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The Irony of the Democratic Process – Hamas Gets the People’s Support

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Quote of the Day:

“The abuse of buying and selling votes crept in and money began to play an important part in determining elections. Later on, this process of corruption spread to the law courts. And then to the army, and finally the Republic was subjected to the rule of emperors.” – Plutarch – Historian of the Roman Republic

The Irony of the Democratic Process
The more I see, read and hear of the world, the more the great old saying that “what goes round, comes round” has particular resonance.

And nowhere is this more relevant than the Middle East, for whilst we in the West tend to see it as a quagmire and imbroglio, which it is, the reality is that it is fast becoming “payback” time for the deceit and opportunism shown by western politicians, principally from Britain, France and now the United States, in the period since the First World War.

One need look no further than the infamous Sykes-Peco Agreement between Britain and France that saw Syria (in those days Lebanon did not exist and was created by the partitioning of Syria for the Christian Maronite group) being carved up even before the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire had been beaten in World War One.

In doing this, the seeds of today’s machinations were well and truly sown and as much as Lawrence of Arabia ,who led the combined Arab forces to victory over the Turks, resisted, the die was cast, and as the guilt Lawrence felt over this agreement and the deception involved which he took with him to his grave, the promises given the Arabs, Feisal in particular, were reneged on and the dream of an Arab homeland vaporised.

The reading of The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk, probably the most eminent of journalists who writes on Middle Eastern affairs, having lived and reported back from there since the early 1970s, has been illuminating, but often depressing, but one, all the same, I am awfully pleased I have had.

It runs for nearly 1400 pages and is a book that should be read by anyone with even the slightest interest in Middle Eastern affairs. It is a chronology of duplicity and deceipt, intertwined with people’s hopes and aspirations and how, time after time, they were dealt body blows by those they thought they could trust.

I have already alluded to the infamous Sykes Peco Agreement but the really fascinating parts are where Fisk has shown time and time again how, behind the scenes, events have come back to bite “us” big time on the bum.

Examples include:-
• The US supporting Saddam Hussein in his abortive war against Iran in which over 1.5 million people died, and then have him firing ”their” ammunition back at them in the two Gulf Wars.
• Hamas was supported initially by Israel in its building of mosques and social services as a rival to Yasser Arafat’s Fatah Party. Now that Hamas has deposed Fatah, in an election seemingly all above board, the Israeli’s and the US are “disappointed” (to put it mildly) that it happened!
• The supplying by Britain in the late 1980s and early 1990s to Saddam Hussein of the two chemicals needed to create mustard gas (thiodiglycol and thionyl chloride) on the basis , apparently, that they can be used to create ink for ball-point pens and fabric dyes!
• The sanctions against Iraq that prohibited the selling to Iraq of such horrendous items as pencils, pencil sharpeners, shoe laces, material for shrouds, sanitary towels, shampoo, water purification chemicals, medical swabs, gauze, medical syringes, medical journals, cobalt sources for X-ray machines, disposable surgical gloves, medication for epilepsy, surgical instruments, dialysis equipment toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, tennis balls etc etc. And we wonder why the West is hated? And yes, it appears that we , as Australians, through the shenanigans of the Australian Wheat Board giving backhanders to Saddam Hussein, were happy to grease the palm of the man who sent millions to their deaths. I hope that Commissioner Cole, as head of the AWB enquiry, can trace this whole sordid affair right through to the top, wherever and whomever that may be.
• The massacre, in 1982, of some 1700 Lebanese civilians by Israeli Phalangist troops, under Ariel Sharon’s control or direction, at the villages of Sabra and Chantila.

So where lies the solution to all this?

Quite frankly, I don’t know, but it seems to me that a great starting point would be coming to an agreement on a Palestinian State AND accepting the fact that if “we” are trying to introduce democracy to this area, that we, as the Hamas win has shown, have to go with what the people want.

To me, the really interesting point is that in about 30 or 40 years, when the oil starts to run out and with that Arab clout in the economic sense, the world (or what is left of it) probably won’t give a stuff about all this.

Maybe we should be asking the Chinese and Indian people for their opinion? In the above timeframe, they will be driving the world, not “we” of the West as we now think!

Carpe diem

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  • madman

    What makes you think truth and honesty have anything to do with foreign policy?

  • Here’s the thing Anthony, you seem to be pretty much set on blaming US no matter what. Saddam kills a bunch of people, and you’re going to blame US.

