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The Israeli Government Plan to Expel the Owners of the House of Peace – Abraham’s Descendants Trample on His Heritage

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Background – Four Thousand Years Ago

The tall man stood before the council of the city. The elders of the Children of Heth listened patiently as the man who had lived for decades among them stood, grief stricken but dignified, as he explained his request.

The man standing before the Hittite council had grown up in Ur, where his father had been a high priest to the Sumerian king. He had gone with his father and family to Paran after the king died. There TeraH, his father, carved idols. His son tried to explain to his father that idols of wood and stone were mere vanity, that they could accomplish nothing, even if they looked like the powerful magicians who had held Sumer in their thrall for centuries. It was only after the son destroyed all the idols but one, placing a hammer in the hand of the biggest, then claiming that the big idol had destroyed the others, that his father began to understand his son's claims.

For a time, his father stopped worshipping the images of the powerful magicians who had helped build Sumer's civilization, magicians he had beheld occasionally in person. However, he returned to his idol worship; the habits of a lifetime were too strong to break.

His son had left Paran with his wife and nephew for a land in the west, following a Voice that came to him, a Voice that promised him children, a Voice that tested him harshly in Its commands. In this land in the west, he had had to rescue his nephew from marauding kings, using talents only a nobleman in Sumer would know, commanding light cavalry traveling from the south of his adopted home to the north. He negotiated with the pharaoh of Egypt and with the king of the Philistines. He had watched as powerful magicians (called angels in the Torah) went to destroy his nephew's home city in the lush areas to the east of where he had settled; he negotiated even with the Voice that had commanded him, seeking to save the righteous from the wrath of an angry Entity.

His nephew's home was destroyed, but the nephew and his two daughters were rescued. His own home country, Sumer, was also destroyed. He and his family, both in Canaan and Paran, were all who remained of the "black haired people" who had been his countrymen.

The Voice that had guided him west to Canaan promised this man that he would be a father of nations, and he had two sons, one by a servant of his deceased wife, and one by the strangely beautiful woman who bore the name "Princess", Sarah.

It was on behalf of this woman Sarah that Abraham stood before the Children of Heth who ruled Hebron. He sought a burial place for her, and ultimately for himself as well. After all, he was 137 years old. He could not expect to live forever, as the powerful magicians of Sumer had seemed to.

The members of the council had high respect for Abraham. They said, "You are a prince of G-d in our midst; in the choicest of our burial places bury your dead, any of us will not withhold his burial place from you, from burying your dead"

Abraham singled out one man for his attention, Ephron, the son of Zohar. Ephron owned the MaHpela Cave at the edge of a field. He bowed to the members of the council, saying, "…let him grant it to me for its full price in your midst, as an estate for a burial site."

Ephron stood up before the council saying, "I have given you the land, bury your dead". Ephron had included in this offer not only the cave, but also the field immediately adjacent, which was also his. Abraham rejected Ephron's generous offer, insisting on paying full price for the land – four hundred silver shekels of negotiable currency – as huge sum of money. Abraham weighed out the four hundred shekels in front of the council, and it was confirmed in front of the council of the Children of Heth, who ruled Hebron, that the land belonged to Abraham and his descendants.

One would assume that if the Children of Heth were civilized enough to respect a real estate transaction that had been legitimately made, that four thousand years later the descendants of Abraham, Israelis sitting on a High Court of Justice could do the same.

Fast Forward Four Thousand Years

The stately honor shown in the Torah to a man of G-d is not replicated in the "Zionist Entity" created by his G-d-hating descendants. We move from the dignity of the Council of Elders of Heth to the indignity and injustice of the so-called High Court of Justice of the State of Israel in today's hardscrabble world.

The modern city of Hebron is largely inhabited by Arabs who moved there during the days of the British Mandate over this country. There had been a Jewish community in Hebron for centuries, but Arab rioting in the 1920's (encouraged by the British) and a 1929 massacre resulted in the evacuation of Jews from the city. In the 1948-49 war that resulted after the British left the Mandate and turned over all of their fortifications and non-movable armament to the Arabs, the brand new IDF defeated all the Arab invaders except one – the British trained and led Arab Legion of Transjordan. The territory that the Arab Legion managed to hold on to west of the Jordan River, land properly known as Judea and Samaria, was annexed to the renamed Kingdom of Jordan. But virtually nobody recognized that annexation.

In 1967, the Jordanians bombarded West Jerusalem, their part of a tripartite pact between Egypt, Syria and Jordan; the Israel Defense Force liberated Jerusalem and rapidly drove Jordanian forces from the towns of the three administrative districts the Jordanians had set up. Even though an Israeli judge, Meir Shamgar, erroneously decided that the territory liberated in 1967 was "occupied territory", and the government of Israel erroneously refused to assert its right to all of the Mandate for Palestine that had arisen under international law and to annex it to the State; in spite of all this, almost immediately Jews went to resettle the city of Hebron, and Gush Etzion, the bloc of villages north of Bethlehem whose residents were massacred after surrendering to Arab forces on 14 May, 1948.

The government of Israel, unable or unwilling to understand that the entire territory west of the Jordan River that it had liberated from Arab rule, belonged by right to Israel, and kept trying to unload it on Jordan. The Jordanian king Hussein remembered the fate of his grandfather Abdallah, who had been assassinated on the Temple Mount in 1951, allegedly for negotiating with the Jews. Possessed of the natural desire to stay alive, he eschewed any claim over the territory west of the Jordan River. The Israeli government found itself torn over what to do with the land that was theirs, the cradle of Hebrew civilization they kept trying to escape. In the mean-time the Jewish settlement in and around Hebron grew, even though it was constantly hampered by the policies of the Israeli government.

There is said to be a list of 20,000 Jews who would move to Hebron if allowed to. If it exists, this list is ignored by the government entirely. Based on the number of Jews who visit Hebron for religious reasons, there is good reason to believe that tens of thousands of Jews would happily move to Hebron. But they are not allowed to. Instead, only 400 to 600 Jews live there. Not far from Hebron is another Jewish village, Qiryat 'Arba which has a population of about 5,000. There is a road, called "the worshipers route" that leads from Qiryat 'Arba to the Cave of MaHpela, which today serves as both a mosque and synagogue. During the days of Arab rule, Jews were barred from this cave, which is beleived to hold the remains of Abraham, Sarah, Rebecca, Isaac, Jacob, Leah, and the headless skeleton of Esau.

This "worshipers route" route is often under fire and attack of one kind or another by Arabs, and a patrol exists to guard it, a patrol whose work is often hampered by the IDF, which is supposed to be guarding Israelis. Along this "worshipers route" is a huge structure, bought last year from an Arab. This building is Bet haShalom, the Peace House, and it is the subject of so much dispute. According to the Arutz Sheva report referenced here, when this house was first occupied last year, MK Chaim Oron (Meretz) said that the issue is not whether or not the property was legally bought, but the separation of populations. He called upon the government "to throw them out of there fast."

