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The Government is Not Poisoning You with “Chemtrails”

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When I was a kid I spent a lot of time on planes flying from country to country and a fair amount of time looking at the sky from the ground, fascinated with the space program which was taking us to the moon and beyond. I never looked to the skies with fear or terror, but only saw it as a blank canvas for amazing possibilities.

One of the things I saw in those skies were lots of straight white lines, sometimes in pairs, usually very high up, which my father identified as contrails. He had been a navy flyer in World War II and had seen plenty of them up close and personal He explained that they are lines of frozen water vapor formed when the hot and humid exhaust from a plane's engines encounters colder air high in the atmosphere and turns to ice crystals, essentially producing artificial clouds behind the plane.

That seemed like a pretty reasonable explanation for many years, but imagine my surprise to be informed that these trails of cloud were not, in fact, mere frozen water vapor, but were actually 'chemtrails'; not trails of condensation, but trails of chemicals nefariously released into our atmosphere by the government or by evil corporations or even by aliens for all sorts of arcane purposes, from testing biological weapons on the civilian population to reprogramming our perceptions with psychoactive chemicals to causing mass sterilization as part of a UN depopulation program.

The basic origin of the chemtrails conspiracy theory seems to be nothing more than people looking up in the sky and seeing contrails and speculating insanely with no actual basis in fact. It's a particularly bewildering theory because we've had a factual, scientific and verifiable explanation for contrails for generations. To look beyond that explanation requires the kind of paranoid mindset that looks at commonplace things and manufactures nightmares out of nothing. It's Agent Mulder announcing "I want to believe" and then finding what he wants to believe in whether it exists or not — the classic self-fulfilling prophecy with nothing real behind it.

The idea that contrails were actually something more nefarious is based on several bits of mistaken evidence. First, that contrails seem to last far longer than anyone would expect and that they are increasing in number. Second, that they sometimes form seemingly complex or regular patterns or display strange colors. Third, that some airplanes have mysterious tanks and apparatus in their wings. Couple these observations with a belief that the government is generally up to no good and you get such popular explanations for 'chemtrails' as that they are methods of dispersing chemicals over the entire surface of the country to drug the population for any purpose from mass inoculation to mind control, that they are some sort of weather modification program to either cause or prevent global warming, and that they are some method of communicating with aliens or terraforming the earth to be more compatible with alien lifeforms.

The behavior of contrails has been pretty thoroughly researched. They are generally found very high in the atmosphere where conditions can be extremely stable and where very low temperatures make it unlikely for ice crystals to melt quickly. Because they are ice crystals at high altitude they can produce a rainbow-like effect which would cause them to change color or appear sparkly when caught by the sun at the right angle. The increasing number of contrails is solely the result of increases in air traffic at higher altitudes in recent years, and there is a direct correlation. Even today you rarely see as many contrails as covered the sky during World War II, as demonstrated by the photo accompanying this article. Regular patterns are easily accounted for by the standardization of flight routes to and from airports which are used over and over again. As for spraying apparatus and tanks found on commercial airliners, these do exist. They are part of the de-icing system on these planes and their function and purpose are easily accounted for.

The idea that these planes are spraying chemicals is probably an extrapolation based on several real activities, including crop dusting experiments with anti-missile chaff and the occasional experimental seeding of clouds to create rain. A crop-dusting style distribution of chemicals would make no sense from an altitude of 20,000 to 30,000 feet because at that altitude any but the most dangerous biotoxins would be dispersed to the point where they would have virtually no effect, plus from that altitude variations in winds as the particles descend would make it impossible to predict or control where any particles would land. What's more, carrying out a widespread program like this to disperse dangerous chemicals through hundreds of commercial airliners would involve so many people and so much suspicious activity that it would be almost impossible to keep it secret. Finally, if the purpose was to drug the general population, then the people behind the program would also be drugging themselves and their families either directly or through food sources which would be contaminated with any widely distributed substance pervasive enough to survive high-atmospheric dispersal. As for the claims of effects from chemtrails, there is no statistical evidence of higher rates of sterility or illness of any kind associated with areas of high activity. So this theory fails the test of logic on almost every count.

Other claims are equally easy to disprove. Claims of jets releasing heavier materials are easily accounted for by releases of 'blue ice' waste material or fuel dumping, and can usually be specifically identified from airline records. Claims of dreaded criss-coss or other heavy patterns or trails which appear only on certain days are generally directly connected to the activities of flights from aiforce bases, which do fly in patterns on specific days and cross over their own trails. Every paranoid claim about these trails can easily be addressed by a simpler and more logical explanation than some sort of government conspiracy or arcane experiment. In this case the believers are violating the principle of Occam's Razor, the basic fallacy of looking for more complex and unlikely explanations when a simple and logical explanation is already available.

The government has repeatedly denied the existence of any special chemical component in contrails or any program to disperse chemicals in the atmosphere and the Air Force even released a full explanation of the phenomenon. Of course, those who really want to believe in conspiracies don't want to believe any claims from the government, so to satisfy them there are a number of scientific studies of contrails, mostly focusing on their potential impact on the environment and aerial navigation. The Discovery Channel even did a program on them in which they tested contrails for dangerous chemicals and found nothing significant. Chemtrail debunking websites are widespread, collecting large amounts of data and linking to all the scientific sources. One compiled by a Danish astronomer at the University of Copenhagen is particularly comprehensive.

Of course, the classic scenario with this particular conspiracy is that someone sees a contrail in the sky, gets sick and concludes that the contrail contained pathogens which brought on the illness. After all, common viruses and bacteria aren't a good enough explanation for the creeping nasties. A secret government plot makes so much more sense. This is a classic example of the logical fallacy post hoc ergo propter hoc or the failure to prove causation. In this fallacy the subject observes A and experiences B and assumes that A caused B even though there is no provable connection between the two which are really only related by coincidental timing or proximity. Unless he can test the chemicals in the contrail and test his own body and find them and prove that they can cause his malady there is no proof of a connection. The subject probably encountered scores of things that same day which didn't catch his attention like the contrail which were far more dangerous and more likely to cause his illness. In this case it is particularly illogical, because if he can see the contrail in the sky, then how can it also be at ground level making him ill? That fails the most basic test of common sense. How can the same substance be observed in one place and have an effect on someone more than 5 miles away at the same time?

Contrails are fascinating, but they are not a mystery. They're a beautiful but harmless byproduct of human technology. They are a well known and understood phenomenon which has been with us since man first took to the skies. We know exactly what they are and how they are created and how they behave. To try to replace that commonplace reality with extravagant and paranoid fantasy just makes no sense at all.

"Every one of you listening to my voice, tell the world. Tell this to everybody, wherever they are. Watch the skies, everywhere, keep looking. Keep watching the skies."The Thing

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller

    Let’s dissect the word “contrail.” It begins with “con,” as does the word conspiracy. Coincidence? I think not. It ends with “trail,” which is something to be followed. Even the word itself, therefore, demonstrates that this is a conspiracy which we fail to follow at our mortal peril. Significantly, the article fails to note this point of obvious and critical importance. Were it not for these conspiracies, there would be no explanation for the re-emergence of Russia as a world power, rampant inflation, or oil prices.

    We must be alert to all of these attempts by aliens from outer space to dehumanize us and take over the Earth. We must do something, now. Dave’s specious suggestions for the construction of tin hats are no more than a distraction, which we should cast aside and look for real solutions we can believe in. Only Paris Hilton has the answers, and we must have her as our next president.


  • Dave! Go outside!!!

    If you want to know the truth – whether they are contrails or chemtrails, you need only go outside with a pair of binoculars…

    They are NOT commercial jets, and they are NOT observing normal commercial jet routes. They seem to be having fun up there some days, flying side by side or making X’s or tic tac toe grids across the sky…

    And if it’s normal airline traffic, why do they skip some days entirely? Here in NE Ohio we never get sprayed on Sundays… am I to believe that no one’s traveling on that day?

    We have days here where there will be nothing but deep rich blue skys until about 6pm when the planes start spraying.. they’ll continue to spray all night until the sky is like a huge white sheet by the next morning…

    Normal contrails dissipate fairly quickly – these only grow larger and expand overhead and on heavy spray days, these clouds will eventually meet up with eachother forming a thick white mess that covers from horizon to horizon.

    One day we even had a plane fly over and spit out this big thick glob of something that hung in the sky and even cut through a chemtrail below it that had been sprayed minutes before.

    Maybe you’re fortunate enough to live where they don’t spray. A friend of mine lives in CA near the redwood forest and says they never spray there, but when she travels to nearby cities she sees the chemtrails…

    You cannot possibly expect anyone with a brain and a set of eyes, and who lives in an area that is sprayed regularly, to believe your theory sir.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    I go outside regularly. I see contrails. They stay in the sky for a long time. Sometimes they make patterns. Nothing happens as a result.

    As for your ‘gobs’, have you ever heard of ‘blue ice’? Perfectly reasonable explanation.

    And some areas do have more air traffic than others that is limited to specific days, because there are air force bases nearby, and military aircraft DO fly in patterns and DO cross their own trails.

    Everything you mention is explainable by simple, obvious logic.


  • Dave! Go outside!!!

    “Simple, obvious logic”?? ha!

