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The joy of the carnival

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Blogs are wonderful, but there are millions of them, and how do you find like-minded souls among the multitudes?

Like many bloggers, I suspect, my initial discoveries were random, but I soon learnt to follow others’ blogrolls. But after a while that becomes horribly circular.

One way to break out into new pastures are blog carnivals, which gather together posts on a theme. In my circles these have become quite a tradition, and I’m proud to have contributed to it with Carnivalesque No 4.

(Carnivalesque, founded by the blog mistress extraordinaire Sharon on Early Modern Notes, is a bi-monthly collection of posts on early modern (broadly defined as 1450-1850) history from anywhere in the world. The home site is here.)

Among the others of which I am aware are:

* Philosopher’s Carnival, latest edition here

* Tangled Bank (science), latest here

* The History carnival, latest here

* The Carnival of the Godless, latest here.

I’d be pleased to know about others – comments most welcome!

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About Natalie Bennett

Natalie blogs at Philobiblon, on books, history and all things feminist. In her public life she's the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.
  • The endless ways to aggregate and discover Internet content (such as blogs) are fascinating. To think that this is all at the very very beginning, makes me realize that this is an exciting time.

    Thanks for this post, Natalie.

  • No worries Eric.

    I’d really be interested in hearing about other carnivals from other parts of the blogosphere – I’m sure they must be out there somewhere … (even if called something different)

  • I think the oldest of these might be Carnival of the Vanities, the most recent of which is #128, at Belief Seeking Understanding.

    There is also Carnival of the Capitalists, which should go live right here at Blogcritics sometime today.

  • Here is the latest Carnival of the Capitalists.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, what is our old COTV pal Bigwig doing these days besides not posting to Blogcritics?

  • Just stumbled across a handy metacarnival listing.
    For those wanting to go beyond capitalism it includes a Carnival of the Commies.

  • Bobby

    there is CARnivale the tv series too. that’s a sort of carnivale.

  • Thanks, Natalie. Didn’t know blog carnivals even existed!