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The Magic of Yosemite

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Photos of Yosemite just do not do any form of justice to the true magnificence of this natural wonder. Within the park on the valley floor is a small stone building, reminiscent of something one might find in the French countryside. This is the birth place of the Sierra Club…obviously an apt place for such an endeavor.

In my recent ramblings I have told you of the marvels, mystery and beauty of Mt Shasta, Castle Lake, and Castle Crags; of sacred Medicine Lake, the obsidian of Glass Mountain, volcanic Lassen State Park, picturesque winding drives and valley views…..and now I add the power – and I mean power – of Yosemite’s granite peaks and mountains, highlighted by Half Dome and El Capitan.

From the park entrance to the main valley floor and visitors center it is about 25 miles of scenic, winding roads, around each bend a different view and feeling. There are the stark reminders of a vicious forest fire that engulfed many, many acres several years earlier. Once healthy cedar and pine forests were reduced to charred toothpicks, barren landscapes, and one can’t help but feel a sadness of life lost…natural, animal, and human alike.

The first open view of the massive granite walls rising from the Merced Valley floor is breathtaking…not so much in the beauty but because of the sheer size. As the drive continues more is seen and the continual clicking of the camera is only going to provide a very poor memory of the reality of the view.

During my visit to the park a young man asked me about my first impression of Yosemite; he said that he had been coming here with his family since he was 5 years old, and now it was all so familiar that original wonder and amazement was long forgotten. He could see in my eyes the magic of Yosemite shining forth. The only word that really had any meaning was “awe inspiring”….that was the same feeling I had when first seeing Mt Shasta, but Yosemite’s size and breadth just keeps expanding the “awe.”

The place of most intrigue for me was El Capitan…..a 7,000 + foot virtually sheer-faced granite mountain that is associated with the Ascended Master, El Morya. Along this vein, Mt. Shasta is associated with St Germaine and, as crazy as it may sound to some of you, both these Ascended Masters and guides have been so very instrumental in my journeys and revelations over the past months – hindsight is such a great revealer when one is ready!

Getting our of the car and looking up, up and up, there is an energy force that is around and pushing out from the granite; it seems to push you back yet hold you in place all at the same time.

I have been told El Capitan is as deep in the ground as it is above the ground – the mind boggles at this concept!

After touring around and weaving through the slow moving traffic, Andre, Stephanie, Marcus, and I made our way to El Capitan for a closer look, parking the car and taking the quarter of a mile trail leading us to a smaller trail up through the trees and a rock forest near to the face of the mountain. Marcus was walking in bare feet and, as we climbed further into the magical glade, I discarded my shoes as well and climbed bare-footed over the rocks, tree roots, dirt paths until meeting the sheer face of the wall – the power was palpable!

Marcus and I continued to seek out little paths. He began climbing up the rocks with great focus only to suddenly discover he was higher than expected and then went into a point of panic. He sat down, observed the scene, panicked about coming down, and realized he was in the midst of overcoming a fear of heights. He climbed up and down the ledge two more times just to make sure the experience was real, and it was!

I had been guided to climb up to a small ledge where the rock had formed several sheer, flat plates slightly off vertical with gaps in between them; sitting there I closed my eyes and tuned into the space. The sun was hot. I was standing on a shaded ledge, my back leaning against the rocks and the opening; heat started to rise in my body. Behind my closed eyes a light started growing brighter and brighter; the heat was growing as the light was growing. I was glued in place, my head is spinning as the light and heat intensified.

I remembered this feeling. It was a similar heat and light experience to the “near-death experience” I had in North Carolina two years earlier – a completely spiritual experience witnessed by a doctor, a heart specialist, and there was nothing he could do but observe what medicine cannot explain, but that’s a story for another time!

Still standing and leaning against the gap in the rocks, the heat and light growing, I opened my eyes and looked around the circle of rock peaks in front of me. There was a gossamer veil over everything, shimmering with rainbow colors. I kept blinking to see if it was real; it was still there, still shimmering. The heat and light even out yet it is still high, and I started to feel anxious about fainting and falling, so I slowly slid down to sit for a while…..apart from my position nothing had changed.

Am I imaging all of this? To prove it, I stood up again!

Slowly the sensations returned and it felt as though I had assimilated the vibrations within me now. From behind me out of the rocks a force of light pushed through me, out through my heart, thymus and throat….beams of shimmering light expanding out, way out into the distance and space, pulsing and flowing, my palms and feet feeling the same energy moving out into space…pure life force…I was connected to everything; all life is one!

As a Sound and Vibration Practitioner I realized what had been happening. Under the guidance of Divine Power, for this is all I could call it, I had been gifted with new knowledge and awareness; my own physical vibration had been increased significantly and as time goes on more will be revealed.

All four of us felt the power in different ways. Stephanie looked at me. “You are glowing, radiating light everywhere!” I was not surprised!

Before leaving, we munched on watermelon and a swim in the creek was so necessary; the water was about 45-50 degrees, the chill was great and helped bring us all back to earth before heading home to Sonora.

Several days later I paid another visit to Yosemite and camped for two nights up at White Wolf Camp, a lovely place off the Tiago Road at the 8,000ft. mark. The two nights I was there temperatures dropped to 30s at night, even a snow flurry made a short appearance. The days were lovely and sunny so I explored and walked for miles, marveling once again at the magic everywhere.


The photos I share just to tantalize you to appreciate this natural wonder.


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