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The Implications Of China’s Burgeoning Military Spending

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China has in the last one month officially hiked its defence spending by 17.5% to about $45 billion this year. Many security analysts across the world estimate that the actual spending is at least 2 to 3 times more than that totalling nearly $100 billion plus. That makes China the third largest defence spender in the world this year after the US and Russia/(or Japan)* with a budget equal to nearly one-fifth of the US defence budget and nearly six times that of India's total defence spending.

So, what is China's long term and short term plan with this increase? The short term plan is to hike the salaries of the PLA personnel by up to 20% and check the signs of discontent that are said to be brewing within the PLA ranks about the low wages that have not kept pace with China's rapidly expanding economy and the resultant increase in the cost of living.

The long term plan is to make sure that there is a firm foundation by 2010 for the planned second level of modernization to begin from 2010 onwards and lasting up to 2020 by when China plans to transform its forces from largely manpower based armies designed for the battlefields of the 20th century to smaller but highly technological forces capable of engaging hi-tech adversaries in short duration, high intensity conflicts.

To that end China is investing in big ticket programs to build advanced nuclear attack and ballistic submarines, Designing and building its first Aircraft Carrier and working on improving the range and accuracy of its missile arsenal which includes ICBMs, MRBMs, and submarine-based ballistic missiles. It also recently unveiled its new indigenously built J-10, multi-role fighter aircraft, and, in January, it conducted an ASAT test by blowing up an old weather satellite of its own in low earth orbit sparking widespread international condemnation.

Many western analysts are under the impression that the rapid buildup of the Chinese forces is aimed at making sure that Taiwan does not declare independence. While this is largely true, it would be a fallacy on our part to assume that the dragon is doing nothing much at its tail end.

India-Defence had an article about a year and half ago about unprecedented Chinese military buildup in the Tibetan plateau against India. This threat speculation has by now materialised. The Qinghai-Tibet railway is complete upto Lhasa and is now being expanded to the Nepal Border coming very close to and pointing like a dagger to India's vulnerable chicken-neck area near the Sikkim-Nepal-Bangladesh-Bhutan junction. This will enable China to attempt to slice off India's north-east from its mainland in case of conflict, leaving the Indian forces in that region stranded and in peace time flood Indian markets with cheap Chinese goods made by forced prison labour.

On to the west; China has built a fully metallic highway capable of carrying Battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and other heavy equipment linking Lhasa to Urumqi and Kashgar at its frontier with Central Asia. It has also setup a listening post in Aksai Chin. India-defence says that the Indian response of upgrading the Daulat Beg Oldi outpost in Ladakh with advanced communication equipment is not adequate because the PLA is capable of deploying up to two divisions on the Ladakh front at short notice taking advantage of the Lhasa-Kashgar highway.

Also China has built two new helipads that can support four helicopter squadrons and also has by now completed building two new airstrips to bolster the PLAAF. And also it has completed deploying twenty MRBMs and 60 short range missiles aimed at Indian cities in the North like Srinagar, Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, and also many other vital military installations in the area.

And if all this was not enough China is already expanding its presence around the Indian peninsula. According to Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta, "China we believe is shaping the maritime battle field in the region. It is making friends at the right places.  If you don't have the capability to operate in those waters for a length of time then you need friends who will support your cause, when the time comes, so definitely China is doing that, as there are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and down below Africa. So it is a known fact that we are ringed by states, which may have a favourable disposition towards China. They are looking 20 years ahead."

And in such a disquieting scenario the current Indian government in its infinite "wisdom" has decided to keep the Indian defence spending largely flat in this year's budget leading to concerns among many analysts that it is too little for a country like India with two hostile neighbours straddling almost its entire length of Western and northern frontiers and at the same time facing serious problems with so many failed or failing states around it.

* The Final figures for Military spending in 2007 will be available only in 2008 at the end of the financial year.

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  • Robert Hume

    Avatar writes (in part).
    “If it is all right for a third rate country like britain to flex muscle then why not for India? Do not underestimate duplicity of shopkeepers, race like english-without history,class culture or taste.”

    Avatar can’t make up his mind. All-powerful and sinister, yet no history, culture, or taste.

    Well, how about Nobel Prizes, Field Prizes, Shakespeare, Cathedrals, Democracy, etc., etc. No comparison to any other country.

    OK. Iraq was a big mistake, along with tolerating/being brow-beaten with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even Homer nods.

