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The List of the Moment, Volume No. 18

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This was a fun list to compile. Perhaps it was because my load has been lightened a bit this week and I feel less stress, thus my playlist has lightened up considerably. But as ever, it's an eclectic mix. The only thing I did not include is the classical music I have been listening to by Erik Satie, who I would also recommend, even though he is quite melancholy at times. The piano is beautiful if you’re into that sort of thing.

This list has many songs about love and lovers who are leaning, yearning, needing, and wanting. The heart wants what it wants and love warps the mind a little. With that said, I present "The List of the Moment, Volume 18." Inherent in the list is all of those things we feel – desperation, elation, endorphins rushing – as love or infatuation begins.

So, summer is full on, the sap has risen in the trees from the spring, and we find ourselves squarely in love. Given that consideration; here is your List. As ever, I look forward to your comments and questions and also, note the new feature which allows you to listen to some of the more obscure songs. Just leave a comment about a song you would like to hear, I’ll upload it for you, and you can hear it at your leisure since it is difficult to define a song – sometimes, you just need to hear it. Amazingly and happily, I’ve worked out a way to do this, so do make your requests.

Thanks as ever for your patience and for reading.


"Young Americans" by David Bowie
– A softer side of Bowie to be sure and not the Bowie of the hard-edged "Suffragette City," a great song which I almost had on "The List" but for some reason, "Young American" just struck me this week so it made it.


Perhaps it was because I just saw him performing the song on a repeat of the Dick Cavett Show. It was Bowie in full make-up with his side-swiped blonde hair and parachute pants — pure Bowie.

I hear this song and I hear sex. Well sex and politics, the lyrics bear that out. This is, without doubt, a political song or is that just me. Heck, he even mentions President Nixon at one point. For now, here's a sampling of the lyrics. You can get the full lyrics from lyrics freak, if so moved.


    They pulled in just behind the fridge
    He lays her down, he frowns
    Gee my life's a funny thing, am I still too young?
    He kissed her then and there
    She took his ring, took his babies
    It took him minutes, took her nowhere
    Heaven knows, shed have taken anything, but

    All night
    She wants the young American
    Young American, young American, she wants the young American
    All right
    She wants the young American

    Scanning life through the picture windows
    She finds the slinky vagabond
    He coughs as he passes her ford mustang, but
    Heaven forbid, she’ll take anything

"Brand New Key" by Melanie – the film Boogie Nights re-popularized this song, which for whatever it’s worth and I probably should not admit to this, I actually really like. I like the idea of hooking up that is conveyed in such simple terms but with the double-entendre that just barely conceals – "I’ve got a brand new pair of roller-skates, you got a brand new key.” and so on. Clearly there is something going on here and how it was used in Boogie Nights. (You may recall Roller Girl couldn’t have sex, for the most part, unless the song was playing.)

"Cubicle" by Rhinocerose – If you’ve been paying attention to the new iPod commercials then you know a piece of this song or at least the word “Cubicle” which sticks out. Well, here it is revealed for you now. The song is “Cubicle” by the group above with that spelling of the word.

Note there are two versions of this song, one a radio edit and the other not. I’ve only heard the radio edit so far. In either case, this song rocks the house and is amazing. It's the best new song I’ve heard in a long time with a great sound. I love how he belts it out. I love turning it up in my Mini, hitting the accelerator pedal, and just letting it all go. It’s just that kind of song that shakes the shit out of you. Take a listen on tant mieux.

"Say Something New" by the Concretes – Another advertising commercial song (I’m outing all of them these days). This one was used by Target for a while. The rest of the album doesn’t hold up quite as well, but this one song is pretty good, I think, albeit repetitive. It still has a catchy rhythm and the woman’s voice reminds me a bit of Nico from the Velvet Underground way back when. If you ever heard Nico sing "Heroes" then you’ll find this recognizable.

"I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick
– Well, who hasn’t been in this situation at least once in their life – I certainly have. The want that seems impossible. You just cannot even fathom why, while your want is so great, the other person does not even care or pay attention to you no matter what you do, or much you try. In fact, it seems quite the opposite; the more you try, the less attention and respect you get.

All said, this is a helluva sexy song and I remember Cheap Trick and their black and white stretch pants in a tile pattern (or was that the album cover or both). In any event, this is a song to revive and listen to again. If it’s been a while, dust it off and take a listen.

"She’s a Beauty" by the Tubes – Yes, one in a million girls, as he says. The only way I know of this song is through my brother Richard, who used to sing it all the time. That and from the times we went to the boardwalk and rode the fast rides while they belted out rock n roll. This song was a favorite. Go to Rehoboth or Ocean City, Maryland or New Jersey and it's the sort of song you hear at the end of the pier where the boardwalk smells like popcorn and fried dough, and the rides are fast and thrilling. It may not be a masterpiece, but it’s fun.

"Downtown Train" by Rod Stewart – Everything but the Girl did a great cover of this song and if you’re a fan, I highly recommend it. I chose the Rod Stewart version here simply because he sounds more desperate than ETBG, and that is what this song is about. It’s about longing and yearning and hurting.

I had a relationship once where this song was constantly on my mind and Lo! One day I did see him on the downtown train and, needless to say, all was forgiven at least in the moment. Whether he planed it that way or not is irrelevant to me simply because I too wanted it to happen. I didn’t want “every night to leave me lonely.”

I’m not a big fan of unrequited love. I believe love should be requited whenever possible. (Not that there’s anything wrong with what they call in Vanilla Sky a “proximity infatuation.”) I think there are some loves that are best left unrequited because they would be disappointing if they ever went anywhere and you would lose a good friend in the process.

That said, I think epistolary affairs – a love affair carried on by letter only – are incredibly romantic. Although, this is an old-fashioned way of carrying on. (The modern day equivalent might be and IM, but even that does not require the careful thought that a written letter carries. Eeven a long email requires a fair amount of thought and this too can be epistolary.) I have to say, I find hand-written letters sent through the post office more appealing. Too bad that as of this year Western Union will no longer be sending out any telegrams.

"Dreamsome" by Shelby Lynne – Another great song from Shelby Lynne. The first time I heard it, it actually made me cry. Yes, really. How sad is that? But the lyrics are incredibly moving and it’s all about absence, and again, that longing feeling. The refrain “Did you miss me…” just runs throughout the song and sticks. A mellow song, and probably one to put on a romantic compilation if you were making one. It's good for long-distance relationships or a beautiful reconciliation song, full of questions.

Shelby Lynne’s voice is like heaven – smooth, even, and never grating. It's smooth as honey treacle — just beautiful. Yes it's a bit desperate. But then, when asking the question, who would not be desperate? And it’s the desperation Lynne puts into her voice and intonation that really bring this song back home.

"Within Your Reach" by the Replacements – For some reason this song has always reminded me of helicopters. Maybe because it sounds like a whirly bird with the beat going round and round the way it does. That he could “die within (your) reach” is a great refrain, proving once again, that Paul Westerberg has always had what it takes and took to be a true star. He was great then and is great now. The entire song is well-executed, but the ending is just perfect. One word: Reach, and then full-stop.

"I Confess" by the English Beat
– Thank god for some Ska or light Ska, of which the Beat qualified for a while, at least as I recall. Sure, there were heavier Ska bands, but the English Beat made the cut, as far as this reviewer is concerned anyway. "I Confess" is probably their most popular song and with great lyrics and a beat that keeps us alive and awake. We don’t miss, no pun intended, a beat in this song.

Who hasn’t heard this song and memorized the lyrics? God, I remember being in high-school and we had to find something to translate into French. I chose this song. Can you imagine? "I Confess" in French, pretty nutty, but it went over well with the teacher who, thank god, had a sense of humor and gave me an A. Hey, it was a well-done translation.

To me, this is a big break-up song that does not hold anything back. Even when he calls the other “Darling” you can sense his voice dripping with sarcasm; that’s my take. Other takes are most welcome.

"Trouble" by Lindsey Buckingham
– Ah, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame. "Trouble" is one of my favorites of his because after this one, most of his stuff became over-produced. And, while it was still good, it lost a bit of its edge. "Trouble" is a good “oh oh, I’ve got a crush” song; as in “oh-oh, I’m in way over my head and didn’t even realize it.”