    Now, the old realpolitik of Henry Kissinger though understandable was a bad idea on many counts. Particularly, we end up getting our hands dirty by association with some bad schmucks. However, it was Saddam doing all those massacres, not US.

    But then I’d bet you wouldn’t take any better view of President Bush, who has very strongly and completely rejected cynical realism for an attempt at something more idealistic and compassionate to the peoples of the region. There’s no winning.

    For one thing in particular where you’re just completely, utterly goddam ridiculous: “Hamas was supported initially by Israel in its building of mosques and social services as a rival to Yasser Arafat’s Fatah Party. Now that Hamas has deposed Fatah, in an election seemingly all above board, the Israeli’s and the US are “disappointed” (to put it mildly) that it happened!”

    So, Israel tried to give some support to people who looked to be a better, more positive alternative for their own people than the corrupt and murderous Fatah. You bastards! So what then, Israel deserves what they get when these guys don’t turn out to be much better?

    The electoral victory of Hamas is simply a very good argument against the basic premises of democracy. No, we do NOT have to accept this. They can vote in whatever evil sonsabitches they want- but if they keep acting like Hamas, then they’re just begging to be put down in mass like rabid dogs. That’d be my vote.

    Then you end up with a message of pure wishful spite against US, certain that China or India will be the big dogs a few years down the line. Why is that? I hope China and India live long and prosper and all, but your sentiment appears not to be based on anything except spitefully wishing ill to US.

    America, fuck yeah!

  • madman

    During WWI, the Arabs rebelled against the Turkish empire. The Arabs joined the British in fighting against Germany with the promise of freedom from foreign occupation. After WWI, Syria, Palestine and Iraq were mandated to France and Britain.

    Over the years, open rebellions against foreign control followed.

    Open rebellions against foreign control continues…

    Those who ignore history can expect to relive it.

  • The Big Truth

    Anthony Fountain is right; Al Barger is wrong. Israel finally got what it originally wished for: Hamas as the dominant force in Palestinian politics, instead of the PLO. Indeed, Sharon’s policies have been aimed at energizing Hamas while emasculating the Palestinian Authority under Arafat/Abbas. Israel consistently provoked Hamas by assassinating its leaders whenever Hamas was observing truces and ceasefires.

    Israel gave Hamas financial aid and other assistance beginning in the late 1970s, and Hamas was even officially registered and recognized within Israel at this time. Israel was “dividing and conquering” by using Hamas as an Islamic fundamentalist counterweight in Palestine to the more secular PLO led by Yasser Arafat and other exiles operating outside Palestine. A U.S. government official said: “The thinking on the part of some in the right-wing Israeli establishment was that Hamas and the others, if they gained control, would refuse to have any part of the peace process and would torpedo any agreements put in place.” British journalist Robert Fisk: “Back in 1983, Hamas talked to the Israelis. They spoke directly to them about the spread of mosques and religious teaching. The Israeli army boasted about this on the front page of the Jerusalem Post. At that time, it looked like the PLO was not going to abide by the Oslo resolutions. There seemed nothing wrong, therefore, with continuing talks with Hamas. So how come talks with Hamas now seem so impossible? Not long after the Hamas leadership had been hurled into southern Lebanon, a leading member of its organization heard me say that I was en route to Israel. “You’d better call Shimon Peres,” he told me. “Here’s his home number.” The phone number was correct. Here was proof that members of the hierarchy of the most extremist movements among the Palestinians were talking to senior Israeli politicians. The Israelis know well the Hamas leadership. And the Hamas leadership know well the Israelis. There is no point in journalists like us suggesting otherwise.”

    Israel’s Shooting of Young Girl Highlights International Hypocrisy, Say Palestinians:
    “Some Palestinians see the demands (from western leaders for Hamas to recognise Israel and renounce its armed struggle) as a rejection of a democratic election and as siding with Israel. Others see hypocrisy. They say Israeli soldiers killed twice as many Palestinians last week alone – both of them children – as the number of Israelis killed by Hamas all last year. “Aya was shot in the neck and stomach. Her stomach was hanging out,” said the child’s mother, Aisha. “We have no idea why she went there but she was a child. She was so small. She was nine years old. She didn’t wear a hijab. It was clear she was just a young girl. This is hatred.” Hamas is responsible for the murder of more than 400 Israelis. But since it declared a ceasefire a year ago the group has killed one Israeli, according to the Israeli government’s own figures…”Hamas has kept the calm for a year. Israel is still killing our civilians,” said the Hamas leader in Gaza, Mahmoud al-Zahar. “Why is it that the Israelis can continue to kill our people, innocent people walking down the street, and there is no criticism from those who tell us we must give up our historic struggle against occupation? Why are they so afraid to criticise Israel but tell us what to do?” The Astal family is politically divided. Aya’s mother voted for Hamas. The child’s aunt, Samir al-Astal, backed the losing party, Fatah. But there is little difference in their belief that there is a double standard at work in the foreign demands of Israel and of Palestinians. “The Americans always give excuses for Israel,” said Samir. “Israel is like a spoilt son. They never pressure them. They kill our children and no one says anything. If there is a reaction by Palestinians to these incidents they call us terrorists.” ”

