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The Good Girl

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The Good Girl

This is a rare ‘murrican movie, one about working class people and working concerns without the stupid gloss lie of unlimited unavailable opportunity. It is interesting that Jennifer Aniston has played in two movies about ordinary working life, “Good Girl” and “Office Space”. While “Office Space” was a farce, “Good Girl” is blackly funny.

Basically it is the story of a woman who works at a big box retail outlet “Retail Rodeo”, she flirts with an affair with an unstable co-worker, and things go badly, but life goes on.

Jennifer Aniston is surrounded by a brilliant cast of actors , oh, hell, just look them up.

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  • This movie was so gloomy, it was hard to care about the plot. And there was absolutely no reason on God’s green earth to show Bubba full-frontal.