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The Magic Band Announces 2011 United Kingdom Tour

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Behind the success of its 2009 appearance at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead, U.K., the legendary Magic Band, of Captain Beefheart fame, has announced a seven-date tour of England and Ireland. So far the only dates that are locked in are November 30 in London at Scala, Friday December 2 in Dublin, Ireland at the Button Factory and December 3 at Kazmir in Liverpool, England.

Then it will be welcomed back at All Tomorrow’s Parties (a.k.a. ATP) 2011 on December 4, where you can also see Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom, Yann Tiersen, The Mountain Goats, Low, The Fall, The Apples In Stereo, Sebadoh, Superchunk, Thurston Moore, Tinariwen, Lost In the Trees, Olivia Tremor Control, Jeff Mangum, Boredoms, and 14 more bands. Check the ATP web site for specifics.

Then on December 5, the Magic Band will be at The Pavillion in Falmouth. Two days later, it will be playing at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, U.K. and winding up in Leeds on December 8 at The Irish Center.

This year’s lineup of the band, which features John ‘Drumbo’ French on vocals, is the same as in 2009.
The lineup is: Denny “Feelers Rebo” Walley, Mark “Rockette Morton” Boston, John “Drumbo” French, with Eric Klerks on guitar, and Craig Bunch on drums.

Rumor has it that Drumbo is currently working on new music, originals that just can’t help sounding like what the band may have done in the past. This will be a follow-up to 2008’s critically acclaimed Proper Records release of City of Refuge. If Drumbo is true to form, it will be old Magic Band members playing on the new album.

You can get updates on The Magic Band’s Myspace page.

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  • John “Drumbo” French has taken over most of the vocal duties, and done very well with them. They are on My Space Here, John Drumbo French

  • Didn’t know the Magic Band still existed sans the genuinely awesome and criminally under-rated Captain Beefheart, who I consider to be one of the USA’s finest ever artists, but will now go look for them on Spotify.

  • great gig at nottingham one of the truely great gigs !

  • Owy

    Not the same lineup as 2009- no Gary Lucas- but thanks for the info all the same.