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The Life Virginia With Bill Murray

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A strange thing happened to the movie star last Wednesday.

He was driving through Roanoke, Virginia, minding his own business, when he threw an apple core out the window of his black 2000 Mercedes E55 while driving on U.S. Highway 220, which somehow caused him to run into a curb, “messing up his alignment and causing other minor damage to the car.”

That resulted in his bringing his car into the Roanoke Mercedes-Benz dealership for repairs and realignment.

No one knew what had brought Murray to southwest Virginia.

The actor took the workers at the dealership out for a drink at Four Nineteen West.

He told them he found driving to be a stress reliever and that he preferred to travel at night and sleep during the day.

I must say, I prefer the headline the Roanoke Times used for their story when it appeared this past Friday to the one I made up.

Theirs read: Apple Core Incident Stalls Star in Star City

You need to know, in order to understand why Roanoke residents found it amusing, that Roanoke’s nickname is “The Star City.”

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