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The List of the Moment: The Grand Central Mix, May 28, 2008

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I’ve been away, in every sense of the word — mentally and physically in a different space, working on another project that has taken up much of my time but has been truly  worthwhile. None of this means that I have not missed The List of the Moment, which YOU may have forgotten, but I have not — and some of you have written to me, so here is my most recent list.

Very eclectic, but I created a list for my most recent foray into New York City called The Grand Central Cha-Cha and here are some of the songs that work for me during rush hour at Grand Central, that fabulous place off of Lex and 42nd, NYC. Many songs on that playlist and it’s very difficult to cull it down to the few that should make the list because frankly, they all made my list, so to choose, I have given a small taste of everything here – or as much as possible, while leaving off some of the really new music (because whenever I write about really new music, nobody knows or few know what the f*** I’m talking about). This is May 28, Wednesday, New York City, Grand Central Station at 5:36 p.m. and it is about eighty degrees and humid and the people are milling and all is right and all is wrong but you know it will be alright — somehow, you just know this.

"Love to Love You, Baby" by Donna Summer – The extended mix, of course, is the only one worth listening to if you’re going to bother. Call me boring, old-fashioned, an atavist, call me whatever you like, but this is still one helluva sexy song and ranks right up there with the other song on my Grand Central mix, “Sweetest Hangover” by Diana Ross, which are back-to-back on my iPod and work perfectly well in concert.

There’s something almost erotic about rush hour at Grand Central on a hot May day when the humidity is high and the beautiful women come out and the stylish men are there and you move slowly through the crowd on your way to the number 7 or the S train after a couple of drinks at the bar at Grand Central and everything is right with the world. This was me, moving through the crowd, my summer dress on, hips swaying in time to music — this and the Gap S.O.S. Band's "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" — with my Converse sneakers on, perfect complement to my dress, to which a friend I trust says, “It’s the Lolita factor that works for (me)” and in that moment I buy it, because all is right with the world.

Say what you will, but in that moment, these three songs made all alright and at that moment, that’s saying quite a lot for not a half hour earlier I had been crying on Madison (don’t ask) as I made my way up the slow, sloping hill to Grand Central but once my mix came on – everything changed. Something to be said for that. So those are my first three songs. Moving right along…

"ABC" by the Jackson Five – Michael, Michael … he may have done a lot of very weird things since the time of this song but truth to tell, it’s the music I care about, not the person, so frankly, I could give a toss whether he’s bleached his face or has had a gazillion nose jobs because that’s his option. The child stuff – I won’t even go there. But that’s not the point. "ABC" is a great song. It has an upbeat, up down turnaround jump and sing thing that makes you want to be a part of the freakin’ Jackson Five and that’s something for a white Episcopal girl from Scotland to say. But one can dream, no? If you don’t know this song, you could love it, you could hate it. If you have a light heart and are in the mood for this sort of bubble-gum pop (retro-pop), then yes, absolutely seek this out. It’s the perfect “happy” song and frankly, the song of the moment.

"Can We Still Be Friends?" by Todd Rundgren
– Okay, this one hurts a bit – a lot – but that’s personal, but isn’t every song to some extent? Isn’t that part of why we listen? I’ve been told that men listen to the music and the riffs whereas women listen to the lyrics more. Frankly, I listen to both, but would very much welcome your comments on this (not just this song, but all songs, all music, because I’m not sure I buy this theory). So here is a song about loss and grief and longing and wanting to just still be friends after some kind of parting in what seems to be an impossible situation. A great song – used in Vanilla Sky during a particularly weird scene, but perfect for the moment – but we’ve all been there. I’m there. It speaks volumes. It still works, years later.

"I Feel Love" by Donna Summer – Oh, Gawd, yes — this is the ultimate hot day in Manhattan song when you are in love or infatuated or anything approximating a crush, or even if you are just happy, this is the song to have blasting on your iPod such that you are damaging your eardrums. Frankly, I think there must be an object for this song – that is, a specific person in mind when listening to it, otherwise it just falls flat as disco crap, but then, pretty much everything is crap when you don’t have that belly flip. This may be crap, but it’s good in the moment and that line, “falling free, falling free…” yep… “You and me.” She’s got it down. She knows damn well what she’s talking about, knows what it’s like to feel love. Reacquaint yourself with this one, or find it. It has a good beat. I’d like to hear it covered, actually, that would be interesting. Maybe if we’re lucky someone like Erin Alden will take it on. That would be an interesting rendition. I wonder what she’d do with it?

