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Oh wow, I went to the sneak preview saturday for The Last Samurai and I was very suprised by what I saw.

If you saw the first trailer for this film you may have wondered why Tom Cruise was in the film. The first trailer made it seem like they were passing him off as Japanese (though I was told afterwards that another trailer was released that doesnt make it look that way). This is not the case, thank god.

The lobby display for this movie is extremly cheezy. It’s Tom Cruise coming at you head on like theres an army behind you. It’s really ugly, and if you see it you might think the movie is cheezy too.

But its not.

The Last Samurai is probably the best movie I’ve seen all year, beating out Pirates of the Caribean, Lost in Translation, Camp, and X2. And by the sevral applauses that happened during the movie I think other people are going to agree as well.

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  • jadester

    surprisingly, i thought this looked pretty good from the trailer. i did think it had an air of cheesiness about it, but not as much as i might’ve expected