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The Incredibly Sad Gaza Withdrawal

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For these past few days The Wise I has been watching this sad affair of a withdrawal from the Gaza strip by the Israelis.

And I know that this entire episode has to be one of the most painful decisions a head of state, especially in the form of Ariel Sharon who encouraged settlement in the Gaza, has ever had to make.

I understand the anguish those families must feel. Should my country decide that the swamps of Delaware must be turned over to Canada and that I, husband and animals must vacate, why I’d be heartbroken.

There’s a story behind it all. The Wise I will try to provide simple details as best I understand them.

First, Bill Clinton, remember him? He’s the President who spent more time dealing with Oral office affairs than dealing with terrorism.

Bill Clinton wanted to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Of course at the time Israel was forced to sit down with Yassar Arafat, one of the biggest thug, thief and terrorist of our times. Of course Bill Clinton just wanted his name on the accords as well as that elusive Nobel peace prize.

It’s the sort of thing that happens when the citizenry elects a gadabout dishonest “leader” than a leader willing to do the right thing, no matter how much it hurts.

Now George W. Bush, who arguably is a better leader than Clinton, is trying to broker this difficult peace deal and he’s trying to do it the right way.

Okay, there’s no argument that Bush is a better leader than Clinton, as would be Howdy Doody. But Bush, unlike any other President before him, had to face an attack on our mainland soil and had to react appropriately. Whatever brickbats one might toss at Bush, he is a man who had to face head on the most sober reality that we all faced on 9-11.

Gaining a peace accord between Israel and Palestine is not to be done in pursuit of a Noble prize and a lying legacy. Gaining such a peace accord is now part and parcel of the War on Terror.

For Palestine has long been used by the sons of camels, thugs and thieves who control the oil wealth in that part of the world. Saddam himself gave the family of Palestinian suicide bombers $50,000 even while he was stealing from kind Americans who endorsed his fake “oil for palaces” program.

The Arabs drove the “Palestinians” out of their countries. Jordan didn’t want them, Syria didn’t want them, Egypt didn’t want them.

The Palestinians- put in quotes above because there has NEVER been a country named Palestine and there is no indigenous group properly to be called Palestinians-were the criminals of the Arab world and how low do you have to go to get this title?

The pathetic people driven to a country erroneously called Palestine were kept in slums and squalor while Arafat lived the life of a King on the billions of dollars sent to help them throughout the years, were effective pawns against Israel.

Yes, Israel, that dreaded little country the size of New Jersey that so has the Arabs upset that they’ve spent many years trying to drive Israel into the sea.

Yet don’t be fooled. The Arabs teaching little Palestinian children to aspire to die a suicide bomber don’t really hate Israel. Well, yes, they hate Israel but not for anything Israel ever did to them. Israel is America’s number one spy in the region and if not for the little democracy of Israel in their midst God knows what the Mideast would be like. Israel also bombed Saddam’s little nuclear reactor to kingdom come for the safety of the world not that they get any credit for that.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This brings up two issues about Israel. That bit about being a democracy and that bit about being America’s spy in the region. First, the democratic state of Israel VOTED to remove the settlers from the Gaza Strip. It was a close vote in their Lukkud, yes, but it was approved by a majority of Israel’s elected representatives.

Second, Israel gets a bunch of bucks from America and is almost beholden to American wishes.

In order for there to ever be peace in the Mideast, and that’s debatable I understand, there must be peace with Israel.

So Bush is going to allow the creation of a REAL Palestinian state. With Arafat long dead and burning in hell, it’s a possibility. Clinton had no business negotiating with Arafat who was known as a puppet of the Arab sons of camels, thugs and thieves who financed him.

Oh, and the UN who kept the terror going rather than, say, effecting a peace as one would think a world body should do.

Instead of gathering all parties involved, effectively blackmailing Israel to negotiate with a known terrorist, Bush has laid out what is called a “road to peace”.

As part of this road to peace, Israel must pull out of the Gaza Strip.

How Israel got into the Gaza Strip is part of an interesting story. For it was the Arabs who attacked Israel, using the Gaza Strip as a staging area for the attack. Little Israel beat back the Arabs, never known for their great military strength at any rate, then claimed the Gaza Strip.

In other words the Gaza Strip was captured in a war.

It happens. Our own country captured much of our territory during bloody wars with the Indians and the Mexicans.