Been there. It’s easy to fall in love, as they say, without taking a step. One day you are alone and the world seems normal and the next, well, it leaves you squarely in a mess of loving and all of the ickiness that goes along with it. And yes, there is the greatness and infatuation and the crush. This to me sounds like an infatuation / crush song. I’d just leave it at that. If you have a crush, you are in “trouble” as Buckingham says – because you know you are about to fall.

"Cigarettes Will Kill You" by Ben Lee – If you don’t know this song, then get acquainted. The title does not really say much about the song, so I’m not sure what the title has to do with anything unless it is an in-joke and we’re all missing something. Fine by me. All he wants is a “TV embrace” and that seems fair. This song reminds me a little bit of Ryan Adams “Come Pick Me Up” – not in tone but in terms of subject matter.

Here is another song, a good one at that, about being fucked around, about being “cooked in a can” and more. I realize this is a rarer one so I’ll upload this for you to listen to. I want to make converts of anyone who hasn’t heard this song – it’s well worth the time.

"Call Me" by Blondie – Now, is this a woman jilted or a woman just pissed off or both or not at all. Is she a woman just saying "Call Me" whenever you need a lover as a command? Or "Call Me" when you need someone for one reason and one reason only? As I remember, they used this in the film American Gigolo, so that would suggest it has more to do with being On Call as it were.

Still, that said, this is a song you can twist and turn and make your own. It can be a shout-out to someone who literally hasn’t called you and you’re pissed off about it or you can make it a command. God knows I can think of one person I’d apply the song to and likely so can you.

It’s a rougher Blondie than “Heart of Glass” but that’s the great thing about Blondie – she has a great capacity for change, much the same way Madonna has. Blondie morphed with the times and seemed ageless to us.

She seems to have disappeared from the scene but hey, who can blame her. She had her great run; perhaps now she just wants some peace. I still prefer “Call Me” as a command or demand song, even if that is not what was intended. To me, it will always sound like a woman on the verge and that’s okay … I’ve been there.

Perhaps a more apt song for this sort of thing would be “Hanging on the Telephone Line” which is clearly about a jilted lover who is pissed off en extremis. Both go together well: one for the sexual “Call Me” and the other for the woman on the verge.

"Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes – Remember this one? I loved this song, mostly because I loved and still love Bet Davis. Kim Carnes had a bit of gravel to her voice, which in some minor way reminded me of Marianne Faithful (note, I said minor).

I love the atmosphere of this song and the time period of the '80s when the song was a real hit, even though that was not the best time in my life. I remember this song and remember the lyrics pretty damn well. Who could forget “She got Bette Davis eyes” and that background music and the synth. It all just came together and gave us what I would call a masterpiece in its small genre.

"Chimes of Freedom" by Bob Dylan – On the surface, this is a song about a couple taking refuge from a great storm as they duck inside a doorway and try to escape the deluge. This much is romantic and so visual, and that’s what I like about this song – it is very visual. But all around the couple are the “chimes of freedom flashing.” So perhaps after his many denials at press conferences and unwillingness to be pinned down, Dylan sang protest songs after all.

The lyrics here are beautiful and one hopes the "Chimes of Freedom" keep flashing, because even though our couple has sought refuge from their storm, all around them are bells ringing and clanging. This song was and is for "The lonesome hearted lovers with too personal a tale” to tell perhaps. There is some secret here, perhaps.

Beautiful lyrics; but what else from Dylan and though he may hate the term, he stands as a poet, especially in songs like this one. I used to think the song Dylan wrote that suited me best was “Visions of Johanna” but I have been set straight on that and have been told in no uncertain terms that no, this is the one. I’m not sure how to interpret that, so I won’t. I’ll leave the interpreting up to you.

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  • Good call on English Beat (great live: saw them live opening for the Clash) the Replacments and Lindsay Buckingham “Trouble.”

    As a Tom Waits fan, though, it should be noted that the original version of his composition “Downtown Train” surpassed for me Rod Stewart’s cover. Haven’t heard the EBTG, but I’ve always liked them–sounds intriguing.

  • You’ve hit on some of my favorites here, Sadi, “She’s a Beauty,” “Bette Davis Eyes,” “I Want You To Want Me,” and of course, “Call Me.” I suppose because they remind me of a simpler time, when I was much younger.

    I cannot hear “Call Me” without seeing Richard Gere driving the convertible up the coast as the credits to American Gigolo run. And yes, I was too young to be watching that movie the first time I did — but it was Richard Gere! For me that song will always have the seductive and kind of naughty connotation.

  • Hey Gordon;

    nice to see you…

    Never saw the Beat live, which is weird because i saw pretty much everyone of that time live… how odd… i love Tom Waits… didn’t know he did a version of Downtown Train… i’ll have to download that and check it out… i’ve always liked his stuff.

    The EBTG version is very, very very good… acoustic and melancholy, but then, what you’d expect, but regardless, a great version.

  • HI Connie: i think for me, so many of the songs on this list are memory songs – i ascribe a specific date and place to each, esp. the ones you have listed… Call Me is for me more general and i wasn’t much into the film so to me, it’s just a command song, but i like it just as i like Hanging on the Telephone – which is a bit or a lot, rougher sounding and i almost put that one instead, since Blondie has been on my list a lot lately (well, besides the usual Bob Dylan, as ever) —

    I know what you mean of a “simpler time” but that said, i think for me anyway, even though i have far more responsiblities now, in many ways, things are simpler for me — it’s variable for everyone depending on circumstance on growing up.
    Most of all, what i miss of my youth is my brother (he died, sadly) so it’s sad sometimes to hear these songs and have memories of him – but i know he’d be glad of it, because these were his faves as well – so i honor him in this small way.

    small things count for a lot sometimes. small kindnesses…

    as for age, as my friend says or said to me, “Age ain’t nuttin’ but a numba.” and i say this with a birthday approaching – and i have to say, i believe it. Whatever your birthday is, you can now subtract ten years because of medical advances etc etc. As my sister informed me the other day, “forty is the new thirty.”

    I think she’s right on the money.

    Glad to bring back some memories or you … ; )

  • Sadi–“Downtown Train” is on Wait’s album Raindogs (subject of my next Vinyl Tap) and indeed one of the best songs he’s ever written– very evocative.

  • oh, i should note, i have almost all of these songs as uploadable files, but for some reason, one or two won’t “take” but they are ones you likely know (for example: Call Me gives me an error…) But as to the rest, i can uplaod them if you don’t know… as to last weeks list, for a listen of the more obscure stuff click here. and use the left navigation until you get to Take a Listen: List of the Moment where you can download mp3 files of stuff to hear. Check out last week’s list and see what you think….

    ta ev to all,


  • Hey Gordon- i’m going to have to download that from somewhere b/c i’ave been a big fan of Waits for years… just love the gravel in his voice. I can imagine him doing that song, it would be fitting… gritty? I’ll have to look for it..

    Thanks Gordon! Hey, not sure, but you can listen to some of last week’s more obscure stuff by clicking the “here” link above … if you have requests, let me know and i’ll do my best to upload them so you can take a listen. This works well especially when i am trying to convince ya’ll to listen to the French stuff…, though i admit, i also try to make a few Dylan converts – ; )

    Already working on the next list… hopefully will be good…

    cheers Gordon – nice to meet another Waits fan…


  • I met Waits once at a concert by Elvis Costello (who I also met at another occassion)–Waits was in the lobby of the Wiltern Theater in L.A. (he was later to serve as a carnival barker-like announcer in a very fun spin-the-wheel concert–replete with dancing go-go girlsin cages, etc.–in which audience members came up to determine at random what Costello songs would be performed).

    Anyway when I walked inside to the lobby, Waits was there surrounded by some over-zealous fans–he didn’t look especially happy about the situation. I wanted to meet him but I also didn’t want to be another jerk taking up his time. But before I kept walking on, he noted my hesitation and caught my eye, subtley nodding his head as if to invite me over. In a nutshell, I walked around to the other side and he took this occasion to turn from the crowd to greet me while the other fans got the hint and dispersed.

