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The Healthy Skeptic: Hydroxycut – Weight Loss Supplement or Myth?

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Hydroxycut is one of those supplements that just won’t go away. Originally fueled by the now-banned and controversial ingredient ephedra, Hydroxycut’s current formula consists of a bunch of ingredients with little – if any – track record of success with regard to weight loss.

Beside the questionable nature of the effectiveness of the ingredients, Hydroxycut’s advertising and marketing approach is a great lesson in how supplement companies play the game. If you read the disclaimer at the bottom of their ads you probably won’t bother to buy this stuff, but just in case I’m going to give you a rundown of this new formula.

Let’s start with Hydroxycut’s “research-supported ingredients” list.

Chromium Polynicotinate is one of the main ingredients in the new Hydroxycut recipe. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that since there is no credible evidence to support the position that chromium – in ANY of its forms – has any effect on increasing muscle mass, boosting performance or losing weight that anyone making claims that chromium is effective is engaging in unsubstantiated and deceptive advertising. How’s that for starters?

The American Diabetes Association has gone on record and stated “chromium supplementation has no known benefit in patients who aren’t chromium deficient.” And with the research that has been done, there is little – if any – understanding of how chromium is absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated by the body.

Next on the list of ingredients is something called “Hydroxagen Plus” that is a blend of Garcina Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre, Glucomannan, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Willow Bark Extract.

As used in supplements, hydroxycitric acid is extracted from the rind of a fruit called the Garcina Cambogia, or Brindle berry. The claims that this substance is effective as a weight loss or anti-obesity agent are not supported by well-controlled studies. Conflicting data has been reported from some of the studies, and where some studies resulted in subjects losing weight other studies resulted in no weight loss, or even weight gain.

Gymnema Sylvestre is a substance derived from the leaves of a plant found in India and used as a treatment of diabetes. There’s not much – if any – evidence to support that this substance can aid in weight loss by preventing sugar from being absorbed by the body, and no science that shows that the chemicals in this leaf can block the absorption of sugar by the body. Most literature on this substance – even from the “pro-gymnema” camp – mentions that there’s no understanding of how this substance might work.

Glucomannan is basically a soluble dietary fiber derived from Konjac flour – very popular in China and Japan – that in some studies has shown to be beneficial for the obese and for high-risk, Type 2 diabetics. Since glucomannan is a fiber, it’s been shown to help those cursed by constipation. Sweet.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – which is produced by the body – has shown promise as a treatment for those with diabetic neuropathy – the degeneration of the peripheral nervous system as a result of diabetes – and is actually an approved treatment in Germany. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also an anti-oxidant. In animal studies, the anti-oxidant action of Alpha Lipoic Acid reduces or eliminates events that are precursors to neuropathy.

But in all the positives of the research that deals with this subject, there is no mention of any application of this substance to weight loss. With that, several of the areas where Alpha Lipoic Acid has shown promise still need to be studied further in order to confirm its benefits.

The final member of this “blend” is Willow Bark Extract. For centuries, the bark of the willow tree has been used as a pain reliever, and today some people use it instead of aspirin.

If you’re keeping score so far, Hydroxycut consists of four ingredients that have no proven benefits to the general population – with the exception of alleviating constipation – an anti-oxidant and a pain reliever.

The other “blend ingredient” in Hydroxycut is called Hydroxy Tea and consists of Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and Guarana Extract.

This part of the formula is designed to give you all of that extra energy that you’ll need to get through your workouts. Caffeine and guarana are different forms of the same substance, and will definitely gear you up. This is why users are advised to not use other forms of caffeine while taking Hydroxycut, as the daily dosage of this supplement is the equivalent of six cups of coffee. Yikes!

The Green tea extract has shown to be helpful and protective across a broad spectrum, from anti-oxidative to anti-cancer to the control of fat oxidation.

What we have here is the classic example of how these nutritional supplements are designed and marketed. Hydroxycut is a supplement that combines ingredients with dubious pedigrees with ingredients that may prove to be beneficial in some regard other than weight loss, topped off with stimulants.

On the Hydroxycut web site, we are able to look at only the abstracts of the two studies offered as proof. If you look at the details – nothing more than a one-paragraph summary of the results of two different studies – you’ll see that a total of only 90 “moderately obese subjects” were studied. This is an insufficient sample size to reach any kind of valid conclusion.

In one of the abstracts we’re told, “all subjects were placed on a 2000 kcal/day diet.” Well, for some people, 2000 calories a day can be a feast, for others it’s famine. So, to put people on a fixed calorie diet without regards for what their basic needs are is indicative of a huge flaw in methodology, and calls into question everything about this “study”.

For the “moderately obese” person, to consume 2000 calories a day would result in significant weight loss regardless of the amount of exercise a person performs or the supplements that they take.

If you come across a print ad for Hydroxycut you’ll see all the supplement marketers’ tricks of the trade. Fantastic anecdotal evidence of impressive weight loss, the “results may vary” and “exercise/proper diet are a must in order to lose weight” disclaimer and vague, scientific-sounding language are all on display in a typical one-page ad.

There is no better place to apply the phrase “buyer beware” than to Hydroxycut.

Read more of The Healthy Skeptic here.

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  • Love the series and look forward to more. As a nurse, you have no idea how many times I’ve had patients in need of kidney transplant because they fell prey to the supplement industry.

    People assume that supplements are safe. Vitamins, herbs, etc – dangerous when their use is not reported to doctors, dangerous when taking certain medications, and dangerous as hell with pre-existing conditions. There are many instances when no pre-existing condition is present and patients still end up with renal or hepatic failure. You never know what can trigger such a response.

    It’s scary stuff out there that continues to be under-reported. (Sure, let’s sue over Bextra and every other FDA approved medication under the sun, but heaven forbid we examine an unregulated industry!)

  • i’m just amazed at how gullible people are. i suppose it’s just part of the culture these days. take a pill for everything.

  • Clubhouse Cancer

    You’re wrong. I ate nothing but 10 Hydroxycuts a day for two weeks, and I lost ten pounds.

    Fool-proof weight-loss formula: Eat less, move more.

    Anyone who thinks there is another way to lose weight is wrong.

  • Mike

    Hydorxycut is my pre-contest bodybuilding cutting agent. My calorie intake is very very high, but it’s all about a great, clean diet and proper training. Train hard, eat clean and hit up a great fat burner like Hydroxycut. I’m not spamming the board or anything. I just know from experience and a substantial run in the fitness world that it works!

  • sal m

    there’s no such thing as a fat burner…hydroxycut uses stimulants to increase people’s energy level so that they will use that energy to train longer, and as a result lose weight. pills don’t “burn fat,” exercise burns fat.

    with all due respect, body builders are the last group of people that should be dispensing fitness advice.

  • Joe

    Actually, I’d like to disagree. Most serious bodybuilders are far more knowledgeable about supplements than the lay person, since it affects them directly in terms of their sport, and they surely regard their health as tantamount to success. I’m not talking your average male high-school steroid junkie; you have to be smart and do your homework to make it as a bodybuilder.

    As for Hydroxycut, I’m not in a position to comment.

  • sal m

    99% of the supplements touted by body builders have no clinically proven effects. combine this remarkable lack of real data with the reality that any pro body builder who endorses a supplement also uses steroids, and you see why – demonstrably – body builders have no business telling anybody anything legit about supplements.

    with regards to “gym science” – the anecdotal BS that passes for real knowlege in the gym – body builders are well versed. but this info has nothing to do with the real world.

  • john doe

    Hydroxycuts worked for me, taking the tabs before eating led to less pounds being put on, i constantly monitored my weight. I have lost 1 and a half stone from 14.4 to 12.8 in 1 month. It helps you burn of energy faster with all that caffine, 2 tabs in morning and 2 afternoon, there is no need to take 6 tabs. Use weight traning and cardio excercises with this diet and plenty of water.

  • sal m

    give me a break…weight training and cardio alone can make you lose that amount of weight without spending money on this stimulant and without introducing this foreign substance into your system.

  • Heather

    I completely disagree with your comment that “For the “moderately obese” person, to consume 2000 calories a day would result in significant weight loss regardless of the amount of exercise a person performs or the supplements that they take.”

    I was considered extremely obese. I am a 33 year old female who started a well-rounded diet with the help of a registered dietician. My intake of calories was limited to 1650 per day, and I did cardio and strength training 3-5 days per week to lose the 2.5 pounds per week that was my goal. I did this for five months, lost 50 pounds, then took a break. I’ve gained back a few pounds, and wasn’t nearly done reaching my goal, so I’m back at it, on the same plan, and seeing results.

    I would not want to lose more than 2-2.5 pounds per week as I know I’d be losing muscle mass and not fat, but I was advised that I was doing all the right things, and this was a safe rate of weight loss considering how much I had to lose.

    My point: There is NO WAY I could consume a 2000 calorie diet and not exercise and see “signifiant weight loss”. I’m not sure what your definition of that is, maybe a half pound a month? For people who are morbidly obese, so long as you are exercising, strength training, and creating a diet that spreads your caloric/sugar intake throughout the day and are eating the proper ratio of carbs/protein/fat, losing 2-3 pounds per week is healthy. And there is no way to do that on a 2000 calorie diet with no exercise.

    As far as hydroxycut goes, I can only see it as a benefit if people are using it as a psychological supplement to a good diet and exercise- something to help motivate them to keep going. But at the price they want, you could almost do an occasional consult with a life coach or personal trainer instead!

    That was HARD WORK, both the exercise and keeping track of everything I ate. There is no way I would have experienced the weight loss and fitness gain any other way.

    By the way, you also don’t mention in your article that Hydroxycut does offer a caffeine-free version of their product.

  • sal m

    you are operating under the incorrect impression that extremely low levels of calories will result in greater weight loss…this is clearly not the case, as the when you cut back calories too much you actually slow your metabolism down and as a result burn less calories and lose less weight.

    so in the appropriate program, 2000 calories in a day for someone who has 70+ pounds to lose will result in significant weight loss.

