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The List of the Moment, Part 9.5

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And so it is, that the list grows and here we are with the List of the Moment, Volume 9, Part Two. So that’s Volume 9.5 (version 9.5?). In any event, the list requires no introduction, though someone did ask, why or how the songs are chosen and the answer is simple…they happen to be what is on my current play list or in the air, so to speak, at any given time…

I just report what is going on with me and hope that I can get it going on with you or, if not that, learn from you as hopefully you can tune in and see if there is something here that you might be turned onto that you don’t yet know… Previous lists can be back-checked under Search or by my name so you can see who has made the list before. A song won’t made the list twice, unless it’s a cover of a song … make sense?

Thanks for tuning in. Here we go!


“All the Young Dudes” by Mott the Hoople – you see, growing up working class has made me love this song and appreciate it perhaps more than if I had grown up with money. But since I didn’t grow up wealthy, it’s hard to say. Since it’s a great fucking song, I imagine one could appreciate it regardless. The big question, as far as I’ve heard and that was never cleared to anyone’s real satisfaction, was whether or not Bowie was really involved. Sources tell me he denies any involvement, but I honestly don’t know. Chime in if you do know one way or the other. I see them listed together on Amazon so I suspect this is pretty common knowledge. Yet I’m told Bowie has long-denied this. Someone set me straight please… if you know, that would be great (and sources would be great). Thanks all.

“Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies – because all I wanted was “just one Pepsi, she wouldn’t give it to me, just one Pepsi she wouldn’t give it to me…” This is the anthem of pretty much everyone’s youth, I think. That whole feeling of being misunderstood even though you’re following the rules. Growing up sucks… and this song may well be the anthem of that sentiment and as he says, “Doesn’t matter. Probably get hit by a car anyway…”

“His New Look” by Bong Water – obscure, hard to find, though miraculously I did find it on Amazon.com in a boxed set for a mere and whopping $56 which struck me as a great deal of money – unless you really really like every song they’ve ever done. “His New Look” is a great great and funny song. As to the rest, I can’t really say… My, uh, Bong Water experience is somewhat limited. I didn’t inhale. I didn’t make the water bubble. Gurgle.

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult – I confess to not really knowing much by Blue Oyster Cult but I do know this song and find it to be a real anthem of true love. That may sound totally bizarre, I admit, but in its oddly goth way, it’s all about joining and coming together. And having no fear and going to the other side, be it light or dark, but joining and having no fear. Sure, he may be a little bad, or even a lot bad, but who among us has not, at some point, liked a bad boy? This, however, doesn’t strike me as a bad boy anthem so much as a nice guy making a plea – there’s something really sweet about that and that, in and of itself, makes me love this song (how very girl of me). But back to it – it’s a great tune, sticks once you’ve heard it once and hard to get out of the head without losing its resonance after many plays.

“Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones – oh come on, predictable perhaps, but you have to love it. I wouldn’t want to be anybody’s best of burden, and this has to be the biggest breakup and make up song of all time. The big “I’m falling in love/I’m falling out of love” song. It’s always about yearning of some kind – that’s in my, albeit, limited experience. My casual, highly unscientific survey has yielded the above results – that the song is usually associated with infatuation and relationships. Christ, just listen to the words. You may not want to be a beast of burden but by the very fact of having to announce it, hey, guess what, you probably already are. Just a thought.

“Say Something New” by the Concretes – the song from a recent Target (okay, Tar-zhay) commercial with that thick-accented Nico (who basically sucked in my view, but had the gimmick factor for a while) sounding woman telling us, or rather commanding us to “Say Something New”, and I admit, I rather like the message (because I get really fucking bored most of the time by a lot of the new music that is put out there) and even if she herself is boring, her message is not. And hey, I admit, I still like the song.