    Needless to say, I was flumoxed and virtually speechless and barely able to speak: We shook hands and I stammered something about being a big-time fan, and he said in his gravelly way, “Thanks, man.” I would like to think–and there was reason to believe–that he was also thanking me for extricating him from loitering lingerers (is that a word?), but I’m not sure. I got the impression I could’ve probably stayed to talk with him, but I was so hummina-huminina’d that what passes for a thought process within me shut down all communication skills.

    At least Waits didn’t turn away from me as a newer batch of fans approached him from the other side…

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi, I’ll be reading this real good and get back to you on it soon, busy night here at home right now.

  • gordon, what a great story about Waits… sounds like you rather saved the day on that one… i’ve had similar run-ins. I met Paul Weller. There was a throng of fan girls with their make up on and their boobs pushed up to their teeth etc etc and vying for his autograph and i just walked casually down to the front of the stage after he had played English Rose and handed him the only paper i had (which happened to be a prescription for Valium, because i’m epileptic) and he turned it over first, then laughed, signed it and placed his hand over mine and kissed me.

    It was the only signature he gave out that night, and god, did i feel those daggers in my back from those girls, but i think he just recognized me as a quiet Mod girl and took everything in stride and he was right – i am just a quiet Mod girl. It was a great coup, really, but the real coup was just the fact of him singling me out, much the way Waits singled you out and you become not a fan, but more of a sort of “friend’ in a way – obviously not really good friends in the true sense, but some connection was or is made beyond the norm.

    I’ve had this happen in my life several times – also with Big Audio Dynamite in NYC at the Palladium when it was big, with Weller as above, and with various people of note (Saul Bellow who was on my Editorial Board when i ran Lumen Editions), Artur Schlesinger who i met at a party, etc etc etc… it’s funny; if you are just cool about things, then the person will gravitate to you.

    I’m seeing Dylan in a little while and wondering if the same will happen, though i doubt it, since i don’t think you can get near the stage where he’s playing; i guess i could go backstage, but that seems rather pathetic… but then, i know that he used to ask if anyone was back there before leaving (when he first started out) to make sure there were fans. How sad it would be if he finished his set and there is nobody back there! This keeps crossing my mind – so i’m torn…. but i don’t posit myself as a Dylan “fan” – i study him more, write about him, but not in an fan-crazy way… So how to get his attention without being utterly pathetic….

    I AM interviewing D.A. Pennebaker of Eat the Document and Don’t Look Back fame come this january and am very much looking forward to that — he already agreed to the interview so it’s just a question of his time and being in the country. So i’ll be where he is and do an in-person thing. THAT is a real coup, i think…

    i really like your Tom Waits story— I’ve been there, so i know what it must’ve felt like…


  • wait, Gordon, back to your first comment – you saw Lindsey Buckingham perform “Trouble”? Amazing. I had the hardest time finding that song for download and nobody seemed to have heard of it. I still think it’s a great song about infatuation and not quite wanting to be there – or if i read correctly , temptation – the big “oh-oh” sort of thing… i love that song tho…. one of the last by him that really struck a chord with me and that i felt was not over produced.

    Maybe that is one of the ones i’ll uplaod for people who may not know it… it’s such a good song.



  • Steve

    OK, well, let’s see…

    Re. David Bowie, I have about 31 of his songs, but none from the 70’s (unless you include his Christmas duet with Bing Crosby, which I believe was recorded around 1977, though not released as a single until 1982). Funny, the lyrics to “Young Americans” seem alot more sensual when you type them out, Sadi, I guess I’d never paid much atention to them before, it having been on the radio since I was a ‘little gaffer’ as it were.

    Do you have the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack, Sadi?? Bowie does a killer version of the old 1940’s classic “Nature Boy” on it, amazing.

    Kim Carnes, yeah, I remember this tune, radio played it to death when it came out in late Spring/early Summer, I seem to recall being up north from here with family at a beach off of Georgian Bay (connected to..ummm..Lake Huron). Dirt roads, lots of trees, beach, lake, nice memories. The year that song came out, was the year I hit puberty, seems like a long time ago now lol.

    I think we’ve discussed Buckingham too before and that song “Trouble” from the same year, Sadi. I think my big sis was a fan of the song, she loved anything to do with Fleetwood Mac. I just saw the video for this song on the Canadian 24 hr. music channel “MuchMoreMusic” a few weeks ago, hadn’t seen it since…probably the 80’s I think.

    “Downtown Train” is a fave of mine too, although I love alot of Rod’s tunes. Haven’t heard the EBTG version.
    Did you hear their version of Rod’s “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”? Beautiful.

    I was never a fan of Tom Waits. I think Rod and Chris Rea are about the only rough/husky voiced male singers I’ve really liked over the years to be honest.

    Re. The Tubes, I seem to recall discussing this one with you, Sadi, as far as your brother goes…or maybe it was part of an article you’d written. Anyway, I remember I bought the single in Canada to take back to Scotland with me, along with 3 or 4 others, so my friends could hear them as they were not hits in the UK (the other 3 or 4 were Canadian artists you probably wouldn’t know …Prototype..umm…gosh…can’t remember the other 1983 ones, only the 1985 ones, wow lol!)…anyway…

    I wasn’t crazy about Blondie’s rougher tunes, preferred their lighter fare, “Rapture” was interesting, was the first mainstream song to feature the kind of rap that is so common place today, I believe.

    I was never a fan of The Beat at the time, though because of the time period they evoke for me now, I don’t mind them quite so much.

    I always found ska to be kind of bleak sounding, at least how The Beat did it anyway (I’m thinking of their tune “Mirror In The Bathroom” as I type this). It always made me think of unemployed youths looking for trouble, walking the concrete city streets late at night…not pleasant images. I’m glad I was just getting into secondary school at the time. And that I grew up in a smaller town, rather than a big UK city.

    I do have one Cheap Trick tune (“Mighty Wings”, from the “Top Gun” soundtrack) but I’m not a huge fan myself.

    I guess I’ll have to look up the others on your site, Sadi, as I don’t know the songs and only know some of the artists by name. But it’s bedtime now, so I’ll leave that for tomorrow. It’s been a fun trip down memory lane as usual!!

  • Steve: I feel the need to reiterate–especially since you say you’re not a big Tom Waits fan but then go on to say that you like “Rod Stewart’s tune” “Downtown Train”–that the song was written and originally recorded by Waits. It’s arguably feasible to say you like Stewart’s rendition, but implying that it’s a Rod Stewart tune distorts things.

  • Said: I know “Trouble” from Buckingham’s solo LP Law and Order.

    Great story about Paul Weller. The circumstances for me meeting Costello backstage at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles stemmed from a friend who attained for me a personally autographed backstage pass from a San Diego show. I took it the next night to the LA show, flashed it after the concert at a security guard who was confused by it’s legitimacy but ultimately, thinking it somehow authorized me someway–let me into the backstage area, where there was a party with such people as Tom Petty and John Doe and Exene from X, assorted tv stars and Hollywood types and starlets, and eventually the man of honor Costello. Again, I didn’t want to seem to be a another hanger-on, but when I did meet him I made it short because I could barely stammer on about “big fan–blah, blah.” That’s okay, that was a enough for me–and he was very gracious, a far cry from his “angry young man” persona at the time.

  • hey steve; yes, i agree, young americans is quite sensual though you can read the lyrics either way i suppose. I always thought it was sensual, but erred on the side of caution here…

    I don’t have the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge and, in fact, had no idea that Bowie was even on it… i’ll have to check this out…

    Rod’s I don’t Wanna Talk About It is pretty great, but i’ve been a Rod fan for a long time (yes, laugh all you want) but i even saw him live twice; you can’t beat songs like Maggie Mae and You Wear It Well and The First Cut is the Deepest. Not sure which he wrote, but i do know that he performs them incredibly well and heck, even Tonight’s the Night is a great song if you’re a mooning about teeenager, it think. My fave of his has to be Broken Arrow or If We Fall in Love Tonight – from that album i really like those songs …

    Lindsey Buckingham can be great when he’s not overproduced. Trouble worked because it was NOT over produced…. which is one reason why i like it, plus we’ve all been there and had hat “oh oh” moment when we realize, “oh shit, i have a crush on x and i shouldn’t have!!” Funny how life/love does that to you; you just land squarely in it without taking a step.

    yes the Tubes we discussed via an article about my brother, i think…..

    rest of your questions in separate post; this one getting too long.. move onto next….


