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The Heavy Metal Genre: Who Invented It?

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Where does heavy metal music come from?

It doesn’t really help to ask metal fans. They’re either too dumb or too messed up on the next line of six-packs to know. If you ask them, the ones with half a clue will tell you Black Sabbath, the band led by Ozzy Osbourne. They’re right in one respect: Black Sabbath defined the darkness off the genre, with their satanic lyrics and the macho teen despair of their message.

Others will say, Judas Priest. It’s true in one respect: vocalist Rob Halford started the leather and chains look. He also happened to be gay.

Others will tell you it was Led Zeppelin. Certainly they were one of the early precursors, a band who rocked so hard that other bands were inspired to get that heavy. Many untalented groups joined the metal army after hearing Led Zep. Zep’s John Bonham set the template for metal drummers, and Robert Plant’s high keening tenor yelp set the gold standard for metal’s vocalists.

Still others will tell you the inventors were Deep Purple, and here they are actually on to something. Deep Purple was the first successful band to consistently put out a heavy metal vibe, years before Black Sabbath existed. They were also a smart band, unlike most of their dumb acolytes: like Yes, they flirted with the idea of combining classical music with rock.

But they didn’t invent the music.

It’s important to find out who invented heavy metal, because the battle still rages over whether this is a respectable genre of rock ‘n roll or not. In some ways it can never be respectable, because it so easily becomes a parody of itself. It is, after all, the quintessential crude brainless bubba-stoopid boy stomp music.

Heavy metal has always been the dumb-fuck underbelly of rock ‘n roll. However, it has produced some great guitarists, which has kept critical interest in the genre alive. It takes a really good guitarist to transcend the stupefying cliché-diarrhea of the form. Only players as good as the guys in Metallica, Van Halen or Guns ‘n Roses have managed to keep metal half-way interesting. And chicks like Joan Jett.

However, to get back to who invented metal. If anybody can be said to have started heavy metal, it was the Kinks – Ray Davies and his boys. Yes, the Kinks, even though they themselves were too smart to be a heavy metal band. So this much can be said for heavy metal: its origin is highly respectable. It may be played by dumb boy bands, but it wasn’t invented by a dumb boy band.

The Kinks started the whole thing with a single song: their first hit, “You Really Got Me,” later covered by Van Halen. A great song.

John Lennon once claimed the Beatles started metal with his song “Ticket to Ride.” (He also said his band was more popular than Jesus.) He got it wrong. “Ticket to Ride” is a heavy song, but it isn’t as metal as “You Really Got Me.”

Why not? Because the Kinks came up with the one thing that defines metal, the one sound that launched a whole genre. Their innovation on “You Really Got Me” was this: they were the first to use a heavy fuzz riff guitar, which gave metal its most characteristic sound.

I hope this gives all you dumb-fuck metal fans a clue as to where your favorite dumb-fuck music actually comes from.

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  • Absolutely agreed on “You Really Got Me” as the progenitor of heavy metal, but I’d say that “I Feel Fine” should also be credited as a proto-metal song (which is slightly amusing, since the guitar playing the heavy riff that drives the song is Lennon’s acoustic-electric Gibson J-160E)

  • First metal musician was Wagner. Another person who had a huge influence on heavy metal was Robert Johnson. His attitude, subject matter and life are all very metal.

    It depends on what elements you believe constitute the first metal song.

    As far as metal being dumb? Iron Maiden is certainly not dumb in their outlook, personality nor lyrics. Neither is Opeth or Anathema or Voivod…

    Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Venom don’t define the genre.

  • As far as metal-heads being all morons or drunks…that is bullshit. I have met a lot of metal fans & musicians (Bruce ‘airline pilot, author, documentary and radio host’ Dickinson for instance) in my 25 years as a metal fan/rock DJ/critic that are very bright. None of the metal fans I have as friends have any education less than college degree, most of them have post-grad degrees. I know of doctors, scientists and engineers (of all types) who like metal.

    There are idiot metal fans & musicians; but I dare say you can find quite a few who like any type of music you can name.

  • gonzo marx

    first “metal”..the guy who fired up the first bagpipes..

    heh..the first heavy metal modern rock band?


    defined the genre?


    next question please “Alex”…heavy metal for $1000


  • The Theory

    >>In some ways it can never be respectable, because it so easily becomes a parody of itself. << ...because, uh, every other genre of music doesn't do this??? WTF?

  • lotsa folks think that Blue Cheer’s version of “Summertime Blues” is the first heavy metal song.

    i don’t really know.


    Um, what was the question, again?

  • what kind of pussy listens to Cattle Decapitation?



    Ouch. *hangs head and reaches for new Chimaira cd*

  • Brian Garrepy

    Obviously, When the Dumb-Fuck author insists that Van Halen or G’n”R is metal…. LOL!! GETAFUCKINGCLUE.

  • The dumb-fuck author wants to apologize for calling metal fans dumb-fucks. I shouldn’t have let my preference for hard rock — Stones, Creedence — show in a stoopid insult. As for Van Halen and G’nR, I DO think they skirt the border between metal and hard rock heavily, with lots of visits and long stays in metal land. But since there are so many different metal sub-genres (punk metal, speed metal, crash metal, et ad infinitum) it was real stupid of me to call a genre with so many sub-genres dumb-fuck. Maybe there should be an extra sub-genre, called cliched dumb-fuck metal.

  • You Reall Got Me preceded Summertime Blues by about four years.

    I can’t pick one band that defines metal since it is a broad genre…Zeppelin are different from Priest…Sabbath are different from Maiden…AC DC are different from BOC and so on. And some folks, like me, really wouldn’t describe Zeppelin as being metal. Hard rock, yes, but not metal. Who were the first full-time metal band? I would guess either Blue Cheer or Sabbath. Anyone else?

  • Little Richard.

  • Baronius

    I’ve seen this same argument about the origins of punk, and a lot of people trace it back to “You Really Got Me”.

    There are elements of heavy metal in earlier rock, but “Highway Star” was the first moment when everything came together. The blistering lead, the screamed vocals, the tempo, the distortion, et cetera.

  • bullshit

    The post started badly, continued badly and i didn’t even know how it finished because i stopped reading it when i saw this: “Only players as good as the guys in Metallica”
    Someone who thinks the guys in Metallica are the epitome of the Metal genre probably know his metal as well as i know astrophysics.


    And the answer is…SATAN. Duh.

  • need you be so condescending?

    us “dumb-fucks” can read, you know.

    the arguement can be made for any of those bands you named to have “invented” heavy metal, but it wasn’t really until the so-called “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” in the early 80’s that the term “heavy metal” was coined (by that guy from Sounds, no less…

    bands like Saxon, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard (before they were what they are!)Angelwitch, Diamondhead, etc. were leading that charge.

    really, though.. who cares? I’ve always found labels and semantics a little restrictive….

  • gonzo marx

    sorry to disagree, Jim..

    “heavy metal thunder”..Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild

    used to denote both Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin’s style of music in Rolling Stone, among other places…

    long before the ’80

    the wimp poser wannabe shit form 80’s hair metal is anothe rthing entirely, and comes form marketers wanting to get their “product” to have the cachet of Zeppelin..Bog alone knows why..( Def Leppard?..i mean, c’mon)

    Iron Maiden was another thing all together…Maiden and Anthrax had listened to both Rush and Motorhead, and knew where they wanted to go…complex and very,very,very fast…

    one went Poetic, the other invented skate rat metal…early 80’s

    but i digress..


  • AJ

    LMFAO. It’s safe to say this man hungout at too many coffee shops, smoking too much weed and listening to OK Computer one to man times. College has come and gone The Seattle scene is over, the new wave of British Alt/Indie rock won’t last, and your path as a writer will never exceed the wonderful medium of the “blog”. This post is just more evidence that the internet gives a voice to those whose opinion is completley irrelevant. I could care less about the “metal” scene; it’s full of nothing more then fat, aging gas station workers. But, in all honesty, I’d rather smoke my weed with them than some coffe house, indie rocker.

  • I have always thought metal really got its wind with Cream (Ginger Baker’s drumming) and even before that with the Yardbirds.

    Hair metal was only called metal by lazy journalists. Most of that stuff (which I like btw) is merely hard-rock (or hard-blues if you wish to be truly pedantic) or pop-rock. Metal is an entirely different animal.

  • Baronius

    (I’m defending hair metal on the internet. My life is not what I’d hoped.)

    Obviously, the pop-marketed heavy metal of the 80’s was ridiculous. But some of the guitar work was both fast and intelligent. If you want to go by looks, then Van Halen was a big-hair metal band, but there were three skilled musicians playing behind the clown. Anyway, take a look at Dennis Miller from back then; everyone had that kind of hair.

    I imagine that it was tough to be a guitar god and not sell out during the early MTV years. Ditch the integrity, grow a mane, and you can be successful. That doesn’t mean that the guitar work declined in quality. (I’ll admit that I’m biased toward the guitar. I’ve known bassists who admire the same music, however.)

    Writing off a genre based on its look is as superficial as liking a genre for the same reason. I wouldn’t want to miss out on The Scorpions or Judas Priest because of Twisted Sister.

  • Shark

    Saleski beat me to it.

    But there it is:

    Blue Cheer.

    Seriously. There is no debate here. I can prove it with paper and a #2 pencil.

    They played loud-ass, dumb-fuck, three-chord, curdle-yer-brain, fuck your earlobes music through an *ACTUAL, REAL, HONEST-TA GAWD WALL of 100 watt Marshall amps.

    *They were the first to do that.

    And for me, that’s metal.

    (Now go to bed, kids.)

