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The Hit Book Series Twilight Becomes A Movie On December 12

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I know people who actually started an "I HEART EDWARD CULLEN" fan club. Edward Cullen is a vampire from Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight. He's sexy and irresistible and the boy that every girl wants. Nearly all of my friends are obsessed with said book.

The book is the "modern day version of Romeo and Juliet" (along with a hundred other books). The twist is it's the love story between Edward the Vampire and Bella, an average mortal who doesn't fit in with all the popular kids. My friends, along with 5.5 million other teenaged girls, can't help but root for the pair.

There was much screaming the day word got around that Twilight is becoming a movie. For some reason, every time I walked to class or to my locker or to the bus, somebody would scream, "Twilight's becoming a movie!" It got rather tedious after a while, but the word got around fast. I guarentee you that Twilight is going to be one of those insane movies where people camp out at midnight like they do with the Harry Potter books. My friend already has a countdown by the second to the opening of the movie. That's what I call obsessive.

The movie stars Kristen Stewart (Panic Room), Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Billy Burke (Untraceable), and Peter Facinelli (The Scorpion King). Now for some reason, all of my friends are completely against the casting of Robert Pattinson. They are very vague about their reasoning, saying that he just doesn't fit the "image." They also said that about him as Cedric in Harry Potter. I personally rather like the actor and I think he will play the part perfectly. Although he may not have the mysteriousness my friends wanted, they did admit he is a good actor. I am also a big fan of Kristen Stewart; she's extremely good as the edgy, dark character in the adaptation of my favorite book, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

All the Twilight fans will have to wait until December 12. On that day, prepare for thousands of teenaged girls heading to the movie theater like cattle. After all it's been #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list for 30 weeks and counting.

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  • kenzo

    Wow the books are amazing and l loved the movie I watch it every day!!!!!

  • zena mack

    my friend went insane over these books and im in luv with them!

  • melvin

    i just started reading the series this is going to be a good movie

  • haley

    i heard about the books when my eigth grade year was just ending my liberian said that these books have got to be the best yet and was she right. i read the 1st one over spring break and i couldnt stop reading we left for tennesse and thats a two day trip 1st day the book was done by lunch time by the time dinner came the book was done again and same thing with the next day when i got back to school i couldnt wait to get the next two now im waiting for the fourth one to come in the mail

  • Erin

    I definitely love the books and am very excited about the movie, but I don’t think that Robert Pattinson is the right actor for the part. He really does not fit the books description of him. I was very disappointed with the choice of actor. I think Pattinson is a good actor, just not the right one for this part.

  • lina

    omg i got the book series in the beggining of july. its june 1st, and ive read all three books FOUR TIMES! i cannot put them down!

  • Jenna

    I like u sould relly hot in the twilight serious.