Ariel Sharon was one of the Israeli army commanders who drove the Arabs back and help capture the Gaza Strip. Later he encouraged the settlers to set up their homes in the Gaza. These Gaza settlements served as a form of protection for Israel as many of these settlers were trained to fight off attacks. Not to mention the many eyes and ears a bit closer to the hostile Palestinians.

Finally, there’s the fence.

Yes Israel built itself a great big fence separating Israel from Palestine.

As I understand it the fence varies from place to place. In some places there’s barbed wire at the top and I believe some of the fence is electrified. There’s cameras along the border and hey, the fence has kept many a suicide bomber out of the state of Israel.

I recall listening to some of the Arab hysterics carrying on over this fence on the Sunday talk shows. Over a fence! We Americans, hey, we understand fences.

The problem with the great fence, at least for the Arabs and their puppets the Palestinians, is that there was absolutely nothing they could say about it. Even the UN, always on the side of the sons of camels, thugs and thieves in the Mideast because of the endless oil money, couldn’t say much about a fence.

So Sharon made a most difficult decision. Even though forcing those people out of the Gaza Strip is probably an exercise in silliness as Palestine could thrive without the Gaza Strip, it is the one argument the Palestinians have used throughout the years as the reason for their hatred of Israel. The Gaza Strip, or so they say, belongs to Palestine. Although there has never been a country called Palestine.

When the country of Israel was carved out right after World War II there were borders and boundaries and such. The Gaza Strip was not part of that map and never mind that the Arabs attacked Israel or that Israel took over the Gaza for self-protection.

This is why in order to remain on that roadmap to peace, Israel has agreed to give up the Gaza Strip.

Perhaps a new country called Palestine will be formed, perhaps not. But we can bet a whole bunch of American money and trade has been promised to Palestine should the roadmap be followed.

The Palestinian Authority has been charged with clamping down on the suicide bombings and trying to form a decent government without all the hands in the pot as was the case with that son of a camel, Arafat.

I think it’s the right thing to do. I know those settlers have broken hearts. They went there when their country needed them; now they are being tossed aside as so much riff-raff.

They are being compensated for their expense and the value of their homes. Sometimes this is not enough to pay for the memories and hope that springs from pride of homestead.

THIS is the sort of thing a REAL leader does. To corral a bunch of enemies at Camp David and force them into a peace agreement that will never work for a shot at that Nobel peace prize is NOT how to get the job done.

Leaders make difficult and unpopular choices. Bill Clinton wouldn’t even take a vacation at a spot deemed unpopular by the American public.

Let us not forget the very corrupt UN. Which even with this heartbreak of a Gaza pullout is undermining the peace efforts of the United States. Below is an article detailing how the UN money given to help the Palestinians is being used for some very nasty propaganda.

Is there any doubt which side the UN is on? Is there any doubt how out American taxpayer dollars are being ill-spent at that cesspool in Turtle Bay?

Bolton needs some more time but soon enough we’ll clean that place out.

From the NY Sun:

The United Nations bankrolled the production of thousands of banners, bumper stickers, mugs, and T-shirts bearing the slogan “Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem,” which have been widely distributed to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip, according to a U.N. official.
(Read Entire Article)

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About pat fish

  • Shark

    A New Indoor Record on Blogcritics!

    In a post allegely about an “incredibly sad Gaza withdrawal” — it took only a 120 words to start blasting marginalized has-been Bill Clinton; even though he’s about as ‘public’ and newsworthy as Calvin Coolidge — the far-right still hallucinates that he’s Evil Incarnate.

    Good gawd, PatFish, give it up — or at least get with the program: Bush is the new Satan, Iraq is the New Vietnam, and you’re just pumping out verbal diarrhea — Blogcritic’s female version of John C. Bambeneck.

    Now be a good Christian Fundamentalist Republican Wife:

    Get thee back in the kitchen, woman!

  • Bennett

    Grow up Patfish. Or at least let go of the hatefulness that’s rotting your guts. Your ugly diatribes do nothing, other than quickly halt any desire to read further than the first stupid attack on a man who achieved more than you or I ever will.

    Name calling, childish referrences, how sad.

    Bush? Doing the right thing? Too funny.

    Oh, and everything Shark says too.

  • Give it a break. Nothing wrong with a bit of good Clinton bashing. Really, how can anyone resist? I love the way you’re all outraged when Patfish mentions things Clinton actually did wrong in passing but you never speak up when people try to pin ridiculous accusations on Bush. Nice double standard.

