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The Great Democratic Temper Tantrum Over Sarah Palin

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Democrats are starting to remind me of a cartoon character, brought to life by the late Jack Lemmon in the Blake Edwards’ comedy, The Great Race. Lemmon plays the archetype villain, Professor Fate, complete with black cape, stove top hat, and curling black mustache. He’s the kind of character who would utter, “Curses, foiled again.”

In their own, classy, endearing manner, liberals are doing the same thing when it comes to the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President, mimicking the way they behaved and continue to behave when it comes to Clarence Thomas.

Curses, foiled again!

Barack Obama did not have the courage nor the class to ask Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. John McCain not only stole Barack Obama’s show but his thunder on Friday when he chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the first female Vice President of the United States. Foiled, his liberal supporters are furious. Furious liberals are a thing of consequence, beauty, and humor. Their lives are made up of such inconsequential contradictions that they cannot tolerate being exposed or anyone who might be part of that expose.

I’ve been known to write that John McCain is the worst nightmare of certain conservatives. If he is just that, then Sarah Palin is the thing of night terrors for liberals, especially women. She is proof you can have it all, if you wish. It’s a strange thing. You would think conservatives would be the ones upset with her. She works outside the home. She splits child-raising with her husband. She has a pregnant teenage daughter. These are all good liberal soap-box topics.   

If you check the comments on my previous Blogcritics articles about Sarah Palin, it is amusing. Liberals are showing just how absolutely insane they can be when their bluff is called. Now that Sarah Palin is doing all the right things (in the Democratic playbook, previous edition) they have changed the rules in the middle of the game. They are backing down on the experience thing. Their bluff has been called on the Daily Kos Creepiness about Tig belonging to Bristol. 

Sarah Palin should stay home and take care of her kids. Sally Quinn doesn’t think she’s up to it. But then, if Sarah Palin were a liberal, I gather she would be a paragon. Strange, but the very reasons Quinn uses to put Sarah Palin down and degrade her position were sacrosanct until….ummm…last Friday when the GOP beat the Democrats to the draw and have put a working mom in a position where she could end up being POTUS.

I thought liberals were the ones who said women can have it all. Evidently that’s just if the woman is a liberal, right?

While we are on the subject, why was it okay for Joe Biden to remain in the remain in the Senate  after losing his wife in that tragic auto accident?  If we are to apply the New Liberal Palin Rules then Joe Biden should have stayed home to care for his motherless sons. I've not listened to Rush Limbaugh in months.  This morning I just happened to turn the radio on for a few minutes while running errands.  His comments on Joe Biden hit the spot.  It was perfectly acceptable, laudable for Joe Biden to hold a national office and commute back and forth to Deleware to raise his boys.  Do you smell the vile odor of a double standard here?

Curses!  Foiled again!

Sarah Palin is not well educated. She ONLY has a degree in journalism. Evidently a person needs a master’s in what-ever and preferably a law degree to be VP. I would say be an attorney but from what I’ve heard, Barack Obama’s never “practiced” law a day in his life. He has never tried a case. But he is an attorney and has an advanced degree and has probably stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. He want to Harvard and we all know people who go to Harvard are more important and better educated than some Podunk university in the unwashed outback of Idaho.

Heck, I’m surprised the woman even knows enough to brush her teeth and put on deodorant. Wait a minute – Alaska is part of that unwashed outback of the Wild West. She probably doesn’t even wear deodorant, right?  She represents the unwashed masses of the middle class, or middle America at its very worst – right? White, female, and uneducated! Count me in, will you.

The most educated person I’ve ever encountered was a master carpenter (and a good Republican) from South Carolina, in the rural upstate of Oconee County. Elbert Adams never went beyond the 2nd grade, and lived in an old house that was without indoor plumbing . He had a few teeth. He was tall, thin, and wore bib over-alls, looking rather like an adult version of Dennis the Menace. He could recite Kipling, Byron, Shakespeare and the rest of the masters of poetry. He could explain the differences in modern English and Shakespearean Middle English.  He could explain geopolitics, cross referencing current events with the works of Pultarch, Josephus, or other ancient historians.  Mr. Adams knew everything going on in the world, and had an opinion about it – but never finished the 2nd grade.

Some of the most ignorant, ill-informed people I’ve ever known in my life have advanced degrees.  Once upon a time we lived in a world where the measure of a "man's" education was not taken in degrees but in how well read he/she was.  Their accomplishments in life were not as important as character, honor and patriotism.  Mr./Ms Average Citizen were expected to be knowledgable, vote, and be responsible citizens.  This included stepping into public office be it local, state, or national if necessary.  It was not a career.  It was Patriotism. 

Curses!  Foiled again!

