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The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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There are very few books which just transport me into the setting and tone right from the first page. Many of the books I love dearly, like Crime and Punnishment, or The Chronicles of Narnia, can’t do that to me. In those books I’m still just a bystander.

With “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint-Exupery it’s different. I identify with the book and can see everything through The Prince’s eyes. Each pain and heartache is mine, also. Every joy is a reason for me to grin broader.

We, The Prince and I, take a trip from our little planet to find a sheep to help guard our planet from weeds, the great baobabs. On the way we run into several people. Those people boggle our mind as to the way people act.

Then we land on earth and run into a man. A simple, grown up man who sometimes has trouble grasping what we say. We can tell, however, that as a child he thought as we think. We strech his mind, even as he, in his own way, stretches ours.

And so thus this story goes. As much as a charming science fiction tale, it’s a study in how humans think and react. Simple drawings accompany and enhance the story. Reading this book causes you to see and react in ways you prevously wouldn’t have.


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  • Danielle Cristina Gomes Barbosa

    Eu adoro escrever sobre a minha vida

  • shaina lopez

    its great!!!!

  • Dr Monsoon

    I am searching for a quote of Antoine de St. Exupery that is something along the lines of: “He was free, infinitely free…so free that he could no longer feel his feet pressing on the ground…Free of nagging ties that bind and impede”…can anyone help me find this quote? Thanks

  • The little prince is the most acomplished book from Antoine de Saint Exupéry
    a philosophic tale a very nice story
    all teen ager in french where i live has to read , le petit prince

    it’s agreat book