That appears to have been the reason for the government's opposition to Jews occupying the building. It is opposed to Jews worshiping in Hebron except under the most restrictive circumstances. This house would help secure the "worshipers' route". The government is opposed to Jews living in Hebron at all, even though it was the home of Abraham, the man who is our ancestor.

In spite of a video presented to the court by the buyers of the home attesting to its purchase, as well as all the other documentation normally presented in a real estate transaction in this country, the court refused to accept the sale as legitimate. Instead, they have ordered the goons of the so-called government of Israel, the "Yassam" to evict the residents from their own legitimately bought home. They gave all sorts of technical excuses for ordering the expulsion, but the bottom line is that the court ignored the legal documents upon which all buyers of property in Israel rely, and in doing so, have thrown into question the rule of law that supports the court's own existence.

According to an e-mail, I received earlier (18 November 2008) "The Israeli Supreme Court ruled Sunday (16 November 2008) that the residents of Bet HaShalom (the Peace House) in Hebron have three days to evacuate their legally purchased homes."

According to the story released on 17 November by Arutz Sheva, "leaders called on backers to protect the Peace House in Hebron 'with their own bodies' to prevent the government from carrying out a High Court ruling Sunday ordering the expulsion of more than 20 families. The court rejected evidence that Jews bought the building and said all residents must leave until the issue is settled in a civil court." There was to be an emergency assembly held Tuesday evening to attempt to deal with the issue of this illegal expulsion, an assembly that was to include the notable citizens of the Jewish towns and villages in Judea and Samaria.

But this dispute has opened all sorts of old wounds in the ongoing Kulturkampf in Israel, with leftist commentators from the government controlled Voice of Israel launching a campaign of incitement against nationalists, a campaign it has waged unceasingly since before the Oslo Accords were signed in 1994. This campaign started when the government of Israel made a basic decision to drive Jewish residents out of the land it intended to give (illegally) to the Arabs under the aëgis of the "Palestinian Authority". Since then, no effort has beern spared to demonize the Jewish residents of Gaza, Judea and Samaria and to overlook the barbaric terrorism perpetrated by the Arabs living there, fueled by both el-FataH and Hamas.

The determination of the Hebron's Jewish residents to resist illegal expulsions by the so-called "government of Israel" stems from what they saw happen to those expelled from their homes in Gush Qatif in 2005. According to the above referenced report by Arutz Sheva, "initial reports by the Israeli media indicated a campaign against nationalists would continue, and Voice of Israel government radio said that statements against the High Court, calling it a 'High Brothel' and 'High Court of Sodom,' are incitement. Media commentators also recalled the murder of Prime Minister YitzHak Rabin, who was assassinated by Herzliya resident Yigal Amir."

At the meeting Tuesday night, a packed hall heard preparations for confronting police when they are expected to arrive. According to Arutz Sheva, they heard "calls issued for people to be on standby 24 hours a day to rush to the area if forces approach the building, which Jews say was paid for in cash last year. One supporter from Givatayim demonstrated for the crowd how to use a gas mask in case of a chemical attack. 'I am not kidding,' he said. 'These people [police] hate us and I believe they want to kill [us].' Kiryat Arba-Hebron Rabbi Dov Lior told the crowd, 'This house, which was redeemed with blood, belongs to the people of Israel. We have not stolen it from anyone; we bought it. It should be seen as a symbol for how to stand up for the rights of the Israeli people.'"

This is not the only travesty of justice worked upon the citizens of Judea and Samaria by this régime of goons and thugs. Yesterday, homes near Kokhav Ya' acov, north of Jerusalem, and a mobile home near Shilo, just a few kilometers from where I live, were destroyed by the army, police and Arab workers. In addition, former residents of Gush Qatif, now internal refugees in their own country by their own government's order were again cheated of an opportunity to settle down in permanent homes by the very government that has made them refugees in their own land.

Investigator and independent reporter, David Bedein stated the obvious in a video interview – that the "leaders" in Israel do not understand democracy.

According to this article in Haaretz, Security Minister Barak has 30 days to attempt to cause Jews in the Peace House to leave, after which it will be forcibly evacuated. Also according to this article, Aryeh Eldad of the National Union Party warned, "Anyone who tries to raise a hand at the peace house in Hebron will long for Amona, and will find that Amona was nothing," referring to the violent riots that accompanied the government's evacuation and destruction of 'Amona in Samaria.

It appears that a season of violent confrontations await the police and the "government" of Israel which is demonstrating to one and all that the rule of law is worthless in the Zionist Entity, and that the Hebrew saying "this is not a state of law, it’s a joke of a state" is all too true.

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About Ruvy

Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover

    There is a clock ticking on this issue. the Security Ministry, acting to enforce according to the High Court order, stated that if within thirty days the residents of the Peace House on trhe worhipers way between Qirya ‘Arba and Hevrón do not evacuate, it will evacuate them by force.

    In reality, what this means is that within thirty days the government will act with force to expel the legal residents of the Peace House from their homes. That can occur at any moment, and the government will attempt to act by surprise.

    In this case, surprise may be a little difficult to achieve. The first likely act is to declare the area around the peace House a “closed military zone”. This can accomplished with relatively little effort on the part of the army and police, and can cut off the supporters of the residents by making it hard for them to get to the Peace House.

    Therefore, the former mayor of Kedumim, Daniella Weiss, has called on supporters to come en masse immediately according to this story published 22:17 last night at Arutz Sheva,. This is a video and may require some of you to install software to see.

  • This is the take on Bet haShalom from the Jerusalem Post, which used to be a relatively objective newspaper. In other news, Jewish residents of Judea are feeding the Arabs a dose of their own medicine of vandalism and hate, scrawling “Mohammed is a pig” in a Moslem cesmetery, and attacking Arabs as well.

  • Bit by bit, nationalists are beginning to display teeth in their determination not to be further bullied by the secular traitors ru(i)ning Israel. There were clashes with soldiers after the government’s goons (Yassam) destroyed part of the security fence near Nevei Tzuf. In addition, a boycott of Channel 2 and Yediot AHronot is going to begin to display to Israeli media that we do not have to buy the shit that they hustle. Those who incite against us will pay from the wallet.

    Slowly, this is all leading to the next step. Once that step is taken, things may change rapidly here.

  • Ruvy, when before in history has a country that won land by military force (1967) felt the full force of international might to give it back? Should the so-called English (most of whom are really Bretons) give England back to the Saxons, who’d have to give it back to the Picts (whomever?)

    Should the U.S. give the native Americans all their land back?