  • P. Marlowe

    Avatar are you a bot struggling to gain consciousness? Because that’s what these posts come across as… I literally got an immediate headache trying to make sense of them…

    Apollo… Interesting article. This is an issue worth tracking with due vigilance.

    P. Marlowe

  • avatar

    may ,1998.

    Why so much apology
    Why so much apology and attempts toe be in good books of enemies by
    The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Vajpayee in his explanation in the Parliament?
    What he should have said,he said exactly opposite. It is a known fact-and
    escepeially known by utterances of opposition leaders and testaments of former
    President of India- that the opposition party(both congress and janta) had no guts to
    go ahead with the test and the time was running out because of increasing subjugation
    of India on econimic matters in the hands of foreign and often enemy hands.Insted
    This P.M. gives credit to those gutsless partyeven to Mulam singh Yadav during
    whose tenure the The Indian Army was at point of revolt.Instead of declaring
    these oppostion leaders as traitors and anti-nationals(which they are) this B.j.p.
    leader gives them credit for nuclear preparedness ,which is rubbish.
    And why give address in english? Most of Indians understand hindi movies?
    If some insist on being given translation then let us have Hindi translators.
    It will give more job to hindi knowing people. In fact this english press
    in India and english press abroad are our main enemies.

    Nuclear test was
    neede firstly because then there will never be another gulf-war like situation and even if comes
    the result will be very opposite of what happened in gulf war.Secondly also
    to give sense of pide and honour among thirld world and not only India.
    Remember that it is the same bastard b.b.c. and anglo-american media who
    led a propaganda for nuclear armament of britain and for american missiles in britain.The same british gave a overwhelming
    support to their p.m.when she said in ’82 that she will be ready to bomb soviet union.Forget
    the fact that britan was a mouse campared with soviet power.But that irrational utterance got
    her popularity soaring and media ensured that the small opposition was
    virtualyy eliminated.Not only micheal foot but also kinnock was made villain.this present british p.m. is
    more right wing than any right extemist party in India and he had to flex his musles(on back of americans) in gulf.If
    it is all right for a third rate country like britain to flex muslcle then why not for India? Do not
    underestimate duplicity of shopkeepers, race like english-with out history,class culture or taste.They
    through their british agents(and that includes all british and english language media )they make
    foreign and domestic and economic policy of america and through america of the world. They destroyed Russia
    with false promise of so called free market so that they can sell drugs(alcohol and cigattetes) to starving russians. Suddenly
    they feel campasion for the poor of india who might have had the money spent on nuclear bomb? When did they
    ever care about their own poors who have always been crimanalized . No this
    rubbish must be stopped.In argument of britain getting borrowed american nuclear bomb it
    was said by the same media the even the huge money spent is worh while because even 10 times more
    spending on conventional weapon is not equivalent to one nuclear bomb.
    The same is true of India. This must be understood clearly and said clearly-
    The biggest enemy of India(and for that matter of all non anglo-american race)is england and america.
    In fact India must make a military pact with China and try to get rid of anglo-american influence
    out of asia.For that it frst needs to get rid of anglo-american influence in India-typically shown by
    a parasite class reprented by english publications in India.These enlish papers in India represent a class cosiderde cooli or shudra by thir masres-anglo-americans. .Nuclear test was also necessary
    to make India aware of danger she has been put by succesive govt.s since ,91. in name of liberalition.
    If India had been that fully so called liberalized(in favour of british who even sell their viral infected meat in name of supporting british products)
    Then India today would have been much more demoralized and suppliant to ever dare pursue any independent policy let alone testing a nuclear bomb and
    making herself a nuclear power !

    september 1998.

