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The Intuition Continuum: 10 Ways to Develop Psychic Abilities

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How often have you told a caller or someone you ran into, “I was just thinking about you!” Do you ever know who is on the phone before you answer it without looking at Caller ID? Do you often guess what someone is going to say next? Do you invariably wake up two minutes before the alarm goes off? Do your hunches ever come true?

Everyone has some psychic tendencies. We are all born with psychic abilities, but society conditions us to hide them. Our rational, logical left brain is encouraged at the expense of the intuitive right brain. Still, be assured there is nothing weird or strange about psychic abilities, and they can be yours again if you are willing to work for them.

Being psychic is about personal and spiritual growth. As you travel to new spiritual realms, you will learn about your life’s purpose, be in contact with your higher self, and be guided by your soul, not your lower self or ego. Put your faith and trust in your Higher Power’s hands, the Collective Mind or the Universe, and trust that they will lead you to use your gifts wisely and well. 

Here are 10 ways to improve your psychic abilities:

  1. Meditate. The form of meditation is not as important as the discipline of doing it on a regular basis. People who establish a regular meditation time in their lives say they gain a sense of wanting to improve their attitudes towards life. The joining of the subconscious spiritual mind with the conscious mind will definitely change your life in a short period of time. Start with 15-minute sessions and work your way to longer sessions.
  2. Relax/slow down. It is crucial that you learn to slow down your mind if you are to develop psychic skills. The normal state of consciousness goes too quickly for any type of psychic connection. The awake-state brain wave frequency is about 14 to 20 cycles per minute. Psychic activity can occur when brain waves are 7 to 14 cycles per minute or in the alpha frequency. Learn to stop throughout the day and slow down.
  3. Notice or be aware. Once we begin to fully realize how much more we are than just our physical bodies, we start noticing things in our world and expanding our awareness. Attention must be paid to the information received by your mind, body, and emotions. Everything in the universe is connected. Think of Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity and begin paying closer attention to the “coincidences” in your life.
  4. Imagine. The faculty of imagination enables you to rehearse before you make a move. Unsolvable problems are solved using the gifts of the imagination. Learn to fully fantasize, to daydream. Regain a childlike joy in creativity. Teach yourself to visualize carefully down to the smallest detail. Place an object in front of you and observe it carefully—its features, blemishes, light and shadows. Then close your eyes. Can you still see it? Does it look the same or are there differences? Keep practicing until the two images are exactly alike. The more developed your imagination, the more psychic you will be. Remember to stay as playful as a child. Try picking up energy patterns you would otherwise miss by using only your peripheral vision for a while.
  5. Listen. Stop at certain periods during the day and join in the stillness. Slow yourself down and just listen. Information can’t come to you when you are speeding around, jumping from one activity to another in a noisy environment. Learn to listen to your breathing, to nature’s soft, gentle sounds, and to what is happening in that very moment.
  6. Keep a journal. Your dreams may become more vivid once you are paying attention. Keep a notebook by your bed and capture the dreams before they drift off. Symbols may repeat themselves and become important. Every dreamer has their own code of symbols, according to Jung, and you gradually learn the language. Use the journal to write down other impressions that come to you in other ways. Write down the things you are noticing and learning. Pay special attention to new insights.
  7. Practice. Psychic powers are a skill, like learning to play the piano is a skill. Learning them requires discipline and practice. See if you can determine who is on the phone before you answer it. Let your intuition tell you who is knocking at the door before you ask. Try predicting what will come in the day’s mail. When you are empathizing with a friend, repeat back to her what it is you think she is feeling and see if you are right. In the morning clear your mind, and use your intuition to tell you what people you will have interactions with that day. Try to let faces come to you naturally.
  8. Take a psychic online course or a workshop or seminar. There are many of these advertised on the Internet. Having access to people with experience using psychic abilities who can answer your questions and direct and guide you is a huge benefit to your personal education. There are also free online psychic groups and forums for people who are interested in learning more and communicating with other interested, knowledgeable people.
  9. Try your hand at some psychic skills tests and get some more practice. There are many websites that offer ESP testing, and what are called remote viewing tests where you imagine a photograph before you are shown it.
  10. Discover your spirit guides and make psychic contact with them. Everyone has guides just waiting to help them. Some say they are souls we knew in a previous life. Others say they are deceased souls we knew in this life. They will answer questions, give you information, and show you the way. Begin by attempting to get in touch with them during meditation. Try letting them respond to your questions in your journal through automatic writing. There are many books you can read on this subject that will enlighten you on your way. Just remember to stay positive and keep an open mind.
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  • According to a new study, all people are equipped with paranormal or psychic powers that most often are ignored or simply do not know how to take advantage of them.

    Daryl Bem, a psychologist at Cornell University, New York, has conducted numerous experiments involving the human brain, but also the paranormal powers that it holds. These powers consist in predicting the future, anticipating it, and its decisively influence of events which involve a person and that can pass even years away in the future.

    The conclusion of the scientist is an impressive one and was takes after studying a group of 1,000 volunteers from various countries.

    Initially, volunteers have been offered many words that they had to memorize them and then to remember them. Then, they were asked to hear more words chosen at random, after which they were asked to rewrite the words in the initial set. Few were those who remembered more words, which means that their memory was affected by a future event.

    Later, volunteers were asked to choose from a black screen, behind which were hidden two images, the most erotic of them. Strangely or not, the most of them were able to choose the correct image, even if no one had seen before. Images change randomly every time another subject was made to choose. The experiment was carried out several times and each time the volunteers were able to read the intentions of the computer.

    These two experiments demonstrated that in the first case, when a future event affects dramatically the present, it is impossible for a person to even realize what can happen, but in the second case, the human brain can predict what will happen next if not influenced by a powerful stimulus.

    Bem is convinced that this fantastic organ that endows every person, has psychic and incredible abilities that very few people are aware of. These powers are dormant and only if there is a rigorous training, they can be reactivated. So, in this context, the future does not seem so mysterious as we are used to think, but maybe someday it can become an open book for all people on this planet.