    Oh, but what happened in Israel was only a few years ago, say the righteous.

    On the other hand, you know how torn I am by all this…not because I think your claims are illegitimate but because Israel needs peace–whatever the hell that means–more than anything else, and I fear there will never be peace under your vision.

    Surely, some of this is pure anti-Semitism, regardless of what the pro-Arab supporters say, but that doesn’t explain all of it. Look at Africa and the world’s crocodile tears over the slaughter there. Or the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

    When the King of Saudi Arabia leads a U.N. meeting on religious freedom, what can one say but that, as my blog proclaims, Parodies are Lost. I wouldn’t have even thought of writing something such as that–too bizarre even for parody.

    At times I really do feel your rage–which has been spilling over perhaps too freely into comments–but I can’t see a successful end game.

    If I knew more Yiddish, I’d say, bon chance. Instead, I’ll just rely on Oy Vey.

    Oh…and only the faithful will read a story this long, my friend! Edit, edit, edit, LOL.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Mark, my friend,

    Peace? Have you lived with war, that you know what peace is? I don’t mean war in some far off country; I mean war next door.

    My younger son will be grabbed of into the army here. Do you know what the generals do to the soldiers here? They treat them like dogs, and send the religious ones into ambushes to be killed. That is what happened in Lebanaon in Sultan Yukub. And the commander was named Ehud Barak.

    That bastard should have his neck stretched with a rope.

    Mark, once the IDF was a soldier’s army, now it’s the army of the left wing oligarchs trying their best to make sure the “faithful” – believers like me, like my son – do not get any power.

    Look at the incitement of the left wing in this country against the nationalists, believers like me. Do you know the story of Hanukkah, Mark? If you do not, go back and read my very fist article here at Blogcritics Magazine, Hanukkah, Judaism’s Most Important Holiday. Reread it. Hanukkah is the reflection of the civil war between the “faithful” like me, and the “faithless” who ruled the nation.

    When Matatyahu (Matthew, for those of you who cannot handle all those syllables in Hebrew) Hashmonai ran his sword through a Jew sacrificing a pig at a Greek idol, he not only committed murder, he committed an act of rebellion against the ruling authorities, ruling Jewish authorities who wanted to abandon Judaism. We see the same thing happening today in Israel. Until this “Jewish” contamination is removed, there can be no peace.

    Mark, it is all that simple.

  • zingzing

    ruvy, why did you move your sons to a place where the leaders of that place will lead them to their deaths?

    don’t you think removing them from that possibility would be the best thing for their future?

    if what you say is really true, then move. obviously, israel is no more kind to your’s than nearly any other place i can think of. if you let your son go into that…

    just leave, if that’s true.

  • ruvy, why did you move your sons to a place where the leaders of that place will lead them to their deaths?

    That is a damned good question, zing. The truth is I didn’t know at the time, and I honestly thought that a “peace” agreement would happen, and that it would seriously lessen the chance of my kids dying in war. At the time, I was far more of a peacenik than I am now.

    At the time, I bought all the bullshit about “peace”, and didn’t understand fully the implications of the overwhelming American influence on the government and events here.

    By the time I did, there was nothing for us to return to in the States. I had made my bed, and now I would have to sleep in it, no matter how many nails popped out of the mattress to stab me in the heart.

    We didn’t make a mistake. We did the right thing for the boys, and we live full lives here. But full lives entail more sacrifice than empty ones, and that is the risk and the price that one pays for seeking a full life, a life lived with a sense of meaning to it. It can be full of joy – and also be full of tears.

  • Should the so-called English (most of whom are really Bretons)


    Look, in a nutshell, the first inhabitants of Britain were probably the neolithic peoples who were responsible for Stonehenge and suchlike artifacts. No-one knows where the hell they came from, but it seems those who settled in Scotland eventually became the Picts. All these folks were invaded by the Celts, who in turn were invaded by the Saxons and various other groups from northern Germany, who in turn were invaded by Vikings. Just when all these groups had settled down and mishmashed together they were invaded by the Normans, who were the last people to successfully invade by force. A few hundred years later the Neolithic-Celtic-Saxon-Viking-Norman hybrid that is the British people decided they missed all that fun invading they used to do, and built an Empire. Those they conquered have been peacably invading us right back ever since.

    So who are the true Britons? Probably everyone…

    As for the Bretons, they actually left England to get away from the Saxons, who had BO and couldn’t read. They never did anyone any harm.

  • zing,

    I guess I should add that full lives can also be full of contentment – and, as you unfortunately see, full of rage as well.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “I had made my bed, and now I would have to sleep in it, no matter how many nails popped out of the mattress to stab me in the heart.”

    it’s not just your bed though. you’ve lived a life. your sons have not. apparently, they’re still fairly young.

  • it’s not just your bed though. you’ve lived a life. your sons have not. apparently, they’re still fairly young.

    Our sons prefer it here. For them, it’s not a matter of having to lie in a bed, as it is for me and my wife. Israel is almost 50% of their lifetimes and they are Israelis. For them, this is home in a far deeper sense than it ever can be for my wife and I. There are things they liked about the United States – like Pop Tarts, for example, or Breyers Ice Cream.

    But they are used to the week starting on Sunday and ending on Thursday; they are used to a normative Jewish culture, even one where the rulers dislike religious Jews. They spread chocolate on their bread, like Israeli kids do, eat shwarma and falafel, like Israeli kids do, and speak Hebrew – like Israeli kids do.

    For them, the army is a fact of life; the treasonous behavior of the government is a fact of life. Terrorism is just another risk they take every day, and the bus not running on time or being short of eqipment, is just the run of the mill stuff for them.

    They’ve lived in America and liked it – but their lives and friends are here. And the friends they have made, I’m proud to say, are not the kind of kids who are always hankering to get a green card to live in the States.

    And they are almost fully grown men.

    For all the risks of death that remain, my wife and I may have succeeded in planting firm roots in our ancient homeland, zing.

  • zingzing

    well, i, the same as most americans, don’t even have an “ancient homeland.” my family is split between finland and luxembourg, and in either place, i would feel as foreign as i do here in new york, as i did in seattle, as i did in england and as i did where i came from, where i born into a midwestern household even though i lived in the south.

    where my blood was the last time your blood lived in your “ancient homeland,” i don’t know.

    you and i come at life a different way, to say the least. i don’t need roots or a homeland. i go where the hell i want. you went, at least to some degree, where you figured your people were wanted. or commanded to go, or some nonsense.

    i can respect your answer to my question. if your children feel at home there and know no different, and if they want to be there and face all that comes with that, then that’s where they should be.

    me? i’d get the hell out of there. it seems like a bum deal. dealing with being forced on the front line to fight against crappy terrorism for a crumbling desert does not sound like my cup of tea. i’m sure there’s more to it than that. and i’m a big fan of history… but i don’t want to become it just to protect it.

