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The Great WikiLeaks Conspiracy

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With all the furor directed at Julian Assange, it is easy to forget that WikiLeaks only published these documents. There is no real evidence that they were actively involved in the theft.

To understand how this damaging information made it to Mr. Assange, one only has to look at who had the most to lose, and who the most to gain.

As Secretary of State the big loser in all of this is Hillary Clinton. This has been a huge embarrassment for her, not just because of what was in those leaked papers, but because her department was negligent in letting them fall into the wrong hands.

The big winner is Sarah Palin. Anything bad for the Obama White House is good for her. And there is no question that this makes the Democratic administration look terrible.

Put two and two together, and it’s obvious what happened. Can it be a coincidence that all of this hit the fan right after Hillary said that she didn’t think much of Sarah? As Hillary Clinton spends little time in her office (having to devote so much effort to keeping an eye on Bill), it would have been easy for Sarah to sneak in, hack Hilary’s password (only_a_cigar), and transfer thousands of documents to WikiLeaks’ computers.

Why, as a nation, are we so addicted to conspiracy theories? What motivates us to take the most mundane facts and weave them into fantastic plots?

J.F.K. was assassinated by Fidel Castro disguised as Marilyn Monroe. Elvis didn’t die, but was abducted by aliens, only to return to earth as a clerk in a 711 store. No one has been to the moon, and the landing was an elaborate hoax by NASA, filmed in a secret warehouse (right next to the one where they store the dead aliens and their flying saucer) to gain the upper hand in the space race.

John Kennedy died exactly as every investigation has proven, shot by Lee Harvey Oswald from the Book Depository Building. Elvis Presley passed away from complications brought on by over-indulgence, a bloated caricature of himself. The moon-landing took place, and there are no little green men in a New Mexico refrigerator.

All of these hard facts are difficult for the conspiracy-theorists to swallow, as they are so ordinary. Life can’t really be that simple, and uncomplicated. They are firm believers that the sound of hoof beats must be coming from unicorns, and not horses. Weather balloons and meteor showers are obviously alien spacecraft, full of bizarre creatures who have traveled for light-years just to perform strange experiments of a sexual nature on us.

Sorry folks, but life isn’t really a romp in the Enchanted Kingdom, and things are usually pretty much what they seem. Perhaps the problem is not being able to see the forest for the trees (or is it the trees for the forest?).

The Wikileaks scandal is bad enough, having caused not just embarrassment, but real harm to the U.S. and her allies. Talk of terrorist plots to destabilize the West, professional espionage rings, Republican dirty tricks, war-crimes trials and execution of all involved, satisfy the conspiracy theorists, but distract from the truth.

The reality is that Julian Assange is nothing more than a misguided crusader for freedom of information, and the documents ended up in his hands through a combination of carelessness, and a disgruntled employee. We just don’t like to accept that great events can be so petty and sordid.

Reality is out there. Let’s learn to live with it!

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  • Cannonshop

    “Never assume Malice where Incompetence is a clearer explanation.” It’s petty and it’s sordid, and the trail of incompetence, of not-enforcing-existing-policies is certainly sordid, even if the information leaked was…well, not as damaging as you seem to think-except for the careers and standing of people who thought that putting a ‘Classified:Secret’ stamp on something would protect them from having their errors, bigotry, and arrogance put on display for the world.

    Conspiracy Theories are fun, though-anyone with half an imagination and a tiny bit of spare logic can throw one together that will sound halfway plausible-and doing so is fun, if for no other reason than the amusement of one’s friends (and possibly to make the gullible look foolish).

    Unfortunately, as Assange is going to find out, in today’s mayfly-attention-span reality-show-business world, poking the Arrogant and Powerful can have serious effects, especially if you’ve made yourself the front man for making them look foolish, while failing to destroy their power-base utterly.