  • dave davey

    hydroxycut is a motivator to get people started that is not linked with dangerous side effects. If that is what it takes to get people off the gd couch and on the track and gym then a mere 50 dollar investment is fine. Good diet and exercise is the only true way of being healthy. Knowledge is power!!!!!! Lets educate people about proper lifestyle!!!!

  • sal m

    uh yea…well first of all this product isn’t marketed as a “motivator” but as a weight loss supplement.

    furthermore, educating people about a “proper lifestyle” doesn’t include telling them how a pill can help them to get started on their way to a better lifestyle.

  • faisal

    i used to train 1 hour daily ( mainly running and some gym work) and I couldnt loose weight at all. My heart rate was above 145. The trainer adviced me to have HydrxoCut. I found my self having more power to do sports, but I gained more weight . Because of Hydroxocut. So, I stopped it.

    The MOST EFFECTIVE solution that I found is to run or train hard for 90 minutes. I mostly used the Eleptical Device or trend mail and loose 2-3 Kg per day.

  • Parag Aurora

    Well I have been using Lipo-6 for the past one month. Yes i could feel the boost in my energy levels and ran like Tom Hanks in Forset Gump. Post one month I got feedback from people that I have lost weight. which is good shit considering the amount of work out i put in. What baffels me though is that I have only lost 2.2 pounds and only lost one inch on my tummy. What am i doing different from people who claim that they lost frikkin 16 pounds in one month. I have been doing weight training and control my diet very well but I couldve lost this weight without spending on Lipo. I know that I have gained muscle therefore there is no substancial weight loss. But I wana loose weight with gaining decent lean mass.

    Any tips anyone wana gime?

  • Deon

    Hey, just bought some hydroxycut wanted to try it out for myself after hearing all the hype. im no stranger to training but have been off it for a while resulting in a bit of unwanted extra weight. Just wanted to dump some fat whilst getting back into weight training so will keep you posted i guess on how it goes,although some of the ingredients do raise some questions,i agree. Also A comment for Parag, are you keeping your heart rate at the desired level for fat loss for your age group?

  • Melinda

    so…does it work, or doesn’t it? how about just drinking green tea and running 10 miles a day for a month?, willthat help me lose weight?

  • Weight Loss is serious, make sure you consult a doctor before going on any major diet.

  • Parag Aurora


    Yes buddy im working out like an ass. Im well inside the 140 -160 heart beats per minute. which is good for my age. But im on it and will keep u guys posted. and Melinda leme tell u that i lost the first 24 pounds just running and going on a proper diet. If that clarifies ur doubt. Suppliments just increase your heart beat and increase ur metabolism. It also increases energy levels so u can run for more time and kills ur appetite too. With suppliments or without two things are imperative – Patience and consistency. Fat takes time to burn. So just be on it.

  • Deon


    I think what you say is good way of looking at it.
    Just be on it. See what happens.

  • sal m

    supplements that “increase your heart beat” because they contain stimulants do not contribute to weight loss. and having an elevated resting heart rate is not good for anybody.

    and the placebo effect is quite strong….



  • Flood

    Hi Sal, thanks for the info on Hydroxycut. I wish I read your article before wasting my money. I was already getting a decent weekly loss of 2 lbs from just exercise and watching my food intake (quality and portions). I’m not into supplements much but I bought Hydroxycut because of some articles I read from contestants in the fitness industry that look good and swear by it. I wanted to add an extra boost to my weight loss. All I have noticed in the last week since I started taking it is a minor headache and heartburn with no added weight loss. Not worth it at all. Keep up the good work.

  • sal m

    it’s just a stimulant, and you’re probably having a reaction to it…at least now you know better!

  • molly

    Hydroxycut is a joke. I had a baby 3 months ago and I have 5 pounds left until I reach my preprenancy weight. I am 5’8 and weigh 130. I have been running, strenth traing, and watching what goes into my body. I thought Hydroxycut would help me take the rest of the weight off fast. All it has done was give me headaches and cause me to stay up way too late when I am already sleep deprived! It did not curb my appeite at all! Do not buy it! It is a rip off. I was stupid to become one of those idiots who buys into these products

  • Rodrigo


    people seem to know something about fitness here so i have a question.

    I have been going to the gym for about 3 weeks, doing 20 Minutes of cardio and then upperbody weights. BUT IVE GAINED WEIGHT, about 5 pounds since i Began, WHY???

  • Patricia

    I have been using this product for the past month. I am 5’5″ and I was 160. I am not about 153. I am not worried about my wright so much as how I look in my clothes. I am not one of those people who feels like I need to be a skinny minnie girl. My body is just not shaped that way. I started using the produce because I am a law student and I have to spend an inordinate amount of time at a desk to study. When I get a break, the last thing I want to do is exercise. So I started taking Hydroxicut. While I have not lost a crazy amount of weight, I can honestly say that it has helped me to loose a couple of pounds. I eat the same as I did before and there are noticable results. My friends and family tell me that I look great. I am a happy customer. I can understand that there is much frustration about the product and the author of the above article finds that the ingredients are not proven to make a person lose weight per se. But lets not discount Hydroxicut altogether. Lets just chalk it up to the fact that it works diffrently for different people…

  • sal m

    since there are no proven weight loss ingredients in hydroxycut and there are several factors that could have helped you to lose a few points, that’s all the reason in the world to discount hydroxycut.

    especially since you have to pay for it.

  • dP

    Wow. This blog entry is so biased, it’s sad. Why such animosity? Anyway, you might want to conduct a little more research next time before making such an attack.

    Some, of many, wrong things in your review:

    1) Garcinia Cambogia is a carb-cutting agent. Essentially, it prevents carbs from being stored as fat. What you wrote on it appears to be straight from Wikipedia.

    2) Alpha Lipoic Acid may be produced by the body, but in a EXTREMELY minimal amount, so much that it is insignificant. With supplementation, however, its potential can be optimized. You are right that it is an anti-oxidant, and a very powerful one at that. What it does therefore is destroy free-radicals that damage cells. This is useful because heavy exercise results in more free radicals floating through the bloodstream. ALA will counter that. ALA is also a transporter of nutrients (delivers nutrients to the cell).

    3) It’s funny how you seem to mumble off with your criticism on the ingredients when you get to Green Tea. It’s because Green Tea is an extremely popular supplement for weight loss, and I’m sure searching on Google or Wikipedia for evidence countering that would be tediously futile.

    I could go on cherry-picking all the flaws in your post but I’d rather get to the point.

    Hydroxycut is a great weight-loss product and it works because of its stimulant properties. These stimulants will increase the body’s metabolism, enabling it to burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. It’s not that complicated. In the mean time it reduces appetite because caffeine itself is an appetite suppressant.
    I have plenty of friends who combine it with a cardio routine and successfully lose lots of pounds. It’s America’s #1 weight loss product and has consistently stayed so obviously because people are satisfied with its results.
    It’s also all herbal, and the ephedra that was once used in it was banned by the FDA only because some moron took multiple times the maximally allowed dosage. Although the FDA has listed this ban and reinstated the legality of this herb, Hydroxycut still doesn’t put it in its products, just to be on the safe side. All of Hydroxycut’s ingredients are all natural and herbal as well.

    One should not deny the efficacy of a product solely because they hate the marketing hype.

  • sal m

    this last comment is straight from supplement marketing central…

    this is the typical kind of garbage that comes from anonymous internet randoms. the supplement industry depends on this kind of nonsense to counter the valid criticisms of their ineffective products.

    the knowledge base of this “dP” is such that they can’t argue facts, they call names, invoke the “bias card” and inpugn the data.

    for instance, the first ingredient contained in this supplement is Garcinia Cambogia – aka hydroxycitric acid – and here’e what the Physician’s Desk Reference has to say about it.

    “A recent well-controlled trial of hydroxycitric acid failed to produce any significant weight loss compared with placebo. This was a 12-week double-blind study in which overweight subjects were randomized to receive 1500 milligrams of hydroxycitric acid daily or placebo.

    In another recent study, also conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized, researchers sought to see whether hydroxycitric acid supplementation could increase fat oxidation in human subject. The researchers found no significant effect.”

    our anonymous supplement pusher isn’t aware of the legit research that’s been done on his supplement, and thinks that the info in my post came from Wikipedia.

    remember folks, this is the kind of nonsense thay you must ignore when confronted with the meaningless pseudo-science provided by supplement marketers and salespeople.

    and by the way, THIS version is supposed to be better than the LAST version of Hydroxycut. if the Hydroxycut people were such geniuses, they would have hit on this current formulation before they just loaded up their old formulation with ephedra.

  • dP

    I could care less about the “Physicians Desk of Reference.” I’m not sure if you’ve been to college but that’s not considered a valid scholarly source. Here is something more credible:

    “Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is a popular ingredient in commercial weight-loss preparations. Research has shown that HCA is effective at triggering safe weight-loss(1,2,3) – even in untrained men and women.(4,5)”

    1. Shara M, Ohia SE, Schmidt RE, Yasmin T, Zardetto-Smith A, Kincaid A, Bagchi M, Chatterjee A, Bagchi D, Stohs SJ. Physico-chemical properties of a novel (-)-hydroxycitric acid extract and its effect on body weight, selected organ weights, hepatic lipid peroxidation and DNA fragmentation, hematology and clinical chemistry, and histopathological changes over a period of 90 days. Mol Cell Biochem. 2004 May;260(1-2):171-86.

    2. Westerterp-Plantenga MS, Kovacs EM. The effect of (-)-hydroxycitrate on energy intake and satiety in overweight humans. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2002 Jun;26(6):870-2.

    3. Jena BS, Jayaprakasha GK, Singh RP, Sakariah KK. Chemistry and biochemistry of (-)-hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia. J Agric Food Chem. 2002 Jan 2;50(1):10-22.

    4. Tomita K, Okuhara Y, Shigematsu N, Suh H, Lim K. (-)-hydroxycitrate ingestion increases fat oxidation during moderate intensity exercise in untrained men. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2003 Sep;67(9):1999-2001.

    5. Lim K, Ryu S, Nho HS, Choi SK, Kwon T, Suh H, So J, Tomita K, Okuhara Y, Shigematsu N. (-)-Hydroxycitric acid ingestion increases fat utilization during exercise in untrained women. J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo). 2003 Jun;49(3):163-7.