Sarah Palin is damning her Downs Syndrome child, Tig, by not breast feeding him. You read the previous sentence correctly, I kid you not. Someone on one of my Blogcritics articles posted that because Palin is not staying home to breast feed Tig, she is harming his mental development by a good 10 points in the IQ. Can you believe it! (FYI – Palin takes her baby to work and breasts feeds him!)

All of this tells me we are in the middle of the much awaited liberal breakdown. It has been a long-time coming and they’ve earned every minute of it. During this crack-up we’re starting to see some of that liberal veneer start to warp a little. Terminal crevasses are beginning to appear. At first I was disgusted and repelled by their ludicrous behavior, but the more I think about it and the wackier it becomes I’m starting to laugh a them.

They are becoming cartoons, buffoons, caricatures of all those lovely “liberal” values of tolerance, inclusiveness, and live and let live attitudes they allegedly claim to possess. I'm beginning to think if Sarah Palin were a lesbian in a lesbian relationship they would denounce the gay lifestyle!  If Sarah Palin suddenly came out of the closet and admitted she was the grand pubah of Planned Parenthood, our erstwhile liberals would suddenly become anti-abortion. If Sarah Palin were to accept the presidency of Code Pink the entire anti-war crowd would morph into Rambo!  If Sarah Palin were to become an atheist….I think you get the picture.

Evidently we do live in two different Americas. There is the America of the liberals who are free to come and go, do what they want and no one should ever dare criticize them for it. They are liberal.  They are inclusive, they are tollerant, their intentions are "pure".  Then there is America of the Republicans. Nothing we can do is right. It doesn’t matter. Maybe we should just give up, shoot ourselves and put us out of their misery, right?

Or, maybe liberals should just get a life and truly learn how to live and let live. John McCain beat them to the punch. It is entirely possible Sarah Palin is going to be the next Vice President of the United States of America. It’s entirely possible she may be President one day. She has a child with Downs Syndrome and did not abort him. She lugs the little guy to work with her. She has a 17 year old daughter  who is pregnant and is planning to marry the father of her child.

Would someone please explain how any of this disqualifies her to be VP?

We aren’t even touching on the ‘qualification’ argument which is insulting to Democratic intelligence. The woman is more qualified than Barack Obama and that’s the whole rub. For some strange reasons when liberal Democrats are backed into a corner they become "creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky" and and just plain funny. They are also annoying and can truly harm innocent people and reputations. Maybe they should have a warning sign rubber-stamped across their foreheads.

Then there’s one other little aspect of a Sarah Palin VP Candidacy. It trumps Barack Obama. Liberal Democrats are beginning to reek of that special odiferous aura of impending doom. Please, continue your current path to abject destruction. You are funny. I’ve realized it’s just fun to sit back and enjoy the show. I’m going to go fix some popcorn.

Want some?

Just remember, come November, the American people may be sick and tired of the temper tantrum and may end up throwing a bucket of cold water on you.

Deal with it – and Sarah Palin. She’s here to stay.

Curses!  Foiled again!

P. S.  It just dawned on me.  I have the wrong cartoon characters.  Barack Obama and his liberal little Democratic friends remind me of the Adaams Family! 

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Democrat Family.

snap snap

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  • GoMccain

    You know why there are so many issues arising about her experience and record? It is because she has a record. She has done everything Obama only talks about ..like raising taxes on oil companies and redistributing that tax as a rebate to the people..

    She could have taken the easy route but then
    There is no ‘present’ button on the governor’s chair and neither will there be one on the President’s.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Oh, dear, you really didn’t tell a story about the most educated man you ever knew who only went through the second grade, did you? And he hardly had any teeth? And lived without indoor plumbing? But could dissect English literature and philosophy better than any professor with a Phd? He wasn’t, by chance, also black and a functional illiterate who got all his book larnin’ by listening to his mammy tell him stories she had heard the folks up at the big house tell late at night when she snuck in to listen after she had done all her chores? Was he?

  • Dear #2:

    I rarely call someone racist with their remarks, but I’ve rarely encountered anything as nasty or ugly as your comment. Elbert Adams was WHITE. Obviously you know nothing about the rural South in the 1960’s. I gather you’ve never encountered someone like this, self-educated.

    One of the top litigators I know is “self educated”.

    BTW – Abraham Lincoln (another poor white man from the rural South) was self-educated.

    The Pink Flamingo

  • I hsve to go with Lisa here. The racism she displays is bad, but the condescending elitism is even worse.

    Abraham Lincoln had a 6th grade education, yet passed the bar and served successfully as president. Few people would challenge his qualifications today, yet he was less well qualified on paper than Palin, Obama or just about anyone else.