  • Cynthia

    Dear Mr.Rose I just happened to come across these conversations between You and Others and I just had to say a whole lot of something’s directly to you and for you! To start you have every right to your own opinions as does everyone else BUT…YOU are a very self centered,think you are an all knowing,all understanding,and what is the worst, you do not allow an ounce of respect for other’s thoughts,feelings or otherwise! You are one of those, it’s my way or the highway right,I know I am right.First of all you really don’t believe in much at all the way I see it! You don;t believe in Jesus Christ either and you are entitled to do so.I am only going to make a guess but you must have evolved from a chicken egg,or an ape,or something of that nature,but I am certain that you have an answer for that as well! I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt in this conversation,which you do not deserve in my humble opinion the way you have responded to the other’s comments reguarding their belief’s and feeling’s! First of all you are in NO position of Authority to say what is real and not real! Unless I am mistaken here and you feel you are a God like individual and you are NOT! So first off you so scientifically explain with definite scientific proof how you think you came into this world…requires proof here and so I guess you are just going to rot in the ground when you pass away? Then you really believe in nothing much I think! You say you know that a God doesn’t exist, people cannot be born with an extra sense,which most people would call that a sixth sense, and if things are not scientifically proven then they just are not real? So by all means prove that to everyone Please! And you cannot! I would say, it’s safe to say you do not personally know any of these people in these conversations,so how explain please, how do you know scientifically that they are not telling the truth for themselves,whether or not you believe in anything they say? And how scientifically do you know that it’s totally not in anyway possible for these experiences to happen to all these people that do not feel,or believe as you do? The human brain/mind is the least understood organ in the human body even with science still to this day! And let me be Very Clear about one thing.No MRI Scan is going to tell you anything in reguard’s to intuitiveness,or any type of psychic experience my friend! It’s Scientifically impossible and that’s a fact Jack! It is virtually impossible to know exactly all the inner workings of the human brain/mind including with all the studies,research,test’s and with everything else Scientifically available to physician’s even in 2015! That is one thing that will keep a lot of it’s secret’s! It is the one organ that;s the most complex and least completely understood by the medical community to this day and it always will be! It alone hols the key to being and creating us human species unique and special,each and everyone of us for all the day’s of the human race! Go ahead and research on about the human mind/brain! You will discover that it alone holds the Golden Key that will Never release all of it’s Scientific Information.It’s to Complex,and it’s the main organ that makes each and everyone of us unique,special individuals with an unlimited variety and potential to specifically and intentionally be different,be it through thoughts,feelings,abilities,knowledge, etc. And it also has the potential through our individual life experiences good or bad to develop and also process thing’s very differently for people sucking everything up like a sponge, extracting everything around us in our external environment,but also from our very own internal environment,ourselves so to speak.It is truly remarkable and has the ability to function on so many different levels and capacities,It surely makes up the type of person that we are,the thing’s that we believe and don’t believe in,if we are mean,kind,have morals or not,if we are humanitarians or not,if we love animals,other humans,the environment,if we like travel or not,if we believe in a God or not,if we are spiritual or not and spirituality comes in many different forms as most believe in God and as you do not and the list goes on and on! So you see Mr.Rose you are sadly mistaken in thinking that the thing’s you are saying no way could possibly be true, when in reality are most definately are true! Just like you say there is no higher power or God if you will, to you that is true for you, but not for other’s! I myself feel sorry for you really,but respect what you believe in! I just feel that you should be wise enough to give other people the same respect, just because they are not like you doesn’t make them wrong either!!!! Food for your thought and soul!!!!! Science explains most thing’s,but let me assure you Mr,Rose it most certainly does not explain everything by a long shot! Just take Faith for example,since you are not a God fearing man,that doesn’t just make you right because Faith is believing in something that you cant touch,see,smell hear etc.,but for those who Love JESUS Christ their Savior, Faith is very real and comes from deep within that persons mind and heart and for you it is not real! But for you death is your ending no more,no more,but for you that is very real, the end! We all are in agreement that we all must die,but the greater question, is that really the end? For you see Mr.Rose the Soul is a part of the mind that’s where it exists,and I would not think even you would disagree with that I wouldn’t think? Because you think that way, coming from your mind ,your thoughts,right? And you say it is not a proven fact Scientifically right? Then who is anyone to say that such thing’s are not true because neither can you totally and Scientifically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God doesn’t exist, and that there are not people that have a sixth sense at birth that makes them very Special People and that their abilities are not very and truly Real, just because you and some other people who might not believe cant see,feel,taste,touch what they are experiencing.I feel if you would be honest with yourself, and fair to others as I have been with you that you would have to admit that there are parts of Humanity and in our Universe that cant be seen,but that does not mean that they are not true and very real! So enlighten me Mr. Rose which came first the chicken,the egg or the ape?

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to clear up some of your assumptions and misperceptions.

      It’s gracious of you to allow me the right to my own thoughts, and I thank you for it. However, you are mistaken to depict me as all knowing or all understanding; I’m well aware of my limitations and only wish others were as aware of their own.

      I respect other people’s right to think and feel whatever they want to but I don’t see why I should also respect what they actually feel or think, especially if it flies in the face of everything that we actually know and they think others should believe it despite any proof.

      As someone who accepts that anything real and true can be verified by others, I certainly don’t think it is “my way or the highway”. You’re right to say I don’t believe in much at all though, especially all the unfounded mumbo jumbo perpetrated by faithists and other, er, misguided or naively trusting folk.

      I don’t believe in Jesus Christ because I don’t know if he ever existed – and nor does anybody else. Some of the ideas associated with Christianity certainly make a lot of sense but others are obviously nonsense, not least because they directly contradict one another. Personally, I think compassion, kindness and empathy for others are wonderful qualities that I support and practice to the best of my abilities and situation.

      Yes, of course I evolved, as did every other lifeform on the planet; do you have another theory and some evidence to back it up? I’m also going to rot in the ground, as you so charmingly put it, when my time comes; cremation doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t want to end up as nothing but ashes.

      And, yes, of course I am in a position of authority to say what is real when it comes to the topic of superstitious nonsense like ghosts and the supernatural. You make the common error of suggesting that I prove these silly notions aren’t real, but the burden of proof lies with those making such fanciful claims and nobody has managed to do that, ever!

      Similarly, nobody has ever shown any proof at al that any gods exist, let alone the particular deity you refer to, the one Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in.

      You confuse a lot of very different things, like intuitiveness, which obviously exists, and psychic experiences, which clearly don’t as none have ever been independently proven.

      I can’t respond to your long ramble from the middle to the end of your poorly written comment as it simply makes no sense at all, but if you come back and write something coherent – and ideally with a better use of helpful things like grammar and logic, I’ll do my best to respond.

  • Alisselda


  • Alisselda

    Number 11. Don’t wast your time arguing especially with robots who can only comprehend logic a.k.a comments below…

  • Gypsylady Laura

    We are spiritual beings having a physical experience not a physical being having a spiritual experience. Energy or soul never dies–unless of course, the Creator wishes it to be dissolved. We were put here to advance & grow spiritually in the most positive way possible. We are in a classroom (earth) & we are the students–hoping to graduate one day! Just my take on it. Peace to all.

    • There is no creator, so your point is unfortunately meaningless…

      • Lucia Paduto

        Ya know Chris, for someone that sells bullshit Google Ad Campaigns for a living, you sure are a skeptic. Your cheesy, bland, website says a lot about you as a business person and your comments throughout this thread explain why you’re obviously not successful. I understand that when you’re failing in life it can be comforting to people like yourself with a mean spirit, to try and bring others down, but the only one you hurt is yourself… that my friend is called Karma… and it exists whether you believe it or not. Now run along and try and con some people out of their hard earned money by bullshitting them into buying one of your crappy ad campaigns. Douche.

        • Ya know Lucia, for someone that likes to argue online, you are really bad at understanding.

          Let me attempt to clear up some of your many false perceptions:-

          Firstly, leaping to conclusions is a signature move of those who believe what they want to rather than what can be shown to be true. Why you assume I am unsuccessful when you now nothing about my personal situation is evidence of your superficiality, so you truly understand nothing.

          You may think my website is cheesy and bland but I built it and wrote the content myself and it does its job very well. Also, everything on it is honest and true, qualities we have already seen you fail at. If that is cheesy then I’ll take it every time over your blather.

          I presume you are offended by my assertion that there is no creator which is odd as, after over 200,000 years of humanity’s existence and more than 10,000 years since we started giving up on the nomadic life and started creating permanent settlements, there is zero evidence that any such creator exists.

          Rather than engaging with my argument all you have done is insult me whilst objecting to a perceived mean spiritedness; this is called projection.

          Finally, people don’t buy “crappy ad campaigns” from me, they hire me to manage their ad campaigns for them and I’m happy to be able to report that my clients are happy with my work.

          I really hope you get over your bitchy cynicism one day and will find a way to embrace honesty and, who knows, maybe even love of the world we actually live in rather than the falsehoods pedalled by those centres of corruption and lies we know as religions.

          • gia


            All I have to say is I will pray for you.. God bless

          • Waste your time any way you like, Gia, as is your right!