  • Brian Garrepy

    Sorry to disagree with ya Gonzo, but Maiden didn’t listen to RUSH or Motorhead…Try UFO. Actually Steve Harris was mainly influenced by Genesis. Jim S was correct in saying that NWOBHM was the wave that truly brought the term “Heavy Metal” to the limelight. I’m pretty sure that the guys from England weren’t picking apart Steppenwolf’s Lyrics to name their new wave of music!! Considering that Harley Davidson was started in Germany, I would be suprised if they never heard of that term used about Motorcycles. It’s funny to hear about Judas Priest because Maiden didn’t get along with those guys whatsoever.I feel Baronius stated it the most accurate about Deep Purple’s HIGHWAY STAR… Even Metal Church did a cover on their first Album. Again, Adam…Van Halen and G’n’R were NEVER Metal!!! Metallica was damn good in their younger years but to say that Kirk Hammett inspired all the metal axe slingers to play awesome is a falsehood. I believe that Yngwie Malmsteen raised the bar out of this FUCKING world and no one has come close with the exception of Chris Impelliterri but Mr.Malmsteen wrote all of his own music(Bass,Drums,Vocals,Guitar)

    I truly feel that IRON MAIDEN would have to be the forefathers of Heavy Metal due to the fact that they had such an original, extremely heavy sound.No one played bass like Steve Harris(No offense Geddy Lee) especially with NO PICK!!!


  • Shark

    We’re not talking about who or when the fucking “term” was used.

    Jeesus, “Impressionism” was attached to an art movement a few years after the actual innovations that later defined it.

    Besides, I defined the criteria and I answered the question.


    Winner: Blue Cheer.

    Now – You have the right to an INFORMED opinion.

    Which means SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    [insert smiley face here]

  • what’s tough here is that we’re pitting the genre of metal vs. sounds that are sort of like metal.

    “You Really Got Me” certainly has the loud, crunchy and distorted guitar chords…but’s it’s not metal.

    heck, if we want to gather around the distorted sound of metal, maybe we should be talking about Dick Dale…hell, he poked holes in his amplifier speakers to get a more distorted sound.

  • Duane

    Baronius is right about the fine guitar work in some 80s hair metal bands.

    He is a little bit wrong about lumping van Halen in with hair metal, however. The music of hair metalists, for the most part, lacked real balls. It was fast and loud (not counting the insipid rock ballads), but it was gutless. It didn’t make you grit your teeth the way early van Halen did. Sure, Roth was kind of a goofball, but it was clearly so much in the spirit of fun, that it’s hard to fault.

    Any value that was once placed on guitar virtuosity was almost completely displaced by the grunge movement. It is unfortunate that this is currently viewed as a positive development. People’s notions of hot guitar playing somehow got mixed up in their opinions of hair metal. It’s not the guitar work that was so bad, it was the songwriting, the high-pitched shrieking vocals, the partytime lyrics, the hairspray, the costumes, the flashpots, and the goofy stage antics. That could be compared with Eddie van Halen’s smiling face and his loose and fluid style of playing.

    One of the “rules” of grunge music (with some exceptions, sure) is “no guitar solos.” George Lynch (who was two years ahead of me ay my high school) is an exceptional guitarist. I saw a TV show in which he contributed his opinions on the rise and fall of hair metal. When he joined Dokken, he had to play along and spray his head with AquaNet. Grunge came along, and he was left out in the cold. Just to back up your comments, Baronius.

    Off topic? So what?

  • JS Bach. No metal heavier than a cathedral pipe organ, dudes. Get your pays on a copy of the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, make sure your equalizer is feeding plenty of juice to the subwoofer, and crank that puppy up to 11. That’ll learn ya who invented heavy metal.

  • V.P.: Listen to Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ if you want some metal. Opera has been heavily influential on metal vocalists whether male or female. These days progressive/melodic metal bands tend to compose rather than write their music. It is rather interesting that went went back to “the basics” with Sabbath et al and then since advent of Iron Maiden et al have been returning to complicated time and cord changes. As someone said Genesis, Blue Cheer and ELP had more of an influence on Maiden than Sabbath.

    Hair metal is a fake term anyway. “Hair Metal” is in fact heavy-blues hard rock. Metal is rather different to the stuff peddled by Poison, Warrant and their ilk. (In fact much of the 80s LA sound was influenced by country music (‘Every Rose has its Thorn’?) that is why people like Brett Michaels and Ron Keel buggered off to Nashville after Grunge hit.)

    NB: The reason Steve Harris has such a distinct sound on his bass is that he was self-taught. He developed his own sound rather than apeing anyone else.

  • Shark

    re: Herr Vogner and Bach —

    Finally! Someone more pretentious than me!


    Saleski: “…’You Really Got Me’ certainly has the loud, crunchy and distorted guitar chords…but’s it’s not metal.”

    Once again, Saleski is correct:

    “You Really Got Me” is only a *Mersey Beat with some distortion.

    *for the historically challenged… the Mersey beat was… oh, never mind…


    “Someone please answer that ringing in my ears…” –Leigh Stephens, Blue Cheer

  • Since we’re on the subject, I might suggest “My Generation” by the Who. It’s loud and raucous and the feedback chaos at the end is pretty much as heavy and as metal as it gets.

  • uao

    Don’t forget Link Wray

    If I were to pick a lineage for metal, I’d suggest:

    (amplified blues)

    Chicago Blues
    Detroit Blues

    (power chord invented)

    Link Wray

    (power-chord laced white r&b from UK)

    The Kinks/Yardbirds/Who

    (psychedelic blues)


    (acid rock)

    Vanilla Fudge/Blue Cheer/Black Pearl/Iron Butterfly

    (birth of “heavy metal”)

    Led Zeppelin/Jeff Beck Group’s debut/Black Sabbath/Deep Purple/Uriah Heep (UK)

    Grand Funk Railroad/Alice Cooper (US)

  • JR

    I find Bach’s Passacaglia and fugue a bit “heavier” than the Tocatta and fugue. It has that lumbering tempo and low, repeating “riff”.

    For Wagner, the forging music Siegfried bears a passing resemblance to Black Sabbath’s “Under the Sun”. Go for the Solti recording – there is no substitute.

    Serious headbanger’s might want to dig up a copy of Alexander Mossolov’s “The Iron Foundry”. You’ll love it.

    BTW, I vote for Blue Cheer.

  • uao has laid it on the line, I reckon. Fine historiography, dude.

  • janine

    Manowar! Okay, yes I’m trolling…

  • Vern Halen

    “what’s tough here is that we’re pitting the genre of metal vs. sounds that are sort of like metal.”

    That’s it in a nutshell.

    However, my thought is this: heavy metal is basic rock taken to its extreme. If loud is good, then loudest is best. If fast guitars are cool, then the fastest guitar player is the coolest. If a long song is somehow artistic, then the longest song is the most artistic. And the guy with the longest hair & the most leather is the baddest mofo around. In essence, it’s a caricature of rock and roll. And there’s nothing wrong with a good caricature.

    I figure heavy metal was invented when intead of playing music, someone invented a band to focus on these sorts of extreme elements, thereby defining the genre. For my money, it was Ronnie James Dio. Backmore’s Rainbow, Sabbath, Dio – they all have the same sound to them, and the worst of metal sounds like that too. But old Deep Purple, original Sabbath, Zeppelin, etc. all sound like something else entirely – that’s why they’re proto-metal but not necessarily metal as it has come to be defined.

  • Taloran

    I have long been under the impression that Truth by the Jeff Beck Group is considered the first metal album.

  • Baronius

    Duane, nice observations on metal vs. grunge. Unfortunately, you reminded me of the “insipid rock ballads”, and that can’t be forgiven. Songs that were written for one reason: so that the metal dude can convince his girlfriend to come to the concert.

    “I hate that band.”
    “C’mon. You like ‘Sweet Girl’, and that’s from their new album ‘Slaughter Bones’.”


    *scrolling through site looking for erotic fiction posts*…”What the…is this thread still alive?”…*shakes head, reaches for iPOD to fast forward past the Interpol track to get to the Jungle Rot*

  • brick, the erotic fiction is here.

  • Shark

    uao: “…(acid rock) …Vanilla Fudge/Blue Cheer/Black Pearl/Iron Butterfly”

    Nice attempt.

    But, um… re. acid rock

    Piper at the Gates of Dawn – by Pink Floyd — back before they became boring, commercial, and pedestrian — dosesn’t that album pre-date all of the above?

    And then came ‘Saucerful of Secrets’…


    uao: “…(birth of “heavy metal”) -Led Zeppelin/Jeff Beck Group’s debut/Black Sabbath/Deep Purple/Uriah Heep (UK)
    Grand Funk Railroad/Alice Cooper (US)”

    Um, doesn’t Blue Cheer’s WALL OF MARSHALLS pre-date all of the above?


    Yes it does, Shark. You’re right! Saleski is right! JR is right!


  • can we talk about Mariah Carey again?


  • eriqo

    Yes that would be nice

  • Do you fantasize about Mariah? If you do, in which position would you most like to bonk her? Just asking.

  • Shark

    Doggie style on a wall of marshalls…

  • my only fantasy about Mariah involves Mr. Barger being forced to listen to her sing.

    of course, that’s really just an amusing situation. not really a fantasy.

  • eriqo

    God!! Mariah is so 5 years ago. Not that she’s not hot but there are others out there, of our time (mine at least; i don’t know about you). I was talking about her music.

    Oh, and about your question…just about any position.

  • “I hate that band.”
    “C’mon. You like ‘Sweet Girl’, and that’s from their new album ‘Slaughter Bones’.”

    I thought rock & roll was all about getting laid. At least that is what its opponents claim.

    There is a very simple reason rockers write ballads. You have a popular ballad you double your audience and CD sales. And the problem with that is?

  • First Heavy Metal #1 on the Pop Charts was: July 30, 1966 “Wild Thing” by the Troggs! The Stones Last Time and Satisfaction were forerunner but had an upbeat sound (like Day Tripper) which disqualifies them all. Jimi Hendrix certainly had no problem doing this Trogg sound almost indentically. Hope this stirs up more fraternal concord. Peace.

  • Marcia L. Neil

    Because all music originates as brainwave activity, heavy-metal music originated as the emanations of those implanted with dental amalgums. This is a very little-known fact.

  • uao


    Piper At The Gates of Dawn is indeed acid rock, but its English acid rock. That means whimsy, Syd Barrett style. There is nothing heavy metal about it.

    Blue Chher’s Vincebus Eruptum predates all the early metal bands I listed, but I incleded them on my list as a pre-metal influence; most consider them acid rock, not true metal.

    My biggest error was forgetting to include Jimi Hendrix next to Cream in the “Psychedelic blues” heading, although the heading is wrong too, because Hendrix wasn’t very blues. More like “Psychedelic power trios”

    I stand by the rest though.

