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The Great Battle of Uhud (Phase 4)

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We previously spoke about the forces of Qureish being driven back to their camp by the fighters of Islam, and we also spoke about Qureish’s panic when they found themselves unable to stymie the advance of the Muslims.

However, in earlier episodes, we made mention of the 400 Qureishi horsemen under the command of their top general, Khalid bin Walid, as well as the 50 Muslim archers led by Abdullah ibn Jubeir. We also highlighted the Prophet’s (pbuh) strict instructions to the archers not to vacate their posts and to remain vigilant of the 400 horsemen at all costs, no matter what happened.

We now see the main contingent of Muslim fighters in hot pursuit of the warriors of Qureish who just couldn’t get away fast enough through the thick sand.

We see the Muslims hacking and cutting down the enemy, those unfortunate enough to stumble in their way; we see the Meccans trampling their own comrades (those who couldn’t make it through the soft underfoot). We hear them plead for the lives; we hear them scream as their fellow warriors cut off their groping hands as they tryto hang on to their fleeing countrymen. There was no quarterbeing given and no prisoners taken. It was absolute hell.

If one can picture the scene that was playing itself out, i.e. the Muslims chasing Qureish and clearly having the upper hand (despite the overwhelming disparity in numbers), perhaps one can then understand the emotions that must have raged through the 50 archers under the command of Abdullah ibn Jubeir, as they watched their mates closing in on Qureish’s camp. Perhaps one may not then judge too harshly their folly of abandoning their posts and following their fellow Muslims, despite the frantic admonishments of Abdullah ibn Jubeir.

There ran Ali, The Prophet’s (pbuh) cousin, scimitar held high (amidst the frenzied warriors), followed closely by Hamza, the ‘Lion Hunter’, Umar ibn Al Khattab, and Abu Dujana, their victorious cries of: ‘Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!’ echoing all across the plains of Uhud.

‘Allahu Akbar!’ shouted the leading archers as they burst through the sand, paying scant attention to Abdullah ibn Jubeir who pleaded with them not to leave their posts.

‘Who can stop us now?’ came the retort from a short heavyset man who was smiling gleefully. ‘We are winning the war! Can’t you see?’

‘Allahu Akbar!’ came the chorus from the rest. ‘Allahu Akbar!’ And they moved as if their feet never touched the ground.

Abdullah ibn Jubeir stood forlorn. ‘Come back!’ he pleaded pathetically. ‘Please! Come back!’ He could only watch in complete horror as Khalid bin Walid gave the order to attack.

It has been reported that when the cavalry of Qureish hit the Muslims from behind, there was so much confusion and chaos amongst Muhammed’s (pbuh) followers that Muslims were killing Muslims, mistaking each other for the enemy.

It has also been recorded that in the general melee, Hind, Abu Sufyan’s wife, saw her chance to strike at Hamza (the uncle of the Prophet (pbuh)), someone who, as we have mentioned previously, had become the object of all her obsessions and hatred and whom she had vowed to see dead (in the most degrading manner possible!) for killing not only her father Utbah bin Rabi’ah, and her brother, Al Walid, but a few of her close relatives as well.

We spoke earlier about Wakhshi, the Abyssinian slave, who was a master with a lance and a spear. We highlighted Hind’s promises to him, i.e. his freedom, as well as a huge amount of money, if he could bring Hamza down with just one throw.

And so, while the Muslim army found themselves in complete disarray, whilst Muhammed’s (pbuh) men were striking at each other in utter confusion, Wakhshi brought the ‘Lion Hunter’ down with just one perfectly directed throw that hit Hamza squarely in the chest. The force with which the lance hit him was so severe that a part of the blade protruded from the back of the big man’s shoulders. Hamza breathed his last and called out the Prophet’s (pbuh) name. Blood frothed on his lips.

One historian has said that when Hamza fell, the Prophet became very sad and cried softly. Some of his men wanted to get Hamza out, but the fighting was too fierce. The tide was rapidly turning against the Muslims.

A jubilant Hind, in the meantime, came rushing forward. She had a huge dagger in her hand and a most inhuman look on her face. She was laughing and cursing and she was forcing her way through the fighting warriors, heedless of any danger to herself, intent only on one thing: one moment of triumph that she had dreamed about for so long now.

She opened Hamza’s stomach and unceremoniously removed his liver. The inhuman expression did not leave her face.

Hind held the dripping organ aloft, swinging it from side to side. The Muslims could only look on in horror.

Hind sadistically began ripping it apart with her teeth, swallowing whole chunks as blood ran down her jaw. She looked like something out of the most hideous nightmare that one can ever imagine!

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