    How about the fact that THEY ARE NOT COMMERCIAL PLANES. You didn’t address that in your weak argument above…

    And I didn’t say LESS spraying traffic on Sundays, I said NONE. Though you can still see the commercial jets flying by high above, leaving the contrails that I’ve seen my whole life…

    You are parroting almost perfectly the unfounded and absurd propaganda that the Air Force and the pentagon are trying to inculcate the internet world into believing about chemtrails. Namely, the idea that increased jet traffic is responsible for spewing out these TONS of materials that morph into what they are calling “cirrus clouds” etc. That explanation is ludicrous and utterly unscientific. It’s errant nonsense. You could have 2,000 commercial jets flying wing tip to wing tip from one side of the the horizon to the other and still not produce enough visible “jet exhaust” to generate even a haze, let alone “cloud banks of cirrus clouds.” Chemtrails are NOT “blue ice” and they are not the fallout from jet “exhaust” They are substances being SPRAYED from non-commercial planes. This information has been available on the internet for past 7 or 8 years. Where have you been?

    You’re obviously not a stupid person, so I have to believe you’re just another disinformation peddler… I am only replying because I hope that others reading this article will look this up for themselves and find out the TRUTH.

  • Clavos

    Is there no fanciful, moronic bullshit conspiracy story that is too far out, too insane, too implausible for the tin foil hat guppies to believe in?

    Apparently not.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    How about the fact that THEY ARE NOT COMMERCIAL PLANES. You didn’t address that in your weak argument above…

    Actually, I did. The fact that many of the planes creating high altitute contrails are military planes which fly in formation explains the whole suspicious patterns argument.

    And I didn’t say LESS spraying traffic on Sundays, I said NONE. Though you can still see the commercial jets flying by high above, leaving the contrails that I’ve seen my whole life…

    So you’re saying that the evil, atheistic NWO takes a break on Sundays? Uhhh ok.

    You are parroting almost perfectly the unfounded and absurd propaganda that the Air Force and the pentagon are trying to inculcate the internet world into believing about chemtrails.

    In other words, they’re just as flabergasted as I am that people can believe this garbage?

    Namely, the idea that increased jet traffic is responsible for spewing out these TONS of materials that morph into what they are calling “cirrus clouds” etc. That explanation is ludicrous and utterly unscientific. It’s errant nonsense. You could have 2,000 commercial jets flying wing tip to wing tip from one side of the the horizon to the other and still not produce enough visible “jet exhaust” to generate even a haze, let alone “cloud banks of cirrus clouds.” Chemtrails are NOT “blue ice” and they are not the fallout from jet “exhaust” They are substances being SPRAYED from non-commercial planes. This information has been available on the internet for past 7 or 8 years. Where have you been?

    Where is the EVIDENCE? Where are the pilots? Where are the witnesses? Where are the planes? Where are samples of the substances being sprayed? Where are the case studies of the effects of the chemicals? Without evidence all you have is paranoia.

    You’re obviously not a stupid person, so I have to believe you’re just another disinformation peddler… I am only replying because I hope that others reading this article will look this up for themselves and find out the TRUTH.

    Being logical and reasonable is not exactly spreading disinformation. Being credulous and paranoid for no good reason is just idiotic.


  • troll

    the evidence for the nasty nature of chemtrails is clear – for decades I spent lots of time outside without problems…now when I’m almost 60 these trails show up and my hair falls out

    who do I sue – ?

  • Lee Richards

    SOMETHING is making us stupider!

  • http://www.indyboomer46.blogspot.com Baritone


    I for one believe in chemtrails. How else can you explain that, just a few years ago, I had a chest. It has now migrated nearly a foot south, as it were, and is larger than ever. I used to just blame it on gravity.

    I once had thick, nearly black hair. Several years ago I shaved off my beard and mustache. A few years later I decided to once again amass some facial hair. Can you imagine my horror in discovering that much of it had turned to gray and that it has since steadily migrated upwards seriously salting my, uh, coifure? It must be those damn chemtrails. What else could account for such hideous developments?

    And, yeah, Dave! All this stuff has been on the internet for years. Surely you don’t think that anyone would make such things up, do you? (I know, stop calling you Shirley.) What a mistrusting mind you must have. I mean, it’s all right to mistrust the government. That’s a given. But to even suggest that anyone posting on the internet would publish misinformation is, well, totally unfounded and, frankly, not worthy of you. Why, if that were the case, I’d have to start doubting all my beloved astrological sites.

    Those folks in NE Ohio are a bit nutsy. Maybe they’ve been singled out for these dastardly experiments. I understand that area is kind of the continental “Bermuda Triangle.” I hear tell that strange and occasionally wondrous things happen there – Cleveland, for one.

    Oh, by the way. The chemtrails designed to quell world population growth didn’t work particularly well. Back to the drawing board on that one. However, I think they are making headway on some tasty recipes for Soylent Green. (Just a few secret herbs and spices.) Bon appetit, mon ami!


  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller


    SOMETHING is making us stupider!

    I believe that in addition to affecting us physically and mentally, the con-trails are rearranging the things on our keyboards and in our computers, so that the wrong words get typed. Hav yoou evr notyced thet? And another thing: there aren’t many chickens available these days in urban areas, so we use con entrails to determine the future.

    Gasp! Did i rite that? No weigh.


  • http://www.idiotwars.com Dave Nalle

    I have to admit that there’s something halfway believable to the theory that chemtrails are making people stupider. It would explain the popularity of conspiracy theories if nothing else. Maybe they make us paranoid too.


  • Clavos

    As thuh resdent grammer knotsy, I say itz an incityous plot by thuh teechurs unyins to tern us into a nashyun of iliterrats.

    an its wurking…

    dam thows cons!!!

  • http://www.idiotwars.com Dave Nalle

    Hey folks. I’m hoping to some day get an article up into double digits on DIGG, so don’t forget to Digg this article.


  • http://www.futonreport.net/ Matthew T. Sussman

    I’m waiting for the article when Dave says “there are no unicorns” and then someone washes up from the ocean and asserts they are all around us, working at the mall food court and such.

  • troll

    you do realize of course that the tin foil hat thing is part of a greater conspiracy as the foil actually focuses the energy beam directly into your brain

  • http://www.indyboomer46.blogspot.com Baritone

    And the bees! What’s happening to the damn bees?!!!

  • BlindFool

    Those aren’t Chemtrails, they’re Lovetrails.

    Everything is good.

    Go back to sleep.

  • Lee Richards

    I propose we bring back the old party game of Rumor. Let’s send one around the internet and see how long it takes for one of us to read it as somebody’s posting of fact:

    How about…DNA tests have proven beyond a doubt that Barack Obama is the love child of JFK and Fidel Castro’s sister.

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller


    As a founding member of the Society Teaching Unicorns Progressive Intellectual Development (STUPID), I resent your unwarranted suggestion that unicorns do not exist. Our Federal research grant* was recently renewed, and just the other day, the National Questioner published a photograph of a mermaid riding a very horny unicorn.

    Peter Pan

    * A few years ago, I met a person who had received a grant to study the monogamous nature of termites. We all know that termites exist. Therefore, unicorns also exist. QED. We are now seeking another grant to determine whether they are monogamous.

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller


    The timings of JFK’s election as President (November 1960), the Bay of Pigs invasion (April, 1961) and the birth of Senator Obama (August 9, 1961) are too compelling to be ignored. It seems quite clear that JFK made an incognito visit to Cuba just after his election, about nine months before the birth of Senator Obama, to obtain background information on Castro and his family, and there met secretly with Castro’s sister to accomplish his mission. The rest is history.


  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    How can you argue with that? It’s as definitive as the evidence that Richard Nixon had JFK assassinated because he made a speech in Houston the week before.


  • Condor

    LBJ did JFK in. They didn’t like each other and LBJ was a bigger power freak (Tejas requires mucho grande) and needed the presidency to prove it.

  • http://www.indyboomer46.blogspot.com Baritone


    Just thought I’d mention that while my name has been removed from the editor list as I requested, I seem to still have access to editing and publishing abilities. I certainly would not abuse this, but shouldn’t my access have been shut down?


  • Cannonshop


    “* A few years ago, I met a person who had received a grant to study the monogamous nature of termites. We all know that termites exist. Therefore, unicorns also exist. QED. We are now seeking another grant to determine whether they are monogamous.”

    It’ll be easier to get that Grant if you link your study to “Climate Change”- for instance, “How is Anthropogenic Climate Change impacting monogamous relationships among Unicorns”. A couple years ago, it would have been easier to use “A study on how Global Warming is impacting monogamy among Unicorns, Fae, and Dragons”- but Exxon and Big Oil drove Dragons to Extinction on the orders of the Bilderbergers…

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller


    Many thanks for the suggestion. I shall forthwith modify the grant proposal before it becomes too late. My concern is that since there are now many more female than male unicorns (doubtless due to Anthropogenic Climate Change), it may already be too late to assess the impact with precision. It’s a damn shame we didn’t get on this thirty years ago. Still, unlike oil drilling, there may still be time if I hurry.