    Except for Jeezus; he wasn’t very metal at all.

  • this page was way too long and boring for any one to have to read [edited]

  • Stefan

    The Who, man… they totally invented it

  • Don

    So, Mr Ash, I do hope you observe that a man can lose his relevant and highly-arguable point in his own ego: Now go read Lester Bangs as penance.

  • BM1989

    I don’t think ONE person invented it. Sure the first true metal bands were Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple. But, ya gotta remember, metal came from Rock N Roll. And Rock N Roll came from Blues. Blues from baroque, etc. If ya think about it, it’s always been here. Probably not exactly as itself, but from segments of other music. Weird ta think about it, but it’s most likely true.

  • Luke

    I don’t really care who invented heavy metal, because I don’t listen to it, and by that I mean I don’t listen to metal that carries the ‘heavy’ precursor, if asked I’ll pretty much just say I listen to metal, but I’m not really interested in anything made during the 80’s or before that, I guess the only exception would be iced earth, but they suck now so who cares anyway, they used to be good though, ‘something wicked this way comes’ is one of the best heavy metal, and one of the best metal albums ever made. Having said that, I mostly like any metal that’s progressive or experimental in some way, with an ‘extreme’ edge, and must not have high pitched ball squeezing vocals.

  • mmfs

    There’s a lot of interesting stuff here. I’m not a fan of metal, but I know enough about music to know that Van Halen is NOT. I wouldn’t call Zeppelin metal, but maybe they had some songs that were (I don’t know. Maybe ‘Out On The Tiles’ or ‘Communication Breakdown’? You tell me), and were influential on … well, on a hell of a lot of bands, metal and otherwise.
    The problem is, it’s real hard to agree on where something came from until you define exactly what that something is. I think you have to pin down what exactly pure metal is, then you can trace where it comes from. Some folks above have done some of this. Please give me more. What is metal – not the clothes or the attitude or lifestyle, but the music. I don’t think it matters who the 1st BAND was to be totally metal, as much as where did the music come from. Did the Kinks create a prototype for the sound that was then taken up full time by other bands, or did they just put together some precursor elements?
    and when did people start CALLING it heavy metal? Was is really not until the 80s?

  • mmfs

    Oh, and by the way, BM1989: “metal came from Rock N Roll”(fine). “And Rock N Roll came from Blues”(right on). “Blues from baroque.” (what the hell are you on mf?)

  • bobm

    Saying that any one person or band ‘invented’ Heavy Metal is a ridiculous statement. Further stating that The Kinks ‘invented’ Heavy Metal is truly idiotic.

    Who ‘invented’ country music? Who ‘invented’ Jazz?

    HM evolved from the British Blues Boom on the mid-late 1960’s. Bands like The Yardbirds, Fleetwood Mac, and Cream were appropriating the blues, many as purists (Clapton, Mayall). Add to this the rapidly developing amp technology of the era, and the music began evolving into something of an ‘extreme’ white-boy Blues/Rock hybrid. While the music developed in the U.K., The Yardbirds morphed into Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix ‘happened’. In the States, Blue Cheer were pushing this new hybrid to newer/louder extremes, and soon after, Sabbath (1st a Blues/Jazz combo called Earth) upped the ante by adding the doom element and a sharper focus on the riff.

    By 1970, Zep, Purple, Sabbath, as well as others, had firmly established this offshoot as a legitimate genre; a genre that, like all musical genres, has continued to evolve.

    This is evolution, through the input of many and over a period of time, not invention by one band or one person.

    You [Deleted. I’m disappointed now, bobm, you were doing great, brilliant answer, then you had to blow it with a personal attack. The rule here is fight the argument, not the author, OKAY? Comments Editor]

  • bobm

    to mmfs/re: #56:

    From Wikipedia:

    The first well-documented usage of the term “heavy metal” referring to a style of music appears to be the May 1971 issue of Creem in a review of Sir Lord Baltimore’s Kingdom Come. In this review we are told that “Sir Lord Baltimore seems to have down pat most all the best heavy metal tricks in the book”.

  • Knowing how stoned evreyone was back then, he probably meant to write “the best heavy, metal tricks” and the mis-reading somehow then caught on, lol.

  • bobm

    what kind of sense does “the best heavy, metal tricks” make in that sentence?

  • bobm

    …and what makes you think more people in the 70’s were stoned then are stoned nowadays?

  • bobm

    […The rule here is fight the argument, not the author, OKAY? Comments Editor]

    [I hope this gives all you dumb-fuck metal fans a clue as to where your favorite dumb-fuck music actually comes from. –from the original post by Adam Ash]

    as a metal fan, I didn’t think that part of my response was inappropriate, all things considered.

  • bobm: ‘pologies if my lame little joke bugged you but the sentence does make sense.

    Don’t know what you originally wrote in your #63 as I was ill yesterday, but whatever it was seems a little ott. wassup, can’t score? (another joke, btw.)

  • bobm

    “Sir Lord Baltimore seems to have down pat most all the best heavy, metal tricks in the book”.

    Sorry, but you’d have to explain to me how this sentence makes any sense. The comma just plain doesn’t make sense there.

    But whatever! This ain’t about grammar, it’s about metal. No one band ‘invented’ it, and it’s fans aren’t all dumb-f*cks.

    The End

  • anita

    Although this guy claims that all heavy metal fans are “idiots”, it should be pointed out that, in another one of his reviews, this very same individual has made the utterly embarrassing suggestion that Bob Dylan is as great as Mozart and Shakespeare. Now who is real idiot here? Let’s face it, Bob Dylan is to Beethoven as Celine Dion is to Beethoven! I see no real justification for demanding that the heavy metal genre of popular music is inherently inferior to any of the others. After all, they all fall pretty short when you compare them to Mozart.
    By the way, my own personal favorite heavy metal band was always Queen!

  • Yeah, metal was invented by the Kinks. Genius.

  • uao

    re #56 & #59

    The term ‘heavy metal’ is often credited to the late critic Lester Bangs, who used it in a 1969 essay.

    He probably took it from the line in “Born To Be Wild” (1968) by Steppenwolf that begins “heavy metal thunder…”

    re #67

    Nobody said “The Kinks invented heavy metal”, but if you ask how the essential sound of metal came along, the Kinks’ power chords of 1964 are an acknowledged part of the lineage (which is why Van Halen cove3red them). And Link Wray gets credit for having the first hit based on a pwer chord.

  • godoggo

    I remember back in the ’80s Musician magazine asked a bunch of major heavy rock bands whether or not they were metal. Priest was the only one that would own up to it.

    BTW the other day I was listening to K-Mozart and there was an announcement that Toccata and Fugue Indy Miner (or whatever) was probably not actually written by Bach.

    Jonathan! Johnathan!

  • MetalRepublican

    The metal lineage that we know today was inspired by many “hard rock” bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Metal is defined by fashion as well as musical style. If Led Zepplin were to have worn more black and leather then they may have been the one who gets credit for creating the Metal Genre. As a music director for years, I was there when Black Sabbath was struggling for air time. Led Zepplin, Cream, The Who, were all bands who had airtime and who were “hard rock” bands. It took Black Sabbath, Hell, the name alone screams Metal, to give metal a poster band. Metal can’t be something that is just hard rock. It is felt in the lyrics and the stage antics of those who took rock and added thier style. Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Madien, Black Sabbath, Dio are great examples of “hard rock” bands that created the metal lineage.

    What if Pink Floyd would have written about the dark side? What about RUSH? If Neal Peart would have had a dark slant to his lyrical talents, who knows what educated metal lyrics he would have produced.

    Metal is defined by attitude, fashion, and a thirst for everything dark.

    Within metal we have goth, nu-metal, speed, death etc. They each can be defined by a trait that they each share and by a trait that is uniquely theirs.


    This part is brilliant and the most accurate part of your article:

    “Heavy metal has always been the dumb-fuck underbelly of rock ‘n roll.”

    and also this part was also good and very accurate:

    “the stupefying cliché-diarrhea of the form.”

    “However, it has produced some great guitarists”

    true,but rock produced lots of good guitarists,singers,keyboard players,bassists,drummers,acoustic guitarists,piano players,songwriters and much more in terms of decent “musicians” playing a wide variety of instruments – plus rock had much better lyrics and singers whereas metal has shitty lyrics and “vocalists” (not real singers)…

    I think you might have forgotten to mention KISS’s influence on the whole “stupefying cliché-diarrhea of the form.”

    It was partly the influence of the harder rocking “psychedelic” latter half of the 60’s,partly the rowdiness of The Doors,partly The Kinks,a large part Deep Purple,a HUGE part Black Sabbath’s doom and gloom and darkness plus early “Glam Rock” which lead to KISS and the whole look,and Judas Priest and their whole look.The end result was a sad excuse for music or a “stupefying cliché-diarrhea form” that looked and sounded hideous which was then “copied” ad nauseum by every poser and pretender around who “cookie cutter mass-produced” the same “formulaic”,”stupefying cliché-diarrhea form” and “look” over and over again and again repetatively,shamelessly and disgustingly.

    I wish the focus was more on making “good music” instead of on making “good controversy” and ugly dumbfuckery.

    That’s why I far prefer instrumental guitarists and instrumental music in general to most heavy metal.

    The worst thing of all about heavy metal though (besides the obvious disgusting Satanic bullshit) is how any rock bands that come along and actually have halfway decent singing (for a change these days) get ridiculed by all of the mindless metal fucks who immediately tag anything un-metal as “pop” music.Boy that pisses me off! It makes me want to kill these fuckers en masse!!

    LET THERE BE ROCK you metal dumbfucks!!!!

    And learn how to sing you grunting turd-rapers!!!

    And stop that squealing hair-metal thing you all do with that high-pitched throaty vocals.It’s just fucking gay!!!

    haha,post that!

  • the return of metal hater

    “Heavy metal has always been the dumb-fuck underbelly of rock ‘n roll.”