    The Palestinian National Authority claims that Israel has killed over 793 Palestinian children since September 2000. B’tselem, an Israeli human rights organization whose own figures on killed Palestinian children number about 700, has evidence that Israel’s military falsifies and covers up its murder of Palestinian children. Hamas’ suicide bombings were often a response to far worse state/settler terrorism by Israel. In 1994, the very first Hamas suicide bombing inside Israel was provoked by an Israeli settler’s massacre of 29 Palestinian Muslims inside a mosque. In 2001, after almost two years of quiet, Hamas and other Palestinian groups re-started suicide bombings in Israel in response to Israel’s massive brutal assault since September 29, 2000, which killed over 400 Palestinians in six months and wounded over 11,000.

    Religious studies professor Ira Chernus: “Israeli leaders, like most Jews everywhere, refused to accept the basic reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Terrorism” is not the root of the problem. It’s only a symptom. The underlying disease, the real root of the problem, is that one nation is militarily occupying and ruling (for all practical purposes) another nation.”

    By the way Al: Since 1991 the US has directly or indirectly killed far, far more Iraqi civlians than Saddam has managed to do since his rule began in 1979.

  • The Big Truth

    Links to news and analysis you don’t read in the media:

    Gideon Levy: The Good News About Hamas’ Victory

    Gilbert Achcar: First Reflections On The Electoral Victory Of Hamas

    Dilip Hiro: The Rise of Political Islam: The Palestinian Election and Democracy in the Middle East

    [Please make your links active, Mr Truth. Comments Editor]

  • G’day Al,

    You will get no argument from me about the vileness of Saddam Hussein and the world is, I believe, better off without him- providing they can get him to turn up at his own court case!

    Be that as it may, I am yet to be convinced that President Bush’s move into Iraq was not caused by oil and getting “the man who tried to kill my daddy”.

    In the process he (and we as Australians are in as well, through our mob throwing our hat into the ring) he took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan and turned an area that certainly was not pro Al-Quaeda (Iraq) into one that is.

    Al, I am not anti US. In fact, quite the opposite as I have many American friends and Australians and Americans have many simliar interests and beliefs.

    As you may be aware, apart from the US/Mexican dust up, Australians are about the only nation that has stood shoulder to shoulder with you in every war you have been in.

    My point is that the sheningans of the past by the CIA and other such shadowy bodies is coming back to bite us and I would suggest that you spend the $30 or so and buy a copy of Robert Fisk’s book that I mentioned.

    As “Madman” has also pointed out that since the turn of the 20th century, Arab nations have been promisded much and delivered little by people on our side.

    It would seem to me that if an agreement could be reached wherby Israel contracted back to the 1967 boundaries and Palestine had access to East Jerusalem and Hamas ceased “terrorist” activities (was Hagenah a patriotic or terrorist body back in 1948??), we would have a great chance of the Holy Land being that again for Christian,Jewish and Islamic people.

    Sure, it will mean some egos coming off the boil a bit but if the will was there behind the scenes, especially in the US, then it may well happen.

    It did in Ireland, why not the Holy Land?

    Carpe diem


  • Al,

    I’m back- forgot the India/China opar.

    Al, I am 61 this year and whilst I doubt if it will come in my lifetime, I have no doubt that within 50 years China and India will be the leading world powers.


    Because history shows us time and time again that all empires rise and fall.They fall because they get slack, comfortable and take their eye off the ball.

    America grew because of its natural resources but mainly because of the hybrid vigour created by the polygot of peoples who came there seeing it as the “Land of the Free and opportunity”, which is surely was.

    Move ahead and look at both India and China and you see two countries (they are in our patch and therefore we see a lot of them) who are hungry for growth, have an appetite for education and advancement and have populationh numbers to create domestic dynamic growth.