    As for the article, the part which caught my eye the most is the insane bit from the newspaper article that UN funds paid for Palestinian anti-Israeli propaganda. It’s mostly our money. This is why we sent Bolton to the UN. Whose nuts is he going to kick for us over this?


  • Wow. Shark always has something silly to say, eh?

    Like Dave says, some good Clinton bashing can be refreshing.

    BUT, I’d argue that the Clinton references to my article are part of the background. I compare how Clinton handled the problem to how Bush handles the problem.

    I think Bush is right. Your mileage may vary. The article is labeled “opinion” after all.

    The Israelis are suffering over this. Really, really suffering.

    Just remember this when the “Palestinians” refuse to bargain in good faith. Remember this when the suicide bombings begin again.

    Because it was never about the Gaza Strip.

    It’s always been about using the Palestinians to do the dirty work of the Arab thugs, thieves and sons of camels.

    It’s my opinion and I have nothing more to say on the matter.

    Please agree or disagree freely.

    God Bless America. And today, God be with Israel.

    And I am NOT Jewish, should anybody care.

  • JR

    Pat Fish: It’s my opinion and I have nothing more to say on the matter.

    Looks like you started out with nothing to say on the matter.

  • copper

    Pat, while I will openly tell you, this issue with Israel is new to me, I really never cared to read much about before. I found your article interesting and have now done a little more reading about this, as well as talking to a few Jewish people that I know. This piece has led me on a new quest for information about this.

    Watching this on the news is heartbreaking, watching the men carry women and children out of their homes.

    Thanks for spaking the interest in this issue.

  • JR

    copper: I found your article interesting and have now done a little more reading about this, as well as talking to a few Jewish people that I know. This piece has led me on a new quest for information about this.

    Yes, I’m sure it’s been an epic two-hour quest.

  • copper

    Why the snide remarks about this? A two hour epic, no, but a good start on learning about something that I admitted not knowing about. You should try it some time, might help your outlook on things, but I doubt it.

  • JR

    Why the snide remarks about this?

    Because is sounds like bullshit. How many Jewish people did you manage to interview between the time you read this and the time you wrote your comment?

  • copper

    As a matter of fact, I called two of them, who I know, locally. I believe I stated that this piece “started” me looking for information about this.

    I think you are one of those that would complain about your ice cream being cold.

    Carry on as you like.

  • Bennett

    Please Dave, explain to me how “a little Clinton bashing is a good thing”. What positive effect does it have on anyone who reads the post? Please, you must be so much smarter than me to see some “good” in this.

    I was taught that one should be able to make an argument for or against based on merit, as opposed to comparison. Otherwise, you could follow the logic and say that Saddam was a fine fellow, compared to Stalin, eh?

    Patfish. You’re lying. There is no reason other than ugliness and hatred to refer to “the Oral Office” in this post, or to Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy in your last post. You seem to love to focus on the ugliest little detail to characterize a person, in the meanest way that you can think of.

    That’s it for me reading any more of your writing. I don’t need to expose myself to the ignorant hatred that you spew forth in your posts.

    Have a nice life.

  • gonzo marx

    demean, distort, distract, destroy

    best you GOP folks can do?

    try arguing on issues, novel concept..try and even keep it relevant?

    thanks for the hate speech


  • gonzo marx

    oh , and just for me to try and keep some relevanvce here…

    8000 or so “settlers” amongs more than a million Palestinians

    22000 Israeli troops needed just to guard those settlers…24/7 365

    and now, the US is kicking in what, 2.5 billion to help move them out?



  • a) You do your books a possible disservice by advertising them below a pile of drivel

    b) You possibly raise libelous concerns by terming real people ‘sons of camels’, etc. without any actual DNA proof

    c) One would need a lasso the size of the moon to pull this post back to a rational readable one, thus it’s insights are lost

  • You did induce one insight on my part, though: The US is spending this money, in part, to improve it’s national security – whether that translates to reality remains to be seen, but it actually improves global security – thus this should be an effort funded by all nations – not sure if other nations are contributing to the effort.

  • Nick Jones

    “I understand the anguish those families must feel. Should my country decide that the swamps of Delaware must be turned over to Canada and that I, husband and animals must vacate, why I’d be heartbroken.”

