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The K2 Hubbub

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K2 (the brand name of a blend of herbs mixed with a synthetic cannabinoid which mimics the effects of marijuana) is a hot topic today. The younger the consumer, the more likely it is that the consumer is very familiar, if not overly familiar, with K2.

K2 has a lot of nicknames and the substance is also sold under other brand names. It is also known as Blaze, Genie, Hush, Krypto, Kush, Red Dragon, Red X Dawn, Spice, and Zohai. It smells of whatever herb comprises it and it is pretty easy to buy.

Did I try it? Well, of course I did. How could I write about it without having sampled it? I bought two different brands and smoked just a bit of each of them at different times. The first batch was unremarkable — I mean, nothing. I have nothing to say about it. People lived. People died. Time passed. Nothing happened. Nothing. I could have done something less eventful during those few minutes, but I took the low road and sampled K2. And this stuff is 100% stronger than THC? Whatever.

The second smoking was even more unpleasant than the first, in that I had a bad time for almost an hour. I was hyper-aware of every negative aspect of my life — it was really unpleasant. Thank God my memory is less than perfect. In fact, I know that I will be reading this a month or two down the way and will be baffled to read that I had such a bad time but do not remember it that way.

My curiosity about K2 began with the first time that I ever heard of it. I was watching the news because I was hanging out with my mother and she was watching the news, otherwise, I would be involved in a more enterprising endeavor like cleaning up the joint, writing or reading. Really. I would have.

Immediately, I headed to the Internet to find out more and I do not really understand why cities and states are in such a mad rush to stop the K2 madness aside from the fact that it’s unregulated and very understudied.

I know what you know. I know that a professor at Clemson University
invented the active ingredient that is in K2. I know that it is legal in most states, but that number is dwindling as states rush to ban it.

And my point is this. If you want to try K2, don’t sniff it, don’t smoke a lot at one time, take time between tokes, and don’t try it all if you are under age. We know this, right? Well, maybe we don’t. I scan any article containing K2 in my Google news feed every day and people are being dumb with this odd substance. Some articles even contend that deaths can be attributed to K2 and that’s not beyond comprehension. It isn’t for me anyway — I can still remember, and vividly I might add, the anxiety that I experienced the second time around. And it’s expensive for what
you get.

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