  • i’m sure there’s more to it than that. and i’m a big fan of history… but i don’t want to become it just to protect it.

    That is the difference between you and me, zing. You’re a fan. I’m in the game, a game I never thought I’d be in. So get back to your seat in the bleachers, and stop throwing the rotten tomatoes. You never know; I might just be playing on your side.

    In history, it’s really hard to tell the guys with the black hats from the guys with the white ones.

  • zing,

    By the way. Last week’s Torah reading had to do with Abraham being called to sacrifice his son on Mount Moriah. That’s what you and I have been writing about these last couple of conments.

    This week’s Torah portion deals with – wait for it – Abraham’s purchase of the cave at MaHpela and the field adjacent to it for 400 silver shekels of negotiable currency: over $1 million in today’s money. Go look at the top of the article…

  • zingzing

    “That is the difference between you and me, zing. You’re a fan. I’m in the game, a game I never thought I’d be in. So get back to your seat in the bleachers, and stop throwing the rotten tomatoes. ”

    not all history is violent, ruvy. although it might seem so from your perspective… i’m playing the game as much as you are. maybe i’m just better at strategy.

  • Am I the only one that finds it odd that, whatever Ruvy says, it always places him and the others with whom he agrees at the centre of the story rather than the periphery?

    He probably thinks it is all ordained by a higher power, but I find it a particularly ugly demonstration of narcissism, egocentricity and, most of all, bigotry. Nasty stuff…

  • zingzing

    it is amazing how often comment threads head towards israel when he gets involved.

    it’s just the name of the game.

    but, chris, did you notice there’s a sports argument going on? and it’s about england vs. u.s. vs. australia! go knock some heads! i’m sure that england’s sports are the best…

  • zing,

    not all history is violent, ruvy, although it might seem so from your perspective…

    You’re very right – not all history is violent. But at certain times and in certain places, it is. This is one of those times and I live in one of those places.

    The violence has hit you, only in a different way. Your economy is undergoing a violent change. A few minutes ago, a friend of mine who had been in Westchester for a couple of months watching over his sickly aged father called me up before the Sabbath (it’s going on 16:00 here and the Sabbath comes in at 16:15).

    I told him about how the Dow had shed 10% of its “weight” in the last two days and he told me about his experiences in three airports: Kennedy, Heathrow and Lod. All were astonishingly empty, he said. He bought juice or coffee in Kennedy and Heathrow, asking the counterperson each time if business was normally like that. Each time he was told they had never seen anything like it. They had never seen their places of businesses so empty, so lacking in traffic. My friend then told me about Lod Airport (Ben-Gurion). People were coming in, he said. Virtually nobody was leaving.

    i’m playing the game as much as you are. maybe i’m just better at strategy.

    We’re told in the Bible that in the End of Days we should hide ourselves in a small room, shut the door behind us and wait for the unpleasantness to pass. The rabbis interpret this (for Jews) as meaning “COME HOME!”. Israel is that “small room”. Israelis are inveterate travellers, zing. They are staying home.

    The economy here has not been good and the papers warn of bad tidings after the next holiday ends (first warning after Sukkot; now it will be after Hanukkah). But things here have been remarkably stable. There have been layoffs, but nothing like what you read about in the American financial pages. The shekel has dropped because the Bank of Israel has been buying up every spare dollar that is floating around, driving the dollar up and the shekel down. And lately, the dollar has gone up against the euro and sterling.

    Inevitably, though, the pressure on the American economy will drive the dollar down. At first the Bank of Israel will buy them up like cheap hotcakes. But at some point, the Bank of Israel will dump its dollars as everyone else does the same.

    Even the America-worshipers in the secular economy in Israel, and all the religious pishke shakers who run to the States to raise money when they run short, will shut the door behind them and hope the unpleasantness passes.

    But you said you had “gotten the message”; that you didn’t want me to throw rocks at you, so I won’t. I understand.

    Instead I wish you a good Sabbath, or as your neighbors in the black coats and beards might say “a goot shabbes

  • zingzing, yes, England’s sports are the best, but we’re not always the best at them!

    However, if this is a sports argument, it is going right over my head, rather like anything Ruvy posts these days. Are you guys developing a parallel universe or something?

  • The sports argument is on the socia1ism thread, Chris.

    I know – go figure…!

  • Christopher, the article is about Israel so why are you surprised that Ruvy’s arguing from his POV?

    Ruvy, o.k., help a bear of little brain here. I know you see two enemies: the current Israeli administration & the Arabs. It sounds like your primary opponent is your own government, which, I confess, is beginning to make ours look almost tolerable.

    But say you somehow wound up with the government you wanted. That would lead to further expansion of territory to include all land you believe is the original Israel. How in the world are you going to do that without pulling the wrath of the entire Arab & Muslim world upon you? Not to mention being abandoned by the west (which I know you don’t care about, but, let’s face it, you do need the money & arms.)

    I can’t figure out what your successful endgame is. Maybe there isn’t one.

    Whatever, if I prayed, I’d offer lots of prayers to you-know-who to protect your sons.

    BTW, you may not have to worry about all this if my predictions in my unread article over in culture come true. O.k., here we go trying to do the link stuff: The Non-White Man’s Burden – God’s Vengeance

    Hey, I think it worked!

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Mark,

    Ruvy, o.k., help a bear of little brain here….but say you somehow wound up with the government you wanted. That would lead to further expansion of territory to include all land you believe is the original Israel. How in the world are you going to do that without pulling the wrath of the entire Arab & Muslim world upon you? Not to mention being abandoned by the west (which I know you don’t care about, but, let’s face it, you do need the money & arms.)

    There is a strategy to accomplish my goals. It’s not something I can discuss here.

    There is no issue of “pulling the wrath of the entire Arab & Muslim world upon you” – that is already a given.

    Second of all, one does not use the weapons that would be bought from “friends” like the United States.

    In addition, any strategy of accomplishing this has to be done without committing large numbers of soldiers. Strike forces of the kind that Stan Denham has dicussed repeatedly here need to be used.

    Finally, and this is the most important point of all, one has to entirely ignore the big ego, big checkbook, big mouth “Zionists” in America who think they know what is good for this country, in addition to ignoring the scumbags from “J-Street”. These people are as bad as the secular traitors here, only adding ignorance and stupidity to typical Jewish stubbornness.

    The security of the only Jewish entity in the world is not something one discusses at a kiddush table.

  • These statements by ex IDF Chief of Staff Ya’alon, as reported at Arutz Sheva, cut through all the bullshit blathered about by the “J Street” types and others (including Sarah Palin) about a “two state solution” .