    Patfish, since you later rightly state that the Gaza territory was captured in a war, your metaphor does not hold. A truer mirror would be that there is no longer a road to a Canadian settlement cutting through and cutting you off from your property, Canadian soldiers are no longer being billeted on the second floor of your house (provided you have one), and your husband no longer has to wait in line for eight hours at a checkpoint to get to his job.

  • RKC

    “In other words the Gaza Strip was captured in a war. It happens. Our own country captured much of our territory during bloody wars with the Indians and the Mexicans.”

    Patfish — the world changed since”our own country captured much of our territory during bloody wars with the Indians and the Mexicans.”

    Remember 1945 when the United Nations was formed at the end of WWII?

    International law was passed that made taking over and occupying the land of others ILLEGAL.

    That is the legal basis of our going to war in Korea, Vietnam and Kuwait.

    Have you no respect for international law?

    Your slanted views discredits what you write.

  • Nancy

    From what I can find out on the web about this issue, right from the beginning the israelis who settled in Gaza knew these were “illegal” – i.e. tenuous – settlements liable to go at any moment; why should they be surprised at this juncture to be thrown out, especially when the Israeli parlement has been hashing it over for decades, literally, and the decision to withdraw was made quite some time ago?

    I frankly don’t know why anyone wants the area to begin with: it’s a horrible, dry wasteland w/nothing whatsoever to recommend it, not even oil. Just stubbornness, I guess.

  • Bennett

    “our own country captured much of our territory during bloody wars with the Indians and the Mexicans.”

    Whoever wrote this is so totally ignorant of American history that anything they write should be thrown out as ignorant gibberish.

    We “captured” most of America with crude biological warfare (smallpox). Most of the rest through one-sided massacres by overwhelming forces armed with superior weapons.

    Read some history books before you try to reference it, okay?

    And I with Aaman, your phrase “sons of camels” is racist hate speak. You really should be ashamed of this post.

    I can’t imagine taking the time to write something, and then intentionally alienate HALF of the folks that might happen by to read it. What? You only want your views (the rest of the piece following your “refreshing” crap about Clinton) read by people that already think the same way (shudder) that you think?

    And btw, your analysis of the Middle East Peace Process is crap as well. Clinton had Arafat to deal with, no deal. Then Arafat died. Bush had NO Arafat to deal with and suddenly there is progress. Whoa, huge surprise!

    But that’s all way over your head, no doubt.

  • Nancy

    “…Sons of camels…” how come nobody ever says ‘DAUGHTERS of camels’? Why is it always the male? Where’s equal time for us females?

  • I thought the saddest thing was how both the settler leaders and the external protest leadership were content to send children to do their resistance for them. This to me speaks of an enormous moral bankruptcy.

  • Nancy

    Actually, if it hadn’t been written seriously, the phrase ‘sons of camels’ would be pretty funny, & I do believe it IS a genuine semitic insult…?

  • billy

    So your argument is to praise bush for surrendering to terrorists and pushing israel out of their lands? you are worse than cindy sheehan. if people like you ran the country we would pull out of texas and give it back to mexico if bush said so.

    stop enabling terrorists by patting bush on the back for screwing over israel.

  • Holy crap in a bucket – and I’m not talking about the Middle East situation. I should have comented before reading the comments.

    Still, I’ll say the same thing.

    You start out with the US Presidents but I think it’s been clear for a couple of decades now that they have been the least of the problem and they are not part of the solution to Middle East strife.

  • >>Please Dave, explain to me how “a little Clinton bashing is a good thing”. What positive effect does it have on anyone who reads the post? Please, you must be so much smarter than me to see some “good” in this. << If I must. Clinton officially made himself the national whipping boy by his actions while in office. Since he holds that title until he dies, everyone is required to (figuratively) slap him a good one when his name comes up. That's the price he pays - and you know, I bet he actually understands and acknowledges it. Dave

  • gonzo marx

    two things here..

    one, was it not Mr Nalle, within the last few days asking what Newt had to do with a subject when he was getting bashed?

    two..Mr Nalle sez..
    *everyone is required to (figuratively) slap him a good one when his name comes up.*

    who is “everyone” ?..oh..you mean the GOP hate machine..i get it

    and he was “brought up” by the original Post…not just in general

    can ya just smell the fucking hypocrisy?

    it smells like….shills


  • Gonzo, Newt was never officially designated ‘national whipping boy’. He ran a good campaign for the office, but lost out to Clinton. You should know that, really.