  • Steve; see, i’m with Gordon on the Tom Waits issue – i think they both have rather husky voices (as does Kim Carnes actually and as does Marianne Faithful who i also love…).

    Ska, bleak! wow! i never thought of it that way – i always found it buzzing with energy and always loved it… but i think that’s such a personal choice like any music and i’m not here to make converts, but if you want anything uploaded to try it out, let me know…

    As to Blondie – i like all of her stuff; i like the smooth and the rough. I mean “Heart of Glass” is a beautiful beautiful song and if you’ve ever seen the video, damn, was she ever beautiful … just gorgeous … i haven’t seen her in ages, but i would imagine she would age pretty gracefully .. but who knows… but i do like her rougher stuff because it IS so raw and full of emotion… and i like that she’s not afaid to say what she wants, even if it makes her seem sort of pathetic at times to be “hangin’ on the telephone.” as in waiting for a call, etc etc. She’s a pissed off chick in that song. The only other singer that reminds me of Blondie is Aimee Mann, who i think is just great as well… if you don’t know her stuff, i can upload some for you… she’s pretty great and did Voices Carry, but her more obscure stuff is great, like “Comin’ Up Close” which is just a great song.

    Cheaptrick i threw in for fun… thought we could use some lighter stuff … ; )

    as ever, great responses… but looooongggg…. you might have to break them up a bit for me, as i do with my answers because Wow! It’s a lot to absorb even in these “short” answers….

    sleep well, and i suppose you’re awake by now!


  • Here’s to keeping it short: Rod Stewart’s “You Wear it Well” has always been an evocative heart-melter.

  • Steve

    Sorry, Gordon, I did not mean to imply the song was written by Stewart, but it was ‘Stewart’s tune’, in that he was the first to have a big hit with it, and Waits did not have a hit with it, ergo, most folks would think of Stewart’s version rather than Waits’ version. Of course, a big chunk of Rod’s output are covers of other people’s songs.

  • Steve–I understand and got the impression you were already in-the-know. Sorry to overreact. My corrective was a “just in case” thing–plus there are probably many who don’t realize the songs
    Waits wrote but that’re associated with others:
    the Eagles “Ol’ 55,” “Martha” by Bette Midler, “Jersey Girl” and the list goes on…

  • Steve

    Good points, Sadi.

    Just looking at The Beat’s UK hits, I only know 3 so perhaps my judgment was a bit harsh. Ska can certainly be fun, but I just couldn’t think of a song of their’s that fell into that category. And I thought of ska bands like The Specials who could be very bleak at the time (remember their UK#1 hit “Ghost Town”?? Downright creepy, I thought lol).

    “Broken Arrow” is a fave of Rod’s for me also…oops…it’s actually written by former The Band member, Robbie Robertson, for his self titled Canadian Top 10 1988 album. Radio played his singles “Showdown At Big Sky” and “Somewhere Down The Crazy River” (the latter I have on cassette) to death here back then. Didn’t like Robbie’s stuff much at the time, but it’s grown on me over the years. Isn’t Rod the best ‘song stealer’ you’ve ever seen (I mean making hits out of non hits?) lol. I have Rod’s “Storyteller” box set, so I suppose you could say I’m a big fan.

    There are actually 2 soundtracks to Moulin Rouge, the first one is definitely better.

    Yes, Sadi, it was a long post, sorry, I will try to be more brief next time.

  • Steve

    Thank you Gordon, no problem, it is certainly true that Waits is a great songwriter, I just can’t stand his voice, that’s all.

    And for me, as I’ve told Sadi in the past, music and vocals are key, if I don’t like either, I just wont want to listen to the song, no matter how well written, I’d rather read it, than hear it, in that case. I have a good friend of mine who thinks that the lyrics are all important, music being secondary. I guess it all boils down to what we want to get out of our music in the first place.

  • Steve: I also appreciate vocal quality–and lean toward that if there are other lacking conditions. There are some, though, whose lyrics and music over-ride everything else, and Waits is one.

    It also helps if you grew up with Waits’ singing as it evolved–the change was more gradual, less jarring for me–along with his severe shift in music style from beatnik to Beefheart-esque. To me, his vocals on albums after Swordfish Trombone displayed more character and very much befits his relatively newer unconventional direction. I couldn’t imagine any other singer in that role–but, having said that, I think Rod Stewart’s rendition of “Downtown Train” was very good–it certainly is one of the rarey accessible Waits songs that could be covered for a broad-based hit.

  • Steve

    I remember Waits being a fave of the music critics and the DJ’s on public radio in the UK back in the 80’s when I was there.

    ‘Beatnik to Beefheart-esque’?? Wow, that is a shift!!

    Funny you should mention his vocal changes, Sadi said Dylan had done the same over the years also.

    Yeah, I often wonder if I hadn’t grown up in the UK, whether I would like Rod’s voice as much as I do, it is an acquired taste I think, like Waits’ is. My Dad, who moved to Canada around 20 yrs. old, could never stand Rod, he preferred singers with more technical vocal prowess (Celine Dion, Pavarotti, Sinatra, etc.).

  • hey steve, no worries about length; say as much as you need to say! really! just break it up into pieces so i don’t get lost… now to answer all that has come up in my hour or so absence… (was watching hitchock film, “Stage Fright” v. good, if you haven’t seen and like Hitchcock).

    Okay, now i’m going to read everyone’s comments…

    where did Chantal and Scott B go? they dropped off the face of the earth (or my column, lol) Scott emailed me a few times then it just stopped. Odd. Maybe my computer filtered it out.. not sure… aannnnyyyywayyyyy .. onward to comments.


  • Hey Gordon – you’re right about You Wear It Well – i mean, what better compliment could you pay to anyone. It reminds me so much of where i grew up (london, still citizen) and a certain age and stage of my life.

    I wasn’t old enough then, but my dad went to see Rod Stewart live and Rod kicked a football (soccer ball) from teh stage and it had a scuff from his red-boot on it… My father fought with some other guys for it and would up having to get stitches in his head, but he DID return home with the black and white football and red scuff…

    wish i still had it; funny how things from childhood just disappear sometimes… i hate that. Wsih i had a family who saved everything, like all of my blue ribbons from horse riding. i guess my family just wasn’t like that.. which makes me the opposite – i save everything and am a major documentarian… photos, soveniers etc etc… I keep it all in great big books and organized.

    It’s our legacy after all.. i wish someone had kept mine!


    Too bad i don’t still have that football; could prob. make a killing on eBay, but how do you prove it’s really Rod Stewart’s scuff mark? I suppose you couldn’t… I still have Paul Weller’s autograph ont eh back of my valium prescription which i put behind one of the phots in the house so i would never lose it. Problem is i can’t remember which photograph i hid it behind and seem to have misplaced it!!!! argh…

    Best signatures i have, non-music related, are Lewis Carroll (you know THE lewis carroll, and in a first edition of his book – so extremely rare as well as Otto Plath (Sylvia’s Father) in his book “Bees and Their Ways”) Both were quite a coup to get, but the Lewis Carroll one is in his “Alice’s Adventures Underground” (the original title of Alice in Wonderland) and it’s a book all handdrawn and hand written by him of which there were only five hundred copies printed… i’m a lucky girl but have gone completely OT,

    To bring us back around – i also kissed Billy Joel on the cheeck several times and got his authograph a few times as well… which also, i can’t seem to find! durrr!!!

  • Hey Steve; i have’t uploaded for the List yet to the site – but i’ll take requests and then do a Click Here in the thread so you go check it/them out… So i don’t automatically upload the list of the moment, only what is requested…. so feel free to make your requests and if i can accomdate, i certainly will..

