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The Greenhouse Effect: Greed Brings Destruction

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Who made the world?

It is God.

Who destroyed the world?

It is we.

The world when created had all wonderful things. It was a beautiful place to live, with adequate water, necessary warmth, the required vegetation.

Early man ate raw food, dressed himself with leaves and bark, hunted animals which were his co-habitants. As the years rolled on, he got tired of eating raw food and wanted to cook, paving the way to modern food and today’s fast food.

Raw vegetables are full of nutrition, which gets destroyed in cooking.

He then wanted to get more fruits and vegetables. Trees and plants which grew naturally in the soil provided a moderate yield. Man’s yearning for more drove him to unnatural and chemical fertilizers. He reaped record production. But the soil lost its quality.

Chemical fertilizers have a higher emission factor (range 0.8-1.32%) of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide than manure does (range 0.35-0.85%). (Emission factor is the measure of the average amount of a specific pollutant or material discharged into the atmosphere by a specific process, fuel equipment, or source.) Organic manure emits less nitrous oxide. Chemical fertilizer burns the biomass. It also destroys organic matter in soil and increases toxicity and input costs. It contaminates water and decreases the water-holding capacity of the soil.

A reminder of the what the greenhouse effect is: Certain gases act like glass in a greenhouse, allowing sunlight to enter the earth while trapping the heat and preventing some of it from radiating back into space, thus making the earth hotter. Deforestation has resulted in large-scale emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide; the loss of forests also means that there are fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide. Methane, let out during coal mining and land clearance, nitrous oxide from both natural and man-made processes, and CFC’s found in air conditioners and fridges also contribute to global warming.

If these factors are neglected, then we are knowingly heading towards natural disasters: scorching heat, storms, hurricanes, and floods. To stop this we should completely eliminate CFC’s, use energy-efficient cars, and seek alternative energy like solar power. We also have to seriously think about re-forestation—replanting trees to soak up carbon dioxide.

The world that God gave us was a pristine beauty and absolutely pure. It is we, by our incorrigible practices and greed, who have brought destruction.

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  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Just a few concerns:

    There is no evidence that a “God” created this planet or the Universe and fantastic minds like Stephen Hawking are coming closer to prove that such an idea is purely fiction.

    Certainly, the Earth was & still is a beautiful place but it has always been a wild / rough environment in which “Man” had to survive & evolve. Thus,IF, we were “created” in any fashion by a creator then it/he/she must be very happy with our success.

    “Raw vegetables are full of nutrition, which gets destroyed in cooking.”

    Only if you boil the vegetables do the nutrients get lost in the water. You can always steam them or grill ’em.

    “CFC’s found in air conditioners and fridges…”

    I believe those have been phased out for quite some time now and for the past 20 years have been replaced by HFCs as well as significant efforts to create a safer alternative .

    However, I do agree that we need to have a Re-Forestation effort.