  • Bennett

    Dave, that’s the weakest excuse for bile I have seen in a long time. Patfish simply spewed her ignorant hatred and neo-fuckerism into her post:

    “He’s the President who spent more time dealing with Oral office affairs than dealing with terrorism.”

    Is this true? Does the statement serve any point other than being the release of some malignant filth festering in Patfish’s excuse for a brain?

    And then you write: “Clinton officially made himself the national whipping boy by his actions while in office. Since he holds that title until he dies, everyone is required to (figuratively) slap him a good one when his name comes up.”

    Everyone is required? Be damned sure that I’m not required to take part in this classless exercise.

    Dave, you continue to lower your standards of decency on a daily basis, don’t you?

  • Nancy

    I think Dave was just trying to lighten up a bit; I read it as being a humorous comment.

  • Bennett

    And you never explained how it is a “good thing”.

    Does it make YOU happy to read it? Does it make the world a better place to live? Does it improve the attitude of anyone who reads it?

    Does it make Patfish’s post more readable, more enjoyable, more coherent?

    What is good about it?

    It’s unnecessary negative bile, period.

    But you might like that shit, eh?

  • G. Oren

    I don’t see what Clinton has to do with any of this mess in Gaza. If anything, he came as close as anyone ever has to brokering an honest peace – we have Arafat to thank for that failure, not Clinton. As to Israel, the settlements were a bad idea in the first place, completely unecessary to the protection of Israel proper. It is heartbreaking to see anyone removed from their homes, but they could not have been sustained there without the constant support of the Israeli Defense Force. As to our $2.3 billion, what a waste of a bribe. That’s got to work out to millions of dollars apiece for each settler, while the family’s of our dead in Iraq get $100k.

    I can’t see what our capture of the Southwest and California from Mexico has to do with Gaza. We’re not going to give back New Mexico etc… so the Israelis shouldn’t pull out of Gaza – quite a false syllogism.

    As to the character of the Arabs, no doubt some of the terror groups may even be emboldened by this move, seeing it as fruit of the second intifada, we will see how comprehensive their leaderships control of that situation is. Meanwhile, Sharon will have little incentive to make similar moves in the West Bank, at least not yet – and Bush will be at a loss to provide any pressure, his own base is too sympathetic to an intransigent Israel.

    BTW I am a Republican and have been for 25 years, but we have been ill served by Shrubs foreign policy since 9/11. The neocon version of pax americana doesn’t suit us and never will.

  • Shark

    re: Dave’s official rules and lists…

    So many “liberal” whipping boys, so little time!


    re: “Our… country captured much of our territory during bloody wars with the Indians and the Mexicans.”

    Silly girl; study some history!

    Everyone knows Thomas Jefferson bought most of it at Wal-Mart.


  • Shark

    Gotta run!

    John C. Bambenek is starting to beat his tamborine on the corner across the street!


  • You Clinton lovers make me laugh. This is mild stuff the writer offers. I could care less about Bush or Clinton or any of them. They all reek. They are all elitists and scoundrels and I don’t know how people waste bandwidth fighting over these politicians like they are beloved family members. It’s laughable.

    My love is of Israel, a nation founded in blood by the survivors of a systematic massacre that will be remembered through the ages.

    The Jews have shown immense patience with these situations. They are always asked to give more. It’s never enough. The other side gives nothing, not even a promise not to kill Jews. Sharon is a betrayer. He is a quisling. His government will fall soon in elections.

    Bush and Rice and Wolfowitz can share Sharon’s fate too for all I care. Let the socialist fanatics take the US govt back from the monarchist elitists. Makes no difference. We all lose. Shalom.

  • Ruvy

    The day after Tishá b’Av, Monday, will be the third anniversary of the expulsion of the residents of Jewish Gaza.

    In addition to 10,000 people unnecessarily losing their homes and livelihoods, which employed plenty of Gaza Arabs until they proved to be only reliable for killing Jews, the residents of S’derot and all the Jewish villages in Israel proper surrounding Gaza have fallen under threat of bombardment – not to mention all of the rest of the country from the north.

    From what I see, Patfish is the only person who showed any compassion for my fellow Jews kicked out of their homes three years ago by the Israeli army and police – under the pressure of the United States and the European Union. The fools who excoriated her will eat their words. They will when there is an Iranian terror strike on America – and from what little I see here in the comments section, that terror strike will be well earned and deserved.