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The Incredible Voyage

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Tristan Jones sets out on a daring six-year voyage around the world by sail, he travels from the Dead Sea, the lowest body of water in the world, to the Andes Mountains and Lake Titicaca, the highest body of water in the world. During this intrepid voyage, he traveled a distance equal to twice the circumference of the world and found himself “a thousand times beyond the limits of endurance.”

An epic journey of exploration and discovery, along the way he was thrown in jail, attacked by Arabs, rescued by Ethiopians, nearly killed by a rat, and saved by a crocodile. He found a desolate island off Colombia, full of political prisoners. In Cartagena, it was drug dealers, in Zanzibar assassins…and thieves almost everywhere.

Incredible Voyage is just one of many incredible books by Tristan Jones. He has the ability to put down on paper the many adventures that made his life, and to put you right there along side of him as he relives them.

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