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The McCain Anti-Torture Amendment

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The President takes a question aboout the McCain anti-torture amendment:

(My words, pictures by Bazooka Joe)
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  • Maurice

    I’m sorry I had to see this…

  • Yes, I’m sorry too.

  • Bazooka Joe has become awfully political lately. I think this one is back-handed shot at President Bush, although I may be reading something into it.

  • Alethinos

    Fifth… Despite your proclivity for explatives you’ve brought up a critical news story. There is a LOT to discuss here. Besides McCain inserting this bill which is a MUST, I think it is also a shot against the bow for 2008. Bush can’t run but perhaps McCain is letting the Party know he’s tired of business-as-usual.



  • I pray that McCain is running. I’d vote for him even though I disagree with home on most issues. But I like the guy and respect him and think he is one of the few people that could re-unite the country. If he can win the Republican nomination, he’ll be the next president because a lot of democrats and independents like him. I don’t like his chances for the republican nomination however as they unfailingly tend to nominate the worst piece of shit available. Using that criterion I expect that Jeb Bush will be the next republican nominee.

  • By the way, I’d like to point out that I used only one expletive this time and it was the relatively innocuous S-word. I’ve said many times that if I had the knowledge, skill and reasoning ability I would write well-reasoned though provoking articles. Unfortunately I don’t.

  • Maurice


  • If you want the well-written thought provoking version of this you should read Douglas Anthony Cooper’s article from a couple of days ago. That guy is an excellent writer.

  • Oh, and Maurice, please point me to anything decent that you’ve written lately if such exists.

  • LOL, people bothered to respond to this?


  • Apparently.

  • You, too, can be a political cartoonist using only “Right Click Save As” and a copy of MS Paint.

    The Fifth Dentist = The Second MacGyver

  • My parents are pretty proud. In any event, it’s better than that “Day By Day” comic. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that shit.

  • Alethinos

    My God, you’re right Fifth! You’ve used, well, wait, now there’s another explative… Still, you’re off yer feed Fifth!

    Dave, be nice – just cuz you’re angry with Earle doesn’t mean you should take it out on Fifth… Speaking of vindictive, now DO we like the way Bush & Co., are bending the hell out of McCain’s arm?


  • McCain survived 5 years of arm bending from real experts, I imagine he can survive whatever Bush can dish out.


  • Draft McCain/Tancredo in 2008.

  • Despite my previous recommendation of that ticket, I do have to point out that it probably means 2 years of McCain and then 6 years of building a wall around the country and putting illegals in detention camps.


  • The landslide 90-9 vote, which included folks like Trent Lott and Sam Brownback, definitely makes Limbaugh and the rest of the torture-apologist crowd look pretty silly.

    America’s finally headed back to being the rational, common-sense country that it is.

  • Dream on, Thad. It takes more than one vote for reason to prevail.


  • Hey, he is on a roll . . . why stop there?

    Maybe he will stop the directed energy torture of Americans at home, too.

    The space weapons are up there kiddies, and some one is using them on Americans.


    Don’t knock this message until you truly read my website.

  • Interesting cartoon.

    I agree with Carolyn Williams Palit in regard
    to exposing the torture of American citizens
    by way of the US Federal Intelligence community,
    which uses its directed energy satellite weapons
    to torture us.

    II have been tortured by these weapons for the past three years and been a Government mind control target for the past 25.

    Americans need to learn about the National Security Agency’s SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE Program
    and how it uses remote neural monitoring by way
    of its array of satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes, for years on end.

    Americans are being watched in their own bedrooms
    having sex, their own bathrooms, their most private thoughts and discussions being monitored
    by the NSA and FBI 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
    365 days a year, in the most precedent setting violations of the United States Constitution, the
    Bill Of Rights, Civil Rights and Human Rights
    every documented.

    Get educated on the remote sensing of humans, as
    you are probably already in this global spy satellite network, without even realizing.

    Please check out my Website and do stop by Carolyn Williams Palit’s Website as well, since it is one of the most educational in regard to these weapons and the Government’s abuse of them that you will find on the Internet.

    Jim Marino
    US Mind Control — directed energy Target/Activist

  • nomi

    It is alleged that directed energy weapons (electromagnetic, microwave, radio frequency, sonic, acoustic, laser, infrasound)are being used experimentally on unwilling, non-consenting American citizens in actions that amount to torture and leave the body destroyed and in pain.

    (like the cartoon)

  • Clavos


    From where did these people with the tin foil hats crawl out???

  • Must be a full moon, Clavos.


  • Clavos

    OK, Dave. You actually knew it was before you posted that, didn’t you? (I had to look it up!)

  • I was out late last night and saw it. I felt the pull, but resisted.