    The very day Indian Prime minister was telling to a rally that partrial lifting of u.s. sanctions was an indication that america and other countries are realizing and understanding India’s position , america imposed fresh sanctions against India. The very day Atal bihari Vajpaye was speaking of america’s understanding of India’s concern against terrorism(after math of american strike against Taliban group);soon america was helping pakistan.The very week that america was telling ,without agenda,India to not only abandon nuclear weopon and allow american inspectors to check on India’s nuclear plants(ala iraq) -the same week america gave to britain cruise missiles capable of being launched from ships-hence a weopon of aggression. That delivery of cruse missile was greeted with pride and jubiliation in america and britain-the two countries pushing and harassing others most for total disarmment. Who are the Indian leaderes cheating if not Indians and themselves. Do they not realize that Kasmir problem and previos Punjab problem has been orchestrated by america and britain in collaboration with Pakistan? Ofcourse america actively supports terrorism against india and many other countries. It is Indias’ fault if she does not realize it and take active step against american and british interest in India. It is all the more imperative that India must develop nuclear weopon able to be delivered at least 20 thousand kilometers.As for globalization. Then can these English suckers(all english newspapers and anglo-american agaents) explain why japan and east asian countreis who produce more than america and england(who are traders in protected markets only)
    has gone down in stock market when american and english stock markets have boomed since end of gulf war? If bombay market is supposed to respond to internation trend then why are english and american markets booming in face of world wide recession? Or is not there inverse relarionship between prosperity of anglosaxon(america and england) countries and the rest of the World as it would be if one recognizes exploitative and destructive influence of anglosaxon race on the whole of World and not only on thirld world?After gulf war the english and america economy,esp. Stock market boomed because this parasitic anglosaxon race got convinced that no matter what it does ,nobody is going to say or do anything thanks to english propaganda machinery. can one explain how this u.s.and england want a change in head of government in Irak (Saddam hussein nad Malasian Prime minister understand anglosaxon race very well) when the same anglosaxon race was pushing for mad Boris yeltins to bombard Russian parliament,call for hastily made constitution changes(with out discussion and only to give absolute power to one man-a man who was and is anglosaxon stooge)in a referendem-that too hastily called.
    _ Why is India so keen to sign rubbish discriminating treaty?_

    Before the govt. of india and the self respect lacking elite of
    India start any seroious discussion with anybody(more so with india’s enemy
    like u.s.a.)on nuclear treaty ,it must declare what it has in mind and
    ask for peoples’ mandate in way of refrendrum.After all in u.s.a. the presidents have been elected on hawkish pro-nuclear
    programme and even a third rate country like u.k. had elected three times her prime minister
    on pro-nuclear issue. These same west nations preach others to be pacifists. If it was good enough
    for them then it is good enough for India to ask her people directly on such a matter of national security.
    Foreign policy is not done on basis of personal friendship.Who is this Jaswant singh to talk about our nuclear disarmament?
    Those who talk of economic benefit are eluding themselves.America want to unarm India and others
    exactly so that it can impose his exploitative(anglo-saxon and not western)economy.In that model of
    anglo-saxon econmy lies this basic principle-Support your own profit(swadeshi) and take from other countries the
    goods at minimum price.That is why they support theier own rotten ,viral infecxted beef(with no self of foreign meat);
    not buy Japenese cars unless manufactured in their country. That is also why imf is very keen to devalue others currency so that these anglosaxpons country can buy foreign goods cheap and pay little for it.
    Todays’ world is full of economic ruins by those who kissed the poisoned hands of america and u.k.Remember India did have very healthy trade
    balance with west before colonization not by selling much but by selling at high price.So signing nuclear treaty against Indian interest
    would for ever enslave India to tose countries like usa and u.k. who have always been anti-india. Not that they like pakistan or for that matter any europen country
    . This is all anglo-american plot to take over the world. Unless India and others realize it and act accordingly, they are in for long duration of slavery.
    This not an alarmist scenerio, it is the real picture and Indians are kidding themselves if they
    think india has a single friend unless herself.Do you so relationship to
    even your cousins if they are powerless and thus poor? We ar not even their cousin.
    People of India must demand refrendum on this secretive treacherous talk.
    Does Atal bihari vajpaye not realize that by self freezing on nuclear test and annoncement of willingness to sign a treaty(on which Idias’ opinion was not sought) He is falling into hands of anglosaxon race(not western)? That is how that shopkeepers race works. It first spreads a wide net then tightens it. Look at gulf war thing. At the first resolution against Irak if amerca had played hand open by saying that it would still be bullying Irak 8 years after gulf war would it have got the u.n. vote then in 90? heir modus operandi is to dis arm the other countries and put them in debt so that america and england can rule unopposed and can insult and bully other countries. Very few people realize that insulting and bullying others give an immense pleasure to these shopkeepers race-anglosaxons.That ,besides domination and economic exploitation is a major behaviour pathology in this low race.

