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The Media’s Contrived Circus: More than Three Rings

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Why are the real culprits in this latest media controversy not identified?

It is disgusting that the individuals who hyped up this infamous didn’t-even-happen book burning are sitting here quietly watching, free of any responsibility.

Here is the story: Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida announced that he along with his (dwindling) fifty member congregation would burn copies of the Quran in an anti-Islamic protest. After actually applying for and being denied a book-burning permit, Jones was still planning to carry out this publicity stunt.

It appears that after Gen. David Petraeus, U.S./NATO commander in Afghanistan openly pleaded on national television that the fiery event not take place and warned that if carried out, the burning of the Quran would place all of our troops and citizens abroad and at home, in harm’s way. Pastor Jones reluctantly canceled the event.

However, who is really pulling a publicity stunt? I believe the media is much more culpable than this one nutcase and his misguided flock. Jones appears to be a very sad and misguided individual who is using the name of God to incite violence and hatred in all of us toward the Nation of Islam. Pastor Jones is an opportunist. He is in good company, the world is full of opportunists.

Speaking of opportunists, allow me to direct my words to the media: take the spotlight off this sad event and let us all get along with our lives. You in the media are capable of making sane and moral decisions occasionally so go home now, the circus is over.

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  • Doug Hunter

    Total agreement.

    I happened through the living room this morning to hear some media talker interviewing this preacher. The question was along the line of “won’t you feel responsible for any retaliation”. My first thought was, no one would have heard of this or know to retaliate if you weren’t giving this idiot a platform. Tons of morons have burned and flushed Korans and flags and bibles and everything else (you can verify this on youtube), but without media frenzy it amounts to nothing. The media is more responsible for any backlash from my perspective than Terry Jones.

    The retort of course is to hide behing press freedom, the very same tact the preacher (freedom of speech) is using. It’s the same hollow excuse either way, just because you have the freedom to do something doesn’t make it a good idea.

  • Hi Doug,

    I’m glad that you not only agree , but also commented.

    It is all of this *Tom Cruz News* they keep shoving down our throats that I really can’t stand.

    I believe this *latest fiasco* is just another example of the smoke-screens that the media invents in-order to keep us from seeking the *real* news,what’s going on in Washington DC.


  • Cannonshop

    #2 Yep. That sounds about right. First the local-zoning issue in New York, now some rednecks in Florida are suddenly national news, one MUST question what, exactly, the Press doesn’t want us to look at.

  • Clavos

    @#s 2 & 3:

    Obama losing his grip…

  • @#s 3 & 4:


  • Folks, you cannot get mad at a dog for being a dog.

    Media has got to fill a lot of unforgiving minutes with sixty seconds worth of something. Moreover, that something had better sell cars and beers or it does not go on.


  • I am burning, I mean barbecuing, a nice pork loin. Will the press come and take pictures? They can’t have any of the pork; our dogs get first dibs after we eat ours.


  • Are you expecting a response, or were you just passing through on your way to the barbie?


  • Yes, Dan(Miller)

    Instead of intoning “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” He said “they have sinned, they have sinned, they have sinned most grievously.”

    They did.