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The G.o.D.ly quest continues…

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As was the plan, Wednesday saw as many members of the band who could make it working on finding out the status of our collection of almost 30 songs. In the latest bit of a twist, Rob has felt the need to produce a tune. Even better, he has accepted the suggestion that he might lend us his voice on lead for a song or two. It turns out we have music, demoed parts, or full-blown songs enough for an album. Rob and John even managed to rustle up a tune for my latest set of lyrics. It was most pleasant to see both Rob and John beavering away at writing music. Rob came for an hour and left with just enough time to get home. We even had time for some fried fortification and a few jars of our favourite ale.

Next day John and I did some good work on the logistics of the band. Planning our moves and how to achieve our goals. We need to get everything sorted so that we are as flexible as possible for recording the album. Ideally I want us to be able to pretty much know what we are doing way before we get anywhere near a studio.

In the next few days we will have a url, a website, and merchandise!

Thanks to Murray for all his help with our line of clothing.

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