    It was developing slowly in the underbelly of hard rock from the psychedlia of the latter half of the 60’s(Beatles,Hendrix,Cream),got a shot in the arm from The Kinks,but really developed from the influences of Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,(Led Zeppelin),Kiss and Judas Priest.I wouldnt consider Zeppelin heavy metal so much as consider them an influence on heavy metal.But Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,Kiss and Judas Priest are pretty much the first heavy metal bands which span a good deal of time which shows that metal was slow to catch on at first.You could also consider DP and Sabbath as merely rock bands (especially DP),and you consider KISS glam rock and party rock ( a big influence on 80’s hair metal for sure, as was Zeppelin even if you couldn’t tell by how awful those 80’s hair metal bands sounded).Judas Priest and Black Sabbath are probably the truest early “metal” bands though.They both embraced the darkness in their names and attitudes and dress.Although Kiss kind of did too to some extent..it’s hard to pin it all down.

    Considering the “evil” influence you probably have to give a nod of recognition to the Rolling Stones and AC/DC.

    AC/DC’s “Back In Black” also influenced hair metal.AC/DC’s and Led Zeppelin’s influence on hair metal is there but not always audibly as their hair metal imitators weren’t very good imitators at all,otherwise we might be looking back on hair metal fondly instead of snickering at it for the ridiculous joke that it was.

    It’s hard to pin down the very first “metal” band but it’s easy to see it slowly rising from the underbelly of the psychedelic and hard rock of the late 60’s and 70’s whether in the form of darkness and evil or a distinct sound that slowly emerged.And the dark look that was part Hell’s Angels and part Glam Rock(the KISS influence) and part gay-bar/leather/bondage/s&m,etc.

    Sabbath was called “doom rock” originally I think.

    I think the first band I remember growing up that people pointed to and said in a clear-cut manner, “that’s HEAVY METAL” ,was probably Judas Priest.Sabbath was either called “doom rock” or simply “satanic!” – KISS was called hard rock or party rock and glam rock and you either hated them completely and thought they were a complete joke,or you loved them.I think the people who loved them are the same types who swear by metal and have ever since.

    Myself I always preffered something more progressive and less evil that focused more on good singing and songwriting and playing of instruments and less on looking like a perpetual trick-or-treater and sounding even worse!

    I hate heavvy metal.

    LONG LIVE ROCK!!!!!!

  • mel

    You’re an idiot! To insult heavy metal like you do. You must be a hippie in your 60’s. Many metal musicians can rival that of the greats in jazz. These guys know their instruments! Zep is hard rock! Hendrix is hard rock! And the Doors and Cream and all of those old hippie guys. The Kinks? That is hard rock! And I would be willing to bet some serious money that Ray Davies could never pull of an Yngwie solo in his dreams. Metal players are real musicians. All the best everuthing come from metal bands. Guitar, bass and especially drums. Bonham was a sloppy drunk drummer. He sucked! Check out Charlie Benante or Bobby Jarzombek or Mark Zonder or I could go on and on. Metal is legit, it is music and it is art.

    punk ass

  • zingzing

    it’s also the aural equivilant of watching a ugly man with greasy hair masturbating. dull! wankery!

    ok, i like some of it. but yngwie bites.

  • I’de like to quote Forrest Gump regarding the accusation that Heavy Metal fans (such as me) are “dumb-fucks”:

    “My mama always said: Stupid is as stupid does”.

  • Who ever wrote this shit above my comment has no idea what Heavy Metal IS….. Do some reserch Numb Nuts!!!!

    The Kinks? They were punk rock….

  • The dude who wrote this article is a douche bag. He obviously has his head too far up his ass to care to do even the slightest of research. Dude, METAL FANS know where their history is, NOT ASSHOLES WHO DON’T KNOW A THING ABOUT IT. The idea of metalheads being “dumb-fucks” is fucked up, man. Its the same as everything else, not everyone is smart, not everyone is stupid. Are all hard rock fans smart… no! Are they all stupid… no! Besides, many of the metal ideals that are told through the music are often eye opening and challange your mind.

    So, in conclusion, I would like to ask, that people who don’t know anything about what they’re talking about, shut the fuck up!

  • Something I forgot to mention. I saw the comment about Rob Halford that was made in the article. He is gay… so? Why the fuck should that matter?

  • Jettrink

    Just another limp wristed left over from the 80’s who admired Boy George,but despised anything louder than Duran Duran.
    Well metal has not only survived but it’s even more popular than ever,and has moved on in different styles.
    So stick that in ya pipe and smoke it.
    As far as the kinks started metal put down,
    your’e pathetic..

  • SCIchieftan

    Anyone have information on late sixties, early seventies “heavy metal” band Black Pearl. House band in Aspen Co. area for several years in this time frame

  • bonhm

    Bonham was a sloppy drunk drummer?????
    who the hell said that?
    one of the greatest drummers of all time!
    the reason all these latterday hard rock artists fail so miserably (including page&plant) is :
    they dont have bonham!! just listen to any of the drummers with their square non-groovy stick gymnastics… bonzo had the FUNK.
    if you think that is sloppy you dont know shit. check out “syncopation” in your dictionary

  • Some Dude

    Justin Timberlake started metal. =D

  • BO BO


  • Sid

    the dude who wrote this is a fucking moron and knows absolutely nothing about metal. prolly some fat emo kid who got jumped by metalheads…learn2metal fatboy

  • ron.o

    the term “heavy metal” was coined by william s burroughs in the book naked lunch ,or not. blue cheer gets my vote

  • SabbathBloodySabbath

    Sabbath for fuck sake! You cretinous fucking retards (especially the author) are talking about 3 different genres!!
    Metal, rock and punk.

    Sabbath laid the METAL foundations, Led Zep and Deep purple were not too far behind, But it was sabbath who really laid it down. From that point, they were copied, the music became faster etc and became what we know today as metal.

  • Wizard

    Helter Skelter was the first metal song. Deal with that. 😉

  • rob

    The author is a fucking dumbass. Have you ever read the lyrics of some metal bands. Buy the new Machine head cd, the blackening. Listen to the intricacy of the music and the well articulated words. They aint no dumbasses and neither are most metal heads. Lots of metal songs deal with politics and corruption. No dumb fucks can write songs like that.

  • metal sucks worse than anything

    metal is so retarded

    sabbath was okay

    i think judas priest really put metal on the map and spawned all of the really terrible sounding copycat-ish bands and then mtv came along and poof everybody’s been totally retarded ever since

    it’s stupid to go back to you really got me and try to say that THAT particular rock song was the first metal song or whatever

    hard rock was solid and consistent forever long before metal became a gay fad thanks to mtv and stupid kids,lol

    there’s been some okay metal bands here and there over the years but nothing to rival old school hard rock,instead just a few bands that could be considered slightly influenced by hard rock

    i hate heavy metal,it’s missing on so many levels and most of it sucks,haha .. and it’s made by tone deaf retards who take themselves too seriously and they all seems to be stuck in metalfag land rather than able to fully appreciate and explore music or grasp that you can go for a different sound than that

    everybody can go for different sounds instead of all doing the same-ish sounding bullshit and taking themselves all seriously which is what they all do practically and most of them just come off sounding totally retarded

    ooh HORROR… get over it pussies

    lighten the fuck up once in awhile,get a sense of humor and several other senses as well that you mongoloid buttholes seem to be missing

    you dicks don’t get music,you don’t fucking get it at all,lmao

    get over your egos and thinking you’re all hot shit technique-wise cause at the end of the day you sound like shit and you sound retarded and you sound unoriginal and lame and that’s just gay

    but you wont because you’re fagz!

  • There are many unwritten rules in life, on or off the web. Included amongst them is that anybody who starts off by referring to others as retarded, is. Another is that anybody who then carries on to refer to others as fags or gay is worried about their own sexuality. A third is that some people are just too afraid to use their names when making comments, possibly because they are, on some level, aware of how stupid they sound…

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Mr. Rose.. You are Correct,Sir!! Thank You.

    ..and they all seems to be stuck in metalfag land rather than able to fully appreciate and explore music or grasp that you can go for a different sound than that

    First, you should appreciate the English language & fully understand grammar before you open your mouth & sound like a jackass.

    Second, Me being a Metalhead, I have probably listened to more music than you could fathom in that squashed up little brain of yours…So, I wouldn’t pigeon-hole people on the basis of their preferred listening choice.

  • metal blows and swallows

    typical metalhead: pink floyd the wall sucks, it’s all slow and untechnical and the don’t rock out with their cock out while mentioning satan every other word

  • Joe Satri-anti

    Metal predefines the sound too much.

    Plus most metal couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

  • Charlie

    We’ll never settle on who “invented” metal; some journalists say Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” was the beginning of it. But it doesn’t have characteristics like “palm-muting” the guitar strings or a lot of 16th note-speed riffing, so I’d say it was more hard rock than metal.

    My take? I say it all started either with “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles (their most ass-kicking song ever) or “Train Kept-A-Rolling” by The Yardbirds.

    First metal band? Whoever said Blue Cheer is probably right on.

    And as far as Van Halen is concerned, they started out as the loudest hard rock band in the world, then entered the world of heavy metal with albums like Fair Warning and songs like “Unchained.”

    All you hard rock fans should realize that Van Halen didn’t always stick themselves into one genre; they had bluesy types of songs; they practically invented pop-metal with songs like “Dance The Night Away” and synth-happy gems like “Jump”; and kick-ass songs like “Romeo Delight” were pure metal, no doubt about it.

    So VH were (and still are) a great, inventive rock band who blurred the lines between hard rock and metal.


    Listen, here is how to understand all things metal. Smoke blunts. Alot. Listen to Manowar. Listen to Cannibal Corpse. Listen to Slayer(old). Listen to Devourment. Listen to Hammerfall. Listen to Putrid Pile. Listen to a billion other badass metal bands. Blogs suck. Die with your boots on.

    Nobody in particualr “invented” it…it just formed out of all the rock that was getting heavier and heavier. Dont call the Kinks metal anymore cause kids who listen to skiffle and wear matching outfits just arent metal. Nu-metal can eat more vomit than a stupid bored puppy.

  • jay and silent bob

    are you all fucking morons???????? led sep sucks cock and never had any thign to do with the start of heavy metal if i find any of you! your gonna get the beating of your fucking life

    love jay and silent bob

  • to be clear, us morons also luv Britney Fox.

