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The John Kerry Running Mate Guessing Game

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Most Likely Choices

John Edwards, Senator from North Carolina. Attractive, young, relatively moderate, articulate, likeable, and from the South. Seems to want to be picked rather desperately. Kerry’s strongest opposition to the nomination after Dean’s Scream.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico. Wins New Mexico’s Electoral College Votes for Kerry. Richardson is Hispanic, so this would thwart Bush’s attempt to woo this large and growing segment of the electorate. Richardson is a bit dull, but experienced and moderate.

Dick Gephardt, Representative from Missouri. Most likely wins Missouri for Kerry. Helps Kerry with Unions. Highly experienced, relatively moderate, but dull and “old news.”

Unlikely-But-Possible Picks

Wesley Clark, Retired General and former NATO Supreme Commander. A Kerry-Clark tag-team would be well-positioned to attack Bush’s foreign policy record. But Clark has very limited political experience, and made numerous blunders in the Primary season. Former Republican, so could be a liability (The Left might be more apt to vote Nader).

Evan Bayh, Senator from Indiana. Almost certainly wins Indiana for Kerry. Helps in Ohio. So moderate, he’s practically conservative. Very dull.

Tom Vilsack, Governor of Iowa. Wins Iowa for Kerry. Helps in other Mid-Western states. Pretty much an unknown quantity in national politics (Better do some serious background checks before picking him…).

Long Shots

John McCain, REPUBLICAN Senator from Arizona. Wins Arizona for Kerry. Wins millions of moderates nation-wide for Kerry. But the Left would go to Nader in droves. Oh, and McCain wouldn’t accept it anyway (I think…).

Hillary Clinton, Senator from New York and former First Lady. Wins New York for Kerry. Opens up the gender-gap even wider in favor of the Dems. But Republican turn-out to keep her out of the White House would be massive. And Kerry risks being overshadowed by this Running Mate (and her husband…).

Howard Dean, Former Governor of Vermont. Gets the Grassroots Dems excited. Steals back Leftist support from Nader. But is best-known as a kook who blew the nomination. Republicans would have a field-day taking the straight-talking Dean’s own words and throwing them back in his face.

Other possibilities include Florida Senator Bob Graham, Florida Senator Bill Nelson, Former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, and quite a few others…

Did I miss any really obvious ones? Who do YOU think is going to be Kerry’s Running Mate?

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