          • Alisselda

            Hi Chris,
            I didn’t know an atheist could get offended there are people with faith in God(s) without a religion. We are all working towards the same cause here, considering we all came to such a particular article. So please, let’s not argue about how we exist if the majority of us still don’t know why.

      • Hosea

        repent the wisdom of this world is ignorance to those who think they understand. this is a witness toward you till the end that God is the creator and Jesus is the way to heaven
        unfortunately you have no faith and your wisdom is vain. the day is coming every knee shall bowel and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the lord

  • Albert einstien

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  • jjh

    Hi, I was just wondering if it is normal for someone who is quite agnostic or more of an Atheist to experience such things as seeing “things” all the time and yet not seeing them if you know what i mean 😀 i used to see more when i was younger and now it is less often and i sometimes freak out thinking there is someone around the house recently all the time and cant say so or else ppl will think im crazy.. i also experience lately weird signs, some of which i can tell before happening 😀 i saw for example a subway and the wall how it was before it was renovated and i read the old sign instead of the new one with the old cladding instead of the new one and when i passed through the path to return again it was not there anymore :O i was shocked to be honest and as someone who believes in almost nothing im finding it hard to define anything 😀 do you have any advice at all.. i would appreciate it

    • no2faith

      I would start with going to your doctor for an examination and telling him everything you described in your post.

  • Jane

    I’m positive my sister has psychic abilities. She always know what people are going to say before they say it. She dreamed about the song we would be doing our performance to in the summer a month before the camp even started. She’s incredibly perceptive for someone who doesn’t pay attention often. She’s undeveloped though, and if I told her I thought she was psychic she’d think I was insane.

    • You may be confusing empathy and psychic abilities.

      Is your sister called Rose?

      • kava

        Ah yes, I’ve been wanting to ask you something!

        In these comments you disminish any kind of so called paranormal abilities. However… if a source of energy can affect something without neccessarily touching it (for example, electricity. You don’t exactly need the source to touch something to have effect on it), that’d go for all other types of energy too. Examples are countless. So what about brain? (Well ok, you can’t exactly have SOURCE of energy since you can’t create it, but let’s think of ‘source’ as object that radiates energy here). Since brains are obviously filled with energy, should that energy not make impact on surroundings if a) strong enough, b) pointed?
        Furthemore, should you not be connected with your surroundings, since energy passes all around and affects you, since the energy you use comes from food, the energy from food comes from plants, the energy plants use comes from Sun and so on. The energy you had simply changes its shape. You just carry it through. With a bit of more sensitivity, should you not be able to feel that energy be carried?
        Brain is a tricky, unresearched enough place. If someone’s unhappy, you can easily feel their emotions without them showing any kind of unhappiness. Especially when that person is by you. Energy flows through different paths when different emotions are expressed and as it appears, radiates, just like every other source of energy. So if you can feel it by them, I believe you can feel it when you’re not by them either, if you are sensitive to it.
        I don’t know about existence of soul, really, except that your energy has to leave somewhere when you’re dead. Does it just go to your surroundings and joins the cycle I have no idea, but the fact is that it can’t be destroyed, right?

        It’s just some thoughts! I may be wrong, but this is how I’ve been explaining this to myself. I also apologize for any mistakes I made since English is not my first language.

        • Hi Kava,

          Brains run on electrical and chemical energy, not some unknown “special” energy. The levels aren’t high enough to impact anything.

          It’s true, we still need to learn more about the brain and that’s an ongoing process that has become a lot easier thanks to MRI scanners.

          Although it is possible to tell how someone is feeling, especially if one is empathic, it is also possible to hide your feelings so that no one knows how you feel, so there is no universal energy or pattern to use as evidence of anything beyond the normal realm.

          Energy can’t be destroyed but it can be transformed and that happens after you die, either slowly if you are buried or very quickly if you are cremated. Personally, I am going to be buried when my time comes, I don’t want to be turned into nothing more than ashes, with not the slightest trace of my DNA left.

          • troll

            Have you considered pickling?

            Maybe you have to be poor to be empathic…


            (hiya Chris)

          • Well, I’ve considered it but don’t fancy it. Frankly, if they could get cryogenics working properly, I’d go for that. Obviously it needs to be done before you die and there’s no sign of that happening with mammals yet.

          • Hosea

            there is not one contradiction in the Bible God is smarter than man he wrote it in metaphors as looking through a smoke filled glass if you want to find the truth you have to want it with all your heart strength and your mind and have faith The end to those who do not believe will be cast into the fire where their worm for a spine will not burn but will feel every flame repent while there is time some people cannot conceive the truth for it is ignorant to them and they would rather believe a lie and argue than to have faith in love.Repent or believe this the earth middle core is awaiting judgment day and you can argue till it comes

          • Ignorance of the truth is no excuse for such stupidity.


      • Sue

        It must be a very sad way to live when you can’t believe in the talents people have because you are so narrow minded. Living life as such a skeptic only makes a person believe that their way is the only way and there is no room in life for diversity.

        • It must be a very sad way to live believing in such impossibilities because you are so gullible. Living life as a trusting fool is a recipe for a life built on nothing but shadows.

          This isn’t about “a way”, it is about these false beliefs which have never been proven to be true; it also has nothing to do with diversity at all.

          • presley

            Never been proven?since we both seem very scientific(yet only 1 has experienced pure clairvoyance beyond even probability),I challenge you to read up/research Swami Rama….the yogi who was tested under strict laboratory conditions….explain away how he moved a knitting needle a few feet,while in a straight jacket&wearing a mask to prevent any influences from wind/air movement. There’s more that he did….&others….but lets see you explain what no scientist has been able to do since then…..thank you.just cos YOU haven’t experienced something….is no reason to assume that such things can not/do not happen.

          • Not sure why you claim to be “very scientific” because you don’t appear to understand that experiments need to be independently verifiable and repeatable, which didn’t happen with Swami Rama.

            I don’t assume that because I haven’t experienced something it didn’t happen. For example, I’ve never been in space but I do believe others have…

  • Paul Roy

    To all of you with supernatural or paranormal abilities, you should take the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, which is offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). It will pay out one million U.S. dollars to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural or paranormal ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria. Over a thousand people have applied to take the challenge, but none has yet been successful. Seems like easy money to me.

    • Well said, Paul. No one is ever going to win that prize and I doubt anyone commenting here would ever dare try!

      • Paul Roy

        No, but they will have plenty of excuses why they don’t or why every other has failed. As to those who have been accusing you of being intolerant, or mean, or whatever other nonsense – ridiculous beliefs deserve to be ridiculed. Keep up the good work.

    • Tony

      Hey I got an idea, why don’t you try and see if it is real or not. You are the only one who can prove it to yourself. It isn’t about making money and if it is you will soon realize that you will get no more access to the ‘ability’. Prove me wrong if you can but you need to see it is real first for yourself. Any comment otherwise is just a culturally limiting belief system.
      Randi is just a big a con as your ‘belief’ he is a scientist and skeptic.He gets payed well for having his head in the sand and proving nothing. Russell Targ proved that many moons ago.

      • Paul Roy

        Tony, yes I have tested my psychic abilities numerous times and have failed miserably every time. I’ve try to psychically deduce the winning lottery number every week and have failed every time. That really sucks. I have tried to read my wife’s mind – no luck there either. Sure would be nice though.

