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The Grammy Awards: The Good & the Bad

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Justin showed up, won, and apologized. Janet didn’t show up (she would have had to apologize on air – hasn’t she done that twice already). The show was unfortunately scandal free (somewhat boring)’

The show did start off with a bang. Prince and Beyonce were excellent in the opening number. Beyonce filled the role of a Prince disciple very well; she had all the appropriate hair flips and almost gave a Tina Turner performance, dance move wise.

Overall the performances were quite good, but did the sound seem a little off to anyone else. Also, with that tape delay thing, couldn’t they have cut Celine Dion’s microphone issues? The stand outs being The White Stripes, Beyonce singing “Dangerously In Love”, Outkast, the majority of the Funk tribute (what the hell was up with the pissed off looking George Clinton), and the Black Eyed Peas.

The worst performance of the night was the abysmal tribute to the Beatles; including the speech by Yoko Ono. Who came up with the foursome consisting of Sting, Dave Matthews, Vince Gill, and Pharell Williams? Pharell did a fine Ringo, but the other three plain awful. Actually, Sting’s other performance with Sean Paul was hideous as well. Did we really need to hear “Roxanne” again? Also, Sarah McLachlan was just plain dull; and was up with the dress was she wearing?

The problem that I had with the show itself was the fact that you had no idea who had won which awards earlier. A few people found out during the pre-show. Joan Rivers actually told Dave Matthews that he had won. What’s up with that? They could have at least done a scroll at the bottom of the screen, letting us know who won in all the other categories that weren’t shown live on the show.

There were a few touching moments on the show. The first being Luther Vandross’ videotaped message along with the line he sung, was quite moving. It was great seeing Warren Zevon win, and his son’s speech was touching. The video performance with all-star backup singers was a bit odd. I think it would have worked better if they had actually sung the song, and not done the performance with the video screen.

It was also nice that the producers didn’t cut off anyone’s speeches. I’ve always found that to be somewhat rude. I’m very happy that Outkast won Album of the Year. Finally a hip-hop artist wins Album of the Year. The tide is slowly changing.

Plus, any award show in which Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy won a Grammy for “A Mighty Wind”, is worth my time.

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  • Adrienne

    Anyone know where I can find the OutKast video from this Grammy show? I have yet to see the whole green Indian costume performance.

  • Mike

    I don’t usually watch awards shows, but I was interested this year by the list of performers. There are some artists out now that are actually about the music and not just the image.
    The sound was horrible!! They did a terrible job of setting levels for the different performers. And it seemed like they had a crowd noise mic cranked to eleven.
    But I loved most of the performers. The funk section was bad-a$$ and the White Stripes just killed. And I hope Christina will figure out her voice is so good she doesn’t need all the other crap. Pharell is a talent. Not sure why they had Vince Gill off in the corner while Sting and Dave shared a mic. Bad song for their voices though. I guess it’s the thought that counts. Sean Paul sucked. He does his own thing okay, but he only exposes his lack of talent when he stands next to real musicians. Okay, thanks for letting me vent. My mom is the only other person I knew that watched the show, and she just didn’t understand how pumped I was over the White Stripes.

  • duane

    “The show was unfortunately scandal free (somewhat boring).”
    Maybe Justin should have dropped trou.

    “Pharell did a fine Ringo.”
    Haha. Which consists of what, exactly? Keeping 4/4 time? Awesome.

    “Actually, Sting’s other performance with Sean Paul was hideous as well.”
    Actually, Sting was just fine, and must have been wondering how he got stuck with this idiot Sean Paul. I believe Sting is used to playing with actual musicians.

    “Finally a hip-hop artist wins Album of the Year. The tide is slowly changing.”
    Yes, soon nobody featured on the show that is supposed be about MUSIC will actually know anything about music. You approve of this?

  • i must me insane…i thought Sting was great, and when Sean Paul added the dancehall flair it reminded me of when i saw Branford Marsalis’ Buckshot Lefonque.

  • Jonathan

    Ugh I cried myself to sleep after watching sting and Sean Paul do Roxane. It was terrible. So utterly terrible. Shit plopping into my toilet sounded better.

    I think Andre’s “Thank you.” was the best speech of the night.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks MW, fine job as always. We agreed on much.