"Summer in the City" by Regina Spektor – Okay, my friend who shall remain nameless tells me “everyone hates Regina Spektor,” so maybe that’s true; but then how did she become so bloody famous? I don’t know. I’ve tried her other songs and they don’t at all speak to me, but this song, "Summer In the City"  is not the other well-known song by the same title that is faster — this is different and slightly moping. Here is a girl who is alone, pining, again that sense of yearning, bumping into strangers just to feel something – she’s caught New York City in a bottle. It wouldn’t work in the winter or autumn, but it works during the spring and summer and aren’t we damn lucky for they finally arrived and if you’re fortunate enough to venture to any big city, but especially “La Grosse Pomme” then you may understand this song in a different way.

A bit of a long-distance relationship or break-up song, but in my view, it doesn’t suck because it accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to makes us feel what she is feeling and set a scene and paint a picture with words, which to my mind, she does incredibly well here. So maybe you know this song and you still hate Regina. Okay. Or maybe you hate Regina and you don’t know this song – so download it, find it, and then let me know. It worked for me on Madison and 37th. Slowed my walking pace way down (which wasn’t a bad thing) and turned my mood introspective for the time as I looked at the passers-by and sat on a low brick wall and smoked a cigarette. Yes, that’s summer in the city.

"Meet Me by the Water" by Rachael Yamagata
– This is a hard song. It’s hard for me because of associative things, but Yamagata is a force to be reckoned with in my view. She has an incredible voice, and this song is just “there”. I went to one of my favorite spots and sat and looked out over the Harlem Viaduct and listened to this song. As I did, I realized, as she said in the song, “I’m not scared at all” (to understand you need to hear it in context). Everyone says she’s crazy, everyone says she’s a fool – but regardless, she’s ready to “break all the rules.” I get it. I get that. It’s shit, enough, I’ve fought this strong current and it’s beyond stupid and I can’t fight anymore because that’s love – or to me that’s love, and apparently to Yamagata as well. I can’t hear this without thinking about that particular body of water and the places to meet there, but it could apply to any river, any water, anywhere. Very worth your time.

"Easy Like Sunday Morning" by Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores
– And, and, I must add to this, while I cram two songs into one here, “Nightshift”, because if you don’t know that then you need to give it a shot. Fantastic song if you like Motown. But the Commodores, yes, totally dated, totally coming back and totally now if you ask me. “Easy like Sunday morning…” c’mon, that’s a great line. But there are so many to choose from in this song. I expect this will show up in an advert at some point, if it hasn’t already, because it is perfect really; let’s just hope they pick the right product for it – that’s key – so I just like this one, because it’s mellow and I haven’t heard it for a while and had forgotten all about it and it belongs here even though it wasn’t of “my” time. (Most of these songs are not of my generation at all, but so what? Must we be constrained by unfortunate rules and unfortunate bands? Nah – just say no. Listen to whatever you want to listen to and keep an open mind. I have found the best stuff by accidentally downloading the “wrong” song or the “wrong” mislabeled version, so there you have it.)

"Absinthe" by Beth Orton – Okay, so absinthe is back in fashion, which is nuts, but if you want to fry your brain, fine. My best advice to you is this: if you like the taste, then go for a Ricard or Pernod and make a pastis – if you don’t know what that is, contact me below and I’ll tell you – but for chrissakes, don’t go frying your brain with wormwood! I admit that part of the charm of this song for me is the harmonica, lilting and sweet, in the very beginning of the song because I play harmonica and it’s an easy and sweet riff to play that makes you sound like you’re really good even if you aren’t.