  • Marina Rowe

    I’m only just starting to accept that I’m psychic, though I’ve been showing vague signs of it since I was a child. I find the more research I do the more I understand. I know I have psychic dreams and I know that I usually have a good sense of people before we’ve even gotten past introductions. (Though I usually try to give everyone a fair chance, despite what my intuition says)
    Before I go further I’m asking that Christopher Rose please not put down my thoughts of beliefs. You are very welcome to be skeptical and not believe but we are all entitled to feel as we do. I read a lot of comments and I didn’t see anyone putting you down for being skeptical so I request that you please return the favor and respect our opinions.
    Does anyone know of any good workshops to try? I’m starting my first meditation session tonight but does anyone have any good techniques? I know what works for one person might not work for another but having a good place to start can’t hurt much.
    I’m not quite sure exactly what sort of psychic I am. I know that some of my dreams are very vivid and come with emotions or strange lines of thought. About two or three years ago I had a dream where I was blind and had very limited sight. Last year I started losing my sight and eventually went legally blind though not completely blind. I had eye surgery so it’s back now but it’s still very astonishing when I think back to that dream.
    Helen Hageman, are you still thinking of opening a psychic development group because I’m interested.

  • Hepcat

    Rose, you are a sad, lonely twat who makes himself feel like a big boy by regurgitating seemingly intelligent dribble which you yourself haven’t the intelligence or imagination to invent. You are nothing more than a troll, looking to get whatever rise you can out of people for your own validation. I know I’m just feeding the troll, but what do I care? I highly doubt I’ll ever come back to read what I’m sure you’ll think is a stupendous and witty retort. A few words of warning as I leave your small minded shenanigans behind me. Grow up, and check out that wide mysterious world out there. I know it might be scary, but it will be ok. I assure you.

  • Helen Hageman

    Hi I am clairaudient claircognisant clairvoyant and an emotional empath i am also a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am wishing to start my own psychic development group and would like to know what topics do i cover during the group. Am i right to teach how to open and close to spirit, teach about the 4 clairs, Angel cards, tea leaf reading ,flower reading and candlewax reading as well as deep meditations? I ask as someone is questioning my teachings. Many thanks

    • No, you are either incredibly gullible or a con artist.

      Do the world a favour and don’t start a “psychic development group”, just work on growing up.

      • Helen Hageman

        Mr. Rose i am neither gullible nor a con artist my gifts are very real. I knew from the age of six i was different from my brother and sister as i could not understand why they could not see what i could see. We were not brought up in a psychic family so i had no one to explain to me about my gifts. As an adult i found the Spiritualist church and soon realized there were others like me who helped people who had lost loved ones. Is it so hard to believe i have these gifts? I help people every day either through talking to them or just being with them. Some of these people have cancer, and my very beautiful friend is terminal and has been told there is nothing they can do for her so i give her Reiki often, and no Mr. Rose i do not charge her i give up my time freely as having Reiki from me helps her to deal with what she has to go through. After the sessions we talk freely about her cancer and i tune out the empath in me so i can help her with her feelings and not live them. I only ever use my gifts wisely and would never dream of abusing them. Helen

        • So, just simply deluded then… I hope you recover your sanity one day, just try not to hurt other people with your problems.

          • Chicken Runner

            You are a meany? Why you so negative without knowing a person? Is there a valid reason?

          • Chicken, I think you’re confused. I’m not negative, I’m just honest, which is a very valid reason. None of the abilities Helen claims for herself are real.

          • Rose

            You should just get off the site if you’re going to put down people’s beliefs. Despite what you believe, you’re wasting your time by being, what do you call it? “honest” with people.

          • It’s my time to waste and I think it is important to point out the problems with these claims.

            Just because somebody believes something doesn’t make it real…

          • J James

            Mr. Rose: I find your comments to be very hypocritical. You state “None of the abilities Helen claims for herself are real.” Yet, you know virtually nothing of Helen other than her statements, the veracity of which has not been looked into. You have obviously had no personal experience with psychic intuition and are therefore willing to dismiss ALL other’s experience as fantasy without even investigating the claims – as the scientific method calls for. You arrogantly presume to have a COMPLETE understanding of the nature of mind/brain “energy” and have concluded that no other types of interactions can be had other than those which pass your own limited understanding. Bottom line is you should listen to your own last statement: “Just because somebody believes something doesn’t make it real…” as it applies also to yourself, since you “believe” Helen and others are in lala land.

            I have had numerous bonafide psychic experiences in my own life, yet the fact that I cannot provide an imbecile like the “amazing” Randi with proof on demand does not DISPROVE the phenomenon. I cannot summon a psychic experience any more than I can summon a lightning bolt, but does the fact I cannot summon a lightning bolt prove non-existence of lightning? Of course not. Psychic phenomena – like lightning – are difficult to study scientifically because neither one is likely to occur at any given time. This makes them neither false, nor a “belief”, but simply unpredictable and rare. They can however, be studied using eyewitness testimony and corroboration of events to try and remove any individual’s personal perception bias. I have witnesses to several clear predictive events which I have made which provide reasonable evidence for their veracity. Of course, the “arrogant” Randi and I presume yourself would not accept such testimony, instead relying on your own belief that such things are impossible. Even scientists can have narrow minds and beliefs, unfortunately.

          • J James: I don’t need to know Helen or anything about her. There has been lots of research into this kind of thing and nothing has ever been found to be valid.

            I don’t know what “psychic intuition” is or how it might differ from ordinary intuition but my intuition tells me you don’t understand the scientific process.

            It isn’t up to me to investigate the claims of other people, it is up to them to provide evidence which is then peer reviewed and tested; that is the scientific process.

            I don’t presume to have a “complete understanding of the nature of mind/brain energy” but this kind of thing has been researched extensively and found to have no basis in reality.

            Finally, testimony is testimony, it isn’t evidence.

            I wish it all were true, but I’m not going to allow my wishes to cloud my mind, an approach you may find beneficial…

          • J James

            So many things I’m tempted to pick apart in your weak response, but I will address only the most important one. You say “testimony is testimony, it isn’t evidence”. But it most certainly IS evidence. It may not be the KIND of evidence that will convince YOU, and that is certainly your prerogative. The fact is that testimony is considered evidence in the courtroom, and also is used in many fields of science. Multiple witness testimony is held to be more reliable than individual testimony. Testimony, while considered to be a secondary form of evidence in the empirical sense, is still weighed even in science when there are no better methods for testing a hypothesis. This is especially true when the thing being studied is unpredictable as is lightning, or a meteor falling, or an earthquake, tornado, etc.

            Evidence (including testimony) is not necessarily proof in any case. And this seems to be the problem with devout skeptics such as yourself: They demand proof but often refuse to investigate or evaluate the evidence to even make a determination as to whether or not it is conclusive. When the evidence is inconclusive, they often draw the erroneous conclusion that the thing is fake, untrue, nonsense, silly, childish, etc., when they really should just be saying they don’t know.

            Dogmatic skeptics also don’t always hold what they consider to be “fringe” topics to the same standards as other less controversial subjects to which they will admit the same types of evidence. For example, do we question the testimony of Darwin when he writes down the characteristics of various types of birds in the Galapagos islands? It is justifiably assumed that he is not fabricating his results. (Yes I know that later they were confirmed). On the other hand, if a group of individuals report they have seen something fantastic like an object in the sky which zig-zagged at an “impossibly high” rate of speed, then the presumption is that they are either deluded or lying. Skeptics are always demanding proof, while ignoring the vast amount of evidence which while in many cases is not conclusive, may at least support the existence of things such as psychic phenomena, UFOs, etc. It is however a logical fallacy to conclude that just because we can’t fully explain a witnessed phenomenon, that it automatically falls out of the realm of possibility or scientific investigation. It is an even greater fallacy to pronounce something “false” when it is merely “unproven”.