    Once again, you’ve demonstrated elementary research skills. The evidence against Garcinia Cambogia that you found was taken from the first result of a Google research for “Hydroxycitric acid.”

    And no, I’m not straight from “marketing central.” I’m posting this because you’re feeding your audience false information about a product that I have seen work, and your review is ultimately a misinforming disservice to the public.

    Not only that, your response failed to answer my concern about your criticisms with green tea and weight loss. Anyone can do a Google search with a predetermined goal and copy and paste their first result. I’d recommend finding some scholarly evidence worth considering.

  • sal m

    actually, the more you post the more that you reveal yourself as a shill for the supplement industry.

    you employ the typical marketing ploy of providing very little info about any studies that you site. you use hollow terms like “triggering safe weight loss.”

    here’s a real, randomized, double-blind placebo controlled study where you can actually read about the methods used to study this ineffective compound.

    although i’m sure you don’t care about the obesity research center affiliated with columbia university, because you’ve seen hydroxycitric acid do its thing!

    Heymsfield SB, Allison DB, Vasselli JR, Pietrobelli A, Greenfield D, Nunez C.
    Department of Medicine, Obesity Research Center, St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY 10025, USA.

    CONTEXT: Hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in the herbal compound Garcinia cambogia, competitively inhibits the extramitochondrial enzyme adenosine triphosphate-citrate (pro-3S)-lyase. As a citrate cleavage enzyme that may play an essential role in de novo lipogenesis inhibition, G cambogia is claimed to lower body weight and reduce fat mass in humans. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of G cambogia for body weight and fat mass loss in overweight human subjects. DESIGN: Twelve-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. SETTING: Outpatient weight control research unit. PARTICIPANTS: Overweight men and women subjects (mean body mass index [weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters], approximately 32 kg/m2). INTERVENTION: Subjects were randomized to receive either active herbal compound (1500 mg of hydroxycitric acid per day) or placebo, and both groups were prescribed a high-fiber, low-energy diet. The treatment period was 12 weeks. Body weight was evaluated every other week and fat mass was measured at weeks 0 and 12. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Body weight change and fat mass change. RESULTS: A total of 135 subjects were randomized to either active hydroxycitric acid (n = 66) or placebo (n = 69); 42 (64%) in the active hydroxycitric acid group and 42 (61%) in the placebo group completed 12 weeks of treatment (P = .74). Patients in both groups lost a significant amount of weight during the 12-week treatment period (P<.001); however, between-group weight loss differences were not statistically significant (mean [SD], 3.2 [3.3] kg vs 4.1 [3.9] kg; P = .14). There were no significant differences in estimated percentage of body fat mass loss between treatment groups, and the fraction of subject weight loss as fat was not influenced by treatment group. CONCLUSIONS: Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo. PMID: 9820262 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  • The PDR isn’t considered credible? Gasp, sputter! It’s not? Gee, I better tell all the doctors I know to quit relying on it.

    Who are you going to believe? Someone who doesn’t seem to have ever heard of the PDR and doesn’t know it’s called the “Physician’s Desk Reference?”

    Not me.

  • jclay

    Okay, I have used Hydroxycut in the past and I truly feel that it helped me to lose about 15 pounds, whether that was by curbing my appetite or increasing my energy.

    I want to use it again, for only a few weeks to jump-start my weight loss.

    So Sal m, here is my question, and I’m really asking for your opinion. In your posts you have talked about how Hydroxycut doesn’t have any ingredients that actually promote weight loss. I couldn’t really see much talk about whether or not there is any harm in taking Hydroxycut.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if there isn’t really any harm in taking it, even though you feel that it doesn’t aid in weight loss, it still won’t be harmful for people to give it a shot, right?

  • jclay


    It seems like some of the ingredients are beneficial ones, even if they aren’t necessarily for weight loss.

  • sal m

    jclay…good question…i don’t think there’s any harm – in the sense that you’re hurting yourself physically – in taking stuff like hydroxycut for the rare person like yourself. however, it is a waste of money, in my opinion.

    for every person like yourself who views this kind of supplement as a catalyst to lose weight, there are thousands of people who spend their money based on the off-base promises featured in the advertisements and expect that these pills somehow are actually responisible for weight loss.

    these products are not advertised as catalysts or triggers to weight loss, but as a way to lose weight fast…their term, “fast.”

    on the hydroxycut web site all we are given are abstracts of studies that tell us that people on hydroxycut lost more weight in 8 weeks than did people taking a placebo. the problem is that these abstracts tell us nothing about the key details of the studies that could have a huge effect on the outcome.

    try to find this study anywhere on the web that isn’t a site that sells hydroxycut,
    “Preuss, H., et al. (2004). Nutrition Research. 24:45.”

    these sites come up with this phony-baloney “research” to impress people who aren’t’ comfortable or familiar with what constitutes real research. which is why i have a problem with what these companies do, and will continue to reveal the questionable nature of their ingredient lists.

  • rhonda

    Some people here who have taken hydroxycut in the past & then stopped, say they want to take it again because they have gained a few pounds back. Sooooo….seems to me unless one is willing to take a pill (or 6) every day for the rest of their lives, not to mention spend their hard earned money on said pills, then when they stop taking them again they will just start to regain the weight. Same with liquid diet aids or any other ‘aid’ you have to pay for….you may lose weight while on them, but then you stop taking them, and gasp! the weight creeps back.
    Why not save your money, stop putting unneeded crap in your body and walk 20 minutes a day, or dance to music you love, or sit in your chair and just MOVE for 20 minutes?
    i am morbidly obese, and have hemiplegic cerebral palsy, just fyi. i have lost 43 lbs in the past 11 months by walking at least 4 days a week (i try for 6 days, but don’t always make it). while i also cut out a lot of sugar, i didn’t drastically change what i eat. i love chocolate way too much to give it up, but that was my choice, and i do realize if i were willing to give up my sweet tooth, i could probably lose even more, quicker. i’ll dance while i clean, pace while on the phone, try to see how fast i can walk from my car to the entrance of work/mall/grocery store. Sometimes i have to get up 30 minutes early, sometimes i have to go to bed 30 minutes later, but i know that moving my body is something i would rather do than spend money to take pills ‘just to get me jump started’.

  • sal m

    rhonda says it all….

    “Why not save your money, stop putting unneeded crap in your body and walk 20 minutes a day, or dance to music you love, or sit in your chair and just MOVE for 20 minutes?”

  • Jon

    You mean this case study here?

    “Efficacy of a novel, natural extract of (–)-hydroxycitric acid (HCA-SX) and a combination of HCA-SX, niacin-bound chromium and Gymnema sylvestre extract in weight management in human volunteers: a pilot study ”

    Nutrition Research
    Volume 24, Issue 1 , January 2004, Pages 45-58

    Harry G. Preuss a, Debasis Bagchi b, Manashi Bagchi b, C. V. Sanyasi Rao c, S. Satyanarayana d and Dipak K. Dey e

    a Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University Medical Center, Med-Dent Building, Room 103 SE, 3900 Reservoir Road NW, Washington, DC 20057, USA
    b Dept. of Pharmacy Sciences, Creighton University Medical Center, 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178, USA
    c Dept of General Medicine, ASR Academy of Medical Sciences, Elluru, AP, India
    d Dept of Pharmacy, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, AP, India
    e Dept. of Statistics, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269, USA

  • happy

    thanks for all the info. I’m satisfied with hydroxycut, it really works for me and for me its worth every penny.

    The one that doesn’t work for me is Liquid Hoodia Extreme, I regret ever buying that. =( I’m sorry but that product sucks! what a waste!!=(

  • missylove

    ok…. i’m taking the ortho evra birth control patch…will taking hydroxycut effect the way my patch works? will it give me any bad side effects?

  • sal m

    ask your doctor.

  • shannon

    Awesome product. Delivers as promised. I combined use of pills with my usual diet, lots of water and exercise. I’m peeing like a race horse, have way too much energy and am losing the weight I wanted quickly. I highly recommend it. And no side effects apart from a pimple on my bum.

    Whoever wrote the blog seems biased, misinformed and probably needs to lose weight himself. As someone said, his research skills seem mediocre at best. Maybe he should write for about.com instead.

  • sal m

    yes shannon, written like a true expert…of course anyone who reads the research and comes to the conclusion that hydroxycut doesn’t work is biased and needs to lose weight themself. that is sheer brilliance and we should all be humbled that you have chosen to participate in this discussion.

    it’s amazing that I didn’t think that it was this melange of worthless ingredients that’s responsible for your weight loss…here I am under the false impression that diet and exercise are responsible.

    really though, thanks for giving us the real proof and providing real info regarding the efficacy of the ingredients in hydroxycut and for sharing with us that you have a pimple on your ass!

    it’s amazing the lengths that supplement shills will go to, isn’t it?

  • Belle

    sal m,

    Thanks for your thoughtful and reasoned responses to these comments. You understand the importance of unbaised research, using double-blind procedures and the enormous power of the placebo. You give me hope while others here are so close minded it scares me alittle. I hope you will continue to spread the word and not become discouraged and/or too frustrated. I hate to watch as people are taken advantage of; therefore, your counter information is necessary for those who are still undecided. You never know how many people your article will affect in a positive manner, so keep up the fight.

  • sal m

    thanks for the kind words, belle…i don’t get frustrated, i just laugh at the nonsense and keep plugging along.

    although i am amazed that people get mad at me when i try to help them save money, time and effort, especially when it comes to these phony dietary supplements.

    hydroxycut with ephedra all those years ago was supposed to be the best weightloss supplement ever, now this new version is…why didn’t these experts come up with this formula originally?

  • Belle

    Good for you. Sometimes the voice of reason gets lost and all anyone hears or pays attention to is the ill-informed. I worry. Good to know you take it all in stride. People say they are open-minded until someone goes after their sacred cow, then the gloves come off!!

    To me it seems as though these companies need to keep making “the new and improved” version to keep people coming back. It’s all about sales. They actually DON’T want people to have success. How would they make any money?

