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“The Los Angeles Police Department” Continues To Perform In TV Ratings

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Hit show “The Los Angeles Police Department” rocks the ratings.

Written by Joe Wilson

LOS ANGELES, California (PoopyCaca.com) – Television actioner “The Los Angeles Police Department” continues to outperform the majority of television shows during the crucial “May sweeps,” with the exception of American Idol.

Although never critically acclaimed, ”The LAPD” has found the perfect combination of action, suspense, slapstick comedy and violence to draw large audiences, making it the second top rated show on the air, posting a 14.6 rating locally, right behind American Idol, which posted a 15.7.

May is an important month in the television industry, as advertising pricing rates are set based on ratings, resulting in season and series finales, stunt shows and special guest stars.

The last two episodes of “The Los Angeles Police Department,” which featured long car chases that ended in massive shoot outs with over 120 rounds, is just the ticket for this previously fledgling show to regain the audience share it held in the nineties.

American Idol denied that it’s special episode airing next week, featuring a duet performed by the final two contestants, one in a helicopter the other in a car on the freeway, was in reaction to the ratings battle success of “The LAPD.”

In other news, Republican Lobbyist/Part-Time Pastor Quits Church.

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  • kevin

    The policmen are bad, since the car thief was shot as he went out of the car, the police SHOULD stop shooting. The policemen are murders!!!!!

  • HW Saxton

    Murderers? It looks like in the video
    I’ve seen, the thief was reaching for a
    gun. What should the cops do??? Wouldn’t
    you ice the guy?

  • chinoslims

    the shootings referred to above aren’t even lapd shootings. The one with the man with a gun was a long beach shooting and the other one pictured above was a l.a. sheriff shooting. get the facts straight

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