  • Cody Carpenter

    I find it completely absurd that skeptics who use their profound logic to debunk conspiracy theorists rule out very, if I may, illogically the fact that it is not beyond the capacity of human beings to… conspire. Lies are deception, you lie in order to distort another’s view on reality right? And you you usually have a motive behind it. Isn’t it a bit illogical then Dave, that , I assume that you accept the reality that friends lie to each other. Or spouses lie to each other. Would be absolutely illogical to say that a man is cheating on his wife when he comes home late every night, is it beyond human nature to lie? Sure, the more LOGICAL explanation and th one he uses is he has business at the office, traffic, blah blah blah what have you. So if one person can lie to another, why then can groups of people not lie/deceive others? For claiming to be oh so logical, you go off of what you want to believe and try to discredit the opposing side with very subjective personal experiences. and who are your sources for the apparent objective information. This article, if it were an argument essay, wouldn’t hold up in my honor’s english class. You imply very strongly that those who choose not to think like you are insane and illogical, it really doesn’t help your case at all.

    why dont you check out these two websites, Carnicom and About The Sky, do a little bit more logical, nonsubjective thinking, and come back with something a little bit more well founded and investigated.

    oh and for all you skeptics, google aerosol crimes. Do your research first before being the people in history everyone looks back on and despises.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Would be absolutely illogical to say that a man is cheating on his wife when he comes home late every night, is it beyond human nature to lie? Sure, the more LOGICAL explanation and th one he uses is he has business at the office, traffic, blah blah blah whathaveyou.

    Unless you are very cynical, the most likely explanation, all things being equal and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, is that he does indeed have business that is keeping him at the office.

    Occam’s Razor.

    BTW, for someone who claims to be taking an honors class in English, I can’t help noticing that your comment is riddled with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors… including the phrase ‘honor’s english’.

    Feh. Schools these days…

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller


    IMO, their is a conspiracy to diminish the englsh language. William Strunk, Jr. is spinning in hs grave, write now, i mean, you know, and i think it hs to due with instnt mesaging. Their is lotsa mprical evidense for this, if u kno what i mean. I mean, soon, nun of us is gona be able to reed, much less rite, gud englsh. ether that or its the keybord – puter conspricy referncd erlir on the thrd.


  • Clavos

    honor’s english

    Damn, Doc, you beat me to it…

  • http://www.booklinker.blogspot.com Deano

    Shouldn’t you spell it properly using the Queen’s English? With a “u”?

    Honour’s English

  • Clavos

    It might be a good idea to remove the apostrophe, too.

    Just sayin’

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_miller Dan Miller


    Youse grammar Nazis is killin free expression. If youse kant avoid th konspiracy, live with it. I mean, you know.


  • Clavos


    Love it or leave it.

    Know what I mean?

  • STM

    Atre these folks serious Dave … the chemtrails theorists I mean?

    Seriously, do people actually believe they are getting nefariously sprayed by their own government and that these aren’t contrails. With what???

    If so, now I’ve heard everything. Although I thought that before, so perhaps not.

    Seriously, only in America …

  • STM

    “SOMETHING is making us stupider!”

    Yes, the oversupply of insane conspiracy theories is turning America into a laughing stock.

    What is it with (some of) you guys?

    How does anyone come up with the notion that contrails, which have been a known phenomomenon since the beginning of powered flight, can suddenly turn into chemtrails and a government doing bizarre things to its own people??

    Fair dinkum …

    My tip … move to the mountains of Oregon, but if you do, watch out for the black helicopters with the padded, silenced rotor blades … they always know where you are.

    If that fails, please refer to Dave’s earlier story on tinfoil hats.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Clav @ #33:


  • Clavos


    Thankee, Guv, thankee…

  • STM

    Doc and Clav,

    Have you blokes seen these chemtrails?

    Is it a good idea to wear goggles and some kind of protective headgear whilst looking up?

  • STM

    Your Honour’s English

    Is he?

  • http://www.boblassiterairchecks.com/ Michael J. West

    Ohh, I don’t know, Dave. Perpetuating the chemtrails conspiracy theory is certainly no more ridiculous than, oh, say, dressing up religious dogma as legitimate scientific theory and then blaming “the Godless liberals” when everybody sees through it.

  • Jimmy

    I have used a program that displays the length of time it takes for a real contrail to dissipate. You can enter different temperature and humidity values and it calculates the dissipation time. Contrails only form under certain conditions of humidity and temperature. I’m sorry I do not remember where I saw it but I do know enough to say that a normal contrail lasts not much more than 2 minutes on a good day. What is in those trails that last for hours? It ain’t just water vapor. If it looks like a Duck…

  • Clavos

    If it looks like a Duck…

    “Not again!!”

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Jimmy, this may have been the simulation you saw.

    I would draw your attention to two things:

    1. Nowhere on the page does it state that the simulation is in real time.
    2. If you click the link ‘More on contrails’ just above the simulation, it shows you a pair of satellite images taken half an hour apart. Two contrails visible in the first photo are still present in the second.

    As for your contention that a normal contrail doesn’t last for more than a couple of minutes – have you never looked up at the sky on a clear day? Who, when it gets right down to it, are you to say what is a normal contrail and what isn’t?

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Clav, I forgot to add in the above comment that I’ve seen some funny-shaped clouds in my time, but I’ve never seen a contrail that looked like a duck.

  • troll

    Seriously, do people actually believe they are getting nefariously sprayed by their own government and that these aren’t contrails. With what???

    surfer dude – I’ve heard that it all has do with this…enjoy the party

  • http://theugliestamerican.blogspot.com Andy Marsh

    Dave – You really do like spinning up the moonbats don’t you?

    Can’t wait for the next one. Maybe wew need a new section at BC. You know we have politics and sports and sci/tech…stuff like that…maybe we need a section just called crazy unbelievable crap that the moonbats believe in?!?!

    Good stuff though. I learn something new every day! And I thought it was just the guy driving through my neighborhood spraying for mosquitos that was trying to get in my head! Who knew!??!

  • Clavos

    My entry for the name of the new section suggested by Andy:

    Batshit Bullshit

  • http://theugliestamerican.blogspot.com Andy Marsh

    I 2nd Clavos’ name!!! That’s perfect!

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    I was under the impression that Dave had created his own separate site specifically to address the conspiracy crazies, so I’m surprised to see such pieces still appearing here.

    I guess he doesn’t want to deprive the rest of us of all the fun. How very altruistic of him…!

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    Yep, Dr. D. I do indeed have a special site for these articles. They reached critical mass so I started IdiotWars.com, which has these articles plus others plus special features like the ‘idiot of the week’ (check out Jeff Rense’s crazy hair) and lots of video links (cause I’m trendy).

    But I do bring some of the articles over here to hit a wider audience, because it’s no use researching and writing these things if people don’t read them.


  • Jordon

    Anyone who’s actually interested in doing a little research into the chemtrail issue and whether its fact or fiction have to look not much further then a simple google search for “German governments admits to chemtrails” or any variation of those words.

    Putting chemicals into jet fuel has been admitted and therefor it is no longer a conspiracy theory but rather a conspiracy fact, though they claim its for fighting green house gases or other such noble causes but then why the secrecy?

  • Jordan Richardson

    why the secrecy?

    If you know about and the German government admitted to id, it sure as hell doesn’t sound like that much of a secret.

  • STM

    Troll: I had a look at that HAARP site. Good stuff. They lost me at the second paragraph when I saw their support base. Lol.

    “The individuals who are demanding answers about HAARP are scattered around the planet. As well as bush dwellers in Alaska, they include: a physician in Finland; a scientist in Holland; an anti-nuclear protester in Australia; independent physicists in the United States; a grandmother in Canada … ”

    What about Mick, the butcher who used to live down the road from me in London, or Al, the sheep farmer from New Zealand who loves a day out at the rugby, or the bloke whose name I forget that I had a beer with in the public bar of the Bricklayer’s Arms last week? They’d probably be included in the “countless others”, along with Pablo in Thailand and the poor gibberer above who keeps urging Dave to go outside.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Anyone who’s actually interested in doing a little research into the chemtrail issue and whether its fact or fiction have to look not much further then a simple google search for “German governments admits to chemtrails” or any variation of those words.

    A mere couple of minutes looking at some of the results obtained using that search term is enough to discover that the German government has admitted nothing of the kind. It’s (as if anyone should be surprised) just various conspiracy sites putting words in their mouths.

  • Pablo

    Just finding out now about HARP STM? Man are you slow.

  • STM

    Pablo: “Just finding out now about HARP STM? Man are you slow.”

    Now, call me old-fashioned, Pablo, but it doesn’t surprise me one little bit that you’ve popped your head up here in relation to this :)

    Actually, the reason it’s not a big deal down here is probably because it’s a load of bullsh.t, and we’ve always got our bullsh.t detector switched to extreme when it comes to any of this stuff coming out of America (cause that is ALWAYS where it comes from).

    Chemtrails … fair dinukum, do me a favour.

  • duane

    HAARP is a tinker toy compared to this.

    You can run, but you cannot hide. Worst case scenario: the Earth is toast in 8 months.

  • Jimmy

    Chemtrails are just the one thing you can “see” and it is by design that they keep us arguing about the reason for them. Dave, being a history teacher is undoubtedly familiar with the book, “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer. Beam me up Scotty.

