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The Great Unknown: Santora & Garrepy – The Improv Experiment

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The Great Unknown is my attempt at a music feature column that will showcase bands and projects that range from indie label releases to home studio ones. These reviews and articles will cover the groups and accomplishments I think deserve a little more recognition for the work that they are doing.

The first entry is a shameless plug. What can I say? Well, I have given coverage to the artists who have influenced me as a listener and I have even given coverage to the artists that have influenced me as a musician. I have had my fair share of discussions with the BC residents and I think I have given my fair share of time and brain power, as a rookie writer and music connoisseur, to this fantastic site. That being said, I think shining a little light on my own works from time to time wouldn't be such a horrible thing.

Honestly, I wouldn't have entertained any thoughts of writing this article or leaving myself wide open for criticism if I didn't think the music I am presenting, for the first time ever, wasn't something to be proud of. I know you have a biased article ahead of you to read, but isn't music subjective anyways? Alright, already… on with the review!

Santora & Garrepy are the duo made up of one part Ben Santora and one part Brian Garrepy. No Dilution Necessary. Meeting for the first time through the infamous Boston Craigslist, "The Improv Experiment" (not an official project name) is the session that was recorded live in two parts, so far, at the Jamspot here in Somerville, Massachusetts. These sessions are totally improvised using just guitar (Santora) and drums (Garrepy) with the focus being on musical exploration that creates a piece that is still aesthetically pleasing.

Never having worked with each other prior to the first session and considering there are no re-takes and/or edits, it is quite an accomplished feat. The sessions, which will be edited and used as inspiration for a more structured project, with an added focus on songwriting, showcase the organic sound and chemistry that Mr. Santora and Mr. Garrepy have together. Thus, being a truly improv-inspired recording and an accurate presentation of their attention deficit, the pieces bring the listener across many ideas, genres and styles.

Being a Blogcritic, this is where I have to end my biased review (for the first time if I do say so myself) and point out where this work hits the proverbial wall. What I mean is that because this project is solely guitar and drums with the intention on creating a "Beautiful Havoc," you can only cover so much ground before you have to introduce editing, effects and other fillers. Plus, I feel that this improvisation leaves little room for the traditional "song" and may leave the listener without the original emotion that connected them to these sessions in the first place.

All in all, this union represents a great time for musicians. A great time for aspiring artists to pay very little to record with professional equipment (Jamspot). A great time for The Great Unknown to leave his or her mark on the music community.

To check out a sample please visit: TheImprovExperiment
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