    But just to clear something up, SJ, Lincoln wasn’t fromt he rural south. He was born in Kentucky and raised in Illinois. He didn’t move to New Orleans until he was 16 and moved back to Illinois after a relatively short stay in the south.


  • “If you check the comments on my previous Blogcritics articles about Sarah Palin, it is amusing. Liberals are showing just how absolutely insane they can be when their bluff is called.”

    The interesting thing is that when I read those comments from Palin detractors on your previous articles (written and published long before she emerged as a serious contender for the veepship), I didn’t get any particular impression that they were from Democrats. A lot of them struck me more as disgruntled (for whatever reason) Alaska Republicans.

    And with a lot of the new ones I still don’t get that impression. There was, for example, the mother of a special needs child who made quite a convincing argument that a Down syndrome baby needed full-time care, and that it was unrealistic of Palin to expect to take on the stress of a presidential campaign, possibly the duties of a vice-president, and still provide that care. I’m not saying I agree with her, but it is a point that merits serious consideration and I don’t see at all that it comes from a ‘liberal’ standpoint.

    You’re taking the remarks of a small lunatic fringe, of which you can’t in large part even demonstrate their liberalness, and painting them as the entire platform of the Democratic Party.

    And you can’t seriously expect Democrats to give Palin a free pass, especially on the issue of her experience. Those concerns are as legitimate as the ones Republicans (and some Democrats) have been voicing since Barack Obama first announced his candidacy. But Obama has done a lot to address those concerns, and now the onus is on Palin to do the same. It’s going to take a bit more than Republicans spreading their hands and repeating over and over that her accomplishments speak for themselves.

  • Sorry Dave, but Kentucky was “South”. Lincoln’s parents came from the Carolinas. They were very much “Southern”. I am well aware he was raised in Illinois, but his background was “Southern”. Nancy Hanks came from South Carolina. The only reason he had any education at all was because of his step-mother.

    The Hanks family had connections to John C. Calhoun, and were under his influence. There are some absolutely fascinating stories and some very good evidence pointing to the fact that Calhoun was in fact, Lincoln’s father. Naturally anyone who has never gone through the material at Clemson University goes into fits upon hearing this.

    Having spent my childhood exploring portions of Kentucky where Lincoln was born, I can honestly say it is “Southern”. The whole point is it was very “rural” and very much backwoods. His family was “settlers”.

    The Pink Flamingo

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Oh you guys….. I wasn’t being racist at all. I was calling SJR on her outrageous cliche. You all take yourselves way too seriously as I have pointed out more than once. Humor is obviously in short order here. Her little story was so over the top it deserved to be called out. Amazing, just amazing……

  • Clavos

    The Democratic reaction to Palin has become a classic case of sheer, unmitigated panic, engendered by the real fear that this woman, who appeals on a very visceral level to the fed up American public, may just help John McCain to seriously kick Democratic ass come November.

    The contagion of panic sweeping through the Democratic ranks has them trampling on and kicking over virtually all the sacred Democratic verities, revealing them to be nothing more than what the rest of us always suspected they were: shibboleths. We see women attacking a woman, mothers attacking a mother (and her kids), and effete elitists attacking her humble origins.

    The Democratic Party is behaving like a group of spoiled kids who have been denied a toy they’ve seen in the toy store window.

    Their desperation would be risible if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Hmmmmm. Is that why Obama is now at 50%?

    More,(as I am sure you already know) TK.

  • I’m sorry, Lisa, but it wasn’t funny. It was nasty. I don’t know if you’ve been following “Republican” news, but there are a heck of a lot of Republican women, present company included, who are absolutely furious over the way Sarah Palin is being treated by so called enlightened liberals.

    I’ve been working on this story for a little over a year. Yes, it is personal to me. I’ve never seen anyone treated so badly, and so undeserving of being treated so badly. Even Clarence Thomas has not been mistreated in such a vile and deplorable manner.

    You may think it is cute, but enough is enough. It isn’t about being cute. It is all about destroying the reputation of good, decent people.

    It don’t think it’s funny at all – and I have a very healthy sense of humor.

    The Pink Flamingo

  • Condor

    I liked the story. It brought back a memory of the most intelligent person I ever met. He had a pretty good education, but that didn’t stop him. But the education (book learnin’) only went so far, the rest he did on his own. That’s important, one can have the best education money can by, but it ends at a certain point. If you are taught what to think, it really doesn’t do much for you, if you learn how to think… the limits are boundless. Mr. Jones (his real name) was a rocket scientist (no foolin’) but when I ment him he was was retired and I never heard him utter a word about rocketry… but he was definately a professor and I’m not talking about a degree but about a mind.