“New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel – this is likely because I have just been and will be again in the Le Grand/Grosse Pomme, the Big Apple and so I am biased toward this song. It is quite firmly entrenched in my head, and all told not a bad song to drive to if you’re stuck in slow traffic on the Cross-Bronx expressway or on the Henry Hudson Parkway or Merritt. It may be mellow as all get-out but there’s nothing wrong with any of that. I remember a time when I used to go and see Billy Joel (go figure, I used to follow the Butthole Surfers around as well – talk about eclectic). But this song has sentimental value, I admit, for not only did I live in New York, I still visit often and have many close friends who are still there. It’s some variety of home.

“99 Red Balloons” by Nena – I can’t explain why this made The List of the Moment but then why does any song make the list other than the fact that it just happens to suit my mood at the given time and I’ve a record for luck with trends and such (just ask my friends who ask me to pick out good long-term stock or long-term items that are not mere trends..) Not to suggest that some or, even many, of the songs on the List are not merely passing items, surely many of them are, but it’s important to note the ones that are not and that have some staying power. “99 Red Balloons”, while not a great song of its time or any time, is a timeless song – one would be hard-pressed to pin it down to any more contemporary decade from the 80s onward (or even the 70s). It’s melancholy, hopeful, and highly visual with a great, poppy beat.

“Crawlin’” by Scapegoat Wax – you can find this on the Laurel Canyon soundtrack or just buy the Scapegoat Wax album directly. A great song just about how life wears on all of us, how things change, and how sometimes we feel helpless to do anything about anything. The singer has a voice that I just love, and he tells us things “can only get better” but yes, “it catches up with all of us on certain afternoons.” Thanks for saying that… God knows we need to hear these lyrics sometimes. If you do not know this, please check it out. It’s mellow, and Steve, you would love this. A great song and the singer has a great voice to boot…

    Times are changin’ you know that.
    God knows what you were you were thinking of.
    Everybody’s watchin’,
    they cant destroy enough.
    I try to figure out, (figure out)
    the rules of this or that game.
    The street that got your number,
    you don’t remember your name.

    ooo ooo
    I feel for you.
    So take your time.

    Your crawlin’,
    things can only get better boy.
    Your life can shine in front of you.
    It catches up with all of us,
    i’m certain after you.

“If Living Is Without You” by Harry Nilsson – take a trip back in time to ultimate Stadium Self-Pity and a ride in the waahhmulance with Harry Nilsson. I love this messy break up song. Of course he’ll live, but the very fact that he thinks he really can’t, and the whole song is in that dulcet and dramatic minor key, says it all.

It’s all in the same basic genre of Eric Carmen, Gilbert O’Sullivan (now that guy could just NEVER win – O’ Sullivan that is – I mean, everything seems to go wrong for him, at least if we are to believe his lyrics, his mother dying, his father, his wife at the altar, and he, ready to toss himself off a tower… it’s just too awful; talk about a spate of bad luck).

Nilsson had several good songs. This was one of them, in my view, as was the them from Urban Cowboy – “Everybody’s Talkin’ ’bout Me” – which really, I run in tandem with this song as both making the list of the moment because both are great songs for different reasons: one truly truly pessimistic, the other absolutely optimistic and yet used for possibly one of the most depressing films of all time.

So there you have it; a brief part of the List of the Moment, 9.5. Thanks so much for tuning in. Do feel free to leave your thoughts and comments that relate to any of the songs mentioned directly or even within a particular description (like the Nilsson song listed). Always, the comments are so insightful and meandering and it’s great to meet and great, so if you drop by, chime in…

thanks as ever, for reading and tuning in.

be well,

sadi ranson-polizzotti

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  • Steve

    Wow, Sadi, eclectic list to be sure!!

    Familiar with 3 or 4 tunes here…

    “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones: Not a huge fan of theirs to be honest, “Mixed Emotions” is one of the few songs I’ve liked by them.

    “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel: I love his stuff, have his Greatest Hits box set from 1997, this is a fave of mine too, though I’ve never been to New York (only New Jersey) but my niece lived there a couple of years.

    “99 Red Ballons” by Nena: Oh, yeah, I remember this tune, it wasn’t bad, amazed that it was the German version (99 Luftballons) that charted in the US and the English one in the UK, very weird.