  • STM


    Mate, there’s a few strangelets lurking around these boards …

  • STM

    Jimmy, I reckon the chemtrails have been specially designed by the US govt to make otherwise-normal US citizens believe in an endless series of conspiracy theories, so they are too busy to see what is REALLY going on.

    Makes sense. In future, you won’t catch me going outside without googles, tinfoil hat, and protective clothing.

    You realise, too, the internet is one of the greatest conspiracy theories ever perpetrated.

    People should check this out … there’s plenty of info about it on the internet.

  • Clavos

    duane #57,

    As long as there’s a chance that the Large Hadron Collider might produce “a new killer app for iPhones,” I say damn the consequences, let’s take our chances…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZeA3PMgeAQ&feature=email WOW

    So many sarcastic, idiotic, pointless comments in one place! Talk of unicorns and dragons too! As if fairytale creatures that no one mentioned have something to do with huge visible puffs of chemicals we can see RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS DAILY…

    Almost as though the same person or group of people, trying to prove his or their inaccurate point (or simply perpetuate the official lie) are commenting amongst themselves, over and over again!

    If any real people are reading this crap, don’t be fooled!!! Do your own research as so many others are doing…

    Look into it yourself, or simply LOOK UP and THINK!

    You people can lie and laugh and giggle like idiots all you want – more and more of us are WAKING UP and won’t be listening to or reading your drivel..

    driv·el (drvl)
    v. driv·eled or driv·elled, driv·el·ing or driv·el·ling, driv·els
    1. To slobber; drool.
    2. To flow like spittle or saliva.
    3. To talk stupidly or childishly.
    1. To allow to flow from the mouth.
    2. To say (something) stupidly.
    1. Saliva flowing from the mouth.
    2. Stupid or senseless talk – especially at THIS BLOG 😀

  • Clavos

    Oh, well, I’m surely convinced now!

    WOW posts a YouTube source (of a newscast – in German, no less!) and the dictionary definition of drivel to bolster the argument in favor of the existence of “chemtrails.” Oh, I forgot the most compelling evidence of all: we can look up in the sky, and see them!

    Yep, that does it for me.

    I’m on board:

    The sky is falling!

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Apollo drives his fiery chariot across the sky, thereby creating daylight.

    Don’t believe me? Just go outside – you can look up into the sky every day and see it!

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s probably just as much chance of a mini-black hole forming spontaneously at a random point on the Earth as there is of the CERN physicists inadvertently creating one in the LHC.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZeA3PMgeAQ&feature=email WOW

    more of the same…. is that the BEST you guys can do?

    Maybe in your unicorn, dragon and greek god-lit world, actually SEEING something isn’t much proof of something but here in reality it is…

    It must be hard to keep spouting off nonsensical sarcastic comments and chuckling and snorting amongst yourselves, or is it yourself? All the same characters as the other day just happen to be visiting this oh so fabulous thread to reply right away… which makes it look even more like one clown signing in as many to make it look as though people are agreeing with him… I know it’s hard to keep it up… I understand…

    Oh and now someone’s got to go and mention the tinfoil hats… you people really need some new material

  • troll

    WOW – fact is none of us on this thread know one way or another what’s up with the contrails…for my part the jocularity is meant to fill the time pending the introduction of evidence

  • http://theugliestamerican.blogspot.com Andy Marsh

    You’re asking for an awful lotthere troll…

    What? The utube video isn’t enough for you???

  • troll

    Andy…while I appreciated the 97% certainty of the report my faith was shaken by that pesky 3%

  • duane

    STM (#59), I haven’t read all this stuff. I will later. I gather it has something to do with conspiracy theories and funny hats. I was drawn in by the HAARP reference. The thing with the HAARPers is that they say thing like “unprecedented amount of electromagnetic energy wil bla bla bla ….”, which is one of the usual ways to misrepresent quantitative information. If there had been a series of experiments designed to test the effects of an ant pissing into the Pacific, then someone decided to test the effects of an African swallow pissing into the Pacific, one could rightly say, “Under controlled conditions, we are injecting unprecedented amounts of animal piss into the Pacific, and bla bla bla ….”, but it still wouldn’t amount to anything.

    Clavos (#61): As long as there’s a chance that the Large Hadron Collider might produce “a new killer app for iPhones,” I say damn the consequences, let’s take our chances…

    Damn right. We need to act according to our priorities.

    Dr. D. (#65): Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s probably just as much chance of a mini-black hole forming spontaneously at a random point on the Earth as there is of the CERN physicists inadvertently creating one in the LHC.

    Here’s what the PR team at CERN has to say about that:

    “The LHC, like other particle accelerators, recreates the natural phenomena of cosmic rays under controlled laboratory conditions, enabling them to be studied in more detail. Cosmic rays are particles produced in outer space, some of which are accelerated to energies far exceeding those of the LHC. The energy and the rate at which they reach the Earth’s atmosphere have been measured in experiments for some 70 years. Over the past billions of years, Nature has already generated on Earth as many collisions as about a million LHC experiments – and the planet still exists. Astronomers observe an enormous number of larger astronomical bodies throughout the Universe, all of which are also struck by cosmic rays. The Universe as a whole conducts more than 10 million million LHC-like experiments per second. The possibility of any dangerous consequences contradicts what astronomers see – stars and galaxies still exist.”

    However, here is a counter-argument.

    Also, I should point out this article by Christopher Hoare here at BC.

  • http://www.booklinker.blogspot.com Deano

    So I will ask that age-old question from the Simpsons:

    “…without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it’s time for our viewers to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside?”

  • Pablo

    STM RE 53 & 56

    You for some odd reason chose to use my name in post 53 dude. No reason for it, but for some odd reason you did.

    I replied in post 55, then you come along and say:

    “Now, call me old-fashioned, Pablo, but it doesn’t surprise me one little bit that you’ve popped your head up here in relation to this :)”

    I normally do not dabble in Chemtrails, HAARP, UFO’s, or Orgone Boxes. I far prefer studying secret organizations, particularly of a a metaphysical nature, which is why I am such a big fan of people such as Jordan Maxwell, Jim Marrs,and Alan Watt.

    I do not know much about HAARP, but I do know that the military industrial complex has been studying, and more than likely implementing altering weather to use as weapons. Thats not coinspiracy theory but fact.

    Anyways STM now ya know why I stuck my nose in this article. You only have yourself to blame, bubba. :)

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Duane – is it me, or does Dr Rössler’s paper make no sense whatsoever?

  • duane

    Dr. D., first off, let me just say that the theory behind the production of mini black holes from proton-proton collisions, involving hidden dimensions, is beyond my scope. It is true that the LHC experiments are designed to test theories that have no previous experimental support, theories on the cutting edge of modern physics.

    Rossler is correct in pointing out the analogy between the LHC experiments and the first A-bomb test, where there was speculation that the entire atmosphere would be blown apart in a global fission chain reaction. He is also correct in alluding to the fact that calculations were performed prior to the Trinity test that showed that an atmospheric detonation would not induce a fission runaway. As complicated as that calculation was, it’s kid stuff compared to what is being done at LHC. There is no analogous calculation that can be done right now, since the theories are untested and tenuous. Bombs obey basic physics, the knowledge of which was well in hand in the 1940s. LHC physics is bizarre and relatively unknown. That’s why the thing was built in the first place.

    His article is very difficult to read. His speculations concerning morality and spirituality do not help much in the way of presenting himself as a competent scientist. I note that his background seems to be biology rather than physics, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not competent, but it leads one to wonder.

    “For if mini black holes do not evaporate as predicted, they also leave no decipherable sign of their existence – at first. So a negative and a positive outcome are indistinguishable.”

    This sounds correct to me. There’s a big “if” in that statement, however, because it would require the theory of Hawking radiation to be incorrect. That’s possible. What he is suggesting is that slow-moving mini black holes would be bound to the Earth’s gravitational field, sink to the center of the Earth and slowly start gobbling away. It would be some time before we would see any of the associated effects.

    “Mini black holes grow exponentially rather than linearly inside the earth: ‘miniquasar principle’ ….”

    This is well known for mainstream black holes, such as Cygnus X-1. Black holes swallow matter up to a maximum rate that is linearly proportional to their mass. As they swallow mass, their own mass grows, so you get a simple differential equation dM/dt is proportional to M, which means that M grows exponentially. Therefore, the eating rate can grow exponentially, as well. The maximum eating rate is known as the Eddington Limit, after the famous British astronomer, who figured this out, albeit in a different context. The thing to note is that any estimates based on linear growth will drastically underestimate the growth rate of a black hole, or, more to the point, the lifetime of an Earth mass. By the way, the fact that he refers to a “miniquasar principle” suggests to me that he is not well versed in black hole physics.

    Regarding his point (4), “…only the man-made ones are “symmetrically generated“ and hence dangerous.”

    I think what he means here is that cosmic rays impact relatively stationary particles near Earth. To conserve momentum, the collision by-products, let’s say a mini black hole, will have to rebound and move rapidly away from the collision site. It will simply exit the solar system before it can do any damage. By contrast, in a proton-proton collision, although each beam has enormous momentum, the net momentum (vector addition) is zero. The collision by-products are not required to move rapidly away. At low speeds, any object with mass will stick around.