          • J James

            Pronouncing things false rather than unproven is what I notice you Mr. Rose doing consistently throughout this thread. It is your most common logical error, and also seems to be indicative of an unreasonable animosity and sense of arrogance you exhibit towards many of the other posters, including myself. If I had hired you to moderate this board, I would probably give you your walking papers at this point. Although rudeness, and personal attacks do make for fiery content, don’t they?

          • The logical error is actually yours, J James. The comments I am
            rebutting in this thread are of a class that have been made by others
            before and have all been investigated.

            Nothing real has ever
            been found, although many people, including myself, would like them to
            be true. Rational people, rather than people who can’t accept this
            unfortunate fact, will conclude that they are false, therefore untrue,
            rather than trying to assert that individual cases are unproven.

            can try to depict my willingness to accept facts and rebut these kinds
            of beliefs as arrogant and rude if you wish. I wonder if you will ever
            come back with a substantive explanation as to why these phenomena might
            be real rather than attacking myself as you do?

          • That’s where you are making your mistake, J James; scientific
            processes are very different to courtroom processes and you are confusing court testimony type information with actual scientific evidence.

            You keep using words like “belief”, “devout” and “deity” but if you really knew anything about science you would know that approach requires a belief in what the information tells us rather
            than what we want to be true, so those types of words are irrelevant and probably tell us more about you than anything else.

            Things such as various psychic abilities and UFOs have been researched and investigated at considerable length and in no single case ever has there been a positive outcome, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable at all to think it is false and nothing more than subjective experience at best and deliberate deceit at worst.

          • Erick Green

            Clearly you have done shallow research on this topic… I’ll advise anyone who is listening to not take Christopher Rose’s statements very seriously and instead do some independent research like actually performing tests with people who claim to be physics or try develop physic abilities…

          • I haven’t done any research, Erick, simply because I’m not a scientist. I presume you aren’t either.

            There has been a lot of research into Parapsychology though and no credible evidence for any kind of psychic ability has ever been found. You can verify that yourself in about 30 seconds via your preferred search engine, so I’ll advise you not to let wishful thinking get in the way of the facts…

          • Erick Green

            Wow…just wow… if you have pay attention or remember anything from doing science fair experiments from elementary school or listen in science class then you can do a
            experiment, no need to waste time in getting a PhD just so you can a simple-ass experiment. Since you have so much free time on your hands try using the internet to learn, or relearn, some standard experiment procedures.

            Define “credible”? How can you determine something is credible
            without actually analysing the experiment? Wait let me guess, you go with the”scientific consensuses” right? Hold on, are you implying that a mere 30 seconds of goggling is enough to determine psychic abilities are BS? You really should try harder to not prove my point…and you shouldn’t let
            close-mindedness get in the way of investigation. Also, if its a fact psychic abilities are not real, at least according to you, well prove it. Here are my counter-arguments to some of the arguments you will undoubtedly try to use…

            1) Yes you can “prove” a negative. E.g 2+2=4 and not fish
            because fish is not a number according to schools organization, such as CPS, in the United States.
            2) The burden of proof is not on me but on you. I haven’t affirm that psychic abilities exist. I am just open to the idea and wish to investigate. You, on the other-hand, have deny psychic abilities exist thus need to produce evidence.
            3) If you say there’s no evidence for psychic abilities, ignoring
            testimonies and parapsychology investigations based on the grounds of them notbeing “credible”, thus it doesn’t exist, well you should familiarize yourself with “abstinence of evidence is not evidence of abstinence”.

          • Erick Green

            *absence of evidence is not evidence of absence*

          • Yes, you’re right, of course I can conduct research into any subject I like.

            Next week I’m researching the frequency of gullible dimwits letting wishful thinking persuade them to abandon common sense and logic; will you take part?

            Amongst your many follies, your example of proving a negative is absurd because 2+2=fish is not logical; the burden of proof is always on those claiming something exists, not those who decline to believe things without proof; and you are confusing evidence in the legal sense, testimony, with evidence in the scientific sense.

          • Erick Green

            Your insults is not appreciated and I request that you at least try to resist yourself from doing so….

            You not very logical are you? You’re not saying you can’t prove 2+2 doesn’t equal fish are you? The burden of proof is on those who affirm or deny a claim. Whether you say psychic abilities exist or does not exist you need evidence to support your claim. Rose you have made the claim psychic does not exist so now you need evidence to support your claim. When I used the word evidence I am referring to this definition usual: “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid”. Please stop using the word “scientific” I really find it annoying…

          • As you are now just repeating yourself pointlessly and find the word scientific so disturbing to your psyche, I’ll take pity on you and trouble you no further…

  • Abi

    Anything is possible we once thought the world was flat I believe that everything is possible until there is unassailable evidence to prove otherwise unless we try these things and question what happens when we do we will never know the truth our universe is amazing and complex so to believe that we now understand all there is to know about ourselves is ignorance of the highest degree

  • Alicia

    isnt protecting yourself while developing these abilities important too, i think that should have been mentioned in this article – otherwise. good information. thanks!

  • Sam

    Science took over when our ancestors were disillusioned by the
    shortcomings of the church; however, the scientific community can be
    just as self-righteous and unyielding as the religious zealots they so
    fervently distrust.
    We think we are so advanced because we can make computer chips smaller than a grain of sand but the fact remains that there are still big unanswered questions; for example, There is still no quantum theory of gravity, no solid explanation of what consciousness really is, or the function of junk DNA. Dark energy and dark matter make up 96 percent of all matter/energy and yet science cannot explain what it is. Why is it that we use such a small percentage of our brains at any given moment? Why are we here?
    Quantum physicists seem to be the only ones with the balls to try and scientifically answer these questions. Super String theorists are discovering that on a microscopic level, separation does not exist. If this is true then the idea of inter-connectivity is not just possible, but probable.

    • Erica

      If you think these questions have not yet been answered then you have not done your research. But be careful.. once you start sniffing around a rabbit hole, the more likely you are to fall into it. Enjoy the ride.

  • Sam

    I understand why people are so hesitant to believe that psychic
    abilities are real. The idea of it goes against everything modern
    science has taught us. But the truth is that there actually have been
    hundreds of lab tests that prove beyond chance that these abilities
    actually exist.
    There is an incredible book written by
    neuroscientist, Dr. Powell, called ” The ESP Enigma” that gives us a
    scientific view of psychic tendencies. This work changed my views on the
    legitimacy of ESP.
    I don’t believe that skeptics are all cynical jerks, they’re just firm truth seekers who want to rid the world of all the b.s. that is slowing down the progress of mankind.

    To be honest I don’t blame anyone who approaches this topic with a reserved
    attitude. I just hope there are enough open minded skeptics out there
    who are brave enough to take a legitimate look into ESP- It’s not all hocus pocus.

    • However, you clearly don’t understand science; I’m sure you’ll come back and apologise for the above comment when you do…

      • Sam

        I’m starting to think the lady doth protest too much.

        • You might call it thinking…

          • Jeanine Ford

            Dang….dude, your comments are really just rude. There is much about the world that we don’t understand “doing your research” has little to do with it because some questions just -don’t- have *conclusive* answers. Based on my personal experience alone I would say there is more to this world than meets the eye. I’m looking for answers, just like these people are…and being a skeptic or cynical is one thing, but just outright being rude and disrespectful of others opinions, beliefs and experiences is a whole other ball game. Your comments have hardly been useful, they have only been antagonizing.

            Why is it that you have such a stick up your bum? If you don’t “believe” even any of this is even possible, then why waste your time and ours? I don’t understand why you seem to get off antagonizing others who are only sincerely searching for answers to their questions. You should consider finding more constructive ways to spend your time instead of being as arrogant and unhelpful as you are. Being an internet Troll is a rather useless thing.

