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The Life Of David Gale – death penalty awareness

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From the reviews I’ve just seen people are very divided. I thought The Life Of David Gale was a great story full of tension, although it seemed quite constructed and too misleading after all. The story goes against death penalty, because they say too many people get convicted with crime even though they’re innocent. I think for awareness this movie is not bad, though maybe it would have been better if it had been based on a true story. I wondered whether it was based on a true story, but from the research I’ve done I found out it’s not a true story, but is taken for one by quite some people. Apart from that – I thought the acting was rather weak in general, and I can’t say Kate Winslet impresses me much as an actress, but because of the story that I thought was great I gave it a high rating after all.



SYNOPSIS from Rotten Tomatoes

Gale (Kevin Spacey) is a Texas professor and anti-death penalty activist who, ironically enough, winds up on death row for the rape and murder of a colleague. Kate Winslet plays Bitsey Bloom, the brave journalist who sets out to tell to his story. In the days leading up to his execution, Gale fills her in on his life via flashbacks, which include political debates, lectures, sex with a student, rape allegations, alcoholism, divorce, and despair. As the hour of his doom approaches, Bitsey becomes convinced that Gale is the victim of a shadowy political conspiracy and races against the clock to prove his innocence.

Director Alan Parker (MISSISSIPPI BURNING) manages to deliver a strong anti-capital punishment message alongside enough twists, turns and shocking moments to keep viewers perched at the edges of their seats. Winslet and Spacey are both riveting in the leads, but its Laura Linney as Gale’s alleged victim–a fellow anti-capital punishment activist and close friend–who makes the biggest impression. Gabriel Mann also scores points in a sympathetic role as Bitsey’s intern. Nicholas Cage served as the film’s producer. The musical score is by Parker’s two sons, Jake and Alex.

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  • Jack

    Anyone who believes The Life of David Gale is a true story should be beaten with a stick. Most movies that say “based on a true story” are far from it. It’s called entertainment for a reason. Most “true stories” are actually very boring. Wake up idiots.

  • Bethan-Age 15

    I watched ‘The life of David Gale’. I did not get it at first, but then my sister explained to me what was going on. Well i cannot believe it has actually happen. I’m still shocked at this. It makes me feel sick.

  • Anne

    [personal attack deleted by comments editor]
    This story could have been true. Although wasn’t thank goodness. True stories made into movies contain a lot of the truth and far from boring. [personal attack deleted by comments editor] You seem [edited] to have very little humane characteristics and not a lot of compassion.

  • Dan Duke

    The story was a fictional account to dramatize that innocents are executed wrongly. The DNA does the job beyond a shadow of a doubt. The death penalty should end. And I understand that it costs MORE to execute and be done with a convicted person than it does to house him for life, surprising though that assertion is.