    Have you ever written an article regarding the myths and realities of hypnosis? I would enjoy reading what you have to say on the supject.



  • wondering

    i bought the “energy” Hydroycut pills, and still havent used them. i kno for everyone its different, but know if i should try. i jus want something that will curb my appetite, give me energy, and help me lose weight. any REAL advice?

  • Val

    I find all this discussion very helpful. It’s very hard to find information on whether it works or it doesn’t, but I enjoy reading what people that have TAKEN the supplement think about it. I also think that if someone hasn’t actually taken the product, they really have no basis to comment on whether it works or not.

    I have personally bought the product because I have heard from people that it worked. If anything it is a motivator, I’ll pay for a motivator! On the other hand I am also torn because I am still weary about whether or not it will have negative effects on your health. I think everyone on this forum should agree to disagree.

    Those who believe it works… well then it works for them! Who am I to tell them it doesn’t work. For those who say it’s a waste of money, well that was their experience with it. When it comes to products like this it is extremely understandable that it affects people differently. Do whatever you feel is right for you, I wouldn’t listen to anything that doesn’t have to do specifically with known bad side effects. That is what I think really matters.

  • Val

    Things that I have personally noticed while taking the supplement was that it makes me extremely jittery. I also notice increased heart beat. I would have to say that if anything, its doing something! This is just to provide real information, not that it is good or not. Just something to think about before you decide to take this supplement.

  • sal m

    this is clearly one of the most ridiculous comments ever.
    “I also think that if someone hasn’t actually taken the product, they really have no basis to comment on whether it works or not.”

    i’m not too lazy to check the ingredients list and find out that none of these ingredients are responsible for weight loss. if people would rather waste their money and introduce stuff into their system without first checking what’s it is, that’s their problem.

    followed up by this one.
    “I have personally noticed while taking the supplement was that it makes me extremely jittery. I also notice increased heart beat. I would have to say that if anything, its doing something!”

    anecdotal evidence doesn’t hold any validity in the face of scientific evidence that’s to the contrary. so actually, the opinions of those who say hydroxycut works are baseless given the fact that the ingredients list is made up of a bunch of products that have no demonstrable weight loss properties.

    this supplement is just a stimulant, so of course it will make people extremely jittery. but what the heck, if a person is jittery they MUST be losing weight!

  • Sebasitan

    Sam. L is doing a great job is spreading the facts and to comment on before if he went to college, it would be obvious that he has.

    What i find interesting to note is that if hydroxycut is simply a motivator is that they could probably sell a sugar pill and say “This will make you lose weigh fast.” and from what they’re past marketing ploys have shown is that it would probably fool people into buying it, which is shameful.

    The only resaon it can be remotely credible is that they give you a cocktail or herbal supplements and give you supposed scientific basis to believe it works. This is classic advertisement.

    Also, I was just watching an ad for it on tv and laughed because they got some paid doctor to say, “yeah, it works.”

    what people fail to notice about doctors promoting
    supplements and weight-loss pills, is that they really aren’t the best person to consult.

    Sure, they have some knowledge and the only reason you should consult them is to check if any regiments or supplements you take would conflict with what they know about your medical history and such.

    However, if hydroxycut ever wanted to truly be credible they should have registered dietitian or nutritionist expert stating it works.

    anyway, that’s my two-cents on the subject, but bottom-line is to always consider both sides and do some research and consult experts on your own.

  • codingguy

    any comments on Bayer’s One-a-day weight loss? Also, I exercise almost every single day (elliptical 45 minutes, and/or swim 45 laps and/or cycle) but I gain weight because the exercise seems to increase my appetite. Any tips, Sal?
    thank you

  • sal m

    i didn’t buy the one a day weight loss from day one, and being that bayer had to pay a fine levied by the FTC with regard to unsubstantiated advertising claims for the vitamin, my suspicions seem to be warranted.

    interesting observation about the swimming…i too find that if i’m not careful in monitoring my portions, swimming drives my appetite through the roof and i can gain 5 pounds. what i’ve done to keep this in check is to make sure i drink 20 oz of gatorade or take a carb gel shot right before and right after i swim. i find this keeps my hunger in check.

    i also have found that even though i am really hungry at times i overeat because i think i need to eat that much to quench my hunger…i’ve found that this isn’t the case and i can be satiated by a normal portion if i take my time eating.

  • It’s certainly true that eating slowly and chewing food more thoroughly absolutely helps to control consumption and, therefore, weight. Not easy mind you!

  • sal m

    it sounds ridiculously obvious, but if you prepare less you’ll eat less.

    we do a lot of our food shopping at one of those bulk places and it forces us to store stuff in the freezer. so what happens is that rather than make the whole package of chicken breasts that comes from the supermarket, we make only the two chicken breasts that we have packaged and placed in the freezer. the same with steaks and pork.

    nine times out of ten if we get the standard package from the supermarket which is about 1.5-2 pounds we cook and eat it, whether or not we need it. 1 pound is plenty when you have it with veggies, salad and/or some rice or pasta.

  • Matt

    I highly suggest that you allow people to make their own choices. God gave us that right, and all I have read in this review is biased AGAINST Hydroxycut and other supplements. MAYBE some people out there feel the need to take a supplement to make themselves feel better about their weight. Not all of us are personal trainers.Sal, I understand what you are trying to say, but never once in the rants and raves in this review blog did I hear you tell people to form their own opinion. If people want to spend their money, let them. But people, if you spend your money,educate YOURSELF on what you spend your money on.A million people could stand behind this product, another million might not.As for your reference’s to PDR, last I checked you need to be a physician to recieve the PDR and/or access the web PDR.I should know, my father recieves the PDR on a regular basis. But that is besides the point. People, educate yourself on the HARMFUL ingredients in your supplements before you bash a person/company for their marketing ploys. We live in a world based on sales/marketing. I should know, I’m a salesman, but I don’t sell supplements.To make a long reply short, Sal, allow people to make their own choices with their own money and time.If they want to waste both, let them.Educate people, you can’t strongarm anyone into your way of thinking.But you CAN help them to form their own educated opinions based on medical FACTS.And until you hold a PHD in medicine, your opinions,so-called facts,medical based info and your observations are BS based on your own beliefs. You aren’t helping people, you’re pissing them off.

  • sal m

    perhaps you need to familiarize yourself with the concept of medicine and medical science before you open your mouth and make ridiculous comments.

    hydroxycut isn’t medicine it is an unregulated, over-the-counter supplement that is advertised as a weight loss product. i’ve pointed out that not one of the ingredients contained in this sham product has reported weightloss properties.

  • joe t

    Simple question, simples answer:

    If I were to take hydroxycut (or another thermogenic) for a set period of time, would this stimulant raise my metabolic rate to help me burn more fat than I would have by exercise and diet alone? If I want to lose 50 pounds, will it help me to do it more quickly?

  • sal m

    the overstatment of the effects of the theromogenic effect is one of the great marketing accomplishments of the supplement industry.

    i don’t think these products make an appreciable difference and don’t think that they are worth the money. their placebo effect is greater than any metabolic effect.

  • Sal, we should take advantage of the placebo effect and start marketing the weight-loss benefits of Tic-tacs.

    Joe T, take two Tic-tacs per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and — when combined with a sensible diet and exercise plan — your body will burn off that fat in no time at all*!

    * Actually, it takes time. Only surgery or an accident that causes you to lose a limb would take “no” time.

  • sal m

    tic tacs are good, but altoids are much better….those suckers burn!

    i can see the campaign…”altoids are ephedra-free and when combined with a calorie restricted diet and regular cardiovascular and resistance exercise can help you to lose weight and inches.”

  • j

    I tried these and I had a really bad reaction. I was so jittery I was shaking uncontrollably and actually ended up spending the entire night being violently ill. I suppose it could all be coincidence and I had a bit of stomach flu, but it still scares me nonetheless and I will not be taking any more of these pills.

  • Tom

    Whether this works or not. I have been using HC(Hydroxycut) for less then a week and hae lost 6 pounds. I am up to par using the recommended dosage. Sometimes I miss a dose. Even though it says not to combine with any other caffiene products, I drink about 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and sometimes a cup or two during the afternoon for work. I havn’t felt the need to eat anything since I’ve been using HC. I work as a cook, so yes, I do nibble at work to make sure the food taste good. I’m talking about like a strand of spagetti, or one small roasted potatao.
    My biggest problem with food is WHEN I eat. Before HC I would get home from work and eat @ around 11:00 at night!! I know it’s only been a week, but so far if there’s any reason why I’m happy I bought HC, it’s due to the appetite reducing it helps me with.

  • truth

    bottem line…. it takes hard work to get results.

    it’s a pretty simple equation,
    calorie intake – calorie output =
    weight change (+/-)

    Some supliments work great and are well worth the money, but in order for you to get results you have to put the work in regardless.

    burning 200 calories while taking hydroxycut is Still only burning 200 calories… it doesn’t change this..

    Can supliments help?? YES!!!
    you may find it easier to get quality workouts in by taking supliments to give yourself that “boost”
    Now instead of burning 200 calories during your workout, you may deside to push yourself harder to burn 350…

    Placebo effect? Mabye, more than likely it’s the cafenee giving you that rush and motivation.

  • Michelle

    I have been reading these comments, and I am so confused! I just purchased Hydroxycut Caffeine Free, has anyone used that?

  • lisa

    Look yall, I just want you to know that I’m sick and tired of people saying that all you have to do is eat less and move more to lose weight. I am 5’7″ and 167. I’m overweight. I have worked out 5 days a week hard for over a year and have not lost one pound. I have also stuck to a pretty low cal diet. What’s your response to that???

  • sal m

    my first, and basic answer is that who says that 5′ 7″ 167 is overweight?