    Let’s pay attention to reality, something that Rahm Emanuel needs to understand very clearly, and something that his rich friends in Tel Aviv will not tell him.

    Media, both in Israel and outside the country, have used the term “settler,” often disparagingly, to define Jews living in Judea and Samaria, differentiating them from other Israelis. However, Yaalon pointed out, “Israeli Arabs, with four documents that they wrote over the past two years, are actually rejecting our right to an independent Jewish state. We [all] are settlers, as far as they are concerned.”

    The bottom line, as far as the Arab terrorists (empowered by the Labor Zionists in Israel) is that there is no legitimate Jewish state. It is a waste of time negotiating with them. We’re better off arresting the lot of them and executing them as rebels, for leading a rebellion on sovereign Jewish land.

    Either the State asserts its sovereignty over this entire country as having arisen in international law and enforces that assertion militarily – or it falls.

    This applies to ther Temple Mount, Hebron, the Peace House on the worshipers’ way, the Cave of MaHpela, as it applies to Ma’ale Levona – and especially to the People’s Republic of Tel Aviv.

    It is that simple.

    We either enforce our claims – or watch as others destroy our country peice-meal.

  • As of 12:51: Police, IDF Ready if Peace House Jews Don’t Agree to Go

    According to Arutz Sheva Avi Dichter is making clear that there will be a forcible eviction of the legal residents of the Peace House on the Worshipers’ Way near Hebron. Is this where the “next step” is taken?

  • You might consider, my friend, that not all outsiders (American supporters of Israel) fit that category of fat cat Zionist money bags.

    And…sometimes advice from the outside can help those embroiled in something so difficult and all consuming that they can fail to adapt strategies to changing situations. It’s the old forest/trees issue.

    I’m not one to offer advice since I’m confused by just about everything in the world these days…maybe it’d be a good thing for the Messiah to come soon & start over or do whatever it is He plans to do. Couldn’t be worse than the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

    But you’re acting like you have no friends at all except those in your cabal (intentional use of a maybe inappropriate word.) Is it really “my way or the highway?” Can’t well meaning people disagree?

    As a wise man once wrote, “When all you can hear is yourself, you’ve gone deaf.”

    Oh well, at least we’ll always have Paris.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Nark,

    Crisis/risk/issues management and communications and PR consultant, free-lance writer, aspiring pundit and author.

    This does not sound like a “Zionist money-bag” to me. Please do not take this personally – it was certainly not aimed at you, or at all the not so rich, but good-hearted Jews overseas who support our struggle to exist. Remember, I was once one of these people.

    It’s not an issue of “my way or the highway”. When two Jews get together, you generally get three or more opinions. But, if you believe in G-d and His commandments, particularly the ones concerning coming home as part of the Redemption, certain concepts stand firm in spite of all the arguing, screaming, table-pounding and “I know it better than you” attitudes that seem to pervade Jewish meetings.

    1. One does not divide the Land.
    2. One does not relent on the claims to the Land.
    3. One does not retreat from territory that is G-d-given, and which forms the corpus of the Jewish homeland. These places are Jerusalem, Hebron, Tzfat, Bethlehem. Sh’khem, Be’ersheva. Nota bene. Tel Aviv, Haifa and Acco are not part of this group and can be theoretically dispensed with, though doing so would violate points 1 & 2, supra.

    In my comments here, I have avoided the G-d given claim. Jewish rights of sovereignty to all of the Land of Israel arise as matters of international law, international law which has been violated repeatedly. The referenced article is a difficult read, but worth looking at.

    But you’re acting like you have no friends at all except those in your cabal (intentional use of a maybe inappropriate word.) Is it really “my way or the highway?” Can’t well meaning people disagree?

    When I was preparing to move here, I managed to get on a “how to” list that was supposed to explain how many Israelis it takes to change a light bulb, which bureaucrat to go to make sure that the kippa showed in the identity card, how to open a bank account, how to get a loan, how to get an interest-free loan, and how to get health insurance (and free passes to the sex shop in the binyan klal on Jaffa Road), etc. etc.

    You can bet your last bagel that daily, arguments broke out over politics and religion, the two no-no topics. Some of them lasted for sixty e-mails or more. When these arguments broke out, I kept my mouth shut and paid careful attention to the Israeli residents on the list.

    The bottom line is that while people of good will (Jews even) can disagree, YOUR ass is not on the line HERE. That is meant in a very visceral way.

    This evening, I stood guard at a hitchhiker’s spot in Jerusalem a few hundred meters from where an Arab managed to kill 8 yeshiva students earlier this (Christian) year. The possibility that another Arab will open fire on a crowd of Jews is something that all of us live with, even if we do not talk about it very much. And for the most part, we do not talk about it at all. We have too many other things to argue and fight over.


    You, by contrast, have other potential problems that I can no longer accurately discern, having lived here for over seven years.

    This is something that you should bear in mind. I certainly bore it in mind in writing about the Minnesota race for senate. While I lived there for over 20 years, the place is different from the one I left seven years ago. There is only so far I can go in expressing opinions on the senate race.

    Given that I met both Wellstone and Coleman personally, and know some members of Barkley’s family, I might know a bit more than the average Joe Six-pack, but that knowledge does not go far. So, in writing on the topic, I must keep a firm sense of restraint uppermost in my mind.

    I hope this clears up my intent here.

    The people I seek to avoid are just what I described; the big ego, big checkbook, big mouth “Zionists” in America who think they know what is good for this country – like the big-shots at the OU general assembly or convenrion who do not give a damn about Hebron or the government’s intent to expel families who paid over NIS 1 million for a house near Hebron.

  • Mark, that was not addressed to the local pigeon for the DEA. I’m truly a miserable typist….

  • It does clarify some things, Ruvy.

    All now is sadness and despair. I don’t see a winning strategy for you & Israel. I specialize in helping organizations in crisis find ways to win…often not exactly what they had in mind in the beginning, but a win nonetheless.

    I don’t know enough about what’s going on there, but we’ve seen enough examples over the last 8 years of how useful international law is when you’ve got a lawless administration. International law is most often upheld when the most powerful impose it on others.

    Are you in that position?

    Would you not give up an inch of land (hey, I’m playing Tevya here) for the ability of your sons and grandchildren to leave in peace? If an inch (here it comes), perhaps some land that is legally and contractually yours?

    Of course, (now playing Bill Clinton), it all depends on what the definition of peace is, and, given the current state of the Arab world, I, in my somewhat less than infinite wisdom, can’t imagine what that would look like.

    But…if you could get real peace…wouldn’t that be worth some land?

    I already know the answer, which does make me sad. I fear you are willing to give your life for a cause that is noble but perhaps, just perhaps a little Quixotic?