That said, Beth Orton is someone you either really like or really don’t like, or so it seems in my experience; I’ve yet to meet anyone neutral about her, which to me is weird – I think she’s good, but I’m not crazy about her. Some songs, yes, but she’s not one of my high-high rankers, but I still really like her. Anybody else out there a middle of the road Beth Orton person? Anybody love her? She has some fabulous songs – obviously "Central Reservation", "Sweetest Decline" (it occurs to me now that perhaps I am not as middle-of-the-road as I had thought). I like Beth Orton and I like this song. It’s like a contemporary cowboy song with the harmonica, makes a great back-to-back with "Thinkin’ About Tomorrow" (also by Orton).

"Postcards" by Faithless – Bet's on that there will be some of you who have heard of Faithless and many who have not. But I will be very pleasantly surprised if you know this song, because it is one of my all time favorites and was near impossible to find to download, but victory! I found it. It’s about touring and missing someone and is a sort of slow rap with Dido at the beginning and very hard to explain but if you don’t seek it out, then really, you’re missing a lot. Nothing else by Faithless (sometimes I find them under Reverence) sounds like this, so don’t judge their other work and then assume this one must be the same, because it’s not. Postcards is wholly its own song and is perfect just the way it is.

"Waiting on a Friend" by the Rolling Stones – Needs no introduction. You likely know it. If you’re at Grand Central and not just passing through, odds are you are “waitin’ on a friend” and if so, this is the song you want to be listening to on your iPod. Wistful to be sure. I sat outside smoking cigarettes listening to it before I went in (and I don’t really smoke, so go figure), but it’s a hot day kind of song (to me) and waiting on a stoop or wherever, but you’re just “waiting on a friend” who may at one time have been something more. Surely there is some implication there that there was, is, could be, will be again, undertone thing going on. He is, however, content with what is in the moment – or must accept what is because that’s life, and so it works and so it goes…

This list has gone back and forth like a ping pong game and it’s neither here nor there because it’s eclectic and everywhere from disco to the Stones to the in between and I almost included Orbital and Massive Attack but the list was getting too long and they are too complicated to explain in a brief space, so maybe in a separate article I can take on Orbital or Moby or Massive Attack but not in this brief space other than to mention a song here and there. There are, of course, a great many songs on my Grand Central mix and you have some idea here. I can’t fit them all on – suffice to say it is by turns, wistful, happy, sad, bittersweet, memory filled, and always, but always, honest.

Welcome to New York City.

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  • Steve

    Well, Sadi, interesting List as always…(by the way, I have a few songs by Moby, Massive Attack and Orbital so I look forward to your next List, but anyway, I digress!!)…

    Re. Donna Summer, yep, I have her ‘Gold’ compilation, including both those songs you mentioned. My mother used to own the vinyl single “I Feel Love” actually. I also have a 1995 ‘Rollo’s Mix’ (Rollo of Faithless fame) of the song which gives it a 90’s ‘trippy/trance’ kind of feel. ‘State Of Independence’, a song she covered which was done originally by Jon & Vangelis, was a fave of mine by her.

    Speaking of Faithless, I know what you mean about their sound, in part because they utilize more than one vocalist. One of my faves of theirs is one of their biggest European hits from 1996 called “Insomnia”, not because of the lyrics, but because of the atmospheric dance music, very evocative of UK/Europe for me, for some reason, perhaps because of the English sounding vocal in part, and the emphasis on synthesizers, which is so much more prevalent in mainstream European music, than in North America.

    I don’t recall the Rolling Stones song, and I’m not familiar with Regina Spektor.

    I’ll write more in my next comment…

  • Steve

    Re. Diana Ross, I have about 10 of her songs, not a huge fan, but she has had a few great songs over the years, not sure I know the one you mention, Sadi.

    Re. the S.O.S Band, I have 2 of their songs from the mid-80s, ‘Just Be Good To Me’ (the 9 minute 12″ is amazing), and ‘Just The Way You Like It’.

    I also have a song ‘Finest Dreams’ by Richard X feat. Kelis, which samples ‘The Finest’ by the S.O.S. Band and ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’ by Human League (originally from their mega-selling ‘Dare’ album). Richard X has sampled various 80’s artists (e.g Spandau Ballet and Gary Numan) in his own music and work with other acts. You should look him up online, Sadi.