    Why is india talking to America about nuclear issue and missiles technology? And ,why this jaswant singh,a man of no following in the masses and a man of known pro-american leaning is talking to relatively junior minister of u.S.A. about the fate of India? India must have given strong signal,soon after Pokhran, that india has right to all the arms including nuclear to defend against enemies. And that She deserves as much deterence as anybody else.Instead iShe said that she be declared nuclear weopon state and the matter ends there. By doing that She lost the moral high posture of saying that c.t.b.t. should not be signed by any third world country. Then iIndia should have asked as to who is the u.s.a.,in what capacity, to be talked about on nuclear issue? A country which used the bomb has got no right to talk about giving lecture to others.But
    India ,being a nation of cowards succembed immediately to american pressure and sais she would not do further tests and will sign eventually the discriminatory,and very inmical to thirld world, the rubbish treaty in the drawing of which India has no say. Then talk about economic sanctions.First it is not hurting, secondly sanction should be welcomed as a means to boycott American and british products . India knows that economic dependence ,and so called globalization is limiting her manoverability in soverinity but still persists in talkig of its virtue.India was once in globlization era-between 1750 and 1947. dURING THAT PERIOD iNDIA WAS REDUCED FROM ONE OF THE RICHEST 5 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD TO ONE OF THE POOREST. The shopkeepers race called english grew opium in paddy field of India to export to China where the chinese had to part with tea and know how of crockery in place of forced opium addiction. The same thing is happening in eastern Europe where british companies are forceibly making addiction of cigarettes, alcohol and their rubbish products to hungry population who have to pay for these by doing prostitution and pornography. And ugly british man of even old age acan today hope to get a dozen of good looking girls in Easten Europe on small gifts and make them prostitute. This has all happened in last 10 years because these parasites,Americans and british- in other words shopkeepers anglosaxon race has got now no fear of any nation because others do not have military deterence. By having effective nuclear deterrence and missile technology-suffieint to strike at the heart of england and america India can have the any independent sovernity and exitence. It is not a choice, it is imperative.India does not even need to need that; having the capacity and willingness to srike would be deterence enough against the terror which Baghdad is facing now. In fact in order to deter america effectively, any nation can do it effectively withot ever the need of hitting america-it is sufficient to hit at the heart of England -to hurt it seriously; because America foreign and defence policy is for the benefit only of england and anglosaxon race3 and no body else not even so called ethnic white americans and black americams(majotity of population). If you do not belive it look at how much england has dared ,under american shadow, to bully other countries in last 10 yers and how much british economy is booming after destruction of Irak, and East asian countries. Also look at haw much british economy is depedent on protectionism(after preaching otherwise to other countries) so much so even rotten british beef was selling more than ever with no soption given on shelves of shops to buy beefs from other countries. Globaliztion is the propaganda word ,pushed by i.m.f.(created to help britain by america)to spread reemergence of british empire. The new world order will not be american empire it will be Anglo-american empire with major say of britain. Here India and other thirld world country are the stupid fools who had been there before but did not recognize the clear signal-loud and clear. India thinks and talks more of secularism than of protecting the state. And the state will be gone,within 10 to 15 years if things continue as the Indian politicians are doing now. Then India will be officially declared a slave country and the muslims in India who have had priviledged position upto now, will be as much sufferer as the Hindoos who incidently would not mind slavery as they have never been ruling type.Therefore nnot only India need to not talk to america and britain(which really contrils american policy) but also must have the capacity and will,if need be, to strike at the heart of these two enemie countries. Only does not need to be agressor but must have capacity and desire to srike against aggression.

    For all those who talk of globalization and protection of intellectual property right, a small news which was never in prominent place in any of english speaking papers or news but was very much reported in French media. In the last weeks of October 98 was reported in French papers that 4 different French members of European Parliament were going to raise the question of industrial espionage of some 100 each of French and German companies by england in collaboration with u.s.a. and other anglo-saxon countries like Autralia and new zealand. In other words they same countries who made a lot of hue and cry over Indias nuclear test and who are the ones pushing for intellectual property rights and globalization. Thier modus operandi? Checking all satellite bases communication(telephone, fax, internet,etc)with help of klistening devices in anglosaxon countries and spying ao all the talks and messages all over world.This illegal activity is cordinated in england. European countries are loosins billions of dollars each years through leak of confidential techiqe and discovery. Apart form the fact that for tea,china, spices and plants this thief country england never paid anything for others’ intellectual property right(why does royal doulton or british tea company not pay royalty to China?) this thief country england has done theft of German technology like urea making ang consequently ammunition making. In fact Standarsd oil company of america made a lot of theft of BAAs. a Germany company and many of the bombs which fell on Germany came from german tech. stolen by anglosaxon thieves england and america. That is not counting stolen from germans the tech. to make nuclear bomb and rockets. With these stolen technology has this anglo-american race been able to bully the rest of the world. And it wants to freeze the DIFFERENCE between it and other races in stone-for ever so that it can rule others unhindered. By the same mechanism it destroyed japanes and other Asian econmis. That is why India and others need very badly neclear deterence against enemies of the rest of the world.And the rest of world wants to break from ythier cluthes but has no courage because most of thirld world is governed by the likes of traitors like manmohan singh and Ahulliavala and spineless people like Jaswant Singh and Gujral and Atal bihari Vajpaye types