    And we haven’t even touched the whole God thing. I should send you my unagented book, “God Never Answers.” I’m in the middle of the 8th or 9th edit…and it doesn’t address your critical issues, but at least you might get a laugh or two out of it.

    Fuck. (Can I say that here?)

    I wish I had the same prayers you offered to help me…but I don’t, so all I can say is, be well and be safe, my friend. May God finally, once and for all, grant Jews some peace.

  • Mark,

    That G-d you have trouble believing in has the winning strategy. If I didn’t believe that, I’d be on the first plane back to the States.

    Notice, I’m not interested in proving G-d to you, Mark. G-d will prove Himself to you; indeed He is. You’re on how many edits of that book, again? And what is it really about? More likely than not, your own struggle with G-d, even though you may not realize it (but perobably do). I’ve pointed out before that G-d tests those He loves, and He is testing you. He is testing me, I’ll tell you.

    Poor Jet – He is really running him through the wringer.

    I specialize in helping organizations in crisis find ways to win…often not exactly what they had in mind in the beginning, but a win nonetheless.

    We need a guy like you badly out here. Your profession is called ya’útz – consultant. But in reality, you are what Israelis like the best – ha’m’sadér – the fixer. In many ways, I work in the same field. All of us here are involved in that field.

    And between the two of us, we could come up with a win-win solution. Just bear in mind that out hear, you need a win-win-win-win solution. Two wins are just not enough.

    Dinner calls, and I gotta run.


    Arutz Sheva reports that “Forces Are Massing around Peace House”

    It appears that the Israel Police and military are planning to storm the Peace House and evict its legal occupants soon. Earlier today, activists asked that as many people as possible gather at the Peace House before the army declares the area around it a closed military zone and before the army and police storm the building.

    This story, released by Arutz Sheva at 21:37, covering the same topic, indicates that

    “hundreds of Jews have already begun making their way to Hebron.

    Near the Peace House, an altercation broke out between Jews and Arabs and then between Jews and police. Jewish youths said a Jewish man was attacked by Arabs and required medical care. Police failed to protect him or to detain his attackers, they said.”

    The funeral of Rav Gavriel Holtzberg, z”l, hy”d, is scheduled for 13:00 tomorrow, and I’m guessing that the likely strategy of the IDF and police will be to storm the building when people are busy attending the funeral. It should never be forgotten that Ehud Barak, when he commanded troops in the Lebanon War in 1982, led religious soldiers into an ambush at Sultan Yukub where they were killed.

    This same Barak is now security minister in Israel, and the same kind of cynical activity should be expected of him tomorrow.

    The other possibility, alluded to here, is that police and soldiers wll storm the building in the middle of the night.


    Special Forces Head to Hebron

    As predicted yesterday, the IDF declared the area around the Peace House a closed military zone, and are blocking entrance to the area by anyone but residents. There are presently approximately 1,500 people in the vicinity, prepared for a struggle of some kind with the goon squad the Israeli government is sending in, the Yassam special anti-terrorist unit.

    From the article

    Several violent incidents were reported on Tuesday as Arabs attempted to keep Jews from reaching the Peace House and clashed with Jews who were already there. A 16-year-old girl was hospitalized after she and her friends were attacked by a group of Arab men as they made their way to the Peace House. She is in light condition.

    A 16-year-old youth was seriously wounded in a separate attack. Arabs threw a large stone block from a nearby building and hit his head. He suffered a broken skull and required immediate surgery. The public has been asked to pray for him, using his Hebrew name of Elyasaf ben Nurit.

    It is likely that the goon squad will attempt an evacuation very soon. There will be violence and casualties. The question is whether the next step – Jews killing Jews – will be crossed.


    There are three major axes around which events in Hebron appear to be revolving.

    The first axis is the presence of large numbers of Israeli “Yassam” police and large numbers of the the IDF surrounding what is now a closed military zone.

    While it appears that neither the IDF nor the Yassam are doing anything, a news story has surfaced which indicates that there may be cracks in the IDF’s determination. Arutz Sheva reports that Druze soldiers are asking the IDF not to use soldiers to expel Jews.

    The Druze are a non-Jewish minority living mostly in the north of the country and for the most part, have been fiercely loyal to the State of Israel and to the IDF.

    This is the letter of Mandee Safdie, chairman of the Druze Forum for Israel, which represents many Druze.

    “IDF soldiers of the Druze community are known as brave soldiers and among the best of IDF fighters with high motivation and devotion to their tasks,” he wrote. “They have proved their worth…against cruel enemies on all fronts and even before the establishment of the State of Israel in defending Jewish communities where we chose to fight on the side of the just.

    “There is close blood between Druze and Jews dating back from the time of the Druze prophet Yithro…. The fateful friendship and togetherness between Druze and Jews is felt closely day by day.”

    Safdie asked Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi to prevent opening a severe gap between members of this covenant. He said that Jewish residents of Hevron turned to him to help “make it clear that if brothers quarrel, it should remain within the family, but that when cousins fight, it is liable to become hostile. I find myself in agreement with the Jews of Hevron.”

    This story follows in line with the claim by former ground commander Ron Tal that the government is to blame for the violence surrounding the Peace House.

    The second axis of events revolves around government denunciations of the Jews who have refused to vacate their legally bought homes and their supporters. The latest of these comes from MK Dr. Tzvia Greenfield of Meretz who claimed this morning that the “hilltop youth” who are supporting the residents of the Peace House are perverting Jewish values. In an interview some time ago, a retired Meretz Knesset member was asked, “all that appears of Zionism that you support is speaking Hebrew.” The retired parliament member said, “that is sufficient.” So much for the “Jewish values” of Meretz.

    Two days ago, Welfare Minister YitzHak Hertzog said that the “hilltop youth”, teenagers who spend their days building new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and fighting border police and other forces who attempt to evict them, “are a danger to security.” Not only do they endanger security, he said, they are “a danger to education and to society that we must deal with.”

    He proposes to set up “re-education” institutions for them, treating them much as criminals might have been in the Soviet Union. Israel purports to be a democracy, but political freedom is extended only to those, who like in the Soviet Union, agree with the government.

    The final axis around which events appear to be occurring involves the fate of a young man who was attacked by an Arab with a rock. He is in very serious condition.

    This is a developing story. The question stands as to whether the IDF and Yassam will try to starve out the supporters of the residents of the Peace House, or simply storm the crowd as well as the residents.


    From Arutz Sheva: Apparently the attack on the Peace House is beginning. Hebron: Police Fire Tear Gas, Stun Grenades at Jews

    Three people are reported hurt following the use of the riot dispersal gear.


    As reported a bit earlier, this is a developing story; at 17:22, Arutz Sheva reported that the IDF declared the Peace House a “closed military zone”. In practical terms, this means that anybody within the zone who has not received prior authorization in writing from a responsible officer within the IDF was banned and to be expelled. According to Arutz Sheva, 8 people were arrested.

