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The Growth of the Live Music Scene

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Music IndustryArtists and records labels are nowadays focusing and dedicating their strengths in live music shows, more than anything else. Artists are signing 360 deals with their recording labels to supplement their incomes. This means that the recording label will also organize and fund tours, thus sharing part of the income.

The generic public is becoming too stingy to buy physical music records, or they have it too easy the other way round. Though, what about spending their hard earned money on music concerts? It seems that Johnny doesn’t mind that, and there is a reason behind all this. Listening to a music album at home and alone won’t make a difference in your social life, and it doesn’t sound different if the album is played from illegally downloaded MP3’s. Well, put it this way, at least it seems that the sound quality is of no difference to Johnny and most of the population.

On the other hand, going to a concert is a social experience where you can head bang and meet many other people, some of which you’ve never seen; not like when you’re frequenting the same old stinky bar for the last 10 years. So spend your money wisely; instead of spending one hundred Euro, the bankrupt currency, alone in a bar, might as well invest some of it on a concert ticket and the rest on a couple of beers at the concert, maybe as a chick investment.

Lately we have seen some of the biggest musical acts selling out their world tours,Live Concert and the spiralling down some long and windy thick drainage pipe world economy is not affecting them. Internationally renowned artists such as Depeche Mode and their Touring the Universe Tour, U2 and other world renowned bands and artists all managed to generate a decent income, which you and I don’t even dream of.

In my previous rant about the music industry, that is what I was talking about. I was not encouring people to download pirated music, or not to buy original music records. I am an original music record collector myself. All I was trying to say is that the music industry should look for the goose which lays the golden eggs in different areas. It’s time to hang some “think out of the box” posters in record labels offices. Funnily enough, trying to deliver such a message still upset a number of article submission websites, since my rant was rejected. Most of them said that the article encourages music piracy?!?!?!?!

Thanks to the music’s industry Father Christmas, Mr. Cowell’s shows such as X Factor, many aspiring artists are given the chance of having their own sponsored tours. Even if I am not exactly Cowell’s fan, I admire him since such shows are raising live music awareness, and “brand awareness” for the artist and bands involved in these international renowned shows. Thanks to such shows, social networking, viral videos and the Internet, it is now easier for agents and bands to reach new fans. Thanks to the Internet, buying a music concert ticket is like buying a carton of milk. Technically speaking it is even easier. You can purchase a concert ticket online from the comfort of your sofa while keeping your butt warm. If you need a carton of milk, you have to walk to the grocery store, and if it is expired and you didn’t notice, you have to walk back.

As much as the music industry pointed its fingers to the Internet, and piracy, the Internet is also the same means that made it easier than ever before for new artists to breakthrough.  With the hurricane of new music flowing into the Internet and travelling in the radio waves, it seems that non-established artists might find it hard to infiltrate and grab a big piece of the pie, but they will always have their small share of crumbs. The Internet also made it easier for already established and world renowned artists to reach new horizons in the music industry.


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