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The Matrix and the Power of Love

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The world is unquestionably filled with natural artistry. The Galapagos Islands teeming with colorful life, the Grand Tetons reaching high enough to cast shadows upon the clouds, and a simple garden rose infused with an inebriating fragrance are all small affidavits of the magnificence of the world in which we live. From my front door the scent of the ocean, the evening jasmine, and verdant tropical gardens are only steps away.

I created this. I created this because this is what I love. Some years ago I visualized myself living in just such a place. My world existed fully illuminated, comprised from love, and I manifested this from a dream matrix. What have you visualized while in a state of love? We are the masters of our own destinies and we can manifest those destinies, but as I ponder that realization I cannot help but notice that all is not a rose garden.

Would anyone consciously conjure negative circumstances in their own life?

Do we subconsciously emit negative energy and inflict ourselves with sorrow? If we can intend good things then can we not intend the bad as well, even subconsciously? Or are we guileless victims of circumstance? Much has been written on the subject of manifesting your intentions but where does the anguish many suffer from originate? Clearly, we cannot take credit specifically for the good and simply ignore the bad. Where do the bad things come from?

Collectively, we act as one. The “American Dream” influenced a lifestyle for millions of people for over 50 years. We perpetuated that dream but then, like waking from a nightmare in a cold sweat, we suddenly find ourselves sitting on the precipice of the complete demise of the American middle class. When Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring she made the world aware of the problems humans pose to the environment. We banded together to put an end to polluting the rivers, estuaries, and lakes, to ban DDT, and the EPA was born. Seemingly, then, a collective conscience manifests intentions, both the good and the bad.

Looking at what we have created and destroyed equally, it’s clear the power of our intentions, collective or otherwise, is indeed very strong. Theoretically then, one should be very mindful of even the most fleeting of thoughts. What about our dreams? Do we manifest our nightly visions as well? Shall we monitor and plug in all of our thoughts like the film character Neo, in an attempt to access a matrix we can then manipulate? Shall we think about not thinking? It would be an impossibility.

We understand that love is the highest state of consciousness. And it is from this state that we consciously and subconsciously create. Entertain the memory of when you were in love, and recall that state of bliss. An orchid, though exact in its requirements, sends profusions of blooms when in a loving environment, as opposed to when it is in one in which it receives no care at all. One needs only to remember the euphoria of falling in love and the pure state of ecstasy that permeated everything and the ease with which dreams came true. Where no love exists, however, misery abounds.

The broken-hearted are surely unaware that their pain manifests as negative energy. Unfortunately, it seems to be cumulative, and when the world weeps, we all suffer egregiously. I read once that to manifest good intentions, one needs to feel so deeply emotional about your desire that it brings tears to your eyes. You should feel the emotion in the pit of your stomach. The tears are the sign that you are on the right track. Intentions will then materialize no matter if it be to save the environment, change political agendas, or write an article about the power of love for Blogcritics…

Love is prone to the yin and the yang and the circuitous movement of time. It is not perpetually static as we would believe. It is not linear. It patterns itself much like nature and one should take notice of the thawing in spring as winter snows give way to meadow grass or of when the seas rise and fall rhythmically with the Moon. Love undulates.

The essence of love is creation in its purest form. Love is boundless, it is endless and it cannot be contained. It cannot be controlled or forced. It is never constricting or demanding. It exists on ether and must flow freely. Love is a powerful positive force. Without it life is meaningless.

It is not intending or dreaming or wishing that manifests good intentions into our lives or cures the ills of the planet. It is simply, purely, and unabashedly love. Where love abides, positive manifestations will occur, whether in one’s own life or in the world as a whole. Love is a necessary state of consciousness, and in order to actualize one’s dreams one must denounce the illusion and step into the light. We simply cannot live without it.

As I observe the world around me and my own personal Universe, I am reminded that where love flourishes there is creativity. Where there is not love, creativity stagnates, embracing all that is repugnant. Looking at the situation of our own United States and the planet as a whole, it is clear that as humans we are not in a state of high consciousness and the human element is vibrating on a very low frequency.

Living in darkness we must break free and accept an illuminating truth. By ultimately breaking free of the illusion we can then accept and adopt a much higher state of consciousness for the betterment of all mankind.

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About Summer Said

  • Summer Said

    Thank you Clarice. I keep trying to plug in! The writing is a great release…;)

  • Clarice

    Wow , summer , you made it . I believe things that happen to us , even when we think they are negative , are always good for “the being” , in us. I always think there is a higher being , steering us along , hoping we don’t fail to see our own greatness . Congrats on letting that power steer you. Clarice

  • Summer Said

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Sometimes, I think what I think is really out there! Then I am reminded of Plato’s The Cave. So many are shackled and afraid to see the light…Then again, it is blinding isn’t it?
    Like the movie The Matrix, which really wasn’t my muse for this article but seemed a good fit, it seems we are living under the guise of some sinister plot at times and that the only recourse is to “plug in”. I’ll be keeping on my rose-tinted glasses in Neo-esque fashion. 😉
    PS. Conflict is often a necessary component in life. The Military-Industrial complex is what scares the bejesus out of me. It’s the covert ops we have to watch. Oh,right, we can’t SEE them. I almost forgot…
    I guess the Matrix is a good muse after all.

  • Cool article, thanks for writing it and publishing it here, Summer.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Summer –

    This is a good article. and it isn’t the first time I’ve heard this proposition, and it really does have its merits. If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life, what goes around comes around – what one does usually comes back to oneself for good or ill…but the key word is ‘usually’.

    In the end I can’t subscribe to such a philosophy because there is too much injustice, too much heartbreak in the world. To be sure, humankind is better off now than it ever was. Since the end of the Cold War, there has been less military conflict than in any decade I know of in recorded history. But there is still so much poverty, so much injustice that I cannot think that we make our own realities.

    For those of us who are so very fortunate as to be in a position to make our own realities, we should be counting our blessings with tears of gratitude – for so many millions are in no such position.