    Was it you who mentioned Dylan’s voice? On the subject of Dylan, whom i am always happy to discuss, he seemed to have a different sound for every album but alot of that had to with the production and where it was produced

    The Nashville skyline albums to me sound a bit over-produced and smooth (which i do not like so much) whereas the New York produced albums, as one would guess, have a leaner and meaner and clearer sound to them.

    If i had to choose the Dylan i like best it would be Dylan of 63-66 or so… that to me was one of his best periods, in every way (musically, looks (sigh) and the music he was putting out and just going electric. Not to say i don’t love what he’s doing now – because i do, i jsut find the other stuff more “me” i suppose, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    I’m curious to hear the new album and still can’t get over that he mentioned Alicia Keyes (sp?) … but i think that’s my green-eyed monster coming out, but of all people Why her? I wonder why she left such an impression… she must have something going for her that i just don’t see… But then, looking at what BD has gone for in the past, perhaps it makes total sense.

    I dunno. Hard for me to be objective on that one.. but musically and tonally, he changed his sound and voice with pretty much every album – a real and true chameleon. A smart guy to say the least – i would say genius, but i think you’d disagree. I should upload more Bob for you to listen to … i keep trying to make a convert.

    Steve, what did you think of It’s Not Dark Yet that you asked me to upload last week… did you like it? He did that one as a closer last year and it was beautiful… we’ll see what he does this year.

    Requests taken so speak up-eth!!

    ta …


  • Paul Weller’s autograph on the back of a Valium prescription? You must’ve needed to be very resourceful at the time. Except for the Costello autographed backstage pass (the fact that my nickname was evocative of Motown’s Berry Gordy was factor for the Motown-fan Costello), I use a more conventional approach–like books (Brian Wilson, Ray Bradbury) or CDs (Jules Shear, Aimee Mann, Susannah Hoffs of the Bangles). I do have a considerable number of prescription–maybe I’ll start putting those to bette use.

    An Addendum on the Elvis Costello meet: The personally autographed out-dated backstage pass that got me backstage (the fact that my nickname was evocative of Motown’s Berry Gordy was factor for the Motown-fan Costello) meant that I had to abandon a friend back at the parking lot in my car. She was okay with waiting while I hobnobbed with celebs and some starlets I boozed it up with while all waited for Elvis to arrive. But to make up for the inconvenience for my friend, she said I had to get his autograph, and how could I say no? So while I was content just to mingle a bit and hopefully and briefly speak with Elvis, I was put

  • hey Gordon;

    re; the valium script – i’m epilepitic, so sometimes they give it to me for emergencies and it was the only piece of paper i had. I had to tell the doctor i lost the script in order to get a new one tho, but it was worth the minor lie (i considered it minor.. it’s not like i turned the script over or dealt in drugs. The script is still mine, just signed on teh back and never filled.)… I think Weller thought it was funny, because he saw what it was … so i think the subsequent kiss was a friendly gesture… either way, it was sweet.

    You’re lucky your friend was understanding! It’s funny; i joke with my husband that when we see Dylan, the bet is that i’ll be able to get Dylan’s attention and get backstage (he doesn’t doubt my ability to do this, since i’ve done much bigger things in my life) — but all he said was “and what am i supposed to do… wait?” to which i answered simply “Yes.” Problem is, in my mind, i’m still see that gorgeous Dylan of 1966 and Eat the Document fame — not the Dylan we see now (tho really, when he cleans up, he’s still got it goin’ on… it’s the charisma…but i admit, i like the way he looked back then. Too bad i was not of age…. damn damn). So, even at this concert if i do get back stage, all i would tell him is that i’m interviewing D.A. Pennebaker in January and he would prob. be impressed with that , but then what? Then i’d be , pardon the pun, tongue tied. It would be up to him to lead the conversation and you know Dylan – he’s like the Delphic oracle – speaks in forked tongues when he does speak…..

    Oh, was there anything, Dylan or otherwise, that you wanted to hear that i can upload for you to listen. For last week’s more obscrue stuff, click here and then use the LEFT navigation and scroll down to list of the moment where you can take a listen.

    If you are intersted in any Dylan tho, let me know.. since i have pretty much everything he ever recorded. Right now, i’m really into the song “One More Weekend” by Dylan, which is just a really sexy and great song – not a masterpiece, i’m sure he’d agree, but great for what it is…

    Anyway, check out the site and see what you think generally and check out some of those songs… overal tho, let me know what you think of the site – i change the front page a lot.. usually weekly, so the current photograph will prob. change soon –

    anyway, i know where you’re coming from ; sometimes things take precedence and friends have to wait a bit — good thing we both have understanding friends.. ; )



  • Steve

    Wow, you guys are making me feel like a nobody (joking), don’t think I have an autograph from anyone famous LOL. Sounds like you’ll never have to worry about paying for retirement, just sell your autographs if you get desperate!!! Of course, the fact that I could probably count the number of times I’ve been to a live concert by a popular act on one hand may be one good reason I don’t have any autographs, I guess I’ve never been a ‘starstruck’ kind of guy.

    Sadi, re. “Not Dark Yet”, here is my comment #32 from the List Vol. 17 –

    “Re. Dylan, that was definitely better musically, his voice is still not great but somewhat improved at least. Anything of his with a similar sound but cheerier lyrics by any chance??”

    Sadi, re. songs to upload for your site, pick any from your List I didn’t mention by name in my comment #12.

  • Sadi–I’m fortified with eight different meds–at last count–so that should keep me stocked up in autograph paper for awhile. I’ll let you know about the Dylan. I’m such a Luddite, though–I keep hearing about his radio show, and haven’t had a chance to tune in.

  • hey Steve — dylan musically; more uplifting, i’ll upload a song for you — re: nobody, you crack me up…it’s all in the chance, luck etc…

    i’m not really “starstruck” so much = no idol worship, just an acknowledgement of talent and to me Dylan has that in droves, hence i’m a real Dylanologist or Dylanite, (take your pick for choice of words, though Dylanology was A.J. Weberman’s term (do you know about him? he’s a riot)….

    For cheerier Dylan – hmmmm… let me see; his talking blues are pretty great, but you may not like his voice, but i’ll upload Bear Mountain Massacre and perhaps One More Weekend, both of which are lighter and fun songs — so you can have a taste of more Dylan ….

  • hah! Gordon, at least we’re on the same page medically speaking – ! it was truly the only paper i had though… and it’s the truth… hey, i just couldn’t tell the doc what i used it for, so had to tell a little white lie, but not a big one…

    As to his radio show, a friend of ours (cousin) tapes it and then passes it along for us to listen, but you can easily buy the thing for satellite radio at any Radio Shack and then you subsribe. His last three shows, the only ones i’ve heard so far, are pretty damn funny – he has a great sense of humor. Yes, his voice is going, but he’s still The Man i think…

    Glad to know, Gordon, that i’m not the only one who is psychopharmaceutically upheld; i need for my epilepsy i guess more than anything, but now that seems mroe under control these days – sort of.. long story, probably a whole blog just on that subject alone…

    I’m a total luddite tho… i don’t even have the radio XM thingy and have to count on others – tho honestly, you can’t be such a luddite and be on Blogcritics. I know some REAL luddites who don’t even know what Google is or what Googling means… or even IM… go figure. Makes me look like a tech. geek.

    rock on…


  • Steve

    Thanks, Sadi…”Bear Mountain Massacre” is a LIGHTER Bob Dylan song?? With a title like that, I’d hate to know what titles his darkest songs songs have lol. I guess I meant lighter, as in uplifting, not necessarily funny per se. But I will check that one out.

    Never heard of Mr. Weberman. Though I do some reading, I wouldn’t say I’m up to speed on the literary world, for the most part. I have a few favorites but not alot.

    As far as music goes, I’m more into charts than biographies really. I just like to see a snapshot of the music scene to see what’s going on in the culture, not heavily into all the gossip and stuff.

  • oh, Steve “Bear Mountain Massacre” is a funny song, it’s all about a picknic gone wrong… quite funny really.