  • richard

    i have been taking hc for one week and today my stomach was killing me and i even threw up a few times before, during, and after my workout. has anyone experienced this? did you stop taking hc because of it? what do you think the reason is? should i take less than the recomended dosage? i have lost 9 pounds. is this just water weight. before i started taking hc i worked out every day and couldn’t loose a pound

  • confused

    well, i used to work out all the time for about one year and a half and was in tip top shape, no supplements but some vitamins. i stopped for about i year now and gained 10pounds. recently decided to take some hc just to start the weight loss process until i started working out again in a couple a weeks. Based on the information on TV hc is supposed to be a weight loss product by itself that is further enhanced with diet and excercise. which means if i haven’t altered my lifestyle other than starting hc, i am supposed to lose weight, with diet and exercise i am supposed to lose more right. so i was expecting a little weight drop before i start the gym.

    Of all the ingredients mentioned, only two seemed to be weight loss products, it’s been only a week, (which is not enough time to judge) but so far all i’ve felt is bloating, nausea and i don’t feel like eating any less.

    Since this product only works with diet and exercise, i’ll save the rest of the pills for next week when i actually start working out. then when they are done, i’ll find a cheaper alternative for energy. and try to keep the work out going since i definitely know that works.

  • amy b

    I have tried hydroxycut. I have also tried a proper diet and exercise. Guessed which worked faster – the proper diet and exercise. I lost 28 pounds in about 4 months by walking every morning (weather permitting) for about a mile with weights in my hands and by eating an 1800-2000 calorie a day diet that was heavy in fresh veggies and fruits. It worked well with no unpleasant side effects.

    If someone wants to try hydroxycut, I guess that is there business, but if they do, I would recommend that they buy the smallest bottle they can get their hands on so that the investment is small.

  • anon

    to be honest…it probably responds to certain people’s bodies.

    it works for some people, & for some it doesn’t.

    can’t really determine if it is or it’s not for EVERYONE.

  • britney

    hi…i read most of the comments and i have also read other reviews on this product. I hear things like “its great ive lost weight” and “its a rip-off and doesnt work” or that people have even gained weight. do the different results have to do with different body types, how people respond differently? or is it how much people workout with it? i am fit and workout everyday but have a few pounds i want to lose fast that i gained in college. i cannot decide whether it is worth it or not because i do not know how people get results while others dont?! any response??

  • anus

    ….im horny

  • hate

    Hey fatasses, stop dicking off on your computers researching a diet pill and go exercise.

  • dP

    Anus, where can we meet? Would you like some dP? Pun intended.

  • yo mama

    sal m is annoying…….I was fine with reading everyones comments until he/she kept responding to all of them in a very rude manner. Geez….anyways, I take 2 hydroxycuts in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and what do you know, I’m still alive after the 9 years I’ve been taking it. It has helped me with the energy I needed to workout after each of my 3 children were born and it has helped me maintain my normal weight. Who cares what everyone thinks people. If you want to take it, take it. It will not kill you (unless you abuse it I guess). ~I’ll be awaiting your comment sal m~

  • yo mama

    Ooops……I just noticed who sal m was. You are hot! But I still dont think you should be so rude to people. :)~

  • Israel Castro

    holy crap there is alot of crap flying everywhere, first of Sal is right(even if you try not to admit it) HC is a supplement SUPPLEMENT to weight loss. alot of other pro Hydroxycut people are right too cause they say it”gives me the energy i need” to help their workouts and i will now state the name of the amazing chemical supplement that aids AIDS weight loss….. CAFFEINE duh duh duh. trust me six 600-800mgs of that and i’ll piss 5 lbs of water weight in a week. if you wonder why some people here claim headaches and nausea its because of DEHYfreakinDRATION, ya need water and you’ve just pissed or sweated it all. i love caffeine and i can swear by it (thats the energy booster in bassicaly EVERY thing in GNC) if you want a supplement that is super awesome try just caffeine pills or stackers and keep you’r caffeine intake the same as while on HCut and tell me if you notice a difference. chances are you won’t but you will save an assload.

    I didn’t go to college but i stayed at a holiday inn express last night, no but i am a navyDEP and see lots of new recruits that need to lose those extra inches or pounds and i swear by diet exercise and CAFFEINE. i’ve helped a lot of recruits meet weight goals because of it. so far everyone here is completly correct but noone here seems to notice. wow dense as hell lol. Sal you are right in that it is a SUPPLEfreakinMENT and that is all yet it is advertised as a fat burner which is wrong and decieving. its funny how it says on the bottle that it must be used with diet and exercise but supposedly it can work without it huh.to the ones that say it motivates them they are also right because thats what sal has been saying this whole friggin time but your head is too far up your rears to listen without flaming.

    the lesson learned is CAFFEINE rules

  • MR.FIT


  • Matt

    Every pro-hydroxycut post has mentioned that it helped them lose weight along with diet and exercise. But not a single one has said anything about just taking Hydroxycut. It’s the fault in both these anecdotes and in the studies cited on the commercials.

    Also, the plural of anecdote is not data.

  • Geral

    I started taking hydroxycut hardcore, which is suppose to be their best one. I’m still not quite sure what I think about it. However, it does make me restless at night, last night I didn’t get any freken sleep. And honestly it makes me feel very awkward, almost as if I am on cocaine or something. I am still using it to see if it will work, I haven’t really noticed much results yet, but then again its only been a week. But taking it has really motivated me, which is what its purpose almost is- you are paying for it and you want to see results so you will do what you have to to make that happen. You guys talk about wasting money and all that, who gives a crap… 0o0o0o0o 50$ for 2 months of supply, honestly what is that like 80 cents a day? I say if it helps you by motivating you, and even does a little on the side- and you are someone looking for motivation then take it! You have nothing to lose- besides your weight! =)

  • Melinda

    I went on a Hydroxycut for a while and experienced the side effects. My stomach was so contorted it rejected all food and I hardly felt like drinking any water. Yes it suppressed appetite; I ended up not eating for about two days but because it was too painful to eat. I felt full because my stomach was filled with acid it seemed puffed up (you can imagine I did not feel skinny). My arms were shaking uncontrollably. It did not improve my performance in my cross country race and caused me to cramp up. I was too sick to go out and have a social life. I’m sure if I stuck with it the adverse affects would diminish as my body got used to the new drug. But the worsened running performance and the stomach sickness did not seem worth the benefeits.

  • elnateo

    metabolism- 4-5 small balanced simple meals a day, daily cardio of at least 20 minutes.

    Fat burning- increased lean muscle mass, water intake, follow the food pyramid.

    Muscle growth- hard work, alternating workouts to keep the muscles from getting too used to a particular exercise.

    Eat fruit.

    Oh yeah, kill alcohol consumption, no junk or fast food, and don’t expect overnight results.

    Eating lawn clippings has been proven to have the same effect as hydroxycut when this type of program is followed.

  • tyrone biggums

    crack helps you lose weight FAST!

  • Cary

    I started taking hydroxycut because a friend recommended it to give me energy. I was not intending to lose weight. I loved the amazing amount of energy it gave me, so started taking it regularly (well below the recommended dosage. 2-3 capsules a day). Even this small dosage made me a little nauseated at first, because I previously consumed almost no caffeine and had a little sensitivity to it — this went away after 2 weeks or so.

    What I didn’t intend was the weight loss I started to see. I didn’t notice at first, until people started commenting. It makes sense that a substance that increases your energy level dramatically will help you lose weight. I also ate less, which may speak to appetite suppressing qualities of the product. After taking it for a few months, I’ve stopped because the weight loss frankly needs to level off. I think my eating habits permanently are changed now, because I am still losing a little weight.

    My weight loss has been pretty moderate. I wasn’t overweight when I started and didn’t take the pill with the goal of weight loss in mind. I was losing maybe 7 lbs a month. Keep in mind, my weight was stable for years before I took this and I did not increase my exercise or purposely change my eating habits. Also, I don’t think my results were psycho-somatic as you imply, because I wasn’t trying or wanting to lose weight by taking these.

    I find it disturbing how you discount all personal experience in this argument. I agree, scientific proof is important. However, science is not all-knowing – look at the ‘facts’ that have been proven and disproven throughout history by science. Observation is part of forming a scientific theory, so how can you continue to dismiss observations of results? How many people can you call an idiot for sharing their own observations of results, just because their experience is not supported by documented scientific studies?

  • Gav D

    Hi Guys,

    Interesting comments about the supplement industry. I’m currently in the British military and serving over in Afghanistan. Hydroxycut is available throught the US PX over here and many of the guys are using it with an exercise program and are losing weight.

    I’m not using it and I’m exercising and I’m losing weight so is it working – who knows.

    I would like to give advice to anyone who is willing to listen about losing weight. Here goes:

    Find a sport. Having something to focus on that lets you train towards an event or purpose is a great motivator. Choosing a sport that allows you to train socially with others helps you build friendships and stops you becomming a weight obsessed loner. I would recommend the following for weight loss.

    Boxing/Martial arts. Great training encompassing strength, stamina and flexibilty. Good all round fitness training and the possibility of entering competitions etc. Very sociable as you inevitable require a training partner etc. Also has the added benefit of training you to defend yourself against aggressors.

    Cycling. Get a road bike and enjoy the countryside. Cycling is a sport that you can sit at a decent heart rate 65-75% for up to 4-5 hours at a time (when trained) which will melt the fat off you, trust me. This can be done in the knowledge that your weight is supported by the seat and you will not damage your knees etc through impact. You may get knocked off your bike however, so be safe.

    Running. Enter a marathon, get sponsorship, raise money for charity. Running is the second best way to lose weight (x-country skiing is tops). However, it is an impact sport and if you are carrying a few extra pounds, your knees will suffer if you try too much too soon.

    Swimming. This is the ultimate in body sculpting exercises – look at any good swimmer and you will see they are built like Brad Pit in fight club. Great all rounder and non impact. But you have to swim with a purpose, leisurely splashing up and down a lane will not help whatsoever. Join a Triathlon or masters swimming club and train properly for great results.

    My advice, take up triathlon, great sport helped me get back into shape after I bust both my knees and took 4 inches off my waist line. Supplement this with some Karate/Taekwondo/boxing training and you will not have to worry about running on your own.

    Many thanks for reading this – train well, eat sensibly (no need to diet as such) and you will lose excess bodyweight. Whether you take pills is your choice. I personally take a 1 a day vitamin tablet as I find I get colds if I train hard and do not take extra vitamins.

