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The Healing Power of Touch

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Touch is the means of physical connection that enables emotional exchange – one that refreshes the soul by nourishing the heart. When we say “It was touching to be in my school after a long time,” “His words touched my heart,” or “The beauty of Kashmir touched my heart,” we imply the power of touch. A touch that is full of love is as essential to our body as is a balanced diet.

The human body can remember a loving touch more vividly than spoken words. We always have the option of touching someone with our sympathy, kindness, and generosity – the components of “touch of love.” This helps in the opening of the heart that finally leads to the exchange of emotions. If someone whom we love and care for falls ill, the best we can do is to hold his hand and rub it gently to show how much we love and care for him. This warm-hearted rubbing of the hand has the power to create magic, even cure diseases that are deemed incurable.

Whenever we feel lonely, depressed, or disheartened, we call our friends or relatives to cheer and rejoice. In a span of few moments we are laughing and smiling, and all this is due to the magic wand known as the “touch of love.” The types of relationships that you maintain determine the state of your health and the quality of your life. Even an exchange of love with your pet can influence your life in a positive way. Whether it is a pat on the back by your boss, the caressing of your hair by your lover, a big kiss or hug from your mother, or cuddling or embracing, touch has an innate ability to communicate with the subconscious cords of your soul.

The healing power of touch neither slows nor diminishes with age; instead the need for the “touch of love” is felt more and more with age. But what is this touch of love? It is an affirmation that we are of value to others and are lovable. In fact, this is what is needed by someone who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. This helps him in overcoming the isolation that the disease enforces upon him and finally readies him to fight the dreaded disease. If you have a caretaker who can share your pain and be with you in times of distress, you lose the fear of the unknown and are ready to face the challenges of life.

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A touch can be a sensual touch or a feel-good touch, both promoting the power of touch. Even a massage is a type of touch that if received with gentleness and tenderness will lead to physical and psychological wellbeing. It can help in dilating the arteries, which finally leads to decreasing blood pressure and stress improving the general well-being of the person. Massage is a form of touch that has the ability to assist the natural healing process of the body.

The profound healing abilities of massage are not limited. One of the famous massages is known as the Ayurvedic oil massage, which has an ability to open clogged arteries. This ability arises from the deeply penetrating and detoxifying action of the oil, which when massaged in a proper way works wonders.

When a body is touched with an intention to improve its health, it senses the love and affection and thus starts to respond to it. The “touch of love” has the energy of the highest frequency that triggers the release of endorphins – hormones released by the body to end pain and anxiety. We come to know about the healing effect of touch even before learning the spelling of “pain.” As kids we all used to rub our body parts that were in pain, hoping that the rubbing of the body part would diminish our pain.

The healing effect of touch is also known as acupressure, which has amazing healing abilities. A few years ago, American researchers discovered that if prematurely born babies are stroked a couple of times in a single day, they gained weight by nearly 49 percent. In doing this the researchers had unintentionally identified the “touch of love.” The scientific term for touch of love is “kinesthetic tactile stimulation,” while experts prefer to use the phrase “touch of love” because of its humane nature.

After research, experts determined that stroking triggered the production of growth hormones and thus helped with the proper utilization of nutrients. Researchers claim that the sense of touch is highly developed in humans to help them detect everything that comes in contact with them. This system works like a radar that can pick out pheromones – chemicals that help people detect each others’ presence. These chemicals also help in differentiating a “friendly and loving touch” from a “deceitful and aggressive” one.

The human body has special mechanisms that help it receive these cues to develop feeling of wellness or illness. However, how these receptors are transformed into actionable signals depend on the interpretation by different individuals. In short, the healing power of touch is manipulated by psychology.

The healing ability of touch comes from the bonds developed in relationships. These bonds have a healing ability and are referred to as healing bonds. These healing bonds can act in the form of physical touch, presence, and the “soul to soul” relationship. The physical touch can be a pat on the back from your teacher or a hug from your parents, which can finally lead to miraculous healing effects. In addition to this, the mere presence of your loved ones is also blessed with healing powers. When you are in the company of your loved ones, your system gets signals of truth and love. These signals are positive and will help in overcoming day-to-day worries and problems.

Last but not least is the soul to soul relationship. It can be parent-child or teacher-student, but all these relationships bond at the level of the soul. Soul to soul contact will help in developing connections that will establish the “touch of love.”

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