          • Actually wasting people’s precious time with silly superstitious drivel is far ruder.

            Whilst it is true that there is much about the world we don’t understand – yet – none of the answers are to be found in empty-headed nonsense.

            We are all looking for answers but there is no chance of finding them when the questions are just garbage.

            It is really hard to take charges of rudeness seriously when they come from anonymous people who use vulgar terminology but can’t actually present any relevant information or insight, so I think we all know who the real troll is here and who is being useless.

          • SophieB

            Why do you loose your time being there and act like an idiot? If you don’t believe you should not be looking into the subject!
            You seem to believe that science has the answer to everything. Unfortunately by now we all know that it is not true.
            It would be interesting to see if you act like that in real life or only behind the comfort of a screen.
            I would reject the idea that everything is possible, the ‘other’ worlds can have sometimes interesting way of manifesting themselves. Sophie UK

          • It’s lose, not loose and it ought to be waste anyway.

            Please explain how objecting to superstitious nonsense is acting like an idiot?

            Science DOES have the answer to everything, even though we may not have figured it out yet. Who is this “we” you claim knows that isn’t true?

            I always reject superstition, in real life and online; it’s dangerous to give in to stupidity as you seem to want to do.

            I don’t understand your last sentence Sophie, do you?

          • Guest

            So, if you were to see a ghost would you consider it “science”? Now don’t tell me ghosts aren’t real just because you’ve never seen them before. Anything’s possible in this world. We just don’t know about it or ever thought that it even exists.

            I don’t always believe in superstition because some could be real or fake. You never know. You can’t always rely on science for everything, you know? Some things can’t be explained. The world is full of mysterious things.

            My point is, is that science is not an answer to everything. Skeptics like you need to be more open minded. If you ask me, children and animals are spiritually aware of things more than adults can. It’s the skeptic adults that are the ones who are mind blown because you can’t believe of what you are seeing…

          • Rob Knaggs

            “Now don’t tell me ghosts aren’t real just because you’ve never seen them before.”

            I don’t think he’s telling you they aren’t real because he’s never seen one before. I think he’s telling you they aren’t real because no-one’s ever been able to demonstrate that they exist. And believe me, they’ve tried.

            “Anything’s possible in this world.”

            No, it isn’t. Unless you know of a way to divide 13 evenly by a number other than itself or 1, or chop off your own arm and regrow it, or travel faster than light, or…

            “You can’t always rely on science for everything, you know? Some things can’t be explained. The world is full of mysterious things.”

            My dear fellow, that is precisely what science is for. Just because a thing is currently mysterious doesn’t mean that it always will be.

          • Guest

            Rather than trying to regrow your arm, you could always replace it with a robotic arm, but I get what you’re trying to say, though. Make the impossible possible. If some things are impossible then they just stay impossible, unless you yourself can make it possible. That’s what I mean by “you can’t always rely on science for everything”.

          • Rob Knaggs

            “Guest”, science is not about making the impossible possible. I suggest you should take a few basic science classes, since you seem not to understand it at all.

          • Guest

            I do understand. Science is about proving stuff if something is real or whatnot.

          • There are no circumstances in which I would think I was seeing a ghost.

            Your opening sentence makes no sense anyway, but as Rob, who is infinitely more patient with people like you than I am, has already rebutted your jibber jabber I’ll say no more for now.

          • J James

            Excuse me? You said “Science DOES have the answer to everything, even though we may not have figured it out yet.” ????? How absurd. Science is simply an attempt using rational principles and methodologies for investigating and determining “what is” and reaching reasonable conclusions. It is not absolute, static, dogmatic, or final in many of it’s findings, since it does not purport to find ultimate truths, but only the establishment of facts within a certain context. (Ancient “science” held that the sun moved around the earth, remember that?) So science itself is not nearly as frozen as your own mind seems to be.

            Further, when you say “science DOES have the answer to everything”, that directly contradicts the very next phrase “even though we may not have figured it out yet”. I don’t know of one REAL scientist that would make the claim that science DOES know everything, and few that believe we ever will. There are many unkowns out there and by claiming all that as territory currently owned by the realm of “science’ is ridiculi absurdum. Sounds a bit like you’ve conflated “science” with some sort of a god. This explains a lot about your motives for posting in a thread where you don’t have any real knowledge or experience in the subject matter – other than “Randi says it ain’t so”. Clearly, you are doing nothing more than promoting science as your chosen deity. Sickening, really…

          • J James: I didn’t say that science was “absolute, static, dogmatic or final”.

            It was actually that persistent cruel deception known as religion that held that the sun moved around the earth and a scientist that bravely proved that false.

            You have this habit of applying meanings to words that they don’t have in what is presumably a slightly desperate attempt to disprove the points made but that is a feeble and dishonest approach that will get you nowhere.

            As I didn’t say that “science knows everything”, your argument is as absurd as it is pointless.

            As to Randi, I’m aware of him but haven’t read anything by him for well over 10 years and he doesn’t figure in my thinking to any significant degree.

            As I don’t believe in the existence of deities and see science as nothing more than a tool or process, perhaps you should try to clarify your own thinking before engaging in any further “debate”.

          • J James

            Ok, my turn to get petty:
            I didn’t say that science was “absolute, static, dogmatic or final”.
            Nor did I say that you said that. I was pointing out how science doesn’t establish absolutes.

            It was actually that persistent cruel deception known as religion that held that the sun moved around the earth and a scientist that bravely proved that false. Incorrect. At the time of Copernicus, the predominant view among scientists was the geocentric view. The church did not get involved in formally rejecting Copernicus’ views until some 80 yrs after his publication. In any case, it would be wrong to say that mathematicians and astronomers were not “scientists” simply because they were influenced by religious ideas. This was after all my point: that science holds one idea as true until it finds another which fits more of the observable data.

            You have this habit of applying meanings to words that they don’t have in what is presumably a slightly desperate attempt to disprove the points made but that is a feeble and dishonest approach that will get you nowhere. You fail to show: a) that I apply ANY incorrect meanings to ANY words. b) You therefore don’t show a “habit” c) You imply but don’t demonstrate how I fail (in your use of the word “attempt”) to “disprove” (actually, I was rebutting not disproving) points you made d) You fail to show any “dishonesty” in my approach and e) Your entire argument in this paragraph only obfuscates the fact that you don’t have any real rebuttal to my valid arguments. See below:

            As I didn’t say that “science knows everything”, your argument is as absurd as it is pointless. What you DID say was “science DOES have the answer to everything” which is simply another way of saying that “science KNOWS everything” by everyday common understanding of the phrase “have the answer”. (Note: you did not say or imply that science has an opinion, or a wrong answer, or a hypothesis. You said “the answer”) If you disagree, then I challenge you to show sensible examples of “having the answer” without “knowing”. If you cannot, then it is yours that is the “absurd” (fallacious) argument. Lastly, in no case is it “pointless” since I established that you were logically incorrect in the original statement, and then opined that you held a nearly theistic view of science by ascribing to it an attribute akin to omniscience.

            As to Randi, I’m aware of him but haven’t read anything by him for well over 10 years and he doesn’t figure in my thinking to any significant degree.

            As I don’t believe in the existence of deities and see science as nothing more than a tool or process, perhaps you should try to clarify your own thinking before engaging in any further “debate”. (This compound sentence is a non sequitur, since the second part does not follow from the first.) I don’t think that my points needed clarification until after you muddied up the water with your response. Hopefully, this time you will find my response more clear.