    Amazing. SJ, you were fortunate to meet someone at the level of thought. I know I was with Mr. Jones… people like that, you remember them to the grave.

  • Condor

    Ok… I just have to quit typing on this laptop…. I apologize for the typos… but I’m bouncing around in the back of a van loaded with electrical gear… when we hit a cell tower I can transmit.

  • As is often the case, commenters on here conflate, or confuse, blogosphere loudmouths with mainstream Democrats and Republicans. The most strident voices of course get the most attention, but that doesn’t mean they are genuinely representative.

    The postings on DailyKos represent a certain segment of the left, just as Limbaugh/O’Reilly/take-your-pick represent a slice of the right. I wince when I read some of the Kos stuff, as I imagine the rightist voices on here could do without the more obnoxious bleatings of talk radio.

    But these are just small slices and segments, not majorities on either side. And the mainstream media [NY Times, CNN] has mostly covered the Palin coverage, at a fairly bemused distance, and has been pretty low-key overall.

    And I think Sen. Obama’s own reaction [leave her alone] is remarkably sensible.

  • It is all about destroying the reputation of good, decent people.

    ah, when the rove machine is turned back in the opposite direction, the rules must suddenly change?

    this is why politics, or maybe the related “discourse”, is so incredibly pathetic.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    SJ, whether you have been working on whatever story you have been working on for however long is not the issue. I wasn’t poking fun at Palin (although I have), I was remarking on your story of the man with no teeth who knows more than anyone. It’s a cliche, pure and simple. No matter how long you have worked on it.

    If you have worked on the story you just posted on Palin for a year, well, so be it. But it doesn’t say anything. It just attacks people who don’t like her. It’s just your opinion that she is a worthwhile candidate. That’s it. You don’t back it up at all.

    She may be a perfectly decent person and a good mother. But she is not capable of being next in line for the oval office. She just isn’t.

    As for women having it all. I have been a feminist for a long long time and one thing I know and have known for nearly as long as I have been a feminist is that women can try and have it all but we can never have it ALL at the same time. We make choices.

    Nancy Pelosi has five kids. She waited until they were older before she ran for congress.

    Sarah Palin has four kids under 18, one of whom is handicapped, one of whom is pregnant out of wedlock. SHE says her daughter will marry the guy. We haven’t heard from him. SHE violated her daughter’s privacy by revealing the boy’s name. And ultimately SHE is responsible for the media’s fascination by choosing the job over her family’s privacy.

    I have said in other posts that she has a lot on her plate. Even if she were eminently qualified (which she is not) this is not the time for her to leave her home state and go across the country and take on this kind of responsibility. She made the choice to give birth a few months ago to a handicapped child. She knew about her daughter’s pregnancy. She has a husband who works in the state. She has a job she says she loves. SHe can wait a few years for the next thing.

    I have a column coming up where I document well why she is NOT qualified. Check your facts. Read. She is being investigated. She is far from lily white. The fact that she has a mediocre education is the least of it. Do not defend her just BECAUSE she is a woman. I do not denounce her just because she is a woman. In fact, I don’t denounce her because of that at all. I don’t think she would even have been considered had she been a man with the same qualification.

  • Lisa;

    There is nothing wrong with being against a candidate. That’s fine. Everyone has the right to disagree. Right now I am one of those Republican women who is absolutely furious over the treatment of Sarah Palin, who does not deserve it. I’ve been writing about her for a year.

    A year ago I thought she was the right person for the nomination. I still do. I think she is far more qualified than Barack Obama. We all know what this is all about. If the left cannot take out Sarah Palin and ruin her reputation, Barack Obama will increasingly look worse.

    That’s how I feel – and guess what? I have just as much right to feel that way about him as you do Palin.

    The Pink Flamingo

  • Zedd

    Republicans have SOME responsibility to the nation. The lazy, selfish, bratty attitude toward governance is unpatriotic. Republicans somehow believe they are good by virtue of being Republican. They have destroyed this nation in a short time and dare make wreck less (off the wall) choices to govern this great land, gambling on our future. They treat this nation like its an investment. “If you cash in, great, if not, oh well, better luck next time”. This choice has turned me off to this party possibly for good. The reaction of Republican electorate is even more disturbing. How dumb can be? It’s called evolution. It’s happened already. It’s perfectly fine to use your brain. Geeeeez!

  • Zedd


    “The Democratic reaction to Palin has become a classic case of sheer, unmitigated panic”

    Well Sorta. Do you remember when Democrats kept saying that Bush was dumb but you voted for him anyway? It sorta like that again. This woman’s lack of readiness is glaring. Off course you don’t see it. You didn’t know that Bush was a dunderhead. Remember how a large portion of the electorate kept saying just how dull witted he was and Reps kept insisting that it was political? Well Clav, we are here again. You are missing it and we are exasperated. You are all gleeful, high and happy and we are stunned.