  • rap_hater

    fuck n slay all u fuckin metal haters,who shag watching negros wearing long tees n pants down till der knees,and pounds of gold,
    ok we know ur rich,
    ok we know u want 2 be KOOL,emulate ur sad dick,YOYO’s

    as for d lovey dovey rock n roll listeners,we metalheads respect the beatles as much as u do,we respect blues,jazz, as much as u do

    n we expect d same,

    screw all hiphop/rap/trance/pop electronic shit

  • Alex

    “Piper at the Gates of Dawn – by Pink Floyd — back before they became boring, commercial, and pedestrian — dosesn’t that album pre-date all of the above?”

    Piper at the Gates of Dawn wasn’t metal at all. It was whimsical English psychedelic rock and pop, Syd Barrett style.

  • gothslayer

    metalheads are fags who eat their own cum

  • music is dead

    music is dead O_O

    it’s okay to all go and do something else now

  • HEY

    Van Halen is back. But alas way too late. 🙁

  • Eat shit

    Wow, this is a truly brilliant post by a bona fide genius. Sir, you should be teaching history all throughout the Ivy League. I mean, who would ever have guessed that “You Really Got Me” might be a candidate for first metal song?

    You should really also be the Republican nominee. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I encountered someone with such a flair for unsubstantiated (and not to mention, absurd) assertions and demonization of others. You are truly gifted.

    In other words, fuck off.

  • D:

    Your mom.

  • Heavy Metal? Is that anything like Heavy Pottery?

  • collapse

    To the fact of dumb metal and so on:
    You have to differentiate between heavy metal and death metal , black metal and so on.
    but there are always some bands that sing senseless songs and some that have a real sense for example we have Iron Maiden (f.e. Fear of the Dark) / Metallica (f.e. Master of Puppets) i think thats enough to prove that metal isnt any dumb-assed music sang by some drunken idiots!!

    sry for my english im german.

  • JB

    Link Wray, and then the Kinks invented modern hard-rock (distortion + power chords.)

    Heavy metal is a slightly different animal.

    It’s an arbitrary starting point (depends how many aggregate elements you consider):

    Some landmarks:

    Small Faces, “You Need Lovin”, 1966. Steve Marriott was the prototype for the development of high-range metal vocals (influenced Robert Plant and Rod Stewart.)

    The Yardbirds, “Psycho Daisies”, 1966. Probably the first truly headbanging tune. Very fast, distorted and manic. Much more so than the Kinks.

    Jeff Beck is in my mind the father of heavy metal guitar. He was doing a variation of hammer-ons and non-blues leads in 1966. He influenced so many guitarists it’s not even funny (Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Eddie Van Halen.) Check out his work with the Yardbirds and early solo singles.

    Cream, “Toad”, 1966. First drum solo track, Ginger Baker.

    Vanilla Fudge, 1967. Vinnie Appice probably the proto-metal drummer, very heavy.

    Blue Cheer, 1967. Enough said above. Invented the speed freak heavy guitar rhythms that Black Sabbath implemented.

    Ted Nugent/Amboy Dukes, “Journey To The Center of The Mind”, 1968. Invented “horse-gallop” – the prototypical metal rhythm that would be used by everyone from Deep Purple to Heart to Iron Maiden.

    Jeff Beck Group, 1968. Invented the metal album format.

    Someone above mentioned ‘Highway Star’ by Deep Purple as the moment it all “came together.”

    Actually if you check “Hard Lovin Man” off Deep Purple In Rock you’ll see they already had it before “Machine Head”.

  • Disturbedfan101


  • Disturbedfan101

    GET PSYCHO!!!!

  • MetalHistorian

    The first heavy metal cut ever recorded was “E too D” by The Small Faces on their debut album, released in May of 1966. It had all the elements Led Zeppelin used on their first album.

    I challenge you music dorks to come up with an earlier metal cut. And no, fuzzy guitar and power chords do not heavy metal make. You need the metal power chord rhythm and vocals as well.

  • FBD

    the guy who wrote this is a dumb fuck…

    the inventor of metal is obviously SATAN, like fuck… you have to sell your soul to him before you even attempt to play metal

    dirty sound guitar with the mid cut down, power chords, double beater drums, grunting vocals, changing tempos, and the feel of your head getting taking off…thats metal..
    and who gives a fuck about who started metal….
    80’s metal was the shit, 90’s metal was the shit…the only metal guitarist from the 90’s that took new fame was dimebag(RIP)and in 2000 metal when to shit…no metal bands now adays dont even know how to fucking write metal..it all sounds like shit… so fucking hail the fucking 80’s and 90’s metal cause its the best its gonna get.

  • luxelysium

    Incredible how many people hate metal while all along the way we speak about such great bands as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Rush, Rainbow, Queen, etc.

    Some said that metal has no good vocalists, well, I doubt they ever really listened to anything other than their run of the mill new wave britt pop indie shoe-watching lameness; or maybe the metaphisically ever deeper art of pussycat dolls, madonna and their ilk.

    Seriously its sickening to read that some people are so intelligent – they give the allusion of being so with pseudo-intellectual verbal diahrea – that their brains stupefy their auditory tracts. Ian Gillan, Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, Zachary Stevens (Savarage), James La Brie (Dream Theater), Russel Allen (Symphony X) are all singers of a caliber that is hardly paralleled in your eagle eye cherry and justin timberlake puff dady or whatever world you metal-haters seem to be entrenched in. Some of the best musicians known since 1970 come from the hated heavy metal and hard rock genre. Its sickening to read that qualities like virtuosity, complexity of instumentation and technical prowess in metal which is only paralleled by progressive rock (by the way we also have metal on progressive territories)is intentionally left out of consideration or if not then while mentioning it in the context of metal music then it is being ridiculized. Why? Pure, irrational hate!

    Let me ask a question: compared to what kind of music are you haters dismiss metal? I am very curious. I just dare to presume its not pussycat dolls. And please do not come with that naive phrase of stereotypal, unreflected bias of “whats good is before 1970”, tell me whats so good after that year. Punk? Do not make me laugh. Hip-hop? The so called “alternative” talentless moaning-rock of the nineties? Britney Spears? Gosh, some people just hate metal because they align themselves with their imaginary peers of educated high-class snobish ignorants, because they wish to shine through to them as good boys and intellectual whatnots subserviently licking the boots of the musical establishment by reinforcing its outdated and intentionally malicious prejudices.

  • Haribo 420

    Entry #100 — funny!

    Entry #110 — funny!

    Now asked for #122 …. thats pretty damn interesting. Although I didn’t really understand some of your big words :p being a metal fan n’ all.
    Anyhoo’s, Skid Row!! Sebastian Bach! Awesome singer. Edguy! Tobi Sammet – he rules!! Manowar Eric Adams etc etc … hundreds of awsome vocalists. Guitarists? … we’re going to be here AAAAAAALLLLL day man.
    Much peace and love.

  • Shennanigans

    I call Shennanigans. Everyone knows that Fred Flintstone is the grandfather of everything derived from Rock Music.

  • I’m surprised that no one mentioned Keith Richards. The riff on “Satisfaction” was originally a horn riff but Keith supposedly wanted to get something that would make the riff stand “long and hard.” The story goes that Ian Stewart went out and got a distortion pedal. There you go.

    And what about Muddy Waters? Chicago blues?

  • Ryan Biddle

    What can I say, Adam? Acting like a jerk is certainly one way to get attention. If not for your scathing comments on metal fans, I would likely still be in the dark on IBM and Amazon.com. Thanks. Oh, and you’re wrong in your myopia.

  • LEE

    deep purple, next question, Way to pidgeonhold metalheads. makes me think all bloggers live in moms basement and troll anime conventions for goth chicks

  • HeavyMetalDumbFuck Head

    In spite of the fact that the original discussion gets at time a bit profane it is in fact an interesting one.
    Tricky and obviously controversial depending on your taste. One thing is for sure: you can not go by who first used “heavy metal” in their song or A WALL OF FUCKING 100 WATT MARSHALLS + 3 CHORDS
    I think Black Sabbath ‘s Black Sabbath is what shaped the Heavy Metal, no questions asked. No t so much the lyrics but the tone, the attitude, the head banging, the TUNE (that every metal band in the world can’t with out it), the drums, bass, vocals …all was mixed VERY well together as approaching the cumulative peak or orgasm (as per the “dumb-fuck metal heads”) at the end and yet leaving room for improvement and creativity that so many bands took advantage of it including Black Sabbath itself. Now, throw in the incredible talent, speed, and adrenaline of Richie Deep Purple’s HIGHWAY STAR and you produce the Gods of Metal – Judas Priest as well as the Kings of Metal that never forgot the face of their father – Manowar, but unfortunately very underestimated in their own homeland . The rest is merely a statistical race history of extremely skillfull champions such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc topped by the unforgiving Metallica!
    In two bands. BS and DP!!!

  • Will

    Dude, fuck off, metal is great, and i’m not a dumbfuck, i love metal, and i have a brain [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]

  • jason maurer

    What defines the birth of heavy metal for me is the introduction of satan. Loud or raucous or heavy just isn’t badass enough. It has to have a dark, evil undertone. It has to scare you. It’s your duende.

    In which case, you have to give the nod to Black Sabbath. That first album has harmonica, Jew’s harp, cowbell, jazz beats, happy blues rhythms, etc. and still there is something evil lurking in every song.

  • Kostas

    Steve Harris is the reason Heavy Metal exists.

  • Edoo

    Ok, whoever wrote this incredibly ignorant and foolish article has to have at least genetical mental problems on the account of his probably gay father. How would you dare say that heavy metal fans are dumb fucks and that metal is the dumb fuck little underbelly of metal? first of all rock may have spawned metal, but metal lyrics are way more complex and spiritual than Guns ‘n’ Roses and Van Halen’s. Metal fans are also a lot of times smarter than rock, pop, and punk fans. Also, your accusing a lot of things of being Satanic. Proves the writer is a complete and ignorant faggot. All the metal fans here, lets go to some other thread were the writer isn’t completely wrong in everything he knows.

  • Bearing in mind the logical ability and grasp of language of the previous commenter, am I to assume that heavy metal fans are latent homosexuals?

  • zingzing

    edoo: “How would you dare say that heavy metal fans are dumb fucks and that metal is the dumb fuck little underbelly of metal?”

    yesssss…. come back later, the snake is eating.