    Re. the Commodores, yeah, they’ve had a few good songs, though I prefer Richie’s solo stuff, simply because I prefer 80’s over 70’s music typically, it just sounds less dated to these aging ears lol!!

    I’ve heard of the other artists you listed I think, but don’t have any of their songs, except a duet with Todd Rundgren & Bonnie Tyler from 1985 called ‘Loving You’s A Dirty Job But Somebody’s Got To Do It’!!

    If I missed anything, I will post it later…

  • Steve

    Oops, I forgot the Jackson 5. My fave Jacksons’ tunes are probably ‘Can You Feel It?’ from 1981 (sampled to great effect on ‘Feel It’ by the Tamperer feat. Maya from about 1998, lyrics aside at least!) and ‘Torture’ (1984), I generally preferred their stuff from that time period, than their earliest and latest material.

    Who is Erin Alden, Sadi??

  • hey Steve – I do not have the Rollo mix of I Feel Love, so must hunt that down somehow. Rollo does some interesting work – maybe you can tell me more about them – are they their own group and they take other people’s work and sort of trans-hop it etc. sometimes, from what i’ve heard and I really like it… most of it… interesting, so tell me more …

    You need to hear “I Feel Love” and “Love to Love You Baby” at rush hour at Grand Central to get why they work so well in that space, place, and time. They just do. There’s something infinitely sexy about GC anyway, i think – which is why it has bars and shops and people flock there and lovers meet there and it is in the title of so many great books – hence, I made this mix for my monthly trips to NYC and so I have my Grand Central mix…

    Faithless/Reverence – I’ve heard by both names. I know Insomnia, of course .Good song, but not my favorite. Postcards, I think, is terrific. It has everything going for it – lyrics, music, that perfect beginning with Dido (before she was really known in the States anyway, so that’s interesting to me – how did that happen?)

    I like the 70s stuff as well as the 80s stuff – but I like a lot of different music. Hey, I also like the freakin’ Monkees “I’m a Believer” which I think is a terrific song and will certainly feature on a list in the near future because you have to have fun in life. I adore new bands and live and breathe new music, but sometimes you gotta hear Neil Sedaka etc.

    moving on…

  • Oddly, I do not know the other S.O.S. songs you list – I don’t know them at all, which is weird. I must look those up… what is the sound like? Mellow? Dance-like? You know what sort of stuff I like, I think, taking into account that I”m very eclectic. Suppose it couldn’t hurt to download something or try to find on YouTube and take a listen. Right now I’ve been listening to, of all things, The Blower’s Daughter, which is stuck in my head nonstop on a loop – not by choice, but just is – had it in my head all through NYC while walking down Madison, etc. Columbus, wherever I was, it was the bloody Blower’s Daughter…

  • re: Erin Alden – just Google her name and cross reference it with mine, if you like. She made the list with a version she did of Hello/Goodbye, cover by the Beatles, which is just super. She’s an amazing singer and she, I believe, quotes from The List on her site somewhere, so seek her out. If you can’t find her anywhere, let me know. Actually, I need to upload this music to Tant Mieux so you can take a listen so I”ll put Erin up there as well so you can hear her etc… It should work…. I’ll let you know once the songs are posted, and if that doesn’t work for some reason, let me know… tho it should. Also, I believe you can probably buy a song of hers through iTunes or Amazon. It really is quite worth it, but maybe have a listen on Tant Mieux first.

    Speaking of Tant Mieux, …. see next post….

  • We just won Best of the Web from SnapShots or notable, etc. However they word it, they chose it as one of their outstanding sites, which is super and they are having a competition vis my new book on Lewis Carroll, so I thought I’d share the link with you… If you submit a quote and I pick the best quote, you win the signed book, plus a mad hatter’s tea set… v. cool… : )

    Here’s the link to them…

    tant mieux on snaps

  • hi sadi, i’m a snapshots member and got the email that links to your site. congrats! really great stuff.