    A.J. Weberman was a self-professed (and he says inventor of the word,)Dylanologist. He invented the term “garbology”. Apparently, he knocked on Dylans’ front door and when he was turned away, he then went round back to Dylan’s trash and took it home (yes, this is true) and found out a lot about Dylan this way (i guess you can tell a lot about someone by their trash) — so he did this and to make a long story short, he became such a pest that Dylan eventually had no choice but to deal with him…. There are whole taped conversatiosn between Weberman and Dylan that are hilarious. It’s like Dylan starts to really get into it at some points, then realizes that he hates this guy and then gets into it again… it’s really quite funny to listen to….

    Weberman is a bright guy; not an average “fan” but a real teacher he says of Dylanology and in fact, taught Dylanology apparently (tho i don’t recall where)… i have the stuff on CD – it’s amusing.

    I’m not a gossip monger, but i do read biographies and autobiographies simply because i’m a book reviewer as well, so i need to read to review and to educate myself. I have a Plath site that does very well, on which i review every book about Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes — my Dylan site is similar — but i’m more into the Dylan site.

    Anyway – enough of this. I’m going to go lie down for a bit (major headache settling in, ugh)… and am waiting for some news as well, so that’s stressful (a bit).

    Back later – til then…


  • Scott Butki

    I’m trying to catch up with you, Sadi.

    I like Young Americans but my favorite Bowie song is Pressure, the cover with Freddie Mercy.

    You made a comment on the other list.
    As for me being off fprfor the summer since I’m a teacher… I wish.
    A) I’m not a teacher yet so I don’t get paid to teach yet.
    b) I’m working 3.5 jobs this summer to pay for going to school full-time in the fall argh.
    c) — I don’t have a c but I think every list is supposed to have three items:)

    Music question: What do you think of Postal Service?

  • hey Steve:

    I hear you about school and tho i’m long out of it now i too had to pay my way through univeristy (BU and Harvard – Harvard was cheaper than BU but did not offer a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism, so i transferred all of my credits and got my BS from BU). I worked all day as an Admin Asst. in a bank, then in the evenings as a waitress and in between all of this i had to attend classes and do my work and graduate with A’s otherwise, what was the freaking point? I didn’t pay for it myself to screw it up you know…. so i know how overwheling it can be…

    you’re right about the Bowie song, “UnderPresure” is a great song and i love that song so very much i’m sure it has already made the list ages ago b/c i listen to it a lot…

    US Postal Service? Am i missing something? Is that a band name or are you being literal (god i feel totally out of the loop even asking….)

    Oh did you see the new feature on my site whre you can listen to music fron the List of the Moment – this way , if you want to hear something you dot’ yet know, i can uplaod requests and you can take a listen from my own site. Use the Left Navigation and go to List of the Moment by clicking here. That will take you to my main page, and then just scroll down til you find the right section – it’s pretty clearly marked.

    IF there are any songs on this or other lists that you want me to uplaod for you to listen to, let me know and i’ll do that for you. I only leave them there for a week or so then the next batch goes up per request…

    Right now, i’m looking for a good Dylan song for Steve… a “more uplifting” one i think he said – i’ll fine one. Gosh Dylan has a wicked sense of humor so that will be easy enough….

    Any requests? I can uplaod some more King Missle like “Sensitive Artist” and “Jesus Was Way Cool” if you don’t know either one…. you’d like… i don’t think they made the list yet but both are a hoot (all in good fun, tho,)….

    let me know if you want anything uploaded; i’m like the List of the Moment DJ thse days – i’m going to upload some old blues for you all to listen to… broaden your horizons… As to a comment you made ages ago, the song “Dear God” by XTC made the list yonks ago – i’ve long been an XTC fan – even when they were Dukes of the Straosphere – so i’m heavily into XTC – Dear God is a great song… glad you know or knew it … hope the list turned you onto it.

    Cheers and good to see you….


  • Steve

    Ok, Sadi,
    Thanks for the background re. Weberman, learn something new everyday I guess.
    Haven’t heard of Plath or Hughes, I’m not surprised though lol.

  • sure thing on Weberman – slightly nutty but a smart smart guy, i think. and hey, not many people can say that they got Dylan’s attention in the way that Weberman did.

    Plath / Hughes = the poets Sylvia Plath and her husband Ted Hughes. I am a poet by nature, so although Plath is not my favorite i find her intriguing enough and started this whole site on which i review any and all books and write articles about their relationship. She actually committed suicide (after many attempts) when she found out he was having a affair with another woman (Assia Weevil was her name) and Assia, likewise, also committed affair, taking their daugher, Shura i believe was her name, with her — which is just awful….

    it’s a sad sad story… if you want the link, i’ll build it in so you can check it out.. the site gets a fair amount of traffic because there ARE so many Sylvia Plath groupies out there and more, i will say this, she had , a did Hughes, an immense talent. You may not like her or him, but the talent is undeniable.

    For more information click *i decided to build in link anyway, so aboutplathhughes.blogspot.com

  • Steve, want me to uplaod those Dylan songs we discussed? If so, let me know and i’ll it no problem — you never know, you might even LIKE it… lol…. i’m seeing him on August 24th – can’t wait…. Again, let me know and let me know if there are other songs too…You might like “Cigarettes will Kill You” by Ben Lee – that seems right up your alley if i have a pulse on you – wanna give it a shot?

  • Steve

    Sadi, feel free to upload anything you think I might like re. Dylan and this List, just let me know and I will be happy to check it out.

  • will do right away and build in link; give me about twenty or fifteen mins to find the right songs and upload… then you can take a listen…

    you may still not like, but hey, worth a shot… i really think you’d like Cigarettes Will Kill you… maybe i’ll upload that one as well…

    back soon….


  • hi Steve… i’ve uploaded two songs for you, one by Suede called “She’s in Fashion” so look on the list for that, and another Dylan called “One More Weekend.” You’ll have to scan the list since i don’t think they fall in alpa order etc… let me know what you think of both – you might even know the Suede song, but just in case, i put it up since i think you’ll like it… click here and if that doesn’t work, click on tant mieux and use the left navigation to scroll to List of the Moment/Take a listen by clicking here.

    Let me know what you think….. i’m curious …

  • Steve

    Thanks so much, Sadi, I’ll do that right after I shower here. I am familiar with some of Suede’s stuff (I have a couple of tunes of theirs that happen to be on some compilations I bought – “Beautiful Ones” and “Trash”, both from 1996).

  • sure, Steve, take your time… i’ll leave the songs there for a while; oh, did you like Sia or did you listen to her song “Unbreathe Me” (which i think is a masterpiece, but that’s just me).

    Check out the Suede song (one of my favorites) and the Dylan one (also a fave but i know where you stand on that…. )…

    Did you listen to his Talking World War III Blues – that’s a funny song actually and the version i have up there is live, so it’s the best version in my view…. but see what you think;

    i am desperately awaiting some news about a job, which is making me barmy at the moment… hard to do anything when my brain is so preoccupied. May or may not come through so we’ll see – i’d certainly LIKE it to come through, so say a quick prayer, and we’ll see.

    I never count on anything until it’s a done deal — let’s hope that it’ll be a done deal , one way or the other, by the end of the day today at the latest. Waiting is the hardest part of all… eeeks!!!!

    see you after you’ve had a listen; i should be around…

  • Steve

    Wow, that’s the best Suede song I’ve heard Sadi (a UK#13,1999 hit to boot…there’s so many hits over there that you just never hear of here, shame)!!!

    I have two of their songs (“Beautiful Ones” and “Trash”) but their electric guitars in those songs (plus the odd vocals and lyrics) didn’t do much for me. Perhaps I’d prefer Suede circa 1999, rather than 1996, which those two songs come from.

    Re. Dylan, that song had a ‘bar band’ feel to it, sounded pretty much like other ‘bar band’ songs I’ve heard (slightly more distinctive vocal maybe). Not bad, just not very distinctive, and ‘bar band’ is not my favorite music.

    Re. Sia, yeah, that was a good tune, lyrics were a little dark for my tastes maybe. If you like tunes with breathy vocals, try “October” or “Soft Rains Of April” by A-ha (from their 1986 album “Scoundrel Days”).