    “If Living Is Without You” by Harry Nilsson: I have the Mariah Carey version of this, it sure was a good song, originally recorded by Badfinger around 1970. I also have his “Everybody’s Talkin'” by the Beautiful South, though it was originally recorded by Fred Neil apparently.

    Re. Eric Carmen, I only have a hokey dance version of his “Hungry Eyes” from the “Dirty Dancing” movie by one hit wonders Eyeopener from last year.

    Not familiar with them but there is more about Blue Oyster Cult here

  • You don’t like Beast of Burden!!!! My god man!!! what is THAT about!!!

    I remember Hungry Eyes, sheesh, i thought i’d forgotten all about that, til just now… you reminded me…

    I saw billy joel in concern several times and even kissed him about 3 x just because it seemed like the thing to do at the time (a mad fever, looking back, i wonder what possesed me but that’s okay – ah youth… the things we do…why oh why was i not of age in the mid sixties when it could have been…. well… anyway….

    Yes, it’s an eclectic list to be sure…

    Mariah Carey is not really my thing. i like the orignal Nilsson version of this song a great deal but i’m partial to Nilsson to begin with, so that just follows…. do you know his song Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me?

    You would like Crawlin’ by Scapegoat Wax… see if you can find it. It’s a great and mellow song that i think you’d be into… check it out…

    suicidal tendencies i’m assuming are not your thing at all…

    do you remember Mott the Hoople or never heard of them? — great group or great song i should say.. All The Young Dudes was an all time fave of mine…

    more later. need sustenance…


  • Scott Butki

    I don’t like Beast of Burden either. I hear it and think of Bette Milder and for me that’s never a good thing.

  • love, love, LOVE “Beast of Burden”. the whole Some Girls record, in fact. even “Even Far Away Eyes”, which makes for a fun singalong with a group of drunk people.

  • Scott Butki

    The punk band seven seconds do a great fast cover of 99 red balloons. I’ve also heard it done as a reggae song.

  • Dave Nalle

    I believe Goldfinger also does a fast cover of it.


  • Steve

    Yes, Sadi, I do have a cover of “Everybody’s Talkin'” by The Beautiful South.

    Re. “Beast Of Burden”, I guess I’ve never been big on ‘breaking up’ songs myself. Never had much experience in that regard.

    I’ve heard of Mott The Hoople but can’t recall what they sound like off the top of my head.

    And no, ST are not my thing at all lol. What a nasty name for a group!!

    And, yes, you sure do sound like a 60’s gal, Sadi.

  • hey Mark, yeah you pretty much can’t beat Beast of Burden… i just put that on a CD of coure for a relative… another major stones fan….

  • othter versions of 99 luftballons ?? wow… i’m going to have to check that out.. i have the english and german versions but that’s it, no covers.. will have to check it out.


    Steve, yes ST is a terrible name for a band but it goes back to my hardcore days when i was a wild thing following around (another nasty band name) the Butthole Surfers, who are also still a great band… so i’m so varied in taste, hence the list is so varied… but that’s a good thing, right?

    i’m on and off all afternoon… watching a movie (unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera) or the book is anyway…

    more later…

  • Scott Butki

    Oh I love the Beautiful South. Ever see them live?

    Growing up in So.Cal I’d hear the ST song all the time.
    It is a great song but my appreciation for the band was somewhat marred by its fans who were often violent to other people
    Not neccesarily the band’s fault but still….

  • Steve

    Nothing wrong with variety Sadi, as they say, it’s the spice of life.

    Yes, I’m sort of watching a movie or two, think I’ll be flicking between “Jaws” and “Liar Liar” this afternoon. Great movies, IMHO.

  • Steve

    I’m not much of a concert goer Scott, but I imagine they would be good live.

  • Steve

    Just heard that tune by Scapegoat Wax, Sadi, not bad for sure. I wonder what happened to them, only had 2 albums around 2001-2002 as far as I can tell.

  • Steve

    Sadi, just wondering, how many songs would you say you have in your music collection???