  • Steve

    OK, Sadi, re. Rollo (from Faithless), he and Dido are brother/sister, hence the connection (Dido’s new album, which has been much delayed, because of family troubles I heard, should be out before year’s end). She also recorded a 2002 UK hit with them called ‘One Step Too Far’. ‘Reverence’ was the name of Faithless’ 1996 album which contains the two songs I’ve mentioned.

    Re. the S.O.S. Band, I would call them a funky, R&B black group (they had some hits, mostly smaller ones, from 1980-1987). Their ‘Best Of…’ album came out in 1995, it has ‘Just Be Good To Me’ on it (7″ version I think).

    Never been to New York myself, though I did have a relative live there for a few years.

    Thanks for the link, Sadi, I will have to check that out later…

  • hey Steve – you are a wealth of information! So Rollo is part of Faithless… that makes sense. I never could figure out the Reverence/Faithless disconnect… so they changed their name. I discovered them by total accident on a mixed album that came with MoJo…. and I love the Dido song, One Step Too Far, which of course, I do know…I didn’t know she is Rollo’s sister (what is his real name? any idea? and is this Rollo who does all of the remixes like Sia, etc? Have you heard those? I imagine you have… and if so, is that connected with Faithless?)

    Question for you – what in your view is the best Orbital album? Or Massive Attack? I’m working on another piece and like bits and pieces from many, but am curious as to your idea since you and I like v. similar music it seems.

    Am already working on a new list… busy as hell.. but the list is, in some ways, a respite from the other work I have going on…

    Should I upload some of the songs to Tant Mieux?

    Let me know…

    cheers, best, etc.


  • Steve

    Hey Sadi,

    Rollo is short for Roland. He has also recorded as Rollo Goes Camping (UK#43/1994 hit ‘Get Off Your High Horse’), Rollo Goes Spiritual (UK#32/1995 hit ‘Love, Love, Love – Here I Come’) and Rollo Goes Mystic (UK#26/1996 hit ‘Let This Be A Prayer’). As far as I know, he is responsible for all those ‘Rollo Mixes’ by other artists. By the way, his mix of ‘I Feel Love’ was a UK#8/1995 hit, so it should be downloadable from somewhere, I have it on Volume 30 of the UK ‘Now…’ series.

    Re. Orbital, I only have a few of their songs, their first hit, 1990’s ‘Chime’, and from the film of the same name, 1997’s ‘The Saint’. The latter sounds less dated and I think it’s pretty good, alas it is not on their ‘best of’ album ‘Work 1989-2002’, only on the soundtrack to the movie as far as I know (I have it on the afore-mentioned UK ‘Now…’ series Vol. 37).

    Their 1999 album ‘The Middle Of Nowhere’ was their biggest album (making UK#4 and the only one to make US Top 200) but the critics seem to prefer 1993’s Orbital 2′ or 1994’s ‘Snivilisation’ (their second biggest album, also UK#4). When in doubt generally, I get the ‘best of’ first, then proceed from there if necessary. It’s amazing how often I don’t proceed any further lol!

    Re. Massive Attack, again, I only have a few songs, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ (UK#13/1991), ‘Sly’ (UK#24/1994), ‘Protection’ (UK#14/1995) featuring Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl, ‘Special Cases’ (UK#15/2003) and ‘Teardrop’ (UK#10/1998).

    Their ‘best of’ was called ‘Collected’ from 2006. Their biggest album was 1998’s Mezzanine’ (UK#1), the critic’s fave was that one and their debut, 1991’s ‘Blue Lines’. I should add, they do an amazing version of the old classic ‘Nature Boy’ with David Bowie on the ‘Moulin Rouge’ soundtrack from 2001. Spine-tingling stuff.

    Hope this helps.

  • I love Rollo’s mixes, but didn’t know of all of the associations (that he is Dido’s brother, which makes sense, and that he was/is part of Faithless, also makes sense as was and/or is she, etc etc.) it all starts to fall together. So interesting.

    I can’t find ANY Rollo songs available to download online, but would be up for an MP3 trade if you are.. (?) Let me know… and we’ll work it out. No doubt I have some things you would really like… and vice versa.

