program in college football is to root out people who embarass your program, not to reward them. You might not win as much as you would like, but at least you can have pride in the school, something I wouldn’t if I was a U of Miami Fla grad….

  • Lee

    It seems that one of the pre-requsites to play football in Florida is a criminal record.

  • don

    Well Sam, that’s about as much of a response you are going to get from me; because you obviously have never been in any combative form of sports. You probably play video games and live behind your low IQ of understanding football. It doesn’t matter if it’s FIU, TCU FSU or whomever; you don’t let anyone just beat down your family. I guess; if the cane players would have just sat on the sideline and watch their fellow mate get slammed; then you and the rest of the Love them or hate them fans would then been criticizing their non emotion and reaction to a fellow teammate. Either way; they can’t when in an atomosphere of bias, jealous and plane out ignorant people such as yourself. Go learn brotherhood by fighing in Iraq and then give me some reason to respect your comments. Other than that; if it’s not your mother then would let me beat your brother; or would you just turn the other cheek. Whatever! Punks. That’s easy to talk shit behind a computer keyboard. People like you should continue to read your love novels and live in la la land.

  • sal m

    it seems that you’ve been asleep for the past few years, as miami can hardly be considered THE premier program in college football.

    also, your reading comprehension is pretty poor as you couldn’t discern that blame for the brawl was placed equally at the feet of FIU and Miami.

    the problem with people like you and the punks who play at miami is that they equate everything with “hitting your momma.” i didn’t see any “mommas” on the field saturday night, didn’t see any “mommas” swinging their helmets at other players.

    and if kicking the collective of asses of the third class punks who have no other choice but to go a “school” like FIU makes the ‘Canes feel better about themselves, that shows you how far they have fallen. they should take care of business against the real teams they face.

  • don

    As usual its always the haters of the world; who have nothing but a one minded opinion about the brawl. Every school comes in with a vengenace for the Hurricanes. No one points out the cheap shots that were being displayed all game by FIU; Lets be real; if it was Notre Dame or Texas we wouldn’t be hearing the chants of suspenisons. But, its Miami the premier program in college Football; Continue to dig your nose into a program that you obviously love to hate. The Canes actions were wrong; but let’s not start an article out with the Miami Hurricanes etc. Keep it real. No two schools in the nation have ever brawled in college football? I beg the differ and believe me its only because its Coral Gable (The NFL U in College football)Get a Fucking life. Let me hit your Momma and see if you fight back.

  • No doubt, this has to be a low blow not only for Miami’s coach, but also for Don Strock of FIU, whose program is just in its infancy, and this has to happen. He’s sure to get the boot after this year, if not sooner.

    There has to be some terrible fallout from this match. I think FIU is probably going to be harder-hit than Miami in the fact that the administration could have second thoughts about having a football program. I hope FIU football doesn’t fold as a result of this; this would a terrible ending to a program that is enjoying the privilege of being a I-A school.

  • Dave S

    At the very minimum Miami should not be allowed to play in a Bowl game (of course they do still need to win 2 more games for that to happen). A better punishment would be to suspend the entire program for the remainder of the season.