  • “Barack Obama did not have the courage nor the class to ask Hillary Clinton to be his running mate.”

    You just lost me with that line, showing a complete lack of understanding about what you are writing about.

  • To change the subject slightly, both the Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls put Obama’s support at an important psychological barrier today for the first time:

    Obama 50%, McCain 42%

    Obama 51%, McCain 45%

    Each covered the 3-day Sat-Mon period.

    No doubt the convention will change these numbers later in the week. Not sure which direction, though.

  • Cannonshop

    And we’re going into day two of the Media circus over Bristol. Proving once again that racing to the bottom gets the brass ring first.

  • Arch Conservative

    “This woman’s lack of readiness is glaring”

    As is Obama’s.

    Once again arrogance, overconfidence and a complete lack of understanding of the American people will be the Democrats downfall in November.

    I guess you just can’t fix stupid.

  • Condor

    “They have destroyed this nation in a short time and dare make wreck less (off the wall) choices to govern this great land, gambling on our future”


    Who is “they” — The Republican’s or the voters? Nobody gets into office without the voters.
    The voters are the reason for everything that happens politically in this country. Yet, for the most part, the voters don’t really care. They don’t listen, they don’t read. They show up, looking at the pictures, led by the nose from whatever sugarcoated source brought them to their decision.

    Now, partainship aside, I’m looking for
    1. Experience
    2. Leadership
    3. Common sense

    I could care less who went to school where, how they look, and all that other garbage that get thrown out there during the running.

    As far as I’m concerned the primary’s are a beauty contest and the conventions are info-mercials.

    I’ve been looking at voting records, for those in congress and state actions for those at the state level. I’m not a big fan of governors as presidents… from Carter on, they have not been that impressive. VP’s are probably better pulled from congress… as I can only imagine the exclusivity of that club.

    I understand the globally the world (according the the press) has a great liking for Obama, and that by electing him the U.S. will once again walk in the shining light of favor…. I actually heard that statement from the news media… Is it just me, or doesn’t that sound like a blatent attempt at propaganda? Brain washing.

    Just looking at the voting records alone, along with who worked both sides of the aisle (demonstrating teambuilding skills) really tells an insightful story.

    Now both candidates have strengths. Obama has Biden, and McCain has Palin. All have great respect for each other, all are capable.

    As voters, it is our responsibilty to check the facts, and make a decision based on facts. It is not a time to make emotional choices based on how you feel that day, or how you choose to acheive orgasm, or how you calculate the government handout….

    Federal level government is not there to coddle us. It’s there to protect and defend us. Let the states do the coddling, they are supposed to be doing that. Let the states figure out the taxes needed to do the coddleing within its borders… not this redistribution of the wealth. If I’m living in my own private Idaho, what makes the fed think that I should support a beach bum down in Florida who is working the system?

    It’s important to me that the President covers a large footprint of the people, not necessarily along party lines, but in fostering legislation along reasonable lines.

    I hear Obama discussing lots of ideas and I’m beginning to hear the sound of money being thrown around to make these ideas happen. Tax dollars.

    I hear McCain discussing lots of ideas but he’s not really throwing money around, he’s providing tax incentives to company’s in order to acheive the economic stimulus.

    So economics become a ideaological battle, fine. How many voters have been paying attention to the plans these 2 are putting forth? If I was a betting man, I’d wager less than 10 percent, probably less than 5 percent.

    Which leaves the 90 to 95 percent of the people (who bother to vote) making decisions based on nothing more than what they have been fed by the progandist news media, and the infomercials and beauty pagents they have been witness to.

    That’s the problem… the “they” is the voters. The voters are impowered and don’t even care.

  • You are missing it and we are exasperated.

    I wonder who the “we” is she’s talking about…I’m not exasperated…not sure I even know how to be exasperated! I’m a little frustrated with people claiming that Barry is the be all and end all of IT all!

    I guess to liberal democrats voting present is experience…so, hey everybody! I’m here!

  • Good article, SJ.

    I, for one, a working Independent, am getting more than mildly annoyed with the double standard. I wouldn’t blame Palin if she decided to back down. The lynch mob mentality which is posing as public scrutiny is alarming. Why not judge all the candidates on their records, not on any other criteria?

    I’m also annoyed that some are alluding to the fact that Alaska is way out there. As far as I can tell, it’s still part of the US. Yes, it’s very far away, but don’t you think there are more than a couple of smart, sophisticated people living there? They can’t all be living in igloos and shooting caribou for dinner.