    “Metal fans are also a lot of times smarter than rock, pop, and punk fans.”

    i’m hoping english is your first language, because this would be much more funny. but i kinda doubt it. german? nazi much? maybe swedish.

    edoo, if you’re trying to lead your fellow metal lovers towards the promised metal land, you’re making them all look like assholes. you are shameful. in reality land, you’re a lonely person, aren’t you?

  • Adam’s article is thought-provoking but rather spoiled by the ad hominem attacks on metal fans which are sprinkled liberally through it.

    However, having read some of the subsequent comments, why should anyone be surprised that non-metal fans tend to think of their headbanging contemporaries as knuckle-dragging morons with the musical appreciation of a cauliflower?

    (It isn’t really the metal fans’ fault: I suspect that most of them who have shared their feelings on this thread are recent products or works-in-progress of the American education system, which does not excel at developing in its students the ability to express themselves articulately in any language resembling English.)

    For myself, I’ve loved heavy metal since my teens. I think it’s one of the most exciting genres of music to listen to. I recently attended an AC/DC concert – possibly the loudest noise in all of Creation, although since I have yet to see Motorhead live I will reserve that judgement – and felt young again. Metal has that effect: you feel invigorated. (And deaf.)

    That said, I’ve never been able to define exactly what metal is. It’s noteworthy that the supreme gods of the metal pantheon – Zeppelin, Purple, Sabbath – didn’t consider themselves to be metal bands. And there are plenty of bands down the years who most wouldn’t consider to be metal but who’ve blurred the line on occasion – Rush, R.E.M. (particularly Monster) and Wolfmother to name but three.

    As for who invented it, that’s probably as pointless as trying to identify the last classic rock ‘n’ roll song. Some people might say it’s ‘You Really Got Me’, some might say ‘Wild Thing’ by the Troggs, some might hold out for the first single released by an identifiably metal band.

    I’m just going to continue to enjoy all kinds of music, including metal.

  • Vic Scaz

    The origin of the term “heavy metal” has been credited to Beat novelist William Burroughs. He made mention in his novel Naked Lunch….which I do have.

    As far as what constitutes a metal song, it obviously has the loud guitars, with lyrics dealing with the occult, mysticism or the evil side of human nature. An art movement was started in France back in the 1800s(from what I recall)dealing with the topics I just mentioned. The actual French term I’d have to look up again.

  • Khaos Angel

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t answering the title. Heavy Metal originated from Metal, which orginated from “Bluesies-Rock” or “Heavy Blues” which originated from Bands like Cream.

  • Khaos Angel

    And BTW, noone “invents” a certain type of music. It gets changed by bands and only “pioneered” and “made famous”

  • Jesushi

    acually, the first metal song was helter skelter by the beatles. i dont know the first metal band though.

  • I thought the first metal song was ‘If I Only Had a Heart’ by the Tin Man.

    [runs off, giggling crazily]

  • lol, Dr.D. Wonder what the first ‘rock’ song was.

  • It was ‘Diamond Are a Girl’s Best Friend’.

    [Hee hee hee, etc.]


  • How about “Lucy in the Sky. . .”?

  • Jim

    Who cares if Iron Maiden didn’t get on with Priest back in the day. Back in the day they Iron Maiden were the opening act.

    Priest >>> Maiden.

  • heather

    who care about this stuff

  • RaWR!

    i like ham…ham is good

  • mark lanzarotta

    i’m shocked that nobody said Jimi Hendrix! But he was Acid Rock. And so was Blue Cheer. I don’t know what Deep Purple was, but Hush was the dumbest song I ever heard, not Metal. To get really ridiculous, why not Link Wray? It was Led Zep.

  • mark lanzarotta

    I strongly disagree with khaos angel. Every genre of rock music has one inventor. The Ramones invented punk rock. If you want toget more specific, Dee Dee did. To answer Cindi’s question, the first really real rock ‘n roll song was Rock Around the Clock.

  • mark lanzarotta

    I was really disgusted that in fifty Hendrix is better than them all put together.comments I was the only one who said Hendrix. He is a trillion times more influencial to the founding of metal than Vanilla Fudge,Deep Purple(gag!), and Blue Cheer were a nothing ripoff of Hendrix. Shame! It was Zep, but

  • mark lanzarotta

    blue cheer ripped off jimi hendrix. the kinks and steppenwolf were hard rock. cream and yardbirds were blues rock. deep purple and vanilla fudge were pop sludge. led zeppelin came before black sabbath. jimi hendrix inspired it, zep invented it.

  • mark lanzarotta

    blue cheer iS NOT the first heavy metal band,and I am astonished that you think so. Heavy Metal began as white boys trying to imitate Jimi Hendrix and failing miserably.The Kinks were hard rock,not punk, not metal.Hendrix inspired, Zep founded.I loved summertime blues, but it is Acid Rock.

  • mark lanzarotta

    FYI,Paul MacCartney attended LedZep’s first recording session, by invite. Then he callously ripped off their sound for Helter Skelter. He is a great man, but he is the Benedict Arnold of metal, not the founding father.Still mad about Hendrix being ignored. Why, cuz he’s not white? Dolts!

  • mark lanzarotta

    you’ve got to distinguish between proto-metal and metal. If the question is really who started heavy metal, proto-metal doesn’t count. it’s proto. over at the achilles last stand site, thy’re convinced it’s the beatles(!), with helter skelter. I have yet to receive a good answer why Jimi Hendrix is not the founder of heavy metal. none of you dudes mention him. are you too young to remember? do you think his music sounds too black? what is it? how can you say Blue Cheer when their version of Summertime blues sounds like a rip of Hendrix? How can they be metal and Hendrix isn’t. When Hendrix was doing Purple Haze, Deep Purple didn’t sound like metal, they were doing crap like Hush, the worst song in the world. The Who and the Kinks did loud, distorted music, but it didn’t sound like metal. Hendrix’s loud distorted music actually sounded like heavy metal, just better than usual. for those who say Hendrix is too much blues, what hypocrites! what about all that bloodless english blues that Page plays. Heavy metal has been a legitimate genre for decades, there is no controversy that rages. Metal fans are no dumber than anyone else. Don’t tell me Jimi was too smart to be Metal, it’s inverse snobbery, an insult to Metal and Jimi both.

  • mark lanzarotta

    oopsie! my face is covered in Custard Pie! I checked out Wikipedia, and they said Black Sabbath started Heavy Metal, and that Hendrix, Led Zeppelin aand even Helter Skelter were proto-metal. I can live with that, can you? Shoot, everybody’s gone! Was it something I said? Okay guys, come back, joke’s over. They’re not coming back! Aw, come on guys, you’re not dolts! well, you are, but I was just kidding, honest! Look, I’ll show you my cool basesball cards if you come back. Oh, it’s no use! O Atlantis! Donovan invented heavy metal, nyah nyah nyah!

  • N and A

    First of all the term heavy metal was first used with black sabbath!SO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!

  • mark lanzarotta

    Yeah, I guess Sab did invent it at that. But what you call it doesn’t matter really, it’s how it sounds. Black Sabbath sounds like what Heavy Metal sounds like today, and they were first. As much as I like Jimi,Zep, and all the merry crew, they didn’t quite sound like that. Maybe the guy who likes ham will come back and tell us we’re both wrong.

  • foREVer avenged

    dude you seriously need to get over yourself. just because you dont personally like the genre doesnt mean all metalheads are retards. you said there were all these dumb musicians in metal, i have a question for you. What genre doesnt have an idiot making it big? ill answer it for you, none of uhm. you said it can never be a respectable genre, tell that to pantera fans around the world, they made it during the hip-hop uprising which speaks for the relevance of metal.

  • urmom

    the kid who wrote this is high. or just an idiot

  • Lupe Suorado

    Alot of people believe that Wagner invented it, especially people who listen to both classical and metal.

    Here’s a good argument

  • So you say metalheads are dumb fucks? is that an insult because you don’t like the loud chaotic sound, head banging, thrashing and violence that can be triggered by the powerful genre? If that’s so, you must be one of those softcore faggots.

  • jjj

    it was Hendrix.

  • MrJ

    There is no such thing as hair metal. Stop believing all the BS you read on the internet.

  • MrJ

    And to the idiots, the typical f-ing majority who think Heavy metal is the choice music of ‘dumb fucks’ maybe you should actually listen to some Deep Purple. Led Zep, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots or Dream Theatre. Believe it or not there these people actually have the imagination to create songs that arn’t just about being sorry over how you mistreated your bitch or about how much fun your going to have because your going to a party!!
    Careful though, it might blow open your f-ing mind.

  • bryan gaffer

    who the fuck does this guy think he is to diss metal and metal fans so violently. what does he listen to anyways like litlle boy bands like my chemical romance [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor] who is to stuck up to listen to something beautiful and creative as metal and why would he right an article on the creator of metal music if he isnt a fan

  • Rod Linsdell

    I agree with martin Popoffs opinion. It all started with 3 albums from 1970; Uriah Heeps “Very eavy very umble, Black Sabbath’s self titled album and Deep Purples “In rock”.

  • glenn austin mape.

    steppenwolf just said that tony iomi invented the very first heavy metal guitar riffs. it means sabbath were the very first metal heads..

  • Stephen Brisbois

    You need to lighten up on the dumb comments. Sounds like you got your ass kicked one too many times by metalheads and hold a grudge. Also maybe you should watch Metal A Headbangers Journey.

  • Jesse Meating

    This is just insulting to metal fans, I love metal and I don’t drink, smoke or do any other drugs. Whoever typed this article up clearly has no understanding about metal that was not in the mainstream. Saying Metallica has some of the best musicians to come out of metal is completely ludicrous. This is just an article written by somebody who is obviously not a metal fan, or at least not a very big one. And also the fact that you make as though metal is a lesser form of music compared to others is foolish, metal has more in common with classical music than any other genre. True metal fans can just tell what is metal and what is not metal.

  • Jim A

    There are idiots in all types of music genres…

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it obvious that Black Sabbath invented heavy metal as we know it? Or at least gave it a new meaning?

  • dave

    i didnt realise metallica were metal sfter 1990 must be the dumb fuck adam ash whoever the fuck that is.

  • Eric Rietman

    because of the whole sabbath downtuning to c and the context of their lyrics, I usually say they are the first.