  • Steve

    Speaking of bands that have awful names, I guess I have a few in my collection, funny how you grow up with them and forget how odd their names are. Thinking of bands like The Stranglers, Fine Young Cannibals, etc…

  • Steve

    Re. Beautiful South, Scott, their first single “Song For Whoever” always makes me laugh (as do a number of their songs) – “I love you from the bottom of my pencil case” indeed LOL.

  • bands with funny names — what ever happened to the Circle Jerks and the song “where the hell is bill?” i cant’ find it anywhere…?

  • Steve

    Are you sure that’s the title? can’t find it anywhere either.

  • i know the Circle Jerks – could be confusing band w/ song… also Dean and the Weanies… can’t find them anywhere either….


    back to film….

  • Steve

    Just clicked on the “Laurel Canyon” soundtrack to see what’s on it. Apparently, a Steely Dan tune is on there. I don’t have any originals by them but I do have All Saints “Never Ever” which samples their tune “The Fez”. Also, just found out this week, that Walter Brecker, one of the members of Steely Dan produced the 1985 album “Flaunt The Imperfection” by China Crisis.

    Eartha Kitt is on that soundtrack “Laurel Canyon” too, I notice, always remember her small UK 80’s hit “Where Is My Man” and playing Catwoman on the Batman TV series. Nothing of hers in my collection, though I do have covers of “Santa Baby” by Madonna and Kylie Minogue, though more by chance than choice.

  • i really like this soundtrack – crawlin’ is on there… take a listen on Amazon and see if you like it… it grows on your ….

    (back to film again)…. (how’re yours)

    rock on…


  • Steve

    I gave up on the movies, Sadi, just seen them both in the last year so decided not to waste my time.

  • Steve

    Yeah, Sadi, I heard Scapegoat Wax (see comment #13). Not bad, but I wonder what happened to them, nothing in 3 or 4 years now I think

  • Steve

    Oh, by the way, apparently the Concretes have a new album out Apr. 4th – “Concretes In Color”.

  • Steve

    What do you like about that movie, Sadi (“Unbearable Lightness…”)? I’ve never seen it myself, just curious.

  • everything – and probably the fact that i can relate in some ways to to Theres’s issues in the film.. i think that’s what draws us in to most things that hit a nerve… some relation.. but anyway.. a great book too but watch the film if you like; it’s very intellectual, smart, witty, but sexy at the same time w/ out being sleazy. Top notch acting by Daniel Day Lewis, Juliette Binoche, and Lena Olin… and Kundera, next to Nabokov, is my favorite author… so that’s the answer … why’d you ask?


    rock on…(back to film she goes…)

  • Steve

    Well, I know it was a critical fave but did not do well at the box office. Just wonder what happens with movies like that. Haven’t seen the film. What were Theres’s issues??

  • on phone …more ltr

  • Steve


  • Steve

    Guess I’ll catch ya tomorrow then.

  • chantal stone

    i just have to say that i LOVED The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Steve & Sadi…..when i was in high school i must have seen it about 50 times. great acting, just a wonderful film, that for me, at the time, really made me think about happiness and love and sex.

    i havent thought about it in years, now i think i’m going to try to rent it! thanks

  • HI Steve — back if you are… sorry , was tired yesterday and have other things i had to do…

    i’ll check if you’re about…. s.

  • Chantal, hi…. The Unbearable Lightness of Being is one of my favorite books of all time, b/c i love Milan Kundera, though my very favorite book is Ada or Ardour by Vladimir Nabokov (no film of that one… and not surprisingly, given the subject matter but a great book regardless)…

    What did you think of this weeks list? Any thoughts? recommendations? I try to keep it diverse, but i never know who is going to stop by and check it out. Also, it’s usually what is on my current playlist.. so that’s how i do it…

    cheers – go see that film!! rent it or read the book!!

  • Steve

    No problem. I should be back in an hour, Sadi, looking forward to it.