    For that matter, does anyone realize that Ms. Palin, for her lack of foreign policy, has a huge foreign neighbor? No, not Canada, although that is a huge foreign neighbor. I’m talking about the one on the other side of the state, namely Russia. It would be interesting to find out how she has dealt with that one in the past.

  • SJ,

    Is there any way to get in touch with you directly? I hate to ask here, but I do not see an e-mail address for you. Go check my blogspot and look for an e-mail addy there.


  • I have to agree with Joanne about Gov. Palin living right next to Russia. The Russians are not friends, though the enmity that had dominated relations with them through the last quarter of the twentieth (Christian) century had sort of dissipated – until recently, anyway.

    A few side notes here. There is more than one flavor native American living in Alaska. Apparently, Mr. Palin does not like being called “Inuit”, which is the name that lots of Eskimos prefer. Could this be because he is really a Chukchi (that’s a name from Siberia)? The Chukchi hate Eskimos, even though they share many aspects of the culture of the North.

    Just askin’.

  • Finally,

    Lisa, you have a lot of trouble with the fact that many women are not liberal feminists. Yeah, they all want equal money for equal work. That makes sense if they are in the market, either as employees or employers. But on other issues, there is still a lot of disagreement over policy that has little to do with the shape of the genitalia.

    My wife, for example is a social conservative. That means for example, that she cannot understand not teaching young women to save sex for marriage, or at least until the young woman is reasonably certain that the fellow panting after her is the one she hopes to live with for the rest of her life.

    Quaint? Old-fashioned? Naïve? Or simply a sign of good sense? If you ask Sarah Palin, I have the nasty feeling that she would wince (inwardly – a sharp person looking would catch it), and say that my wife makes eminent good sense.

    There are problems with SJ’s article. She should have done a careful check on the spelling (Pultarch?) and on the grammar – and the editor should have also had a good look. And from the standpoint of living through a full term, Obama was smart not to pick Hillary Clinton. But her bottom line – that “liberals” are enraged that their thunder has been stolen by McCain – stands. She has hit it right on the money, and your “humor” is not only unfunny, but damned high handed as well. Heck, you make an arrogant bastard like me look like the soul of humility. Evidently, you have no respect for self-educated people who don’t need a degree from some damned Ivy League university or the good old boy connections that they provide to get somewhere in life.

    Truly a shame.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Oh Ruvy, a cliche is a cliche, whether you went to school or not.

    And saving oneself for marriage is great. Telling your daughter to do the same is great, too. But if she doesn’t, she has to live with the consequences, yes? I think telling her to save herself for love is the best idea, but preparing her,at the same time, with information about birth control makes a lot more sense. It’s not an either/or situation. It’s not black or white.

    And I know for sure that forcing a 17 year old boy to marry my daughter simply because he got her pregnant makes no sense, either. Or, necessarily, telling her she has to give birth and raise the child or give it up for adoption, just because she royally screwed up even though I told her not to, in no uncertain terms.

    Goodness, Ruvy, think outside the box.

  • Arch Conservative

    “Lisa, you have a lot of trouble with the fact that many women are not liberal feminists.”

    From your lips to god’s ears Ruvy.

    Lisa is the sterotypical caricature of the condescending “I speak for all women in America” liberal woman. She cannot accept that millions of American women may choose to disagree and opt for independent thought rather than leftist talking points. So she’s been a busy little bee writing one hatchet piece on Palin after another.

    Lisa is the kind of woman that claims Hillary Clinton to be the best role model for women and young girls.Hilarry…. a woman who would not be where she is in life today had she not ridden the political coattails of a serial cheating husband, helped him attack the character and ruin the lives of all the women who dared go public with the sexual harassment they had been subjected to by Bill Clinton, who used her gender a every possible twist in turn where it proved to be advantageous in her career, and who ultimately showed the nation once and for all that she values her own political ambiton above the good of the nation by dragging out the Dem nomination process as long as possible, trying to inflict as much damage as possible to Obama so that he would ultimately lose and she could say “see I was right” and then run again.

    Then Lisa turns around and attacks Sarah palin, a woman that did not need to ride her husbands cooatails to get where she is today but rather got there on her own merit. A woman who decided it was a baby and not a “choice” when told her child would have Down’s Syndrome. A woman who actually has more executive experience than the pathetic hack the Dems are trying to force upon us. A woman who is not a carefully calculated media creation.

    Lisa, like the other Obamabots is going to see once again just how wrong they were.

  • Lisa Solod Warren


  • Paul Greene

    Sally Quinn is a hypocrite of the first order.

    Nothing more needs be said.

  • To comment 29 – those are your opinions on how to raise a child. Just because everyone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them right or wrong. I don’t agree with the abstinence only theory either, but that doesn’t make me right. And if your son got one of my daughters pregnant he better well do the right thing, or there’s gonna be a fight!