    And if you really think metal is for dumbfucks then you’ve never heard of meshuggah, cynic, porcupine tree, opeth, etc. I usually find that people my age who like metal are more usually the more intelligent people I know. Depends on the metal. Either way, I would only call someone a dumbfuck if they were insultingly generalizing something they obviously knew nothing about.

  • MetallicA

    well.. Mettallica changed the metal to a higher level ..

  • You

    I’d say The Beatles. They had heavy songs such as Paperback Writer, I Feel Fine and Helter Skelter.

  • Nobuz

    Wow, someone is butthurt over metal music 🙂

  • sz

    Heavy metal is much better than the writer described it is not a dumbass genre of music its also not the underbelly of Rock and roll.

  • J

    you sir are a condescending misinformed little…. well you get the idea.
    Your lack of knowledge into the bands and fans attitude and mindset makes you the last person anyone should ask for information on the topic.

  • kjlintner

    I would like to counter The Kinks comment with Link Ray. His song “Rumble” predates “You Really Got Me” by 6 years.

  • Adam hater

    Sounds like you’re mad bro, cause your band sucks or what?

  • Drumsandmud


  • if it doesn’t sound heavy then it’s not heavy metal.

  • Mr Mensa Metalhead.

    None of you, including the author who obviously thinks himself some sort of musicologist are correct. The real answer is that there is NO such thing as a “first heavy metal band”. Nope, not one. Why? because it took many artists to make that sound back when it was called heavy rock (before some arrogant asshole-fame seeking yellow journalist by the name of Mike Saunders coined the term “Heavy Metal” a term that wasn’t embraced by most fans until it was well into a decade.) Just about every artist that was pioneering a white blues/psychedelic rock amalgamation can be credited with creating the genre (and again, it had always existed under the more sound-physics appropriate term heavy rock as opposed to the more commercially viable label heavy metal)

    Doubters really, really need to check out the greatest metalband that has ever existed-the early 90’s band ACID BATH. Their sound truly epitomized what metal was meant to be in it’s most quintessential form by bringing back the psychedlic element in an extreme metal context. Metal wasn’t meant to be just a heavy sound, but a heavy mental space.

    Thus we have arrived at a true definition of metal; Music that is obviously too good for this blog’s smug simpleton to appreciate.

  • Guest

    Funny how both bands formed in 1968 yet this idiot thinks deep purple laid down the heavy metal sound years before black sabbath

    • Theo Xrysoxoidis

      actually, Sabbath at that time were either name Earth or Polka Tulk Blues Band, and played blues.

  • Stefan

    Really ? You think that the guys at Metallica and Guns and Roses are good? Screw you man. I find nothing metal about Guns n Roses and that commercial shit so-called Metallica

    • Martin Kuliza

      well then stefan, sorry to say dude,but then.. you don’t understand metal (the Music), in saying that i respect whatever your preference is (i’m not a hater), YOU FIND NOTHING METAL ABOUT GUNS N ROSES,.. Fair enough, and Some people find Nothing Classical about Yngwie Malmsteen , that does not mean his music is not classical. the fact is Metallica and Guns N Roses are very close, Just like Dave Mustaine is Mates with Lars, and the Metallica Boys are Freinds withs Anthrax, Hence they will share a common similarity, Metallica are not the only Metal band out there, but they certainly paved the right direction and gave the right message for what is considered to be the TRUE MEANING OF METAL (and i don’t mean the music, i mean the lifestlyle), BUT THEN.. SO DID MANY OTHERS, But, You can’t say Metallica is not metal and be correct, and as another point of view, a Metal band cannot Successfully survive 30 years of success if they are no good, The Fans know what sounds good, and they will buy it if it does, So, that’s that, History proves it, doesn’t it. I’m not here to say Metallica Rules and some else sux, Im just here to say, it’s very wrong to say what your saying when there is so much irrefutable proof that disproves you, … Even if it is your opinion.
      back in the 80’s i also Loved Bon Jovi, but then Metal Heads would say Bon Jovi Were Posers (each to his own Opinion)
      but then to be fair, Bon Jovi is Not Metal, it’s Rock n Roll

      You can’t compare Sad But True, to Livin on a Prayer
      and.. That’s my opinion.. Be Cool Dude

  • Tripmercy

    Dude… Go fuck yourself you self righteous asshole. You don’t know anything about metal, or it’s true beginnings in blues and in jazz music. Not to mention the clear classical influence all the way from sabbath (think mars Volta on black sabbath) to modern artists. Lyrics ranging from political aspects to the religious. Always bringing perspective to the larger questions in life. Sure there are a lot of stupid lyrics but that can be said of any genre. So I repeat, go fuck yourself.

  • Theo Xrysoxoidis

    Metal is not fuzzy, it is distorted and overdriven.Plus, a musical genre is not defined so much by the effects used as much as it is by what is being played.I can play you Maiden’s “Powerslave” on a guitar I’ll borrow from BB King and plug it into the clean channel of one of his blues amps.The harmonic minor scale will still do what it’s supposed to do.The song will still be metal.On the other hand, I can play you Bouree in Em with a Tone Bender or a Fuzz Face or a Big Muff, and maybe even put some wah-wah over that.It’ll still be classical, won’t it?
    Anyway, back on-topic, my belief is that there are two versions: Either Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” was the first metal song in the universe, OR, it was one of those not-so-well-known bands whose doomy albums surface on youtube from time to time.Bands that broke up pretty soon, bands that lived their short life between 1967-1970 and released an album or two before dying.I’ve heard some such bands, and I’m almost sure than some of them must have experimented with shit that was way heavier than what they were supposed to be during the times when they lived.IIRC I once listened to an almost pure doom recording from around 1967.

  • Your name

    Idk who wrote this blog, and sure they may have been right about the history, but they were an asshole while righting it… Judgmental prick

  • Hoplodrina

    Steppenwolf gave it its name and did it first; they even gave it the tradition of slow, lyrics’ driven, tracks (eg ‘Stairway to Heaven’) with ‘The Pusher’. Respect to the guy who suggested The Kinks, one of the most underrated groups together with The Troggs, but Steppenwolf were there at the same time and worked in the genre most consistently.

    • Felipe

      No, but It’s really near, a sub-genre, not actual Heavy Metal, Led Zeppelin invented.

  • the gayman

    i’m gay

    • gaydavid

      I think you are so brave I havnt told any one that I think I am gay

  • Hello

    If any crunchy guitar was metal then all rock fans would be “dumbfucks” to you. I mean the Kinks aren’t that distorted….

  • dave

    Say bwhat you like, heavy metal is the greatest genre of music of them all…
    and metal musicians are actually very smart to come up with their music…

  • Abdallah

    You went full retarded man, if you don’t like the genre just don’t write about it to gain some fame, fuck off really.

  • Jman

    How the hell do you not mention BOC? Good GOD.

  • gaydavid

    I love the way people argue over no reason it just like watching a man tack candy of a baby lol xxxxxxxx who faseys a shagg

  • radio caroline south

    Interesting topic Adam, bit of a shame you chose to be so vitriolic about your view of heavy metal fans as meat-heads. There is actually a lot of scientific research into the similarity of musical form between Heavy Metal and classical music, if you care to look.

    Have a listen to Gustav Holst ‘Mars – bringer of War’ from the Planets. It may not be your cup of tea but you can’t deny it’s heavy. Imagine it done by a metal band. Oh, you don’t have to.. see a batch of rip offs here. Most of them are bloody awful.


    Black Sabbath – War Pigs, was at least a variation of the theme (much better song too).

    Also listen to Toccata and Fugue in D minor, written by JS Bach in about 1705. Listen to the end. Tell me it’s not an influence on heavy metal.

    (1970‘s band Sky did a version with surf influences http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVE26_Zcoic) feat. classical guitarist John Williams, with Herbie Flowers on bass – probably best ‘known’ as being the guy who wrote the bass riffs in Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ – note the heavy metal musical structure).

    There’s an attempt at a timeline of the origins of Heavy Metal on Wikipedia, which places Steppenwolf and MC5 squarely at the top – Steppenwolf are certainly a worthy candidate (they formed before Deep Purple or Black Sabbath, the two bands who defined the genre in my view), but MC5 are more Punk predecessors to me.

    Your view that it’s the Kinks, while an interesting argument, doesn’t hold up for me. The distortion on ‘You Really Got Me’ was apparently a result of damaging a speaker to get that sound. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Really_Got_Me so both your and Theo’s comments, that the sound is distortion/fuzz, are correct, but the Kinks didn’t do it first.

    Distortion – by accidents, or overdriving small amps live on stage – was around since the ’50. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distortion_(music) I had a listen to some of the tracks mentioned in this link, and certainly there is some glimpse of distortion in tracks by Chuck Berry and Link Wray, but this is obviously not heavy metal, it’s rock and roll.

    Theo your sample track is pure Hendrix to me, and I’m surprised Jimi hasn’t been mentioned at all. There are some stories of the first true distortion pedal being made around ’66, by an airforce buddy of Jimi’s he asked to build something that would make that sound.

    Pink Floyd are also a real omission in my view, having formed in ’63. While I’m not suggesting they’re a Metal band, just listen to the tracks Astronomy Domine and Interstellar Overdrive from Piper at the Gates of Dawn (released in ’67, the year before Sabbath and Deep Purple formed) and tell me there’s no influence.

    I’m talking about real heavy metal here, not the ‘hair metal’ that some people clearly listening to. You know the stuff, where the hairdo became more important than the musicianship.

    As for answering the question, well it’s unanswerable isn’t it? Like the existence of god. But it’s fun to speculate. Some of you need to lighten up and find your sense of humour, which Metal has and always did have. Go watch Spinal Tap, or just look at Ozzie FFS!

    I brace for the insults, but just for the record, I’m neither a dumb fuck nor someone who is ignorant about guitars, having played for over 25 years. I’m also a girl.

  • Grandma

    I like heavy metal music for the same reasons I like baroque classical music, the structure and patterns of rythm and repetition. I have been a fan of metal since before it was called that (the early seventies at least) and I’m not a six-pack guzzling blockhead, I am that other stereotype, a grandma who still likes to listen to Tool, Metallica and Soundgarden as well as Telemann and Bach.