          • Your points; 1. So basically you weren’t engaging with me but your theories about what science is and isn’t. You’re wrong though, science does establish absolutes. Go walk off a building and tell me gravity isn’t absolute.

            2. For once, you are right, science does indeed hold an explanation as true, or at least provisionally true, until a better fit is found.
            3. I didn’t show those things as your own words do that well enough. Your arguments aren’t valid because you have only
            argued with me, not shown us any reasons to believe in any of these fanciful notions.
            4. Thinking that one statement is the same as another statement is one of your many logical fallacies and purely something that you are making up. Science is a way to test, explore and validate or disprove ideas, as opposed to your method which has nothing
            other than assertions and silly arguments with me.
            5. Compound sentences can make two different points in one sentence, which is what I did. Your thinking is very muddied as all you are doing is nitpicking with me rather than actually trying to support these silly notions. If you’ve got something to back any of them up, let’s see it, rather than these tedious attempts to rebut my position.

            If this tediousness is all you have, then let’s just leave it there…

      • Sam

        This is all nonsense to You right? So why are You trying so desperately to knock it back? This post was created over 2 years ago and You replied to my comment in 2 hours. Are You really after truth or are u just a sad bully on a virtual playground?

        • What makes you think I’m desperate? Try not making things up, it doesn’t help you.

          I’m responding to your remark, which doesn’t show any understanding of the scientific research process…

  • Suziikinz

    One has to love cynics, they make the world so interesting. Of course there’s no such thing as spirits and fay, and for the worst of it, even if it is all strange coincidence, why does the world continue to believe in it and have such a following, its better than playing on your playstation. ever heard of having an imagination. but then on the same hand i’m a natural witch who’s able to manipulate most things by mind control via telepathy so even if it is a placebo, and just coincidence, i would rather believe in psychic abilities, and the quest for inner truth knowledge and purity. Fantastic article, extremely helpful.

    • Not believing in the imaginary or the impossible isn’t cynicism.

      “The world” believes in many imaginary things, so your point is as silly as it is superficial.

      If you’re a natural witch that can manipulate most things, please manipulate my computer into posting a reply that agrees with you.

      I’d rather believe in psychic abilities but as the evidence isn’t there, it would be pointless.

      The quest for inner truth, knowledge and purity has nothing to do with the other ideas mentioned.

      In short, stupid article that deceives and abuses the trust of people. I would give you “fantastic” though, in the proper meaning of the word…

  • Sandz

    I wanT to do astral projection but some books that i’ve read says that it can be dangerous if you do it deliberately without proper guidance on how to do it because it might lead you to some negative planes.

    • Don’t worry about it; isn’t going to happen anyway…

      • Sandz

        well,i don’t believe this at first because i always refer to scientific explanations, but when it eventually happened to me for several times i don’t think i could dismiss it as a coincidence

        • You may “think” you travelled astrally but you didn’t.

          • Sandz

            fine. if that’s what you “think”.

          • I do!

            Astral projection is a myth, just like gods, spirits and fairies.

          • hotmamma1976

            Wow So closed mined and Negative you are!

          • Yeah, that’s right, honesty and dealing with reality as it actually is rather than what we might wish it to be is closed “mined” and negative. Grow up!

          • hotmamma1976

            Just cause you cant see something doesnt mean its not real or doesnt exist! Just cause you cant astral project yourself doesnt mean it cant be done!

          • Rob Knaggs

            Yes, but if something can’t be seen there are ways of detecting it if it exists…
            If, on the other hand, you are going to claim that your thing can’t be detected, then for all practical purposes it might as well not exist.

          • hotmamma1976

            your absolutely correct! Im sure there are ways to prove spirits exist There are doctors who have already proven life after death with near death experiences of there patients! as for astral projection who knows, you cant say it does or doesnt exist unless proof right

          • Rob Knaggs

            There are a number of plausible explanations for what are called “near death experiences” that don’t involve life after death. And the only evidence we have for these experiences are the accounts of people who’ve had them, which are hardly “proof”, since they can’t be tested or corroborated.

            The onus of proof is on the person making the claim. In the absence of evidence, therefore, we should assume that there is no such thing as astral projection.

          • You say that you are sure that there are ways to prove spirits exist but neither you nor anybody else in the history of our species has ever managed to do so; doesn’t that tell you anything?

            Your statement about astral projection is equally weak; nobody can prove a negative so if I claim that the stars are made of cheese, will you agree that it might be true? Astral projection MIGHT be true, but in all our history there are no credible documented cases.

          • J James

            There are many complicated instruments designed to detect phenomena which cannot otherwise be detected by the human senses. So did the thighs they are detecting not exist until they were detected?

            There are implicitly many many things in the universe that have not been even dreamed of, let alone detected. Psychic phenomena are in fact detectable, perhaps by some sensory apparatus that science has yet to discover. It also could be a more subtle level of the 5 senses. Again, it’s very difficult to put psychic phenomena into a laboratory because of the unpredictability of their occurrence.

            therefore we are forced to rely on first hand accounts and verification by other witnesses to determine the validity of most psychic phenomena. while not ideal, there is a sufficient body of evidence
            to show that psychic phenomena actually do exist. unfortunately, if you are not a direct witness of the phenomena then you are not likely to accept an unknown third party at their word.

            for those of us who have experienced such phenomena, the results can often be verified by such things as written evidence or eyewitnesses. but the bottom line is that if you haven’t had the experience yourself then you simply don’t know what you’re talking about – end of story.

          • That’s true, for example the wind can’t be seen but it is real. But to leap from that simple statement to saying you can project part of yourself out of your body is a completely different kind of statement.

            Simply asserting that something can be done doesn’t mean it can, no matter how much we might like it to be true.

          • hotmamma1976

            i agree, astral projection may or may not be real but we dont know unless theres some proof that someone has done it in research type setting. as for your comment that spirits are a myth, doctors have had patients die and come back (near death experience) and describe things to doctors that the patience could not possibly know. I have had encounters with “spirits” that felt real.

          • Just because someone is having a particular experience doesn’t mean that experience is actually happening from an external perspective.

            There is zero evidence to suggest that we have souls, that there is a heaven or hell, that deities exist or that there is any process or system that would allow actual out of body experiences to occur. Try reading Near-Death Experiences.

            I accept that you may have had encounters with “spirits” that “felt” real, but that doesn’t mean that they were.

          • J James

            LOVE your ad hominem attacks! (Especially on spelling errors. ) They make you look so… manly. Any won ever tell yoo your a kute guy?

          • Apparently you don’t know what an ad hominem is either.

          • J James

            So apparently you are denying that you have repeatedly cast aspersions towards posters via not so subtle attacks “to the man” referencing spelling or grammatical mistakes (among other things)? A thinly disguised ad hominem is nonetheless egregious. I quote your Wiki god: “Abusive ad hominem usually involves attacking the traits of an opponent as a means to invalidate their arguments.” in this case by implication and innuendo. In this particular case there were 2: 1. The placing of the word “mined” in quotes rather than simply quoting the correct spelling adding back in the “d” which was inadvertantly dropped. 2. The statement “Grow up!” which is directly implying that the person is childish, foolish or otherwise naive without sufficient justification (which you may well have been able to do). Would you like me to analyze all of your other ad hominems in this thread?