    As nutty as the guy might be, I can see his point. I think the physicists involved are pretty helpless at this point. It’s just too hard a problem. Quite the dilemma.

  • http://www.SaneScience.org/ SaneScience

    Man’s technology has exceeded his grasp. – ‘The World is not Enough’
    Zealous Nobel Prize hungry Physicists are racing each other and stopping at nothing to try to find the supposed ‘Higgs Boson'(aka God) Particle, among others, and are risking nothing less than the annihilation of the Earth and all Life in endless experiments hoping to prove a theory when urgent tangible problems face the planet. The European Organization for Nuclear Research(CERN) new Large Hadron Collider(LHC) is the world’s most powerful atom smasher that will soon be firing subatomic particles at each other at nearly the speed of light to create Miniature Big Bangs producing Micro Black Holes, Strangelets and other potentially cataclysmic phenomena.
    Particle physicists have run out of ideas and are at a dead end forcing them to take reckless chances with more and more powerful and costly machines to create new and never-seen-before, unstable and unknown matter while Astrophysicists, on the other hand, are advancing science and knowledge on a daily basis making new discoveries in these same areas by observing the universe, not experimenting with it and with your life.
    The LHC is a dangerous gamble as CERN physicist Alvaro De Rújula in the BBC LHC documentary, ‘The Six Billion Dollar Experiment’, incredibly admits quote, “Will we find the Higgs particle at the LHC? That, of course, is the question. And the answer is, science is what we do when we don’t know what we’re doing.” And CERN spokesmodel Brian Cox follows with this stunning quote, “the LHC is certainly, by far, the biggest jump into the unknown.”
    The CERN-LHC website Mainpage itself states: “There are many theories as to what will result from these collisions,…” Again, this is because they truly don’t know what’s going to happen. They are experimenting with forces they don’t understand to obtain results they can’t comprehend. If you think like most people do that ‘They must know what they’re doing’ you could not be more wrong. Some people think similarly about medical Dr.s but consider this by way of comparison and example from JAMA: “A recent Institute of Medicine report quoted rates estimating that medical errors kill between 44,000 and 98,000 people a year in US hospitals.” The second part of the CERN quote reads “…but what’s for sure is that a brave new world of physics will emerge from the new accelerator,…” A molecularly changed or Black Hole consumed Lifeless World? The end of the quote reads “…as knowledge in particle physics goes on to describe the workings of the Universe.” These experiments to date have so far produced infinitely more questions than answers but there isn’t a particle physicist alive who wouldn’t gladly trade his life to glimpse the “God particle”, and sacrifice the rest of us with him. Reason and common sense will tell you that the risks far outweigh any potential(as CERN physicists themselves say) benefits.
    This quote from National Geographic exactly sums this “science” up: “That’s the essence of experimental particle physics: You smash stuff together and see what other stuff comes out.”

  • Clavos


    Apparently the ignorance and superstition that characterized the Inquisition’s attitude towards Galileo is not yet behind us.

    There are still Luddites in the world.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Thank, Duane. Interesting.

    Rössler does have a point that anything peculiar that CERN manages to create in the LHC will be moving at the same velocity as the LHC (and therefore at rest relative to the Earth), rather than shooting merrily and mostly harmlessly across the universe with wild abandon as do other weird particles.

    However, if Hawking’s theory is correct (and it probably is), it would rapidly vanish in a puff of… well, we won’t know of what until it puffs.

    It’s not like there haven’t been any safety reviews done. There have, and they’ve all concluded there’s very little to worry about. There’s a small possibility that the LHC might open a subatomic Pandora’s box, but as one particle physicist somewhat tartly pointed out in the NYT, there’s also a small possibility that it might produce fire-breathing dragons.

    (…So hang on a minute – is it a particle accelerator, or the Infinite Improbability Drive?)

    So yes, the universe could disappear up its own rectum – which will no doubt make the Great Prophet Zarquon mightily ticked off, as he’ll presumably disappear with it. Or we could simply be on the verge of some new, exciting and almost certainly surprising discoveries about how the damn thing works. My take on it all is that if things go wrong there’s diddly squat we can do about it anyway, and in the meantime it’ll be fun finding out.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Incidentally, ‘SaneScience’, as the Assistant Comments Editor for Blogcritics may I ask you in future to comment using your own words. You’re welcome to quote from or link to other websites, but copying and pasting from them wholesale is a no-no. Thanks.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    WOW – fact is none of us on this thread know one way or another what’s up with the contrails…for my part the jocularity is meant to fill the time pending the introduction of evidence

    But here’s the key question, troll. In the absence of meaningful evidence supporting any other thesis, does the rational person accept the scientific consensus that they are just frozen water vapor and exhaust or does he go looking for some other, highly speculative and contentious explanation?


  • troll

    …the ‘rational person’ applies The Razor – brackets the dragons – and gets clear about what observations she’s trying to explain

    as for examples – why have people taken up laying down checker board patterns of contrails – ?

    (I suspect increased traffic explains the novel phenomenon)

    …and why did my hair start falling out when these patterns started showing up – ?!

  • Clavos

    …and why did my hair start falling out when these patterns started showing up – ?!

    That’s the one that has me puzzled as well, troll…

    I have a full head of hair, and am old enough to…never mind.

  • http://blogcritics.org/ Phillip Winn

    Clavos (#63), I don’t think that’s even a real German newscast. It’s common for these conspiracy cabals to put together fake newscast-looking video to imply authenticity.

    Congrats, Dave, this is hilarious stuff!

  • Clavos

    I love it!!

    This appears at the top of Sane Science’s web page:

    “Imagination is more important than knowledg”

  • Clavos

    Phillip, As I watched it, I was struck by the poor production quality, but chalked it up at the time to having been cut-and-pasted into YouTube.

    I think you’re right.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Oooh, there’s a Myspace! Apparently, “its a girls world.”

  • Stuart

    Chemtrails over No. America related to weather modification program. Reflective dust reduces sunlight reaching earth, period. MANY unintended consequences:
    More killer tornadoes
    Record cold temps/ snowfall various areas.
    Floods and lightning
    Many civilian deaths and prop damage.
    God help us – this is fraud and treason being committed by govt AGAINST citizens.

  • STM


    Grow a brain. Why do you believe this gibber? The only fraud being perpetrated here is by the people making these absurd claims, which are inevitably believed by the vulnerable, the mentally ill, those with personality disorders of various descriptions, and the IQ-challenged.

    Those white criss-cross patterns you can see up in the sky aren’t chemtrails, they’re contrails – condensation trails from jet aircraft.

    I’ve lived in the UK, the mid-east and Australia, visited the US, continental Europe, the old Soviet Union, south-east Asia and the Pacific Islands, sometimes for extended periods – and guess what?

    I’ve seen those very same contrails – exactly the same – in all those places, most recently above Lisbon, Portugal; Frankfurt, Germany; Phuket, Thailand, and Sydney, Australia (yesterday) so unless it’s a “world government” conspiracy, I’d prefer to guess that there’s no such thing as a chemtrail and that they are what they are, which is contrails.

    Don’t fall for the lunacy of this ridiculous argument.

    There’s plenty of stuff our governments ARE doing that you should be worried about, but this ain’t one of ’em.

    If you still don’t believe what I’m saying, I suggest your refer to Dave Nalle’s story on how to make a great (and fashionable) tinfoil hat.

  • nuclearG

    Doesn’t really matter what you say Dave.

    This morning the sky over my home was pure blue – not a cloud. I watched as a jet flew over and the contrail disappeared within five minutes – not a trace. Two hours later I watched as another jet flew over and left a trail that has now spread out and turned the entire sky a hazy white. Since then I’ve seen eight more trails and none of them have disappeared – the sky is a pasty white mess.

    You are not convincing because I don’t need an opinion when I can see it for myself. I have over 100 photos spanning six months of trails over my home. It doesn’t matter if you call it a conspiracy – the point is they are not normal jet contrails, and whenever we ask for information we are told that they are normal trails.

    I have sent video and photos to my congresspersons and representatives and I never received a reply. Why? because this is military weather modification and radar project and we aren’t privy as the U.S. citizens whose taxes pay for these projects to know if they affect our health or not.

    Call it what you want, ignore it – but intelligent people who take the time to research this know it’s not normal contrails. period. Are you a part of the disinformation campaign to discredit science in favor of government lies? Sounds like it to me.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    The reason you’ve received no reply is that there’s no one on your representatives staffs who has the time to translate common sense into baby talk.

    Read the ACTUAL science, not the pseudoscience. Contrails can last for hours under normal atmospheric conditions or they can dissipate quickly under different conditions.

    And if they DID have the kind of heavy molecules in them which you’re worried about they would NOT stay in the sky for a long time, but would fall to earth rapidly and be noticed and analyzed. The very fact that they dissipate so slowly argues against your theory that they are dangerous.

    And if the military IS engaging in weather modification experiments and anti-radar projects – as they have in the past and as I hope they are still doing – so what? That’s the job we hired them for.


  • Clavos

    Read the ACTUAL science, not the pseudoscience. Contrails can last for hours under normal atmospheric conditions or they can dissipate quickly under different conditions.

    And atmospheric conditions, particularly at the altitudes at which modern jets fly, are constantly changing.