  • zeplin

    haha fuck you not the underbelly of rock n’ roll

  • Bachchac

    Nowhere have any of these so-called historians mentioned the Hackney brothers from Detroit. They called themselves ‘Death’. These were the progenitors of Heavy Metal/Punk.

  • j.pick

    wow…Adam Ash is outstandingly ignorant. Dumb fuck metal fans?! You are a waste of air. Did you think to mention that Black Sabbath was the first band to consistently use drop D tuning? Yes The Scorpions and Pink Floyd dabbled in D, but Sabbath went for it, not for psychedelic effects, but for that now trademark metal sound. I’m kinda thinking Adam Ash is just a sucky human being and takes out his own frustration from his sad life on random blogs

  • Cole Dunham

    The only reason people talk this way about metal, is because they are jealous of how long it’s lasted compared to their plastic pop-country bullshit. At first I would respond with hatred to anything like this I came across. But, after a while it got really tiring to argue with every dickhead about metal (a good majority of them were metal fans, [we’ve all contributed to those arguments]) and it’s impossible to argue with them. Arguing with these types of people is a lot like arguing with a brick wall anyways. You know, the type of little kid maneuver where rather than presenting facts, or reasonings, they basically just go “la,la,la,la,la, I can’t hear you, metal sucks, metal is for the devil, you’re going to hell, ect, ect, ect.” This is the bigotry and bullshit we will expirience our whole lives as metalheads. You know it’s bullshit, I know it’s bullshit, they know it’s bullshit, they just have to say things like this to justify themselves and their music, and their lifestyles. That,

  • Shade Draktore

    hey Adam, how about you go fuck yourself, because metal is a legitimate genre and your generalizations are something i highly disagree with.
    1. Heavy metal, just like other forms of music, is just a way for people to express themselves
    2. just because metalheads have been depicted with alcohol doesn’t mean that we “guzzle” it non-stop.
    3. you might not like the music, but that’s no reason to attempt to destroy it.
    4. I believe I rally my fellow brethren when i say, you are a bigoted, hateful asshole.

  • kinghenry

    I realize this sad little article is only a troll trying to upset fans of heavy metal. Only written to illicit an angry response so he can say…see I told you heavy metal fans are stupid. Well Mr. Ash (nice fake name loser), I hope you weren’t being serious about the Kinks inventing heavy metal. Then it could only be determined that you were in fact the stupid one. Tony Iommi invented ‘The Riff’. Therefore, Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, period. End of story. Now get back under your bridge dude.

  • Heavydoug

    First I ever heard was Hendrix.

  • Felipe

    Led Zeppelin invented heavy metal, they inspired Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, just read some of their interviews,just listen to the distortion on “Dazed And Confused”, how fast the solo is, how loud the drums are, how loud the vocalist is, that’s the true birth of Heavy Metal, sure, the origin of the riff is from Jake Holmes, but it was a folk song, no distortion, no solo, no heavy drums, no violin bow. And The Kinks ans The Beatles just helped to create Heavy Metal, they didn’t invent actual heavy metal, it was something near, a sub-genre.

    • Felipe


  • fp

    I was reading that metal was discovered by accident by groups like Blue Cheer. They turned everything so loud people couldn’t take it. They screamed lyrics out,and had a fuck you approach to things.The Stooges also laid out aggressive chords patterns that sounded full and noisy, biut had punk and heavy metal elements.Bands like Sabbath and Zeppilen are not heavy metal bands,but they really influenced the essense of where metal would go.

  • Christopher Cressey

    actually the author of this article is a dumb f.. himself the FIRST track that was considered METAL was by THE BEATLES with a track called HELTER SKELTER!

  • Davey

    The author of this piece is evidently fond of his ‘dumb fuck’ insult, but how dumb do you have to be to spell ‘of’ with two f’s!! Twat!!

  • alicecooper777

    you do know that heavy metal fans have been known to be some of the most intelligent people by scientists, right?

    • Sevrius

      Some is correct. Actually, a very few, and those would be the ones who’ve gotten some sort of media exposure. Nevertheless, it says more about our times and the general social trends then it does about the music itself. A generation or two ago, scientists were often known to have relaxed to baroque music. It’s a reflection of society, rather than any intrinsic qualities that the music in question may or may not possess. But, even if every scientist alive today were to listen to heavy metal music, that doesn’t deny the fact that hordes of drooling, uneducated, unemployable slacker-stoner types live and die by heavy metal. And, that’s verifiable by simply attending a heavy metal concert and observing those in attendance.

      • alicecooper777

        actually according to scientists the majority of metalheads are highly intelligent and very few are dumb while modern genres fans are complete idiots like rap and hip hop fans

  • Colin Latter

    I am interested in this debate. However the use of this ‘dumb fuck’ phrase that is repeatedly used is offensive and unproductive.
    How ‘Heavy Metal’ is defined will surely imply a different creative influence. For example would Jimmi Hendrix be included in the guitar influence?
    Because he used guitar effects that could surely be defined as ‘Heavy Metal’
    ‘The Who’ were definitely loud, does this allow them to be included?

  • Fuck head alert

    Fuck music you say only because you listen to fucky gaga you idiot

  • JaT20

    ”Dumb fuck???” I think you know that those people who prejudge and stereotype are NOT considered smart at all… Anyway… I wanna be honest with you and say that you may have a right to stereotype seeing that almost all those idiot nazis, white supremacists listen to rock and metal, but trust me they are a small minority which have absolutely nothing to do with metal. And I don’t think it’s right that you take those poser bigots and those desperate kids raging in the net as an example. I do think that the vast majority of metal fans are NOT ”dumb fucks”. Quite the opposite I’d say …so just FUCK YOURSELF!!

  • Chop_suey

    Wow… Calling people dumb fucks and insulting metalheads is a very cheap way of gathering popularity. You are too damn full of yourself. If you find metal “dumb-fuck underbelly of rock and roll” then you don’t know shit about it and stop writing blogs about it. Go and listen to shit like anaconda and baby or other mainstream music your tiny little mind can process. That’s the only thing that’ll go through your thick skull. And you’re the only guy I’ve heard who says that metal was invented by deep purple. Many bands before had hints of metal in their songs. Led zeppelin came close but the 1st band that was completely metal was sabbath.

  • Cunt alert

    I’m a web designer and listen.to metal you fucking idiot your the dumb fuck cunt judging people for what they like

    • You idiot

      Which means I’m pretty smart

  • Rueben Mcfadden

    I don’t know if you are doing this for kicks or what but this whole comment went out the window when you said “They’re either too dumb or too messed up on the next line of six-packs to know.”If you were being serous then you really need to try to figure out how to study and prob. really try hard on figuring out stuff. If you have to go low enough to get people to be interested in your comments like this then you need to figure out what you are doing with your life kid. Yeah we understand you don’t like metal but come one we Don’t bash your favorite music. and if you want to know it can be considered all of them that did invent it, They came around the same Yes the kinks helped the sound of metal but they did not invent the metal we know today, That does go to black Sabbath and there guitarist Tony Iommi for inventing Drop D for the deep sound. Now I ask you sir please next time you make a post or a “Blog” please do more work and study what you are going to be talking about. Good day sir.

  • MTB Bikes

    Adam Ash you are f’n clueless and talk a lot of Shiiiit. The Kinks are not metal you f’n dork and obviously you have no idea what metal is because of how you speak about metal heads! You’re probably some little wimp who got stomped on by a “metal head” in a mosh pit and now you’re crying like a little baby bitch, booo hooo. The term “Heavy Metal” is synonymous with cannon power in William S. Burroughs novels from the 19th century, hence the prevalence of heavy distortion guitars and booming drums that can be experienced in bands like Black Sabbath and is what most of us “metal fans” relate to, where the heck is that in “You really got me” by the Kinks you moron!?

  • Mike

    Sorry but it wasn’t Deep Purple. They are more likely to be an early example of hard rock, psychedelic or even prog rock but not really heavy metal. Their album “In Rock” was released around the time(maybe a bit later)than the first Black Sabbath album anyway. Black Sabbath is the best choice imo.

  • Blazing Hopw

    I’m actually planning on going to college. I listen to heavy metal quite often. I’m not dumb and I love to write stories. I doubt a ‘dumb fuck’ would come up with half the things I have when I listen to heavy metal. Believe it or not the music genre had and still does have a positive impact on my life. I actually write stories while listening to heavy metal and while it does have its downsides (just like every music type out there.) I have to say it’s one of those I enjoy. I have several kids in my classes who listen to heavy metal and they’re A/B honor roll students. I even made the highest test score in my school for state history testing. So your words are unfounded and full of uneducated nonsense.

  • Vengeful angel

    Christian music has a heavy metal side. Most of the music today doesn’t have a purpose. Groups like five finger death punch have messages in their songs. For example songs like wrong side of heaven rightous side of hell, coming down, and no one gets left behind. Let’s also not forget sabaton who’s album heroes is about world war 2. I didn’t know that Belgium had a company of 40 soldiers hold a border. They fought so hard and on such a large front that the Germans thought there was more than 40 men. Ghost division is about Erwin Rommel and a tank division he commanded that wouldn’t tell his superiors where they were at. The allies and the Germans would lose track of them only for the unit to pop up in a place they never expected. Panzerkampf is about the failed German assault on Russia at Kursk in which the Germans were defeated.

    So your idea that heavy metal is nothing but a group of ‘dumb fucks’ is unfounded. Then again anyone who uses the word dumb and fuck in the same sentence right next to each other is a hypocrite.

  • Bobby Boyer

    What an idiot. Black Sabbath started metal, pure and simple. Tommy Iommi cut off half his finger and had to tune down his guitar to be able to play. THAT kicked rock in its tailpipe and gave birth to heavy metal. The Kinks? Really?

  • J W

    Sabbath invented metal. The sound, the theme, the culture, even if they hadn’t quite nailed the style yet (Halford and his gay leather comrades deserve that credit). All others use them as a model- no exceptions. Even most punks do for that matter.

    As much I love the Kinks, they weren’t even the first ones to nail that distorted riff-centric sound either. Link Wray did that in the mid 50s and got banned from radio, film, record shops just for playing the damn riff. Before him, some black bluesmen were nailing that electric fuzzed out chord structure.