  • chantal stone

    i think i might actually get the book..i’ve been looking for a good novel to curl up with, so that one sounds great…

    as far as your current playlist….you’re right, very diverse, which i love. the music i listen to is usually quite diverse also, i love a lot of current pop, but i’m an 80’s child and i always have to keep some of my old stuff playing.

    Suicidal Tendencies…was never a fan of, but i love that you’re listening that (not sure why, just made me giggle when i read it). the Stone and Billy Joel are classics so of course, should be on everyone’s list, current or not….

    i’m not a huge fan of Nena. my 10 yr old son recently got into my 80’s cd collection and has been playing that song to death. so maybe i’m just tired of hearing it from him. the rest of your list sounds good though.

    i mentioned before, i think, that my husband was putting together some compilations for our upcoming roadtrip…a lot of mainstream 80’s pop, rock, and new wave…Duran Duran (of course), George Michael, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Madonna (love love her), Journey….just to name a few. i also love some of the alternative bands from the 80’s, but they’re a little too obscure for my mostly r&b fan husband. i love New Order, the Smiths and Morrissey, Sousxie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnyman…stuff like that.

  • Steve

    Cool to see you back, Sadi, just wondering if you could answer comment #27.

    Re. comment #35, Chantal, I’m an 80’s child too, I have at least one song by all those artists you mentioned except for ST.

  • ahhh, Theres’s issues…. she wanted, and these weren’t really her issues or Tomas’s issues (her husband who was constantly cheating etc etc) it was neither of their problems – they were just remarkably different. She needed utmost fidelity and he did not…he was constantly with other women (in the beginning, Lena Olin); Theres just couldn’t deal with that (can you blame her, shit… i couldn’t and wouldn’t either…. but there you have it…

    have you seen it…

    back to writing book now….

    cheers — nice to see you today


  • Steve

    Oh, I see, Sadi, well, I could understand her being upset about that, just thankful I haven’t been on either end of that dilemma.
    No I haven’t seen the movie but that kind of plot wouldn’t appeal to me anyway.
    May I ask what your book is about?

  • Steve

    Oops, Chantal, I forgot to mention I don’t have Speedwagon either, so that’s two I don’t have among those you mentioned.

  • wait a sec — i’m missing this other conversation too!!! i have all of hte above mentioned music, including Foreigner (esp, I wanna know what love is…. ) which is soooo weird you’re mentioning it now b/c i was just listening to them the other day… Echo and the Bunnymen (Get in the Car, a new song but i forge the lead singers name or if he did it still as echo and the bunnymen is a great great song….

    do you know it?

  • steve my book is called grand mal and is a memoir, sort of , about living with temporal lobe epilpepsy. My agent is sending it out on April 15th or so to the first round of publishers so fingers crossed for that…. 🙂

  • Steve

    Oh, wow, important topic, hope it works out well for you.

  • Steve

    I believe it’s from their album “What Are You Going To Do With Your Life” from 1999, Sadi.
    I have Foreigner’s “Greatest Hits” album, and love that one song too Sadi, as well as “Urgent”.

  • Steve

    How many songs would you say you have in your music collection??

  • Steve

    Actually, Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” is on one of my “Ballads” playlists.

  • i have no worries about the book, if it’s meant to be.. my first book did well, so that’s a good omen… 🙂

    My music collection – wow – THOUSANDS of songs, which makes my computer way way way too slow… so i need to week through some of the sucky stuff that’ son there that i don’t like anymore… so that would be a good idea..

    I love that Song “Get in the Car” Must try to download it now… That will be on the next List of the Moment; i do not believe it has made the list yet and it is currently on my playlist…

    do you know the song Her Shake by Adam Daniel? You’d love it….

  • chantal stone

    “I Want to Know What Love Is” is a classic…even my 3 yr old sings it! i also love “I’ve Been Waiting”….great song.

  • Steve

    What was your first book called, Sadi??

    Re. songs, I’ve got over 12,000.

    Never been a huge fan of Echo and his Bunnymen to be honest, but most music critics love them. I have 2 of their songs – “The Game” and “Bring On The Dancing Horses” (the latter from the movie “Pretty In Pink”).

