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The Lizzie McGuire Movie

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I saw The Lizzie McGuire Movie on Saturday afternoon. It’s not a film I’d see of my own volition. But I tried to watch it through the eyes of a 10-year old child, whom I accompanied to the film because she really wanted to see it. She likes the Lizzie McGuire television show, which I’ve never seen, and really wanted to see the movie (but her folks didn’t, so I played The Good Uncle!).

Knowing nothing about the show, its characters and setting, I was able to glean enough about the show, all of it the usual clichés: perky 15-year old tween girl who doesn’t understand why she isn’t popular, her best male school buddy, Gordo, who is realizing he has a crush on her (duh), rival mean glamour queen, second goofball skateboard guy friend, loser parents (Robert Carradine has been reduced to this?), stereotypically annoying little brother, and a flaming gay teacher? Anyway…

In this film, Lizzie and her schoolmates graduate from junior high and take a two week trip to Rome, under the watchful eye of Miss Ungermeyer (wonderfully played by Alex “Miss Swan” Borstein, late of MAD-TV, and much missed on MAD-TV.) Her character is the true comic relief, and Borstein milks her lines for all their worth.

At graduation, Lizzie reveals herself to be a complete klutz, and her brother, plotting her downful, videotapes the event and sends it to “the networks” to embarrass her. Once in Rome, she is assigned a room with her arch rival, Kate Sanders. On an outing, a local Italian pop superstar (Paolo) notices her, and once they start talking, he reveals that Lizzie is a dead ringer for his singing companion, Isabella. She agrees to meet with him the next day, and he confesses that he and Isabella have split, she is recovering on an island away from the media glare. Paulo convinces her to appear with him as if she’s Isabella, and to sing with him at the local Italian music awards. In the meantime, she pretends to be sick so that Miss Ungermeyer won’t suspect anything. Gordo and Kate (surprisingly) do their best to cover for her. Without revealing the ending, suffice it to say that there is the standard moral of the story, and most will live happily ever after, return to America, and film more Lizzie McGuire movies. I hope I don’t see any of them, but if duty calls, I’ll be there like a good Uncle.

Meanwhile, the word from the little girl with me was positive: she liked the movie, appreciated the moral of the story, and thinks Hilary Duff is a good actress. Perhaps that’s all that counts: this movie is made for her and her contemporaries, and really, no one else. Skip it unless you want to be a good Auntie or Uncle!

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  • There was a piece in the NY Observer about Lizzie McGuire’s boobs. I’d never heard about this character, but I saw a poster in a bus shelter, and thought, “whoa, got to check that out”. Imagine my disappointment to find out it was wholesome family entertainment.

    But you wouldn’t know that from the poster.

  • Good point, Jim. The poster reveals instead that she is an attractive young woman, and her sexuality is there for everyone to see. Yet this is indeed very much a family movie, and from Disney, no doubt. Seems that their standards have shifted somewhat over the years as well.

  • Rob

    While the poster reveals Hilary to be the lovely young lady she is, I don’t see what would give anyone the idea that the movie is less than wholesome. There is nothing revealing about her clothes, and the fact that she has a cute figure should not be equated to her being less than wholesome.

  • Eric Olsen

    To demonstrate the age factor here, my son (15) was dragged to this by his girlfriend and said it was the worst movie he has ever seen – his two male friends agreed (it was a triple date).

  • Dana

    I thought that the Lizzie Mcguire movie was completely boring. I mean, so many people comment on the fact that she’s got big boobs, is beautiful, etc. So what the heck is the point of the whole show/movie? “Lizzie McGuire” revolves around the fact that she’s not in the “popular group”. Reality check: in real life being pretty, blonde, and gifted in the upper area can make a girl a lock-in to be popular. So Get Real! And now all of a sudden they make her a singing star! Whatever!

  • Kenny

    hey Lizzie please e mail me and get to know me 🙂 (this might not b a fan page but if u can e mail me.

  • taylor

    i saw the lizzie mcguire movie and i think she needs 2 stop because she needs not to wear the stuff she wore and she always studders on her shows and it sounds like she’s the grudge she says mom dad iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii totally can handle it and she always regrets it. o and her song ‘come clean’ ya……………she need 2 stop.and the last one is i don’t see how people find her [or heshe] attractive. and that’s wat i think about lizzie mcguire so………. o and you can e-mail me at tsf_94 @ yahoo.com

  • Zachary

    OK I tought the Lizze McGuire Movie was LAME. ok first in the movie and in her shows she aint popular. ok so in the movie if she is not popular then how is a superstar gonna like her, I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people think she is all of that and nice lookin then she should be popular in some thing. I personally dont like her but come on that is stupid.but get real she acts stupid on mivies and shows ok.

  • melita

    pleas lizzie write me your my best friends my email is [deleted] i weitin of you

  • vivi

    well u guys i think hilary daff is suck a sexy girl and cute and nice and lab lab aaaaa soo see ya

  • chanice

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  • chanice

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  • You are cool and i All watch you love from Amy x x x x

  • lizzie mcguire has nice boobs

  • Jacob C

    Why are people saying Hilary Duff has large breasts? She doesn’t.