  • Steve

    Oh, I do hope you get the job, Sadi!

  • Scott Butki

    You’re getting Steve and Scott mixed up again, silly dj lady:) I’m the one going to school who is never here.

    Postal Service the band is what I mean.

    Cool about listening to the songs.

  • Steve

    Hi, Scott, sorry to hear you’re not a teacher yet, but it sounds like you are on the way.

    I agree, Scott, “Under Pressure” was a great tune.

    Never heard of the group Postal Service either.

  • Scott Butki

    Try this link for info on the band and listen to the song about sleeping tonite

  • Steve

    Hmmm, not bad Scott, sort of an electronica version of Barenaked Ladies.

  • Steve thought you’d like that song by Suede. it’s a favorite of mine as well… glad you like so much and that i could find a way so you could take a quick listen….

    *sigh* about Dylan; we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t think he has at all a bar band feel… i think his stuff is truly unique but i’m a major Dylanite, so i would say that. Nobody i know has the range and repetoire that he has or has had… i think he just rocks the house and always has, though i’m partial to his earier mid-60s stuff…

    No more Dylan uploads for you… i’ll take other requests…



  • Hi Scottt – sorry mixng up with Steve – a function of not always wearing my glasses… i’ll be more vigilant in the future! I promise!

  • never heard of Postal Service or Post Service (?) What kind of music is it and would i know it? YOu pretty much have a pulse on what i like from the Lists, but i’ve never heard of Postal Service… I’ll see if they are on Amazon and try to take a listen over there…



  • Steve, thank you ! i hope so too… one more hurdle to jump, a phone interview and we’ll have to wait and see after that. Hope all goes well, though i think the best thing is to just be myself and know, as i do know, that i can do this job and do it well… so that much i’m fine with. The trick is conveying that much to the client… but hopefully, i’ll do a good job of it and the job will come through. For once, a job i really think i’d like and enjoy and think they likewise would like having me as well…

    fingers crossed; i’ll let you know as soon as i know. Waiting is the hard part; thought i’d find out today, but then this glitch happened and the Director needs to speak with me (understandable) so after that, we should get a response, and i hope rather quickly since there is a lot of paperwork to be filled out etc etc…

    I hate waiting for news like this – it’s very difficult to focus on anything else when such a large chunk of your life is up in the air!

    Ah well – meditate, walk by the beach, enjoy family and read. Things work themselves out in time….

    thanks for good wishes – sade.

  • Scott Butki

    It’s the singer from a band with one of my favorite band names – Death Cab for Cutie – and a producer. They collabored by mail, thus the name.

    Details are at another BC piece here.

  • Scott Butki

    Two songs you have to check out:
    the city sleeps tonite
    and Against All Odds (Phil Collins cover)

    here’s the video for the latter, which I’m sharing more so you can hear the music since the video isn’t too exciting.

  • Steve

    You were going to do the Ben Lee tune, I think Sadi.

    Re. job, yw.

    Scott, Postal Service doing “Against All Odds” huh? Only cover of that tune I’m familiar with is by Mariah Carey & Westlife from 2000.

  • Scott Butki

    Check it out, Steve. I think you’ll like it.

    Sadi – my last emails to you came via gmail but after hearing nothing back I stopped.

    I’m listening tonite to some mashups, like
    this one of David Bowie vs Devo

  • Sadi–thanks for the Dylan info. Did I ever gloat about lucking out on front row center seats for Dylan and Tom Petty? If not, condider this my official gloat.

    Some of my meds are anti-seizure meds, maybe you use: Neurontin (Gabapentin), Carbamazapine (Tegretol) and Amitriptylene (Elavil). I use them for trigeminal neuralgia–cranial nerve pain. Lots of random electric-like jolts, and sharp sustaining pain that can latch on for two minutes or two weeks. I thrive on the challenge in guessing how long they will last. Ah, good times, good times…

  • Scott, hey – for some reason i was getting email from you, but then it stopped. must’ve gone to trash mail? … not blowing you off at all, just never got any more communication! sigh…

  • Scott, Death Cab for Cutie is one of my favorite bands as well — do you know the song, doubtless, “Transatlanticism.”? That’s my fave of theirs — .

  • oh, Steve, sorry i forgot to upload the Ben Lee tune… i’ll do that this morning; i think you’ll really like it , and glad you liked the song by Suede.. isnt’ that great!


    in other news, i got the job! Wahooo!

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi, many congrats re. the job.

    Thanks for that Suede tune.

  • thanks Steve, and hey, you’re welcome re; Suede. It’s such a great song; thought you might like it… do you know a band called The Decemberists ? I think i featured them a few lists ago….

  • Steve

    I think I do recall you mentioning The Decemberists, Sadi, but I’m not familiar with their sound.

  • hi steve – i uploaded the Decemberists song Oceanside for you to listen to…. it’s one of my favorites and i think you’ll like it. Take a listen by clicking here, and use the left navigation to scroll down to List of the Moment and you’ll find it there. I uploaded it pour TOI…. ; )

  • Steve

    Thanks, Sadi,
    Yeah, that was quite nice. Trying to think who they remind me of, maybe a bit like The Bluebells. A folksy, almost Celtic feel to them. Got anything more uptempo of theirs??

  • Steve

    You know, Sadi, you’re making me wish I had a site of my own so that I could reciprocate with tunes you might like. How did you go about getting yours up and running?

  • Steve, hey, you’re welcome! re: the Decemberists, sorry but i only have that one song so far; i don’t have any others – tho i’m sure you could take a listen on Amazon. I think they’re a great group with a great sound. I just happened upon them by chance, so need to by the album…. I’m glad you liked. I don’t know The Blue Bells, but will see what i can find…. Celtic! hah! comme moi!

    glad you like that song tho… is one of my faves at the moment, hence it make The List….


  • Steve: re my site; well, i designed the site and it took about a year to get it all organized. You now the URL by now tant mieux.

    The best place i have found for hosting Web sites is SquareSpace, so check them out. I built in that section and i have also a built in section where you can listen to my poetry as well as read along… (under Poetry WAV files)… all poems on the site are archived by type and in Alpha order, or should be (for some reason, some refuse to go into alpha order – argh.. i need to sort that out.) So take a listen to the poetry too!

    What is your URL – do you have a site? Most sites it is hard to upload songs, MP3s, etc etc… i just built that section out for The List and it will change periodically – i’ll take some stuff down, add new stuff for each list, etc etc….

    Check out squarespace

    the hosting fee is a bit more, but worth every cent and you can really design your own site… i find it very flexible and have been with them for about two years – question: overall, do you like the site?

    (i change the front page and banner regularly, so it’s mutable, but i like the current incarnation, at least for now….

    what do you think?



  • Steve

    The Bluebells only had a year or two of success from ’83-’85, their biggest hit being “Young At Heart”, a #8 hit in 1984, which was then reissued for a Volkswagon ad in 1993, where it got to #1 for 3 weeks!!

    Re. your site, what is the hosting fee may I ask, and how much is it compared to other web site companies??

    Well, your site has a European (French?) feel to it, also the black & white gives it an artsy look, kind of what one would expect for a site devoted to poetry, I suppose. Though I enjoy watching the occasional black & white movie on TV, as far as pics go, I prefer colour, but that’s just me. On the one hand, B&W can hide imperfections, on the other, it can make things look very dated.

    However, in terms of functionality, your site works really well, which is the main thing. Looks like a lot of work on there!!

  • hi steve – i’ll have to check out hte Bluebells for sure… i’ll download some of the songs…

    my site; the hosting fee is a bit more expensive, i think around 30 or so per month, which isn’t too bad for what they offer, or it may even be less; i can’t remember since it’s automatically taken off of my credit card….

    The site is more French, but hey, i’m a lot French so it makes sense (half english, half french) – i like the black and white, but sometimes i do the banner in colour – it’s only in black and white for this incarnation, but often it’s in colour.

    Yes, i put a lot of work into the site, building out the sections, figuring out what i could / can do etc etc. and learnign out to get around and do what i want to do in terms of design and look and feel. But as i said, it’s mutable and changable, which personally , i like.