  • STM

    I’m with you Gav … the secret to all this is burning up more calories than you take in, or at least finding the right balance to maintain weight once you’ve got where you need to be.

    It’s that simple, really.

    I’m in Australia, and I’m a surfer. I surf most days, sometimes two or three times deopending on how good it is. You are right about swimming being a good body-sculpting exercise, and surfing is similar and a goodie too, especially for the shoulders and upper back.

    However, you do need to do some other leg exercises, and we always joke about a couple of our mates who have the typical surfer’s body: very broad shoulders, big chest and pecs, strong-looking arms, biceps and forearms, rock-hard abs – and really skinny bloody legs.

    A few years back, feeling a bit down and out after splitting up with the trouble and strife, a friend in the pub suggested I do yoga (and I nearly choked on my drink at the time). I might add that I’m a former rugby league player, so the idea of sitting around saying “om” with a pack of sheilas I thought might be vegans preoccupied with brown rice and scented candles didn’t really appeal at the time.

    However, I did do it (and still eat steak) … in a boatshed on Sydney Harbour, usually in the evenings, and it was great over summer here as it’s always warm in the evening – and light ’til 8.30pm.

    It was a Japanese form of yoga called Oki that incorporates some of the more traditional forms, including the very physical ashtanga. I reckon I lost 15 kilos in about six months – from a fit(ish) 85 down to just over 70 – and became the strongest I’ve ever been.

    My clever mate’s response: “Told you so”. And the reason: most Oki exercises are aimed at building up core strength, from which the body’s other strengths come.

    You don’t need to put shit into your body to get strong … you just need to do the right stuff and eat the right foods. Even if it’s steak. A ot of trainers will also tell you that if you want to get big, lift heavy weights. If you want to get strong, do a lot of repetitions of lighter weights.

    And good luck on your travels over there. I hope you get to have a beer or 20 with a few of my countrymen.

    And a merry and safe Chrissie to you as well.

  • Jay

    I know nothing about weight loss, or all these items found in this product, but I’m speaking from someone taking this stuff for 3 weeks (the hardcore version). I’ve lost weight, I know I have. I started working out every day cardio for about 20-30 minutes, and now I don’t work out very much, and I stopped eating GREASE COMPLETELY! no more fat foods, fast food, or fried food. I eat grilled everything, and watch how much I eat. Yes, hydroxycut may for some people not work, but that’s why it’s not for everyone, and the company plainly states that. But when your car is broke down, you hate it, but when it works, boy you love it! same thing goes for hydroxycut, when it doesn’t work, you hate it, and dispise it, when really it’s not anyone’s fault, your body just isn’t made for it! Some people’s is made for it, and you just have to say, well, it didn’t work for me, and try something else, or do cardio, and eat right. You will lose weight, maybe not as much, but a good amount to say wow, I really like this new look.

  • stevenp

    It would be nice if you could even spell “garcinia cambogia” properly.

  • Jin

    I’ve been on a diet and exercise program now for a month but now have just begun taking Hydroxycut Hardcore. I’ll let everyone know when I start seeing results. By the way, in previous years I have trained boxing for two years and on and off weight training for four years, supplementing regimes with creatine and protein. Just experimenting with Hydroxycut to see what the hype is about, and if it does work, I won’t hesitate to share it with others.

  • Im just saying…

    Ok… THIS IS MY OPINION … thats ALL… SAM!

    I have worked out my hole life… after two kids and staying 19 for 6 years has made losing weight and well keeping it off more difficult. I still plugged on with different exercise routines thinking that maybe my body was just used to this one or that one. I stayed the same… OK NOW I started taking Hydroxy cut in November 07 I still do the same exercise routines that I have done for 5 years and and in a little over 2 months… with the HC I have lost 28 lbs. Same amount of time … nothing more nothing less… same exercises I have done for 5 years… I don’t know if it just hyped my metobolism so I BURN MORE… I do not know. It worked for me tho and the ONLY think I changed WAS I started taking these horse pills…

    BUT THAT IS ME… could be a mind thing or whatever either way … for me they work. I think if you are thinking about them… try them if they don’t work don’t buy them again because they are obviously not for you.

    You only live once DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! <3

  • Tony

    LMAO, what a funny thread.

    Sal, if you still visit this thing, thanks bud for trying to spread FACTUAL data.

    People are stupid, and no matter how much you try to explain yourself, they’ve been indoctrinated by ADVERTISING to resist anything to the contrary.

    Just keep doing your thing, bro. We’re reading, we’re listening, and we get it. Just not ALL of us.

  • BM

    WOW!!! your all stupid, of course the ingredients in Hydroxycut dont help u lose weight or burn fat. hyroxycut controls ur appetite and increases ur energy. it works if u use it while using a some sort of fitness program. calling the product a waste of money because none of the ingredients burn fat is incorrect.

  • BM

    P.S. the title of the article is incorrect, hydroxycut isn’t a “weight lose supplement”, its a dietary supplement!!

  • Hello

    Hello, Im 18 male and just starting to use hydroxycut hardcore today, im at 189 and have mild body fat, looking to decrease it in my core and thighs. will this help me?

  • I just want to ask all of you who did take Hydroxycut..did any of you get those nasty side effects, such as arrythmias or high blood pressure?

  • bea


    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad the road which leads to ruin, and many there are who enter by it;” Matthew 7:13



  • dennis

    so you discount Hydroxycut because there is not evidence to prove otherwise thats its real. However people do not discount Jesus Christ but none of us have aver seen him or factual evidence that he is real. But millions of people around the world live by the book that was written to give us belief. (Bible)So we should believe the bible because someone wrote it? If works for people, great. If not… run like hell so you can lose wieght on your own!

  • trying something new

    Trying something new on Feb 12,2008
    After gaining 90lbs. in the last 4yrs (22.5lbs yr)
    And being dignosed with cronic fituge syndrome, I
    have struggled throuth daily tasks with my low “NO” energy for decades and I’ve been searching for something that will at least give me enough energy so that I won’t stuggle so much.
    I’m 4’10 3/4″ and weigh 190lbs.I am very sceptical to see the outcome of this product works for me.And to really put it to the test to see how much body fat I can loose with this product alone, I only took half a pill on day 1 and 2. It did nothing for energy, but it did however prevent me from benge eating during the day.
    Today is Feb 14,2008 and day 3 so far this morning I took one whole pill to see how it will efect my diet,and get me through the day, even though so far I don’t feel any different and I’m still tired. I will write back with-in the week to let you how it’s working.

  • Fred Lemon

    Good luck, but count me as a skeptic on Hydroxycut. NutritionalTree.com for example rates this product as 1.5 stars out of 5.

  • The Obnoxious American

    I used to take hydroxycut years ago when it was ephedra based, and it definitely worked, I lost pounds. My heart also thudded in my chest like a bass drum and I tingled everywhere. But I lost weight and thats all that matters right? Right?

    I am sure Hydroxycut now is just like virtually every legal weight loss supplement on the market – useless.

    Why can’t we figure out a way to incorporate HGH legally? Forget the Clemen’s freak show – HGH really does improve strength, reduces body fat, and is totally natural (they give it to kids!)? Our bodies do stop producing HGH in our thirties. Women get hormone therapy when they stop producing hormones, why is this different? Only because of political taboo?

  • trying something new

    I’m writing back eariler than expected, because so far things are really working great for me. I only took that one pill yesturday, and I ate my usual 2 meals. I eat 2 subs for lunch (520 cal. together)and than a ballenced meal. I didn’t feel the need to snack on anything all day. And even though my eyes felt as big as saucers I wasn’t gittery,which surprised me, because I do feel extreamly gittery if I drink more than one cup of coffee per day. I also noticed my heart wasn’t racing. I did feel very awake and allert although my body wanted to rest as usual.
    I started things slow, because I’m very sensitive to medicaction and I wanted to know how it was going to effect me. So far I feel as though it’s working for me, because not only do I not feel hungry, but I don’t feel full either.
    I’m going to continue taking one pill daily with my one cup of coffee, and weigh-in on Saturday to see how much wieght I lost if any and I will report back with my results some time this weekend or by Monday at the latest.
    Good Luck to EVERYONE who is also trying something new.

  • trying something new

    I lost 4lbs. in 4 days on Hydroxycut without proper diet or exercize. I will continue to take hydroxycut and burn continueos caleries at work and see just how much I can loose in 1 full week.

  • burnthis

    im a athletic college kid, overweight, but heavy with muscle mass, and excess body fat! i work out 4-5 times a week. i wanna try hydroxycut from all the hype i hear… any suggestions!!!

  • rob

    sal m – It appears to me that you are a disgruntled fatman – every time someone posts something positive about hydroxycut you rip them to pieces – Did it NOT work for you ? Are you SO FAT that you would have to take 10 pills a day ? Flat out – you need to GET A JOB – and go to the GYM! I personally am going to go and buy Hydroxycut Hardcore tonight at my local supplement store – I will repost here in a few weeks – I am currently 6’2″, 260 lbs and about 22% body fat – I carry my weight well and people tell me I dont look overweight at all – Ive gotten back to the gym recently after back surgery due to disc deterioration( AKA Degenerative disc disease ) my goal is between 3 and 7% body fat ( approximately 202 lbs ) and I am 38 years old. I will keep everyone up to date after 2 weeks. I train regularly and do plenty of cardio. Fingers crossed. GET A JOB SAL.

  • anon

    i cant believe i wasted all this time reading this bickering (and now responding) when i could have been exercising instead!

  • JP

    I am scared as hell! I have been taking Hydroxycut HC for 4 weeks! I swim 1.5 miles 3 days a week! my lower back is killing me should I go to the Doc or stop taking that pill? I don’t have ins. so kinda hard to decide!

  • rob

    How much water are you drinking ? – Did you bother to read the label and the tolerance section ? Drink MORE WATER and see how you feel in 2 days – the recommendation is 10 8oz glasses a day – or 5 poland spring bottles @ 16oz each

  • John Gibson

    This product gets terrible reviews. Just visit. I find it amazing that it is working for anyone.

