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The Mediator: Twilight

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Twilight, the sixth book in the best-selling Meg Cabot’s teen series, The Mediator, is what I call an “answer” book for it not only poses and solves this book’s current problem but also brings to a close a major storyline and answers many questions that have been raised throughout the series. Susannah Simon, “Suze,” is a mediator, a liaison between the living and dead. She sees dead people. She believes her calling is in her ability to help ghosts resolve the problems that are making them earthbound and assist them into moving on. For most of her young life, she believed she, alone, had this ability and it wasn’t until she moved to California that she discovered there were, indeed, other mediators.

California brought another surprise into her life: a drop-dead gorgeous hunk of a ghost from the 19C named Jesse. The series, so far, has been one long romantic ghost story and by the beginning of the this, the sixth book, Suze has definitely fallen in love with her ghostly boyfriend and him with her. But how can there be true happiness for such a haunting relationship? Even now Paul Slater, another young mediator, has moved to town and into Suze’s life and he brings more complications and more conflict to Suze’s already complicated life. Talk about a lover’s triangle and the potential for trouble. Paul doesn’t buy into the whole mediator-ghost-assisting spiritual aspect of the job; he’s into power. And power he finds. His plans include changing history so that Suze’s ghostly boyfriend doesn’t die at an early age and therefore doesn’t meet her so he won’t need her and will never become her boyfriend. He wants Suze all for himself. And there lies the dilemma for Suze: does she intercede and stop Paul or does she stand aside and let Jesse have the life he was denied so long ago? And what does Jesse think about all this? You’ll love the sudden twist that brings this ghostly romance to an end.

In Twilight, Cabot’s writing is smoother, more mature, to match Suze’s own growing maturity. The girl grows up. Characters change. Answers are provided. But is this the final book? In one sense it could be. In another, Cabot has skillfully set the stage for a new beginning that promises even more to come. I’ve enjoyed the series and have now discovered new promises for Cabot to keep in Twilight. And for those few who don’t remember, Meg Cabot is the author The Princess Diaries series, the 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series, All American Girl, and Teen Idol and once again has brought her knowledge of teen readers to bear in this fast-paced read.
–vikk, Down the Writer’s Path

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  • loony

    PLEASE somebody tell me the ending!!!!!!

  • Jolane

    I just finished reading Haunted (the book right before Twilight) and I reeaaallly want to know what’s going to happen next!

    I agree… I wish someone would tell me the ending

  • Vichi

    Jesse comes back to life!! You have to read it! Its amazing!!