    How to hold on to what you have

    Many people in India,under influence of english medium media and
    their foreign and domestic agents,have for last 8 years have been lead
    to belive that foreifn exchange,foreign money,foreign companies and Stock exchange
    is something good for India -a sad misunderstanding to the detriment of Indian economy,people
    and Indian nation; while for much benefit to our foreign enemies and their
    Indian agents(especially english media).

    Though the evidence was there of how Latin America was subjugated to
    American-british interests,still India did learn nothing .FOr that the
    indian agents for foreign enemies-especially the english newspapers and thier sympathisors are
    mostly responsible for that. Remember how so called liberalization started
    in India under Rajiv Gandhi when it was talked that foreign based Indians be given special
    priviledges to bring money to India.These propagandists today are not
    happy that Mr.Sinha is also lookin to NRIs today because these propagandists really wanted
    to pave the path for Foreign companies ownned by non-Indians and that is why
    the Economic Times today saisd of ’98 budget as Swadeshi budget wanting to tap money from VHP peoples
    living in foreign lands.It the same Economic Times who was very enthusiatic of Rajiv Gandhi’s initiative
    to ease NRIs entry tnto Indian market. When apprehension was raised at that time that encoraging NRIs and
    all those talk of liberalization will pave the wave of foreign invasion and lose of Indian self sufficiency; then
    that argument was pooh poohed.Ofcourse they were never interested in NRIs and wanted India to be slaved to foreign
    money and influence. From ’84 to ”89 ,the period of Rajive govt. the Indias foreign exchange reseve got depleted
    , not only that ,india trade deficiet doubled.And all that liberalization was done to increase export.
    To increse export wat was the formula of these foreign agents? To increase Import
    of rubbish things! Naturally the foreign exchange crisis came,as it was to come and as it was wished for by
    English media in India and abroad. TO solve that,instead of retracing the
    steps from disastrous policy, this Narsingha rao,Manmohan singh and The financial secratary Ahullawalia(who thse three are
    really the Anglo-American agents in India) brought enslavement of India which was hailed as great
    step by Indian english media and ofcourse by thier spiritual masters Anglo-american press(the nubmer one
    enemy of India). Thet when that govt. was in minority with out mandate and was even illegal!
    ^ years hance and inspite of having seen that none of premise promised was ever fullfilled,on
    the contraiere opposite , still the propaganda machinery of English media is to prooceed with same,or rather more ,of
    that poison of foreign dependence in economy defence and sacial policy.
    Even Bajpaiye govt.;instead of declaring Narsingha Rao, Manmohan singh and Ahulluwalia(who is still allowed in Finance minisrty!)
    as traitors to India and as foreign interest agents, is treating these traitors as respectable opposition.

  • moonraven

    China would be foolish not to increase its military budget.

    There are too many loose cannons in the world–particularly the US.

  • avatar singh

    Zbigniew Brzezinski revealed a hidden Fact that on July 3, 1979, unknown to the public and American Congress that President Jimmy Carter secretly authorized $500 million to create an international terrorist movement that would spread Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia and “de-stabilize” the Soviet Union…
    The CIA called this Operation Cyclone and in the following years poured $4 billion into setting up Islamic training schools in Pakistan (Taliban means “student”).

    These people were sent to the CIA’s spy training camp in Virginia, where future members of al-Qaeda were taught “sabotage skills” – terrorism.
    Others were recruited at an Islamic school in Brooklyn, New York, In Pakistan; they were directed by British MI6 officers and trained by the SAS.

  • avatar singh

    The French prseident is right is demanding that britain give back to E. U. what it has been taking
    unfairly for so long. After all it was never entitled to those money . Besides it has n=been britain who has been vociferous in wanting the enlargement of europe. The prupose why england wanted enlargement was basically to derail european integration and create a rift amonst partner states so that wiht the hepl of america braitain can As a pet dog of super=power(but never a power in itself though
    propaganda would be about engand being some sort of power) this rubbish thirld rate country would terrorize and hopefully rule_as american proxy over other countries outside europe. In opther word england is harbouring an ambition of proxy empire(with american help_If it could do on its own then it owuld not have cared for america). tHAT ABITION OF enGLAND MUST BE CRUSHED.


