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Is it just me or are all the actors from HBO‘s series Oz getting work all over the place? I just watched Monster today, and Lee Tergesen (Beecher) has a featured role. All of the Law and Order series has at least one person on the show who was in Oz (J.K. Simmons/Schillinger/Dr. Skoda on Law and Order, B.D. Wong/Father Ray/Dr. Huang and Christopher Meloni/Keller/Det. Stabler on SVU. CI has no mainstay from Oz, but I think just about every episode has had at least one Oz refugee as a guest star).

Not that I mind too terriblely much; Oz was a great show. Granted, it was a semi-soap opera for men with massive homoeroticism throughout the series, but it was well written and well acted. And it pretty much convinced me that I will hang myself before going to a maximum security prison.

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  • Elizabeth

    Lol at that last statement. I laugh because I see those guys everywhere and I’m always sitting there watching tv and yelling out, “Hey, it’s Morales!” “That’s O’Reily!” “El Cid!,” etc…