          • No, I’m not denying anything, just pointing out that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            to telling someone to grow up, if they are actually acting immaturely,
            then it isn’t an ad hominem. It’s only an ad hominem if you attribute
            things to them which aren’t actually true or related to their words.
            Like if I was to call you a stupid old fart that couldn’t think their
            way out of a paper bag, that would be an ad hominem, but I’m not doing

          • Guest

            This statement is false. Astral projection is indeed real. I know because I’ve done it before. Now don’t even think about telling me that I think I’m just doing it. You’ve never even tried it before so how can you be so sure? It just takes patience and time to learn it. You can always look it up. There are people out there who have claimed that they’ve done it before.

          • Wrong again, oh anonymous visitor.

            Astral projection is delusional because there is no astral body, no astral plane, no soul, no afterlife, no higher realm(s).

            I have actually had several out of body experiences but I wasn’t silly enough to take them literally as you seem to do.

            As to looking it up, I did; here you go, Astral Projection.

          • hotmamma1976

            If there is no soul , if you have no soul you could not have had an out of body experience. for someone to have an out of body experience one must have a soul. We humans are souls with costumes on. You are contradicting yourself. you cant say you dont believe in a soul , spirits afterlife and then turn around say you have had an out of body experience! Humans are energy. have you ever been to a science class in your life, done some reading some research or are you one of those people who no nothing have no knowledge of anything but spew out all your beliefs without material to back it up. i guess you have never been to church in your life either.

          • We aren’t “souls with costumes on”, we are all unique and precious lives.

            As there is no afterlife, no heaven, no hell, no gods, we owe it to ourselves to take this plane of existence more seriously and stop killing each other over stupid fictitious religious beliefs.

            If you have actually studied science seriously, you would be showing a more disciplined and logical approach to this subject, rather than the silly emotional outbursts you have given us so far. In fact you are the one that is spewing “out all your beliefs without material to back it up”.

            As to church, yeah, my family used to take me when I was a child. When I was 12 I told them it was all just a silly superstition, that there are no gods and I wasn’t going any more.

            My life has improved immeasurably since then as I focus on the real world and live my life accordingly, not by the fictitious dictates of religions.

            Try it sometime, you will find it makes your life, and what happens in it, matter more.

          • hotmamma1976

            I feel pity for you! Thats all i can say! I know what i know from reading books, My own personal experiences and what ive heard others say about death and afterlife! Im confident that when i leave this earth this life my journey is not over . I know that when i leave here that i will be able to watch my loved ones live out there lifes! You believe what you want thats fine it will be a lovely surprise when you find that your wrong!

          • I tell you what, let’s make a pact; if I die first, I’ll come back and tell you all about the afterlife, if you die first, you do the same for me. Until then, let’s never communicate again.

            If you agree, I am 100% confident that we will never hear from each other again as it is obvious to anyone except the childish that when we die, that is the end, which is why I cherish life so highly.

          • Guest

            If there is no such things as the afterlife, or heaven then where do you think the spirits go then? They can’t possibly be roaming around the earth all their life now. They need to go to the afterlife so they can rest in peace.

            Try saying “As there is no afterlife,no heaven” after you have died and come back to life.You haven’t died yet so you have no right to say such things.You have your own beliefs and people have theirs.

          • I don’t think they go anywhere because they don’t exist.

            As you haven’t died yet either, you don’t have any right to say such things!

            Oh, and beliefs aren’t facts, they are just ideas that need proof…

          • Guest

            Yeah. You’re right. I haven’t died yet. But there’s someone out there who did died and came back to life and explained what he saw. Ideas can be proven if you yourself experienced it instead of relying on science.

          • You couldn’t be more wrong.

            The whole point of science is to examine what is true and what is merely subjective experience.

          • Guest

            Yes, there is. A man named Steve G. Jones has been astral projecting all his life and has been sharing them. Astral planes are real. They’re just not in this physical world. If there is no soul, how can you still be alive then? Besides how we live that makes us alive.

          • Rob Knaggs

            If Steve G. Jones can astrally project but his experiences and those of others are “not in this physical world”, then what on earth is the use of them?

            One way you might “prove” astral projection is to task someone that claims he can do it with describing objects inside a sealed room. However, even if he were successful I can think of at least three other possible explanations for his feat that would be more plausible.

          • Guest

            Ask the man himself. He knows it all.

          • J James

            Love the way you come up with rationalizations for a feat you haven’t even seen performed. Kind of preempting the possibility that there might be some evidence for it. I have evidence for remote viewing – though there is zero point in supplying it to someone who will find at least “3 other possible explanations” for it. It’s really sad how many people are so conditioned by the scientific world view that they can’t even say something is “possible”. What if Einstein had said that, or Edison, or Tesla or any number of real scientists who have changed ALL of our lives for the better? “I know that’s impossible” is neither a reasonable or a practical attitude to have when trying to further science. Science is not some hard and fast set of “beliefs” which are accumulated and then used to debunk research into new exploration and frontiers. Future science may very well discover many things, including such things as telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, and even so-called astral projection. There are only 2 basic reasons I can think of why people fight ideas which are part of the “unknown”: fear, and ego. And they are both reduced to ego in the end.

          • Steve G Jones is a charlatan making a fortune out of trusting people like you, just like all those faith ministries you see on TV. It’s all a cruel deception of our emotions in order to make money.

            As far as we can tell, and really smart people have been trying for thousands of years, there isn’t anything anywhere outside of the physical world.

            As I don’t have a soul but am alive, your question doesn’t need answering.

          • hotmamma1976

            Our body is a shell, We our souls with costumes on! If you have no soul you cant possibly exist that is a fact! When a person dies soul leaves the body!

          • J James

            You need to brush up on your debating skills Mr. Rose. You can’t justify an assertion (AP is dulusional) with 5 other unjustified assertions. You are simply compounding your burden of proof, and failing now to support 6 assertions.

            If you have had several out of body experiences yourself, why don’t you try to explain what they ARE instead of making unsupported assertions and referring constantly to Wikipedia as though it’s another one of your authoritarian gods.

  • There’s no such as psychic power, it’s a con…

    • A believer.

      Might I suggest that you take another look at your beliefs. If you let it get about in the spirit world that you believe that Gods and Fairies don’t exist.
      Something…may decide to show you otherwise.

      • Bring it on…!

        • Anonymous

          Christopher rose, u have no reason to even be here if u don’t believe in this sorta thing. All you are doing is looking for a fight. You are belligerent and ignorant. Stop trashing others beliefs and hopes. It’s their thoughts not yours. This has nothing at all to do with you so why don’t you just leave people alone.

          • Maybe I am looking for a fight, Anonymous; if standing up for the truth in the face of ignorance is looking for a fight, then I guess I’m guilty as charged.

            That said, do you have anything to say to support these ludicrous ideas or are you just looking for a fight? 🙂

    • Brie

      Why are you on this forum bad mouthing the belief systems of others? Are you just looking for things to trash? If you don’t believe in these things, why are you spending your time in forums that discuss such beliefs?

      • Why are you on this forum bad mouthing my beliefs? Are you just looking to trash my views? Are you capable of having a debate or do you just try to make people you disagree with shut up?

  • Aditya Jois

    Yes I liked that part, everybody has psychic powers! Human brain uses
    only 10% of its potential (normal human brain indulging in ordinary
    activities uses only 2 percent!! Weird!!) And what about the other 90%?
    Practice and belief plays a major role in unleashing all this abilities.
    All things are put in a great way..nice post..

    I have a related info on my blog http://getpsychicpowers.blogspot.in/2011/10/developing-your-psychic-powers.html Thanks

  • James

    I think the most important point is trust

  • Hayat

    As article said our brain has unlimited potentials which amazes me.

  • These are very good points, but let’s be honest. Each one of these 10 points would have to be expanded into 10 books, each at least 250 pages, in order to really understand how some skills can be learned :).