  • JP

    Yeah i read the label just cause i wanna get in shape doesn’t mean I’m a dumb ass
    I started like it said 1 pill 2 times a day for 3 days 2 pills 2 times a day for 3 days then 3 pills 2 times a day
    Yes i drink a lot of water more than that i am sure
    I am also putting WHEY protein in the water
    not so bad now
    good thing i didn’t waste money on a doc and i can tell a deference when i swim when i take the pills I could only….. Never mind i will just get bashed for saying something good about herbal supplements!

  • rob

    Re: John Gibsons comments –

    Terrible reviews 4 out of 20 is terrible ? – 4 reviews out of 20 didnt like it – and 2 of those reviews were people complaining and they didnt follow the directions – try READING all the posts before you post some negative crap about something or saying it gets “terrible” reviews. 12% of people dont like it where 88% do – The proof is in the numbers.

  • trying something new

    Well unfortunetly, I got sick and ate too many 11.5oz bagss of potato chips. And yes I put all the wieght back on in a few days.
    Now I’m currently taking only 2 pills per day to get back what I lost.
    Also to help do it faster I’m also drinking 1gal. of water every day, because it too also breaks down body fat.
    And I want to belive that only in a few days I’ve already lost more pounds than I did in thoughs 4 days.

  • JJ

    Lol, JP…

    Your lower back pain could be due to something entirely different (such as muscle pain/strain from your workouts), but there’s a good chance you’re suffering from a heavily poisoned kidney or liver. With supplements like these, you have to drink a lot of water as well as train hard enough to get your body to use it all up. Taking multiple supplements makes that even harder.

    One way you can normally tell is through your urine. What I usually do is just try to have clear urine at all times. If not, I just work out harder, drink more water, take less supplements, or a combination of the three.

  • rob

    Ok Update # 1 – I am on day 7 of Hydroxycut – just started doing the 3 pills 2x a day . I am drinking aproximately 6 to 8 – 16oz bottles of water per day – for starters I feel energized – I wake every morning @ 4:45am for work – since taking Hydroxycut I actually “spring” out of bed and the song that is on the radio alarm clock is stuck in my head for the 1st 2 hours of the day – throughout the day I feel pretty good – no kidney pains or or low back pain that anyone is describing – probably due to my high intake of water – peeing clear as well. I take 3 pills at approximately 5:40am and another 3 around 2pm – its basically 7 hours or so between servings which I think spacing them out is great. I hit the gym at approx. 5pm each day. Whether it is to work out with weights and cardio , cardio, or just do the circuit. I have noticed some slight strength gains but thats proabably due to me being energized from the hydroxycut. I will be getting on the scale on March 1 for my 1st official weigh in since going on Hydroxycut Hardcore. As an FYI – On Jan 1 I weighed 285lbs – Feb 20 my 1st weigh in had me at 263.5 – so by just training and eating right I dropped 21.5lbs – the hardest part of your body to lose weight is your gut so that is why I started taking Hydroxycut Hardcore. my main goal is to get to about 6% body fat by my 40th birthday – April 2009. Stay tuned for my next update on Saturday.- Rob

  • Gabby

    I am not a large person, but I wanted to loose a few pounds for a dance audition, so I bought Hydroxycut. And wow! I lost 3 lbs in one week but boy! do they have side effects! One night, after about a week, I began shaking uncontrollably, I was very nervous, anxious, my resting heart rate was ridiculously high. I had to go to the ER, in turn I found because it does supress your apetite, I was low in sugar, my blood pressure was sky high among the obvious anxiety and nerves. It works to loose weight but you’ll really have to consider the side effects.

    Consider cardio. Please. I was very scared. And maybe this just happened because I am not a heavy person but start slow anyway.

  • Brandon

    Ive been takin hydroxcut now for 3 weeks and i wasnt lookin to lose weight but i have lost a couple pounds but im a the biggest and as cut as ive ever been.

  • jazz

    Im afraid i prolonged the use of hydroxycut..it was good at first for loosing weight but recently ive been feeling jittery, today my heart beat was crazy..i stood up got dizzy and fainted. Maybe this is because im not a large person, just wanted to be thinner…the side effects are very scary! be careful and dont prolong use!

  • LoLo

    I think everyone has a good point. Sal, you might be trying to help people but you are being so rude! You’re acting like an immature baby, cussing. You think that cursing at people will help them see your point of view? Dont shove your opinions down other peoples throats. They arent going to listen if they believe something else anyway. Dont bother with the people that wont listen. And dont be rude about it. Come on.

  • bs

    I think it is funny Sal has not responded in so long. Maybe because there are no personal attacks allowed and that seems to be all he did.
    There is no need to be rude to people for stating their OWN opinion of the product.
    Second. I started HC 5 days ago with all biases known. It works for some, not others. Just like everything else in the world. I have thirty days to send it back and get my money back. Why not try it.
    Also, for those wondering about headaches and nausea….condsider the caffiene. I can always tell a change in my body when I drink to much coffee and what not.. i.e. jittery, headaches, nausea and feeling like I am floating on cloud nine.
    If it is just a motivator, so be it. Kudos for everyone who is losing weight, no matter how they are losing it, as long as they remain healthy!
    State your opinion, don’t critisize.

  • bs

    Furthermore, for Sal being so skeptical and for those believing the picture is actually him. He could have posted a picture of anyone! Have you ever heard the song “I look so much better online” ? Nothing is for sure, so I say if you wanna try HC–try it.

  • jaxin

    It’s spelled ‘losing,” mnot “loosing.” Morons

  • Oh sweet Lady Irony!

  • Jaxin

    I crush up my Hydroxycut and pack it in a crack pipe with fresh chore boy. Melt it down first with a creme brulee’ torch. Hit the pipe first thing in the morning. You’ll be chasing that first hit all day long. It messes up your teeth and you may end up living in a cheap motel with other Hydroxyaddicts but the weight loss is so worth it. I mean, who would want to have a good life and be overweight. I prefer the crack-head physique. That’s the look they’re selling on the model runways of New York and I do what fashion and marketing people push on me. Smoke up!

  • Julia

    Can someone please give me some well needed advice??
    I am a 19 year old college student who has struggled with her weight for the majority of her life. I was never considered obese, but have never been satisfied with my weight.
    I was considering purchasing hydroxycut to aid in my current weight loss, but am now alot more skeptical. Because I am not extremely overweight it is very hard for me to lose even 5 pounds. Ive noticed that with moderate diet and cardio/weight training I look bigger. Im guessing that’s because im gaining muscle. But I would much rather lose weight first then gain muscle later.


  • Dr. J


    If you are so concerned about your current weight and aim to start a regimen to reduce it, consult a nutritionist before beginning. They will provide you with a proper dietary plan that in addition to exercise will help in getting the desired results. Before starting any OTC oral mediciations, consult your primary care physician.

  • gadget

    Thanks for putting in all of your opinions. This is the only place in my research on the product that had some intelligent thoughts and reporting on the product. I’ve decided the give it a month with diet and exercise and see if I can lose these pesky 12 lbs i can’t seem to lose any other way. I’ll come back and let you know how it goes.

  • duh

    stop whining about commenter “sal m”, he’s the freakin author–don’t tell me none of you would try to correct people who made weak arguments about an article you wrote.

  • ashley

    I’m 18 and I started hydroxycut for a month and a half. i havent had any side effect so far and I work at pizza hut and you know there pizza and wings contains numerous amount of calories.Anyway my weight before the pills was set at 163 lbs and now i’m 138.I feel great.You just have to follow the recommended dosage and make sure you drink plenty of water because thats important. I will guarented in fact that this product will work even if you not using a well nurish balanced diet.REMINDER:everyone is different and medications whether its a diet supplment or a weight loss pill will have some type of reaction to your body. Hydroxycut is not made for everyone so please stop making negative comments about this product because it does work for others but not you. Try talking to your doctor about what diet plan will be right just for you or you can purchase the pink patch which can curb your appetite and give you the right amount of energy to not have you feeling jittery.

  • Junior

    Look people…stop claiming that HD does not work completely. Honestly, it will work for some people and it wont for others. It might give you side effects, it might not. If it works for you, great! But if it does not work, then try something else or just do it the natural way but dieting and exercising on a regular basis.

  • tj

    I started taking hydroxycut max one week ago. I have successfully lost about 40lbs. on my own through workout and diet change in the past year. I have not stopped my routine but I haven’t seen any changes in months. My body fat ratio is still high. I am not overly over weight but I wanted something to help burn the belly fat that refuses to go away. My concerns are; since I started this product my chest feels heavy, I have had a pounding headache every day and my muscles have been bothering me. These side affects make no sense to me. Does anyone else out there share these same side affects and do they go away? I have stopped taking it for now.

  • mikeK

    Everybody’s metabolism, body type, patterns of sleep, nutrition, exercise, water intake, etc. is different. I can absolutely understand where the skeptics are coming from, especially if it didn’t work for you. And I likewise understand where the proponents are coming from, especially if it actually DID work for you.

    Weight loss is as much an art form as it is a science, and what works for one may not work for the other. I’m a huge skeptic with many supplements and am well aware of the schemes that the supplement companies use to brainwash us and steal our money.

    As far as Hydroxycut (Hardcore), I personally do use it and I do get very noticeable results. It raises my metabolism, gives me energy, makes me hungry every few hours (which allows me to eat many small meals a day), and my “bowel movements” happen much sooner after eating and are more frequent. I’ve gone on and off many times, and have confirmed all these effects many times.

    So does it directly burn fat? Probably not in any significant way. But does it indirectly get me into much better shape? Absolutely. A supplement doesn’t have to actually burn fat as the means to lose weight. What Hydroxycut does is FACILITATE a healthier way of eating and exercise, so that YOU can do the rest to get into better shape.

  • Linefox

    Ok, guys, if Hydroxycut is not a weight loss pills then what about L-carnitine??? Does it help to lose your fat and increase muscles faster if compare it with workouts instead of just workouts without taking L-carnitine???
    Thank you for answer.