    Seventeen minutes later, Arutz Sheva reported that a general call had gone out from the organizers of the resistance to the expulsion: Everybody Come to Peace House Now!

    There are evidently reporters on the scene as Hebron resident Baruch Marzel of the Judean Front warned Wednesday that a confrontation in Peace House could “set the entire region and the entire Middle East ablaze.” This was reported at 18:03.

    At 18:20, Arutz Sheva said that it had been reported that traffic on Highway 60 (which used to be called the Hebron Road) in Judea has been blocked between Gush Etzion Junction and Karmei Tzur. The cause of the traffic stoppage has not been reported. But one can guess.

    A few minutes earlier at 18:14, Arutz Sheva reported this quote from Daniella Weiss, former mayor of the village of Kedumim in Samaria, as saying, “I point a finger of blame towards the government of Israel, which in an act of shocking anti-Semitism wants to evict Jews from a house in the Land of Israel that was purchased in full.”

    Ms. Weiss is at the besieged Peace House.

    The assault is underway; 6 more have been hurt as police continue to use stn grenades and tear gas Arutz Sheva reported at 18:31.


    On the other side of the fence, Arabs officials in the “PA” warn that the continued presence of Jews in Hebron could cause “a big explosion”.

    This was in a statement by Abu Abbas to representatives of the “Quartet, the official neo-colonialist pigs sent to “police” the problem.

    Unreferred to in the news flash from Arutz Sheva was the group of security agents that the “PA” intends to send to Hebron, over the objections of the government of Israel.

    Evidently, Abu Abbas is attempting to get the Israeli government to take its obvious next step, expulsion of the four to six hundred Jews who live in Hebron.


    Haaretz, reporting this from the other side of the ideological spectrum in Israel, reported at 18:31 that Barak, settlers leaders to meet Thursday in bid for deal on Hebron house. According to this report, the government is likely to instruct the Israel Defense Forces to forcibly evacuate the so-called “House of Contention,” unless an imminent agreement is reached between security officials and settler leaders.

    Note how Haaretz has called this a “House of Contention”, using the name the Arabs prefer. The rest of the article sums up the events of the last couple of days, reporting from the hostile eyes of the “pro-peace” Hebrew media in Israel.

    This article is an excellent illustration of the kulturkampf that afflicts this nation, all the more relevant to the approaching holiday of Hanukkah, which dealt with a civil war between those who believed in the G-d of Israel and those who preferred to assimilate into the pagan Hellenistic empire ruling the country at the time.
    In those days, the High Priesthood, the House of Tzadok were nearly as pagan as the Greeks they imitated.

    Matatyahu Hashmonai, who was the father of the “Naccabees”, started his political career by running his sword through the bowels of a Jew willing to sacrifice a pig to a Greek idol. In other words, he was both a murderer and a rebel. Hanukkah celebrates the victory of people who today would be called religious nutjobs and killers.

    The question that remains is how long must it take before a Jew, a believer, kills a Jew who would bow at the American-European god of peace and suicide.

    Who will be that modern Matatyahu Hashmonai?

  • As I said when writing this article, there was a clock ticking. And now the violent confrontation has begun in the Peace House. Arutz Sheva reported in a news item posted at 14:54, an hour ago, that the Expulsion Begins at Hebron’s Peace House. According to the article,

    The expulsion came just hours after community leaders tried to convince Defense Minister Ehud Barak to delay the eviction until after ownership of the property was determined in the High Court of Justice. Although the purchase of the building by its Jewish owner for the sum of $700,000 was recorded on film, the property’s ownership is being disputed by the Palestinian Authority. The previous owner, an Arab, has reneged on the sale after being threatened with death.

    The penalty for selling property to a Jew, both in the PA and in Jordan, is execution.

    Defense Minister Barak refused to allow the Jews to remain in their homes, claiming the court ordered their eviction from the property until the ownership issue is settled.

    The word “refused” in the quoted block of text above is a link to an earlier article posted at 11:30 this morning where Barak was quoted to have said, “This building will be evacuated”.

    According to this report a half hour ago, 20 people had been injured already. According to the Newsflash link at Arutz Sheva, the reports look like this:

    Evacuation of Peace House Finished
    15:36 – Dec. 04, ’08
    Settlers Closing Intersections in Samaria
    15:28 – Dec. 04, ’08
    Police Without Identity Tags in Hevron
    15:25 – Dec. 04, ’08
    Injured in Evacuation in Hevron
    15:22 – Dec. 04, ’08
    Ambulances Cannot Reach the Peace House
    15:16 – Dec. 04, ’08
    Youths Block Intersection in North
    15:15 – Dec. 04, ’08
    Evacuation of Peace House Continues
    15:12 – Dec. 04, ’08

    Reading from bottom to top, one can see the progression of events, but each line of text is a separate link at Arutz Sheva

    Do note. Israeli Yassamniks operate like pigs do worldwide, pulling off identity tags so the illegal violence they inflict cannot be sued in court.

    But in the final analysis, the blame for events today in Hebron does not fall on these evil men with truncheons; they are but the hired thugs of a government of gangsters, liars and killers. The members of this government are the ones whose necks must be stretched upon the hangman’s rope for treason.

    Let’s name names of some of the guilty:

    1. Shimon Peres, who arranged the murder of YitzHak Rabin. A long trail of blood and criminal activity follows this evil man, a trail too long to detail here.
    2. Ehud Barak, who as a commander in Lebanon allowed the ambush of two religious Jewish soldiers at the massacre of Sultan Yakub, the man responsible for the Israeli evacuation of South Lebanon in 2000 and therefore for for the 2006 Lebanon war, the man responsible for HizbAllah occupying south Lebanon today and for their possessing 30,000 missiles of destruction, missiles that can reach Tel Aviv. His failure to crush Arab terror with an iron hand lead to the election of the next man on the list.
    3. Ariel Sharon, who will escape the hangman’s noose; he was responsible for the restraint in dealing with Arab terror from 2001-2003, for the Arab desecration of the Church of the Sepulchre in Bethlehem, and finally for the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Qatif and in Northern Samaria.
    4. Ehud Olmert who managed to hamstring the IDF so that it would lose the Lebanon war in 2006, and who caved like a coward to the pressure of the United States; and who continues to work treason by negotiating the division of Jerusalem when acting in the position of a mere caretaker premier; a man who is determined to undercut both the Jewish nature of the country and to undercut its very existence by surrendering Jewish sovereign territory to a hostile enemy.

    I note for you that this is the very short list.

