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The JetBlue Flight Attendant’s Very, Very Bad Day

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The YouTube link in this story is but one of the reasons I love Twitter. By now, everyone’s heard the tale of the JetBlue flight attendant who had a very, very bad day at work.

If only you could’ve been a fly on the bulkhead while this drama was playing out (what, no passengers caught this on cell phone video cam?) — but never fear. Our friends in Hong Kong have re-enacted the story using some entertaining, albeit slightly creepy, animation. Isn’t technology just made for things like this?

Thanks to @stephenfry for leading me to such riches.

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  • Slightly creepy is today’s understatement, I think, but that’s a delightful video.

    I work in security, and I write about security (also airport/-craft security) but I don’t even care. Applause to this guy for making a grande escape from his job.

  • I think anyone stuck on the tarmac can relate to this guy, even if he was in a different position. How many of us would like to grab a beer and find a way out of a crowded aircraft stuck on the runway?