  • avatar singh

    In Washington, I asked Ray McGovern, formerly a senior CIA officer, what he made of Norman Mailer’s remark that America had entered a pre-fascist state. “I hope he’s right,” he replied, “because there are others saying we are already in a fascist mode. When you see who is controlling the means of production here, when you see who is controlling the newspapers and periodicals, and the TV stations, from which most Americans take their news, and when you see how the so-called war on terror is being conducted, you begin to understand where we are headed … It’s quite something that the nuclear threat today should be seen first and foremost as coming from the United States of America and Great Britain.”

  • avatar singh

    spying done by the angloamericans on european civilian industry statred wayback in 1996!


    Recently a reputed French National paper ”le Figaro” in its 6th March ,’99 edition mentioned two different things but connected by important observation. First was that an american pilote who had caused killing of so many tourists in Italian tourist place by his cavaliar attitude , had been acqueitted of all crimes by American court at the same week when two German s had been put to death in state of Arizona in state prison despite of Germans’ protest and in violation of international law. It was against international law because though the Americans had captured thse two German brothers way back in 1982 and put them to prison, thae had not informed the German authorities untill it leaked out only recently and only when death sentence had to be executed. Compare that with the royal treatment given to british girl-a maid servant_ when she killed an American baby born of Indian father and when murder case was first changed to manslaugher and then despite only mandatory 15 years’ minimum sentence: the judge gave a pronouncement-alredy preknown to british propaganda media like b.b.c.-that that murderer girl should be released fothwith.Compare that with british propaganda departments like b.b.b. and others of theat lot moving their commentators to States for whipping up hatred against Simpson and thier disappointment at verdict; not only that british propaganda dept. has been very active in pushing for severe punitive mesures in u.S.A. against Blacks in name of crime or drugs. The same british media who is very armourous of anglo-american tobacco company-biggest drug dealer in the world. It should open eyes of the world and of Americans (majority of who are not ‘anglos’) about infiltration in American foreign, Domestic ,economic and juridiciary of British agents who are nurtured there by mainly racists people of south and who are doing harm to american interests at the benefit of british interests. Britain has undually benefitted from recent incresd stature of America because britain is a parasite on not only America but the whole world. It is not unsignificant that after Gatt and so called globalization under auspices of IMF(which had been created solely to benefit britain in 40’s) the whole world is in deep recession except Anglosaxon countries especially u.s.a.and britain. That is when britain is not an industrial country-it does not not produce anything which others may want -but others are forced to buy rubbish low quality high priced british goods like kuwait and saudie arabia are forced to buy.While britain protects its own jobs by buying even rotten,viral infected beef and spurious drugs and a lot of rubbish low quality domestic products; it forces with the help of u.s.a.; other countries to destroy thier own economy and domestic industry.IT is very strange that even after so called crisis of Japan, the unemployment figure in Japan is 4 % , bank rate is 0.15% (yes you heard right) and export record level ; while American trade deficiet is record high but growth is 5% in three months at base rate of 4%! All this theory of export being growth engine is more false when you consider that Germany has had record export of all time and 25% of German’s domestic product is exported but country has record recssion at the moment. In other word the whole world has been subjected to immense fraud and destruction by anglosaxon race in name of gatt; in name of nato and what not.

    On the same day the aforementioned French paper mentioned that In since First world war, United States Congress has imposed trade and economic sanctions against foreign countries record 60 times and of this , half in las 5 Years! If you consider numer of times done in last 10 years then it comes to 75 5 of all sansctions have been done after break up of Russia. In other word the more America got bold after gulf war, the more countries were forced under its dictatorship. Today more than 50 % of world’s countries are under America’s economic sanction! Ofcourse it does not attack all at once. When enemy(which for america is all non anglosaxon counties) is wek it choose one by one. ANd the victim counties have also themsemlves to blame. If these 50 % of world’s countries had the guts they would have boycotted american and anglosaxon goods and change over from dollar to EURO as means of foreign payment. BUt these countries rulers are american gaents and thy want to deliver thier country to america.

  • Clavos

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, William!

  • William

    A load of stupid bullshit !!!