    The true list is far longer, with many, if not most of the members of the Knesset on it, many candidates for office, many officers in the IDF and the Israel Police, many owners of publications, like the owners of Ha’aretz, Yediot AHronot, Ma’ariv, leaders of treasonous groups in Israel like Gush Shalom, ICAHD, Peace Now, the New Israel Fund and their many spoor, and many executives in their suites in Tel Aviv who spread the poison of the hatred of G-d and His Law in His Land. All these people must be eliminated and buried, preferably outside of Israel, so that their bones do not contaminate the country and its holiness.

    But there are a few people who cannot be reached by an Israeli court.

    James Earl Carter Jr.
    George Herbert Walker Bush
    William Jefferson Clinton
    George Walker Bush
    Henry Kissinger
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Condaleezza Rice
    Madeline Albright
    Warren Christopher
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Joseph Ratzinger

    I concentrate on Americans because those are the ones I am most familiar with. A German made it onto the list because I happened to remember his name.

    All these people deserve to go to their graves, not in peace, but in blood.

    I have no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama will join that list in short order, but he is not yet in a position to act against us; so one cannot make such a statement.


  • So let me get this straight, Ruvy; you believe that the majority of Israeli politicians, whole swathes of the police and the military, newspaper publishers, other business and civil leaders are all wrong and a small, vocal and committed bunch of religious extremists are correct?

  • Reread comment #36, Chris, particularly these lines:

    This article [in Haáretz] is an excellent illustration of the kulturkampf that afflicts this nation, all the more relevant to the approaching holiday of Hanukkah, which dealt with a civil war between those who believed in the G-d of Israel and those who preferred to assimilate into the pagan Hellenistic empire ruling the country at the time.

    In those days, the High Priesthood, the House of Tzadok were nearly as pagan as the Greeks they imitated.

    Matatyahu Hashmonai, who was the father of the “Maccabees”, started his political career by running his sword through the bowels of a Jew willing to sacrifice a pig to a Greek idol. In other words, he was both a murderer and a rebel. Hanukkah celebrates the victory of people who today would be called religious nutjobs and killers.

    Hanukkah celebrates the victory of the rebels, Chris, the people who rejected assimilation into the ancient equivalent of the mellow pile of shit represented by European and American culture.

    They were right then and we are right, now.

    The boys at Arutz Sheva or IMRA don’t have the guts to tell you that in plain English. I do.

  • Ruvy. Feel vindicated. Fox News is giving top news live coverage to your story right now here in the US. Some pretty intense video footage of people being dragged out of Hebron.


    Reported as of 18:22 by Arutz Sheva
    Israeli Troops from the Shimshon Brigade, fired on Jewish demonstrators near Kedumim

    Earlier, around 16:30, all of Judea, (all the land south of Jerusalem until the area of the Dead Sea) was declared a closed military zone to prevent “‘the arrival of additional people to disturb law and order,’ according to the army’s spokesperson’s office,” reported Arutz Sheva.

    This video, shot by Info Live TV, and narrated by Margot Dudkevitch (from the Voice of Israel English Service) describes the House of Peace as “House of Contention”, the Arab name, and is typical of what many Israelis are seeing on TV.

    But this report, from Arutz Sheva, is a bit clearer, even though it is only a written report. Channel 10 reporting on violence that occurred after the expulsion, reported on Jews attacking Arab homes, setting them alight, and of shooting at Arabs, while Arabs responded with rock-throwing and firing at a member of the Border Police.

  • And now, in the aftermath of this evil by the government, some Jews are discovering that when “rendering unto Caesar” goes against the will of G-d, there is a price to be paid. Yassam police, who expelled Jews from their homes yesterday, were expelled in turn from the synagogue in the Cave of the Patriarchs. They are not wanted there.

    Late last, night demonstrators from Ma’ale Levona in Samaria and Kokhav haShaHar in Judea blocked the highways and were forcibly removed by police. This was reported by Arutz Sheva.

    Finally from David Wilder in Hebron comes these videos of the illegal police action on the worshippers way yesterday.

    There will be consequences to this act on many levels, just as there will be consequences for the expulsion of many more Jews from their homes in Gush Qatif.

    When future historians write of this era, they will note that YitzHak Rabin, who tried to kill Jews who had jumped off the Altalena in 1948, was himself murdered in turn. Ariel Sharon, who was a bully to Jews in his youth, as well as a bully to them in his old age, now rots like a bad tomato, suspended between life and death.

    More similar rewards await the malefactors of yesterday’s evil.

  • Brunelleschi

    You don’t have to read much of Ruvy’s garbage to see why that part of the world can’t settle down and get along. There must be no such thing as an Israeli that ever made a mistake or did anything to cause a fuss. Everything just happens to them for no good reason. If you don’t think so, just ask an Israeli!

    The US has its own bad history and can’t admit mistakes sometimes, but we get past things. At least we let the Indians get back at us by getting rich on casinos. The Israelis just keep running over people like they have a right to and can’t see anything wrong with that. They don’t know how to think any other way.

  • Israelis just keep running over people like they have a right to and can’t see anything wrong with that. They don’t know how to think any other way.


    I have heard much the same comments from fellow immigrants to this country. Brunelleschi’s comments are not that far off the mark – especially if you consider who are the big villains in all this: the secular establishment that hates G-d and the Torah, and the “religious” Jews who are their running dogs. The second category can mean either Haredim who will sell out for money for their yeshivot, or it can be “national religious” Jews on the payroll of the secular G-d-hating Jews, like the “Yesh”a” Council.

    Either way, this establishment persecutes both Arabs and believing Jews. The Arabs are discriminated against economically, which makes them easy and willing listeners to the hate propaganda of the Wahhabi-influenced scum who presently are their “leaders”. Hamas and the PLO and all of their spoor fall into this category.

    But this article does not really deal with Arabs vs. Jews. It deals with Jews persecuting other Jews.

    Israelis never really learned how to say, “I’m sorry” or to take responsibility for the evil they’ve done. The term “I’m sorry” is in the vocabulary; it just isn’t heard very much. This is a direct consequence of the “in-your-face”, “I’m-never-wrong” culture of Eastern Europe that Jews brought here in the early 1900’s. In America, this same culture was moderated somewhat and softened by the dominant Christian culture. In Israel, this never happened. So we here suffer the same diseases of the spirit that Eastern European Jews suffered from; this is one of the spiritual reasons for the success of the Nazi murders in Europe 70 years ago. It is one of the reasons I fear that many many Jews will die in the near future here. It is a Biblical principle that the people suffer for the sins of the leaders.

    Is what I have posted here “garbage”?. It stinks, but unfortunately, it is not garbage. It is the truth. That hurts this proud Jew to write. I would rather that, as Brunelleschi writes, There must be no such thing as an Israeli that ever made a mistake or did anything to cause a fuss. But unfortunately fingers of blame can be pointed. And many Jews – and Israelis – have made grievous, and fatal mistakes