    Whilst many Americans apparently fear China and India for they know little of them, can I quote President Johnson when he said “he’d rather they were in the tent pissing out than on the outside pissing in”?

    If we are dependant on each other for trade, we are far less likely to belt the bejeebers out of each other.

    I reckon, as with Arab nations, that we talk, learn and observe them and their customs and grow together.

    Carpe diem


  • None of you have spoken to Arabs on the ground, here in Israel. This is probably most true of Gideon Levy, who stabs his own people in the back with his own brand of stupidity and ignorance.

    The Arab society here is a clan based society with the elders having the real say. Who controls the clans controls the society.

    Wht the Arabs I’ve heard from all say is that the election was a choice between one mafia and another, and given that they had the opportunity to kick out the ruling mafia, they did so.

    The truth of the matter is that most Arabs don’t particlarly like us – but they prefer the “sword of Allah” to do us in since their neighboring states can’t do the job. They really rather would not die. Until the “sword of Allah” does us in, they prefer our rule to the rule of thieves.

    But secular Israelis – G-d denying idiots who think like Gideon Levy, for example – imposed a thugocracy on the Arabs living here. And now we are reaping what we have sown.

    The solutions to terror and all this baloney are ridiculously simple – but the Jewish mafia here would never think of it – they are too busy lining their pockets with the taxpayers’ money to think. And the few who do, like Shimon Peres, a brilliant man who has turned to the dark aside, are too busy trying to serve a foreign master to care.

  • G’day Ruvy,

    Many thanks for your contribution to my blog.

    You are correct, I don’t live there, I have never visited Israel (whilst I would very much like to visit the Holy Land) and I rely for my information on what I read, hear and see on various TV stations and, as silly as it probaby sounds, two old tailors here in Sydney, both from Jerusalem, one Christian and one Muslim.

    Ruvy, given Australians have gained a reputation for straight talking (excluding our Wheat Board who have been letting us down badly), may I ask you what you see as the solution?

    Many thanks


  • Well, Tony, like I said, the solution is simple – but it ain’t easy!

    There are a large number of religious Jews who understand religious Moslems – we disagree on certain points, but Islam and Judaism are very similar in outlook on lots of things. When you consider the Jewish roots of Islam, you get to see why.

    It is those religious Jews who need to be in power here. I’m not talking about a theocracy, or a mullah-ocracy as there is in Iran. Just in power.

    Arab society is clan based, and the clan leaders are also religious leaders. Arab society has not evolved the concept of separation of religion and state that you and I are so familiar with. This doesn’t mean that all Arabs are religious – far from it – it just means that all authority that they live under will be suffused with Islam. If they live in a country like Australia, their religion tells them to live in peace where there is peace.

    Are you with me so far?

    Now it starts to get hard.

    The Arabs here judge us on our behavior as Jews. Their Qur’an esentially tells them that when a Jew does not follow the precepts he says he believes in, he is like the brother to a pig or a monkey. A Jew who drives on the Sabbath through Jerusalem with his radio or CD blasting away, or a Jewish girl who dresses half naked imitating the women in southern France, or a fat pig of a prime minister who stuffs his face on shrimp (non-kosher food) – all these things only arouse their contempt. Not only are we violating our own Torah and spitting in G-d’s face, we are doing it in public where they can see and humiliating ourselves in the process.

    This is why someone like Gideon Levy is an idiot. For all of his sympathy for the “Palestinian” cause, he only rouses the contempt of the people he says he sympathises with by his own behavior.

    This only goes double for the secular mob that runs this nation.

    You can’t have peace with a people you do not respect. And as you well know, respect is a two way street.

    Stll with me, Tony?

    So far, I’ve been drawing a picture of how Arabs see us. How do we tend to see Arabs? We tend to see them as cheap labor who have no compunction about lying or stealing.

    Most Israelis know nothing about the Arab clan system, though the Israelis who are originally from Syria, Iraq or Kurdistan may understnd it better.

    There is no respect on either side. This is not a picture that gets peace.

    So, the first thing is to change the mutual picure.

    On our side, that means we have to behave like our Torah says we should and not imitate every secular trend in non-Jewish lands. In Israel, at least, the Sabbath has to be observed publicly. The Voice of Israel needs to go off the air. The cars (exceprt security vehicles) have to stay parked. Stores should not open. There needs to be a modicum of modest dress by Jews. Jews here have to eschew the pork sausages, the seafood and other non-kosher foods they like. Jews have to be seen to be putting G-d first. That’s a tall order, but that is what it would take to get a level of respect from Arabs.

