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The Leader vs. the Drunk

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I made this extremely fair and balanced video comparing George W. Bush to Howard Dean to help Americans puzzle out who would be better for America: an inspiring leader, or a witless drunk?

I report, you decide.

Oh, and don’t miss the Diane Sawyer interview with Howard and Judy Dean. (And, yes, she is known as “Judy Dean” to her friends and neighbors–she goes by “Dr. Judith Steinberg” at her office.)

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  • Eric Olsen

    But Bush is a reformed drunk – there are many things to hold against him if one is so inclined from a purely policy standpoint without reaching back to personal foibles from the past, which he has never denied. If being a drunk at some point in a person’s life precludes him from being president, then I guess I can’t run. Damn.

  • Okay, no offense Brian but that doesn’t work for me. Bush may be a drunk but that was in 1992. I don’t know if Bush is a drunk now… I mean with some of his actions in office, I’d like to think that hm being on something would be a good explination for it but it still doesn’t fly.

    So are we saying that something that someone did when they were younger should pre-clude them from public office? There are a lot more offical things one can ream Bush on than him drinking alcohol. Take his being Missing in Action in the Air Force. That is something public that he was expected to do that he did not.

    What you are saying Brian is the exact opposite reason of why I hate politicians. I’d like to see a few more porn stars and party people get elected. There is a time to have fun a time to have a personal life and a time to be public. I think that is one of the problems of this new American puritanism. Being into sex, drugs, and rock and roll is fine so long as you know that when you have to perform, you need to no engage in that. Only immature folks who cannot control themselves have a problem with it.

    I like my beer. I like my sex. I also know how to get a job done in a quick manner. One does not affect the other. This is because I am an adult.

  • I agree with you, Victoria.

    The point was to duel each candidate’s most embarrassing videos.

    The video is purposefully unfair–to illustrate how unfair the media have been to Howard Dean by using a manipulated sound mix (that turned down the crowd noise, making it seem like Dean’s volume was out of proportion to the circumstances) to make him fit their “madman” profile.

  • Eric Olsen

    I see


  • Brian, excellent job. Fascinating juxtaposition. Liked the readers too. And you make a terrific point about the crowd noise. First time I heard it was on the radio, and it was actually quite moving to hear this man who just suffered a major loss fire up his troops in spite of it. The next day the buzz was so bad I thought I’d lost my ear for this sort of thing. And sure enough, the clip they played came from the Dean feed, so it was absent its juice. He came off like an insane geography teacher.

    And to Victoria, it’s just so nice to hear that somebody named Victoria likes sex that I’m giving you a free pass on this one, wrong as you are.

    Eric, have a drink and relax. Nobody called you a drunk. This is about George’s alcoholism, and it’s a quite serious issue since there is no such thing as alcoholwasm. Those who fail to work a consistent and lifelong recovery program are doomed to the same old behaviors, even if they never take another drink. Bush is a good example of a “dry drunk,” a humorless form of sobriety marked by bitterness, vengefulness and tight-lipped connivance. It’s a issue.

    CW Fisher

  • Andrew Yu-Jen Wang

    Bush Still Hated by Everyone, Forever

    For all the comparison’s he would like to make about himself and Harry Truman (who left the White House with a high disapproval rating but history later proved him to be jawesome), George Bush has managed to outshine his predecessors in at least one respect: he’s beaten every other president in history with how much he’s hated.

    “No other President’s disapproval rating has gone higher than 70 percent,” said CNN pollster Keating Holland. “Bush has managed to do that three times so far this year.” Including his current highest-ever rating of 76%.

    Retrieved November 18, 2008

    “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” -Kanye West (African-American rapper, record producer, and singer).

    Maybe if George W. Bush changed and learned to like and care about black people, the American people would not hate him so much and forever. In addition, maybe if Bush constructively aspired to overcome his hatred of black people, it would be beneficial in relieving some of the psychological strain and inner turmoil within–which would, if anything, risk exacerbating his situation as a dry drunk if not dealt with.

    Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA
    Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993