    Orbital: I have one of their albums — just “Orbital” which i don’t think is particularly good. I do have their theme from The Saint etc and Trainspotting, if i remember rightly that was them, also Fluffy Little Clouds (who is the woman speaking in that mix? Any ideas -I heard that it was Sissy Spacek, but I can’t confirm that and I would really like to know…).

    Let me know about MP3s – i should love to have that version of Love to Love You Baby – that one I really covet… can’t find it to buy anywhere either. Any links? Can you find it?

    Let me know


  • Steve

    OK, Sadi, just to clarify…

    ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ (I don’t have that song, so I don’t know who does the vocal, interesting idea though!) is by the similarly named The Orb, totally different band in terms of personnel but somewhat similar in sound (one of their members in the 80’s became part of The KLF in the 90’s). The only song of theirs I have is ‘Blue Room’ which was their first UK Top 10 hit in 1992.

    I believe it was Primal Scream that did the title track for the movie ‘Trainspotting’. I only have 3 songs of theirs (‘Rocks’ a UK#7/1994 hit, ‘Loaded’ a UK#16/1990 hit and ‘Country Girl’ a UK#7/2005 hit, if I recall correctly.).

    Alas, I don’t have any Rollo songs.

    Re. ‘I Feel Love’, I’ll have a look around for you.

  • ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ (I don’t have that song, so I don’t know who does the vocal, interesting idea though!) is by the similarly named The Orb

    …which heavily samples Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint, layered electric guitar provided by Pat Metheny.

  • Miss Sadi- By way of friends songs, that Stones song has always struck me badly. It sounds like the point is that Mick can’t get it up, so he’s just looking for consoling talk.

    By way of friend songs that you might likely not be familiar with, try “Friends” by Vincent Leeds.

  • hi Steve – so “Little Fluffy Clouds” is by The Orb? Hunh, interesting. Then most places have it wrong… duh on them… and duh on me for trusting them… good to know… thank you for letting me know that. I wish I knew who does the vocal… but i did hear that rumor, but it could just be that – a rumor – or some random person, i don’t now… i’ll try to find out…

    Will check more into the Orb….

    thanks… : ) always,

  • Al!!!! LOng time no see!!! Nice to see you : )

    Funny about Mick – hadn’t thought of it that way (sentimental fool I), but you could well be right, when considering that it’s Mick… durr.. I’ll def. check out your recommendation. What kind of music is it, or is hard to categorize? I’ll just try and find it… Right now I”m into, of all people, Todd Rundgren (“Couldn’t We Still Be Friends?”) – which i think is a great song… but then… im’ stuck … which i fully admit…

    cheers to you,


  • Steve, hi….

    KLF – i have them listed as “Timelords, Doctoring the Who” if you’ve heard that – but that may be mislabelled also… not sure. It’s obviously the Dr. Who theme, but done as sort of trance-like, sort of. You need to hear it. Again, I can upload these to Tant Mieux so you can take a listen…

    Rollo did a remix of Sia’s Breathe Me, which is really quite good. But Rollo has done a lot of mixes, etc.

    Tried looking up Rollo on Limewire and didn’t get anywhere. Anything I have by Rollo i got by total accident by looking for another song (and then came up the “Rollo Re-mix” etc…

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,

    The Timelords did ‘Doctorin’ The Tardis’, and they later became The KLF. As The KLF they did songs like ‘3am Eternal’, ‘America: What Time Is Love?’ and also did ‘Justified And Ancient’ as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu with Tammy Wynette. I have all of the above songs.

    Re. The Orb, their ‘best of’ album is called ‘U.F. Off: The Best Of Orb’. Apparently, the vocal on ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ is from Rickie Lee Jones –

    ‘The single appeared in November 1990, sparking the wrath of the sampled Rickie Lee Jones, whose dialogue with Levar Burton — from the PBS-TV children’s program Reading Rainbow — was sampled for the chorus and title of the track; Big Life later settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.’ – AllMusic.com

    (If you have a Firefox browser, you can add a toolbar for AllMusic.com. Very handy for finding out things fast!).