    Why do we need to change our behavior as Jews? What damned business is it of the Arabs? The reason is that the claim we lay to this land has to be based on the Torah and the Qur’an, rather than documents signed by UN, US or EU flunkies. The peace that would be made has to be based on the Torah and the Qur’an. So, it has to be that the Torah and the Qur’an – the will of the Merciful One – is being carried out. For the most part, Arabs publicly adhere to Islam. So we have to do the same – publicly adhere to Judaism.

    Secondly there has to be a way to see to it that the wages that Israelis get are the wages that Arabs get, and that Israelis do not view Arabs as nothing more than stoop labor.

    Here we move from perspective to actual issues of making money. We Israelis have to figure out a way to make money – and lots of it – with the resources at hand. That way, we could withstand the world sanctions that would follow on implementing the rest of this plan. This too can be done, but to do it on a large enough scale, the mafia on government hill has to go.

    That’s a start anyway, Tony. This is getting a bit long. There is more. Some of which I don’t feel comfortable with writing publicly – the Shaba”k – the secret police, the lackey of that mob on government hill, are also reading this over our shoulders. They do not want their own rice bowl tipped over, if you get my drift…

  • medawhite

    What would a world without Zionism look like?

    First of all what is Zionism? Zionism is the world’s accumulation of wealth garnered into the hands of a few Jewish bankers.

    It began when Nathan Rothschild took over the London stock exchange (the equivalent of Wall Street) system by hedging his bets on the outcome of the French Revolution which had its genesis in a plan that he began with the help of his agent Robespierre to take over European banking beginning with the violent overthrow and execution of Louis XVI and the seizing of the monetary system of France.

    Robespierre was later executed by the same mob he had lead before against Louis by Rothschild as a tyrant by members of the Freemasons which has its own history in the development of American foreign policy and how its banks work.

    I call to mind the Illuminati. It is a spiral to the bottom throughout American and European history when it comes to the Banking System and not the Jews only but our own Gentiles as well, whose sole purpose is to seize the monetary systems of the world including the US, (the Federal Reserve is neither a reserve nor federal) either through loans or through military might.

    The Zionist Jewish bankers wanted a country in which they could operate free of the laws that might be imposed by the countries they had been living in. Their goal was to acquire Palestine and has been since 1893, and later agreed to by England in the Balfour Declaration here notice to whom the declaration is addressed; Lord Rothschild. Their goal is to rid the land of Palestine of its non Jewish residents, the Palestinians.

    So what would happen if the Zionist were to leave Israel?

    The first thing that would happen would be an end to the divide between Arab and Jew. After Israel and Palestine become one state ( call it Palisraelstine) both retain their full name, the first thing that would happen is that Israel would negotiate with Palestine as to what the Government and its constituency would consider just and lawful for both peoples that now live under the umbrella of peace and justice for all.

    There would be a Court of Lawful Ownership set up to divide the land back to its owners, the Palestinians. The Israelis would of course pay the former owners the current market rate upon a refusal to vacate if they so chose plus rent for all of the time that the Palestinian owners were denied lawful occupancy, again based on location and time of becoming exiled.

    It seems property rights that are so precious in America simply evaporate in Palestine as far as the average American is concerned. ‘Give it to the Jews what the hell’. This is the sort of thinking that really leaves the track of reality and yet there we are, concerned with Israel as though hypnotized, without the least concern for the inhabitants of the occupied lands upon which Israel bulldozes and bombs along with Israeli snipers shooting Palestinian children here for the sole purpose of committing genocide and driving out the Palestinian people while America lies in languor with blinded eyes and the commentators on television tell them the next two fears being trotted out to make them sacrifice their children as Johnny gets his head blown off in Iraq which would have never happened if Johnny’s parents had given a dam as to what going to war really means and why it should have never happened.

    The second thing that would happen is that the Palestinians that were expelled in 1947 would have a right to rejoin their families after Nakba (referred to as the Catastrophe by the Palestinians) exile meaning that those expelled have been specifically denied the right to visit Palestine for any reason by the Israeli government for the past sixty years.

    I know it is a Shangri-La notion because Zionism will be with the Palestinians as long as there is a planet to stand on and ground to be gained, the problem will only becomes real with America when the citizens of the United States realize that Zionism also controls the levers of power in America and everything having to do with foreign policy especially in the Middle East.

    May I remind you of Lebanon? Bush had stated eight months before the Israeli offensive, that an attack upon Lebanon would be an attack on a young democracy and not tolerated by the US as he demanded that Syria leave Lebanon so as to allow Israel to attack it.