    You Lisa need to think outside your own box. You are not the be all and end all of child rearing…or are you?

    What you know for sure about your own family may be fine for your family, but it might not work for mine or anyone elses.

    Some people have different convictions than you and yours. Some people believe that you must be responsible for your own actions and teaching a kid to keep it in his pants or teaching her to keep her pants on may be the only method of birth control that they are comfortable with…but to you and other liberals this is somehow wrong.

    Why is it just Palin that’s wrong here? What about this kid Levi and his family? As the father of two daughters I’ll ask this question; why is it always the womans responsibility? Maybe that’s the decision that Bristol and Levi made when they started fooling around in the backseat. If you get pregnant we’ll get married. You don’t know and neither do I!

    It goes back to the bottom line. I’ll stay out of your personal life and you stay out of mine. And stay out of Sarah and Bristol Palins too!

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Oh Andy, forcing my son to marry your daughter may be the right thing for you, but it may not be the right thing for her OR for him. I only offered options….like birth control in addition to talking about abstinence and talking about waiting for a good loving relationship and making sure one was mature enough for sex. But I take marriage seriously. Supporting a child emotionally and financially is a whole separate thing from entering in a forced marriage at aged 17 just so it all looks good to the Jones or makes everyone feel beter.

    I was answering Ruvy’s abstinence only screed with something more nuanced and thoughtful, but then, I forgot for a moment, there are those of you who don’t like nuance. It’s all or nothing, black or white. Just say No.

    Teen marriages notoriously fail. Heck, fifty percent of all marriages in this country fail anyway. A marriage made simply because a boy and a girl, in a moment of passion, made a baby, seems ill-advised. That is all I was saying.

  • troll

    I don’t agree with the abstinence only theory either, but that doesn’t make me right…You are not the be all and end all of child rearing…or are you?

    the point is not (a straw man construction of ) Lisa’s ideas but Palin’s – and she does advocate the abstinence education only approach

    moderate conservatives seem to be willing to accept her radical social agenda and the supremos that would come with it to get her business friendly economic approach (ja ja I know she’s not running for pres [unfortunately])

    I frankly don’t give a shit as I want state and federal government out of curriculum development (amongst other things) altogether

  • I was answering Ruvy’s abstinence only screed with something more nuanced and thoughtful….

    Abstinence only screed? Lisa, dear, I told you my wife’s opinions, not mine. This is Israel, Lisa, and the boys and girls serve in the IDF together here. And when they are not drinking Turkish coffee, smoking cigarettes and complaining about their commanders, they are not necessarily playing Scrabble, if you can sense the thrust of what I’m saying (playing Scrabble in Hebrew would be a bitch with the syllabic alef-bet we use).

    Kids who are wearing combat fatigues all understand that today may be their last day alive. You never do know when an enemy shell might suddenly break the quiet and produce a corpse and a funeral. So, somehow, I doubt a single one of these kids wants to die a virgin.

    “Lights out” does not necessarily mean sleepy time in the IDF. Most of the time the kids are dog tired – but they are still kids, and have the energy of kids.

    I have a view of all of this that is a whole lot more nuanced than you dare imagine, Lisa.

  • Abstinence makes the hard grow onner.

    [exit left, pursued by eggs]

  • When George W. Bush was conceived I now wish that his daddy did what we should do in Iraq — PULL OUT!

  • I have to agree with the gist of this article: the Dems and liberal press are going psycho over Sarah Palin and it’s an ugly sight. Cartoonish is right and I’m trying to enjoy the spectacle, but it’s so over-the-top vile I’m having trouble seeing the humor in it. Maybe Palin’s speech tonight will help. Must get popcorn.

    I’ve been politically apathetic for years. I do vote, but for years it’s been a choice between the lesser of two evils rather than choosing the person I think is best and feel good about having in the White House. The emergence of Sarah Palin has energized and inspired me (and a lot of other people) and made me enthusiastic about politics and wanting to get involved. It’s a weird feeling, but a good one. Sarah Palin has been a gift to women and her party.

    I could respectfully disagree with the Dems if they conducted themselves like adults instead of hysterical children and engaged McCain/Palin on issues and fitness rather than emotion. But if I’ve learned anything about Dems from this it’s how they really feel about women. Eye-opening and insulting.

  • Enough already! Have Hilary debate Palin, and let’s see how long this supposed sexist Democrat debate goes on. If she can’t co mano y mano with Hilary, case closed.

  • Jordan Richardson

    That, or jello wrestling.

  • Arch Conservative

    Ray..Hillary is a has been. Stop living in the past.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Wet pantsuit contest?