  • Ken

    Sal M, you’re really just a failure of a skeptic. Look up your facts. The ingredients work. I was #1 in the state of NJ for the mile my senior year of high school and I nearly tore my achilles. The steroids made me fat over the next year. I tried training with nothing but a good diet and I didn’t have the power to pull anything off. I took hydroxycut when my doctor said it was okay, and I easily ran the amount of distance I used to run (12 miles a day), even though I weighed 30 pounds more. I lost 26.8 pounds in about a month and a week because of hydroxycut, and now I’m what I was two years ago just stronger and more confident. I advise people who don’t get irritable over an energy drink to give hydroxycut a shot, it saved my body.

  • jacob eddy

    it works, i dont care what you people say, some people may not wanna use it, im a regular guy, no gym fanatic, 19yrs old, i take the recommended doses and eat healthy, not alot of exercise mainly cuz i dont have the time, ive used it and im using it, it works great, makes me feel better and ive lost the weight, dont listen to people who bash it, it really does work, dont believe me? [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Nick

    I’m an avid cyclist, both road and mountain, and have been in great shape since spring, able to do 3 hour, 30+ mile rides, but I was stuck at 233-235 for 4-5 months. I started taking CAFFEINE FREE Hydroxycut a month and a half ago, and without changing diet, exercise, or lifestyle (I ride one of my bikes at least the 5 mile round trip to work every day), I’ve dropped almost ten pounds in that time. That’s with lifting a couple times a week too. Also, I haven’t been taking as much Hydroxycut as they recommend, just 3-4 a day.
    To those whose workouts include weight lifting and aren’t happy with weight loss, remember, muscle weighs more than fat! If you are building muscle, worry more about how you look and feel than what the scale says.

  • psychodefecto

    i have lost 5kgs since i started taking hydroxycut. followed the instructions, 2 pills 30-60mins before meals, followed by workout ard 2 times a weeks. how bout that?


    Morons have overrun this board.

    THERE IS MEDICAL EVIDENCE THAT THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK. That’s it. There’s no more arguments to be had, no simpleton-like logical fallacy (I lost two pounds, it MUST work).

    And no more bible verses.


  • Steph

    I used it and it makes me sick!!! I felt terrible and I had to stop it after 2 days. It made me feel like I have to throw up. Can’t say if it works because after the short time, it did not. For me it was a waste of money and feeling like crap!

  • Joco

    Be careful of Hydroxycut! New evidence has come to light. See this article on the dangers of losing weight with Hydroxycut.

  • Carol

    Oh boy – all of you need to check out this article on the dangers of losing weight with Hydroxycut as per warning by the FDA. Maybe it is not true for all, but I am still worried.

  • Paddy

    If you have ever taken Duromine it feels like that..dry month, headaches, but good thing supresses the appetite..thus helps u loose weight..does give you energy as well..but i also exercise every morning..i would recmd hydroxycut to anyone who just wants that kick start to weight lose..good luck

  • Dae


  • Rebecca

    I have recently started taking Hydroxycut and I am amazed!!! I was on a terrible hormone shot for a year and it completely screwed up my hormones. I gained 20 pounds, and even when I worked out 2 months, everyday, jogging, weights, whatever… I only lost about 8 pounds. I ate healthy and so I got really discouraged. I picked up exercising again, this time with Hydroxycut. I’ve already lost 5 pounds in that past week. It may be the extra energy I have by taking the pill form, but something is working. I do not know how long it will last, but I know so far, so good.

  • Mike

    Drugs are not constant results for everyone. So far for me, I’ve noticed crazy amounts of energy during workouts and I LOVE IT. This stuff is easily worth the money paid. I know what it feels like to be under the influence of stimulants (awesome). This stuff is good for me.

  • anti-molly

    Don’t hate and don’t spam bulletin boards masquerading your ‘opinion’ as truth, Hydroxycut has worked for me and I phase on/off it on 4 monthly cycles and I’m finding it a good supplement/stimulant, I also suggested it to a few friends who are enjoying its use. Moral of the story? if it works use it, if it doesnt work, then don’t.

  • Missy

    I bought hydroxycut a month ago. I want to start taking it but I’m nervouse. I hear good things and bad things about it. I just want to lose weight fast. What should I do? My boyfriends grandmother is a nurse and says I shouldn’t take it but my neighbor took it and lost weight and has no health issues so far.

  • cassandra orakpo

    Im 17 and needs to lose weight ASAP..would this really be a good product to buy because I am obese and my health is on the line.

  • D

    What about slim fast?

  • As someone who got sick of being obese two months ago and decided to do something about it, my advice is to work out a calorie controlled diet and do a little exercise.

    I hate going to the gym so I bought a second hand Wii and Wii Fit and have lost almost 30 pounds so far.

    Taking these pills is stupid and possibly dangerous. It is stupid cos only changing your food lifestyle permanently is going to get excess weight off and keep it off and it is dangerous because sudden rapid weight loss can have all sorts of unexpected consequences, such as sagging skin or even permanent chicken skin and other more serious but less ugly problems.

  • Michael

    First off lets get the facts first. Ephedra was banned but hasn’t been anymore. A very large vitamin supplement company fought hard to get it taken off the banned list. Do more research

  • Krista851

    I definitely noticed a difference in my energy level from taking the Dr Max Powers “Burn” which is from Acai Berry.

    I took the burn for 2 months. I didn’t have any issues, no stomach upset. You don’t get any junk fillers, or anything that your body doesn’t need. They are also made int he USA, and sometimes you don’t know where other weight loss pills are made.

    I highly recommend the product as I lost weight and had a noticeable boosted my energy levels, which made my cardio sessions doable.

  • Tyra N

    I use the Dr Max Powers Burn Supplements and saw results in a short period of time. Not only did it help me lose weight, I received a lot of comments about how I looked ‘younger’ and ‘better.’

    Also helped with energy before and during workouts. I am now on my second re-order. Further, I had a problem with my mail and the website customer service was fantastic as to helping me get the product. Highly recommend.

  • crystal

    sal m. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] placebo affect or no, people are losing weight. back off.

  • Tank

    Hydroxycut may be more of a placebo effect than anything else. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is realizing that you have to make a lifestyle change. Exercising and eating well needs to be a way of life for you, it`s about changing your attitude. And for Sal, you must create a calorie deficit to lose weight, meaning that you must cut back on your usual calorie intake, and increase your work output via exercise. An obese person should not be consuming 2000 calories a day if he or she wants to achieve weight loss. Your metabolism slows only if you are starving yourself, and you have to remember through spreading your meals and building lean muscle you will be increasing your metabolic rate anyway.

  • Camille Chamomille

    Have tried all the different regimens before and even got into the gym thing but its just a lot of work and you really need some good devotion to it to last but I am just to busy to focus even on my schedule, missed all of it and then goes back to my large weight. My best friend referred me to the Dr Max Powers “15 Day Cleanse”.

    I just started a couple of weeks ago and I already felt the light and clean feeling all over, and no side effects whatsoever. The Dr Max 15 Day Cleanse is a natural product and I believe that this time it will be a success in truly dropping down my excess weight. This product is really so good, its worth the cash but you won’t regret it because you will definitely feel the healthy difference at once.

  • lance

    agree about bodybuilders. they know the lingo and can spout it off and all, but they do some pretty stupid things. i mean, anyone who is that obsessed about their muscle size obviously has insecurity issues about their “muscle size”, so to speak. they’re also overcompensating for lack of brain size.

    they use other tricks to get shredded, like drinking huge amounts of water for weeks to months at a time (peeing every 1-2 hours during the day), then drastically cut back on their water intake a short while before competing. their kidneys, accustomed to filtering out all that water, continue to do so for a while before adjusting to the new lower level of water intake, and so they basically dehydrate themselves. they trick their kidneys, in a sense. or, some of them just take medical diuretics to piss out the extra water weight. either way, you can potentially put yourself in acute kidney failure.

    if you just need a pill to get motivated, i’ve got some jelly beans that i’ll sell to you for $1 each. they’re called “Dr. Lance’s Anti-Belly Jellies” and full of placebolites. I’m incorporated in Utah, where Orrin Hatch protects me and the other supplement industry charlatans.

  • Roberta 2 Los Angeles

    I had failed at several attempts to get into shape. I started feeling better after being on the Lady Soma Detox. This is my 3rd time doing the detox. After a few weeks- my metabolism had pick up and I was burning more calories and had more energy to get me through the day.

    It was a great decision and it really help me to get the extra weight off. It is not full of caffeine like other over the counter weight loss supplements it is actual vitamins and it really helps get over the weight loss hump.

    I am very satisfied with the Lady Soma Detox and it is really and easy way to help boost your metabolism and feel great.

  • Nate

    Ive seen all the bad reviews on here and wanted to share my opinion because I can have to say that, for me anyway, Hydroxycut does work. I started taking the Pro-Clinical Hydroxycut in mid September with no change to my diet or exercise habits at all (with the exception of more water, which is a must on these pills) and have consistently lost about 2 pounds a week on them. What really amazed me was when I went home for Thanksgiving. I figured that I would gain weight that week because I have 3 full course Thanksgiving feasts over the course of the week with all of my various family functions. However, I kept taking the pills, 2 a half hour or so before breakfast,lunch and dinner and still lost about a pound over that week of eating like a pig. The same went for the Christmas holiday week as well. I don’t know what it does, but it absolutely does work. I have kept the same eating habits since before I started taking them but just drink a lot more water. Thats the only side effect that I can state, if I dont drink a lot of water or drink any other caffeine (coffee, tea, Mt. Dew, etc.) I tend to get headaches, heartburn, and some jitters. But I’ve lost over 25lbs on it so far and drinking more water alone wont do that. Like I said, for me it absolutely works.

  • LittleT

    I have used Hydroxycut for 2 weeks and i lost 9 pounds and i wasnt going to the gym or doing that much exercize i was doing house work and taking care of 4 kids it does work but i dont like the feeling of the jitterness it gives you but it does work.

  • pao

    sal m is just flaming. well hydroxicut is effective for me. I only take it during workout. didnt need that much caffeine. 1 capsule a dqy b4 cardio or strength exercise works for me. dont want to follow the 3 cpasules a day. Also using L Carnitine, so far im losing 3-4.5 lbs a week.