    We are talking about Middle Eastern people having to die because the American and Israeli elites want it for their personal gain i.e. the sales of weaponry to be used on civilians, winning hearts and minds in America and Israel, sending the stock market soaring.

    There it was, a macabre re enactment of Germany marching across Europe; America hammering the Middle East on one side and Israel pounding it from the other. Jesus God just who are we as a nation and why aren’t the Jews crying out for justice as well?

    I’ll tell you why. Populations of people do not try and kill one another; it is not in human nature to kill others. It is the nature of Governments to kill others and they do it all the time through what you see and hear. If the media (propaganda machine) decides to show you only those things they want you to see then you will know nothing except what you hear and see via the propaganda press, hence it becomes akin to the madness of Hitler’s Germany which we all might agree was propagandized wherein they were told that Germany was threatened in its very existence from forces round about.

    One begins to live in a vale of fear where the causes change almost monthly. How does one keep thought in reality if realty has been transfigured from the bowels of a lie? Weapons of mass destruction and of course the nuclear capability restrictions imposed on Iran that has no nuclear capability; which has been verified by the UN weapons inspectors.

    The latest BS from the Whitehouse is that the Iranians should not even have the knowledge of nuclear science, just as God prohibited Adam and Eve of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: here
    Where does the crap end and when will we as a nation stop believing it?

    If one loses their sense of value of a human life then one loses their grasp of reality.

  • Mediawhite,

    Full marks for having vomited up the entire Arab bullshit line.

    You managed to ignore the fact that Egypt turned Gaza into a prison, and discriminated against their Arab brothers from 1949 to 1967. You’ve managed to ignore the fact the the Lebanese discriminate against refugees from this country. You managed to ignore the fact that those refugees in Lebanon started the war that destroyed Lebanon back in 1975 or so,

    As fr Zionism, it is over and dying. It’s accomplishment, the State of Israel, is on the carving block, and the woman wielding the knife if the hypocritical American bitch who moos her sympathy with the South Syrian Arabs – Condaleezza Rice. The so-called “Christian” of an American president, Bush, who is really Saudi brownnoser, is coming to town to again declaim blasphemy against the G-d he days he believes in and His Law.

    It’s going to be fun watching Americans drop their jaws as events race past their credibility and forces their attention off the boob tube, beer and dumb primaries….

  • mediawhite

    You forgot to add Jordan to the mix of Arabs that have betrayed the Palestinians by confiscating the West Bank back in 1948. I have to ask what has any of this to do with the murderous actions of Israel in the Palestinian Territories today. I hope you do not take Israel’s right to Palestine back to the Abrahamic Covenant.
    As for Condi Rice she gave Israel a heyday last year when it was bombing Lebanon and when the world said stop bombing Lebanon she said give them another week.
    I think you are giving her authority too much credit. She does what Israel tells her to do.

  • Mediawhite: a more appropriate name for you is “mediablind”: you broadcast all the signals seeking data and manage to receive only the Arab guano.

    You forgot Jordan…. I chose to leave Jordan out as the Jordanian king, not of his own will, made Arab refugees feel sort of welcome in his country.

    I hope you do not take Israel’s right to Palestine back to the Abrahamic Covenant.

    What the UN giveth, the UN taketh away. That was the lesson of Annapolis in November. The UN essentially reversed its decision of 29 November 1947, creating a Jewish state and an Arab one. They stuck with the Arab state, but made clear that there would be no Jewish state.

    I don’t believe in a bunch of corrupt incompetents. I believe in the Eternal G-d of Israel and His Covenant with my People. Otherwise, this would all be a pathetic little dispute over land. It is a dispute of destiny and whether the peoples under G-d’s direct command have enough faith to actually believe in Him.

    At this point, they do not. Appropriate action will occur….

  • Jacob

    “I believe in the Eternal G-d of Israel and His Covenant with my People”

    — Ruvy

    Who is “my”?

  • danielle

    You know how napoleon brought his troops to Russia or somewhere like that, well there was a really bad snow storm and a lot of people died during that trip, and then when Hitler was around, he did the same thing, history does repeat itself and he should have known what was going to happen because it has happened before. But he didn’t so whatever.

  • Robespierre

    This also has to do with the French Revolution! Robespierre had so may people killed with the guillotine. There is a lot of irony throughout his life, if anyone noticed. And soon, well not soon, but after a long time, he was executed by the guillotine