  • Jet

    Arch McCain is a has-been running on something honorable he did 30 years ago-Stop living in the past

  • Jet

    Oh great, Jordan, now that picture’s going to be stuck in my head for the next hour

  • Jet

    I wonder if McCain told her to imagine everyone in their underwear during her speech tonight?

  • Jet

    Suddenly Bill Cosby is doing a Jell-o commercial in my head and I can’t figure out why…

  • bliffle

    Melinda says:

    “I’ve been politically apathetic for years…. The emergence of Sarah Palin has energized and inspired me”

    Which reveals her as a sexist.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Ruvy, those boys and girls fighting for Israel can have all the sex they want. I would never tell them otherwise. They should just try and responsibly prevent having children before they are ready by using birth control

    And to your wife, independent thought means keeping the government out of women’s bodies…. ie., not having the government tell us we must bear children if, God forbid, we fall pregnant through our own carelessness, the failure of birth control or because we are raped by a stranger or a member of our own family. It’s that simple.

    I have no agenda for all women, no matter what you seem to think. What I have is the firmly held notion that any women candidates are not interchangeable. Just like men candidates aren’t. We aren’t all the same, just because we have the same parts. Just because the Repubs decided to put a woman on the ticket doesn’t mean all women should vote for her no matter her position on things. ‘Nuff said on all this.

  • Condor

    “I only offered options….like birth control in addition to talking about abstinence and talking about waiting for a good loving relationship and making sure one was mature enough for sex.” The Author…

    Uh Lisa, isn’t it a bit late for that? How about discussing options at this juncture. Child support? Life with a child? You’re talking in the past, the choice WAS made… It might have went something like this “let’s have sex without any preventative measures” “Are you clean, I mean no STD’s” “Okay, let’s get it on homeboy, I’m ridin’ bareback tonite… yeah baybay!” “Got any beer?”

    Oh, to have been one of those gigantic alaskan Moose flies on the igloo wall that night.

    Get real.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    You are taking things completely out of context, for some reasons of your own. I sense you are several comments behind. But be that as it may…..

    What is real is a link I provided much earlier, kiddo. The link from the Washington Post which shows that Palin CUT funding for teen pregnancy programs. So, in other words, when teens DO get pregnant, in whatever sick scenario you wish to imagine, they no longer have as much public support to help raise their babies, if their parents do not, will not, or cannot help them.

    That, Condor, is what is known as hypocrisy. Preach abstinence, outlaw abortion, then cut funding for teen mothers. Sigh.

  • Condor

    Sex is sick? Then you’re pro abstinence?

    Listen “kiddo” Palin cut funding out of a lot of programs in Alaska, were you able to find out if the whole program was cut, or perhaps some fluff in the program, which wasn’t necessary?

    What’s the population in Alaska, perhaps they were over budgeted? Perhaps they were living off the dole, rather than getting trained to enter the workforce, perhaps the state started going after the deadbeat father’s and making them take up the slack. Perhaps once the welfare recepient starts back to work, a percentage of funding for section 8 housing is put back into the program for someone else to use. And lastly the Palin ax these dollars all by her lonesome, or was the legislature part of the process.

    Lot’s of states enacted welfare reform… it was a mandate from the Fed. Michigan led the way, putting time limits on recipients. Are you confusing the welform reform program with what Palin actually did? Or, was the timing just wrong? If a clean up was in order, could that have had an impact on the 80% approval rating by the citizens of Alaska?

    Virginia is pretty progressive in the welfare reform… while Maryland gives it away. What is the Alaskan position.

  • Condor


    Here ya go….

    Covenant House Alaska- Covenant House Facility Expansion (HD-1732).

    The program WASN’T slashed — The amount appropriated for EXPANSION was reduced.

    A little due dillegence is a wonderful research tool. Try it sometime, maybe you won’t catch so much crap from your readership.

  • Condor

    From 50K to 25K…. now at Alaska prices which are higher due to the logistics of getting product to market, 50K or 25K doesn’t go very far.

    What does 50K buy in Alaska? I could build you a detached 2 car garage, wired for electrics, network etc…. with a FROG complete with a billard table, HDTV and a motiffed wetbar for $60K, in the lower 48. I can only imagine how little distance that the proposed 50K or the 25K reduction in the proposed appropriation would stretch with the Alaskan increase of prices in goods and services. Your argument doesn’t wash.

  • Cannonshop

    Condor, in Liberal Maths, cutting the rate of increase is a cut to the programme.

  • Condor

    I thought “cutting” the program ment to “ax” the program, fin, gone, seeya…

    The program still exists… just the 50k for expansion was reduced…. now they can only expand a little bit…. but again 50K… what’s up with that. Sounds like somebody wanted a pay hike.