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The Last Comic Standing (The End)

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Well, it was obvious from the beginning this show is flawed. I mean the selection process allows the producers of the show to pick the comics. Sadly, they forgot to tell the panel of experts. How bad is Jay Mohr?

It is too bad this show didn’t have the courage to follow the format of American Idol. Why not have real comics pick the ten finalists? Come on. And then, let the audience knock them down one by one (last five).

The decision to pair off the comics head-to-head in groups of three near the end is stupid. Is this really a fair test? And now the worst decision of all to put three comics in the final and you get to vote for one. This makes absolutely no sense. And statistically since you are voting on one category “who is the best comic” it makes less sense.

What can you say about a show that numbers the comics 91, 92, 93? This show must run on a very tight budget. Or, are they trying to differentiate themselves from American Idol with these little differences? Come on, gives us the viewers a break, we know its a copycat.

My personal pick would be Alonzo. This guy writes really good material. I could listen to him for an hour. I did like Jay London but do you really think you could watch and listen to this guy for 45 minutes straight? Does anybody believe that John and Gary deserve to be in the final three? John in my opinion did not deserve to be in the final five. Boring.
In closing, I will admit that I found myself laughing, often, throughout the season. So this comedy is fairly priced. But, if I had my druthers I would prefer to see more head to head comedy and less of “Ant’s” antics in the house. Of course, I did learn something I already knew; there are a lot of dysfunctional comedians in the world.

I would be interested in hearing the opinion of other BlogCritics.
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  • i’ll comment on this by pointing you to a post i made here a few weeks ago…


  • Alonzo Bodden should and probably will win, unless there’s another Dat Phan incident and they give it to Gary Gulman for being lame. The finalists probably should have been Alonzo, Kathleen Madigan, and Tammy Pescatelli, even though there’s a big drop-off in those other two comedians after Alonzo. John and Gary don’t really belong.

    There are problems with most of the comedians’ acts who made it to the house, but almost all of them have some joke-writing ability and have had a few killer lines (except maybe Ant).

    Jay Mohr’s stand-up sucked the last episode. Apparently the ratings aren’t so hot, because the finale on Thursday is being pre-empted for some reason here in Chicago and relegated to the Christian TV station, PAX TV.

    I don’t know how Alonzo’s future will fare even if he does win, though, since he finished dead last in the “pitch your TV show” immunity contest a few weeks ago. He doesn’t look like a camera-friendly sitcom star, but he is clearly a great stand-up.

    I like this show, though, since I like watching stand-ups work and interact.

    That is all.

  • Jay Mohr and the other comics were a lot more friendly, admiring and fascinated by Jay London than I ever could be. I never saw the appeal; maybe he’s like that gross-out, total loser college roommate you develop a kind of affection for over the years. As a performer, though, he bites. His whole schtick was that his act sucked — you know, repeating the punch line over, begging for a laugh, etc. Obviously that’s a standard part of a lot of routines, but it was this guy’s entire act. Yeah — 45 minutes of him would be an ice age.

    Otherwise, I thought there were some pretty funny people this year — more than last year. EVERYONE sucked last year: winners, losers, you name it. I didn’t laugh once and I am unsurprised that they all sunk into well-deserved obscurity.

    I think this year’s group have a better claim on the future. I, too, think Alonzo Bodden is a pretty funny guy; very sharp, very witty, very quick. I like Gary Gulman too; he makes me laugh. I would like to have seen Tammy Pescatelli and Bonnie McFarlane get farther than they did. And Corey — Corey was a funny guy.

    Worst of the entire series so far: Ant. Has being gay ever seemed so unfunny?