    Never heard of Adam Daniel to be honest.

  • Steve

    Re. “I’ve Been Waiting…”, yes, Chantal, I agree with you on that one too. Adding it to my “Ballads” list now.

  • first book is called “eels” you can google “sadi ranson” or go direct to Amazon.com and find it. it’s under my maiden name… so just sadi ranson.. easy to find…

    re: echo – you don’t like The KIlling Moon? Wow… i love that song..

    can’t seem to find Get in the Car by Echo…. i’ll keep trying to find it. I’ll probably have to order it…. must scroll back b/c i think the album is on here somewhere i just need to find it… argh…

    (back to writing book now) (must get this done….) rough deadline for this one…


    back later…

  • Steve

    Well, re. “Killing Moon”, that was certainly one of their better songs, Sadi. The album that “Get In The Car” came from had a good write-up at

    Catch ya later then, Sadi.

    [STEVE: Please LEARN how to make your links active. These long urls are breaking the page layout. Thank you. Comments Editor]

  • Steve

    I notice Echo & the Bunnymen just put out a best of last year called “Seven Seas: The Platinum Collection”

  • Scott Butki

    My own list is here

    I’d be curious on your thoughts on it

  • Thanks Steve – i’ll check it out…

    Comments Editor: Could you please paste in the code here for pasting a link. That way everyone can save it for future reference… is that possible? Would be most helpful.

    Thanks – and hi Steve and thanks for the info… Back to work for me… it’s coming along.

    Cheers, and thanks comments editor,


    [Sadi, I can’t actually write the code into here without it becoming active, but it is in your writer’s guidelines or ask me again through the Yahoo group. You can also see how it’s done if you select “Page Source” under the “View” menu at the top of your browser.]

    I was delighted by your great taste in music btw, although could I just point out it’s Bongwater not Bong Water. I had the good fortune to work with the band for some time.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the tip for the bosses, Sadi, I don’t function well without instructions on how to do things lol.

    Will your book affect the date of your next List??

    I’m off for a while, chat later.

  • hey Steve — nah, my next list should be up by Tuesday, i would guess… around then, Version 10…. so that’s good.

    I need to work on the book so i’m a bit overwhelmed but i’m trying to keep it all together here (aaahhhh!!!!), but really, it’s all going well.

    Expect list on time.

    Hopefully the comments editor will post the code on how to make direct links… that would be good for everyone to have right here and i’ll copy it and save it as well… since i have no clue either…


    thx. as ever.

  • Steve

    Good to hear, Sadi. Have a good sleep.
    You’re welcome.

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    It’s Tuesday already (almost Wednesday), just wondering how you’re doing with your new list?? Hope you’ve had a good few days.

  • hey STeve — the list has been done for a while but for some reason MT won’t let me post it.. and more, i can’t get any ASINs off of Amazon.com,that part i could leave off for now, but i can’t even get the list UP… i’ve emailed Eric to ask him what is going on if he knows anything about this… have you been able to post? i think other people are… so i’m not sure yet everything else on my computer seems fine…

    weird. I’ll keep you posted. It’s a good list too, i think… so we’ll see..

    Sorry 🙁 I’ll sort it out with EO and the Editors…

    Thanks and patience… i’ll post here once i’ve submitted it. After that, it’s up the editors to get it online so however long or little time that takes (usually not long) so that’s that.

    Will resolve somehow.



  • Steve

    Thanks for the update, Sadi.
    I’m going out for a while this afternoon, but should be back before supper, so hopefully, you’ll have it all sorted by then.

  • HI Steve; i’ve turned it in, so now it just needs the editor’s approval and it should be up by this afternoon, i should think… so look for it then…

    Have a great afternoon if i don’t see you before.

    Cheers, and thanks,


  • Steve

    Thanks, Sadi. looking forward to it.

  • should be up v. soon, i would guess… certainly by tonight…..


  • Steve – haven’t seen it if it’s up… let me know if you find it… 🙂

  • Steve

    Yes, Sadi, it’s up, I’ve posted something and Gordon too, already.