    Re. getting names wrong, Sadi, not to worry, I’ve had a few CD’s that have the track-listing mixed up, if you aren’t making a list of the songs for your own reference like I do, it’s easy to get confused, as your computer can’t tell you they’re wrong either!!

    Re. ‘I Feel Love’, it’s the Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix you are looking for. Found it at Amazon for $17 used, rather pricey for a 4 track CD single methinks!! (Sister Bliss is another member of Faithless, by the way).

  • That’s right – The Timelords – I love that song. I have that floating about somewhere….

    it’s frustrating how many places get the title and/or singer/performer/band wrong for a song… it’s really annoying, esp. for someone who is trying to write about music! ack!

    Rickee Lee Jones should have been honored… it’s a great song. I don’t know why she was a pill about it. Probably because they must have made money on it and she wanted a cut, which is fine, but why be a pill? It sounds like she was, which is stupid…. it’s such a great song. It does sound like her, now that you mention it… and it’s a great song, I think…

    You are a veritable wealth of information – gosh, where do you get it all! I love music too, as much as you no question – you and i could rap for hours no doubt — you never said, is there anything you want ot listen to that i should upload to tant mieux?

    Let me know… oh, I should include this URL… We just got Best of the Web from Snaps…


  • Steve

    Aww, Sadi, you’re such a sweetheart.

    Well, music charts have been a hobby of mine on and off since about the age of 12. So I know all the best resources for finding out anything I need to know on the subject, I have a little reference library here at home to help me out if memory fails.

    Re. The Timelords, it’s actually 20 years ago this month that they made the UK #1 slot with that song! Boy, is that scary, now I know I’m getting old lol!! I watch the occasional rerun of the BBC TV series from late 70’s/early 80’s, always loved that theme tune in all it’s different incarnations. The new series version is great too. The stories and the production values were not always easy to watch though lol!! Definitely done on the cheap, though the new series is the most lavish of the lot, though that’s not saying too much (about a million pounds an episode apparently).

    To be honest, Sadi, I’m not looking for new music right now, money is a bit tight. If I’m turned onto something new, I like to buy it. Maybe when I’m back to work…

    Many congrats on your award, not easy to win that I’m sure, with all the websites out there.

    I think I understand your appeal. You seem to write without an agenda, you just research and share, giving your opinion sometimes perhaps, but always making clear the difference between the facts and your opinions. Always nice to read stuff by someone who has a real interest in what they are writing about, without having an ax to grind, it makes for enjoyable reading if one is interested in that subject, and the effort is still appreciated even if one isn’t.

  • Steve

    Hey Sadi,

    Any chance of another List this month?

  • Hey Steve : ) Nice to hear from you always,

    Yes Another list this month definitely. I have some music that I’m really into right now and am looking forward to doing the next list. It’s of course very eclectic, but I hope will be fun for all to read. So I guess I’ll find out!! But am putting it all together. After that one, I’m thinking of doing my favorite Dylan songs (tho that’s harder, because it’s tough to pick just a few – so I’m torn on that one)… But anyway, the next list is the Madison Avenue Mix – give me a few days and if it’s not up, bother me to remind me!

    Hope all is well with you –

    I send my very best, of course,


  • Steve

    OK, Sadi,

    I’ll look forward to that then, definitely keep my eyes open for that.

    And the same back at ya!

  • hey Steve – glad you are looking forward to the next List. AS I said, it’s my Madison Avenue playlist, so it’s interesting (well, i hope so anyway…) and is a real mix of stuff, i’m sure you know most of it, but it’s quite eclectic …

    All for now… Speak to you soon,


  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,

    Any word on when the next List will be ready?? Hard to believe it’s been a two months already since the last one!!

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,

    I hear the new Paul Weller album (’22 Dreams’) came out last month, the first single is called ‘Have You Made Up Your Mind?”. Have you heard any of the album yet??

  • Steve

    Hey Sadi,
    Hope you had a great summer holiday.

    Just wondering when the next List Is going to be?

  • Steve

    Hey Sadi,
    Please check out my comments above (#26-28), I would like to hear what your thoughts are!