    The atmosphere, from top to bottom, is never at rest; there is constant lateral and vertical movement of air masses large and small; temperatures are always in flux, and pressures rise and fall constantly, as well.

    These are among the reasons why weather forecasting is still a very inexact science.

  • Jimmy


    Where can I find the ACTUAL science documentation you refer to? I would love to read it.


  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    #91 sounds uncannily like one of those people who love to ask, “Where is the evidence for evolution? Show me one piece of evidence!”

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    Jimmy, see the words in blue in the article? Those are called ‘hyperlinks’ can you say H Y P E R L I N K S? Good. I thought that you could. You click on them and they take you to magical places on the ‘web’. Can you say W E B? Good. I thought that you could.


  • Jimmy

    Well, that clears it all up. I just have to wait for a video of a normal contrail that lasts for an hour to show up on the net. If you find one email me with the link to the site with that video on it.

    Thank you for the clarification of what ACTUAL science is. I always believe what the government tells me over what I can see with my own eyes.


  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Jimmy, can you explain what is wrong or misleading about that Air Force article? You’re going to have to do better than ‘it comes from the Air Force, therefore it must be false’.

    And how about your take on that Danish professor’s website? …Oh dear – you didn’t read that far, did you?

  • Pablo

    Dave RE 93

    Do you ever stop being a pompous azz Davey, or does it just come naturally bubba?

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    Born and bred into me, Pablo. It’s because I’m one of the born and raised myrmidons of the global elite. You know, went to their exclusive private schools, joined a fraternity, worked in their academic bastions. Makes me both evil and pompous, I guess. Enjoy your bitter slices of fairycake.


  • Jimmy

    Dave Re: #95

    I took your suggestion and read further into the article. What has bothered me (a layperson) is that your article lacks a certain depth of belief that I am accustomed to seeing in debunker style articles. You seem to be mouthing what the government tells you to say. I don’t recall from your article where you say that “you” observed or videoed the dissipation of a con/chemtrail using time lapsed video and how long it took to disappear. You seem to be taking someone else’s word for it.

    I have watched the trails remain for hours. No real contrail does that. I may only have high school level science knowledge but I know a duck when I see one.

    I want to thank you for causing me to check things out further and discover this site in your suggested readings.

    I think we can all learn something from the content of this fellows writing. He displays great depth and brings together the many facets of which chemtrails are just a part.

    You made your point. I will trouble you not again and leave a possible topic for a future article.

    Why has there been no grandfathering of the switch over to digital Television? Why are millions of people not wondering aloud why the need to just cut the cord and buy a new TV or a converter box for the old one. And why are they giving coupons to help defray the cost? Hmmmm…



  • Pablo

    Uh no Davey you and Clavy are definitely not part of the elite that you worship. Your just another two schmucks like myself that have to work for a living. The elite dont, if they work, they do it cause they want to, and to even be in the club your gonna need a half a billion to be at the bottom of the rung.

    But the other part I do agree with you about yourself, and I am happy to see that at least you are man enough to admit the obvious bucko, cuz it sure is easy for others to see. :)

  • look up and watch

    laugh it up until you start having severe medical problems a few years down the road. You guys obviously don’t live where they are spraying heavy because it is very easy to see them doing it. I have lived in oregon all my life, and they started around 2002. They come from evergreen aviation and they do it to “seed the clouds”, yet they create them, it’s obvious when you watch then do it.The chemicals are harmful to everyone.I’ve seen reports they include barrium, lead and aluminium. These chemicals are known to cause cancer and upper respitory problems when inhaled, but that’s o.k. right?

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    laugh it up until you start having severe medical problems a few years down the road.

    Yeah, because if I have a serious medical condition there could be no possible culprit but chemtrails, right?

  • Jordan Richardson

    I blame the clouds for my ulcerative colitis, that’s for damn sure. And I’m pretty sure Jen’s back alignment issues are because of those motherfuckers too.

  • Clavos

    My wife was paralyzed by a low hanging contrail; I saw it with my own eyes.

    Can we have some government money as compensation?

    $8-9 million will do.

  • duane

    I cant unnerstan any … uh … any … thing … dat … U … peepul R tokking abuot … ohhh … look up in sky … prittee … long wite cloudss … arrgghh …. unnnhhh …

  • Pablo

    Here is a link for those that might be interested of government sites having to do with chemtrails. Or as they call it aerosol spraying.

    Proof of Chemtrails

    People such as Dave and Clavy are either in the employ of clandestine government agencies or are even more mentally handicapped than I have given them credit for. They do everything in their limited power to obsfuscate, denigrate, belittle, and disparage. However after all is said and done, they only fool fools.

  • troll

    …Paul – I took a look at the ARM site and could find no description of a seeding experiment…it’s looks to be centered on cloud/existing aerosol collection and analysis

    interesting site though

    (if I missed something please direct me to it)

  • Baronius

    Dave, can you explain what that stuff is on the top of coffee cakes? That stuff definitely doesn’t occur in nature. Someone’s putting it there on purpose! Large food corporations, I bet, with government assistance.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    That’s Streussel, Baronius. It was invented by Jewish bankers in Germany and it’s used to weaken your mind so that you will use fiat currency to buy more pastries.

    I like the guy earlier who posted about chemtrails lasting suspiciously long and containing particles of lead. Lead – known widely for its lighter than air qualities. I am constantly amazed that people can say such incredibly stupid things apparently without thinking at all about what they’re saying and how ridiculous it is.


  • Pablo

    Uhhh Davey,

    Regarding lead bubba, heres a lil link for ya from a science magazine. you might wanna in the future do a bit of googling before you put der proverbial foot in the large mouth.

    Lead in the atomosphere

  • Pablo

    Here Davey I will show you how it is done. Go to google.com, type in the search box site:.gov lead in the atmosphere. 1,580,000 links showing you that you do not know, as usual, what you are talking about! I have known that for some time bubba.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    As usual, Pablo, you don’t bother to follow up on the things you think you know, just leap to conclusions.

    Lead enters the atmosphere for a variety of reasons, particularly from burning various things that have lead in them and from using lead in manufacturing. It stays in aerosol form relatively briefly because of its high specific gravity and that is one of the main reasons it is a problem, because it comes out of the atmosphere quickly and goes into the water table or into the soil where it is then distributed to plants and to animals and humans.

    Direct exposure to lead in the air is not generally considered a likely source of lead contamination because it stays in the air so briefly. This is why lead levels are measured in soil, water or most likely in the blood of those exposed rather than through actual aerial sampling.

    Why don’t you go and actually read a paper on atmospheric lead rather than counting google links most of which are completely irrelevant.


  • Jimmy


    I looked at several web sites (granted not a lot due to time constraints) on the subject of lead and didn’t find any reference that said lead is “lighter than air” (RE: #108). If this is true, then it would seem to me that all airborne lead particles of a certain size (mass) would float up to a certain level in the upper atmosphere. Is that what you are saying in the #108 post? If you are, then I am really confused.

    In post #111 you state that… “Lead enters the atmosphere for a variety of reasons, particularly from burning various things that have lead in them and from using lead in manufacturing. It stays in aerosol form relatively briefly because of its high specific gravity and that is one of the main reasons it is a problem, because it comes out of the atmosphere quickly and goes into the water table or into the soil where it is then distributed to plants and to animals and humans. Direct exposure to lead in the air is not generally considered a likely source of lead contamination because it stays in the air so briefly. This is why lead levels are measured in soil, water or most likely in the blood of those exposed rather than through actual aerial sampling.”

    If lead is lighter than air then we have a contradiction here. I know I said I would “trouble you not again (Post #98), but I have followed this discussion and just can’t let this apparent contradiction go unclarified. Sorry. It’s just the way I am.

    Again, if you know the site that says that, let us know what the address is. I know you think this topic is silly and a waste of time but some of us believe it is very serious and are looking for any facts that will explain why the spraying is being done without our knowledge. We have children and grandchildren to protect from lead, chemtrails and politicians.

    Since this may be the last thing you let me say on this forum I’ll tell you something that happened to me this week. Unfortunately, my wife (62 years young) is confined to a nursing home because of two massive brain haemorrhages in 2002. As you may know you meet a lot of older folks there and they are everything from doctors to drunks from the street. And I have made the acquaintance of a retired male who worked for the weather bureau 20 years ago. We were sitting outside and the spraying started and I said “Damn, there they go again spraying us with that crap”. And I said, “Those trails in the sky are not normal”. He said, “I know. I have been watching them. I know what they are.” I then had to leave but told him I would like to talk to him again. He said any time. He knew. And his eyes lit up and he then knew I knew he wasn’t just a sick old man.

    I hope you put as much energy as you can into your research of this topic and ask the hard questions so your children and mine can live a long and healthy life. You and your generation are the only ones left with the strength to dig and demand to get into this diabolical scheme. Start with William Teller. And follow the money.