    I get a lot of traffic, amazingly, most prob. because of the Dylan area, but i have a lot of subscribers to the New Love Poems area, which is the most dynamic area of the site (comments on poems welcome, tho turned off on site, you can comment here if you ever want to… tho poetry may not be your thing. )

    There are also articles there as well – tho i’ve been rather negligent in that area. Need to have more articles…!

    Tant Mieux, as you probably know, means “so much the better” (in French) and i really felt it applied to the site, since i started the site right after i had lost a contract job, i said on the phone to my husband “tant mieux” and then it occurred to me that this would be a good name for a site… because really, it was so much the better that the contract ended; i wasn’t happy in that particular job….

    i’m really glad you like the site… visit often! and if you like Poetry, check it out… i suggest going by Archive and choosing by Title…

    Other Poems is also a good section…and a new one i just added.

    Thanks Steve!

  • hey Gordon; sorry i didn’t see your comment sooner; we’re on some similar meds, though i got off of Neurontin and Tegretol for my seizures. I now take Lamictal instead and Klonopin, which seem to workk for me and Dilantin in extreme emergencies… like when i’ve gone into status epilepticus (multiple seizures one after the other – i don’t remember any of it, but it’s scary for those around me). Last time was seven or eight hours of seizures – i woke up with complete amnesia; didn’t even know my own name, let alone my husband’s name or anythign else…. it took about a week for everything to come back, tho now i’m dyslexic, which i never was before, so it caused some damage – but i’m lucky; it could have been much worse….

    sorry didn’t see your comment sooner….

    hang tough!


  • Steve

    I don’t mind poems that rhyme, Sadi, otherwise, they just annoy me when they don’t rhyme lol.

    Hmmm, thanks for the info re. your website, gotta go for now though, busy day ahead.

  • Scott Butki

    Try emailing me again Sadi.And let me know what you think of Postal Service.

  • Scott Butki

    Sadi, I emailed you a postal service remix of a flaming lips song from my gmail account.

    also, i think you might like some mashups that I placed at this piece

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    I see Dylan’s new album “Modern Times” is coming out on the 29th of the month in the UK. Getting excited?

  • Sadi–I figured you were familiar with Tegretol and Neuerontin, but I’ve not heard of those others you mentioned.

    But you turned dyslexic? I never considered that it could encroach mid-life. My brother is severely so, my sister is blind–and one of the few things working for me still is my eyesight.
    Coming Attraction–spinal surgery for lumbar stenosis, soon but no date yet–maybe that will somehow get my head back in whack.

  • Scott Butki

    Sadi, did you get the email I sent you?

  • hi scott;

    i typed up a whole long response here to you but in short, no, i haven’t received any more emails from you. I’m afraid to type too much since even tho what i typed had no curses etc etc in it, it would not publish and gave me the error message “banned word.”

    See, as a journalist and journalism major, i was under the illusion that we still had freedom of the press and so on, esp. if this was not an attack contained no language etc etc – apparently, i was wrong. Maybe it was because i referenced a song that begins “Dear G.D” I better not type it, because that may be the banned word.

    Who knows. But no, i did not get any further email from you.

    Bannned word????

    (not interested in an explanation – not that important).

  • Scott Butki

    Dunno about the banned word thing. I just sent two emails – one from my yahoo account and one
    from my gmail.

    I can’t send music files successfully from yahoo but I can from gmail and yet you seem to be able to
    only receive emails from my yahoo account.


  • Sadi, if you’re having a problem with a banned word (they’re banned to prevent spam not freedom of expression), just email me the reference number you get in the error message and I can tell you what it is.

  • prevening spam is good. i’ not sure what i wrote that could have been read as spam tho… nothing vulgar etc etc, but okay. I can’t remember now the error message. It’s not a big deal – banning spam is good. I didn’t realize this is what it was for. It seemed odd to me, esp. here, so i must have misread. For a while there, i thought we were banning the free press! But i gotcha… thanks for explaining…



  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Did ya miss my comment #77?

    Also, when do you think the next List will be up and running?

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Long time no hear! Just wondering if you’ve heard about a hot young artist by the name of James Morrison? Apparently he looks like a young Bob Dylan!! His single, “You Give Me Something” is #5 in the UK, and his album “Undiscovered” is #1 on their album chart. Just thought you might like to check it out (I’m sure you can find the UK charts so I don’t have to put a link here?? ‘Cause I still can’t get that to work lol).

  • Steve

    Speaking of Bob Dylan, Primal Scream’s most recent UK Top 5 single, “Country Girl”, almost sounds like something he would do.

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Hope you’re having a great summer. Any idea when the next List will be ready??

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Hope you had a great summer (seems like you were pretty busy!!). Anyway, just wondering if/when you were going to do another List of the Moment??

  • steve!!!!

    gosh it’s nice to hear a friendly voice, or type anyway! yes, summer has been v. busy… i got an offer to write a book about Lewis Carroll so i had to do the proposal for that which took and has taken the bulk of my time every day and i’ve been going back and forth between here and nyc and then was in Paris and on top of all that the usual domestic bliss etc….

    but yes, it IS time for a list, i just need to reach some equilibrium. It certainly won’t be this week, but let me see what i can put together. See, if you wanted all Dylan, this would be a cakewalk, i could give you the best of… in my view anyway, but since that is not really the thing, then i have to come up with something else…

    and i will…

    so my apologies for absence… not permanent absence, just a hiatus that was necessary for book etc etc…. but at least, fruitful.

    hope all well with you….

    as ever,


  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Good to hear from you and to hear you are doing well. I will keep my eye open for the next List next week then…

    How about doing a list focused on cover versions of Bob Dylan songs?? How does that sound? It would be neat to hear from you how they are different from the original IYO, etc…

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Just looking at the calendar here. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since your last List!! How’s the new one coming along?? Do you think it’ll be ready this week?

    Here is a list I’ve made up for a CD I’m calling “Songs That Tell A Story”…

    The first three relate to history –
    “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel (20th century history up to 1989)
    “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker” by Sandi Thom (1969 and 1977)
    “To France” by Mike Oldfield (Re. Mary, Queen of Scots as I recall) – this one is also biographical, as is the next one…
    “Days Of Pearly Spencer” by Marc Almond (formerly of Soft Cell)…originally done by David McWilliams between 1967-1969…

    the next three are about family/marriage relationships…
    “Orchard Road” Leo Sayer (autobiographical)
    “Sugar Mice” Marillion
    “Children Say” Level 42 (autobiographical)
    “Reality” by The Newsboys…this one also has a theological bent…
    as do the next three…
    “This Is Your Time” Michael W. Smith
    “Lord Of The Dance” Steven Curtis Chapman (autobiographical)
    “Every Season” Nichole Nordeman…this last song focuses on the environment, as does the next one…
    “Saltwater” Julian Lennon

    the next three are war tunes…the first two about Northern Ireland…
    “Through The Barricades” By Spandau Ballet
    “Belfast Child” Simple Minds
    “One Step Froward” Paul Young

    This next one is a riddle, as the title implies…
    “The Riddle” Nik Kershaw

    This last One is a bit of a cheat as it’s an instrumental…
    “Last Rendez-vouz” Jean Michel Jarre…interesting story behind it…the sax solo in it was supposed to be the first piece of live music played in space by an astronaut…alas, that astronaut, Ron McNair, ended up dying in the Challenger space shuttle explosion in 1986, before it was due to be played. Kinda eerie, really, as the tune has a mournful tone to it.

    Anyway, I hope that gets your creative juices flowing for your next List, Sadi!

  • Steve

    Whoops…three months since the last List, my mistake!!

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    Any chance of a new List in November?? Don’t forget to read comment #91 above if you need some inspiration!

  • Hey Steve…

    thanks for the kick in the arse… i needed that. I just put in a new List… so give it some time, but it should pop up soon…. so some time today i would imagine. Ping me when you see it, or i’ll ping you or make a comment etc… Look for me there or i’ll look for you… It’s been a while, so not sure if anyone’ll be around, but i did get it done…

    thanks, babe… 😉