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Illicit drug production, consumption and trafficking continue to escalate in many parts of the world today. The drug phenomenon that affects a great number of people, especially the youths, has been a major concern world-wide.

According to estimates, at least, about 40 million people world-wide regularly abuse drugs, of which thousands of them die yearly of barbiturate poisoning. Unfortunately, many youths today, become addicted to drugs for no reason than the desire for a thrill or through the influence of other drug users.

In Africa, like other continents, the governments have intensified its fight against drug trafficking to promote good health in their countries. Even though securities at entry and departure points in the country have succesfully arrested a number of traffickers, some still beat the security.

Many cases pertaining drugs are presently been investigated by the Narcotics Control Board in Africa, since most of the countries are increasingly being used as transit for drug trafficking. For example, South Africa, is now becoming a major target for international drug peddling, due to the country’s excellent infrastructure, making it an attractive market.

Although, war against drugs is going on unabated through out the world, because of social and political reasons, success seems futile. In Europe, for example, the Italian government has waged war against drug trafficking without any positive results. Because the drug barons, mostly members of the mafia organisation, are well distributed through out Europe and America.

Africa as a developing continent, needs to adopt more stringent measures that could prevent drug trafficking and abuse to create a healthy environment. On health grounds, to stop the drug menace, the mass media must play an important role.

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