    Thanks for having this open forum,


    The author is another example of a “Yellow Journalist”. Like his father knows everything about airplanes when they have come AFAR since the days of World War 2. The photo is cute; but VERY misleading. Those are NOT CONTRAILS-they are what the US AIRFORCE CALLED “CHAFF” DURING WORLD WAR TWO. It was used to cover the air raids so German AA had a harder time shooting them down. SECOND a contrail at 30,000 or above should not stay there ALL DAY-what foolishness is that? The only things we should see in the sky all day is the Sun and the Moon. I take photos and analysis of this genocide of the Americans (because you ‘leaders’ only lie, and fend for themselves), and It is disturbing. I will come outside to goto work in the morning and these strange HARDEND ‘rain drops’ will be stuck on my windshield-sometimes the wiper fluid does not get it off either; just smirs it in more. I was watching a FOX affiliate in California where they had reports of “spraying” during the night. SURE ENOUGH-100 residents were welcomed the next morning to a yellow residue that made a bunch of folks sick (when they touched it). PLUS: this is the same government that lied about experimenting on its citizens for the last few decades.

    Sorry folks, After Tuskeegee, The LSD water project in Frisco, shipping heroin back in dead bodies of our fallen troops during Vietnam, Uranium poisoining of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, The big lie about SARS (Singapore Lab confessed it escaped their facility while the corporate liars on TV told us different), Enoculation of 95% of the Native Indian population because the were ‘savages’, Disease injection of the white prison population early 1900’s-1940’s (only became ‘expectable’ to blacks after desegragation), The Brianwashing Patents INSIDE of your TV (Check Patent Trade Office website: Over 50 frequencies ‘tuned’ to brainwash you-and this is all admitted AFTER the lie goes dry. Sorry, but I KNOW THEY ARE LYING.

    They’ve lied about less.

  • http://www.zionofascism.wordpress.com Anarchore

    Bullshit. I remember looking up as a kid, and the contrails always vanished behind the plane.

    Now they often cover the sky with this shit that hangs there.

    The author and other “anti-conspiracists” and wacko debunkers know they are lying.

  • vaportrail

    the contrail spraying in the skies is to cover
    sensitive areas from spying satellites. The spray has an electrolyte isotope to reflex light back up to the spy satellites. This cover has been developed through the years. As satellites become more stealthy, tracking them has become difficult.
    Read some of the popular electronics and mechanic
    magazines of 1950 – 1978.
    The spray causes allergy to some people and animals.

  • Conspiracy Theorist ???

    I have noticed this about the “Trails”

    The ones I call Contrails (Con = Condensation) dissipate within a few minutes or miles in flight.

    The ones I consider Chemtrails last much longer and do develop into what looks like clouds to the unknowing observer.

    IE if the observer didn’t see them laid down across the sky they would think they are mealy natural clouds.

    If on the same day I see one set of trails dissipate and other trails not and form into clouds what does this tell you?

  • Saint

    [personal attack deleted]
    Dave, [edited]
    Do you collect a check and benefits from the Federal Government?
    How do you make your living?

    Who do you think you’re talking too?
    A bunch of “belivin” christians who worship the image of a “white man” as god and don’t know shit, but will believe your “cute” childhood story?
    Hey Dave, where you really give yourself away is “belittling” people who are aware, have photographed AND KNOW that “con trails don’t form at 5,000 feet! All over LA in a nice “checkerboard” pattern. [personal attack deleted]

  • Conspiracy Theorist

    Here is a little info

    There is a pic in this video of a newspaper ad that was published and has the basic information as the text below..

    Are Illegal weather modification programs poisoning us and
    contaminating our land, water and air?
    More than three dozen Shasta and Siskiyou County lab test results taken
    from snow pack, pond, rainfall and dust samples show ?off the chart?
    levels of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium.
    Tests performed by BASIC LABS, a state-certified lab in Redding, California

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    MOUNT SHASTA – 6-22-08 MOUNT SHASTA – 6-22-08

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    A Lake Shasta sample from Pit River Arm tributary tested at 4,610,000 ugl (ugl=ppb or parts per billion), over 4610 times the MCL (maximum contaminant level) for aluminum in drinking water for the State of California. A pond in Shasta County in a “filtered location” (forested hilltop away from any highway or industry) tested “0” for aluminum when the pond was constructed and filled. After 18 months’ exposure to the atmosphere, the pond tested at 375,000 ugl or 375 times the MCL. Recently, snow pack sample, taken from Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta, tested at 61,100 ugl, or 61 times the MCL for aluminum in drinking water for the State of California.

    U.S. Senate Bill 1807 and House Bill 3445
    While the U.S. Government continues to deny the existence of these weather modification programs, Congress IS NOW planning to legalize such schemes. If weather modification programs are not being conducted, then why is this Bill needed, even fast-tracked? These programs are to be conducted with no publicly disclosed oversight whatsoever. Farmers from Texas to Nebraska have made a public outcry about the altered weather patterns due to weather modification programs openly conducted in their states. Weather modification programs are fact, not fiction. Nearly one hundred publicly disclosed programs were conducted in the Continental United States last year. A similar number is expected to be performed this year.
    All military programs are considered CLASSIFIED and remain UNPUBLICIZED
    US Government Issues Alarming Patent to Hughes Aircraft
    From U.S. Patent #5,003,186 – Filed April 1990
    (See for yourself at http://www.uspto.gov, then search by patent number)
    Stratospheric … Seeding For Reduction Of Global Warming
    “…the particle seeding should be done at an altitude on the order of 10 kilometers. The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft…solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles…It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a method for reduction of global warming due to the greenhouse effect…”
    “2…said material comprises one or more of the oxides of metals.
    “3…said material comprises aluminum oxide.
    (There are dozens of weather modification patents that include various forms of climate alteration and artificial cloud formation)

    ~ The U.S. Military has openly stated that it is their goal to “OWN THE WEATHER” by 2025
    ~ Atmospheric physicists state that a naturally-occurring vapor trail can last only 60-90 seconds maximum, under the most extreme conditions.
    ~ German scientists and meteorologists have exposed and are taking legal action against the German government for weather manipulation and counterfeiting satellite and radar imagery to mask the scope of these operations.
    ~ The last RAIN TEST taken (Shasta County) in May of 2008 was hundreds of times the range of “normal” for aluminum, and seven times the MCL (maximum contaminant level).
    ~ Concerned Citizen groups have formed in all major western U.S. population centers with SIMILAR TESTING RESULTS! Major cities throughout the NATO nations are seeing public unrest and a demand for truth. Aluminum, Barium and other known weather modification agents are being found worldwide at horrifying levels.
    ~ Shasta County Air Quality staff stated that testing would cost from $500,000 to $1 million when in fact, lab tests for Siskiyou and Shasta County residents were performed by a state-certified lab in Redding for $21 per test.
    ~ According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the only way to form artificial clouds in warm, dry air is to introduce enough particulates into the atmosphere to attract and accrete all available moisture into visible vapor. If repeated often enough, the resulting rainless haze can lead to drought.
    ~ Numerous studies have connected aluminum exposure to neurological damage (like autism, Alzheimer’s, etc.) and a host of other diseases. It is very detrimental to soils, changing PH levels, and lethal to many forms of aquatic life.
    ~ Atmospheric conductivity and lightning strikes have increased dramatically since the apparent onset of these programs. Metallic particles increase atmospheric conductivity, increasing lightning frequency and intensity.
    ~ State of California tests taken by aircraft of Pacific clouds from China show NO aluminum or Barium, contrary to Shasta County Air Quality Officials who stated China was the cause (again without testing themselves).
    Asthma and other respiratory diseases have seen dramatic increases over the last decade, while Alzheimer’s and autism have become epidemic.

    Harvard reports that particulates less than 10 microns poses a serious threat to human health

    The major mainstream paper, The Las Vegas Tribune, writes “…Especially disturbing for residents of heavily chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a “chemtrail sickness associates with heavy spray days leaving many stricken people complaining of the ‘flu’ and accute allergic reactions…”

    THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: We believe that Shasta County Air Quality officials have a legal, moral and political responsibility to locate the source of these alarming levels of contaminants in our water, air and land, whatever it may be. If not their responsibility, then WHO?

    WHY would the Shasta County Air Quality officials REFUSE to investigate these DANGEROUS FINDINGS in spite of repeated requests by Citizens and Supervisors?

    For local information visit jeffpress.com. TOGETHER WE CAN STOP THIS! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

    Shasta County Supervisors: 225-5550
    Shasta County Air Quality: 225-5674
    Governor’s office: (916) 445-2841

    Paid For by North State Citizens for Clean Air (530) 947-8872
    The above full-page ad ran in the Redding, California newspaper recently.

  • http://www.fontcraft.com/rod/ Dave Nalle

    Looks like they opened the computer room at the loony bin for some of the inmates.

    If on the same day I see one set of trails dissipate and other trails not and form into clouds what does this tell you?

    It tells me that they are at different levels of the atmosphere where conditions are very different.

    Do you not understand that most of the ‘contaminants’ you think are in these trails would dissipate FASTER than water vapor, not slower?

    And please don’t spam us with your crazy, scientifically illiterate spam.

    Do you have any idea what the specific gravity of aluminum is? Plus the aluminum-alzheimer’s theory has also been debunked.

    good lord. ignorance is like an unstoppable virus.


  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    If on the same day I see one set of trails dissipate and other trails not and form into clouds what does this tell you?

    Three rather mundane but perfectly reasonable explanations spring immediately to mind (I’m sure there are many others not involving a homicidal government):

    1. The planes were flying at different altitudes;
    2. They were different types and sizes of plane;
    3. Weather and atmospheric conditions can change quite rapidly, sometimes in just a few minutes.

  • tovolando

    I have to say, when I first heard the chemtrail theory, I laughed, and forgot about it for 6 months. Then one day I noticed the difference in the clouds…the clouds didn’t look right. I had been out of the country, in thailand for 5 years, and I didn’t see them over there. I checked it out, I live in LA. Any commercial plane flying over the san fernando valley is either in the process of landing in a southern california airport, or in the process of climbing out from takeoff. Plane over la basin are not at cruising altitude if they are commercial jets. They aren’t high enough to contrail. The lone jet or two that happens to be on a flight pattern from salt lake to hawaii doesn’t even come close to la. check the commercial patterns. planes landing and taking off don’t chemtrail. They are all below 10,000 ft once they are 25 -50 miles from the destination. It’s real. I don’t understand it, but it’s real.

  • tovolando

    If it’s about global warming, or mitigating global warming, I might be ok with it, but I doubt that. That’s just a fall back explanation if they get caught.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    They aren’t high enough to contrail.

    Under the right conditions I’ve seen joggers at ground level leave contrails. Altitude increases the probability of the conditions which create trails, but it is not an absolute necessity.


  • STM

    Bingo Dave …

    Which is why the existence of contrails was known from the early days of flight. You only need a heat source (like hot engine, hot exhaust gases) + cold air. A simplification, but that’s how condensation forms … which is why you get condensation from breath and body heat on your walls in certain conditions on colder winter nights in climates where it’s normally too hot to have central heating – like Australia or southern California (and probably Texas too).

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Plane over la basin are not at cruising altitude if they are commercial jets.

    Wrong. I’ve flown Fresno-San Diego several times and the flightpath was directly over LA. We crossed the coastline in the Long Beach area and didn’t start our descent until we were off Orange County.

  • Scott

    they dont have to worry about spraying them selves if they only spray in certain arias, and if they have an antidote, there have been test done finding barium and alluminum and white blood cells, so who knows?

  • Lester

    Scott, people shouldn’t joke about this stuff so just to be on the safe side, I recommend carrying around one of those surgical masks that you can just whip out and tie on any time you see a contrail in the air. A proper sanding mask is better, but a pain to carry.

    It is also possible to make a foldable tinfoil helmet (which can be carried in large coat pocket or backpack) that also protects the back of your neck and your ears while still enabling you to see. However, both have limited shelf life.

    The foldable helmet will only last a few goes but DOES protect against UHF radio waves and microwaves, which simply bounce off. Replace this every week or so. The contrail mask will last a while longer, but will probably need replacing every three-to-four weeks.

    But it’s worth it.

    Rule of thumb on the helmet: let’s say it’s a cool day but you feel your head getting slightly hot, that’s the result of microwaves or radio waves. So whack the helmet on at those times just to be certain.

    Take it from me, they do work.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    And I thought I was writing parody when I wrote my tinfoil hat design instructions. Sadly Lester appears to be serious.


  • Lester

    I have just looked at your designs and they are seriously flawed.

    You need to include an elastic chin strap to hold the hat in place in strong wind, plus a tinfoil flap at the back to protect against radiation bouncing OFF the ground.

    The flap needs to extend at least six inches from the rear brim of the hat, which is why the folding design is so important. The ones I use look more like a sou-wester.

    I often get asked about the design of the hat by people in the street who are interested.

    Dave, your designs also don’t explain how a hat can be folded, carried and re-used.

    If you feel your head warming up and you’re five miles from home, what use is tinfoil if you can’t get to it?

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    Les, if you feel your head warming up and you’re five miles from home it’s entirely possible that you’re closer to a mental hospital, in which case checking yourself in may be far more effective than a tinfoil hat.


  • Cindy

    Lester is hilarious. Surely you recognize good satire Dave.

  • Clavos

    Lester, be careful you don’t bite your tongue, with it planted so firmly in your cheek like that.

  • http://www.republicofdave.com Dave Nalle

    Cindy, for satire to work on the internet there has to be at least SOME hint that it’s not serious, because there are so many full-on crazies. Lester’s is so good and consistent you can’t tell it’s satire.


  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Dave, ‘Lester’ is a well-known regular commenter. That he was being satirical was fairly obvious to the rest of us.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Although why he decided to use that name is a mystery to me.

  • Clavos


    I figured that — something about his/her style was reminiscent…

  • Cindy

    Awww, now I wish I knew who it is. Well, whoever s/he is I like her/him.

  • peter

    Based on previous comments, i will most likely get verbally attacked for this, but there is a distinction between chemtrails and contrails.

    Something is definitely going on, however. It is unlikely there is a nefarious plot by the masons, illuminati, etc.- if they are trying to kill or infect everyone, they are comically inept at achieving this goal- a more plausible guess would be cloud seeding of some sort to produce precipitation, which would explain why these “sightings” are more prominent in areas that have had lower than normal levels of rainfall over the last 15-20 years-

    just my 2 cents-

  • Your Mom

    Anybody who goes on the Internet and goes to great lengths to make a website that ‘explains away’ and IS dedicated to ridiculing other peoples genuine concerns – intellectualizing, propagandized, talking head, ‘NULL Talk’ is a TOOL -YEA THATS YOU Dave Nalle


    Heres your U.S MILITARY track record for being untrustworthy in the realm of human ethics ..if you think we live under a kinder gentler power -WRONG – theyve just got better at media damage control

    From 1942 to 1944, the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service has conducted experiments that exposed thousands of

    American soldiers to mustard gas

    In studies from 1947 to 1953, which was known as Project Chatter, the U.S. Navy has begun to identify and test the truth serums

    From 1950 to 1953, the U.S. military sprayed toxic chemicals on 6 cities of the United States and Canada,to test the dispersal patterns of chemical weapons

    Shortly after, in 1950, the CIA launched Project Bluebird, later renamed Project Artichoke, whose stated purpose was to develop “the means of controlling individuals through special interrogation techniques

    A 1953 article in the medical / scientific journal Clinical Science describes a medical experiment in which researchers intentionally blisters on the skin on the belly of 41 children, aged 8 to 14, using dirt

    In 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency injected an unknown chemical in the drinking water of the

    headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration to test their ability to poison drinking water with chemicals.
    Chloracne resulting from exposure to dioxins, such as those Albert Kligman injected into prisoners at Holmesburg Prison

    1953 Tuskegee airmen – injected with Syphillis

    From about 1951 to 1974, the Holmesburg State Prison in Pennsylvania was the site of extensive dermatological research operations, using prisoners as subjects.

    In 1957, with funding from a front organization for the CIA, Dr. Ewan Cameron Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal, Canada began to MKULTRA subproject 68

    In 1954, the CIA QKHILLTOP project was created to study Chinese brainwashing techniques and to develop effective methods of interrogation. Most initial studies were carried out by Cornell University Medical

    From 1964 to 1968, the U.S. military paid 386,486 dollars for professors Albert Kligman and Herbert W. Copelan to conduct experiments with mind-altering drugs on 320 inmates of Holmesburg Prison


  • http://www.RoseDigitalMarketing.com Christopher Rose

    Your Mom, even if all of the claims you make in #140 were true, it doesn’t mean that “chemtrails” exist or are a cause for concern, nor that Dave Nalle is a “tool”. So, no, please don’t keep going!

    By the way, why exactly do Americans use the word “tool” as an insult? I thought tools were useful…

  • anon

    Planes naturally emmit aerosol particles which will aggravate new cloud formations. Scientific papers already details how plane-traffic create more clouds and change the climate on earth. No need for fancy ideas about massive chemical spraying from special tubes when it’s already happening from regular jet engines.

  • Tim w

    Amen. Chemtrails is the ultimate in stupidity and fails every logic test. The believers are probably in need of psychiatric evaluation since irrational paranoia is a hallmark of several mental illnesses.

  • NewHampshire

    Talk about a flat earth society naive goofball… David Nalle? Oh come on Dave… Get with the 21st century won’t you? You don’t see passenger planes flying in circles and criss-crosses or even writing things like ‘you’re dead’ in the sky. If that many planes were in the sky all at once, there would be a traffic jam up there. I live directly adjacent to an airport and on a clear day, all the jets leaving do not leave but a short burst of contrail which dissipates in about 10 minutes. They do not leave large thick clouds of blackened goop that ‘drip’ horizontally.. YUCK.

    What was the gov’t official talking about then when he said they sprayed tons of aluminum micro-particles into the air, or the pilots doing it?

    Some people are dense, like the ones that said Hitler wasn’t doing anything wrong to take Jewish people and put them on trains….. so dense, in fact, they had no idea they were going to die until 10 minutes before it happened.

    You forgot this short video of the two pilots saying they’d be ‘dead’ if they were underneath the spew?

    Or this weather channel weatherman who is fighting it out west?

    Or the hundreds of pages of US PATENTS that are for the mechanisms that spew this shit?

    Stop being so naive.

    They made it rain in Viet Nam and Woodstock… we’ve come a LONG way from there with spraying and EMFs from H.A.A.R.P.